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., ' (Jt-vi s.ji ..r.ii '-, i.v.s
. rnni nvr? J 'ta nnot TH r? '
. Announcement! Come Ffom Ger-
; many and Adstria That ArrmV
' .V.tice.U At End. and Aggression
;Yc Aaa.mrV Russia Way Beofn
Russia, Reported To- Havt Form
ally Broken Allegiance To Al
l lies and Cancelled All Obliga
tions of Former Federation
; OND(X. February 16MAn--,'JLf
sociaterl F'rrss) Active re-r-nmption
nf war against North
ern Russia was decided tipon by
th German high commanders at
a . conference at imperial head
quarters on Wednesday night, ac
cording to despatches from Hol
land., .'. . This announcement was given
the fullest confirmation yesterday
iii' the reports received of the
atern threat to the Russian dele
gates ' at Brest-Litovsk by the
German foreign ministcf von
Kuetilmann, given in plain words
in his final statement to the con
ference. ' ! WAR NOT ENDED
Further confirmation comes
from Vienna, where County Czer
hin is reported to have said that
the Brest-Litovsk negotiations
haye not brought the war be
tween Austria and Russia to an
end. . , ,
The final statement , ofv von
Kuchlmann, after it had, pictured
Germany as a peace loving na
tion which had been forced into
; th? war by the machinations of
the Russian Czar and the King
of England, concluded with a
statement that Kussia need ex
pect no mercy so long as
I t f T "I . I f
. ) 6
V; fa. g the.. peace, treaty submit-,
', ted by Berlin.
: .-II . n
; "v Germany and Austria arc 4ill
At war with Russia, he stated, and
; the acts of war which had ceased (
. bn the signing of the armistice
; w,uT., be resumed the day the
. i period of. that armistice has ex-
j tjired. desuite whatever action
Russia mav have taken in demo-
a . f
sal to continue the war actively
Will alter in no manner the plans
and purposes of Germany.
r A Vienna despatch, received
here, hy, way of Ain.stcr'am,
quote Count Ccrniu. the An-
tro-llunRartan loreign minister. (
in replying t. an a.Klress hv tiie,mn,-s am Soldiers' lelegatcs of
1urgomaster ol icnn.i, as say-
"The war lord, our Kmperor.
has nicceedeff in naining f'-r us continued ly Trotsky for the. con
... . . . I i.. . .i . u - r
a peace with the people ol the
peace with the
1 Tlrinn W'liut li!iw I . H I I . 1 I nt
Brest-Litox sk has not brought to
. , l 1 . A
. an end inc war wciwcrn ;iisun-
'..-f j u i... :
iii irzi rv tif i rnsisi 11111 11
?' ' tnarLv thi-. Kncri mi i tur Hit trt
y. - r - r - -
: . t . (Ill II .'III tl
If I I llrii til . iii w i J 11 iw l 1 1 1 iiwm
V:i-out fur suine time Junker for an
'' hftnorat!c jeace with Kussia ant
PAIU llldl lie aMuianin aur
l trian prisoners were tn l.e lilier-
t-ated by Russia as well as by the
. Bv virtue of the treatv with the
. Ukrainians, establishing the sta-
i tUS quo ante as the basis for the
, boundaries .between that part of
' : Russia wherein the Ukraine gov-
rrnmrnt holds swav and Austria-
... llUngdl J lliiu' J I ni iiii-
1 T . l.
: pire entered Brody op Wednes-
- day ann took peaceame posses-
;V tion of the city, according to des-
patches from Vienna received in
' ,. , . ., .,.
. Whether or not Russia. wiU en-
ter i tMin a Win'-' with the Central
... .
