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. '.' A-1
- ' i.
,. V A I
: -
t w '. 1 l-s s '
:rYj; lf Refused Pilot
V rermission 10
. 1 1
;4 5rbV lttitofiii- t
, I t'GvtrCRi Otfflfclatst' ; v . I
i ' ..i-. ftr-
i.HWUVhoi VrUa.l.
onli)iyn!vi tha atridtjKrov";call- j
ndf 1 I othwarntiloo' .ftf y Lirtstols-'e
h.rjhitay th Honolulu Tjihot Coun-
MW-:'Hie V'.'i!'s1iW: r rVr.'.'-iftVi
rUarvmretfoisw'o fceidt hx. vfrjr
UfJf M Vifwd ;!,;. ihoa
I BVpJHi'or((iL1M ilh mWtiajfll urejie
afiUwU bjIWiiirinlc Qpmperr .of. :t1pi
Ai- fttvt.fftiipmtid pr Labor,, the
prtjWhii,'iMimtt Moti jrn,jw
nBJ'h't"1fl'fA g wit rtrortt'Hi bo-
, jncV. - KiNirliKin, iMrrtry of the
HiitlpW, i'nloo, it .ttu (pnaian of the
m?fth?. Vnlml for 'tli f lhoM
li iHHort: of (he tovcrnmolil. Nrly
nil tkf lh fMwrml hundred prrsou prpx
rnt . rrnHnnitnrt v ilh iv4dtat nutriotic
wr'B .wwtivp votP:
r'Cfi'lfy ,tllwirlon in the opening
tM f iJ.apor inrlarnl war on OermHny
lofira' tli' .Amcriran Kovraraeat diil.
Thi.. ha Xn)aind, m oh March 12,
, t!l7i,.-hoa fflrttila of thfi JaW ar-
gitiuaatMa paaaca raaoiuttona. promiaing
mipport To tan- government in the war
thairaa known to he mminont
L. i-Attare.. nominator .last week bv
iVaaidcnt WHtoii-it- rlwolt jud(ra for
Manl, 'defined r )tha. different funrtione
of labor and capital In the national
eriaj. 7 Re aaid thai while labor aup
rlied the material and machinery for
tha pibductloa of infrlliei capital waa
neeeaaiR'jr to oir tne maeatnery.
-Although capital, he aaid, in the pa at
had been inclined' to eiploit labor thia
waa gradually' , being eliminated, aa
rapital now;rVelWed labor' differently
thai, befOr.', IndiatTiea could, not make
prdltrena-unlet both labor" and capital
worked unitedly together, he aaid.
Ael(f front Premdent Wllaon,' Durr
naid h' believed . Oompera represented
wort American today . than any other
.man,'' and" 'h urged" that every' one fol
low the.. ex am pi act by the; pretident
f the AineHcao Feneration' of tbor
in' auptortlYi the ' f;ovprnmnt during
tne war.
Jndxr Kami' flpaaki
Judge Kemji, in a few minutes' talk
which waa aamewhat marred by a die-
turbanca ctaated in the crowd by the
firingW aooie nhutl at negro aoldier,
diaeitaaed the.li'e c.l.incolti. which he
adviaed thoae preaent to emulate. Like
the! great martyr president he said
at ' aure .yoti ' are Tight, tbon go
anv i ih .-i tv
-Ujiited,. State Attorney Huber in
abould follow' the Golden Rule'Do
nnto othcra 'aa you would' have others
ilo unto you."
A German victory jnovjld have result
ed in Oetmn'interesra coming' in con-
flict -With our Moaroe. Doctrine he mid,
nftcr he had explained the accepted
rt'.oaon for Germany ' starting of the
huropean war. "Her pis. us would have
eventually 'thrown ua into conflict with
(lejhany,, wnoro we bolongod from the
lnajng," he dociared
Ptirsoaa. af War
"After quoting from Lincoln's Get
tysbura lueeeh, he aaid he believed
that the present conflict waa one to
ileternfinp it ihn hnllnt nf th iaatiIa
shall t triumph againkt the aword'of
milltarisni. '' Democracy wHl triumph,"
he aaid. "The War will go on until
our American boya 'over there' go over
the top aud kaoek the hell out of
It waa after tha United States at
tnrncy.'a apeeeh. that the seamenr'a sec
rrtnry thanked the apeakera and all
the others preaept, aad asked for the
vote of confidence in the government,
b''h was given with unanimous good
- : i .
