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1 (
huns vainly seek .
to trap American
Raidino Party Within Teuton
, . Unet Returns T ; Find En
tantjlcments Have Been' Elec
I triTied.BiiTiide'and Escape ,
rocket signals are tAH
''j Raiders From Above Make Tar-
VflCt o Hospital Without Suc
v' tes and Eltabfishment Will
i,;E - Be Moved To Position Farther
r KAJNCt, teDruary in
. k 4'L j r ' l-tM- il
- a?-,-. 4n
(Auocuita t resij vv nuc mere
has been little-activity along the
sector helrj by the Americans dur-t'.-'
Jog the past forty-eight hours,
't the Germans have been busy
' - carrying out another air raid
against the American field hos
'Iwc pitat and attempting in various
... way? to trap the Americans. In
t'WlHck carried out, the inge
nttity of the Hun was .met and
defeated by the quick thinking
"? - of the Yankee. '
' ' An American patrol came close
' V tgj ' falling ixjtq one of J.hc traps
'. carefully set. This patrol crept
out, from the American lines and
crossed n No Man's Land to the
German" entanglements. Hearing
'.' n( ' pounds , from the German
; ,: . trenches, the boys in khaki yfprvy
; ; cd their, : way through the en
: I tanglements and explored a por
V;' tion pf be, German line, moving
carefully They encountered no,
Germans.', v
. ;. Whet starting to return, how
ever; -itwas discovered that the
I Gerimfctw had turned a strong
' current xjf electricity into their
. . 'fronfwir.es,' making an attempt
j to'get through these impossible.
The. "AfpMt . realizing their
V rrediwret ng"themselvea in
j,,. jti the midstof the wire and con
t' T cealed "'themsetves;' 'VHfle; strong
. German forces moved up Into the
front;- trench in search of them.'
After, 'numerous star shells had
y boef(ent up and th grouud care
fully scanned, the, Germans gave
up -the search and again aban
: , doned ' their trench, turning off
tjie electric current. The Amcri-
; cans returned i safety.
. ' 1 ''noth'e Gtrrtiafi trick wa c
' tk4 through wth the expecta-
tionj ov ereating confusion in the
'..'American trenches and causing a
' waste, f munitions. The Ger
mans; have learned, it was ap
parent, the significance of the
American rocket signals. On
Sunday morning, before daylight,
r.ockets soared up from the Ger
i, w man lines giving the American
, signal for gas.-attack, these be
r 1' ing' followed by a second series
of rockets calling upon the Amer-
-r ican 'bytteries for a barrage fire.
f ' AnAmerrcn observation offi
; V cer, nfnjfnif ; the' source of these
w false American signals, grasped
ith .intent yyt '.the Germans and
v qakktyhdtfied the batteries and
. the trench commanders to pay
: jnq attention to the rockets.
A squadron of German planes,
.flying ' high, crossed over the
American lines yesterday and
-'carried - out a- bombing raid
r . Against n American field hospit-
javtynich had previously been at
" tacked despite its prominently
I displayed Red Cross. Many pa
tients were in the hospital and
for some time these were en-
'' langred by the exploding bombs,
, ncne qf which, however, found
'ii ' A yesterday's raid was only
'onejpf a series, it has been decid
,i, ed te change the location of the
" hoV placing it where it will
!: be; lew. readily found by the Ger-.-
V'tMMX. Fekruarv 18 Associated
' rrrjal--Th pttstooke u(hurttle hv
. . ear, f. or" . s ai til
' ' decided tO ft iarg aoibr of aub-
. " etation' poKtoWc a a measure ,of
-" economy; The Sfbeme wjU take effoot
'v1 pradually, 'o.' 'tO eaoae a Uttl iq-
eonveaieac possible to the public
Memorable Field
of Batth Held 1
by American'Men
i ,.
