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GEIiuiiiiS Filll
Comparison; of New Lists With
Old Shows v Great - Numbers
;v Have Not Complied With Rc
' quirements' of Proclamation -
Indications - Are Many .. Enemy
" Aliens ! Have Determined To
Flout Terms -and These Face
; . Arrest and Internment
Y AS1 1 INGTONl February
7 '-17 (Associated Press)-?-
A comparison of the lists ol Ger
man alien enemies registered in
; the various federal judicial dis
tricts with, the lint of those, who
have complied" with -the Presi
dent's proclamation calling for, i
rc-rcgistratjipn, at. which th$ fin
ger prints of ail registrants were
to be taken for record,, shows that
'manythousands 'have failed "to
obey, the new ruling.
The proclamation called upon
all male German subjects of.totir-
teen years arid oVer ttf submjt.'tp
r re-rcgistratlon ' by-' las ; VWeflrtes
dav. after whioh thrixe wtin
failed to provide themselves with
a permit to be at jarge) Would be
: interned. In' addition to' having
their finger prints taken, , each
registrant had to furnish photo1
graphs of himsejf, one of which
'photographs was 'to be pasted on
' his permit card.
The reports being received
from many sections state that
ytry many Germans have-apparently
decided to flout the terms
. of this proclamation and steps
- are to be taken at once to arrest
all the registration slackers for
internment. Action to this eni
will be taken within a week. '
W;,:, - - t .. ;;
An exception regarding the
date for .such 'registratlorti fids
been made in the case of Hawaii,
. in order to permit the necessary
blanks and detailed instructions
to- reach here. , The finger print
, ing and photographing' of tli
German alien enemies in Hawaii
will not start for two weeks. All
who fail to register here will be
interned in, accordance with the
President's proclamation. '
: : v (
Rumors Concerning British Offi
cer Are Finally Confirmed
LONDON, February 17 (Associate.
J'renh) Announicinciil of the reiugna
tion of General Hir William It. Rob
ortson, who was chief of staff, was
made yesterday, thus confirming the
( rumors which had been heard for the
past severs) days that ho was to re
', sign or was to le dismisseii. It was
; also announced that he would be sue
' eeedod by Gvnerul Wilson, the sub
- General Kobertsou bus been under
" fire of criticism numbers of time since
ho assumed bis high office. These
charges of hi critics bovamo more vio
' lent and culminated in connection with
tha aueceese of the German eoantor
la tba Canibrai sector, which it claimed
practically nullified the gain which the
' British forces won at grtut tout. ., Hj
waa vindicated in this connection, '
at least escaped goreramental censure,
but the pressure against him baa bee
such that he deemed it best to retire.
i ,, ,
WASHINGTON, February l-i(AW'.
ciatel Pres)-eerotry : Daniels i fta
nouncea that one ot ths-aew deetreyers
has been launched at. ft Pfteiflo port ad
is sirty-aix percent eoulpleto, only four
mouths after, the koel was laid. This
constitutes a new speed record.
WASHINGTON, February 1J (Aa
socinred Prese)-The treasury depart
ment announcea that the United Btates
, will allow Mexico enough gold for bar
immediate needs. No loan is contemplated.
ATTACilES TO 1R(AI nllirFM..!
Coutt-f'artial Wil, So6n. Proceed
KOn.Case of Officer Who tta
. ' ' .' '. .--; f '
cp Importance ia attached to (he
preparation for the trial by eourt liiaf
tUl of ft army 6fftVer anw ta confine
iet,;liii ,hn been ailng aerimi
charg for the past three weeks, ami
who hik already been arraigned before
a court,' Meat. Carl Hey ran being the
officer til qaeatlon.