Statement Made At Nolte':
abreai To Interest
. ' Vlgijance; Corps
K; Dcsky and statements al
leged' to bava'been made by him dero
yHtory to the Allies, together with unit
ters'eoUcvfniilg loyalty 16 the b'aited
Htafea' diirtig' th present war' figured
Imminently at, th meeting of the Vigi
Inuee; Corp, of 'the A"rtcan Defeuse
Mr.'. Desky ia 'a' native" of Posen,
Germany. Previous to the entry- of the
United States' Into the groat conflict
lie engaged ' in spirited discussions at
Nolte 'a around tl) famous "board ot
strategy" table, where he was accus
turned to lunch anil where a consider
able uumber of British and Americaut
were generally present. Home of 1 i
statements during these discussions are
said to have eome under tire of the
Vigilance Corps.
A letter written- by A. V. Judd, a
member of the corps, to Desky cdii
corning the matters discussed, aad aI
Desky 's reply were read yesterday but
no action was taken. According to H
Gooding Kield, secretary of the corps
the members voted to hsve further in
onirics' made into the explanations ad
mured by Jiesky
K C,- ijrhton chiropractor, who wt
Miinjftnert Into police court on a charge
.. "rs-tt.iiiir mcdi'(n without a li-
' io.' iiter he had been f reJ - of a
lr S'lm.r. e brought against him re
, , ...!,- ,,n i cranit .iiiry indict meat, de
',.,1 r inrv hearing of tha Case yes
'"i iiv wliii t'.lcs the cane hack into
I Ik' ri I II it emu t.
Captain Clarktr; Says That-' No
Reoresentatita' Went Mada
That C!roamor Ufa. I iv,nn
Harbor Commission May in
A rend just menf between' Territorial
nd naval authorities over the night
time closing regulations of Honolulu
harbor, which prohibit n pilot from
boarding an n'ptonrhinj; steamer that
cannot reach nn anelioriir'e before sun
down, ia liable to develop as the result
of the beaching of the British steamer
Coolsnrdie last ."-sturdily nitrin, iut as
darkness nas enming.
It develoiied vesterdar tlwit n hen the
dritihb vi'uscl nas siunted fur to the
koutbnrst about five u 'clock it waa
realir.ed that the stenmor "'obtihlv
eouM not mukc port before darkneaa,
and a pilot tneu oitaui i.uiii... i
from the nnvnl .nuthorities to board
the stenmor, ns it nun fenred she
might Ret into din ress.
I hia itnrmn.iitn i.rifiiBiUl Ku I nrt. '
tiiri Clarke, naval commandant at
" .iUCTVl .w '..1.
Pearl Harbor, who says that no urgent
reasons were prencntc,! in the request.
. nepona or ine ii'rruoriai wa enroni
employes regurdinfr this agree with the
jtewroents vt the naval commandant,
as, to the request lieing made, but the
assertion is made tht:t it waa the pos
sible danger to the steamer whteh
cirused the request for permiasion to
board the rfteamor.
Now it aeems likely that the whole
question is to be taken up by the Ter
ritorial harbor commissioners, und.w
whose - supervision the pilots are em-
tiloyeil, with the view of later taking
the question up with the naval aothori-
ties to aaocrtnin just how far the pronl-
birtea against honnlint; ves.-ela in the
ewenihg must be followed.
Wnea Captain ( lurke was poked yes
terday evening if he had refused er-
mission for a pilot to board the Cool-gardie-
last Haturday evening, he frank
ly admitted that pueh was' the case. Hut
he. reiterated and emphasised the state
ment that the possibility of the ship
being in danger was not represented to
"There ere no recommendations
that she was in danger. Neither were
there any report of signals of distress
being flown from the ship or represen
tations that any liveB or property were
endangered," he said.
' If such had beVn the ense, he leaves
it to inference, immediate aid would
have been despatched to the vessel, for
ho adds:
".Th navy never refuses to take any
reasonable steps to save lives and prop
While Captain Clarke makes mo fef-
-erenoe to it, toe navni tug iavajo was
seat' to the' aid' of the Coolgardie as
soon as the Pearl Harbor navnl station
was notified that the vessel was on tin
reef. (
Captain Clarke expluins Ihnt every
attempt is being made to interpret t In
goVetnmfnt regulations regarding the
closing of hnrbbrs nt nijzht so ns to in
terfere with commrrep as little ns pos
"But," he says, "if any such reu
latfons are too loosely enforced they
will become valueless to the govern
meat." ffl
Captain Clarke also succinctly iuTiih
"Ship masters ore supposed to look
after their own vessels until they nn
boarded by a pilot."