Share 'Hofibrs WitN'Vrench Wrlo
Say Only Fault Is Their
Eagerness To FiQht
rtbrmarjr 18 (AaoeUted Tnm)
On on of tli most cflabratad bt
peftold of tilt t wx, Aaiecl
cn troops n now eooponitlag
with tli air rranck comntlet In oc
cepylnc tno front 11m tranchoi, it
h Mtnonct4 for pmbucation 70s
UrtUy. Tko Amorlcana ar flfht
inf on (round that kaa tttmnij n
tlUnic itrnffl and wblch tu
bn ' sooJud with . tho blood of
thousands of Oonau attackm
and Freacb dafondara.. ' ,'. '
blgb "rnch offlcor, dtacnsdng
tho coming of tht Amarlcan troop 1
to this actor, told tht eorratpond
nt of tha jUaoctetod Praaa that
ttt only fault that f raid bo found
with tho AnorlcBna Is that thay
axa too eager to ba engaged In a
.. . m , - .
First of Several Is Established
At Aix-les-Bains and Train
load Arrives There
.' ....
AIX LKS BAINS, February 18 (Aa
eoeiuted Pieaa) With the arrival here
oa Saturday of a trainload of United
Btatoa aoldicra on fartough came the
opraing of tha firat of acTeral Amer
ica a ''leare eentera'' in Fraace. The
civil nuthoritiea warmly welcomed the
ew arrivala aad the eitiavne are or
tending their hospitality te their Iateat
Alliea in the fjeU. "
, Plana of the American government
are aaid to contemplate tbe eatabliah
aaetit of a number of theae eeatcra
where the furloughed mm can have a
euperviaioB over them not otherwiee ob
tainable were they permitted to go toM were attacked be Hoa raidera oa
Paria and other large ertiea. It appear - Batnrday night but the raid ae a whole
M ee ran pian tg imp ia cioavr ivuca
With mea on furlough than ha .been
done by Great Britain. Fr the carry
lag out of thia purpoae authority to
act ia many inataoeee hat beea granted
to United IStataa official fend they will
have the cooperation bt tba mvilian an-
I thoritlea of the -varlona- aetittr, .
f .r ! .r, ' .,; 4fl, , lrt
Netherlands Government Makes
Many Seizures of Goods and
- Rules Work Well !
.. (...-. . .
AM8TEBDAM. - February 17 (Aao
eiaaed Preaa) The day of the war
profiteer in Holland will eoon be over
if the meaaare taken by the author!
tire to auppreaa clandeatine trading
aontinne to prove aa effective a they
have done hitherto. Not a day paaaea
but larpe quantitea of foodatnffa and
artiolea of prime neeeaaity which have
been withheld from tbe open market
are aeiaed under powers recently con
ferred upon the .police. Theae good,
which are discovered in all aorta of
queer biding .place were of coure held
for higher pricea, but they are now
placed on the free market and eaa
fetch no more than the maximum
pricea fixed by tbe nuthoritiea.
Rotterdam atatiatira show that in
that city alone in one month -SO eeix
urea were made, the bit-gent item being
cocoa. Th liat incluuVa many ton of
coffee,- tea. eoap. margnriae. rendeaaed
milk, candiea. oil. potato flour and a
multitude of other commoditiea. A
peculiar eolrure waa that of 6(100 nickel
five-tent pieeee. in which the Oermana
h-re evince a great interest, probably
with the idea thnt "every little
heir... 5'
Big profits have however, already
been obtained by "chain tradera'
"eornerera" and trafficker of tba,
ilk, rlinca the beginninir of the war
the number of inromca of over $10,00A
a year hoa more than doubled and all
the- way down to income of $.1000 a
year tbe inrreaaea have been more
than tnty five percent.
Where the working eluaa population
and thoae with arnall fixed aalariea
would be without the aufeguard of the
rationing and maximum price ajretem,
it ia difficult to aay. Index figure aup
plied b the municipalilv indicate that
ainee tbe beirlnning of the war, pricea
for twenty-nine article" in common use
ia ha artisan 'a household in the Ant
aterdam area have riaen on the averagl
41.4 percent.
