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'Allies Recbnnoiter and Test Out
German Defenses While
Teutons Assemble Forces
NEW YORK, February 14 - ( Asm iatcd Press) Not waiting
for the Cermans to start their long advertised drive on the
West front the French and the Hritish forces are showing aggres
! siveness in the shape of raids upon the enemies' positions with a
view to determine their strength and are keeping the Teutons so
busily engaged in meeting these raids that they have as yet been
enable to successfully launch an offensive.
While the engagements of Tuesday and yesterday, were hardly
of the magnitude to be called a great battle some of the raids were of
major importance and the official reports of both the French and the
3ritish tell of successes though Hcrlni official reports claim repulse
6f British attacks. Meantime the Germans continue the massing of
troops and the evident preparations for their offensives.
In the course of three raids on Tuesday between La Prete and
Jlomme Mort Woods French forces advanced to the German fourth
. line of defenses taking a number of prisoners from the ninth Bava
Han and the ninety-fourth I.andwehr divisions. German entangle
intents were destroyed in part by the barrage of the French artlller)
. 'nd in part by the infantry when the poilus reached the first posi
iion. This they penetrated and proceeded on despite the enemy's
shell curtain and this they did with negligible losses. Almost with
out casualties the French forces proceeded to destroy a number of
etiemy shelters and emplacements and they returned to their own
' lines with much valuable information as to the enemy positions.
During tins French attack the Germans attempted a raid on
Ijegneville in the same district but their attack was repulsed with
toeavy losses inflicted.
Another raid is reported from Paris in despatches which . said
' the French raided three systems of defenses along a tyelvc hundred
..meter front southwest of Butte Mesnit in the Champagne sector,
' captured a hundred prisoners and destroyed a number of shelters
and much war material.
v , In the five days of fighting, this same despatch reports, from Feb
ruary 5 to 10. the French destroyed twenty-eight German airplanes,
Heavy fighting on the road north of Lens and about Peronne if
reported in the olficial rejorts from Berlin which tell of strong recon
Itoitering expeditions having been sent out by the British and claimed
these were repulsed though British reports claim the information
sought was obtained.
? On the American front in the Lorraine sector the day was re
ported as the quietest since United States troops entered that sector.
, There was little artillery fire and a heavy rain greatly hampered any
plans for infantry raids as wfeft as bringing the slackening q! the big
jiin fire.' The whole sector' is a sea nf mud, despatches TronJ th
Amerk an front last nigh reported. There were no casualties in1 thai
fceetor in the past twenty-four hours.
. Meantime there is no halt in the plans of the Germans for the
launching of an early offensive. In their front lines, opposite to the
French front, their hard work continues where they had erected 3
formidable line of defenses in preparation for the winter.
In the rear, air scouts report, the concentration of Teuton force
progressing steadily.
Military authorities agree that the largest possible force of Ger
mans that can be gathered on the Western front and hurled against
the Allies is 2,340.000 men and claim that in man power and gun
power the Allies should be readily able to maintain their superiority.
' Election of Hays Sought By Per
',.' Jdns and Eastern Interests
"'v.. , Favorable To Him
; ;'"BT; LOUIH, February I I (Assocint
Press) IWiaive victory was won by
''V'fc progressive wing nf the Hcpuldu-iiu
'yutj over the ' Mil Ouur l" at the
meeting yeKterdnv when John T A I :t inh
. Withdrew in the face of charge which
refleeted against hi lovnltv mil Will
i"Jf- Hys, the choice of the inure pro
" " " "l greeslve lenient of the party, was elert
' ! ,chiriuau of the Nulioiinl Kcpnb
,'." lie Committee to succeed William K
-'U Willeoi who hail rvmgnc I to take up
'' 'lilt work.
charges against AIuit" were
based on a letter whirh he Hint from
i jftrrtio- IJore' than three years ago, in
jr Abgtltt; 2014, hi which he hail presented
' wr Views from the MtinlMiiit of the
', ') jflfj nfiji ii heeU tprte.l aa spe. iallf
'a' i TatirJ by George V. I'erkins an, I the
. KaaterjiL element whirh aei epts liia
leadership, whirh poes, it wan said for
' Colonel Boowvelt rIbo. As he evpeeteil
.' ' . to bav the oppusilion of .Si nalur Hem
1 'eaway, from iiin own Ktate. Ihrliaua.
r be Was loath, at first, to enter tl on
teat despite the pretij;e of Ins hav ng
been ttiafiager of the lust riiuipaign.
