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tooth Americans Are Coming To
Better Understanding of
United States Policy
it., ,
tVifeltf MflTOV .Tnnnnrv S5-IAwo
elated Pre) Encouraging reports of
America' chances for Increasing her
,. ahare of the world's trade are being
t brought to the department of rom
:' Mrr by special agenta and fommor
einl attnrhes after inveatigation in
Boat America, the Orient. Afrie and
Australia. Information of commerrin'
peculiarities nnrl suggestions for meet
tag the wiahca of foreign pnrennser
Date .lieen prepareii ior mc use
Anartru bumjfm men.
Robert H. Barrett, specinl agent f
the bureau of foreign and domestic
,.limere. reported today on hia stud)
the paper trade in Month America
.Hm visited every country of that con
' ; tlaent and listed the equipment am'
' requirement of 3K(0 newspapers and
printing ofBce. He will undertake aoon
rip through thia country to confer
' with paper manufacturer and export
W on hor they can enlarge theii
" Houth American business.
Kvt Moot Condition
; Compllanee with Kouth Amerirai
trade customs la all that ia necesanry
to mat purchaaera there permanent
custom ar of the United States," Mr
lUrrett' Mid. "Everywhere I went I
-. found the moat cordial feeling towan'
, ' thi country and Americana. The?
, realize dwn there that the Unite.
Mate entered the war' for altruistb
' wawm and at an enormoua sacrifin
', ; f men and treasure. Hnving fought
for democratic government themselves
they admire with all the fervor of the
l.atin race a nation which abandonee
' a war trade aa great aa ours to fight
..for world 'freedom.
.-.The Mexican policy of the Unitec"
Mates ha removal whatever of mi
n)dertanding may hav existed re
faxding North American nmbition it
, Houth America. Those who aaaerte
th United Htate had territorial am
i bittona have been disarmed by oui
withdrawal from Vera Crux. Thow
whj wera jealoaa of the preatige of
tlM United States have been won ovei
y.the participation of South Ameri
rati diplomats In affairs affecting thit
' " hemiphere.
t'Tho only thing standing in the waj
, ' of Increasing our export trade ia un
: familiarity with conditions ia Bout).
America which call for a handling of
shipments that is different from ou
practise here."
? faper ArrlTaa Damaged
One such difference cited by Mr
I Barrett is ia the packing of goods sen
te the west coast of South America
. Because of numerous transfer of ship
. meaU and lighterage ia th shallow
.. harbors, rolls of paper must be protect
., ed by wooden shook a. Taper not m
protected i adequate for East Coas
). ahipaaenta.
'; . Tk'' a of the metric syatem ir
f&rath America also Imposes specie'
conditions oa trade to insure eonformi
', fy to aixea desired there. While Ameri
.V' ran tmblisher buy their flat paper or
j th- basis of COO sheets weiehing .'U
,: pounds the South' American figures ae
' cording to the number of grams to th
square meter.
; . Peculiarities of tariffs have to be con
: aldered, large size paper, for instance
taking aaiall duty iu Uruguay while
smaller sizes pay heavy duty becausi
classed a writing paper, which is re
: girded a a luxury. In Cbilr, papei
. t)iaj. contains fifteen percent or mon
f ground pulp enter free.
iteawira Special Style
. .' There are styles of paper desired ii
8onU America which have to be mad.
especially for that trade, and whicl
;. alwaya heretofore have been aupplied
', ' by European makers. Chief of thos
i the o called tampel paper, uaed
, fof legal documeuta, iu which the gov
nunent has a monopoly for revenui
jnirpoaes. It ia handmade and water
Darkel with the coat f aruis of tin
.;' republic where it ia sold.
' . ; Wolera equipment ami rli-rt lni-iiiee
::' methods were found ly Mr. Ilarrett ii.
' ' 1 Ilia investigation of newpupera an
' V printing oflieea. In Kuenux Air nlom
I there are thirty-three daily papera, o'
r which eleven are printed in foreigi
languages, lour iu Italiuu, tn earh n
EnglUk, Ufrmuu and rAynan and on.
ia French. Until three yearn ago, littli
slew waa received from the I'nitei
State, but closer relations between tin
. two-continents and the growth of tin
Pan-Anieriran idea have m I a de
mand for American news wlin Ii is beinj
. mmt by increased cable services. Tin
Beutb American papers luie u mon
eerton too than those of the I'nitci'
, State. lratlires" are n rarity aint
. tha.eomie supplement unknown, bu'
: aerels of literary value are ,rined in
'. daily inatallments, so arruiie.! m tin
t- paper that they can bu tut out au.1
.. praaerrrd in book form.
