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V A.:
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of staff will
., i. . . .
Falls In Aviation Accident At
Fort Worth and Fractures
Skull Father On Duty Still In
Lieutenant of Aviation Killed At
Lake Charles and Two Cadets
Fall To Death At Memphis
When Machines Collide
l.l - ( Associated I'ress)
Three instant deaths and ont
accident that will probably rcsull
in death were reported yesterday
from the various army aviatiot.
training camp's.
b'rorn one midair accident, as a
result of which his plane pitched
to the ground, I.ieut. Pcytor
March, son of Major Genera'
March, the newly appointed chief
Hi staff, was probably fatally in
jured. His skull is fractured anr'
there is slight hope that be will
This accident was reported
from Fort Worth. Texas, the fall
taking place on the Taliaferro
field. ieneral March, the father
of the injured aviator, is still in
France, but is expected to sail
soon for the I'nited States to as
sume his duties in the war de
partment. At Memphis a double fatality
occurred. Two cadets of the
aviation corps, making practist
flights. dnie their machines into
each other at high speed and
while at a considerable height
the accident being witnessed by
hundreds of their comrades or
the earth below. When they
crashed, head on. both machines
cnitnpli-d and fell. Both aviator.'
were instantly killed. falling
within a few yards of each other
I.ieut. I,. F. I Mummer, attach
ed to the aviation training school
at I.ake Charles, lost control of
his airplane in midair and crash
ed to the ground, being dead
when picked up.
"Heatless Monday"
Has Been Postponed
Railroad Traffic Still Badly In
terrupted By Stormy Weather
and Order Closing Down In
dustrial Plants Will Continue
In Force
WASHINGTON. February (As
"'I'iiiti'il I 'less i - ' ' Hrut less Monduvs"
inv not In' suspended fur the present
A ilrc ision to tins effect him been ur
rivi'il ul by the itdminist rut ion biuI wan
mi n on need yesterdn y.
A break in the bud weuther recently
lli:it Ini'l for Hii kui); interrupted rail
run. I tiulTic and t it'ii up coal shipments
induced the authorities to consider sua
ittli iitC 'he oiilei closino down indus
trial plants on Monday for ten mieeps
ric weeks to stive coal. Hut the
weather turned bad nain, with the re
Milt I tint thu traffic tie up is still seri
ous, su the suspension of boatlcss Mon
davi has been postponed.
Assistant Chiefs of Staff Not To
Be Named Now
W N(i TON, Ki-I.ruai v Y.--( As
'HhIc'I l'i!-) Tlu iiHintimnt of
live -tlMMlll oflitt'lM to KIMltioilB UH Hh
MMhiit fluff of HtafT. wliirh whn rt'fi'iit
lv I ft i nn i m ft I iitiin ly tin wiir Jt
I :i 1 1 iiiciii . i t in pj dim hlr until tli n
turn t t In' I 'in I Slati-N of (Ieneral
Miin li, l'i ; to Mirrct'il !riHMitl H 1 1 sh
; - iil nt xt.'ill', (ilMUMIll MhTcIi tlllH
l.ciii i ii Ki a ii un it Htilinrtlinat of
(ti'iii'irl lYi-Onii. Me i vx pertt'il to In
i It tills t'OU 11 1 I btKlll.
And Reaffirm
Determined To Fight the Harder
Now That tavern Allies Have
Given Up and Definitely Aban
doned the War
LONDON, February 1.1 ( Associated
Press) The defection of KuMia ami
the fact of the peace forced npon the
new republican government of the
Ukraine are not to lie allowed to in
terfere with the British determination
to eurry through the war against Her
mnny and Austria to the final vietory.
This was made pluin yesterday in pub-
lie utterances tiy rwng George, hy
Premier l.lovd (leorce nnil bv the press
of the I'nited Kingdom.