': , Kesighationii of the meiulieii of the
' ' Eneeutive eommittee went ti j . t . I at
i tUe'meetbiir.
' V '' Fred W. Vhaiu is report e-l to .e
'' "' slaved fpr thr trraaurership to mh- -ee.l
" ' Coroeliui M. Hlisa of New York uud
It aald to be the only rnmlnlate fur
af of the effirea that 111 is will
' . eoi-a ot tta toala aad laaaitw fleet
; J.a.XATfV BKOMO Qt'lNlMB will b tut. n
"r.hlttM tfelaa otdinar Qulaloc. Uwiiutuu.
t awrvtHMUH. aor rioalof la the brail, li
ateuibat, Jwr la ouly ute ' Urou'o Oui.ilnr
li Hn'-" rl K- Y'.: 4o . t vi. e
ROM K. February 1.1 ( Associated
I'reas) The Italian parliament opened
I today with strong statements of Italy's
I intention to stay in the wur. Opening
parliament, Premier Orlando declared
! I hat the situation is bettering, owing
to Amrica replacing Russia, as one of
! the Allies. This statement was heartily
cheered, applause for America resound
iiiH through the hall.
The premier also declared that Ital
inn continuation in the war is not
mutter of choice but of necessity.
, i
AMHTKRDAM, February 14 The
Cologne Gazette says it believes the
time has come to warn the Hwedrsh
governmeut against allowing Swedish
vessels to be employed in the American
coastal tsaffic, which the newspaper
considers will be an unneutral action.
"In view of our enemy's methods
and war measurss, " says the Gazette,
"we must earnestly appeal to the neu
tral conscience not to give onesided
assistance in this terrible struggle: not
to deviate from neutrality or stab us
in the back under the hypocritical
pretense that neutrality is not being
LONDON, February 14 (Associated
I'resal A new British airship, ol the
Zeppelin type but said to be a dis
timt Improvement on the German Zep
pelin, was shown on the film for the
firs' time this week in a private view
ut the American embassy here The
new airship, in the belief of the Brit
ish miwil men, is destined to play an
iuipoilnnt pint in naval warfare The
ejiti'res were viewed by u II iuvitsd
audience of American iiunuI uud iu ill
laty miu
fill III I fill I llll III .1 '
; . a J!" 117:1 , . t!j rlhrti tr fc i 1 1 Tier sns tmt
Deaths of American Soldiers On
Tiiscania Will Not Exceed
One Hundred and Seventy
WAtJHTNOTOX,' Vtruary t ( An
elated Press) Losea of Americans
resulting from th torpedoing and sub
sequent sinking of the Tnscanla will
not exceed 170 la the latest est! mat of
the war department although ita list
of survlTors la still incomplete.
Adricei reeeivtd by the war depart
ihent yesterday ladleite that few Am
erlran Soldier la addition to the 104
whose hodiew have been buried in !
Scotland were toat la the disaster. The 1
estimate of casualties not to exceed 170
teiths followed.
While a heavy rain was fnllinjj yes
terday aflemooa the bodies of seven
teen Victims of til Tuscania disaster
were bnrlrd ia the graveyard of a sea
port In Beotland. The townsfolk at
tended ths services in hundreds and
from the country (or miles about oth
er came Into pay a hi ark of respect
to the memory of those who had been
their Allies and Would soon have been
flutltlng the mutual cause on the West
erp Front but' who gave their lives as
solely for the cause aaf they 'had
fallen in open battle.
At that port, there Are in the hospi
tal eight Americans who are still too
ill to leave and In Glasgow there are
fifteen others.