' Deepatchea Potted Up
Cable (Jeepatches reeeixe.l by sonn
paper ar Mted on bulletin buarda
where they may be compared with the
" dnepatche. a printed, to show tlia'
th new i genuine and wnt given th
'. ' t public without "pudding." Scare
bearfl virtually are unknown.
'. ,i klagnifieeu t buibliugs In hi,, iu.-i n o
. th newspapers, decorated m niarlde
u t'he nnJ eontaiuing art nrk. A
c , naiqi feature of one buildihg i- i
fraciag room, reminder of the day
when the coil duelle was tin- ailiiti.it"
f personal disputes. A master at arm,
Still i employed b the paper t" in
attuct, it ataff ill fencing as a pleasiuit
'.and profitable recreation.
; jra r'xiraa rruivea
."The same paper has ,,
wkiale, which it uses i..
, fartiilig events to the l it'
Kuroietu wnr be'au. run
;. were few nd far between
. whialle aeUloin wa heuid.
.uw ert'lll
I'm.! the
' lit loll
a 11. 1 tin
As world
fveut liecame of dailv --1 1 1 rence, the
' ; whistle bb'W freqiientiv A .tty .01111
. ft.'anti.'oni-',e to tl liior of the
paper Nltemptcd " iinHisc restnituius
im aoiatm ueh iis the whistle bv pro
ftftijr. I a fine f"r blnwnm whistles at
C-rta a knurs. The editor ma le out his
I ecJ' In "cover a large niiinber of flues
(nil the "ext I a " eollt 1 11 lie. I I., be sound
' it for the eily's l.ecirlil l-'inally. llie
Ortlnan S was lepeule.l
McAdoo's -Request To Builders
To Defer Construction
Wins Response
Honolulu architects and builders in
fpnernl hold the belief that the recenl
ippeal of Secretary of the Treasury
W Vloo asking that all new building
nrk, snvr whnt abaobttclv requir
d. bo deferred, will meet with prompt
respfinsc here.
The continued hinh coat nt all kimb
.f loiildiny mnturinl and the short
gr of ships tnnv be a factor makinp
cipiieacem-!" with thp appeal eaay. ar
hese eondif ioim 41rtaaly have doni
nnch to hamper and check new work
a Honolulu. In a nnraber of instancea
I ia tntel, howevpr, work that might
.nvp been cnrriwl forward will lie de
'nite'v he held up by reason of th
iffirial nppeal.
One big work of Importance that ii
II probability will now be delayer1
ntil the wnr is over la the propoaed
cw Federal Rtiilding at the corner ot
ticharda and King Streets. Dana foi
his wprp recently presented in Wash,
ngton and approved, bot it Is gener
lly believed that thia particular striic.
ure will come under the ban of the fed
ral order issued early in the yeai
nlting all government work not ab
olntely needed.
No only public enterprises are bit
owever. An important improvement
n Honolulu's commercial center fo
ld ich early const ruction had been plan
ned was the new building of the Mutua
'elephono company which is to conned
lith the company's maiu exchange 01
Vdnma l.ane and extend through to
Vlnkea Street juat behind the Y. M
'. A. building. Following Secretarj
lo A. loo's appeal it ia atated that thi
rection of thia structure had been de
erred indefinitely and that it prob
bly would not be built until after thf
v nr.
The appeal of the secretary has af
Is purpose the reserving for govern
uent use aa much lumber and build
ng material as possible, a practical
II of the things that enter into build
ng work on Innd have uses ia the eon
t ruction of ship needed by the Nation
V general cheek of building work, ii
mi also pointed out, would have r
efinite effect on transportation linei
f the country, aa cars and vessel not
pquircd for the transportation of build
ng material would become avallabli
or other use.
Hids for materials to be uaed in mak
ng a eoprrote dvkiug: for the fOO.OOt
qnarc feet of surface area on Pier
t, 0 and 10,. the Territory's binges
uilding project, will be opened by tbi
arbor board next -Tuesday.