Rumor Not Comirmedf Either Of
ficially Or By Relatives of
Men Aboard Cruiser
A report, which cannot be confirmed
ithor officially or otherwise, is in cir
dilution in Honolulu thut the nti ;i '
cruiser Ht. l.ouis put into an Hasten
i'layal yard about two weeks ago with
o torpedo hole in her bull. The infor
inatibn is reported, to have reached Ho
mliilii ia a letter to un employe of tin
''rarl Narhsr navv vnrd from imin
ler of the Ht. l.ouis crew.
The St. l.ouis was atutUincd nt Ho
lolu lu and I'euil Harbor until the l.e
inning of the war with Gcimany, am
die has the Hawaii naval militiuniei
i board.
Inquiries made of relatives of th
Munnit navil militiamen and officers a
to the reported submarining of the St
Louis reveal that nope of those qucs
tioned had received auy such news ii
recent letters, althougli a number o
'etters have been received from thi
cruiser in the last two weeks.
The cruiser was in Halifux the 'In
heforp the big explosion which resulted
in the loss of so many lives.
Captain Clnrke does not credit tin
report that the Ht. l.ouis was tor
edoed. He says is such was true hi
believes nn announcement would huv
been made by the secretary of th'
Hven if the Ht. Louis was torpedoei
't is almost certain that there was m
loss of life, or the news would liav.
Seen received in Hoiiolulu long liet'on
Alien property valued at about $Xi,
ion is heiui( withha'd fr mi K. 11. Treu'
ustodian for a'ien enemy ropertv fo
the Territory ot Hawaii, according '(
i stutment made yeaier lay I v Mr
Trent. This is the only instance of
any attempt to withhold such property.
VI r. Trent is making a complete re
port of the matter to the Washing
ton authorities, asking for uetion. The
oeualty for failing to turn over such
property carries with it u doe of $111,
(100 or tea yours' impi ihoiiment.
I . ' '"' -'. . --' v jv c -j i m u '..., i s-- . .-w . .'Bill
All these are pictures of Mnni gov
ernment schools, taken specially for
The Advertiser school page. At thn
top, left, is shown the stnlT of the bur,
Puunene School, which has over 4(11)
pupils. In this picture, from left to
right, are: Top row H. A. Brown,
principal;' George H. Knymond. super
visipg principal of the Maui schools,
who was visiting when the picture wns
taken, and Frank Martins. The others
are Mies I.. Cook, iliss I.. Appleby,
Miss Velma Corlev, Mm. T. H. Hrowu,
Miss L. Wilcox, Miss I. Dana, Mrs. J.
M. Medeiros, Mrs. Uir:ih Muck, Mis
Lily Apo and Miss Ah Yin.
At the right, in the onl. me Miss
Lily Apo, teacher, and her class of the
Ptiunene School. TheM- pupils devote,
an hour every school day to UVH Cross
work. Miss Apo is a graduate nf the
Honolulu Norma! School. Class of li17.
The second picture, left, shows i
group of children attending the I'nu
wela School, which is sitnnted in tin;
great small farm district of Maui. In
the. picture to the right of this are
seen the members of the faculty i f the
l'auwela School. They are. from left ,
to right Miss It Coeliio. Miss H. Nc
man, Herbert A. Wade, Mrs. A. 'inle
Misa Haiel Pestor mid Mrs. ., ',.
Blanchard. ,
At the bottom, left, are a n 1 1 in I - r of
the pupils of the Wniliiku School. To
the right ia seen George S. Unvmciinl,
supervising principal, who is stnn lii, ; ,
alongside of his automobile .in. I is
pointing out to The Advertiser repre
sentative the beauties of 1 1 .- I mi 1: :i I - .
Maui's great mountain, which r-'ii i s iU
snow clud top over ten thousand ft"'
in the air and which possesses ilo'
greatest extini-t volrauic crater in the
School Notes
Thirty-seven applications have !
receiven since last week by the In
of cduc'itioii from maialanilei s.
i ho
would come to Hawaii lo t
ill III II;.'
public, schools.