.immediately upon bis arraignment
fcia.eonMel asked Tor a readjustment of
tbir specification and charges, and a
oard Of nrteoni was called to investi
gate the ,iqat and to erry oat the
renuent..; j
; Considerable' mvitery Has attached to
the detention, aid arraignment of Lieu
tenant lieyraa, because of the faet that
bo wan' hHd a prisoner, under charges,
at Toft Shatter where he if under me. I
teal attention, and because the military
authorise have oaturolly felt that
aatU the fsse waa actually before the
eonit' and fh accused officer on trial,
detail should not be made of public
record."-. ' ; . . .
hJaJ. ' Henry C. Merriam, U. 8. A,
cmer ox nan or tnc Hawaiian Dviiart
meat, denioa rumors whirl) have been
atroet gossip for aome time of any ee
errt trial , aiUl execntionit of any eon
nerted. with tho-local military aerviee,
and pofnta to -the fact that only when
tha President has approved a death sen-renee-run
. such 'a aentpnee be earried
oof. There are no atone wall firins
iOqaair VgW' the army those days.
:-.'.'i i nl.'i , 1
'' LONDON, February 16 (Associated
Prens) fieporta of naval battle have
reached Stockholm in a despatch from
Gothenburg, expressing the belief that
aa engagement pf eonaiderable propor
tions has taken plaae.
; -.Th.j;epprta tell of the recovery of
tha bodioa of Gemkn sailors apparent
ly "from warships.; i
Borlla-Sara No Loan
The Gfrman adm.italty today issued
the following statement:
,4On tha night Of February 14 our
torpe4o"boata made a surprise attack
on strOt rranfk and English naval
forest fuarding the English Channel.
The fcrga number of guard ships and
the armed isbJng vessels and motor
boats ero forced to give battle. We
destroyed a large part of them and our
forces all returned, having suffered no
lose nor damage." '.
Only ; One, Machine Dodges Anti
Aircraft Offenses
'"'.HI-'. , V- I ' " )i :
t'ONPON,, February ' 17-Asaoc iated
P.rese)-rA; Oeuiuut a)r,s(rua'dron crosseil
the Kentish coast last night nd pro
ceeded oa toward London, where aa at
tempt wns made to ierc the air bar-
. Lp to an early hour this morning
the attack appears to have been a com
plete failure, only one machine inaoag
ing to run the gauutlet of Rre and
from that maehiue only one bomb is
reported to have been dropped.
No damage nor casualties have been
One Child Killed and Seven Per
sons Wounded In Few Minutes
LONDON, February 17 ( Associatod
Prfsa) A child waa killed, three other
children injured and a woman and
taree men injured in Dover during a
brief attack on the city by an enemy
submarine. The nndersea craft was
finally put to .flight by the shore bat
teries. "Yesterday' morning a German sub
marine emerged near Dover and oro-
oeoded to throw a number of shells at
tha city. ' The shore batterlea opened
Oft the submarine and after thirty
rounds had been fired, it retired.
ABOV,, China; February lTMAsso
elated Press) A severe earthquake yes
terday wis experienced throughout a
Urge part of Fukien Province, thou
sands of buildings being damaged or
destroyed. In this city the material
damage is widespread, but there ha
been no loss of life reported.
Get rid of every cold aa quickly as
possible. .It is- tha forerunner of all
pulmonary trouble, and pneumonia may
develop in a few hours. Take Chamber
lain 'a Cough .Remedy. It ia a simple
thing to do, but the effect is marvelous.
For sale by all dealers, Ben, Huiith
t Co., Ltif, agonts for I'... -i-Advt.
airy.--. ..
Selective' Draft Officer Fully Ex-
, peers to; see Drafters m
Uniform Before Spring
At soon as the physical examinatinn!)
of atf the draft registrants In Hawaii
are completed it is the belief of Capt.
;H. Gortding Field, selective draft offi
cer, that Hawaii-will be called upon to
furnish her quota to the fighting units
or rne national Army.
Contain Field Mid yexterday morn
ing that the request of Oeneral Crow
der to apeed up the completion Of the
?aestionnaire work and to have this
ol lowed by an early completion of the
medieaj examinations, presages a rnll
for aerviee. He firmly believes thnt
Hawaii' will have its drafted men in
uniform,- beforo spring.
.With about (WOO men to be physical
If etnmlned, end ft large proportion of
the certain to be' deilnred, cligibl" for
grade- ime mflitnry servire, (he m-lect
We' draft officer Is' also of the belief
that Hawaii's fighting unit will he a
creditable one and made up of a lurge
hnmber of nationalities.