The address of President Wilson.
made before congress on Monday, came
as n heartenine reasauranee
from Amerien til Rritnin n n ; trMlAil
aa such in the evening paper here yea
terday. Prominent editorial attention
waa given to President Wilson ' words, 1
even more so than to the addressea of
the King and the British premier. I
Ciernin May Not Stand
The Wratn.in.ter (l,i,ette. comment.
ing upon the President's parallel he-1
tween the eace terms as outlined bv
Oonnt Caernln for Austria and br Coun '
." m.r 7""r,. "wyj. tnnt iayil that no treaty 0 ,h, (Jman term,
it now remnins to l seen, in view of..... .i..j u..; t.
-eflent developments on the East, wheth.
M. .V.-i- . r..w:; 'I
.... .., j , ,
1 ' " v,rni iirmrninn nun an enemy
wnose atnnnpnint will still be repre
sented bv the Kaiser's resolve to make
the world submit to a
...,. n.,
victoriou Ue-r- .
man army.
Former Premier Asnuith, denlincr
with the President declaration, stated
n the house of i-nnimon. that the Am
erican Kiecutive had discriminated
iustly and aptlv between the form and
he substunee of the declarations from
Vienna and from Berlin.
Oairy On, Says King
King Geoipe. who appeared before a
ioint session of the two houses of par
'iament yesterdnv. declared thnt the
Treat struecle for humnn liberty had
now reached its finnl, critical stage,
demanding more than ever the full em
ployment of the energies of the Na
tion. I ntU recognition is given by
the Ctentral Powers of the only prin
ciples upon which a just pence can be
Government Breaks
Own Law Is
Union Man's Charge
Timothy Shea Testifies That
Railroads, - Especially Since
Federal' Operation Beaan, In-
j;m;.i.lu u;.ii. o : i !
uivimmiaicij miiic oiaiccii-
HOUr Statute l
, (
WASHINGTON, Februarr 13- ( As
toicated 'reas) The railroads of the
Cnitcd States havo been indiscriiniuate
ly violating tha so called sixteen hour
law, according to statements made yes
'.erday by Timothy 8hen, aetiim presi
dent oi me urotnernooil ot i.o.omo
ive riremen nnd KtiirineerM m teii I
mony given by him before the rail
road wage commission.
Mr. Shen uaaerted that the allege. i
violations of the law which prohibit
ertaiu elases of railroad men, imlud
"K engineers, from working coutinu
nisly more thun sixteen hours, have be
"oine more pronounced and tlarant
(ince the roads were taken oxer and'
iperated by the government.
The commission before whirh Mr. I
xhea gave kis testimony is inveiini '
ing the demands of the employes of'
nany railroads throughout the eountiy
for increased wages, based chiefly up
on the increased cost of living. Many j
of these demands were made betoici
the government took over the t oads, '
and it thus fell heir to the wage
Last Day
of Grace
WASIIINOTON, February It (As
loeiuted I'ress) I'nnaturuli.ed Hit
mans who by tonight have failed tu
obey the order of the I'nited Htat'-s
government to register with I'nited
States marshals, will be subject to in
terutnent for the duration of the war,
it was oflicially stated here yesterday.
NKW YORK, Februarv 1J i Am-..
ciuted FriiHSI Colonel Kooseselt spent
n fairly comfortable nfght an. I Ins
physieiaus are now confident of Ihn ie
eovei y .
It is utjBiird to allow u eough to linti
on and evil your viiulity lien t'hainl.ei
Iain's Cough Remedy will cure you. You
don't know where a persistent couli
ill land you. You can't afford to a I
'low your throat and lungs to Leeoiuc
diseased when it is such u Miuple thing
to step into a cheiuist 's Hhop and get a
bottle vt Chamberlain 's Cough Heine.lv.
For sale by all dealers. Henson, Hinilh i
Co, Ltd., agents fur Hawaii. A.ht
Their War Aims
e Britiah
founded, it is the duty of th
peoples to prosecute the wr nil the
more vigorously.
The Premier iiniioiini'ed that (ireat
Britn.n hnd not receded nn inch from
its previem declaration of principles
end aims. He hnd r.-nd. and snid,
with profound disappointment the re
plies of Chnnce'lor von llertling of
IJe-msnv n-ul fount CVernin. Austrian
fnreifi minister, in response to the
American snd British declarations of
alms. He admitted that the replies
are different In tone and snid he wish
ed he ennld believe thn there i
esentisl difference in subject.