OTTAWA, February 15 (Associated
Preaa) The extension' of the franchise
to Canadian women ia now a part of
tbe Canadian government 's established
policy, it was announced today. It
is stated that female auffratie will be
favored by the government at tbe next
, ---
Chamberluin ' Pouch Remedy baa
. Waea ruina- rouoha and colds for the
past forty years and has gained ia po-
psJufity every yea. What bettrr ee-
otamaniUaUtn, ia reeuiradt Fp sale by
all dealer, Benson, Hmith jCa., LttL,
agent for Hawaii. Advt.
mi 1 mil iir 1 -
Report o?noscow
Men Said To Have Refused To
Leave Trenches and Defeated
Forces Sent Jo Punish; Mutfi
LBce Account of Former Affair
NEvt tOBK, ;Tebri"nr;: ID-ano
elatrd PraM)-Rnporta of a mo tiny of
Ocrmai roMlers reached' hare yenter
day from Moacow by way of v tirp
grad. It ia poaaible tbia may h a w
rrvnlt oq ta part of farraa aa Roa
Kian frort e i may be that it ia mer
ly a rpfx'tltio f a avlrektaa" maesage
whli h tru aent - out. froia PetroKratt
mo p than U, week.a ege, on January
5. ' - i '-. f 4 " ' . 1
Moicow daapstche eald tba German
oKllora at Grixtoo and Koyao yefnaed
to obry tha cemmand to leave the Rna
nion Front and proeead to the Weatera,
Front where they were wanted to light
against the French. Thay are report
ail to have eatreacbad theraeetvea and
with thrlr owa artillary to have, de
feated loyal German forces which were
ent to pnalah them.
Thia re)rt beera asany point! of elm
ilarity to tbe one which emanated from
Potrograd prrviootly and it haa baea
aucgeated thai ' It may refer to the
aame incident. . .
On the other head it ia pointed out
this may be aa entirely new revolt
occurring mnek aa did the former one
and point to a breaking down of the
morale of tbe German foreea who were
left on the Rnaeian Front upon tbe in.
augnration of the ermiatiee and have
remained there aiace. i
Enemy Planes Invaded England
Last Night; Saturday Night
Casualties Few
1 u I i
Preaa)-aEnemy airplane fleete are to-1
night -conducting another raid upon
Sngland. Notifleatlo of the arrival '
oaT the coaat of hoatile plane wae eent
here from aeveral eoaat point and from
furthor in a tha fleet advanced and
Informed the city the enemy waa pro
ceeding In that amotion.
Dover and Daakirk ae well a Lon-
waa one of tbe leaet euceeaaful of aU
thoae conducted by the 'Teuton, the
war department etated today.
Only one of tbe tavadlng erart waa
able te penetrate the air defeneee here, to rediacouat and purehaae paper aeeur
It dropped aeveral bomb and. tha 1 d by the ; government ' obligation
eaaualiea are reported M four. At ! and eommereial paper have had the ef
Dover the attempted raid waa aueaeaa-1 focWof driving the bank to diacrjmin
fully repelled. V" -: a . t ' ' (t egaiae' loa 'en Ineligible -paper
It la reported that on of tha raiding
maehinea craahed into the aea in aeek-
ng to avoid the Are of the air defenae
Berlin Tells of Smafl Infantry En
gagements NEW YOKK, February 18 (Aaaooi-
tavted Press) Minor activity on the
Western Front ia ahown by the report
received latit night. Heavy artillery
Are continued on a number of aectors
and there were several raids and ekir-
la its official report last nicht tb
German war department claimed th
repulse of a number of raids and the
taking of a number of prisoners.
The raids reported in the Qerman
official couiwuuique wore on the Chert-
ay, Marcoing and Arras fronts and
were described as "small infantry en
gagements. ' '
. ,-.
Hawaiian Association Acts On
, Favorable Report of Returned
'i ' fAmmU. l n ..a
wumtmoc hi rrujcui
Hawaiian sugar plantera are to t
veat a half million dollara ia a eentral
sugar mill in the Philippine. Tha
announcement was made yesterday by
E. D. Tenney, president of the plan
ters' asaooiatioo and confirms tbe sup
puaition that hits prevailed since tbe
return of the committee which went
to, the Philippines to investigate the
sugar Industry and tho possibilities of
fered fur a proposed investment. The
remarks of members of the committee
aa published in The Advertiser the day
following their return, the. reports
published iu Philippine newspapers and
magaainea and republished in The Ad
vertiser, have clearly indicated . tbU
and it bus been known the eouxmitte
brought its report back with it and
thia has been in the hand a of direct ore
of tha planters' association for aome
In announcing the decision of the di
rectors Mr. Tenney auid it had not
been definitely determined where the
factory will be located but the eonv
pHiiy will noon be incortorated in. the
Philippines. The money will b raised
through an assesnnient of ten cent
ton each month on the output pf the
plantations which are member of tho
association. The amount ia to be de
termined upon the average outturn por
month as deducted from the figure se
cured bv compilation of 1019 1910 sad
J916 1U17 reports.
