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Case Against Weinzheimer Scathingly
Presented, Investigation Comhriittfee
Named and Probe Will Sink Defcp
In Sure Hands '
(.liarycs of jiro-ticriviahi'ifTi and disloyalty, even more sen
sational than liad lccn promised, supported and substantiated
ly affidavits, were made by J. A. Halch, chairman of the dis
trict board of exemptions of the Territory, against L. YVeirti
heinicr, manager of the I'ioiteer Mill (."ompany, Limited, at
the annual meeting of the stockholders of the company yes
terday morning. ,
Considerable bitterness and acrimony was shown In the
course of the discussion which followed the presentation of the
charges, including a passage of words between J. A. Balch and
K. K. Hull, manager of Oahu plantation, in which the former
used the word "liar". This passage grew out of charges that
Weinzheimer "hoched der kaiser" in Bull's house after the
break in relations between the United States and Germany.
L. Weinzheimer, the accused manager of Pioneer Mill Com
pany, demanded a hearing and an opportunity to refute the
charges made against him.
A committee of five, consisting of II. P.. Cooper, A. L. Cas
tle, Albert Horner, W. L. Stanley and P.. W. Sutton, was
named to investigate the charges and report their findings and
the results of their investigations to the directors of the com
pany. This committee met and organized yesterday afternoon and
will pursue its investigations at once. It prepared a notice for
publication requesting all persons having knowledge of any
act of disloyalty on the part of Weinzheimer to submit the
same in writing ,to P.. W. Sutton, secretary of the committee,
before February 20, accompanied by the names and addresses
of supporting witnesses.
Intense interest centered About the
animal meeting of Pioneer Mill Com
pany, Limited, held nt tlm offices of H.
Hnrkfi-M 4 Co., ,-igcnts for tho com
pany, yesterday morning. Thn prom
ised charges against I,. Wcinr.heimer,
uinn.irji'r of the company's properties
nt Ijihniim, Maui, presented by J. A.
Patch, proved oven more sensational
and Hf art I i iii; than had been indicated
by Mr. Halch previously, nd were
substantiated by allidavits anil have re
sulted in an immediate investigation
which promises to be thorough and com'
plete. The personnel of the committee
is such that there is apparently, not Jha
rfrooteet' peambllityHhut tbb facta 'will
not be brought out.
Loyalty Sways Balch
In the presentation of i i h charges
Air. Halch showed that he is ileeply, dls
interestedly and patriotically interest
ed in the safeguarding of the Interests
of tlie I'nited Ktatcs and of the Terri
tory of lliivaii; is detennined iu his
own mind that Weinzheimer Is not a
Kiiitiililr man, by reason of his alleged
pro Kniscrisin, to handle the great busi
ness ent rusted to his eare. Criticism of
Mr. Hatch's methods and of language
was heard in some circles but there ap
peared to lie none who doubted for nn
instant that he was moved only by a
great spirit of loyalty in the course
which he pursued, a loyalty and an in
tensity which carried him forward
' throughout the whole proceedings and
exerted constant and overwhelming in
fluence upon him.
Among the unportaut charges which
Balch presented wm the allegation that
Weinzheimer had shown disloyalty to
the President in referring slightingly
to "some more of Wilson's notes" and
"It will he better for Wilson to keep
his nose out of It, because Oennany
would Just eat' the United States up."
In referring to the Lusltanla outrage
he is charged with haying said: "These
people are raising an awful fuss s-bont
these few Americans being sunk with
the Lusltanla. You would think the
fishes could distinguish between the
taste of American flerh and other peo
ple's flesh." ,
llnlch ul.o referred to nn episode at
the home of K. K. Hull, manager of
ihihii plantation wherein, after the
.ircak in relations between this country
mill (lerinany, Wei nzlieimer is charged
to have "hoched der Kaiser."
Uaes "Uglier" Word
This latter charge brought a denial
from Hull of an assertion on the part of
Halch that Hull had threatened him if
he used the episode. On this denial
Halch used the word liar, saying:
"Hull you lie. You're n dirty liar."
Hull explained he had asked Halch
not to bring in the episode and had
warned him that if he did so he (Bull)
would gi t back at him, meaning, would
give an explanation.