The placing of tl.e decking on tht
iera, which ultimately will form oni
;reat structure with two entrance, on
in Fort Street and the other at Queer
treet, is the next step iu the bif.
irojeot. Recently au extensive eou
ract held by the Lord Young Kngineer
ng Company was completed in connec
ion with the pier system. Thia wori
onaiated of placing an apron arount'
he outside of the three piera and 1
oust ruction of a marginal conereti
lecking above this, besides other work
According to specifications for ma
erials that will be needed to go or
.vith the new phase of the work, f
vhole shipload of cement will be uaed
rhe itemized list of materials foi
khich bids are asked includes: tiSOil bar
els of cement, " barrels of hydratP'
ime, L'S't tona of steel. 14 tons of win
nd 1.15.1)1111 aquare feet of welded meal
einforcement. The tonnage, nccordin.
o the estimate ia liiJO.
It ia possible that in addition to tb
oral concerns that are expected t
dace bids to supply the mnteriala. oth
ra may be receiw.l from inniiilani
ompunics. as the contract is one tha'
bmbtleaa will attract the attention o'
utside firms. Aa soon as the questior
f supplying the mnteriala needed i
idjuated, plana to let the contract fo
lie actual work will be outlined.
After the big area that will be th
loor of the three pier is covered, thi
irxt step will be the erection of a hugi
uperstriirttirp or aeries of supemtrue
uvea. It is probable that this part ot
he project will not .see completion un
il after the war.
When completed the whole work, i'
ia stnted, will make one of the biggea'
;iers ill the world and probably tin
orgeat in the I'ai-iHr.
To meet all condition. 111 con ru-cf ion
i'h the present ship himrtage and ti
rovide for large storage facilities, th
lowailnn I'ineapule ('..mi.nnv has com
leti-d plana for the erection of a 100.
iMKl warehouse on its property at Iwi
'ei. The structure will be erected on
foundations that li.iw In en completed
111 connection witli other exteusivi
urk of inipro emeut tor which build
ng permits were issued some time ago
The new struc'oie i. to lie two ator
.rs hili and of 1 ei 11 for i ed concrete
oust r net ion. ! 1-. t.. I.e lice (.ro(.f an(
damp proof. The contract tor the eou
Iruciion of the w alehouse has been let
to the 1'iicjlic I'-lit'inernni; f'ompanv
which will at oio-e begin woik on the
building. A large 1111 n 1 1 1 v of the inn
teri&ls is now on the ground
The total amount ot t niloi cut oil
the N 11 1 i on ii I Fniests 111 the liscal year
was llii itli; Olio ,-,r,l tool i. ajTHinst
71l,5'l5.iMH board tret in 1'ilii.
"Whnt the Hawaiian Com mission has
to say aa to the poaaibilltiea of the lsl
anda" la the title of an article in the
Philippine Review algned by Frank C.
Atherton, William eVarby, Alonxo Oart
ley and John T. Moir, member of the
committee which went from here to the
Philippine to' investigate and report
to the Siirar Planters' Association the
sugar imfuatry and the advisability of
the investment ot Hawaiian capita! 111
one or more central augar factories. The
article is illustrated with four pictures
taken at tha dinner which Was tendered
to thorn by President Manuel Quezon
and four picture taken on the trolertv
of tke Mindoro Sugar Company show ing
what can be dote when American rnpi
tal cornea to the aid of Philippine in
dnafry. Copies of the mognaine were
received in the mail which arrived Sun
The article ay:
"Manila. P. I., Dec. IS. 1017.
"Mr. Oregorlo Nieva,
"Editor, Tha Philippine Review,
"Dear Hirt .
"In reply to yonr request for a short
datement of our imnresaion of the Phil
ippino Islands, w are pleased to advise
vou aa follow:
"During the past few weeks we have
visited the Islands of Mindoro. Pannv,
Vegroa, Ceba, and many of the urn.
vinre of Lnaon, and have been most
favorably impressed with the great nn
'ural resource which these islands pos
seaa. Almost everywhere the lands np
icar very fertile, and the climatic con
litions suitable, for raising aplendid
ropa. At the present time we are in
formed that the Islands are producing
he greater part of the food products
vhirh ther rensume. and export about
MOO.nOO.OOO worth of hemp, sisal, auuar
opra. cocoa nut oil, tobacco, and other
'ropical products.