lord nonwcLiFmnss i iris
LONDOJT. ! February liaaoeiated
Freat) Lord Northeliffa decided ya
terday 'to aceapc aew and highly im
portant work wSJeh he haa beam, aaked
te. aaaomo fad 1 agreed to ftat tbe
dJrectorahlp of ' the 1 borean of , propa
gaaili wrth etnemy toontrlea.
I aaaumlag thf work .Lrd North
eJiffa eanowneed that would net
toeaa hie ret i rem eat , from tha Amarl-
il'lt A ' 4r a . mi. t. v
"War' Corporation
WAHHlNGTf3Nt ' Feraary (Aa-
aoei.ted.: Fre.U- Three-, Important
meaaurea win be Mfore rm r
ednaideratiod thia waek. Theae' 4r
the ' adaniatatratf oa t railroad ' Vgiala
ilea, VeAdoo'a, "WW' Finance5, 'Corpor
atloa'" Bin aad tbe armt deacieitcy
bifl. the Vtte jnearore ib twin given
tha right ei Way aver aU other legiata
tioa, f f jifc,', h.. - . l-r' k - '.'
Relative t the vWa?i,Flnaaoe Cor.
noration BiH and the importance which
he att-bee te it Secretary, of .Treeeoxy Jmea.btsr. nka'. .aperc.urad-bj tbe
hfeAdoo. haa authoriied, thd, followi aote and ,obligationa 4t the . aqarvora
at a tomcat , iiA, (, ..f r toa would be truboct ao.tht T-tu1:
The prapeeed ait o Inoorporate era tiooa of tba Faderal J.eaerve oard and
finanee oorporatioo ahould be regarded tha laaue 1 of. federal 'teaerv rotee
a 1 t m t (. )'. a ai ! a
primarily aa -a neaaore to- eoaoie in ,
banka, both aatleaai Dankl aa. ,
tot fnraWk' aentia4 crexlita for iadae
trioa -aad !trpriesa ,whioh are, se-BRi-y
'.' ioattfbAitory, :.he;- proaoca
tien.ox. th-waar.-. . ; -V
Thc Gewaramoat'e Vrrowing,.- par
ti eJerfyr)darig the" period immediate
prerading .& following each . liberty
ean.1 lai tended to pTeemjlt '.tbe)
-at filitiA.rjf th banka and often
1, nrevena, tnen. irom -givtag i iteaa 1
A Miitaaian hh to nuaai'tMibfie wad
prtvt, .anterpnea.: .u .jm
Tiw-rtri-' Branglit to Vatlo
. r..
aaany mnuiwi -"a--. '
thw wteatl --thf JtrT,i
ireaaury ana 01 ine eu-irii ' 1
Board where railroad, publia utilitiea,
wer pranta, etc. have been prevented
from obtaining the neeeaaary advancea
to enable them to perform vital aerviee
in connection, with tho war, becaoae the
bank . creana ..o.rtiinanry avanawre u
them,- are- being abaorbed by th gev
erameat Itaelf. ....
. In. Europe central banka are permit
ted t grant .banka and banker
ioaat apoa atoek and bond apon cer
tain well-defined , terma. The Federal
feaerve. act doea not provide -for theae,
and the- War Finance Corporation ia de
al gned to fill thta. gap a war emer
eeaey.. Tb provision of tba Federal
reaerve law which permit member bank
ven where . ueh ,. loan were vitany
necessary for war purpoae
tignaed to Afford Belie !