Will Bo Eerdy Soon
"We will be ready in the not dia
(aat future to supply this quota," said
frfptain Field. "We are moving ahead
here as fast as )msible. We are com
plating our qnostionnsire work, and si
thongk there are nisny delimiurnto. the
local boards will' proceed agaiunt thce
under the provision of the selective
draft law anil ascertain why they did
Hot respond and Till out their question
naire blankiA Common sense will pre
vail and opportunities given, I believe,
toi permit many who obviously did not
deliberately refrfttn from fulfilling
iheie doty In this regard, to register."
Tbe.bnngalow (if the Palace Grounds
Is til pre) a red for the phvsicsl exami
Lnations. The medical boards for ench
of the two locnl exemption boards will
bo located in the same building, both
qo the ajieoud floor'.' Both offices are al
ready fully equiped with apparatus
for physical tests, and medicines and
(ill manner of material will be on the
helves by. today. .
- Lockers 'have been provided where
men being examined enn safely store
their clothing. As much of the work
may be done at night the front of the
bungalow will be illuminated and signs
will boeonspicuously osted ho that
the examination locatiou .cannot be
Planning To Capture Movie Busi
ness Away From America
AMSTERDAM, February it (Asso
ciated Press) The Uermau ' producer
at moving piaLue films have, effeeted p
combination with view to. capturing
control of the world-market from the
Americans . after the war. The new
Oeriuan film trust has a-capital of more
than $",(MX),000. The government-controlled
Lokal Aar.eiger says of its plans:
"The main object of the new enter
prise is to make our film industry inde
pendent of foreign influence. Once this
is achieved we may depend upon Ger
ninii enterprise and organization-to con
quer the foreign market as well. Steps
have now been taken ftvhlcb insures
that the moving . picture business,
hitherto only the .handmaid of pleasure
and entertainment, shall become a well
disciplined and organized power, which
can do a great deal to propagate Ger
man culture and knowledge of German
strength throughout tha world."
l.ON IX IN, February "17 (Associated
PresM i Postmaster Oeneral Illingworth
predict that Knglaud will have difflcul
ty in obtaining food until next August,
but after that, he said there would be
an improvement, which would be steady
anil continuous, for the shipbuilding
position was improving very rapidly
uud was very nearly, though not quiet,
equal to the losses the country was suf
fering from submarines.
"Before very long,'" he added, "our
efforts alone would have overtaken the
position, and our tonnage would be
increasing. Beaidea, American ship
building is beginning to be felt and in
the course of the next month r' two
the output, of American and British
shipping will be considerably more than
the submarines are sinking. Our posi
tion is vi rv much better than that of
derma nv. hore the people are almost
ou the brink of starvation."
HAN KKANt'IHCO, February 10
sociatcd Tress) Sentence of H.
A. Nchroeder, former clerk in the German 1
consulate nt Honolulu, who bas pleaded
guilty to violation of the neutrality!
luws in connection with the plot to
'oinelit ii re' ellion in India, was to.! ay
deferred until Monday.
PAHIS. February 16 (Associated
Pres) -Tun French hvdropluues en
countered mid supposedly sunk a Ger
man siibmiiiiue in the Fn.'lish chnn
nel. say-, u ii otllciul Kictuh announce
T. K. K. Steamers Given Permis
sion To Carry Passengers
and Perishable Freight
Now Remains For Islands To Se
cure Extension So As To
SecOTe. Fresh Foods
Hawaii 'a long fight to secure the use
of passenger accommodation n foreign
liners, particularly those of the ToyO
Kisen Kaisha,' between Honolulu and
Han Francisco, has been won, but the
fight to obtain the same privil"es over
the steamship line from Hnn Francisco
to Honolulu baa still to be continued,
the company .having been granted ft
general fermit for all its vessels call
ing at Honolulu en, route to San Fran
cisco, thereby opening- the splendid
easels to tourists, assuring them of ft
certainty , of always getting hnck to
the count no matter bow restricted the
fccommodationa may bo on American
vessels bound for the mainland.
Only when the Shipping Board de
cides that the use of these accommoda
tions is no longer necessary, will the
oertnisslon be cancelled.