"One great advantage is the number
Survivors of Wrecked Schooner
Pass Through Honolulu On
Sierra On Way To States
Klpven survivor of the wrecked
ichooner Mahukona, which was founder
-d ou the reef near Apia Harbor last !
iioiith. passed through Honolulu yeater
lay, on the Oceanic steamer Sierra, 1
lound for San Francisco.
When the wrecking of tke Mahukona
raa reported by cable it waa said that
nly two of the crew escaped, biit this
roves to be a mistake as none ef the
ifhrers or sailor of tke vessel was
oat In the wreck.
Aboard the schooner at the time of
he wreck waa Mrs. Johnson, wife of
he Mahukona 's master, Capt. Theo
lore Johnson, and ten seamen.
It wns shortly after the Mahukona
eft Apia that she foundered near the
1 arbor entrance. When Captain John
on realized that she was doomed those
iboard were ordered into the life boat.
Maj. Lawrence L. Patterson. Medieal
Oorpa, has been detailed Territorial
urgeon in orders issued yesterday from
lational guard headquarters, his posi
ion as sanitary officer being taken over
ly former Firat Lieut. Alaoberry K.
ianchett, who ia promoted to the rank
f major, ('apt. Harry K. Brown, Na
innal Ouard Reserve, is recalled to the
active list and assigned to the Second
'nfantry. First Lieut. Wall Lam, Den
tal Oorpa, ia relieved from duty with
he Territoiial staff corps and depart
ments nnd assigned to duty with the
first Uanaiiun brigade.
In line with recoiumeinbil ions made
iy City Kngineer A. S. ('antiii, work
darted this week on structures that
will house machine shop where auto
nobiles owned by the city may be re
aired 'and in connection with this, a
;arage will be built where the city's
-ar may be stored when nut in use.
The new buildings are to be erected
n the tract occupied by the pumping
tation at Hcrrtania and Alhpai Htreeta.
Quarters now occupied by the ewer
ind water department of the city con
dating of a garage, storage room and
ueter room are to be removed and
provision for these will be made in the
iw structures that are to be erected.
The cost of the new work will be
ibout 8H00
- -
About -DO board feet of wood ia used
in the actual construction of the aver
ige airplane. To obtain this material
it is ordinarily necessary to work over
about 1500 feet of select lumber, which
often renreseuts all that can be used
for airplanes of I'i.ihiii board feet of
standing timber.
LONDON, February H (Associate"
Pressl To avoid the use of gasoline
need for war work, the lueen and other
members of the Kovil Family have
storeil their motor . nr- and 11 1 i using
horsedrawu vehicles.
Bill htodgera, manager ot' the Hurra
men to Club of the 'hi- i lie Const League,
haa signed Carter Lliiott. a shortstop,
who haa been playing bush liall around
Los Angeles. He will rive the boy a
chance to show whnt he .an .to in the
training camp.
of rivers which a're navigable for short
distances for small schooners anil bargea.
, These furnish facilities for eaay trans
portation of product to the large ship
ping porta, which have aplerirlld har
bors. The road thmbghnut moat of
'the province are' excellent and suffici
ent in number of faellltatp travel and
1 the easy transportation of supplies. The
islands of Luzon, Papay and Cebn have
good railroads which are well con
structed, provided With good equipment,
a-id appear efficiently managed. The
intes seem reasonable.
" We hnvj Pt a large number of the
Filipino people in our visit to the vari
ous cities and provinces and hnve lieen
very much impreased with their educa
tion, refinement, progressivpnoss, and
unbounded hoapitality. Since the paa
snee of the .Tone Bill the Filipino peo
ple have assumed in a very capable way
the added governmental responaibilitie
thus plncpit upon fhem. They are cap
nlile and efficient, nd are giving prac
tical evidences of their ability to prop
crlv manage their own affairs. Since
I their political status ia now de6nitely
.Wined, they welcome, prefer and en
I courage the investment of America
rnpita) In agricultural and manufactur
ing Industrie. Capital which has been
invested here In varions enterpriees
seems to be moat secure, and the law
arc such a to encourage further in
vestment. Tar rate ara modprate,
I and there are few regulations tending
, to hamper bnaineas. Therp aeema to be
' an emple supply of labor. The. work-
mi; classes are teachnDle anil reaaijy
ndaot themselves to various rlnsses of
"We believe these Islands offer good
opportunities for the investment of cap
itsl in many productive! enterprises, nnd
that- those investing funds here will be
grunted every security it is poaaible for
such enterprise to receive. We believe
it will repay capitalists to make a euro
ful investigation of this large field foi
investment "
, Lloyds' Survey Board Orders
I Complete Repairs For Vessel;
Trouble Getting Wharf
Now there ia more trouble in store
for the British atenmer Coolgardii
which went.ou the reef outside tin
harbor entrance last Saturday night
Her cargo has been ordered discharge!