It is believed- that the proposed bill
ha been Wisely -and conservatively
conceived as a war measure to give
relief from this condition during the
period of the war. The bank of the
country would, no doubt; eeratinixe
with the utmost eare both the loans
ihemeervee and the security therefor,
and wonld exercise their individual
judgement upon the borrower 'e credit
before assuming 'a liability fbr the
amount -of the lon, and also because
they would b under the necessity of
advancing, out of their own resources,
twenty-five peroont cf the amount
loaned. The tiiH wouM authorise aa-
vaaeeo to a bank of only aeveoty five
percent of the amount loaned by the
bank to a war Industry.
InJnence on Credit
It la confidently believed that tbe
more existence of tbe -machinery which
this act would establish would of it
self maintain confidence to ucb an ex
tent that tbe aid of the corporation
would only in relatively few cases bo
caned for, and that tho banh would
The greai drydock'W the" Pearl Har
bor Nyal But loo is more rapidly ap
proaching completion than was antici
pated by the navy official aad the dock
contractors, and while June or July waa
set for tha work toe finished it la be
lieved the dock, will be in readiness for
it tests within two month. The final
great concrete block is, being placed,'
after which the caisson gates will be
fitted and the water pumped out,
a 3. Hindeg, bead of the Ban Fran
cisco Bridge and Dock Company, whieh
haa the contract and with which the
Hawaiian Dredging Company ha been
amriated in the work of preparing
Pearl Harbor for naval "purposes, was
here last week and inspected the work
nd left for the Coast satisfied with
the progress.
In accordance with aetlon taken 'by
the 191T legislature by whieh an ap
prepriatioo was made, a federal school
survey is to be made, accordiug to an
nouncement made yesterday by Super
intendent pf Public Instruction Kinuey
and tb Governor. The appropriation
of tbe legislature lor tbe work became
available on January 1 and recently lot
ter were aent from the Governor and
Mr. Klnaey to Vxf P. P. CJaxton, fed
eral eommUaioper pf edcuatian invlt
jqg bit bureau to make the survey. Tbe
protect WM suggested, by th College
Club during tli aea&ioa 01 th legtsia-tur.
ta wiaaioa for Great Oritaia whUh
he heada at home withhia, office here
but would be taken ap in' addition to
that work. 1 , m v, . ; ' J- . ' " a.
. Ia oJTeriog the offioa t4 Lord Ifarth
cTiffe 'tfae goverBment aaked him to re
main h hia former post and eipraeaed
Its rerognUlon of and Ihtnka for the
aplendid aerricetr which de haa per
formed la that eepeeity. . v.' .-."V
i r '
, t i -T"-, - r: :
r.' - '
Finance";: Bill ft Uff
W able to take eare 'of tW require-
" - - SSSSl
), rt t.M h.fiT,,touJ
a BTjiiia for reiiaaiuinx.s-,. , i
(The previaioa tMrrmUting dlraet oaat
by tba rorporatiou ia areptionl caaei
ia intended to providei tor than; rare
aaena wh era. H. may be made, to appear
te thia .corporation that mariwrloui
Vjorrawer ia belnjj uawiatly laoriml
ated againai ,hy,-the-banka.v. V"
7. Uader. the terma el tba .bill aa draft
ed ,tbe, , rediteoiiDt ; audi purchaae ; Of
agamaf eeeaniy ui mjhdt sanaa'
per eo rediacoontod would i ba aub
t t the approval 'of,, thai 1 Federal
rva Board and- to 4t.japeial or
general regulation and all taw pro
vision of Jaw-' in, fcupoct.to. tin.) por
chaaa ,tr diaoountOi wh 8ap and
the. uae tt audi paper -aa leojiatqraj for
tha "ieeue ,f vXAdeal MXWrvie , ote
would extend in ao fa-. u.Aiwlieable,
Unabiding, of i aoqrp,,,tbe, rtxp
imt at- loaat forty eerreut -gold
including,, of 1 aoqrp,,.tba, retfuireanent
,; rve
"- e
n ifowl, tba , minuaua 4Mout of
Whlehiie Ave perueat. It enuat. ba borne
la mind that th federal reaervavbank
awte only, whan tadomed , bj! mernbec
ibanka and.preeeutfd. bi.th latter for
rediacouat at uch rate aa tbe Federal
Reserve Board may approve.