Fruit May Leave
The permits include also the carry
ing of perishable freight, so thnt Ha
waii may be assured of constant apace
for fruits under this rlarsifleatoiii.
Immediately upon learning of the
derision, which was made public by
Castle & Cooke, local agents for tho
T. K. K. line, the promotion committee
cabled to J. Walter Hcott, superinten
lent of the committee's activities upon
the PaciUe Coast, requesting him to im
mediately notify all passenger agencies
between Han Fraoeisco and New York,
Including all offices of Tho. Cook A
on,- Raymond Wfliitcomb offices, the
Frank Scott agencies in Chicago, and
Hawaii's railroad and steamship friends
In New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis,
Oenver, l,o Angeles, Portland, Halt
I.nko City, and Boston, thnt pasnenger
xecVmmodationi will he plentiful on
Hi is line of steamers and accommoda
ions certain to the coast, and that per
mits may also be granted soon for open
travel from San Francisco to Honoltv
!u. Castle & Cooke's iiotlce was a
Notification la Issued
"Pacific Commercial Advertiser
We are in receipt of cablegram ad
vices this morning from the San Fran
cisco office of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha
stating that the United Btates Ship
ping Hoard at Washington has granted
the privilege to the steamers of the
Toyo Kisen Kaisha to carry perish
able freights and first elasr'tiASftengers
from Honolulu to Han FrahViseo, but
that this Privilege- Js jrnbjeVt to can
eellntinn vfithout.previoiia ldrtce.
"The Subject of transporting all
'-Isaacs of freight from Honolulu to Pan
Francisco ia at ill. under consideration
by the United States Shipping Board."
W. H. Avory, assistant to the gen
eral mnnager, who lias visitpd Hono
lulu several times in the last few
monihs in connection with the suspen
sion of the coastwise law which open-
ed the way for the eompauy'W accept
local business on their vesMels, said,
hile here a short time ago, that if
the Cnited Suites Hhipping Hoard gave
the company the long-term " permits
asked for the company would accept the
offer. ' ;'
Company to Advertise
The promotion committee has also
been informed that through M. Avery
the company will launch a general ad
vertising cumpnign all over the Uni
ted States announcing the new ar
rangement and soliciting Honolulu
business. The promotion committee
considers this a most favorable op
portunity to retain its hold on the, tour
ist business, and to that end will im
mediately launch a new advertising
enmpein upon the mainland, its first
move beini the instructions to Super
intendent Scott.
Shlnyo Maru First
Probably the first liner to visit Ho
nolulu under the new arrangement will
be the Hbinyo Maru due from Yoko
hama sliout February She will be
avnilable for the carrying of local pas
senders from here to San Franqisco.
Haymond C. Brown, secretary of the
chamber of commerce, felt that the
work of the chnmber of commerce,
which passed a revolution a few weeks
ago favoring the issuance of long-term
permit to tho Japanese line to carry
both passengers and perishable freights
bets ccn Honolulu and Snn Francisco,
has been thorough. The mutter ' was
placed in the bunds of George McK.
MeClellua, the chamber's Washing
ton representative, and he waa urged
to lobe no opportunity to urge... the
shipping board to issue the permits.
He was also authorized to bring all
influence he could possibly bring to
gether to secure this result.
NKW YOHK, Kebruarv 1(1 (Asso
ciated .Press i Dr. T. IenauH, director
of the East mid WVst News Bureau,
speukiug at the Lawyer's Club lunch-
on today Mud that the Kussina chaos
is threatenini; the ience of the Far East
and "unvested the possibility of Japan,
ese intervention
( Associated l'resw I A warruut was is
sued today elnit "iiir 'liut Prosper J.