so repairs can be made to her ateerinj
goar and bottom at the Inter Islam
dryiloek. but this rauuot be done uuti
the cargo -is all nut of the ship, ua i
is necessary to raise tier higher out o
the water than it is safe to do- with thi
2500 tons of freight aboard.
Considerable repairs, would have t
be made to the Coolgardie, ami th
necessity of discharging her cargo ha
caused her captain and agents an a. Mi
tionnl worry, as it ia impossible to ge
the use of one of the territorial wharve
for the storage of her freight while shi
is being repaired, and it is abo impos
sible to discharge into lighters.
While therp are denty of wlmr
facilities for the receipt of im-uium
freight there is not room ou any o
them to be spared for warehouse use
according to what ('apt. J. M. Thoiusoi
of the Coolganlie was told yesterday.
It is hoped, however, to secure per
mission from the Ouhu Railway & Lun
Company to discharge and store tin
cargo at the railroad wharf, by bei
agents, the Inter Island Coinpauy.
A second examination made of thi
Coolgardie yesterday morning ahowei
that her bottom, rudder and teeriii
apparatus had been pretty well bat
tered in the few hours she was on tin
reef Saturday night. The Lloyds' niei
did not believe she would be safe ft
continue her ovage to the Coast unti
full and complete repairs were made.
WASHINGTON. January L'l -den
Pershing todiiv aent word that the
"motor mechanics regiineut " being re
eruited bv the Tinted Mates publi
service reserve, was wanted in France
I iniiiiediatelv. Aa u result the reserve
'today issued a call for all skilled arti
suns, between the ages of IN and 20
and between .',1 and 40 to apply at
inure to any army recruiting station if
I they wished to help their country to
defeat Germany in the war.
I A total of 70(H) trained men ia need
' ed for the aviation corps to assemble
planes and put them in trim after nil
duels. General Pershing has asked for
. 3500 automobile and gas engiiieiuen
I 1400 machinists. 500 cabinet workers
1 4!0 sheet metals workers, and lesser
1 numbers of blacksmith forgers, cauvas
workers, wheelwrights, chauffeurs
. cooks, painters, harness makers and
acctvlenr welders.
C.VIKO, January 2U Arab forces
working 111 conjunction with the Hntiah
army blew up a train on which Djeulal
l'usha. the lurkish commander in rtyria
I was travelling to Jerusalem a few days
j ago. Iijeuiul escaped iucogutto Ii)
I throwing awav his 11 run badge an
decorations, but his aide do camp and
I stuff officers nere killed. The Turkish
. casualties were 120 while the Aral
raiders lo-t seven killed and four
w onnded.
I.ONIiON. January 27-( Associated
Press 1 The annual report of the nu
tional war savings committee estimates
that th" winner, of Great Britain could
o -nliniHiiHi pounds a week 011 dress
Housccleaning time is here! ;
How about Your Body?
Cleanses the System of all
Accumulated Waste Matter
Testimonials bv the score from amongst the beat people in Honolulu prove
-oncluaivelr that B. B. C. does more than is claimed for it. We have thousand
jf testimonials of iteoplc in all parts of the world whom B. B. C. restored back
o health and strength again but we seldom use them here. In their place
we hnve given you the nnmos of prominent and respected people of Honolulu
ami the Island who live here whom vou know and meet every day ao there
-an be no doubt a to their truth and genuineness. Use it and be convinced.