Hull M-k.'.l to be left out of the
whole nlTnir. because he is a neutral
alien. Hull is a Swede by birth. Ho
was. however, subjected to Home ques
tioning. After the meeting it was insinuated
in some Homers tln.t the connection of
Hull with yesterday affair and Ills al
leged threat against Halch might be in
troduced into the meeting of Oahu
Sugar Compa n v today.
Charges In Full
Mr. Halch presented his charges and
the substantial ing allidavits in writing
and ai. follows:
" Mi rea' on for appearing before you
today at the annual meeting of the
Pioneer Mill Company, Limited, is a
seiious one, and lias only been under
taken alter deliberate consideration of
the entire iiiestion involved, and the
fad that mv duties as chairman of the
district board of exemption for the Tor
ri'orv of Hawaii have thoroughly i in
prcNHed me with Hie seriousness of our
coun'rv's Mitustion and safely in tilt
terrible win 's cataclysm.
"These are times when every Ameri
can should be on watch for signs Of
treasonable utterances, treasonable ac
tions, and unpatriotic or pro German
tendencies by all residing within the
Confines of the I'nited States, in order
that the loyal American may be sepa
rated from the disloyal and treasonable
ones, and that tio doubt may exist Jn
the minds of our brave boys 'over
there,' a to the unqualified loyalty
and support of those who are in posi
tions of authority and whose position
are. such that the safety or sustenance
of the country may be said to be part
ly at least in their hands.
-VtWlW thU'lMplaliatroli ef my' pres
ence here today I now wish to prefer
charges , against L. Weinzheimer, late
officer ib the imperial German army,
serving. under von Ilindenberg, and now
employed as manager of the l'ioueer
Mill Company, Lbaina, Maui.
"I herewith subrait the following
sworn affidavits by Mr. R K. Fenn and
wife, late resident, of Ijihaiun, Maui:
" 'Affidavit of BaaU tustace Tenn
' ' ' Territory of Hawaii )
"'City and County of Honolulu)
" 4 Hnsil Eustace Venn, being first
duly sworn on oath, deposes ami sAvs:
that from the month of October, 1UU,
up to and including the month -of
March, 1916, he was employed by the
Mutual Telephone Company, a Hawaii
an Corporation, a operator and agent
of the wireless station of the wireless
department of said Mutual Telephone
Company, at Lahaiha, Maui, nnd that
during all of said period Of time he was
a resilient of Lahaina, Island of Maui;
that he knew La. Weinzheimer, at pres
ent employed by the Pioneer Mill Com
pany, Limited, as manager of said com
pany; that during the period from ).-to
ber, 1914, up to and including March,
1910', he had numerous 'Conversations
with said L. Weinzheimer, during the
course of which conversations, the said
I.. Weinzheimer diseased matters per
taming to the War between those coun
tries commonly known as Germany and
Austria, and Kngland, France and
Italy; that in all of said conversations
the said L. VTeinr.heimer exhibit.' I
throughout his conversations a spirit
of strong pro Germanism and a spirit
of hatred and contempt for those conn
tries commonly kuown as Knglmnl,
Krance and Italy and all matters per
taining to said countries; that depo
nent, as operator and agent of the wire
less station of the wireless department
of the Mutual Telephone Company, ut
Lahaina, Maui, was in receipt of daily
wireless ipeasages conveying and trans
mitting the news items of current
events; that said L. Weinzheimer was
in the habit during all of said time of
visiting the office used and occupied by
deponent for the purpose of ascertain
ing the latest news concerning the war,
and that said L. Weinzheimer made a
practise of and was in the habit of dis
cussing said news items with deoneut.
" ' Deponent further says that in one
of suid conversations during the latter
part of the year 1913, about the time
of the sinking of various merchant
steamships by German and Austrian
submarines, certain news items received
by deponent as said wireless operator
and wireless station agent were to the
effect that the United States of Aineri
ca was contemplating severing diplo
matic relations with or war with tier
many audpr Austria) that suid L.
