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. . .. .; ,
r. ;. a , ' ' : ',
Pel.. .IS ! I t tr v
four h'uns' tn'.nf U, .' I.
."' ""'.;. Oont) Dollar
M Centrifugal M. Tr rlb. r ton
i ries, uswsiisa Dini o.uue ,uu.ui
Last prvloa ,uot , i.
, tie, . . . . . . : t, . $mo
7'V. U c ' Vm-, H-iu,1 y ,
fAj t( ' ' V
Whole number,- 4714
- - - - - t .
Yor.. lii.ko. ' i
j i 1 - i i ir i i .
.t. " "in
i '
it)!) I
Bloody Internecine , Strife Goes
Steadily Forward and Streets
! .' of Several v Cities Run . Deep
:Twith Blood of Countrymen X
.' ,;' '!,( t . .-. '. , . v ,
i Bolshevik Leaders Continue. Their
r Plans- To Secure Control of
All-Russia Even Jf It ?e Lost
Later To Huns- r 5,-0 ' :
! f NON DO N, ; February" A 8-
JL sociatcd .Jfress) Bolshevik
leaders despite' the resumption of
war by- Germany, appear td beMi-
greeting their attention to internal
t cjipoTder and' to be pushing' for
; ward their intention to' hold sway
'"over 'All-Russia. ; even though .' it
may be taken from thttrf by the
v Prussia! invaders, who JttVe.' aK
, ready crossed the Dvina. Ignor
iiig danger from- without they re
i pre;ssing- forwr'deper into ch'il
r .warfareuivlff.rtf1 ""rtf
H "Russfais'riven deeply Vitl ejvil
chaotic and interpeefhe slaughter
'W rh prevalcntr 'S-:XX'-f-.'L? J ':
- ; -6les routed '- -v
v ; Despatched frojm jpetrograd U.tf
; last night told bf , Beveredefeat
fvminjsteVed.byrtlie.? Bolshevik
, fbrcej' against those tit h Polish
!, h anti-reV6Iutionist ( t ion he'ajr
o' Afinsk.' 'There: the' sixth : Polish
.h) At my' fyision'was' defeated with
j .' heavy 'casualties."-' It is taid 6ne
detachment if the'Crolislt wrcea
:'-J J was completely' annihilated.
i The national '.council with' Le
y, nine at its head has given orders
; " to Bolshevik commanders to'aeite
( . a number' of cities 'and to quell
' opposition to' the rule of the couii
;C cil. ' The "result lias been bloody
h k street fight! in. these, cities and
5 rUheir rsuburbi J and n some" in-
'stanees' severe engagements' in
' 'the open 'untryfpetrogr'ad're-
ports are. almost entirely of Bol
'; ' ' iJie vik successe)t4. ', ''' i,v '.'i.'4''-
f OFrom Kiev itwas reported that
. after eight days; pf.hard fighting
- : the Bolshevik; troops nlve uc-
." ceeded in capturing that city."
A regular siegn wa'! laid by the
' iattackers, aft whie besieging he
- ped many bombs wpqrt.tnemhabr
i. n tants. . ., . ' , , v
V, ?i The casualtiti ate estimated at
, 4000 killed. nd i 7000 - wounded.
. f Dead by: th'e hundreds still lill
' the ;i streets','1 rrtany fiomtn? and
? ' children having beea alaln, ' -tl.
:, A' battle ;inOdess4 took, place
Vn Monday between .the Bolshe
, viki supporters" and ' tie' "moder
ates", most of whom,, particular
ly outside PetrogridrrtUi. decline
to recognize dhe 1 Bolshevik" re-
gime.' '. ; v: v . '
-. RT h e Bblnlieviki -boinbarded
Odessa and great damage..'
In some districts the poles have
defeated the" Bplshevikf and kill
ed large numbers. Other Poles
are advancing against Smolensk,
now held by a Bolshevik garri-
Confessed Conspirator Escspes
Term n Penitentiary As Result
,cf His Having Turned States
Evidence.. AoalnsV- Co-Defend-
, ants .j, .v-,v' 4' v? -f. v
, t '.. V v. mi -i i , ;t.- - ;i ..