Friday of next week. Wasbinu'ton i
lav, is a territorial holujt ami tnere
will be no school held throughout tlie
Territory. although school chi!lreii
nili participate in the celebration ol
the day.
The government schools jdo-e j
on March 2!l for the Hnster va titiuii :
Henry V. Kinney, superintendent of I
public instinct ion, ictuineil last Satir
day from a week's official tour of the
Kauai government schools. He fouii,! ;
ci ytliing goin. on nicely evervwhere
It is expected thut the contract I'm
he new Wnipahu concrete t.u eriiinen'
,'lmol wi'l be invarded shortly. Build
ng and furnishings will cost the mu
ii'ipulity about $$(1,000.
,;iss S. C. Matthews, history teachci
t McKiuley High, who was operated
'he "neeii's Hosiifal last week, is
still at the hospital but is doing nicel4
Hid expects to be out and about er
.hortlv. .
Miss HTia Crowell. teacher at the
Vailukti public school. Mnnii. was op
rated at the Muliilani Hospital. Wai
uk 11. some time ago and is icportcil
is doing very nicely.
Hail A. Corson, phyi-icnl director of
he gymnasium of the A iexanlei
Imise Settlement. Wnilnkn, Maui, is
nn oa his way to his old home in llli
mis. where, ufter a visit with roliitiws
,e hopes to enlist in the aviation corps
for service in France. Mr. Corson is
a No. 5 man in the selective draft.
A M ST Kit DA M , February I ' s
Mie I ut til I'ress) Imperial Chancd'or
Count villi llertling, and his foreign
miuistcr, on Kuehlinaiiu, will repm'
in person today to the Kaiser on the
success of then peace negotiations at
Brest l.itovuft.
The Kaiser's personal In nliiiui t et
are now reported to be nt a hi Ir. i.
sort in Belgium.
I II ii i ' it-
Fifty Percent of Registrants Are
Placed In Class 1, It
Is Stated
A little more Hum one half of the
iiiestinnunircN ivtiuiied to Local H
emption Hoard No. 1, at llilo, Huwnii
have been classific'l, nccordiite; to n1
ports received here by Captiu.i i-'n'ii
Selective Pratt Officer, rind of tlie'e
fifty percent of the registrants lave
liccir placed i n Class I .
It is 1 mi ii'l rlu;t there aie a I: ie
ii 1 1 in i -r of I'las I men thrmii-iioiit he
nt or V . I
,1 Itoai.l
I lo' tie-lire-
f '
oi rvona.
up the rpiest ion
This has 11111111'
"lo the!' Ol l;of till' , bilge fig s f
I'lav I liiiir cot I . ".i lareeh ma.1' !
largeh ma
the i a t i im of e ei.i
I a 1 1 ir a hi r 1 a in mi I In
ions l'v i
.1 npa ni'se.
latter can be call. "I
i - imi. h a an me 1 1
upon for ye i v i
a n who i in ( 1
The meili'-al ex a mi nat ions which :r
s i to In- i iiai'mi i a ' ed among l'la I
men aiay throw a laii:c nuuiberi'.f tiiee
l e i st ra a t on' as j'hvslcal'v unfit t'-o
set i. e. Thei,. vitl be men undei '
an. I height, al " under weight. '',, .,
vill be ntliets with imor evesiglit an-l
with other he.-nl defects. The-,, arc lim-e
whose eet ml! bar lliein limn unli'.aiv
SIT ice
Just what ei coi.t ago may h:ie t"
, . 1 iiei aa I ed t - . -.ii-. ,.(' Iiu '. of I- i
; le.lc of the I ngli-'i language is led
I k now n. A If pi .....ft ioa of 1 1m .1 a 1 1
limesc and l'iin.'i:os who aptiear.-'l be
fore registrars to fill nut thtfir idai l.
Iweic uiinble to rci' ihe Huglish ii.n
uage at all tlow These men cmii't
be cnrolle.l t r serice in a mixed
-omptiliv of inea nii.t undo stulul onleis
nod I'Xpbn.atim - is a problem vet t"
be solved.
- . . .
A wed. ling that will be a suriri-e
to all their liien.ls took place Ia 'III.
on Tliinilav of last week when Ar'l iu
II. Mvhre if Honolulu and M-.s.-i Hthc
I v ii Macl'ha'l. oi Th. oma, VS'ushiugt.in.
were mariie.l at half past eleven o'clock
in tin' in ..r a i c. . at the home of the
ollicialiag i I. i ma a, lte . lieolm
l.auiili'mi. pa-'o.- of rhe I'iii-t Hureia
I 'hiircli. sa s t he Tribti ne.