Weinzheimer commenting thereon to de
poneut, professed to be amused at the
idea of the United States of America
considering war with Germany, stating
to deponent in substance and effqet as
" 'That It was some more of Wil
son's notes and that it will be bet
ter for Wilson to keep his nose out
of it because Germany would just
cat the United Htntes up.' That the
I'nited States had no army and no
nnvy nnd would be absolutely use
less iu thtr-flelA and that Germany
would just eat it up.'
I. HAWAIIAN CA2ETT - FftlbAV, i FEfiRUARV r IS.'-: iik-
. J fcajKmeni further -says that About
the time of the sinking of the Steam
ship Lusltanla shortly subsequent . to
said sinking, said L. Weinzheimer spoke
t deponent concerning said sinking asd
asked deponent whst hp, (eponent,
thought of it. Deponent stated that
he -rlid not think mich act was right
whereupon said L. Weinzheimer stated
that he knew it was coming as fie
thought Something like that was corning
anyway; that he didn't see It the way
deponent did because the vessel was
eaVfylng munitions and the Americans
Were la favor of the Allies anyway and
that It was big graft game for the
Americans and that, they didn't cars
for auything but the almighty dollar
" ' Deponent further says that said
L. Weinzheimer in s conversation with
deponent in the presence of Delphin
Fenn, wife of deponent, In speaking Of
said sinking of the " Lnsitsnia, " stat
to deponent nn follows :
" 'These people are rnlsins nn
awful fuss' about these few Ameri
cans being sunk on the I.usitauia
you would think that the Ashes
could distinguish bet wees the taste
of Ameriau tlesh and other peo
ple's Aesh. '
"And further deponent saith not.
"Subscribed nnd sworn to before me
this 12th day of Feb'riiarv, A. I). 191S
"Notary Public, First Judicial Cir
"euit, Territory of Hawaii."
"Affldarit of Detphlne Fenn
" 'Territory of Hawaii )
" 'City and County of Honolulu)
" 'Delphine Fenn, being first duly
sworn on oath, deposes and says: That
she is, ami at nil times her. 'mat ter men
tioued was, the wife of Hasil Fustaee i
Fenn; that during the period of time
from the month of October, 1911, up to
and including the month of March.
191.r, she resided in Lahaina. Island of
Maui, with her husband, snid Hnsil
Eustace Fenn, her said husband being
employed during nil of snid period of
tlnm by the Mutual Telephone Com
pany, a Hawaiian Corporation, as
operator and ngent of the wireless sta
tion of tho wireless department of sniil
Mutual Telephone Company, at Lahai
na, Mailt; that she knows L. Weinz
heimer, at. present employed by the I'lo
neer Mill Company, Limited, as man
ager of said company; that during the
said period of time, to wit, from Octo
ber, 1914, up to and including March,
191ft, she had numerous conversations
with tho said L. Weinzheimer, during
the course of which conversations, said
L. Weihzhelmer discussed matters and
things concerning the state of war ex
isting between those countries com
monly known As Gcrmnny nnd Austria,
and Kngland, Krance nnd Italy; ami
that in all of said conversations the
said L. Welnzhpinier exhibited through
out said conversations nn attitude of
pro Germanism nnd a hatred for the
countries of and nil matters pcrtsinlng
to Kngland, France nnd Italy.
. ' ." ' lepone0t further sirys that she
was present at a conversation between
said L. Weinzheimer and her husband,
said Kasil Kustace Fenn, in the year
1915 shortly after the date of the sink-
Hog' of the Steamship Lusitauia,, during
ma course or wnicn conversation, me
lard I. Weinzheimer mndo the follow
ing statement to her snid husband con-
eerniag the sinking of the Steamship
Lusitania, to wit,
" 'These people are racing an
awful fuss about these few Ameri
cans briny sunk on the Lusitania
you would think that the fishes
could distinguish between the taste
of American flesh and other peu
pre 's flesh. '
"And further deponent saith not.
"Subscribed apd sworn to before me
this 12th dny of February, A. D. 191 s.
(Sgd.) "jdSEPlitNK K. STONK,
"Notary Public, First Judicial Cir
"cuit, Territory of Ilawuii."
