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U h ifi, v.'ttAWAnAN' gazette:
f 4
r Near; Riot Ocourr At Market
tall . a at i t
, - - i -, 1 t r -'
Chalk Up Prlcei . ,:
. Companies Demand Return TO
' '- Discredited Auction Methods!-
j v& situation u Critical yi fy
, ''''WlthJapneW, tstermen' tfVibMng
In, '.the' verge of 'n general ( etrike,
' - Titan men ia tU fish market, declaring
t1ilr tli will o ull flak at. tha nrieM
ti rueu rood . Administrator ctuia, ana
-': fishing Companies demanding' a return
to the former .methods of conducting
the, fish 'business, the I flea situation
. Iikf on a nrftieal atcf .todaV. ."
Only by the nnrreweet margin' U
the ijrdeY for general ttrlk of fish
ermen avoided at a tnrbulent meeting
. ' erf tb -fishermen, late yesterday after
- boom in the Jisen Kal Clti6, and tU
, tfombeY "of tiaermet bo will Uav4
port today la problematical V
' Food. ComniiMioner ChiM will be
wat te" owmi tan morning oy a- eom
mittee of MM men eboeen by tbe
' flnaermen'i aoeiety who will m)c ttiaf
tae niethedt tdopteft by t govern
mebt tw rdoee tbO nrieea of flat b
mended a a t o allow them to operate
at a profit, . u ' . -. , (
. Xba-eoaaervative element of tbe-aif
eWtf amid .hat nigh that itrike
tiea will i b naorted to only ur
' extreinity; aitnoagb aeverai eaptsri
' aoow that they will etay ja port o
a-weeb it need be rather fhaa go oat
aneV iaenr expenae with n aoauraae
that they will not lone money Vf doiag
. (utaM tf khe aitaafcinH whieh
developed yeaterday afternoon, was the
" - aetiaa- of the Hawaiian Klentrio Co
. in danmading. from- the naUag -eon
naniea, the-keya to eold itoraire roomt
in their, plant and instituting a ayatem
' ot atnet aeeoantiag ror- erery poana
of., flih nlaoed ia the atorase room.
- Thia"; waa done pursuant to the new
reqiutemral or the food aUmiaiitra
tinn. falling for, a monthly atatement
Wild ,getn At Market , . ; ;
Wild aceaee at the flah market yea
terday when "the food admrniatratiea
pat , iato . effeefc ita aeheme' of ad op ti Of
the sMovember acale of Aih priee
eauaed a haaty revision ol the price
orii;iaally' poated and in- the end- It be
came necexiary for the food adminia
trator to on hia federal power in OTv
ler te get the aupply of fish on ale
all.. The excitement that attended
theM . demonstration!, approached the
. proportions of a riot at times daring
which Mr. Child hurried from one pari
'M-af4he neh martret-to the1 othef ;a
. tlreseing mushroom iusurrections of flab
men.-. .
.Ia. the thick of the fray, Mr. Child
was. perched upon (abler at the low
end of the fish market with Ebon
Low, hie assistant in the food admin
istration,, on one side of him and
Japnnese interpreter on the other.
. "This is all a big mistake," he shout
ed. I am here to kelp you not to
rob yon. We have got to start aoma
Where' and thia is going to be the start
today.. You boye don't know haw
much money ftm have been making to
the past three months and I do.- When
van were selling your flsB by the' ba
het yon didn''t know how mack you
were getting per pound. The- preeenl
prleee may be wrongi. If they are, the
we will nod that out in a week or m
and rectify them. But yeu boya have)
K"t to be patient and help. We. have
fiat t start somewhere."
There was a howl from the fish men
ct this juncture and Mr. Child re
. ..... .i I i nr. . . . . . .
yimimu, no ussve ov w siarv
where." i ...
When suniething Jike order- waa-ra
stored, Mr. Child turned to Efien Low
aMd.aboye te row, shouted.
Jj jierohy .deputise you to sell what
fish . here are ia this market at the
utipulated prices."
Bedlam Breaks Loose
i Then bedlam broke loose which Mr.
Child managed to quiet by an appeal
I? the loyalty of the fishermen and
stall men. He told them that if therr
tvere any who- did not watit' to seU
their. 0&h at the priees he had. stipulat
ed, they could take, them away, and
that if any of them objected to hie
- methods tbey pijght sue the United
States government. , .
,Mr. Low madX en effort t dispose
of the fish at the prices that had Veen
pitted but the stall men Were stub
horn. Then a hurried conference waa
railed at the offlees of the fodd ad
ministration which resulted in a revis
ion of tUe prices and. a change In the
reading of the" - blackboard flgarer
which eventually placed tb flsh far
rale In the stalls. The entire suppl
kf iorry-two baskenr wa gobbled
up, by noon. .
Issatisf actioa. With the system1 of
price regulation waa the r principal
complaint at the fishermen ' meeting
later ia the day, which waa atteneT
ed by more than a hundred nebertnea
who happened to be in porfc- Mr.
Child admitted . thai , the plan agreed
upon te adopt the acale of November
waa an error en account of the- faet
that -November eould.net rightly ' be
taken as having parallel fishing eond
tionsi .