Forrest, son of Ivlwiu Forrest, a wn!l .
known ton ti -) i company owner, used at
o ornno-nt
slump -i'uifviug
lo tie sold the gov
that defecti e steel
eminent, tin -nimble for nvernuieiit
work. The steel n iuieuled fur
crankshaft uud other pints m
HUSH AIRMEN inmcoaaEiicmanovjTo
mmm,s"ow some itwerEtmmcii;
Single Machine Fought Back
Hun Drive Escaping By
An Actual Miracle
80MKWI1ERK IN Fit A NCR, Febro
ary: 10-i-(Correwpoudonce of the Aw
elated Frea A stirring story of how
cue daring British aviator, like a guar
dian aftgel, held up for a whole day
repeated enemy attacks upon a weak
and crumbling British line at ( ambrai
in the height of the desperate strng
gle there by using four airplanes one
after another as they were torn and
crippled by enemy fire, has just come
to fight.
It shows that some of the most dftr
ing and dangerous airplane work of
the- JiSst year has been in the new
field Of attacking enemy infantrv from
the ftfr?
The Germans were trying to recotef
ft portion of the lost Hindenburg line,
pusDiog witn great weight of men
and guns at point where it was very
difficult for the British to bring no
reserves. The British battalion oniio-
! .1 - - 1 A - L ,
ins ib Biiacs nsu gone to earrn in
tittle Isolated groups among the shell
hole, grimly determined to hang on' to
the etia.
Horde Swept On
The (tefman masses had already
moved across No Man's Land into tho
battered earthworks that once formed
mo writisn nring line. Uther masse
Were moving up in support, and al
ready the nearest shell boles wert
heaving and boiling over with tho
restless heads and shoulders of men
about to renew the advance. The bar
rage of the British guns was heavy,
but at close quarters onlv infantry can
stop the progress of Infantry, and the
fire rrom tbe British shell holes had
grown weak and straggling. It looked
aa if the scanty British line would be
overwhelmed by sheer weight of nam
The fire from the Germans Increased
Until tha air was alive with their bul
lets. It was the concentrated fire Which
alwaya precedes the rush to close quar
ters. The blue-gray figures were al
ready beglbuing to appear above tho
shell , boles, their loose flaiminir UB
iforms and hideous gas masks giving
tnem- toe appearance .or demons, when
ntddenly into the smbke and mnrk of
battle there-dived a British airplane.
Back and Forth
Fifty feet from the ground it flat
tened out and skidded along the line,
dropping its bombs among the hewild
ered Germans. 'Wheeling swiftly at
tho flank of the attack, it came skim
thing back like a awallow charging a
swarm of flies, its machine guns en
Blading the advancing foe and driving
him back to his burrows.
A storm of German bullets swept
through the planes, and a black flame
centered burst of enemy shrapnel
smothered the airplane in vapor. The
watching infantry saw splintera fall
from its quivering frame and the silv
ery fa brio ot the underwtnga- waa torn-
in several placet ty shell aplintera. But
the daring pilot finished hit course and
vanished into the smoke clouds, leav
ing the panic-stricken enemy clinging
to his shell boles too shaken and thlu
ned to press the attack further.
Little bv little, however, the German
.supports came, advancing by short rush
uvrr inp open, rrinrorcmic meir cons
ra'des by twos and threes in spite of
British fire. Scores and scores of fheir
dead littered No Man's Land, )at gra
dually the strength of the attacking
line was made good, and the shell hole
again began to heave and boil, aa race
rose from the lower cover and laid hold
of the rims to assist them over the top.
swept Them Back
Then suddenly tber were over and
away, little spurts of humanity belch
ed out of the crater field, coalescing
into a seething hliie-ffrHV. rushing mass.
hopelessly outweighing the handful of
British defenders. But before the mass
could gniu full momentum, a familiar
snoring hum sounded above the din of
battle, mill out of the low. lying base
swept tin- covering airplane, a new ma
chine bu flew with the same pilot as
before. His bombs dronped among the
:idvuncinr Hermans, dispersing those
who eacii'icd the flving fragments, and
his machine guns swept them out of
sight int.) the shell holes.
A hut' hour passed, and atrnin the
enemy attempted to attack, this time
hesitatingly and with diminishing spir
it. A'ain the airplane appeared, and
the first rattle of bis guns sent the
Germans into cover agaia. A German
airplane dashed down to drive him
away, but another British machine from
the protecting patrol came down on
the German's tail and sent him cart
wheeling behind his own lines. There
were other German machines ia the of
fiiiL', but the watchful British fighter
made the enemy airmen shy of losing
their altitude and the daring British
pilot kept his guard over the threaten
ml line itho"t further interference.