Mr. Mylne i.. a ki:m' uf let tui n j; joe el ,
er of Hun. Ih'ii Mrs. My lire was m.,
of Tacoina 's um-'t jiopular society ;r!s
j when she left t'.at city two week a'-m
j for a isit to Honolulu. Wedhesi'uv
j a fteriioiiii it jii-t so happened, at least
j that is what then- friends ia lloimliilu
1 thon-l.t. th .t i .-s Macl'hnil un. I v i .
1 Myhie de. i led to make a visit t Mil.,
and the Volrai.. and left bv the sa i.e
i boat.
i llowcwr, i I had all been pin n lie. I
. bv the young .,o.le t h e lu sel e. i n.l
, as so. .ti as thct :iiiie-l ycsterdllv moi a
ing M r. ,M v hre e.il'e I mi ,is ,,bl f . .. n I
here. Walt'-r ' Kiilb. I'nited SlaL
inspector ol i-iistims. nn.l reminded ) rn
of a little event that had taken i 1 i .
about ten tea;- a :
best in a ti for t he
1 ' tumbled ' ' at mi
K olh Wele w 1 1 1 1 -t
hat w a- pel f rim
lit the I of V
w hen he a. ted
ector. Mr
a ed he a n I " I
t.. the ceiein
i .'lent Inn, 1 '
11 at ail a- lac t . I a . , sr l I I
ii in.;:. : l nn i
ltt- : til
I .. ' m t I. . 1 '. . . .li t
ii .
Market Practically Bare of Sea
Food At Time It Is Most Need
ed Bad Weather Blamed
B the most generally observed meat -ss
day that Honolulu has secured
nice the federal food regulations be'
ami- effective a fish famine struck the,
tv yesterday which reduced the sup
ply of fish, lower than it has been nt
any time this winter.
Due to a eutch of fish that establish
i s a minimum for a full year the stalls
at the market were supplied with only
a -mall iiinntity of small fich. There
'' a tew bitsl ets of llkule, inatiini.
and oiit'lti to be plnce.l tin sale, but
'he-..' were in such sinnd amounts that,
I1'. v were disposed of long before the
a 1 1 ei i.oo-i fish buyer urrived at the,
mail et. No big fish of any desci-ipt
hit.' to be had. Those who called t"i
i'!iia. I. " w n kn wit or nku received oal'.
h'l! t the lo nil titon the stall iiiiiik
'I ' . ail .e of the -mall catch w a .
'.i.i"ii-' e. ai ned. but was ino-it g. 'i '
is.lly a'triliuted to bad weal he ,.
a lei thing couibiued to oievin'
ihe bi.iieing Iii of liny cniisi.b'i -,l b-
I"v I ii t he ti l st pi; the ci id . a u,
...1,1.1 be expected to illixc ail kind.
I' lisli to great depths In sean-h of
aim water. The wind lllsti ialei fere. I
ilh the fishing methods o fie .latian
-e a. id prevented their return even
'th their small catches. Sevcial li-l
g I oats vyent out last night which
' d not return, and many more that
were due to return tolnv from tint
bep water t'lniiiiils did net come ia. I
Will Post fclcea
I'iih Inspector Robert Parker is pre
i iru.g 1" follow out the regulations of
l.e food ''Oinmissioiier in the mutter ol ,
laving sef prices for (i.sh which i ; i
. be obtained throughout the market I
lli.s l.e plans to do by ineans of nige
I i..ck boards w hit h will lie set up i n (
I i aits of the market for the jasper j
t , .a of tlsh lnivers.
I 'lines,, ftall men made a strong pro j
test n.r.inst the uetion of the food i
I . I!er mi the grounds that thev would (
b. the only ones to suffer. The niain
of high prices, they argued, is
'id untouched, because of Ihe fact
thai the U h are still to lie sold by the!
.1 1 1" nese at inn 'nil. thus making sire,
t h 1 pmtit of their side no matte at i
' a' .iice the stall men might Inn e
I" dispose of the fish. They maintn n
'ha' they receive only ttneir just per
. ' .la f the irnftt. whiie the Japan 1
"-.' iiih' ioelate the Tsh supple in su. h
ca that the bid ling price must ;
I.. ' high figure.