No alcohol No Poisonous Drugs No raise In price. $1.00 per bottle; special
advertising price, 6 for -'i.00. BKN BRUN8, agent, at corner Kekaulika and
Kinir 8ta.. oni. the Fish Mnrket. from 9 to 5 every .lay, explaining the B. B. C.
medicine and how to get results. Full
and Plantation Htores now have the B.
.14 mnA T'll ai4n Im wnn T nw rh.frM nn all Ardera AT IU1 miA SVST. .
Address, BKN BKL'NH, Honolulu, Hawaii
igures Building Home To Cost
Between Seven and Eleven
Thousand Dollars
Three sets of plans for a new 'llilo
I'acht Club building were presented'
ast night to the members bv the '
iuilding committee, varying in cost
rom 700(1 to 11,000, in round figures. I
ays the Hilo Tribune of last Haturdny.
No definite action was taken and the
ommittee, having discharged its duties !
a iustrurted. wns released from further ,'
!,.,. mA . ...... .11 1,., .. r, . I
uij now . ..v.. .............. ...
Before any contract can be let, the
lub must first be assured of the
enure of jts lease. It now h6lds from
he government, nnd it wishes to re
vive some guarantee that, at the expir
tion of the lease, it will not be rom
ellod to move out. abandoning its iu
estment in a new building.
All three of the plans submitted are
f the bungalow type, which the com
nittee thought most suitable to the
oral ion nnd the use' if the club. A
wclve foot lanni will .lrround the club
louse, which will rontain a rentrnl hall,
rom i- hi -h " ' o; en a woineri's read
ug waiting nnd sitting room, n men'
ibrary, 1111. 1 smoking room, and a bil
iord room.
Downstairs will be lin kers, .showers
ind rooms for cbungiug into swimming
uits. In the rear will In- a kitchen.
lty a score of thirty three to twenty
wo the II 1 lo Ho.-n.liii- School basket
mil team last ni-lit defeated the Hilo
.'uclit Club and look the rliunipinnship
f the i-ouiitv and 11U0 the .lohn T. Moir
uih. snys Inst Sundnv's Hilo Tribune.
The game was 11 beauty for the first
lalf. At the end of tin- period the
core stood at seventeen to fourteen in
'uvor of the Hon r 1 1 11 : ; School. Several
imes the score had been tied, but ut
he 'eull of time the School had an
idvantage of tin.,- points over the
Vaeht Club.
In the second half, the Hoarding
H-hool asserted itelf st ronolv and man
iged to pile up point after point. The
Vueht Club men fell behind, but they
lianaged to neep up n trifle toward the
finish and were only beaten by eleven
There was a good deal of rough play
ind two men. one of each team, had to
e ordered out of the game for foula.
BOSTON, .taiuin 1 :tl - John K. Mur
ray of Kverett, Massachusetts, pitcher
jn the Georgetown I niversitv nine for
' hree years, was signed by the Boston
Vational l.enjue Club today. Murray
has been playing semi professional base
'tall and has a rec ord of twenty one
struight victories
The consensus of opinion among foot
tail roarbes .111. 1 oltirinls is that the
1. lay during the past season was un-
auullv hard, .l eircpi ionnlly clean.
The fighting spirit engendered by the
.vorld war appears to have permeated
the gridiron spoil uith the result that
football was plnvcd with a war time
Test thst market! the season a.s out of
the ordinary.
.. -
According to I he latest record of
I'liun-toii rinciMlv students in the
serire. all but member of the IDlrt
'varsity football srpia.l are now serv
ing with tin lors or iu sme allied
war department. Th ily --p" man
who has not lett college is under age
mid lie 1 11 ini'inlii-r of the rriui-etoli
H.-sriw iittiicis' Training Ctimp.
directions in all language. All Drngglit
H. c. Medicine on sale, or eno Money
Coast Players Will Play Exhibi
tion Tennis Games In Big.