In- eeaiilral f , tk- fnc that
lleiiiricll - Attfroftt J 8ekroi'r ' tiirnrd
1tU Jvl.U.'Kain(it kii fallow ro.
lrtor tnd told the Jury nkicfc i it
tint; i th jiHidU- Itrvolutiea Com'
plny Cm4' wkat I Tiiifiir about tka
oiip(rany ,'aHd ilia , tart. ( which ,'he,
Omng podik and. otker plard la Ha'
waiHn thKnapIrary, k kaa btva pr-
it ted. bv a fHWa Jmtj t ffp
with a'otbr paalt.T thaa til inconne
quptiaf fiaa mf 10(M). , .No priMO a
tenc waa Imftoaril po' him. " Am
eitt ITWa .'drapatehoa'i'rivad; lat
KiKht' "oaM: ' hralr' aratflupd.
Oa tliAUwnd dollar ' , . i
Coaidrlnt ' tkfl fart ' kat , Oorcr
Rodirk, kia taparlot,-waa fiood 10,ff)O
and rtlno rarM4 priao aatcne, tha
pnlt.r inflicted apon . rVhrodrr may
m roinmbura, and It may l that
tk judge ennidred 8hrodar anility
a aa urn ploy aad aot aa a prinvipal,,.
Owsptrrey Charg4 . .-
Hoiartok An runt $chrodrr. formar
alerk af H.'Harkfeld Co, during taa
Rodjek ragima nd anteeaaor to Rodiok
a reprfnentatiTa af,, Oarmaay kere
aftr tka raai)raattoaof tka )attar on
February ft, IBIS, waa indicted with
Ro.lik nd forty other oa etar of
toaRpiraey to violata tkf afutrality of
tha raited Htataa. the apaeifia aceUaa-
(ion being that tka defeadanta con
Kpird to foment aa. oplung agaUxt
Britian mla in India' for tha purpoae Of
emliarraaainjf Ike Brltinh . ttovernmeBt
rope. Ma all. ninety-eight indictment
were returned, but fifty aix defendadte
weM ..beyond the ; war k k af , United
State authoritle. f . t: tj. '
Surrender Hlmaolf , i '
Vi hXtrotd mt th"iidWnra So-T
diek ehredr reaekett Hoanluliv it
mtmHotM much eteit..n inf.At'JJ14
fima' ef the Indictment lUidiek wai n
hia way t tka Caairt but Rnhroeder ia
ktfnp He wainot larreated ai tk time,
bat following ' tka .pnbiication in. The
Adrertlaer on Jnly 2 that an order or
kia arrect kad been leaned by federal
oftlHuN in Hn Tra'nolaco, and order
led been aant to the federal nuttlorltiea
hare tr arretit bin and aead bit to San
Pranciaeo for trial aa boob bit might be,
be engendering hiataelf at tea 'loek
that moraipg and waa held in 110,000
ball, the aaae araouOt that Bodlek far.
iehed; U , euri in Ftaneiaeo. It
deeelAfied the reaaon no warraat had
been arrvad on Kehrteder wa the mee
aage from. Ran frakelaan dlreeting the
arrest or 'Jt-'P.r Sehrooder, and the
delay waa lo aenre4 more explicit in
atntrfioaa.' . ' -
, Rehtoeder left here for Bin tVaaeUeo
to Hand trial oa Aogvet 9, aad an An
gnutt.87 the trial of the German reeenr
Ut wal net for Oetober 80. The trial of
thirty aevea of the defeadaat did not
tart, however; natU Norember SO. The
indletmentt again flea of the arlglnal
forty two were diamiaaea. "
Plead OuUtjr i 1 .-"'
It wu on Peeekber 5 the big eur
pri eme when Bodielf ad Rehroedr
pleaded gnilty, at the eame time mak
ing atatem4iti te the proeeeqtor in ex
tenuation of-, the, offences with whtr.h
they were charged. At that time United
6t8t Attorney Preston Intimated he
would recommend that the eonrt gie
toasideration the atatementa of the
two' defeadanta and extend elemeaty
provided they gave Jhe eyidenee re
quired of them, .v;"!- V. 'W'i! U,-"'.V.'.-"
la their written atatementa to the
United ' 8te attorney ; . Rodlek and
Sehroeder alaiined. that insofar a their
eonneetioa' with the ' Maerltk went
the)r effenaea toaelnted merely of har
inr fiiraiiihed'nppllea for that veaeet
wkiU . he r waa lying at Hilo and par.