Members of the newlr appointed h
crmeu's committee said yesterday thai
they may request that the prices b
riot ermi ued by . some, one meM Kniihar
with the expense of fiahinff and .tUr
expense of caejilng the various kind
of (Uh a this time pf year. Mayor
Kern Was suggested by several perspAr
as a coinnromisn price rcgn.'ator, ' w"
lanui Upon Auction . .
,T)ie meuilwrs of the vomaiKtee who
are selooted from tis Avhing. eompaaies
will, koweyer, auk that the elL ap
tioeiHK iiietltod b reUred a4 ,heUg
the ouly workalde method of handling
the Ash. T)mt the conference Will re
sult in a striking revision of the food
T. l-f r: r lt i f l
' I 1 :
1.11. IV.fV.ILt.. I i
'MvS.S. .
,...1. n:-n::
No Arrafiflem'enti ToB'a Madrj At
Preeertl Tovvflra Arrafiging ,
For Hoiiolulif-Coait Service :.s
; ithl i toHM nittrf ifjtc Vefn((
rtoKlled' rom Saa' fraaeJaeo' taaV the
Tiaitei; fltaUa Bhl'bfi m'Jf, Board-v, bad
granted perWts o (he "POyd Klsesi K
sba ilnrra frj-eaft passengers fr'tfm' ltd
nbtuln ttf Baa Friliielseo; as Welt as" pe
iebable freights,, Caetle h tooki, lot)
ajseatr for the Jnpaaeae' line, were. m
Hd agala. yestetday 4 fbra'neot t rOW
8if jTlft4 rtaf the' gehl wert to
take no. action whatever toard arrahjf-ing-.for
stJch rrfnspwtatloo' ftOtn' fur
ther advices, .;. - .
At nnrt street rnmor had' tt that the
liertnlW bad" suddenly bestt whadrmta
by cBe- shipping hoard and. that HOHU-InK-
after alt, Was ioT tin j'eoelve the
benefit of this, entry ef foreign lines
inta Its eoastwlM mtie but at? Castle
A Coof ofBce the Inforlnatiog give;
out' was that this waa probably ootjr,
temporary request to postnonoTariy ts
HMfgemeafa looMng t tbe, booking' of
passengera, and t aeearing petinbauie
freights for trassfer n! , f be i t Japanese
i liners. o Tae A oastvV Z t..- ,
r j Johw trn, thanager' of the sbrprfing
qnpanniFni er VBsxif -Si vooxa, aaia nis
Interpretation of the axessag was thsf
ir meant only a postponement antu eer
tatnr Intertwt featorea of the tieW arv
radgeineltt weiw sdjusted. at'tbe Jkp
anese en of the- tiae; ioanruei ai the
veeeela run under a subsidr sirreenVumt
With the Jspsnese gnverbdienX, and the
laiporta'nt mattsY'. af rates ia li)' e
-axefully eeiuideret- bfer (ha apprwvt
al of the gfcvertimant was-given, . i )
I faet, the message said explicitly
ta( ft) w aeeeimrf fbi tir Coast rep
reentaties" to asenrw- frenv the" Jar
na government approveJ of the1
enger files, and that these' would' nrob-
ably be adjnsted tobw about the aame
w these ir tfbre evw the pgeifie Mail
. y nnx-ietf . expressed in pfdnte-
non in cisowr'tr eoarnifiTO circles
that the nistter(rou4,be held off la-Uflltelyi-sj4
ejaeeted -asK adiatwen
to be mader ia a few days, "n ' ' '. ,.
George JteK. McdeUaa. b Vaeb-
'ngtoaiv representative of. the. ehaanber
tt iesameree wired Beeretor -Mr G,
Wa yesterday morning that the ship.
'tiaa. .board, led granted neralta to -the
fapanaae Haer from Hoaolnln t 8aa
Tranaiseev . covering ktK paeeengevs
nd- perishable freight, ad indicated
'hat tbe effort was still- being made to
incurs permiu opening, np the Aeem
modationa for travel from Han Fraa-
BfPereiffige of
Pcu:J fitter. Dirty
irtiy twt Juiof,r?rIynln. Are
Declared Pimwaliy unfit In
first mwa lamination For
. MiKtary Draft rfavvaiT
Out of forty-niiie' itt frglstranft
given the first mitttary pSyaical exami
nation held1 under the. elective' draft
set in If wli yesterday afternoon and
eVeniag;. thirty Wsrf declared physle
Hr fit for geaeral irtOifary service by
the examining; ohrxic'lansj -t
Fifteen others were, referred' td the
medleaT, advisory Biard, a large per
eeritatfe of whom, ft la1 believed will be
fowrd ttf be; , pbyslearly " qualified for
limited milttnrx service, ,
Therw wra eulr .Ypnr out of tbe
rorry-aine Tgiitrant wbd Were dh
far phrahsaJlv nnfit Kv.tha- examln
turned down for bragf nnderaice, and-
one o aseouaa of, n. eieft pallate. Two
if these fonr were-Chinese", on a Tin
prno and' fherWtli at Japanese.