Up to Tuesday nieM there had been
buried tne bodies of 171 who met their
death in the loss of the Tuscania. Of
these l.H are known to have been Am
erleans and amOeg them was Manuel
Ramos of Paia, Maul, Hawaii.
KONIKW, February 13 (Associated
'ress) Warning that Germany and
Vustria are playtiig a diplomatic game
y which Austria hopes to prevail on
be hoxs and sympathies of the pari
1st elements among th Allies was
(tven in the house of lords today by
ioril Curzoh, president of the council
ml loader Of the house.
Curzon told the lords that the recent
ipeeches of Chancellor von Hertling of
Qermariy and Foreign Minister Ciernib
of Austria are a collusive performance
to drive a wedge between the Allies,
le said that Austria's professions of
Voace terms are part of that perform
Mticai Time
"The most critical times that have
ever eon fronted-this country now face
is," 4 aaid, 7tt Ho ot think our o
lition dangerous, and tbe nillitkfy d
isers do not think so." He thee
-ointed out that the danger is frbm the
diplomatic maneuvering of the enemy
and its possible acceptance in Allied
Another comment was given to the
European developments by Peemier
,loyd- George in the house of com
nons snd by despatches during the day
rom Kuroe.
Lloyd (Jeorge, diwussing the Hertling
eply, said;
Demands Com Late
"What is the answer of the Oerman
nancetlor to the very moderate de
nands of the Allies! The aimwer is
hat Great Britain must give up her
oaling stations. To make such a de
nand for the first time in the fourth
ear of the war ia the last possible
roof that Germany ia not in a -mood
0 discuss reasonable terms of pence.
"I regret it profoundly, but there
s no use to cry peace when there is no
teace. ' '
Vustria Reluctant?
Meanwhile, one despatch points out
1 possibility that Austria may consider
reaking awny from the Oerman leash.
Vcrording to a telegram from a corn's
loudent of the Daily News, the facts
ia known briug uearer the possibility
if a separate pence between Austria
Uil the Allies. This correspondent le
'lares that the Austriuus are reluctant
o take their men from the Russian
rout, now that peace reigns on the
ant. and put them on the battlsf ronts
if the west uguiust the liritish aud
WASHINGTON. February 1.1 (A
ociutud l'ress) -The war department
today nsked the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Knginecra to furnish fifty-foirr'
nen for "tank" service and a thou
tnnd for general transportation service
mi rri.ncr.
Warren Stone. Krand chief of the or.
der, told the wage commission that he
would furnish the numes of men avail
abl for such srvice.
CHICAGO. Februnrv 14 -( Associated
l'resi Francis .1. Ileney, now here
representing the war trade board in the
'n vest i vat on of the meat puckers, last
evening niinounced his candidacy for
the nomination nf governor of Califor
nia at the next primarv election.
MADRID, rVbrmiry II (Associated
l'ress i The Italian ambassador today
called on tin- Snauish nreuiier to .rive
all (lie aailulle in format ion regarding
the torpedoing of the Duca di Geuevu.
wk mm of
DA V ' FEBRUARY f 1 i, ' 18."
NtW YORK, r; ruary II (Ai-
soclitsd Press) Sanmnrtne lo-ses
for Great Britain and Italy for the
week, ending February 9 ercoeded
both In Dumber of vwls destrov
d by tb Htin tT-Hosta and in their
total tonnag th loma of the
week ending February 3.
PeanatcbM from Lonlon last
night aaid tb admiralty' report
of merchant fleet losses for the"
BrevtOTU week wsa thirteen veese's
of more than 1600 tons and six
smaller Tsel bcsldo three fl li
ar craft. These losses Compare with
ten vessels of mors than 1600 tons
and nine anvUler vessels during
ths weak preceding.
Italy' tome for th week were
four TatMla of more than lfion
ton a against on smailer Teasel
for th week ending February 3.
la tb bona of conrarnt yester
day Sir Bonax Law totd th mem
ber of tb csmprJgn of replace
ment which Great Britain ia car
rying on la meeting th submarine
menace. He Md that during th
year 1017 that country built 1.