Pra-vntlng Tjnnociassry . TCxpendlture
' As a corollry to the provision for
the "exteaeio of. eredlU the - bill pre
vide for approval by -the, corporation,
through a aystetn ef licensee of issues
of secarities with) a view to prevent
ing, tbe use trf. capital Ja nnneeeaaary
ftxpendituTe daring th period.-uf ,the
wnr.iT1ua U' of .rroat importance to
the country in order to conserve the
aupply of new, capital and make it
avaihahl for governroeat loans and es
sential war purpose., Th; aeeretary
of th treasury ha already aaked for
the voluntary submission to tbe Fed
eral Reserve Board of any projected
capital issue and has asked the Fed
oral Reserve Board to pan npon such,
issues. , ,T,ha Federal Reserve Bord J
already perfor-Jg thia 'patriotic' oer
vlee, and in doing that ha secured 'the
eooperatioa of prominent banker act
ing in an advisory capacity, 'Tbe work
which the board haa taken or this line
should be regarded a preliminary to
aad laying the basis and furnishing in
no small part the organization for. the
work which the corporation win have
to do.
Compared To Selective Draft
' It 1 believed that the proposed li
eeie avate'm ia wise and fair.filn.ee the
voluntary system now set inr motion
will tend to restrict the setivltle of
those patriotic people who have the
nnblie Interest moat at heart and tT
discriminate against them -la favor Of
those unpatriotic peorple who Ignore the
war necessities by refusing to cooper
ate. The Proposed license system la In
Hne with the act which establiehed the
elective draft in lieu of a voluntary
system of creating an army to win "th
war. Tbe sacrifices which must be
made if the war is to be won should
be made by all alike, and not rperely
by those whose patriotism, impels them
to volunteer and who would hav to
parry the entire burden unless; the
slackers are compelled to do their part.
Actual Construction Work ' To
Start Soon
Borings for tb new, wharf at Hana.
Island of Maui, are to be taken' next
week and It is probable that active
work ia conneetioa with the construc
tion of the new wharf will be under
way In the next six ok eight weeks.
The preliminary surveys . for. tba Im
provement were completed .by engi
neers of the harbor board abont a
week ago.
A. I- Burdick; assistant to the su
perintendent of public works, and jack
Noble, who will have . charge of the
drilling operations, will leav for Hana
In connection with the building. of
the new wharf, negotiations for a traet
of about four and a half acre land
at the point where the wharf ia . to
be built are on between the harbor
board, and the Kaeleku , Bugur Com
pany, whioh recently purchased $75,000
i bonds, supplying th fund with
which th work is to be done. It i
expected that the sugar eompany will
give this land to be used in conneetioa
with the new wharf whieh will be from
260 to 300 feet in length.
Actio.' Superintendent of Public
Works Hobby said yeaterday that if It
can be done with the fuuds available,
a concrete pier will be put in, ,
LONDON, (February (Associated
rro)-Jphi Reed, who was namd by
tbe Bolshevik government a it con
sul at New York, ha had hi appoint
went revoked and waa notified ttf the
revocation from Petrograd while, her.
Bead 1 now en rout bom, : ', r , -
humi i:a
; ;i j-i?iiR
laboi 'Leaders
Say War Is For ;
ivyxir King man y
Urge An workers ;Td tarry 1eo-
ognithm With Them Each,
v ';' pay, (bkv'.U Tasks, ; !
" WASMW OTOir, Tebrumrjr : i-3
uAaaoclatod Praea) - Oomplate an
'dorameBt of the war. alma of tha '
Vnlted .ttee- ae , aatpraaaad by- .
' Proatdant Wllaon waav voted at a
' owaloa of the .executive toanctl at
"the AJneaican Federation of Labor "
bald yeaterday. , ;: - " ' f.
v The reaoluUona v paae4 ' by the
: nonncil deolara it la reoognited that
the war against Pmaalaalara'.ie:
' working man 'a war. Tha peace pa-;
' kyi bold between Kneel and er ,
anarry have ah own the futility of
tho labor element aeoklng t aotar
Mgotiattou with the. Teuton aaiU
. farleta, tb resornttona continue. .. .