, The elaet Of forty-nine taartned are
said-1 have1 beejr jtopresentaClve of the
diflVrtdf natlenalltiea of the Islands,
and MieMtieo? rpaaee, riHptuosi Chi
nese, Portnguesej fUwirjtattt ad Amer
, Tbfe WgV peraVnfage of nVfin passed,
estimatedi r abei' eighty percent, is
no 4u to -fhe ttrenreryter health
of Hetr registrant') bti Beeause of
th new piysiefesiIrtWn wbie per
iniir the drafting of yearly' every trns
exwnrtnedif '.-vrj :
Under he' reiruU6'6na i force- at fhe
Mme xf the. firs rft .iil' h 8rse
fMBBi r&irr.-ts forty- pereeM eM. the
ttsrage Litt these :t fon ... acceptable
phystealrf a e1dien i ' --
Only about sii'mea Out of the sixfy
ofdre to appear the Bnngalow for
fiminsfMn.failedt pa la a a
pearMt' 5 tM&twS-l '
idminlstrator program Wsi predicted
oy men u loucn wuh the ttsb situs
Kion yeaterda,r..i ...
. in sup s I'tev itt.wae- fau or ass
ing boat of aH' aine' yesterday after
soon, the captain of which were du
iious al"ut .veutiirjng. ot v today,
icrtly on . account, of the Unfavorable
weather conditions and partly on ac
count of the., nocertalnty .of fish mar
ket eodlHons.. .,, ; .u v , t , M
' Seveist of V laVge ooat :ol tbe
Califernla-HawaJiaa Packing, Compant
irer. ia port, reporting- r greaf scarci
ty of ako, the ish' fer WhTch fbey r
ntended. One Bowt .'.whicS retimed
froni ar foiMf.-dhyar' rnin Mughf in
inb v aevem shet "j Tji . Hawaiian
Tar) PaeWnff CompAny ri)ort the
lame difllcnltjr Ish Uhlnif.'U '. ' -
rishermerf entrirle yeseetsUy fflit
Mie scarcity o akfn-i tHer-maia- oh,
rtaolsv to fluMaf st pricey Md don
by Mr, CbiW, - Tbf sew . tt ; tuny
law te-vpa(il5 pr ibasstet fiei- ,thia
baia.'llsW i.,Mt,i k mm ,j
, MaUatu.svsst ncieelf missing In the
rket yesterday oa acetatntofi, prae
tioally no catch- ef sea- matl aad. of
the refusal of pond men to place their
mullet on sale at the stipulated prices.
rw w ' , - - - -
Former Mayor Lan Telle of pfe-
pdnffefatinff OpmlQns Among
. Native Havaiian v
,'Iativ Hawaiian on the Big Inland
are expressing a' sentiment In favor of
-f v . . . . .. i . . . . :
rcaerkl prohibition for the Islands with
no plebiscite clause attached, so st roup
that It has surprised former Mayo
jonn- is. lsnte wno touted the
IslaWid of rtswtif list1 week and return'
ffj 0 Honolulu rtaturdsy Inst. He went
U ffnwail' (a his capacity of vice-proai-dtettt
Of the Atlxkul I'liuhnmia o na Ha-
wafl' (Hnwaltan Protective Asnoeiatlon
of whieV J. K. ntilaManaole I fhe pre
Metit. Hi' purpose was in part to ot-
pHKW the departnre of- the Delegate,
ee jar a the need for prohibition is
Vrmerned, from hit lone; evowetf poHey
Let "Heme Rat for Hawaii" and in
part t talk the need nf prohibition for
t4tt Hawaiian race and to sound eenS
stent f the people, . -' . , . i
Alt' ' the Island of irawafl,"
aU M4. In, f I found a preponder
t"ittg aeBtlrhent for prohibition by fed',
eral enactment. There was little' diffi
cuHy in making- tbe people understand
Why the . Delegate, the Prince, hnd
slkSnired bis views on home rule suffi
ciently to advise against a plebiscite
ia this Instsnee.
Better Tor a4- , ' ,
"No ma4tef Whether or not the man
whom t talked' to used liquor, as a gen
eral thing. I feund him convinced thnt
prohibition would, be better for the
Hawaiian race. He might sav he could
dee llqoor la snfety but he would admit
that there, were many, far too many,
whe eowld. not- do so. He would- say
hV WM'WMtng to give irp the usw of it
-for the benefit of the others.
"I feel 1 ean safely ssy tbe majority
ef the native Hawaiians oh- Hawaii are
Opposed to fhe llquo traffic and are
In- fewer of prohibition. Certainly -a
Lvwry liurga majority of those I met and
UUked to, were and they told, mr of
the aentinMat ef others as tbey knew
,.':... '.-.
eWklibant At Dinner
" former Mayor Lane told of s dinner
he-attended 1 Jf llo at the Heairide Club
a-vHmded by twenty four others. Wines
were-nerved for those who used them
and a majority of those present drank
tnetr wtae. ur the twenty five all but
one f avored'.prohibitlon'. by ebnirression
al enactment add. the twenty-fifth op
peaed prohlbrttoa on' as coming
thronph that means, saying he na op
posed, te legislation which would tske
a'way.'lndividdnl' richtstand in which
the-people of the Islands would have
Be voice.