103,474 tons pf shipping and ac-f-'-d
from other sources ,110,000
ton. 1
Spain sufferol the lot of another
Austria Will Give Thanks For Peace
AMSTERDAM, February 14 (Associated Press) Germany 'a demands tha'
Rumania enter aixiedily upon negotiations for peace did not take the form ol
an Ultimatum so fur as the time set. for reply' was concerned. Copies of tin
Berlin Tagebiatt received here yesterday teil of the sending of the demand'
upon Rumania to join with the t'kraino In making peace and requested tha
an answer be despatched by hist evening There is great rejoicing throiighou
Germany, the Tageblatt reports, at the successful conclusion of arrangement!
wnli tlie I'krniuitias and tne action of tha Vetrograd 'government in onlerini
demobilization of armies along all the Russian fronts.
Austria Is arranging for thanksgiving services to be held throughout the
country, advices from Vienna declare. The people are to be called upon to
render devout thanks for the successful termination of the war with Russia
These Vienna despatches say that flags are flying over every city and town in
Austria Hungary.
American Defense Society Head
Is Authority For Statement of
Fourteen U. S. Executions
WABhlf 6c6n jlanuary 24 Major
General CaowMar, udge advocate gen
eral of the army, said tonight if any
spy had been executed in the United
Htates he bad never henrd of it. lie
ports on such cam's in' the army would
come to flriier.il Criwder's office.
John Lord O'rfyten, special attorney
of the department of juslire:
"There have been no sucH exeeutiens
ns the result of any of the trials of t h j
department of justice."
Hicretnrv Danii Is, asked if there hud
been any such penalties inflicted in the
navv, said:
"No. No. No."
NKW YORK, .Innuury 1M Fourteen
enemy spies have been shot in the
1'nited 8tates since war wa declared
on Germany, according to C. 8. Thomp
son of the American Defense Society's
xecutive committee. Thompson spike
before the American Defense Society
today. After the mooting he made a
state ent relative to spies, in which ho
We are informed that up to date
fourteen spies huve been shot by direc
tion of the military authorities of the
1'nited States since the beginning of,
the wur. At least two of the spies were
from Detroit. We believe this s the t
ksort of information the public should
In its letter to fUinntor Chamberlain
the American Defense Hocicty declared
that as lute us lu d month ships carry
ing ammunition destined for Germany
hud been cleared at New York. It
bh id :
"On December 20 last a steamer
which had been cleared by federal au
thorities for Copenhagen at New York
curried half a million rounds of Gcr
man small arms ammunition, and on
December 31 another steamer sailing
from New York carried a million
rounds of ammunition either manufac
tured or stored in this country and in
tended for Germany."
LONDON, February 14 An Kx
mouth engineer plans to train secgnlls
j as submarine spotters,
He would have periscopes establ's' ed
in the minds of the birds ns place
where food was obtainable aud j ist
leave the rest to them.
NKW YOHK, February 14 Word
has been received here that Ijeuten
ant Brack 1'ubn, flying at the aviation
camp at- Mirafioria, Duly, established
an altitude record by reaching a heigh!
of 2.'I,04H feet lu one hour nnd three
minutes, carrying one passenger. Lieu
tenant Brack I'ubu used n Hia machin
of the biplune type lltted with' a Kin I
'110 horce power, : ix cvl n ler motor
The flight took place tin latter par.
of December.
LONDON, February 14- ( Assoc bit el
Press)- -To suve cus and lii'ht (on tun.-
iu Government oflices will be alio inhe
in theeur future, ami employes wi I
btop work half uu hour early.
merchantman aa was told la ds-
spauhe from Madrid. ThU wa
th Ccfartao, attacked by a anb
marlM and torpedoed near th
Ojnary Xalanda. Th crew waa
wved, th report said, th nV
-rt"s fkint in tow th ship's
Ufa boat and towing them into
putt. , :.. .