Alleges Contempt Indicated
"The above sworn statement of facts
shows clearly L. Welwzhnim'er 's utter
contempt for the American people, the
American form of government, and the
rights Of America and Americans, as
well as his belief in the eanee of the
imperial German government, prior to
the breukjng off of diplomatic relations,
and his statement regarding the fishes
eating the flesh of those murdered men,
women and babies (American citizens)
shows Gift L. Weinzheimer despite his
oath Of allegiance is not an American
After Break Came
"I now wish to bring to your atten
tion a certain fact showing Mr. Weinz
heimer 's attitude after diplomatic rein
tions were severed between the i'nited
States and the imperial Gorman govern
mciit. Shortly before the declaration
of war by our Government on April tith
last, and while diplomatic relations
were broken betweeu this country and
the imperial German government, I
charge that, at a gathering nt Wuipnhu.
this island, at which among others were
present Mr. E. K. Bull, Manager of
the Oahu Sugar Company, L. Weinz
heimer publicly toasted the German
Kaiser aud for this toast was publicly
reprimanded by Mr. Hull.
Under Surveillance
"With the above statements showing
the pro German activities of suid
Weinzheimer, both before and after
diplomatic relations were broken, us
well ns the further well known fact
that this man for like reasons is at the
present time and has for a considerable
period iu the past been under federal
Government surveillance, I hereby, as
an American citizen, demand his i in rn e
dinte and prompt discharge as manager
of the Pioneer Mill Company on the
ground thjlt whtthur he took the oath
of allegiance or not, ho is a thorough
Gerinuu subject, thoroughly imbued tin
der his disguise of American citizen
ship with the worst forms of German
kultur that have been and are re
sponsible for the rape of Helgiuin, the
inhuman unrestricted submarine war
fare and the atrocities now being car
ried out under the direction of his
former coiiimuiiding general, 'this mas
ter In ute, ' v on Ilindenberg.
" limit lemen : our country's cause
cannot and must not, and so therefore,
yon cannot and must not, take chances
iu keeping iu employment, in the rear
of our brave soldiers, such a person as
1. Weinzheimer.
" Uespectfully submitted, .
HnMii(f'thr reading bT the charges
by. Mr. Balch the accused manager had
kept ft brave front, despite the glances
that came Ills way. It was .when he
later undertook to reply to' questions
and wbeft he) aeked Iota full investiga
tion of tM barges 'against Mm and a
oWtorrutilrt to defend himself that hi
flushed and took with difficult.
Ia answer-vie ipVstiona WeiaheJrM
(ought ft make some eiplaastions at
yesterday's meeting. He explained the1
"bock der kaiser" episode as Joke at
the end of an argument over the war
and uttered as the closing words of
that argument as he was leaving Mr.
Bull's house. Mr. Bull had said the
argument aad the attributed "toast"
occurred before, the i'nited States had
severed diplomatic, relatione. This ex
ptanaflon by VTin!heler was In
answer to a question by . fudge W, I
Stanley ot whether hf", Weinzheimer,
bad "hoclied" the Vaiser after the I'ni
ted State had become a belligerent.
Before this question the accused man
ager had risen and, speaking brokenly,
had said:
Aakf Investigation
."These charges, sre very severe. I
ssk before you reach a verdict you give
me a hearing. I will appear before you
and answer all these charges.",
General J. H. Hoper inquired speci
fically of Weinzheimer ss to the tat
ter's eitiaeaship, whether he did not
become a citizen under the German
Delbruch duel citizenship law, passed
in 1911. Weinzheimer said he became
S citizen In 1912 and disclaimed know
ledge of the law mentioned.
"Didn't you notify the German con,,
sul that you were going to become aa
American citizen f" asked General
So per.
'Y, I did that," replied Weine-
"Then under the terms of that law
you still retain your German citizen
ship. You sre not a true American,
but a citizen of Germany' declared
General Soper.
"The time is coming then if the 7
S. government does not act more
severely, men of your class will be
hung by ur vigilantes," said General
Hoper in vigorous tones.
Explains Kem&rk
Relative to his alleged remarks oa
the sinking of the Lusitania, Wetns
heimer. said he was confident he had
not used those words as he had taken
especial pains to be careful In his ut
terances and finally denied he had used
the word the affidavits attributed to
Following a considerable period of
heated debate and a cross fire of ques
tions directed upon the manager, L. L
McCandless moved for an investlgatioa
of the charges by the board of directors
and the United States attorney. This
motion E. I. Spklding amended so mi
to cjtM for the naming by the stock
holders. The amendment was accepted
and carried unanimously. H. E. Cooper,
A. 1.. Castle, W. L. Stanley, Albert
Horner and E. W. Sutton were named.