.V Similar sentiment at everv gather,
in he- attested en the Big fslsnd is
t14 ;f by. Mr. Lane, thbugh not eal
Wavs ae nearly aaanimeun. Tbey gem
erailv attributed tbe ill ami the pover
ty f snawf' of the HaWaiiaa race to
tlfcf jnrof lareehoits tlqnere by some
ntewrber t membra ef the family.
Y-it- ief his intention, he said, to visit
the other islands very soon, his plans
bejng to gq to Kauai next.
l-'Owi. fpe&aec
!Mri Lana ls tnakiag this eanvass if
the, Xslnads at no inconsiderable use
Tific to; hikneeltX Hs is not traveling
about- at the expense of any organisa
tion ..butt ia paying his own expenses
and giviag hie time and- services as well
as the expensea he must pay for the
benefit ef a cause which be deems all
Jf Wt; te vise People,,. .
Yount Hawaiian Wh& Lived Far
Up In tti Mountains Was
Arrested A Slacker
Because be lived in the mountains
of fh Island of Hawaii for year, far
frtitt etvlllied haurtfs, learned little of
wh ' going on in tbe outside
world? and new almost aotbing of the
registraiinir , and draft, a Hawaiian
youth waa ' brought before Captain
Field, eeleetlve draft offloer, yesterday
at .'tUA eaeeutU..-building,, and was
f ead- the r4u net-'
. Under the, strict interpretation of
tie selective draft law he. was a slaek
erMbwt Uiere-were extenuating eircum
stances, s Captain Field: found, and so
did-. United HUtea- IMstrieV Attorne)1
Huber; wh was 4a tbe erBo. .
Thai bdy wa sbou$ twenty two years
ef aire, slender, no toe weil versed in
English,, hnd eertaluly was not keep
lug. In touch with werld events.. War
to blia wa -a, remote a .the South
Pole,, for-he dwelt far up in the monn
tains, feadt-ao'- newspapers, and his
deily View was of tbs everlasting sum
mits of MaunrKaa'and Mauna Loa.
i But hia name appeared oa the delin
euent lists aad he wan haWd before
those whom President Wilson had ap
pointed to-see tHat all of lcle Ham's
jivetaifled family of young men be
tween the age of 21 and 31 were Uet
d and - prepared1' fori possible, service
as soldiers in the, armies.',
i .And then milk ef knmaal liindncss
pravailedy ad the boy . waa given an
epportunlty to i Ml- out hie Question
ssire, and-after sll.be probable never
will be. called for his earning help oat
hia father and mother and-fie hn two
little children-pf Klj eww well, to
support. ' ...... . .
; o i f. ,i s
LONIv FeJiruary-IkW(AfHeriut I
i'roM)-r-ralea of ships and nrgM- in
the British Prine Ccrurt have, now reark
ed a total of ever 56,0O0.(MH pounds
The ronrt has sat almost nontinuoiiHly
ever utiles the war 1ukhu, aud the iiiiim
bor of canes brought before it in just
above 11)00.
Schreeder Must Pay Tlwusand
; ' Dollars But Does Not Go To
federal Penitentiary
(Oonolvded from Pag 1)
tare states' eMdon-e and be escape
with a small fine. i
. On January 8 f'.-ipt. Francis Greea,
the b-dra?l officer here. received a
letter front rVlrroenVr asking- him ' not
to forget that-he, Hchroeder, waa regis
tered here for- the selective draft. Hj
aak-ed that the-quentionnaire blanks be
sent te, hist, in Knn Franolsco, His
discharge . by Hsrkfold and' Company
from the- Jtan Frnnclsco office was an
nounced here Janunrv 4.
Otvee Testimony x
t flchroeder was not called to the wit-aess-stand
to give testimony ofWey im
portance antil .this month. His rncmt
Important 'testimony was 'offered Feb
ruary 9,' f 1 and I!) a Sunday and a
holiday ihtrtTtpt!n( the trlnt Most
of. hi testimony relnted to vtbe Jfav
erlch nd tBe attemiits made1 for eotflt
ring the. Intended filibuster expedition.
K was in .that connection be told. of
thifcliartei'tng of a "flmpnn.
JapAnaae Senthnent j
How Jepnnwae residents of Hawaii
feet In'regsrd to the pBtirahmewv of of
fender ppainnt the I'nited States', the
showing of- clemency and generally to
wn rd the necessity of suppressing pro
kaiserisM is shown in an article which
nVpcared In the Hawaii- Hochl-'Whieh
rtskl follows
"When death is an adequate punish;
ment of murflnv, we xhmild consfdvr the
same is- rather too liuht as the prbrwr
punishment of tmiturs who petrtd
their nation and their people. The imposition-
of .capital sentence to" Bolo
Pasha -by the French Conrt Martial
nay well be said proper. It is quite
neanoaable that disenntnntmeat. 1 ex
pressed by the -people toward the- pari
ishreent given to Rodiek.