took only (f the nature of a eommereial
traaaaetion.' In , Jiia teatlmony later,
however, ttahroeder went further .and
told of the chartering of S aampaa to
rarrr.rod menaagea and proyiiiioni to
the Maverick from Ban Franeiaeo.
The tranmiiioa of order through
them t the eemmander of the Maver
lek oeeurred in April and May, IBIS,
and the extenuation plea that' this waa
before the United State waa involved
ifl the War waa presented ; '. !.
' They' ariced the acceptance of their
Ma:temnt a' the spirit of fairne to
themaelre and to their American
friends In ' Honolulu. ' Rpeaking 'for
Hehroeder. a well ae blmself. Kodiek
aliened that When the war broke out In
1914 he re advised by counsel that it
waa not Incontdstent for b.im if act as
German eonsuU: Whatever they did, he
elifimcd, wni purely eommereial in na-l0re.;:-v.
-v..,'.. . v.' M
. Oa necemher $3 Rodiek wnK aentcH
fed to pay a fine of 10,000 the touft
giving Its, reason' at the lime for the
fine.Snd no prison sentence; At that
time sentence opon. rchroeder waa de
ferred and rem time to -time da beitn
poatponed nntU yealerday. ) ) "
ronetit Correct ...; J-y .
Keporta from Ban Frepelsc received
January I last . said the former. HoaV
lulan might, tarn - state evident ' U
avoid a. penitentiary eentene. , t fiii
' (Pan tin n4 oa Pag X Culnmn i)x
I1. 1 '. 1 . . ' ' 1 " .' . 1 - . '. ' . . 11 '.'I.-. -Ij .lf '':.' ! '.'
f. 'I
mander In Philippines Passes
; Avyay,MXamp Grants
yr" Atwv, J Wd rearoary IB
Aaaothifrd lriuiwnri. Cir Treder-
XifV (:Ai-t. V. :1L. VftirVil: lkiir:d'
Cm)u. -,!. wtirn aftlie, rwiliriuin
emptv died at Cixjnp Crant yenter
day from r.ernicioiia aenemia. JIc had
been taken W tbe.base honpital week
ago, rhni'th .Maj'o RanitarVm, whore
h .had been undergoing treatment ,
'Genet! .' HihleC waa eilty alx years
old, a native of Trias. Hi father-was
Oeni C, C. Khioy, He wa nsslired to
the ekv(ry on graduation from , West
I'oint.in serving n-,m utuber of
regiments, jsciuom , the . Fourth Cav-.
lry,'in whlih he. was, Ueutensuteol
Osel ln',1000. :Hewaeoe f,Oeneral
Crook 'a pending officer " a.rahmt the
8ionxi and Cheyenne. -being breveWd
"for, gallantry in action aftor the
battle of tka Little Big Horn, and later
for '.'.distinguished- gallantry . In notion
egnlest1 .. Craxy Home', ; powder
Kiver,-Montana. . . i ;. .
Inuring tha waif with Spain ha wi
ia command of the headquarter guard
f thev Fourth. Army Corps and was
later tuljntaat general, of the Pepart
went" of Lnxon.. In command at the
Second CavalrV ha later aunnreswd the
hadrone of .Cavite; and Batancas.