"Tula . country ban A glgantle
atruggla ahead -of It and It muet
be tbe part of aU workarato aeber- ''
ly fac the great inrportaaea f(.
nar a uvea aa 14 carry uat rc.
. ognttlon with than) into tbelz daily'
wrk,'?.lt.ia advlaed. -Vr-
List ef Twenfy-seYeiT ReceFved
. By War Department Give . .
, Onry Four. Unlisted '?
' 1
VTA8HIW0TOK,v February $ (Aa
oeiated : Press) Foa r mora names
werfs added to th list Vf liapwa dead
from t Tpsani when list of
twenty -eewca recognlt) dead waa' re-
eeived by tka war departaaeat yeetor
day. Of tha twenty-sevea nanSe twen-ty-thre
were ineHded in th rst; al
ready compiled here. '.'Nou of 't
same wer of, .flawtilans. k ' ; , .)
As recognition. lrt"t clothing, trticje
on ths .person; sear, mark and. thomb
prial goes on the lit of known des4
grow and becomes mora, definite and
comprehensive. .!'It'. W'-vqw,', believed
that, th identity Of pearly Bti'wni b
obtaiaed Ha the near future. .)
J tCOypCW,. rbma'ry, sVgMatl S.
U yulupue fjKi.lswgeanV-Maisat qotti
f Brooklyn, wera reaeued xrpm taifc
by a oaaUng achcKtaar. ;
:Th aergeant. aaid tbat : tb Tu
ania took a. ttemeadoaa list , to atar
board almost ae aoon she was kit.
Almost, all tbe bfouoats 4m that aide
wr'v oiuarr. Uown into., the air or
atherwlae ea4re4 oaelea. . j : '
. The aoldier were immediately lined
Itp, md while atandiajr at .atteation
one man began to aing J'My Country,
T1 at Thee' and "The StarBpaaglif
Ban ear"-. ' Tb crew wbick lined UP an
the 'opposite, aide ea-ng "God Save tke,
King,'! ; .'. v". h. -.
,, Sergeant 'Puboquo aai4 th boat to
nthiek h hd been assigned was shat
tered bv the explosion. He clambered
lover the portaid h Ibet .way be
'Annl m.wiA h a r.l KJii In luiAt with
en or twelve, other men. . v '
XVb) hey bad beea iowere4 about
half way. dawn the, rope became, dis
araauged. They wer ail thrown, Into
tb water. ,Tber KM ratbW
sea. but tb sergeant was atria to
swim to the' stern of the, Uuer, find
climbed on, a rft. Ther ke, found
Sergeant Tduller. "' ; J. ' : . ,
. Sergeant Dubuque said , aasr many
men. J9 the ea. '' CollapaibUi raf ta were
thrown, orer to enable tbpse who were
struggling ip tb ,watr to' save 'them
selves. Bom 0 these raft struck
loaded bqats. The sargeanb aaid ke be
lieved quite number rnust. hav. been
killed in hl way. ' ,,-' , ,. 1 " '
mum 1 innT'n
IU lUtUUU Villi
1 VT'r-Hn
Capt. Warren Furdy- wQ left here
in command of the former Inter-Island
steamer Kaauhou when aha departed
forrMnlla wired Ala father, fej or
! Purdy, yaierday. that h had nad
aaf jroyage. V.Vr'-; ' 3 '
No mention w mad iu tb measafl"
4tt -th JJoeau, another former Ioter-Isl-an4
aboamer which sailed from bare
for MAsila at the name time, a did
the Keauhou.' , -;'' ' :.. . ;
i Both then steamers bv been aold
to . a. Manila firm and are ta b Deed
in the xopra trade of ba Philippine
Islands, ', '
1 Captain Purdy i a island, boy who
has had a rapid rls in th seafaring
profession. When he left here he was
nodeddod a to what h would do
after reaching kfaaila, .but k may -nr
command tt ae o th former
German vessel lhar tor th yoyag
te the United States. .