''Ia order to allow the nation to con
centrate all its resources and abilities
toward the exeention of tbe 'war' di
recting all minds and car to this ene
sol objective.; it iff net snffioient to
round np sod' punii all traitorous eon
duct which may become disclosed. It
isneeesary to go a stop farther and
to completely, erndicnte - all factors
wbtcb are likely to obstrnct fhe- fall
enforcement 'of pntriotic move.v In
(At sense, We con Hid er it an'abeolnte
necessity to-impose pmper chnstisemeat
to -naturalized '.Oeriniii's who Infest the
whole country and . who, under cover
df their fcifiseiishtp. are persistently eb
stTuotSng the Americnn wnr scheme in
eVerJr possible manner.
Welnahelmef Episode d
''The alleged rode language used by
Weinrheimer, minaper of Pioneer Mill
Company,' aruf . the alleged incident of
bis 'hdchhig the Itaiver,' and the. fnrt
that '(THeorg Hodlek who was a rcpresen-rntive-busTheaamalt
of Hawaii wns real
ly Herman eWnstrtmtor, tertd to' prove
that tbee arw flermnn wolVes-lir n-
ihreliriatiqi sVWU,,tfi Terrttory. AK-"
crneriproor vt yiis is tne raci inai
there were some pet so lis who bbstructed
the enrolbaent of nurses to be sent to
the fmnr. Their movements are not
limited to thrs. That - they are- doinu
wrongs more boldlv can- be seen from
the article Of Mr. Fred Waldron which
article apnenred in Thl Advertiser on
the twelfth Inst. . -Wio not mivin in
injure or abuse, tljfl good character or
hroadmindedness of Honolulans, but
hrondmindeidhesv can be. laudert In or
dinnryvtimeiatid place. . To protect the
masked fane of those' who aim to dum
He the nation must not be prai.se.l. The
timie. hawcerftel- Now. is the time for
giidd-iAraeriinfir trj.rarise and for the
Hftke of the eonntry to urleover the
olves from their naturalization skin.
Danrerous Influences '
"In doing this, there la a thing uhu-h
needs care. There are among Amen
i-ans mert with poo i-social standing and
iSflnenoe, but who are sowing seeds f
disoord to the notion .either in foar of
the monetary Influenced the woIvph in
sheep skin, or bv protectinK them in
order to reap their own profit by utiliz
ing them, or by being utilised by them
while aiming to utilize them.
"Mr. Waldron said -that everything
will It ma.le' rlesr 'in six- racaths. We
lwliere so too. If in the Course of the
crnmnfrsix months a great many Ameri
can lives are-lost os land aud sea, am
incident like that Of Weinzheimei
would have boen done wtth wrthout nnv
red tape in the form of investigation. At
any rrle, he check on obstruct Von of
the war scheme can not be deferred a
single dav. Uncover them from their
outward skin and1 give .a decided blow
t their .treachery before, any greater
iiisfortun: may 'Wppiri.?'
.i i f-
PA KIM, February 8 (Associated
l'ress)-r-Tho Jtev. W. B. Hemmick rep.
resenting Cardinal Gibbons ia Catholic
Work Icon nec.ted with the AmjM-ic-an
army ha oianii-vd tbe 81. Michael V
Club and Chaplain'. Aid Soi-fcty here
to provide acuomainrltttiops for Cutholic
chapluiua at the front, when on Jaavc
in Paris, aud to supply tbam with port
able &lta,rx, prayer books, beads and
other requiiem-enls for their work in
tlii' inmps with the soldiers.
Tlie club uuve a reception lust Hun
day to Caidiual Annette and the
TiuchesM do Ven. loins, honorary presi
dent id the club's coinmitteee. Cardi
nal Amette spoke uf the great part the
I'atliulia soldit'J-s nf America would
pliiv in the present vyar heiping nil the
VUies to obtain the lonfcd for "peace
willi victory." The eet'eptien wan at
tindlid iby a tiutnber of prominent Cn
MioJica In, (he American colony of 1'uhh
A MOV. February 18 (Ascintod
Press) Earthquake still continue, nud
condition nre apprnaehiiiK a panic.
Mirny have lien injured and more than
h hundred houses have luen destruned
ln'ic. There in much suffering.
Joe Medeiros, Accused As' First
Slacker To Be Tried Iri Territory
Is Committed To Grand Jury'
HII.O, Fel.runry IS- .Tostph Medcl
fhs, accused of being a slacker, who
defied the drnft board when brought
before it some time no, was arrvst
ed in Hilo yeterday morning and
brought liefore I'nited states Commls
sioaer T. K. M. Osorio. Cnited Htntes
Marshal Smiddy came to Hilo fo make
the arrest, accompanied by 8. C. Huber,
the I'nited Htates nttnrney, says the
Hilo Tribune, February 13.
Mndeires was committed to the fed
eral grand jury for investigation and
his bond has been fixed at tlOOO. Fail
ing to find a boiidmnn, Medeiros wi'.l
remain in jnil until summoned to ap
i pear before the federal grand jury.