From JAOit to 1011 he was commandant
of the Military Academy, v
General ttibley was the father of
Mra. rhalen,.wlfe ot Col. Jarae Phal
en, division" aaaitary Inspector of Camn
Grant, and pf Mr.v Christian, wife of
Colonnl. Christian of rh. Signal Corp
Both ilangKtnr aad his. wife war with
mra ween ae died.' 4 . i .,:
. ) 'i -
i' T,
Announcement Made In Washing
ton That Head of Recent Mis-,
rslon Will Be Named "" .; ,
' . ' i mm . . : . .;-v'' '
WASHlatONFobrury ' l4-As-sorinted
Pre Viscount Ish!, head of
the Jspaa; AliplomtUfl . mission which
recently visited the UniUd State, will
soon represent hl country at Washing
ton. .' Announcement ' was mail at -the
state department today that Tokio ha
officially Informed the i United State
that Ixhil hat been appointed nmbaasa
dor te the United IBtate. . ' '; :,:. .'.(
. Viscount AUuaro Bato, present - ambassador,-
will' b placed n the ' un
siisignod roll af diploraatia reprtisenta-
tives i Tokio; -,-i
0 BE Af
visrotini Aiaujiro tsnn . ia oi , years
old.. He haijbeen Japan' foreign min
ixter and anibssnador to France;. '
His work as head of thp Ishli '
sion is generally regarded aa snpsrh.
It was eriticliMd only by the extrem
ists in his own-country. vTbe mission
was splendidly .-received do' the'l.'nl.td
tate and it: work w(tk the atate do
partment resulted in , tb now fanvon
Ishii '-ansing agreement already , in, op
erstton, vhi'lj Is declared to have set
tled the.Var JTJHtern' question and
brought a better understanding between
the Orient and the Occident than ba
existed for more than a d:aJ, -
. ... ..... t . j,. T-.. .'.; ,
,t'.; .
; , ... -r
Mexican President Reported Un
able To Form Cabinet Treats -Secretly
Wijh Rebels fi:
liiimhi, Tcx. reorunrv jl3 As-
i (PMii-incoiiiry tw.form a
mm ikinni ea sai i. tt.tm... e.M i.j t
if r r rmikks.'ii-iia dr i jsk , tuns iiatmro u t
wba;rrfolteil in Pocniulx-t uU Outier
rex and 1'rajicieoa Cow are snid to be
tw renenaa tor rresident-Carranea's
prolonged absence - from Mexico City,
which he IcCfDecembfr 27, teoording
to trayelr who. 'arrived here. from
Mexkg City.. ITiey stated thot when
they Wtilae ienrdtal lh negotiations
with the., rebels had produced no. re
sults and, that Aha president bad giith
ered about hint cr Pnr.hoea,. where , he
made his "headquarters, . nearly 4000
'troop. -:. '4 ..;' ' , - .. i' .
Tiieecnbinet tangle, .'they added, wan
eomidiratii by the demand of General
l'tiio Qonsnles, who was tiotlcnrtood to
have bf a.selerted by the president to
hend the, new- eabim a minister of
governaciim and .who - is .reported to
htve refused to serve unless the Ger
man Minister ; . H.; von 'Kckardt weie
givn his pa.iport and unless various
other men. notably I.ni Cabrera and
Safact Kietd, actiair secretary of Ha-
cienda,. ba given no voice or place la
I ne goverum.'nt. Ueneral Uonxtloe some
months ago insned a publia statment in
ravnr ol tae entente AUies.
Two Ruthless Raids Give Casual
; ty Ust of- Sixty-eight;
; Many Children Hurt . i
iloNPON, Febrnary 19-1 Associated
Prem)--niualtie from the Hun air
.raids of . Ratneday and Bunday night
proved hen ler than wax at. first re
poftfd, Erly reports ' indicated the
Osmupe to life nd property on .Ratur
dny night was Insinnillcant but full
reports .from th other-, rities whieh
were attacked by the raiders told a
different story and another ..; 'chapter
added to the history of German kultur.