PILES CililED IN B T0 14 CltS
. f AZQ QWJWmX 4 guwnteJ to
uxa; blina Ueeding, fcuing t pro
trndraf' IIJE tn w"tok14 lay or
aaoaey -retunded, bfanufaetuted by
tbf ?AHS HEPICJNJS COv. 6t. LM;la, :
,rj.ti-A, ' ' -; '-
is; ready
on peace
-V".,-. w aw. A w, -a-a- W t ,,,
Asks Assurance Sovereignty Will r
Not Be Assailed and flight To,;
-LLl . aN a . a .
oeiiic taovcrnmeniar ' wrairs ;
for Itself , .f -
111 npiiirn otvi xi nnnrv rr on. . t
- - - w m Marvvi si w vvi '
i tral Power! " Irt 'Rpxtprnhla:
1 Receives Ultimatum Frflim P
raj .Tvj v, hbi suit , r-
.(Associated Prets)-- Pro-'
vjdtjiRamanta' is lgiven" ceriain ,
asatiranr wViii-tt eka . " t.
countris tcady nnd willing to-'
eater apoa negotiations ior peace.
The terms, of her reauest aire, told .
m a aespatcn irom Vienna re- ,
ctiyed' tn Arrtsterdain 'yjssterday.
f Before entering upon pea,ce ne- ,
gotlattoni'RiiTnanla $sk$ the as
surance mat her sovereignty shall
not be Assailed and that she shall
be left alone to solve fof herself
al problems , relating to hedy-
nasty anq lorni pt goverriment.
4 wiijjpm avn
Cession of': Dobrudja, as' 1 las
already been proposed in advance
pf opening of actual, tegptiations, "
yiderl she; shall, be granteel the
sapport of the Central Powers in , .
aUquestibna. reiatjnfcf 'to Besse-
fabia. i.Undei: Uch an igreement
Ppbrudja wcrtild "go. to. Bulgaria '.
which is a proposal made several
.ay? agoby the Ccritrat Powers
at th tirno Rumania was Invited
to open, negotiations. , ,. .-' , (
Widening. of the breach, be
tween Rumania and Russia was
made further apparent yesterday
when an ultimatum was issued
by the Bolshevik government at .
Petrograd. This ultimatum de
manded the immediate evacuation
of Besscrahia by Rumanian troops
that ar ppoedrtO'the- Rassiap
tevplutiooists. Right, to . trans
port Russian troops across' Ru
manian territory Js also Remand
ed as is the extradition of Gene
ral St,erbatcheff, Russian com
niander pf the forces of that coun
try in Rumania.
It is believed here, .that the ul
timatum from. Petrograd has
hastened the willingness of Rus
sia to enter into peace parley.
Cut off as she is by the treaty
between, the Centra Powers and
ttje ykraine, she ia without a
source of food supply and th
breach in negotiations between
the Central Powers and Pctrp-
1 ' rr '. i -i 1 Jf
Rumania securing the support de
marided in, Besserabia in return
for the cession of Iobrudjav At
war with Germany arte Austria
her resistance to the demands of
Russia would be minimised tyhile
with the support of those powers
sh,e .is in a position to defy the
Bolsheviki. ' '
BAIT nkVaViCQ, OaHfornja, FeV
ruary f-r-fAaaoclated Preaa Tbis lty
baa turned fftrmar an4 it boa aver-;
r l, Chief of Police D. Whit.
It is a "help earry on the war" move
nut, Vagetablea and Belgian! bar ;
will tic) th specialties on whioh tha eity
will speo.ialiia. . Iarge plot of vacant
land 1 adjoining "two of tbe yolto -station
hav bben luld put ana the work
already is in ! progress.
PeUoemen, lty 1 offlcial and neigh
borhood eitiaen ax tha volunteer eul
tivatora The warn plan was carried
on in a similar but amallor seal lat
year and was found to be most profit
able., Among, other thing, th olty.
prtoon wa kept supplied witb potatoea
for fly month. A big crop of bean
already in ia eight, -
. . . -
LOWDON, Febro'gry 18-!-(Aaoelated
Press) An offlcial invitation baa been
eatended t the National Union of Bail
waymen to send 360 members pf Uit
organlsatiou ' to make a tour of the
western front. The men selected will
be representative workmen from all
elasaea of th "organisation. It ta un
deratood th. railway oiee'e visit wUl te
followed by visit, from men of th
other great labor uuloua.

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