Powers .through the ueg.dlalion
and signing of a treatv it seems
. ,' , .
ippareni mar u nas oeen ueier-
mined, to sever all tie of alliance
.with1 the Entente and other co-
! 1 aM0 I nui VOLO
npY 7 flMflr l AWf i
V" - ; UiXJiV LAW
No Liquor Within! Ten Miles of
Any Army Camp 'Or Post Will
Mean Whofe State Will Be Free
Fr6fn Booze Soon-;
.w t :
AUSTIN, Texas, Tetnuury ltV
(Associated &nm)-Tvi the pur
pose of passing legislation wMch
will make practically an of Tm
dry special Mktaton of the- leflala
taire ha beetv called . convene
Tresday, rbrnry 26. "
Too pmfofo for whlcl ttio togts
la tors will Moovia tptcUl oMatoa
u to whkh tt to oxpocud thoir
efftrt win bo Mloiy diractod la tho
pimco of tew witiok' will pra
blbtt tho Mto. sooMooton or glYlng
wy of Ucohoiir or pfitaooi u
nort, wtnot or Board wttklft fmdlao
of amy armr euav f port and
aiko TiAlattcna of - ttio yrnpoaoA
"dry son law" a folony pnnlaha
Mo wit tanfftooMtoat la Hho otato
ponttontiary aad y flno.t ' . -
Tboro baa boon army complaint
that too feralatioua latfMd by tbo
rroaidoat proWbrttittf 'tb nlo-'of
llqnot to oflUaro aod joldior ) la
nuifom lu booa fronontiy toll
d. In anflwor t tu ottplalnt
tho Btato pnrpooos to tako actios
waksk hao.faUod rhoa It eomo to
ptasbig a Btato? wtdo' prohlUtion
law Mac a of tbo ttatolo sow dry
andor local option t but- tbo "dry
lono Uw" Will practically dobaf
"booao" fro ail parta . of tbo
:i "I. : ....
ffscar Straus' Asserts ' ilippion
.Has Great Opportunity .,.
NKW YOBTC, rVbroary Aoab-
i nociatcil Prent)' Oarar StriuK, former
wrvtary of eommeref' and labor for
n tr-m Amerirari amftafwrador at Oou1
) tantirioplc, in an add rem ber last
niirht tatwi Ilia enn virtinn tliat nnw ia
tjp,e, jor jBpan to m called upon
to h.lp IKiiioiar . JapaneaoaAalotaaee
should b given, ho believca, ia ! the
roiiooxtiiMtion of the rjtubl) politie
ally and aocially aa- wrll at 0- reform
ation of the Btuftiir.a dVfeme agalnat
fUrfhfr Trntdnfe agsrvhaioa.
.i ,,... . i ? v.
f AMrraOTOtf, February 16 (Aa
'oc'ated PreiO Aiolat " Jriirtiee
Brandeia of the T'nited Htirt Suprerria
Court ypnU-rdny inuel an order graj&t"
iurr rna ri trii r At inrui t rnai Hiinrvma
the ri'ht of appral to the Supreme
Ne York of condurting a propa-
Ctindu for "birth rOntrol'
belligerents. Despatches received
from l'etrograd last evening wer
siKTHCuant of this. They said
that Trotsky had rendered a re-
fM,rt to tlle C);nm.jl ,.f the Work
an Kussla announcini: the wk
drawal f Russia from the feder
ation which was entered by the
country while a monarchy ind
u i i mc wi aain.si mc ven
tral rowers and nullifying all
agreements which have previous
ly existed hetween Russia and
its former Allies. The council is
said to have given its approval to
the action of the National Com
mission. . r
An aftermath of the strikes in
Germany and Austria is found in
the ncw which yesterday re-ach-
led Amsterdam from Berlin tell
inf of the punishment of ' man v
of those w ho were involved in. the
strike or charged with tttetigat-
ing. countenancing or assisting it
Iong prison terms have been giv-
en some while others escaned with
. 1,.. .,...,,11,.' imnriftn
ft i v v. iiiiMiiur. it'ii
No mention is made of
the infliction of the death penalty
upon any of them.
Berlin papers received here in
timate that negotiations
. ,, . , trta,.-.cnrlet fever and consumption are
t.ermany and Rumania for peace ,,9,, ,h,t are often contracted when
are about to begin. ijtho rhilil hss a rol l That is why all
-i- 1 1 - i -a. wodieal authorities say beware of eoUa.