He told One members that it ts impoS
sible to make a statement on the ae
tirtn of the supreme war council .lust
now without civlng inf or motion tit
nbie to the enemv.
He added with emphasis that the
government is not changing its war
Reports, more or lese confirmed. e-
plain that Kussln has not signed a
treaty of peace with the Central
Power, but has Simply reused fighting,
,U Bolaheviki delegates announcing
ifln"h', '"" ""n,'u
lL ' 'rm,n VfMnU ,nd
nn.i ... i. . , . .
ettt fr0m the B,lah.ikl government
cM,pd ofr hotilitie. because they were
nnwiinng to contmnt Bchting against
Herman peasants and workmen
Completely Orated
Firt confirmation of tlie
peace re-
Port came today in an ofuVial Ituaaian
, .v... i .. -
BkniTuirm mat urouiu iruoers are
busy on the Russian front. The Rus
sian soldiers are trading machine-gum
for playing cards and other aimilar
The Russian statement adds that
Russia adhered to the position that she
would not yield to Oermany any oc
cupied territory, and that the Breat
Litovak delegation refused to sign tba
treatry providing for the annexations
demanded by Oermany. Nevertheleaa,
the Russians odd, they cannot continoe
a war on Austrians and Hermans who
are "peasant and workmen like our
elves. "
The (ierman and Russian representa
tives at Brest-Litovsk have agreed to
the earliest possible repatriations of
prisoners nnfit for service.
Is Freed From Jail Under Heavy
n i
chioao, i"brmry i.v- Aaaorinteri
rre wiiiiam d. Heywood, secretary
of the Induatrial Workers of tke
yVorfd, who W,H indicted by the federal
grand jury in Sacramento last week nn
ehitrge of conspiracy to hinder the
I'nited Htates in the operution of its
laws anil, the prosecution of the war
was released from jail hero yesterday
on deposit of $15,000 bail bond. Bond
was originally fixed at l'.VOOO, hut u
reduced to the lesser figure.
Heywood was under arrest in this
(.itv 011 another charge nt the time he
-1, .L . i .
with fifty-four others, was indicted in
BERLIN, February 13 (Associated
Press) An official review of the uctivi
ties of British and French raiders dur
nig January .was issued this week by
the German war office. The Allied air
men, snya this report, made thirty one
inids into Germany during the month
the net results of which were five
persona killed and nine wounded, while
the material damage inflicted by the
enemy's bombs was insignificant. To
carry out these raids cost the Allies the
loss of four airplanes.
HJLO, February 12 (Hpecial to The
Advertiser) As the result of a scandal
in connection with the moral conduct
of H nnmtier of the hnva ml the Hito
' Hoarding Hrhool, which the school an
tlioritics have thoroughly investigated
' behind closed doors, sixteen of the old
"t pupils huve been quietly expelled.
It was learned yesterday that the
eases of a majority of them are to be
taken up by the grand jury which
meets on Thursday. The particulars
of these oases are unprintable.
WASHINUTON, Februarv l'-iAs
Miei;;ted l'less) Hellutor Hheriuaii of
lllinoio today caused to be plueed in
the Congreusioiiul Kecord u messngc of
eniigi ntiilHtion sent to the Kaiser on
Ms liiithdav by President Carrunza of
Mex iro.
W .sNITo.'. Feliruaiv K'--(Asso
nted I'ressl I'. .1. Farrell of New
it Wiinont. was today appointed
Ii i f eounsel for the interstate coin
lei oniniission, sui-ceeding Altor
nor a tar nnxlPenaltv For Bolo
.Decorate I. W. W, Suspect and
Make Many Other Kiss
Stars and Stripes
HT. I.OI'IH, February 1! ( -"ni in
ted l'resi The Stiiuiiton biain h of the
Illinois Protei-tixe Leilne yesterday
tarred and feathereil ) B. Krdaiin.
charged xxith hein a inenilier of the
I, W. W. Krdfiiin had been milking
himself ohnoxious nal his arrest had
been insisted upon. At. his trial it
was not found bx the authorities tha!
ha had committed nnv offense for whirl-,
he could be held answerable bv law.
f'itixens took the matter into their
own hands Inst night and seized both
Krdann and his nttornev. Meten. Tin
attorney was forec.t to be n witnes
to th tAr and feathering, then wa
marehed with his elient out of '.,n.