War office reports of yesterday gave
the total, casualties of the - Hntnrday
niht raid as eleven killed and four
iniured and on Hunday-nibt sixteen
killed. ant thirty seven wonnded, a
totol for' the Jwo ,raids of twenty seven
dead and -forty injured, many, of them
women and children.' 'V" .' ' ;',
. I.oitites to the enemy fleet re .report
ed but the wnr offjee. in It aommunique
doe pot give specific details. ,
. T .1 i ."'''
ioNUOK, February lft-( Associated
llrsll--(eJural Bobertson,' who retired
as", rhief of Ntnff through his resigna
tion of that position, has accepted the
import Apt .command of .' the British
fortes in Eastern Kjiglitnd. While the
duties are not suoh , as fall upon the
eoninmiider of the battle fronts they
are none the Jess important in th gen
ral conduct of th war,
Announcement of : Admiralty
; Board's, Personnel Sets : At
: Rest Much Speculation and Is
Without Sensation
, l.OMlxiV, TVhriiAry 12-(AaaoriatiJ
rea)--ripfenlatlni la eettaia qnar
rara a to any diatiirhaara of tha main
IIik'k af tlritiali anvnl fliry ha been
'liNdpa'.rd witk the ennuunnricent of
th eoi;tti.a f the new bnard of
atuiiraU)' .-Uia lift, whlek appeared ia
th i,ndm rtaett, u fniio .t i
eir.ErlC O. Gaddta. First Zjord.
Arttnc Admiral
. . ... . n , . I
miraj Blr B. ' B.. -
. tVemyrw, Fint Sea Lord and Chief
, ' Vlf-AdiB.rl Sir H. neath,,
Ewrond Faa Iord. , .. .; ... i r-.-
- Raar-AdtHral ! tlitotS C. V?
Third Sea Lord.: . ... '' .( v
f' Raar-Admlrai H. tt'P.' TotWU,'1
fonrUi 8 Lord. :s "
' Atir A&rtrrl S. , rtanustla. ( '
I peooty Chief af Staff. -; ,
Rear Aoirnl Sir A. L, Puff, , .
; AiHnVBt Chief of Staff. , 1 ' .'
Ti. O. Pretyixaa. CirU Ld. -
Rear-Admiral O. F. W. Hoca. ,
!' Pontntr nr Seal Lord." - "
V Sir A'aa O. Anderaon, Controller. ,
n- Arttur T. Paaaa, 8oeoad Cni
. Irord, ,. .' .., . .., , fc t , .rv ,
. "Thw ia, nofhln - KeBaatTonxI ! or
orairaTia. iir tne nut or maa,''t.anye
taa uniir ., Teirfraph. , "Tha
Dally .. Telerrapa. , "Tke tmtent
will set K rest any fear that a Violent i
chance In the main line of naval pol
t i . . A. J
loy r soatemplnted. There is only one
member nf tit new board wfio was not
sen-ing at the sdmirslfy when Si John
.iciiteoe wan tn ofliee, and that one ex'
ee4inn 1 , Kear-Admiral Sydney :, Fr-matleri-v-
r"v .,''' i.;.ti.'
WetfwiA.AdvaoM '' H-K&i i"i !,., i
"For the .ret, Rir Rowlyn "Wemyss
striHt .np, - already nnpnndr from
pepnty ' Fimt i flea f iovd -t First
trd.'and is soeeeeded by Rear Admb"
0 CAj'ge . Hope,' 'who .ior some . thne
' . . . - .
ii.i. t; t - .
tJ. Divisiott of the Naval btair. 'in
Wbiclt position, be. ss done eoiisupleu
aits :rvic. ' ' .-.,': w. ..$ ,i v.-. -.
-.. "The second; third,' and fburth-aea
lords, " responsible fori personnel, ma
terlal and annplie. respectively; retnin
their seat,, but the petition of 4fth
sea lord revpaitsible fo aerial polic,v, is
abolished iff view 'of j the creation of
the air council. ... t;. r
row Eerviceo '.'v f ; I ';
".It 'mny be recnlled- that the naval
member f . )he iormer , board ,who
me to Whitehall n year ago nnd still
remain bad all - nerved in the irrand
j fleet sine, the opening i the war, and
that Admiral Fremantle, who belongs
to a naval family with .high traditions.
Iiaa been employed in n variety .' of
i-nheres In the North He, aa well as
in Hoot hern waters, and , everywhere
with snceese. He rcturas U the admir
ilt r with the advantage', .of havinc
nerved on the naval staff la tha early
dav of the .war. ,' ' . v ...' . ti'f , .