Here President Hagens remarked that
all employes of the company must be
absolutely loyal if citizens and if aliens
must be careful to keep their mouths
carefully closed. No "half baked"
loyalty would do, be said.
Committee Beglna work
Following -the meeting the commit
tee met aha organized and prepared the
following notice;
H. E. Cooper, A. L, Castle, Al
bert Hornerr W. L. Stanley and E.
W. Sutton, the committee appointed
February 14, 1918, by the Stock
holders of Pioneer Mill Ctompany,
Limited, to investigate charges of
disloyalty on the part of I Weinz
heimer, request that all persons
having knowledge Of any act of dis
loyalty on the part of Mr. Weinz
heimer submit to the undersigned
secretary of the said eommlttee
signed statements of the same in
writing on or before the twentieth
instant accompanied by names and
addresses of any supporting wit
nesses together with information
as to any other evidence tending to
support such charges.
No anonymous communications
will be considered.
This was signed by E. W. Sutton,
secretary of the committee, and with
the address "care of Bishop Trust
Company, Limited, 924 Bethel Street."
Plaits of Committee
It is the intention of the .committee
to go into the question of the loyalty
or disloyalty of the pioneer Mill mnna
uer from all points of view and to con
sider any aad all charges which may he
presented, whether contained in the
evidence of Mr. Balch or not.
In this connection it is said the
committee will investigate the asser
lion that the spirit and the intensely
pro kaiser spirit of Mr. Weinzheimer
was indicated by his bringing his child
from' Maui to Honolulu to have the
baby christened on the Interned Ger
man ship (icier surrounded by tue ot
fleers of that vessel who had found
refuge and safety here but later broke
their solemn promise and sought to
destroy or make useleas the vessel as it
lay at its berth on the Honolulu water
Thomas A. Todd, Hilo boy and son of
Supervisor William A. Todd and Mrs.
Todd of the Big Island, is now a mar
ried man, according to letters received
here by friends from him yesterday
from Hampton Kouds, Virginia.
Young Todd was married' in New
York on January 1(1. . in writing hi
gave all. the details of the wedding ex
cept, probably, the most essentiul the
name of the bride. He asks to be re
iiicmbcred to all his friends in Hawaii
and says that when the war is pan he
and Mrs. Todd will make their home in
I he Islands.
.Vfr. Todd is a chief eletrlcaii in the
navy. He spent many years in the
Philippines, also in Unele I'm in 's serv
ice, and was recently attached to the
I . H. S. Alert in Hawaiian waters.
Tommy is aboard one of Uncle Hum 'n
biggest sea fighters and has already
made ipiite a number of visits to Ku
rope, running the gauntlet of the Gcr
man subliminal time aud again.
Issues Being Used To Discredit
and "Break" Secretary Mc
Adoo, Says Congressman
(Mail Special to The Advertiser)
WASHINGTON, January 2 Liber
ty Bond issues are being made a foot
ball of politics in one "f the "deep
est" contests the country has known
in a long season. It is pnrt of a scheme
td discredit and " break " Secretary of
the1 Treasury McAduo as a political
figure. Big brokerage offices In New
York snd Boston are agencies of the
So the storv runs ns told bv a Demo
cratic member of the house, a banker
by profession of some reputation In the
business world. He snys this is the
status in outline, although details are
not yet cieir to Ins view. There is al- t
so. a financial aspect to the activites,
the regular stock market procedure
that most securities must undergo.
Some considerable group of men, in
making an organized effort to drive
down the quotations of the Liberty
Bonds, are creating nn opportunity to
purchase at cheap prices so that their
investments will yield better than if
arranged directly with the trensury de
Protection Difficult
There has been discussion in some
quarters about congress enacting legis
lation to protect purchasers of Lllier
ty Bonds. This, however, is easier
said than done. If nn( or both houses
of congress took up such legislation,
their action would emphasize to the
public the weakness of the Liberty
Bonds and thus might embarrass the
government. At present there Is not
the slightest prospect congress will con
sider any such measure. . It might tie
that some nrrangenient for redeeming
Liberty Bonds, where owners were un
der necessity of realizing on their in
vestment, might be made with federal
reserve banks. But it is not altogether
clear whether even tis could be done
without playing into the hands of de
signing gentlemen, who are entirely
willing to make Secretary of the Treas
ury MeAdoo "goat".