I lie 1 urki-h parlumentr . it IS lor the .juick ere of cold you will ilnd
aKo learned, has approved -a bill ah'"" better thu hamberlaln'a
... , t ., , Cough fiemedv. It can ulway bo de-
providing ior uie conmrucnon 01
a bridge and tunnel to cross tl.e
P.osphoi us
-v ,......, ..: "
nnOri nhhlTirmn np
Bor.iB fositio;is OF
Barrage Is Thrown Against Sec
tor For Much of DayGas
MasbNeederfThree1 Hours
Well Directed; ano. Maintained
Fire H Puts vAirOla'ncs ,To
Rout Badly Battered v
WAWUmOTONT, JRebroary low Ak
micinted frty.nm(i(Mful nrtcmptK
fo homh tbo' A n trmrhci ffom
lir rmft wm rcrorted from tho Air
trnn front' i- Franc . in doopatehif
wbirli wero.' ronpivel hy. tho war dp-
nartmont.laat Bight, Tli nfTorln laiitrd
'a rough much of yesterday aad deipttr
the unpport .of,' tho OVrmao aHlllerr
ad the uM..of cut bom ba,' proved otter
failurea.. .. .j.
Throvlair a heavy ba
he Amrrlraa aertor the Teuton artil
'ery playod npon tho 'Anterieaa trenehe
iod TbattOTiea for aeyeral hoora yen
'erdav. During Mark of thin time tnr
Some 'wKre: uee. a ltd Wr rhreo hoitm
V airt. In tbo triwheh aad" behind the
tuna f rttiiJiT ' it oecaMfy fo tine gnu
Kit lleeff Botitott.. ' 4 '
While tho .bar re no wot io brosreaii a
large nnmher-of Teuton air ".raft nought
to rroaa the AmeHoaa line and 'drop
bomaa. . A(rainat thorn tho Ameriean
machine guaa opanad oad oontiaued a
heavy- and- well directed fire and the
orfffj -air TJeet woo put to complete
Outj a ameer or tnemaeume nav
na been evidently diaablod.
Teutons Prepar" ,
Prepariaa for, tho. heay battlea that
will romo with .iho opening of olfen
live ooeretiona by .the Allien, the Oer
maaa on, tho treat froat r atrenjfthen
ln(f thoir ooaitiooa oppoeite tho Aroeri-
an linea, ta , deapatehea 01 woanea-
tOy.l - ,' ,.;'' lyy."
Aa the America bava taken evei
lew aeetiona from .tho other Alliea
ho Oermana ha 4eltaa to dW new
iretidhea,' ertand wad atrenjrtben their
Btaagiemenia, ana oioerwwo prrwrr
'or tin American assault. On their aide
ha Americana are alae preparing for a
poaiiille attack' la force by the Ger
man. The titixttion on thio aeetor wne o
eipiv uief fodny, hardly a Vbot be
ing fired. v -
vin American wag killed by a nrrny
Orreral Perehinp; yelrterdny reportei'
o the war detriment tha death of
Cadet Conrad P. Rasen, aw the result
of aa airplane accident. The only other
raauniea reported today were throe
nea eliifhtlv Wounded. Two have died
if pneumonia. ,
tn PUflitlno . . I ;
The war Hiflire anaouaoed late yoa
erday tltat the Britiith forces in Pa lea
)e ke laJvaiircl two mile on r
'routi aix mile wide, northoanterly o
tfo. IMto Tot
Attention wan railed lv the Reuter't
rorreapOaileot on the Britixh front tha
yeaterday was the day wmeu naa iaai
boea.aet by the Teutons for their loa
300tmYlate6r "terrible offensive" ion
he '.Western frout sii'l that no aa
lomireweBt of a new contemplated date
had been uialo although there wan no
judications j-etterday of a reailinesi to
nak ah imniciliate drive.'
" . .
P A R IX rVl.ruiiry l ( Aswu-iafed
Presa) Notice of appeul from the
leatu neiiteiu-e of Hie military court
to the court of riissution and of motion
for a new trial therein nni yesterday
filed by the counsel for Rolo Pashn
ho .'was eoiivicted by the .jury after
a detiberntinii of only a quarter of an
Bolo Pimha grestlv donnciiNt lit thf
resnlt of tbe trial for lie had hoped fot
"O acquittal denpite the duainini; evi
dence which Le confronted. He claims
it isi pubic scntimuut which convict
ed him and Mill denies his guilt. .