"Conseqnently there la nothing In
the eouatitntion of the tonr4 to under
mine public'. eonSdenea or to anggest
that there is any Intention to embark
upon any anck . adyentnrea with the
Brand fleet as Sir Erie Oedde referred
to in hi speech of November." : r.
Hir Krie . Geddes, in a epeeeh in the
bouse of common on "November !,'.
plsined why he did not regard s feas
ibln- the suggestion v that the"' British
era ad fleet should have, Invaded the
Haiti Aa in attnek th German fleet
nuerating against' Rusian port on th
ZXNDON, February JB (Asso
ciated. Pre) British casualties
In all of th war tboaWra war
again below ti. avaraga of past
week of tha war for th' vn
day period which nde4 Saturday
night aa waa shown in th com
munique front th war depart
ment issued yesterday. Tor tha
first tUn In many week tha
total 1 wU mid sr fly thoaaaad.
Doth in action or aa tk re
sult of wound reciyd In action
ar announced to hay numbered
1043 f wbkk thlrtr-lgbt were
oflken and 1006 war ullstad
man. Th list of wounded and
mlssinf number 8063 of which
119 war offlcm and SB44 war
nlitd mtan.' . .. ..'-.
- ,
MKXICO CITT, February lB-fAsso-eisted
Pre Th government ban de
cided to enforce ttrirtly measure to
prevent the importation Into Mexico
from the I'nited Btate of tubercular
nattle. It i asserted tbat the bringing
In of diseased cattle from north, of the
Rio Orande, wher tha American meat
inKpeetion aervie make their slaughter
impossible, ba ' caused epidemic In
Mexico. " , .
Kdisers Forces Cross Dviha Despite
; . Warnings . Issiied By press
W;y ' , v of Austria : ; :
ri OPENHAGEN, February ': 19
X- ; tween Germany and Russia
flnfoo hatio rrncaort thn Pluino
..iif... 4W- n : .
opposilian, the Russian remnants
; I Germany has struck in the face of the openly expressed oppo
sition of her ally. Austro-Hunoary, and what is regarded as a deep
schism has resulted between Berlin and Vienna. Diplomats in the
Altiid and neutral capitals are watching keenly for some signs that
wh) indicate the Austrian attitude in the face of the German defi
ance of their wishes and announcements. ' . r .(.
. , ' . 7 PRESS WARNS BERLIN ' : r V M ; ,
The Austrian press, for the past several days has been warn
ing Germany against reopening hostilities on the eastern ' front
which is opposed to every' Austrian desire. . Veiled. threats of a
possible. withdrawal by. Austria from the Teutonic alliance. have
been published and the desire of the Austrian people, for peace
with Russia has been emphasized. .. . .' .;,v
v The resumption of activities by the German army on the North
Russian frnnt has hfiPn nffir.lallv
4 V A 4 4ta rnnMelM aAA
l,u" u ww iiioii w uaacu jiio vima wii uui uiy uio
aaiJni Ia. m mix iamma MAiNM Mitinn (ka aewia it tn A naniAel a 4fMn. MsisMiei.
tice closed. ..:, " -. '...'-v ;--
i r wvvhiuiVii ' i win - wivrnrriivMs fwvtvw w wwiu fcvil iw f uivilf
which publishes a Berlin statement that, the German first offensive
will be directed against the Bolshevik! army in Esthonia and Livo
nia now fjuarding the land approaches to Petroqrad. .
V-)V;-S" e ,
Senator ' Humbert ,:
Taken ; Into
A Custody In Connection With "
Caiilaux Charges -
TARIB, . Febrnary . 1 19- Associated
TresH) Following directly In the wnke
of the conviction of 8ol Pasha eame
tke arrest of ', fenato. Humbert, pnb
lisher of L Jouraal yesterday morning,
His arrest had been expected and is ia
liue with the expressed policy. of Clera
eneeau when he assumed flic to run
down aad ' punish all those connected
with the -alleged Caiilaux aonaplracy.
lit Was in Le Joii.nnl that th propa
ganda of Caillonx and Harrail was pub
lished for kbg time nnd nntil th
publisher , wa finally . peremptorily
halted. It U In connection with this
that he wa arrested v and -upon uch
publication and the alleged nubiidis
ing of kia paper Win trial for conspiracy
and treason will, ba based.