Be port of successfully meeting
ana repelling subuaiine attack
of tb Hans on two immediately
race coding voyage war brought
to a a Atlantic Port ytrday by
an America ttcamcT. On Janu
arr H this rssMl, whil in th
Mcdltarraifan, waa attacked by a
whmaDn. , A. nmnlng light an
aM and th aurkataaaahlp of th
Amroloaa (runner finally prevailed
7. bw nemy craft
. ' a in return voyas th same
vessel waa attacked, thla time by
t Germen anbmarinca Again a
flgnt ensued and th resistance
ai aH tntce ftti that they war
both drlrsn off.
Tb erew of thla veesel report
ed thnt on Jannxry 7, near th
C nary Wnnds Brltlah patrol vee
tl rapt tired two German anb
Former Honolulan Testifies
Some of His, Activities For
Maverick At Hilo
SAN FRANCISCO, February 14
(Associated l'ress) Testimony relating
to the steamer Maverick and its con
nection with the alleged conspiracy to
foment a revolt in India km) to equip
i the rebels was given in the trial in the
federal eonrt try It. A. Hcnroerter, ror
merly of Itnckfeld A Companyt Hono
lulu, who has pleaded guilty to con
spiracy charges and is now a witness
for the prosecution.
Bchroeder's testimony yesterday re
lnted chiefly to his being sent to Hilo
by Georg Rodiek, the theu German
consul at Honolulu, of his chnrtering
of a sampan which, he alleged, carried
code mes! nges from Han Francisco and
brought supplies.
Council for Kranr. Hopp had previous
ly protested to the court that military
authorities had seized and the prosecu
tion would introduce certain papers
which it had been the purpose of the
defense to muke use of during the pres
entation of its case.
AMSTKKDAM, January 31 'Aasoci
atcd l'ress i- Marriage and divoroe In
Turkey huve become snbject to much
stricter laws than heretofore, according
to information received here. A recent
enuctnient makes the civil ceremony
compulsory for Mohammedans, Chris
tlans am Jews alike. 1'riesta of nil
confessions ure no longer authorized
to solemnize a marriage which has not
been previously registered before a
Turkish magistrate.
Polygnmy is recognized by the new
law; hut should a .Moslem wish to take
nntn himself a second wife, he may no
longer divorce the first one upon the
second bride's demand, as has been
th" practise. I'nder the old Turkish
svstem, divorces were not difficult to
obtain, and wives had few righis. The
new law however, places the wife's
status on n much higher level. It pro
vides that a reconciliation shall first
be sought between the two parties for
which purpose a special tribunal with
.1 court of appeal has been instituted.
Westerners regard as one serious flaw
n the new law the fact that it fixes
1 'I marrying age at 0 for the
"' end 1" for the boy. True, the
nse-'t of (lie narenis or guardians of
in 1 1 1 imonial cnudidiitea must be oh-
i f T a
I ,.,
" i until thev are 17 and 18 years
f .vre respectively; but it is recalled
'lie former Abdul Hamid, recog
' Hi" evils of child marriage, or
that 12 years should be the
marrying ai'e for a gir. In
e. the iiewr law is reactionary.
tliii ;il
Children ore much more likelv to enn
"r" t contut'ioua diseases when they
I' ne col Ih. Whooping cough, diphthe
m i. s arlet fever aud consumption are
'iinens,. ihnt are often contracted when
th" . l,d l h"s n cold. That is why all
! " ' ' 'I nut loirities sn v beware of nobis.
I ' r 'lie qui, k cure of colds you will find
e 'I. M.r lictter than Chaiiiberluin '
,Co" li Itenu'dv. It can alwavs be de-
'b'd 'iion ami is plensunt and safe to
I " Kor mile ,y Hl dealers. Benson,
.M-iHi 4 lu., Ltd., agfiits for Hawaii
i f
Many Reasons For Securing Rec
ords Market . Prices
Through Stock Exchange
There ia agltatidn from 'time to time,
here aa in other communities, on the
advisability bf having all stocks listed
on the stock exchange so that a market
value for aueh stocjjta can be deter
mined at aueh times and whenever it
may be required. ('
Answering the nneation. whv should
securities VT" liste" on the Honolulu
Stock and Bond Exchange, the Hnwa
iian Trust Company has compiled a
number ef reasons, which show the ad
vantages which accrue to th commun
ity, the Territory, the courts, the fcJ
eral government and to all present
nwners of stocks, their possible heirs,
issigns and beneficiaries.