The man had changed hie name and
was working in this city undor the
cognomen of ".Toe Johnson." It was
this fart that delayed an Hrreet as
soon as the otticer from Honolulu ar
rived. Medeiros, however, was located
after a brief search, nnrl was then
brought before the dintrlct attorney
During, the senrch for him another
individual, also nnuied Joe Medeiros,
was arrested. He was brought into
the drnft liendqun rters hut it was soon
seen that he was not tbe man for
whom a warrant hud been issued. He
did, however, turn out td be art evader
of the draft for, although registered
on Onliu, he never hnd filled in hls'
questionnnire. The man contended that
fhe questionnaire hnd never been sent
to iim snd that he had come to Hjlo
to get work. . ,
The district attorney decided that if
the gpcnnd Medeiros filled In the ' ne
cessary papers, he would rbe allowed
to depart. This was none and the man
ia back on his job.
The original Medeiros, alias John
son, is now in the Hilo jail and will
be kept here until needed in .Honolulu.
MADRID, February 19 .(Associated
Press) A German offer to pay 130,008
pound sterling compenaation to fhe
children of the Hpanish composer En
rique Grnnadns, who with his wife was
drowned in the torpedoing of tbe Chan
nel boat SiiNsex, has beea accepted by
the Spanish government.
Queer Disease Is
Prevalent Here
A large crowd was intently gazing at
a long white tape-like article in a bot
tle thnt bad ju been banded to the
B. B. C. man, at King 8tret, opposite
the Fih Mbrket, by one of bis patrons,
n ho seemed greatly elated and was giv
ing a somewhat excitable account of
Hie happening. During the past few
weoks, said the B. B. C. man, many
people who are using the B. B. C. medi
cine have brought me internal para
sites, commonly culled tapeworms, that
Itave recently passed from the system.
Many of these people have bean alarm
ed and came to ask for an explanation.
Home of these people did not even
know the nature of the parasite they
brought to me, and ia consequence were
extremely nervous aad welted over the
matter. '
"I take this opportunity of explain
ing what these creatures are and what
I have learned about tbem in the past.
"Tapeworms, as they are called, are
mu di more common than would be sup
poced. I venture to say thnt 10 percent
of the so-called chronic stomach trouble
and whMt- is knowa as a 'run-down con
dition,' is caused by those ereatures. In
every city I visit hundred of them are
brought to me during my stay by peo
ple who have taken B. B. C. medicine,
and doubtless there are innumerable
cases of which I hear nothing. An in
dividual may suffer for years with one
of these great parasites and not be
nware of it. Contrary to general be
lief, the appetite In not greatly in
creased it only becomes irregular.
Homctiinos an extreme sense of hunger
is experiencexl; at others the mere
sipht of food will' nauseate.
"There is generally a feeling of
fa in tn ess, however, and a gnawing sen
snf'ion in the pit of the stomach.
"People afflicted with one of these
parasites are generally nervous and
easily depressed. The chief sensation
is one of languor the least exertion
will tire, and there is, os a rule, a dull
pain in the lowe part of the buck. The
individual imagines thnt he, or she, is
suffering from -many differtuit diseaitcs.
The parasite ia never in itself fatal,
hut it consomes a great part of the sub
stance from all food eaten, and in con
sequence fhere In nof eriouifh nournsh
ment left to sustain the body, the sys
tem loses vitality aad every oran be
comes more or less affected.
"Lack of energy and ambition not
only affect the-bodr, but the mind aleo
hecoim-s dull mid sluggish, the memory
Is not ho good and the eyesight be
comes somewhat poorer.
" As t Have already stuted, I believe
these parasites are -very prevalent. My
B. B. C. medicine, in demising fhe
stomach of impurities, seems to fc fatal
fo these great worms and drives them
from the system with astonishing rap
idity. T wish to assure anyone who has
had the experience jolt related, with
uiv H H. C. medicine, that there is no
. aiiHc for alarm in the matter, and that
i continuation of the B. p. Cmadiniue
..ill, hs a rale, mean a niicc.ly restura
I lion to good health."
r am at the corner of King street,
opposite thrf Fish Market, every duv
from II to !i:'M p, in., to eniduin the H
H. ('. medicine. All druggist, phintu
'ion stores noil dealers now have B H
('. on sale. If they are out, send money
order to me and I'll ship to yuii. No
raio in price SI per bottle. Special
price, it for 5. I pay shipping chaigei
on nil orders of .fi and over. Address
lieu liruuu. Honolulu. Advertisement.
Deputy Sheriff In Tussle With
Desperado Cut On Hand
and Ribs
HII.O, February 12 Deputy Sheriff
Willi An !in sard of Honokaa bad nar
row escape from being murdered on
Katnr lav lat, when a Porto Rican,
Fundonol l.unmin, attempted to knife
him severil limes with a dagger made
out of a i I.-, says the Hilo Tribune of
February I.'. The wenpon was nine
inches Ion., and as sharp as a razor.
The Porto Kiesn cnt Rickard with the
dagger three times through the shirt,
hut did not inflict a serious wound.