Holo Pasha is said to have beea a
stockholder la ' (Senator .. Humbert's
paper. -.fi'?:-.-0''' ':"
uppiementary ' Appropriation of
Hundred fAillion Asked
WASHtKGTONV February 19 (As-
sorlated Press) One hundred million
dollars to speed - ntt shin building of
the merchant fleet and for the purchase
and construction of craft that can be
used for hunting down and destroy
ing enemy submarines is included ia
sumdementary ' appropriation estimate
which wer reported yesterday. .
The billion doner urgent aenvienry
bill passed th hcAis yesterday and
is e pee ted ' to go, to the senate to
day. As it ha the 'right of 'wv over
all other legislation Its passage ia con
fidently expected -before the ead of
the week. --rr v '
. . ' . r.
NEW YORK. February 10 (Assoc!
sled Press) To Colonel Roosevelt, still
in the hospital but now steadily recup
ernting from bieJreCent aeriou illnes
nd th operation for its relief, ramu
the new yesterday of the birth of an
other grand child,' his eighth grand
The former President was told of the
birth of a aon to Mr. and Mrs. Archie
(Associated Press 'War bo
has been resumed. German
anrf aro ftiiahlnrt fnruirrl Ufithmit
.tn '
failing back or surrendering
announcer! frnm Berlin. ivhrrA it
A J 4lai MtiLM Msen C Aluweletii 4l.k
mnfrTiTP ' n
m i-y f " j
Senate Committee Is Warr.cl
f Something Must Be Done To-. "
J .Keep Substitutes Available ;'
WABHIXOTON. Fobmary 19 (A
aoeiate.l ' Press) W'heatlcsa , weeks in .
atead of wheatlesa days is an immi--
Bent drtnirer, C. H. Hyde of the Okla
homa Counoil of . Pefens yesterday
told the senate committee-on aerieul
ture. ., His assertion ws made in con
nection with his testimony on fond eon
d it ions and the aoaring pries of wheat
substitutes now greatly in demand by'
reasoa of the regulation of ,the food
administration far the conservation of
Wheat. ','..- ..:.. v; ., -
' I'nless some steps taken to regn .
late price of these - commodities aa
wheat prieea. bav bee regulated, h
believes they will rise t such figure
to make their nn prohibitive with
th bakrra and Iti.-people other than
th wealthy., '. ; ' ,, v . , . .
. '' ' t i i ill 4 f s . ' 1 ' '
Patrois : rjeet and Considerable
Losses To Teutons Report-:
edJFrom London ; r'
NEW YORK, February " 10 f Asai.
riated "Press) Patrol' encounters eul
reconnoitering . niitl continue in most
seetore of . the Western front, accord
ing to the .report of yesterday. Thar
is no cassation of th artillery fir nnd '
th great Teuton, driv is still 1 abey
ance. .. . '' . . - ...'
Patrol encounter ' war reported In
th British official despatches : on tho
Measinea sectors with considerable lose- :
e inflicted on th Huns. , ,,. .,
Along the Arra-Cambral road tho
enemy wa directing a heavy artillery ;
nr against Allied positions. ) ' ',.-',
General Pershing completed a day of
Inspection-in the American front line
trenches on, th sector taken over br '
the Yankees. .,:' .. .; . ,
Protected tv ? tK' ;
helmet worn W the American forces.
the commauder . walked through ' tho
first Un trench nnd visited all th bat
teries nnd dugout. He sked Innumer-v
sldo questions, especially regarding th
food which tho American nr getting.
One cook Answered him with oroo
eritldw of the food, ying that it
lack variety. : "'':, : .k
Pershing mad a few auRgestion on
various points. Wb.il walking through
on trench he slipped and hurt hi an kia
slightly. . , y .- .,. .
Uisolosure that portugqes troop
ar operating o th French front a
fr north a is'euy Chapella were mad
when the War office announced that tho
Portuguese hav taken prisoners in that
neighborhood. - , . ' ..
A';; ,

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