Only One Medium
Regardless of possible inaccuracies
hi h may occur from time to time th'
Honolulu Stock and Bond Exchange is
the only medium whereby market vil
-s i8u be eiVntdlslieo nAd de.ermlnec
almost daily. Thus listing Is an ad
vantage to the prospective buyer wh'i
is able by a study of the records of
the exchange to learn of the flucturi
tlons In price of any particular socur
ty during a given period and are of th
nme valn'e to the prospentlve sellcV
"o the borrower end to thk lender ol
Uch seedrities (tnere sttacTies a lm
lar interest In thev range of prlc.ei
jrhich cannOf otherwise be determined
Aaaessfnent Purpose
In the payment of tares the mnrke'
value of a security held by the tax
payer is more than ever important nn
er requiremerte ia the new Income
Tnx Law.
On personal property taxation the
nnrUet vn'"e is the- basis for asie
ment for the Territory. Similarly the
narltet value of personal property it
he bnsis of assessment for federn'
'axes. So in figuring profits and louse
'he federal government, bases its meth
tds largely on market values at the
'ime of purchase and sale. If the prop
rty was secured prior fp March 1
the market value ot that date if
taken to ascertain, foV Income tax pur
poses, whether a profltjpr Iqss has beer
realized on the investment. All ap
praisals are supposed to be based upor
he market value, the distribution of
the property' of estates is based on
market values and in the payment o'
inheritance taxes the bnsis is je mar
s:et value at certain periods.
Needed By Court
Distribution of stock dividends by
'rust fcompanle between life tenantt
ind remaindermen is dependent abso
'utuly on markrt value for the reason
that the sunreme court orders each dis
'rihation of shocks in shares np to pa
value to ' the ' remtondarmen and
he difference , between, tha par value
tnd the market value to the life ten
The courts and both the'fndersl anf
he territorial governments accept stock
exchange onntations es the values of
listed securities.
Through inheritance the number of
people interested in having an estnb
lished mnrket valo'e for securities lv
far greater than the number of stock
holders interested Jn any corporation
Not inf reduently it becomes neces
snry to establish the value of securitie
for years back and anch figures are ob
tainable only through the stock ex
change. Which has now been in exist
enee and has records for about twenty
Kiyoshi Mnedako of Honolulu ap
ica led from the draft classification tha
nd beeu given him by the local board
but the district board disallowed hi
appeal, on the ground that he is in
auxiliary soldier of the Japanese army
This Is thought to bo the only casi
where a Japanese has appealed on tin
ground that he ' a reservist in tin
Japanese army. The matter was sef
tlefl when the Japanese consul was in
erviewed. He was therefore placed h
Class 2B where he was originally placet)
by Local Board No. 1.
President S. B. bole ha appointeJl
the following standing committees ol
the Hawaiian Historical Society for the
year 1918: ,
Library committee J. B. Emerson
Miss M. A. Burbauk, O. R. Carter, J
K. Brown, George , C. Fotter.
Printing eommittee Bruce Cart
wrigbt Jr., C. M. Cooke Jr., .Edward
-styles, E. Towae, Car) B. Andrews.
Membership committee O. V. Wi!
'er, O. K. Waterhouse, Miss Mary Low.
'Irs. George Smithies, Charles K
Genealogical committee K. lien
iques, Mrs. K. W. Klchahn, Mrs. W
. Westervelt, 8. M. Kanakunui, It
'. l.ydecker.