'''(' s thev claim, the food comicis
- i h is hit at all sides of the dr i
. l' without coming to its hetirt. .1 i
',' 'e dealers expressed their sal's
with the proposed plan of the
t . . c in mission.
.'' ii. I of every cold us uuirklv as
e ..e-ible It is the forerunner of nil
i- j -ii I noma i' v trouble, and pneumonia niav
'I. ,i, ,, iep in it few hours. Tithe Chninber
In i.'.- ('.nigh Itcini Iv. It is a simple
i tl ing t" do, but the effect is inurv ehuis.
, i ' . ;.le t.v nil dealers, Hi"1""'!, Smith
.'. i o . I.t.f . i.gei.t.- f.u .' " j .vt.
... M I I I
Reorganization Has
Been Given "0. K." By
I . to last evening J. F. C. Hagens,
heiol of Hackfeld it, Co., had received
no reply from Judge W. F. Frear, now
at Washington, answering a cahle mos-
sent on Monday asking whether
or not the federal government approv-1
I of the recent reorganization results'
in connection with Hackfeld ft Co
V. K. Dillingham secretary of the firm,
had not received uny word from Mr.
Hi i" r tim ing the day.
Ileie have been reports that the
V.'a hingtoii government might not ap
,. .ive of the reorganization scheme, and
'hi' the government might yet take a,
l';i.i.t nad investigate the reorganitta
i e. nailer which n number of employes
i .e l ischarged and a number of Amer.
i ,; s were placed on the directorate,
1 i ' " nig (iermnns formerly on the
bo 1,1
I' 1-
i- said that Ihe five American di .
is actually control but l.'t.Olltl,
" oat of i.i(io shares. Also, that
lave present control over about
'i additional shares during the per
f the war. It is said that under
: riangement the latter 1'l.lHIO
s would return to the original
is after the war. In other words,
tl I-
temporary arrangement is the one
hi I.
m.'tv not find approval with the
- t i ngton authorities.
Ihe remainder of the 40,000 shares
is now vested in A. Mitchell Palmer,
i ' oiial custodian of eiiemv property.
It is only when the tpicstion of how
ii 1 1 - 1 actual control the Americans
" "il l have in the organization arises.
Mini there is anv disposition to make
. my ns to whether the reorganize
tioc is merely temporary.
Win. I has reached Honolulu by cable
th'.l a ruling in favor of Mrs. Cart)
I -I U.ibiuson has been rendered by
th - I nited states court of appeals for
tin ii i ti t ti circuit of California ia her
i ise against L. A. Thurston and .1. D.
I'aiis. executors under the will of the
late Khn Roy. The case is one that
," a. iel much interest when it was
i . 1 1 ht through the courts here. It
i n int. on on promissory notes
v.lio h with interest amount to about
ihe decision of the I'lilllt of ap
both the . in nil court and su-
nut of the Tcriitory are re
I The' hearing was originally held
ie Circuit Judge C. V. Ashford,
hell in favor of the defendants.
ppeal to the supreme court of the
it. .iv Judge Ashford 's decisiou
- 1 1 -1 it 1 1 1 1. I with Conner Chief Jus
. i. M K'ol.eitsoii dissenting. Tha
then tiiken up lu the couit of
Wi'l Tell Pioneer, St3ckho!d:rt
TomorrOrV Trial Managei
Is Friend of Germany
ng hi possesnion of rcrtnin
la. Is st t.vtiHg the 1'HO (JKRMAN
srmpnthh's of I.. Weinrhcmcr.
fuuncily an o'tii er in the Ira
peiipl lie man imy under von
1 1 1 ndciibni g and now employed
i s 'a ingcr of the f'loiieer Mill
'o. I. til., I desire to present these
fai ls and .'ciniind his discharge nt
the ;i n n nn I meeting of the Com'
pnny to be held at the office of
the umpn-iy st If. Hackfeld Ic
o . Ltd.. on Thursday, Febru
iii v I I. l;i!s st P n'c lork a. m.'
Therefore. I nsk all PATRIOT
sTOCr'IIOI IIKRS of this Com
pany either to he present at satd
nice: ing or tn mail to me their
proxies on or Ivefnre sa ol date
.1. A. BAUJH.