Ercped By Miracle
Main times he swept down on the
G.-rmeus thnt dav. crumpling up verv
attempted attack with his fire, rend
ering portions of their positions unten
able with his bombtt often rocking- mad
ly in the nir mists from a barrage sal
vo. .iust ms often performing wilder
n-nienve's to confuse the gunners and
riflemen ho searched for him luces-
antlv. Three t'mes hi alrnlaiie wa
,. I,-. ii,. thnt h had to nura
its failin" strer-rth back to his aero
drome. Ro Mii'-h time he rct"Mie'' on
t nen- maclii". encouraging the Brit
is1, iof"'i'rv bv his examnle, and ni-M
"ring death and ennfosiop among their
He i'ii flvinir l's fourth machine
"lien rU ii.'sh stt'ed do-"!!, tiuttjn?
nil end to 'he cunfli'- ith the (ler
iii-iii', m'rnri v checked.
WASHINGTON. February Id (As
sneiated l'lessl The President issue 1
a proclnmntion vestenjav rdaein s'l
exuorts to nil countries under the li
censing system of the war trade board,
Germans Concentrated To Help
Oust the Bolsheviki From UK-,
raine and Move To Resume
Battle Against North Russia
LONt)0N February 17 (Auociated Press ) A split between
Germany and Austria, over the question o( the resumption of
active hostilities against Russia has taken place arid Berlin has
been notified that Austrian troops are not to be employed against
the Bolsheviki nor in any other military movements not formally
sanctioned by the imperial government in Vienna. '"' '
.This show of Austro-Hungarian independence was reported here
first in despatches from Vienna, quoting a "well Informed source",
which declared that the German decision to resume hostilities against
North Russia would not affect the attitude assumed by Austro
Hungary, as announced on Friday in Vienna by Count Cxernln. :
" The Austro-Hungarian foreign minister, in responding ' to art
lddresa by the burgomaster of Vienna, stated that the imperial
government would wait a while longer in the hope that an honor
able 'peace "with Russia might yet be secured, despite the refusal
of the Bolsheviki leaders to enter into a peace treaty. - '-.
v Following the Austro-Hungarian example, it Is intimated that
Bulgaria will also refuse to resume her warfare against Russia, with
the government of which a formal peace treaty has been signed,
ndependent of Germany. A Sofia despatch of yesterday quotes
frorn A Gram, an, official publication, ihat Bulgaria has already re
turned diplomatic relations with the provisional government' at Pes
a. ' j .,' '-".';''
A Berlin report, telegraphed last night to the Tijd, states that
3erman forces have already been concentrated for the resumption
)f the campaign against the Bolsheviki in the Ukraine, where the
Slays are menacing the new government of the Ukrainian Republic.'
The Same despatch states that declarations looking for the active
prosecution of the war against the Boleheviki in North Russia are
sxpected, to be made in Berlin this week. ' '.;'..: 4 , '
. The ..Berlin, authorities are anxious "regarding the late of the
3erman prisoners held in North Russia, fearing that an attack now
by the German forces against the B6lsheviki will incite the Slav
radicals to violence against' the prisoners, with the possibility that
hey may be mistreated, or even massacred. A message has been
forwarded to Petrograd warning the' authorities there that Germany
will carry out reprisals on Russian prisoners In Germany if German
Prisoners are not treated according to the rules of war. ') ': .
Poles Resent Broken Pledges
j jt j j j j
Oeneral -Strike Atv,tarjsaw:i'
AMSTEEDAM, February 17 (Asso
ciated Press) JHerioua , disturbances
have broken out in "Poland, and in the
nity of Warsaw tho German troop are
patrolltns , the streets, breaking . up
grCnt mobs, which ' re f oris, imfcediate
ly. The Pole carrying 4i n iwti-Oer-man
detaofistration' have no arnjs and
are not considered dangerous, but their
attitude is exciting; the deep anger of
the German nfllciuls, thia being reflect
ed in the tone of the German press.