A hundred other residents of Stann
ton, whose loyaltv was snsi.eetcd. were
forced to mnrch past the Stars and
8 tripes and kiss the , olois
Only Minor Operations Reported
From Western Front Fin
nish Red Guards Want Peace
WASHINGTON. February 13 (As
oeiated Pre) The ehief activities
reported yesterday from the various
war zone took place on the Italian
front where the Italians are still fill
ing and slowly pressing bark the Aus
'.ro Oermaii inxuilers.
Report from liume and from Ber
lin were ronllictin as to the results
f the fighting, but it seems to be as
tared that air" efforts of the Huns to
break through the stubborn linn of
the Italian not only failed but result
& in appreciable loss to the Teuton.
Rome reports that the Austrians re
oewed their attacks west of the Bren
ta but were repulsed. The advancing
horde of Austrians and Hermans were
torn and smashed by the deadly ar
tlllnry fire of their opponents and their
columns cut to pieces, according to the
official Italian statement.
Berlin claims gains made by the Aus
trians in an nttack south of Saso Ron
o. Army headquarters asserted thnt
after lively artillery lighting on the
Sells !oniminii plateau the Austr'nu
made their attack and succeeded in
clearing off the suppiirtiue; positions
and capturing nearly I ,0 prisoners.
I he Hriti h otlicial statement savs
that a hostile rnider made an nttack
north of Kpehy but was repulsed and
driven off.
Manchester troops, tlie statement
adiln, raided enemv positions west Of
La Bassen Monday nighf, inflicting
many casualties at slight loss to them
elves and rapturing seven prisoners
Paris reports that nctixe locnl oper
itions Monday night by (ierman raid
ing parties were repulsed and the Huns
forced to retire.
The "Red Onards" in Finland have
ot enough of lighting according to
a despatch from Stockholm. The mes
nge says that the " Red Guards'' are
now asking tienernl Mannerheini, lead
"r of the loyalists, to consider peace
It is reported from 1 Iclsi nf ors.
Hpital of Finland, by refugees that
txvo leaders of the revolt ha e 1 i
. ..
AYKH, M ;ewrh iiKtM (, FVlirmnv I '
' AMiMiuttil tl'n'SM M ji j. Khiiit'laii'li'r
WiiMo, foimrrlv jMilirp ciinnuHMionrr (
New York, Iium Imm'ii pMiuiti'tl l.y (im
Till INm'hIi!ii :i sr-t i m t n i i t I'lovoj-t iiinrs'at'
in Pranc, nn online to wort rnvm-il
Ihtc vt-MU'i'iluy .
Dl'RHA.M, Ninth Carolina, Februar)
1J i Associated l iesfi A th.rt cat
train of tidiaeco has just licen sliippeil
for the A mei iean forees in ,llnle.
Also Declares In Favor of Boy
cotting German Firms and
Products After Peace Is De
clared Mil (I. February U (Special to
i The A .1 mm t isei i Hy a unanimous
ole tin.- : tt' riioi.u the llilo b nird
i nt' ti:ide ousted (leorg Hodieli. the
lonvnte.l ii.liitor of nn iii .i ii
neiit ra 1 1 1 v . lioni nielli I ..Tsli 1 1 uiol
lllh name lns l.eell eia-.cd flolll
tin- lolls.