Ric!nrd was talking to a Honokaa
resident on the main street when the
Porto Klcnii approached him and used
seme vile language. The sheriff told
the Porto wienn to go. home and not to
start any trouble. This he refused te
do nnd intimated that the o.Hcer should
go home himself, or go to a plaee that
is not quite so cold as Hamakua at
: -nd Held Dagger
Rickard thereupon advanced toward
Gnsmon nnd the Inttvr raised his Arm
as if to strike him with something he
hsd in his hand. The officer grasped
the man's hnnd and discovered that it
clasped a dagger.
The Porto Rican struggled to drive
the dagger into the deputy's body, but
was thrown to the ground, where he lay
for a moment. He thea got fo his- feet
again and ran down the road until he
was some distance from Rickard. The
officer went after the matt, after pick
ing up a thick stick lying on tbe side
wiilk. Rickard saw that the man waa
threatening everybody who came along
the road, so he crept up behind' hlM and
managed to hit him on the hand with
the stick.
It was after the Porto' Rican had
been taken to the jail that Rickard
found that the dagger had cot him on
the hand and had also been driven
through his coat and shirt in three
places. The only wound inflicted en
the sheriff, however, wa a alight cnt
along the ribs on the right side.
J net Missed the Heart
One hole made by the dagger waa es
actly over Rickard 's heart, and if
driver, home would' have meant death:
Another Porto Rican who came to
the assistance of BickArd during tbe
fight was cut on the bach of the band.
Ouenion in said to be a desperate char
octer, who has been in trouble for knif
ing people before. He ia also charged
with drawing his dagger on Antone
Pi as, a resident of Ahualoa, early on
the- evening of the! same day he t
tacked Biekard.
Volunteer Road ' Superintendent
Exert Efforts and Imprtrve
ment t Evident
Greatly improved conditions in the
county districts where the "dollar-a-year"
road superintendents have been
operating have justlfled the existence
uf these- lowest pai(l.uiity emploves
and have refuted the old maxim that
cheap labor produce wasteful1 method
according to City Engineer A. S. Can
tia. The three men who volunteered- tO
serve the county in the capacity of road
superintendents have been bard' at work
on their districts and as a general' thing
have succeeiled In malting one dollar do
service for two1 according tar the snme
that have been apent on some district
in the past. Superintendent James Oibb
of the Kwa District, manager of the
Houolulu 1'lantstion; Manager Adams
of the Kahuku Plantation and William
Henry have been at work since the first
of the year iu their respective disfrlcfs
and have already produced re milt thai
are greatly grattfylag te the city en
gineer. "I am sure that in sit months front
now, at the rate the volunteer super
intendents are going, we shall see a
wonderful difference in some of our
worat districts," said Mr. Cantin yes
terday. "Tbey have accomplished wou
dera in Very ehort time and I am sure
that everybody in the districts pre
sided over by them feels deeply in
debted to their efforts."
The funds at the command of the
" dollar-a year" men are very meager
but the fact that the srrperi oteiKlnrs
are "on the grouud" and able in some
cases fo utilise plantation equipment
make the mosey gd a long way. Gene
ral maintenance is all that ia attempt
ed by them, but in some instances this
work ha approached the thoroughness
of complete remaking of certain spot,
The city engineer's department de
livered to the Kahuku district the one
and one-half ton truck voted by the
fiourd1 Of supervisor
While the sale of war savings stamp
ii progressing in schools, clulis, or-KHiiiz-tttioiis
and in a hundred ways in
Honolulu, word was received here vea
ter.lav that a quarter of a million
stumps are to be sent to Honolulu hn
mediately. The notice was received
from Robert W, Whunfle, who is now
m Washington. He siiid in the miis
Mic that the I. in shipments will do
nway with tho necessity of appointing
a custodian in the Inluuds.
Kuiulaui Bchool is oue of the first to
. lol in. a report of the sales uf stamps,
la this1 school the first few days of
the cainpai(n saw fl.ll.H.'l subscribed
t.v pupils for stamps. Thrift cards
li.ive been distributed in all of the
. IioiiIn of the city und these are being
hlle.l by pupils.
.. . , k
nwima .Kebmnrr 1. g.
a a . , , ,. - .
S f i r
M f
aicx. RsMwin, ua. .rr.
Kits t'tsntstlnii 'o. ....
Hslkn Hiiirsr i o
Ilnw. As-reft. I'o ,
iisw. c. a x i mi
Haw. Hss-ar ". ! ......
ll.moKss Hiitar Co
Ilononm Hnvar Co . . ...
Hiitrhiruioo Rn. llaaC
Knhiiku Plant. o
Kekaha Sir. Co. . ......
Kotos Muirsr Co
Mc llry1 Hn. Do., Ltd.
Hihii Ho ' o
Ulna Hn. '.. Urt. ......
OnoitiMi Muff Co
4 i
I'aauhaa Hus. Plant
'aelHc Has Mill
l'sls HtantetUn f!o. .
reM-ckco ens. Co. . . .
ITnnarr Mill
Han Carina Mtltlns l'o.
Wslstna Asrrtl. Co. .