Colonel JoHcph CaHtner, Iiifuntry, re
I'cutly jironioted to that rank, was the
irinv man who countructed the military
town of Catner at Bcliofiold Barracks,
ami after whom lie in i lit dry canton
ment area was named. Jt liappened
t hut jie had his ofllce at the location
now occupied by the cavalry, Firnt In
fantry ami obi Thirty second Infantry
regiments, and as the railroad stopped
there it became generally known an
"Castner" because Captain CaHtner
was to be found there or hi tlie vicinity.
Later the uuuie stuck.
tsf,' fc f'-e
Amendmeql of Vote of ConiRdence
Which Would Have Nullified Its
Value. 1$ Overwhelmingly R2
jectcd When Vote Comes
Opposition Vainly Seeks To
Learn What Was Accomalish
ed In Conference Whbh Wr:s
Recently Held At Versailles
LONDON. Fchrtnry 14 (As
sociated I'rt'ss) --My a sjiloti
lid majtirity an anicndtiiciit
which would have nullified li e
value of the proposed vole of
.-onfidence in the government
vas rejected hy the house of
ommons l:i-t evening. '1'lie
intendment was proposed 1 y
Richard Holl, radical and ex
pressed regret that "in acenrd
ance with the decisions nf the
Supreme War Council at its ses
sion at Versailles prosecution of
the war and added military ef
forts were to he the only imme
diate task of the government".
In the course of the debate on
this amendment Lord Illicit Ce
cil asserted that its adoption
would result in the resignation of
the government. When the vote
was taken the proposed amend
ment was rejected 150 to twenty.
Yesterday was one of excite
ment in the house of commons.
All day long the government war.
under fire hy the radicals and re
peated efforts were made to hrinji
lipclosures of the work of the Su
preme War Council. Angry com
ments in criticism i' the council
were voiced by the minority and
the premier was subjected to an
ilmost constant heckling after he
had given his reasons for declin
ng to make disclo-tres on the
esults of the war council's deli
icrations. To smjh aitacks the
Liberals shouted to Lloyd (ieorge
o divulge nothing,
tnmorc Denied
The ' campaign in the Crmibrni sec
'or enme in for criticism also. 'There
ere rumors ilurinir the ilny Hint (len
rul Sir Douglas ll.'iijr, the cnnniruider,
ml (lenersil Kofjerlsmi had been dimi .s
d or would resign. Tlies.' ruuiiirt wen
lenied by Sir Iton ir I.nw. He s:iid in
et there h:id been nn motion of want
if confidence prepared and t!i: t there
a I been shown uo narrutit for any
ttacks upon the fxilieies which they
'ind curried out in the enmpn.'n on the
Vetern front.
Vrttc:' I- Bart
Itoear I.nw :in:'ou"nel rilin to the
ommonx Hint iiction will lie t.iken
indi-r the defrii"!' of the reiilin net
Ii i i -it Col. lti'iiinjrton, niiliturv cril
M. fvr article Minted by him iiti
lenring in the London Moriiinir Pout,
"his nrticle. it nnii"unced, vnn su!i
nitted to the cemor but permiM-iiiiu to
iili'i'-h it ni'ef ,!ed. At'terwnrd the
rticl" in M di'Teront form. ivas luiblish
d vithout hn'-oij! been :inin su'iinit ted
1 " the e nsor.
inted l'reaM) On behalf of n quarter
if a million union Hhopmen, wiie in
reu'M for railroad nieu were uMkeil to
'ay of the government directorKhlp.
Die increnKe. if (rrnnte.l, would r:iiii
ho ent limited eont of running the rumla
y S',0(i0,n00 annually.
Desires To Surround Men With
Best Influences
i Asonrlnted Ft Ml) Oeueral
PershlTft bos aent recommenrla
tlons V-t th mrnber of chap
lelns sball be increased no that
there may be not less than three
to ench reRiinent. lie Is now
nrovtded with one for each regi
ment. In making hla rocomrncndatlon
Oenoral PeralUng says It Is his
desire to have tho men under his
romni.r.d surrounded by be best
poa.ible influenies nnd In no
way can thlr be better secured
than through a larger number of
chaplains for his army.

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