IJ .II eiU;il! 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 I I II o 1 1 s Vote
I lo- I lia le I, el e pre --e.l It-, n -
I of I'm- lesolllt ...II ot II,,
l.,. .
lial i-liaillliel of eolulllelee
I lift e -tiollld be i mi r. I:. I
t I ..I . . I iiian v al l. I I lo t. r
' VMM Tl.i 1. 1
i - I .i-1', re the a i ions i ha iii
I i
I . , j , t i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i e and lioiiid-. ot
II. i.le .ii the I iiitcd Stale- a- a
I . ' I e I I ll 1 1 III
Win Rsk Deafi
:rench Prosecutor Will Urge
That Evidence Supplied By
Lansing Proves Guilt of Ger
man Publicity Agent and
Friend of William Randolph
PARIS, reini:-ry 13- (Associa
ted Prrs-i)- The testimony of the
w1t.i;e.Bse for Die defense in the
trlnl of Eo:o Pnshs, acued of
high treason Mid of communicating
wt'h t.h0 enemy. Is virtually con
cluded r.nd today the prosecutor
will open with rebuttal testimony
and with Ids argument. Ha will
ask that the death sentence be pass
ed upon Bolo. claiming that his
guilt has been completely estab
lished an1 tha he has been con
victed of being in the pay of Ger
many for the betrayal of tha cauaa
of France.
Yesterday, before leaving tba
witness stnud. Boln's brother, who
had testified that he belierad Bolo
to be insane, stated that ha desir
ed to retract his attacks upon the au
thenticity of the Benurtorff tele
grams, which had been intercepted
by the American authorities and
forwarded to Paris to be used as
evidence of Bolo 'a pro Oerman ac
tivities in the United State.
United States Court Ties Heney's
Hands In His Attempt To Find
Evidence Against Packers .
CIlK'AtiO. February !.(( Associated
Press I Henreh of the vaults of Henry
Veeder, i hief eounsel for the bg moat
packers who are lieniy nneHtiguted by
he federal trade eitinmission, was in
terrupted ye-derdnv when the I'nited
States cin-uit .oiirt granted a writ of
ernir nnd u ,ei edean jircventini'
iciireli. Aiiiment- on tho writ were
4 t for Mhi.Ii I.
.Indue Kein-M A I. mi, lis of the I'nited
States distnt emnt recently granted
o Krnueis .1. I lem v, attorney for the
federal trade enitiiinaHinn, nn order an
thoii.inn him t an h the vnults of
Attorney Veedor to lind pajiers lie
iieed to lie iiiii'ainel therein vitn'
'o the invest iition. Judge I.umli.-
iiimcdintelv. hoKever, itsneil un order
lelnving the ee, niion of his prev ions
order until the matter should be ar
When it was argued a few days Inter,
he put the original order into effect.
It is this order which is again nulli
fied for I lie present.
Every Town and City Honors
Memory Brilliant Speeches
Made In Senate and House
WASHINGTON, February T'.-fAs
-ociitte-l I'rtss) - The birthday of Abni
nun Lincoln was generally observed
i lirouRlioiit Ine country yesterday . near
v every town .ml city holding excr
ises t iiiiiieinnriite the birth of the
l en t hum ueipuLiT.
In U asliitigton both senate and house
h' eirupted biu,inesH to pay glowing
'iiluite to 'he uiaityred President Klo
ijiieiit i-peedics were niHde in both
house, that of Senator .1. Ham Lewis
icing especially brilliant.
d' spatcli from Springfield. Illinois,
-aid that T. I'. O 'Conner, the famous
lush orator and publicist, spol.e there
last night at the Lincoln Hay cere
In I Vtcrsburo, Virginia, tin
.' in-in 1 asHCiuhlv attended tin
'"M et Clt nip t ee i n idiMer I
Y i I ejn in
re of the
liiithdav of Abraham Lincoln.
Mobs Try To Plunder
Treasury And
Palace In Denmark
Internal Troubles of Kingdom
Grow Critical Syndicalist
Leaders Arrested On Charges
of Inciting People To Riot
Col'KNItACKN, February l'i i
Kocinted I'ress i The internal tioublvs
ol Deniiiurk, which have been growing
nioie pronounced daily on account of
growing discontent with the govern
nient and with the scarcity of food, as
siiineil new i uipoi t mice yesterdnv and
were marked by riots ami tit rests.