The fact that Secretary MeAdoo hns
been so prominently identified with the
issue and sale of the Liberty Bonds
makes the situation politically attrac
tive. A considerable depreciation in
Liberty Bond prices will naturally be
resented by many thousands of people,
who purchased and who might thus be
easily led to regard the name of the
secretary of the treasury as anathema.
Unpatriotic Politics
The unpatriotic aspect of such ma
nqeuvering stands out conspicuously, of
course. But the worthy gentlemen pull
ing the Wires sre securely camouflaged.
There is small likelihood they can be
enticed out into the open. Consequent
ly one cannot tell when a hard blow
may be struck in some quarter. Both
sides are very cautious, lest a particular
play might work to the advantage of
the opponent.
(Concluded from Page 1)
isfied with tho food. Two meals a day
are always served, and sometimes there
are three. For breakfast the men fre
'piently get a large bowl of oatmeal aa
the principal dish, while at diifher there
is bVef or sqme other meat and vege
tables. Supper sometimes brings bacon,
corned beef hash, or canned salmon.
There is always good white bread made
from American flour, and plenty of it.
The American regimental headquar
ters just back of the line is established
in dugouts Under the ruins of houses
long since knocked down by German
shells. It is never known when the
enchiy may Again take a notion to
throw a few shells into the town, so the
American commanders were determine. I
their headquarters should be well pro
Within a certain radius of the front
line every member of the American
force is now required to wear his gas
mask ready for use nnd never to be
without his shrapnel helmet.
Amundsen Visits Our Troops
Cnptain Rnld Amundsen, the Nor
wegian explorer, and Captain Oberdvng
of the Swiss general stuff are visiting
the American army zone. Captain
Amundsen enme by arrangement with
'he state department for the purpose of
obtaining information concerning the
Americuu expeditionary force for the
newspapers of Scandinavia. Captain
Oberdvng will remain for a week, visit
ing all points in the zoue.
Shrapnel helmets were issued today
to all clerks and other employes for
their protection during air raids.
W ASJHNGTCN, February H (As
sue in ted Press) President Wilson to
lav directed Attorney General Gregory
ami Chairman Hurley of the federal
shipping board to investigate the llo
Inland shipyard contract and determine
it there has been n criminal misuse of
government funds.
Foity.tvvo million dollars are in
volved in the project, in which an in
ternntiolial corporation, which Frank A.
anderlip, the noted banker, hea ls,
Chairman Hurley recommended the
invcNtigation, it is announced. OHiciaU
whose opinion could be learned todiiv
aie not inclined to believe that their is
anything ivore in the matter than inN
management and reckless cxpctidituic
of c,ov eminent funds.
associatio; IS
Organization Effected At Meet
ing Last Night When Charter .,
and By-Laws Were Adopted
First Effort WiiTle To Supply
Natives With Staple Foods .
At Prices They Can Afford
With three fifths of its capital stock
subscribed, the stock holder of th
I'nited Hawaiian Association held their
first meeting last night and adopted
charter snd by laws of an organization
that is designed to return the Hawaiian
race on its old time economic, footing
and stimulate organization and tesm
ork that can make the Hawaiian in-
(.. iieiideiit of the other races that have
come to hi shores.
Speaker at last night's meeting, held
in the eitv hall, were enthusiastic in
hailing the return of the old proud
spirit of the itawaiians and Of some
thing like the sense of Independence
that the race possessed long before the
first Spaninrds came over the sea.
Committee reports enabled the Or
ganisation to set forth as Its mission
ns an incorporated body with the
knowledge that the first object of the
body the effort to SQpjily the Ha
waiian with their staple food at prises
within their means is attainable. The
association received the Information
that six thousnnd bags of tar can now
tie bought, enough to run .the' 0W
ioi factory of ths organization fof
six months; that plenty of tao land
is to be had and that Hawaiian! all
over the islnnds are eager tq betid their
efforts to supplying the new organiaa
tion with the staple of food.