' One despatch published ia Berlin
states that there ia a general strike in
progress in Warsaw and other Polish
-ities, while it is also stated that the
Polish cabinet ha resigned and there
appears no probability of inducing
WASHIXliTOX,. February' 17 (A
soc.iated l'ress) Tho' ullicial list of
American soldiers lost when the trans
port Tuscania waa.. torpedoed and suuk
has nov grown to more than two hun
dred. Yesterday the names of eleven
more no re reported, bringiug the
total up to two hundred and six. Of
the eleven reported yesterday, ten are
among those buried in hcotlhnd.
Worrying Along
In Same Old Rut?
Are yon lame every morning, tire 1 all I
day, tortured with dull backache or ,
over two hundred" SEEK INFORMATION
1 1 (JT? " TI I 'brryhciunr
-ii fVJ ry"
sharp, stubbing paiusf Ion 't dru;i . till. rv vesterday. V' !-
along with it. (Suspect your kidneys ' (it-minn raids on posts in Belgium
If jou liuvi' heudnches, rbei-miitic pums. were reported to have been auoeeMul-'
dizzy spells, with annoying kidney ir- ly met oud repulaeil. '
reulnrities. don't wait for worse trou Kroin the American front Ceaervl
bles to set in; use Uoau's Hnckhrhc. PeiMhiiig reported rasualtiea a . four
Kidney Pill". They have woike l well j killed iu . tion, one slightly wounde
in thoiisuuds of such cases. You i-aiijxu'l to uiissiug, indicating recea(
try them with confidence. ounter of patrols or raiding parties
"When Your Back is Lame Hemein j in No Man's Ijind,
ber the Name." ( Don 't aimulv nsk foi I .. ,
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Doan 's Backache Kidney Pills nn I Ink
no other). Doan 'a Backache Kidne
Pills are soiil by ull druggists and stoic
keepers, or will bo mailed on receipt o'
price by the llolliater Urug ( .,
Mensun Si.iith I Co., ngeuts I
llawaiiuu lslunds. ( Advcrtifjuui.t
- -., ; .. ,. : :
other representative' Poles to assume tha
task of orgaaiiiag a new cabinet. Tha
German ospers received here carry
ninny teSegrama relating to the Polish,
disorders, but 'they fail, to give, 'any
satisfactory explanation ' fit the out
break or publish any of tha details
of the reported ; demonstration. .,, .-, ,
It is iutimatas) that tbe. yrineipal V-
reason for the trouble ia the . iteaee '.
f treutv AtitMMrf -latA IwtSMlR tha 171c'
mine and the: Central powers, by tba
terms of which a large sectioa of terrV .
tory included ia that section recognised -us
Polish haa been annexed to tbe V'k '
rninian Republic,' which violates, the '
I'oles claim, the pledges given to Poland
lv both liermanv and Austria.
Minor Attacks On Various Sectors
Directed' To Ascertain .
Strength of Positions
NKW YORK, Wbruary 17 (Asso
ciated Press) With' the ahVtemeut of
the rains and dfyer grouud to facili
tate inoveineuts there waa a consider.'
n bio revival of activities in the way
of raids to sound out the positions f
the enemy and their strength yester
day. In Ihe course of these a admber.'
of raiding parties came in contact Sail
some tierce skirmishing followed but
no engagements of great magnitude
were mentioned in the official report
received. , ; . .
I, ii. Ion reported successful British
rniils in the Lens sector and along the
Ypre Htaden railway. I a the fornser
raid several prisoners were taken and
in the latter seven ia one trench, threw
don u their arm and came over. '
I'reui h raids in yicinity of Corey on
Friday penetrated deeply Into tbe en-,
emy line and in thia engagement the
Kremh forces captured a nuinbaraf
Por the most part and in most sec
tors artillery activity was mostly in ev-
id c. This waa especially ao la the
l.ens, Wytitchaete and La Basse see
tors. Iii the Queant sector where the
lire mis hcavv on Kridav there were
reports of continued activity of tba r-
I Al;is. February 16W( Associated
! l'i--
I .. ol.il
, decree wa officially made
dav renulnltionintr the -entire
..i.i ni iiinrinu of Franca ta tak
ft'ert vl.ir, Ii It).
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