The police ai rested M-vernl prominent
s ii.iciili..t leaders, 1 1 1 c 1 m ! i 1 1 1 lt liristian
( 'h i il iniiseii, a v.e'1 known editor, nnd
'liaised t hem Villi i in- iting riots.
Hi:: mobs gathered in the sti
ts and.
a. 'I cunt cut Willi iiiii k me. tlii ei
- el.'Oli-.t III t lolls, n I t em pt ei I to
the lieas.ny nnd the nival pnliic
. - -
W IINtiT i.. F.-I.i oarv I ' . x
.ated l'n-si Secietarv ,.f the . v v ,
haliiels a n noli loed todav thai M.lol 1
. . Merit 1 Ita l iieM will be i . a .- a t
i o in in a ud u n I of the uiuiine .oips
G. 0. P. National Committee Has
Stormy Meeting When Mem
bers Foregather In St. Louis
I l'i
I.' l
rt jiji r v 1
. i.h v. for th
I.' cpuht i i :i ti
im ii) 1 1 1 ft
I '( :t i
i h 1 1 m:i ii 1 1
ny. H'v,,..
t ci iii ' 1 1 tu
lllcii tn hkIit im rc
i i.nit1cr iriftttpri of i m
n.-t r 1 m iifl 1 1 1 mcIi" t
t Willinm H Will
I tic int'rt inji w ii h ii
t i i-;ti he. I : TI Jtit itMll it
nic 111
la ! e
1 1
I Ii nut :i 'hn i rin:t n
t tin- ii..
elaitillii ;i:
seetinn i,t tt
text l.i-t.'cet,
in,;, t in- I ltd Uunrd " i
i u 1 1 li the proji esi ve
t nut in 1 1 1 ee ll nd t he eon
the tin tn. ii f ontrnl
'eition of it eliHirmnn ii
' ll I "Ml H ll Ml ' e
Mienni'ii .'liiil
the ire-nlent '
diddle of the
i Iomc. .tnlm T. Adnms.
'e eh ii i i nin n. tn the run
' " Md (iuiird. ' ', nninst
Ilttllek Him CXIteete'l.
horn n tntter nttiiek him
Thii did tii inntcria'irc vcntcrdn-. so
far n nn imldic statement is eon
da v.
I, lit
be mad i'
Still righting Teddy
It is being charged that those bach
of Adam desire to eenre control of
the convention machinery to prevent
nnv pnssi lulit v of the nomination in
IHHO of Theodore Roosevelt as the pres
idential candidate, in the manner, in
which the Konsevelt nomination was
prevented in mm. If sin-h succeeds,
say those opposing Adams, it will pre
vent the Progressives from continuing
'o align themselves with the Rcpnb
Opposing Vilnius for the chnirmnn
ship is Will II. Hays, the Indiana stutc
ehnirmau, who managed the liHtt cam
paign for Hughes from the Chicago
Vote Will Be Close
from a canvass of the committeemen,
so far as it could be secured, it i
stated thnt there are twenty three each
for Adams and Hays, with five not
committed for either candidate.
It is intimated that the "Old
fl'iard", if it finds that it cannot elect
dnms, will withdraw him as a can
didnte and substitute John T. King of
Connecticut, who is snid to be sntis
factory as n compromise to the lender
of both factions. Hays hns stated that
he is not desirous of election if nriothei
candidate agreeable to the I'l-ogressi-.
wing of the patty can be secured.
- -
WASHINGTON, February li (As
sociated I'ressl The Tinted Mtates
t.ostal depart nient today culled for bids
for five biplanes for militart and Jtos
tnl service between 1'hilndelphin and
Washington this coming summer.
The service will begin with a daily
round trip, nnd the biplanes will euiry
first class mail onlv.
fil iated I'ress I The lirst olticial infor
illation to reach Washington of peaci
between Austria and I'kraine came to
lav from I'nited States Minister Vn
iicka. envoy to Serbia. Hiiinania ami
Itnlgaiiii, resident nt .lassy. Kumania.