Honolulu. I
Ihe above notice to stockholder of .
he I'io'.ccr Vill Company published aa
an advertisement today by .1. Batch,
a sroesnf er in i iniiprr .vim v Aim
pnny, of Vnui. One of the Hackfeld
pi" ntations. gives notice of a fight
which the igner will t'irecl n.aint
H. Veinhcimer, the plsn,stlon man
nuer. in an eflTort to oust him from the
si'mi nist -et ion of the Migar rompsNy'a
afTslrs. It is based to some extent up
on the fact t hr t Mr. Wein.heimer Js
alleged to hsve emnhrved o-c Andrew
.l:..u .. .1 t.. :i..t. .. I
ta t inn Msui, because he wss alleged
to have interfered with Liberty Bond
T'-e nieetintr of the stockholders will
be held tomorrow morning st the of-
i es of Hackfeld ft Company. Mr.
Bnb h ;'l net for a number of other
doss is slleted to hsve informed .a
Portuguese laborer' at Weilukn, who
was thinking of purchasing K)00
worth of Liberty Bonds, that it might
he unwise for him to da so. on the.
ground that he might be arranging for
more than he could handle. Tha nan
thereupon reduced bis subscription to
aiooo. For this, Gross was discharged
and then secured Work at I , lis ina un
der Manager Welnr.hoimer. but
C. II h liens, now head of Hackfeld ft
Co.. says Gross was employed daring
Wcinzheimcr 's absence,
later vlewi Huber
Mr. Hagent in a letter addressed to
the directors of 1'ioneej Mill Co; dated
February H, 1H1S. says; he latsrriewed
United rttntes Attorney Huber ' npon
ft Co.. bad becejne Jkjswdeswieecl,. It
" h irMr of fioneer Vol, U
do likewise.
Mr 'Ha-gVtik', Tif llfir-Trtfelf, aaya Mr.
Huber told him- the federal Rover.
ment wns . desirous of keening eTr
one empioyea. ana aiso arien, enemiea
ns Inno ' IVv lfi a v-mt tttttMlra
Huber told him tbst one,' Ms Veber
vt a employed by Pioneer Vill' CoV,
with the SnOm-ledrve ahft- nnajflt' nf
the authorities, as otherwise he' would
have to b held by the United ttatef.i
Mr. . Hagens says ho mentioned ' the
v.ross ease 10 air. tiuner, iaq 1 laiier
saying he had iflvestigated the matter,
and on a visit to Maui, had questioned
the Portuguese mentioned. This .man
had absolutely denied, to him, reported,
Mr. Huber, that Or ess had made any
such statement about bonds. He had.
ulso queitioncd Mr. Gross, himself, who
stated to. him (Hubost) that while, he
had advised and -induced number of
employCsNto pn rebate Liberty Bonds,
he hag advised one -of the men not to
purchase, more tkaa he could par for.
Hubar'a'Attltuda! I . '
Mr. Hubef hart told him (Hagena)
that "unless, therefore, the Wailuka
Sugar Co.. had found apyv further rea
sons to believe that Mr.'Orosa had Act
ed unfairly in public spirit, he could
not find any reasons for tha perrmpt
ory dismissal. " ,
"I informed Mr. Huber," continue
Mr. Hagens, "that if there was any
good cause for his department to feel
that an employe of the T'ioneer MiU
Company, Ltd., w as , disloyat ta the
I'nited States, or in any nay or shnpo
acted contrary to the interests of this
country, the board of director would
like to know, and in such event nonhl
'ske prompt action in dismissing . tha
party in question. Mr. Hnber could
neither give me any information, re
garding disloyalty of anv of the era
doves of Pioneer Mill Coinpsny. LtdM
nor confirm anv of the vague ramora
s.bout some of them now floating
National guardsmen who do not com
dy with the requirements of the qne
ioauaire will not only be regarded as
lackers, hut will be listed as such, wut
he statement yesterday of Major Wi'l
Vnvae, assistant to the adjutant get
nil of the Hawaiian National Guard.
However, the questionnaire work ia
he guard here is proceeding smoothly
.o far, and the officers believe thst
i large percentage af the guardsmen
vill he handled without difficulty, but
'here are aoroe who tail to come to
lrills regularly and it ia these who
mav have to be rounded up.
Of course, the draft questionnaire in
the guard affects ly those between
the sges of twenty one and thirty-one
. ...
LONIK1N", Fcbruar l:t- (Associated
I'ress i Count von 1 1 -t 1 1 ti ''iiitpiinccs
that he will reply to Monday's address
of President Wilson iu the, rubbling oa
Tuesday next.
1 " - a.

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