Directors To Run Business
The board of directors appblated at
last night 's meeting are authorized to
conduct the business of the or nan I za
tion, which is not to be designed as t
charitable institution, it Was etnphaV
sized nt the meeting, but one to pro
mote the spirit and welfare of the na
tives of the islands.
Much reference was made ia the in
augural speeches of the officers te the
traditional pride of the Hawaiian Race
which would disdain the present rtr
dii anient of being wholly , dependent
for its sustenance upon men who cam
here not so many years ago as contract
"All that is needed for the success of
this cause is the unity .which I think
this organization will furnish," said
James L. Holt, newly elected vice-president
of the organization. , "Without
unity the Hawaiian Jlaee will fail ai
many another race his fallen. We flattst
stand together or else suffer tfte la
flexible condemnation of nature anil
confess ourselves unfit and rightly
doomed to extinction.
Not Charitable Institution
The upeech which was made by Presi
dent Samuel G. Dwight impressed. the
point that the organization must not be
considered one of a charitable nature la
its efforts to bring relief to the depti
tute of the natives, because that would
not accomplish the main purpose of the
organization, that Of inspiring COBB
deuce and independence. t.
' ' This is a business enterprise nnd
in ii Ht be for the benefit of all the stock
holders," he said. "We have, i'tt th
formation of this body, entered the
great economic struggle to take our
part iu the keen competition that 11
forcing us more and more try tne way
side, and onle of our first duties U to
make it pay. I want this association
to progress and have a little in Out
pockets besides."
A committee of three was appointed
to take the preparatory steps to the
obtaining of a charter under whlco tne
organization can operate as an incor
poration in the purchase of raw mate
rials and the prosecution of various
plans for securing lands and placing
Intxirers on them. Part of the expec
tat ion of the organization in connec
tion with its poi activities is that
patent rights on poi manufacturing hi a
i hinerv may be purchased' in order to
give the Hawauaqs that niuvh ad van
tage over other organizations.
To Acquire Pot Factory
The report of the epmmittee wWk
made au examinati6a- of the Kaliht Poi
Factory presented an estimate of tit,
noil for the acquiring of the grouud.
buildinirs. machinery, water sunidv. and
engines against 121,000 which was
stipulated by W. C. Acln, the owner.
The debate which ensued u this sub
ject caused Mr. Achl to suggest that
the place might be rented for a tlma
in order that the main object of demon'
st rating to the Hwaiians what can be
done Iu the production of foodstdffl
might not be dolayed.
Tho oflicers and directors who were
seated last night are as follows: Bam
lid C. Dwight; president; James L.
Holt, vice-president; William Ahia,
treasurer; William C. Achi Jr., sec re
tary. All of these are directors in addi
tion to Mayor Joseph J. Fern, Jofath
Kumalae, Jesse Uluihi, David KaLuuo
kalaui Jr., and Thomas Treadway
Encourage Taro Kaisers
Plans aunounced last night for the
expenditure of funds include, beside the
proposition to build a poi factory, the
udvaiicing of expenses of Hawaiian
taro raisers as au encouragement to
them to enter the work. The finance
committee was instructed to proceed at
nine with the selling of the remaining
slnucs of stock, which will lie done
through publicity and through personal
solicitatiiiii. The shares are being sold
in mi. all lot in order that the maximum
number of Huwailsns may have a finuu
rial interest in the enterprise.
The scope of the new organization is
wide and embraces plans for invadiug
every field ill which the Hawaiian Is
now ut a disadvantage because of
monopolies of other ruccs
nonolula, rbrsr 14. mil
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Waw. B. Co. i,
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Hnamka flv .V j -v-
Hntehldson . FIIC
Ksasikw riant ttoa o.
He ksba ana". Co.
Kolna -IsK Ce
M'BrriMJ ttmt. Co , LtO .
oshu MtVC i-iy,
(Mas (., Ltd.
iinomea mrf. .' . .
I'asuhsir Hug. PtaaL Co..
Psclnr Hut Will
Pais llSatitloi Co. . ...