Island Capital
Hilo ia beginning to get excited over
the going there shortly from Honolulu
of the three mainland tennis star who
will arrive here next Monday in the
Honorua from San Francisco. The Sec
ond City is, therefore, preparing to
treat the visitors royally and to beat
them nn the courts, if tha Big Island
has players capable of doing trrts. The
Post-Herald of last Monday say:
Local lover of the royal game of
fennis will have a chance to t see aonae
star in action this - month. Ai Lu
Castl has written to Oeorge H. Vkaara,
president of the Hilo board of trade,
announcing that a party of tennis ex
perts) intend to leave Honolulu for
Hilo, February 27, and ask that ex
hibition games be arranged for the fol
lowing day. The players in the party
will include Mr. Castle, Mr. Roberts,
Mr. Wayne and Mr. Brown, all of thera
well known to all followers of the
To Help Ambulance Corp
The tour is planned, in part at least,
to brine; funds to the Tenuis Ambulance
at the wnr front, and Mr. Cast to in his
letter suggests that a charge of fifty
cents be made for admission to the
games. lie also statca that it is wish
ed to give the visiting players ,
glimpse- rf thp Volcano, and aa all the
money raiaed by the trip ia to go to the
fund, it is suggested that some of the
local tennis fans make arrangements
for taking the party to the Volcano af
ter the tamt' hereT
Mr. Vicars in making public the con
tents of Mr. Castle's letter asked that
all tennis enthusiasts on Hawaii write
to him immediately regarding what ar
rangements they can make for games
at which the Rig Four can show what
they can do. Mr. Castle will play with
Roberts in the doubles, but he an
nounces that the members of the party
ure willing to mix it up with the local
players if any here want to get into
the game themselves.
After leaving this Island the party
will proceed to Maui for the tourna
ment at WTailuku. It is expected that
Miss Maile Vicars, who is attending
I school in Honolulu, will be one of the
star players at the Maui meeting, but
thia has not been di-iluitely decided
upon as yet.
Miss Beatrice Castle and Mrs. Wayne,
mother of the jduyer, will be with the
Kauai has joined its sister islands
in tennis activities, and tomorrow will
be played the opeuing matches ef the
I.ihue mixed doubles tournament on the
I.ilnie courts. The Warden Island of
last Tuosduy says:
"Weather permitting, the opening
matches of the Liline tennis mixed dou
hies will be played next Friday after
noou. Both courts will be in use, run
ning off two matches nt once. In the
first match Miss Henright and Doctor
Young will play ngninst Miss H. Hhel
dou and C. A. Rice. In the second
match Miss Mclntyrc nnd K. C. Hop
per are matched against Mra. Maud
Thompson and C. II. Wilcox.
"The contestants in both matches
are very evenly matched and tho game
should prove interesting?"
. .
Normnn Brookes, who with Anthony
F. Wilding, wrested the Davis Cup,
emblematic of the world's amateur
team tennis championship, ' from the
I'nited States iu 1!H4, waa at laat re
ports u He. I Cross commissioiier in Mes
opotamia, with the tank of lieutenant
' - ' , " y
Tha B.: B. 0. Man, who haa mad aU
Honolulu talk try th Cure tnd- by
th Wonderful B.' B. &-MdiClna. . v,
, t :
Pictur of old
Bro. Benjamin,
it BeoJamlaV ' ';, I
at of ; b. 'Qyff'
b on rvry ; :
. . Pfkta. -ry V"
Ewa Plantation Company
Watluku Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apekaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
Wahlawa Water Company, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work, of St. Looi
Babeor.k Wilcox Company
Oreea'e Fuel Economlaer Com.iany
Cha. 0. Moor A Co., Engiueer
I bad narr .Twi, t jrould nTr
hara. been snecfuL' Tho. .
You can obtain Thrift Stamps and
War Savings Stamp at thia Bank.
Merchant and fort SU, Honolulu
from Moutreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrence Bout
By the popular "Prince"
Steamer from Vancouver,
Victoria or Seattla.
For full information, apply to
Theo. H. Davics & Co. Ltd
C.en'l Agents, Canadian-Pacific By. Co.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors1
' ewa.Paptation Co. -"v!'.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apohaa Bugar Co., Ltd.
Hilton tron Work of 81. Loula
Blak Steam Punp
Western Centrifogal
Babcock k Wilcox Boiler
Green' Fuel Economiaer
Marsh Steam Pumps
Mattoa Navigation C,d.
Plaotet' Uae Shipping Co.
Kohala Bugar Co.
of every description made t
Iaaued Tuesday and Friday
(Entered at the Poatoffiee of Honolulu,
T. H.. a eond clats roatUr.)
Per Year '............, 13.00
Per Year (foreign) ..... S.00
Pavable Invariably iu AdTanaa.
v .. ssn
Castle &Cooke,

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