Wallnka Mils. 0. . ..
End a- TJswihaassne OeV .
1st Issue Assess 7 F-
zna issue rata up . .
Ilslka P. k P. Co.. Pfd.
2f .
lisikn r. A P. Co, Com..
Haw. Coa. Bs. 7 A . ..
Ilsw. Oon. By. W B ...
I., v
naw. en. nr. im .. .
Rawallaa Klectrle Oe.
Hsw. Itneapirfe Co. . ..
Hon. B ai. Co., Ltd. .
Hon. Qas Co.. IAA. ....
m )
14 Tl
Ilea. m. T. A U Co.
144 .
1W 7
Inter Inland' w. N. Co. ..
Mn. Tel. Ce, .
Oahu R. L. C
Pahaaf Rahber Cn. ....
Hclsina Mlwllnsn, Pd. .
name s. nil
. i0 I
Tanjoa LUak Rubber
ReeetaWaUi t. D.
Rsmalna Dttch C., Vs..
Haw. Con. Rju
HaW. Irr. Co., fls
KaW. Ter. M. 18f
Haw Ter. Poh. Imu
HaW. Terr Pah, Into.
(series llil3-'1l ..!...
Hkw. TerrT
r. a
I - -
Hilo oce ui,, v.
Honokaa Ml Co.. '.
Hon. Mas Co, Ltd., 5s
Kauai Jty. Co.. s . .....
ski non ibis, mxc,
MeBryde. Hu. -.r'
Met. Tor. M .,.-...n.s.
Oahu R. k L. C1 V .
Oaho' mnjr. Co., ).
(Na H 1
Pacllle Uuane A r. Co., ft
Has Carlos MlUlo 6 ,
i. J .
BKtlTCXrt rWAkM- - ' .:
Phmeer. V Waialmv L lft S&M;
Onhu. 20, J2, &1.M), ' i. '
. . M)AJta aUtt"v,
rViMvs, 10. W,. 10, SO. 30.3(1 .
Mannar B, l it t
m aaalyaM.beau la aArtpesti -ny.t ;
M4jeTt.- (Tor Haw.)- tncnr .,, .00J
' i . fetsrosrv : Wj Una " -
aiasapnns ,
New York ,
HAS-' rHAffCtRCO, Pebriianr 1ft Ani- ,
dated press) ' roflowftit r (he epong
aa4 clenssc saoatk tt t
stacks- In tb Bnweisc aa(kt fs
Maw'n Coml . .........,4
riawaiian micar vi. ....
Honokaa. Bssar .....
ftiitebluMin 8uSf Co.
Oaks (Husa .
(Naa- guswr Co. .
(xaMBfea siuaai cr v .h
MU1KHUIS1 '. ...i..
Knacle it'evper .
1'aauliaa eusac C
Heaoidw I'UntatWsa- .
1. u
Kardoae- tli ftilWtair rfW tee ,
Storks, as wtrelsMSs: So The A4t
Bg Btiiaikanr- AV Cr - .
rara iu
ttsce g
-BaMnv - IMS
KmtM C4sie
Harrarn . .
rrom Blnxsnki
Jim Butle ,
Jerome Verne
Mirrt.ni..- .7
M si went Oil. common
Mot he Id- .......
Key. Hercules .
Renrue Muja .
Sex four, ,
li-hmnnd Cmiee .
nilver Mi Csus, .
Touopan Ritensien
Tnoluma .
WUhert ;
Kerf iaaw . ..-.
Itotlsr .
4 . .47
iov ' -04 -
Ua f.10
i .1.1
:::::::: '-isj
M ELBOUBNE, January 27(JUeel ;
tad Pre)' Dtvry tliat the AMnt
lian governmenb had ylnce erfler i
the United Bt4. fr thl bnilldiA if .
fourteen- wooden; sailing s chip,, baa -aroused
the trad unioaisfs to tfe4
the government.- The crlrteto fs 1
tensifled; by tne charge that the gever. .
ment baa been shipping Australian lum
ber to American yards forth coast ma
rt on of the1 vescel. ''- ,'..,
The Prenrirtv Willinm, M. Hoghe U
are,UMd of barviog broken- faith- witi
the Anstralian shipwright- by giving
the AnMffean werkalen the noutracts
InaeeoeV of having the Vlt bulls her,
Mn. Ilughea replied by saving that
fhe ship' were ordered from the Vaited.
HtaCe to meet the critical eitnatiOB -aud
that with the cooperation ot Australian
workmen, the government wa ready to
engage- In ship building ia Asstralia.
He said that the last Information from
the United State wa that the con
struction of the fourteen vessels was
being expedited. .
Commenting upon the . affair, W.'. A.
Hrown secretary of the Port Philip
Hhip 'rights Society, eaidt
"It neems disgraceful that, while Mr.
Hujrhe hat been agitatiag for ship
building in Australia, Australiati
tradesmen should have been, ao hood
winked ia regard to tae scheme and
that vesaels are to be built la America
Instead of Australia, eenecially . when1
timber hat to be sent from bete for
the purposea."
't'r :
' - t

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