IIKliXK, February !--( Associated
I'ressi The supreme national council
of Lithuanians through Sw itreilaml i
endiug both btdlirerents and neutral
diplomats a resolution from the Villi),
state council with u procl.unat ion de
daring the reestablishim-nt of l.ith
laniau independence.
LONDON. Februarv I J , s
I'lessi J'he Associated I'ress i
in foi mat ion from a high Hrit
thority that Hritnin declines to n g
ui.e the pence treaty recently signed
between the rkraiuiaiis and the ( en
IihI l'oers.
. .
Keep Fit For the
Daily Struggle
You can't nrTord to be laid up with
sore, aching kidneys in these davs ot
li.gh prices. Nome occupations bring
kidney troubles; almost anv n in k
makes weak kidney, worse. It' Mm
feel tire. I all the tune, and suffer be
sides With lame back, sharp p::llls
di'.y spell, heada. I.es .ni l ,h ...i lere.l
koliiey action, use Doan's H.nka he
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War Department Knows Official
ly of Death of Only Hundred
and Thirteen From Tuscania
But Bodies Still Wash Ashore
Admiralty Reports Recovery of
Hundred and Sixty-five Bodies
of American Dead Many
Names Still To Be Checked Off
rinoT nniinrn
WASIIlNt.IO.V. February
l. -(Associated l'rcsa) '
As tlit- repoi'ts arc being received
it 1 1 io American embassy in I .on- .itv
ildti and forwarded on here for' .
compilation in the war depart- '
mcnt it Ix-cotiH's evident that the
i-.iHv estimates of the lost from.- ' ,:"
ilie sinking of the transport Tus- '
;tnia are to be far exceed- . .
cd. possibly di iiibled.
W hile the list of tlie known -
dead now amounts to only one
'lundred an '. thirteen, there are
tt one hundred and eighty' .
sc-en soldiers concerning whom
m definite reMrts have been re- ; i'
eived. and it is certain that some "
f these, if tint many of them, are .' , '
imong the dead. '
i esterday, in a Scottish gmve '
. ard outside of a Scottish scapofV'v
he bodies of one hundred aad
'orty-live American soldiers were -niried
with military honors, ;' ."''
Scottish soldiers firing tlie fare-' ' ?
acII volleys over the graves. For, j
miles around, reports the repre-.,
sentatives pjf the ,Araejipan .em-V' v
iassy attending the. i common ' 'I '
.'uneralv the Scottish vHlagesTare -
n mourning, while many ' fiun- . V.
dreds of the people of the neih-.'"
lorhood marched in the funeraf ,' " " '
procession behind the long ; line ' 'V '
f coftins. each draped , .Witli"fc'5. . ,
small American flag. s''7'7 ; , "
The section of the graveyard
.ontaining these American graves
lias lx:en fenced off and eachlteV''
,'rave has been marked with' '
wooden cross, numbered to ctir-
espond to the official number .
ti the description taken of the ''
ody ami of the finger prints of
he dead man. It is believed that
i majority, if not all, of these
Midies will b? finally identified '
md brought home for a second,
In addition to these known
hundred and forty-five lost sot-"
liers, the bodies of two others,
'telicved to be from the Tuscania,
washed ashore on the Scottish ,
I'oast yesterday.
Forty names were yesterday
removed from the list of the
missing at the war department
while it was learned that twenty-,
one others who were bejieved to
have been on the Tuscania were
afe at the Canadian port of 1 Tali
ax. not having sailed. The list .
of lost and unreiKjrted still stands
it over three hundred, however;"
the known lost being one hull
bed and thirteen and those not
ilhually reported either lost., or.
saved numbering one hundred
and eighty-seven.
A late report from the British
admiralty says that tip to last
night one hundred and sixty
three American bodies have been
NKW YORK, February ll' ( A.)
dated I'ress)-The All Kushiiii eonven
lion, in session here todav, teliv
graphed its felicitations to President
W ilson upon his address yesterday and
asserted that "no aiiiio'inted L'ov ern-
in Hussin hnd the right to du
re peace aii.l disband the urmiei,
speuk for the Kussiaa people.
i a
s it'-
' 4 .

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