Peixekno Hugsr Co
Pioneer MUt '.
Kan Csrlos Milling Co. ..
ta'slelna Arrr) Ce. .
W slinks Htunr Co. . . . .
Sad lesue Paid t! ....
Haiku F. V. Oa,, J Pfd..
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Hslk ri'Cto, Cess..
Hsw. iva. R. B..
flaw. Cap, -Uf. fM", ...
Hawaiian Klactr
Haw. rineapple Co. ..
mob. H. M. ., (.td.
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hint. TsL Co.
Oahu It. A U.
rshang. Rahbw C. .
Aelslus IMmllnsn. IM.
MasM MO. Pdt ....
Tanjoag Oiea Bibber ...
Beach Walk L D, Si.,
HSmekue tHtcb Co.,
Hsw. Irr. Co., ii
uaw. Ter. Met. iuob
Haw Ter. k M laps.
Urn. Ter. ran. Tarn. 4&
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HDo pas Co, td (VX.
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Haw. Cons. ftv. "A." 900l a OO: U.-Iu.l. -
Kl. . .gm; Olsa. 00, 40, .D.RTu;' Walatua.'
M , l,Wt Oeha, h, mo; "Hrj'de vV
.-. '. BOaRD UUII
Kwi.4SO,,BO.T: rtoaefr, & 90.T."i dnhn, i
10, M, 2i 111, W Mc WillaTua, mai..-.5;
ii. n. m m. usv, iuk e, ismm. . i
a'sbraar SL Ifiia .
BtagaobM ,,.,... A,.., Xk. ''.75
New Torn . ....,....-...'.. sLott
: UiiWitk tjrihv.sU Ii ifiik .;
. . A. -a u . . r , i . . . , .
St J.
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iioa. Con- OU
lloersl prod nets'
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onuiiev.ntastiaai , . ,-f
... 11
Mining , .
- . L
k'J -iMkti- it'. J.''J.v.iJ'('
' .t ' V
C. T. Bailer, chief avdrofrraDher and
L -.-.a v .., -,. as. i . i
engineer, division 6r kyarograpLy
here. Is-, dpposed b rja " tdkn erf tbo
(fhamber of commerce to bring pro
fussor Gregory of TaW to Honiilu
to expart the watf Jbuplr of, Jiono
luln and make aurveys or additionul
sujipheetv, njee,V deajekelei U tho
wftter tvpply, partl'cnlarlj ta tne aunt
mar. tteaoQna, . , -..? p ; ,'-.:", I
. Xa pl aa. met rWlth ta4 ej)iroi.ui
of . tne special eommttiee iu eUm
ber; the btrreau of geological purvey,
at Washiaarton. Abb aitfulfUdi Us ,iili-
jngUfss to .appoint Vrefessor . pTejjoey
to uadsetake t hi work: and all 'that
remains ii the raiaralx't 7otH) to
brinf ,tkiti expert BtMC' ,t,A'l r .
Mr, Bailey sajs hee. U ho (u
analyse th water aubpy,. mi there Ja
preaty W water hlready lerej and hat
is necessary ii to; curtail tla tiw- for
rice and, tare eulUvatloa. , . , . .
He also sy that, the Water i" liu
tloh 'aftot' be eallevi 1'ltute'',
V ' ' -v ' ", . ' (
TOKto, iiebk'uary ii-i-vlipi cial ' to
Nlppu Jljl) Members of the Kensekai
or aat( boverrtment tarty entered a ,rt s1
oluUoa today in. the house of dcpotic.i
for ihe impeachment of Premier 1'erau
ehl and hU cabinet. The, rnbiuot f.fs
eondemnod on aecount of Its dipluuiftt vO
policy and failure to.propo a fciWd
tat schedule. ( '
The Bayukal whleh eontrol- tl ie bour-o
of deputies,, ia at present suppot 'it
Premier TeraucM and Us cab'Oi 't, Md
it la spotted ' that the member will
rote against, the impeachment totupc-row.
. coa r.i.'
BO. Dlst- IU.4,
lut. CO.. is ...
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it ;.:. . im
s.j.'. tiRt..-.
mmw. mm
t''ii i' ,'.'' V V

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