KJ PAHO, Texas, February (1 (A
loviated Press) An office at the war
trado board has been opened hero 'in
tho federal building to permit shiar
of good to Mexico to make the uec.
sary applications in the proper formr
and io facilitate the export liusinena to
Mexico through this puit. The estab
lishment of such nn ultice was tha T
ult At a visit of feilerul war trade
experts hare recently an I a meeting; be
tween the biiHtnesN uieu ami these ex
pertsi MecauHp of the embargo on
many articles of exports, it hns been
neceasnrv in the past to make aU
-atioiin for shipment of goods to Mex
ico direct to Washington. All seh
applications are now filed with the loetil
war trulc Wonnl otlii'e, which ia In
charge of a former customs broker anil
forwarded to the national war trade
Children are much more likely to con
.tract the contagious discuses when they
bae colds. Whooping cough, diphtha-
pcuded upon uu.l i pleasant and safe to
take tor salp hv
Smith I Co , Ltd.,
nil denim, Benson,
ip 11 1 n for Hawaii.
v." . . ,, , . .t .-. :y.-k ,
I ri rnMnrrfri mlif (
Engagement . Lasts Forty-five
Minutes When Enemy Takes
To Hasty Flignt
Wounded Are Brought -To Dover
and Market Place h Tem
' pdrary Hospital
IOVKR, febrtinry Ifl (Assoicntrd
Pre'x)-Rejiorts of n niivsl ertgnge
ment between" British end (Jerman
fleets were brought here nte yesterdnj
hy destroyera which carhe in l.ringinp
wnunded. The neJ confirmed the re
port that a large navnl enga,'emen'
had been in, progrc for the boom of
the guno had lrrerl distinctly audililf
at various poiatl nshrrre foe forty flvi
miautes, "4. . .
Reports .av the eetapement resultoi'
from an encounter of the British flee'
with a Oermaa raiding fleet. The Hrtt
iih fleet was composed chiePy of do
troy-ts whiet were petroling againal
nbmnr'.nea and eight . of these de
itroyers are reported to have boet
link. The British jit tacked end at thr
mi of forty five minutes the enemy
led. Losses of the enemy fleet vrtrj
n the rcporta brooyht in and' n ofticia
eorirt of the lossra to either fleet no'
of the British casualties hns n ye
been issued. .
Tbe wounded brought here nun
housed ia the Jaarl ct place which be
tame t tempore ry hospital
Relatives Not! fie d Compila tior
of List of Survivors Con
tinuei But Is Slow
WASHINGTON, February 16 (As
oe.iajted Presi)--The names of eighty
wo known dead from the Tuscnnii
tove.thas fer'.bfl.ftn ivreived by the wa
Ipftartmena and the relatives of the un
ortuiiate-eotdier alio came to an coc
h rough Hull ruthlersness before reach
eg a battle Muid have been notifle I.
.The cofopilatiou of full list of aur
ivors ia going forward- tut progre
ontiuuee eTow nd itxmay yet be sove
ml duyfe before tjio tint is complete and
v a, proeei of" elimination, a lint o
.ae-.'ljs k.l' killod,!cuted. : , " ;
Youthful Heir Will Enter House o
. ! Lords For First Time
IX)NDOK, "eljruary 111 (Associated
Preiwl The Prince of Wales will tak.
his seat for the first time ns n BritLsl
oeer In the house of lords on Tuesday
ince reaching his majority, the hei
ippniert hns been serving in Krone
's a staff officer in the army and d'n
iot return t" attend the sessions o
ftrlimnent. 'ITe Prince will be twen
t'-oir years old in June.
T.OSOON. February 1," ( Associate
I'rtMtHi (ireut runi't ties of arms uni
rupnjBlious .Irtineil fi.r Finland linv
'iceii seired nt fm eholm, miid 11 dc
latch bxln.v. Tbe were delivered !
in s He-red private individual. The Ex
han;e Telegraph Agency quotes tin
pciitokraten vith reference tu tho un
covering of nit alli'gett plot.
WASHINtiTON, February 15- (A
loeiated Pic) Kigh Kepublicnnr
l n niinority of the house inter
date commerce committee, ore ex
-tected to turn in a disseuting report
to the house on the administration '
railreud bill. The minority report will
contend thnt fhe rate-makinjr pei
thonld be vested absolutely in the in.
terstate comnierce eominiuiioa and
hat federal control of the roads nhuuli!
'ie limiteil to a yeur or less after the
war close.
lXt'HKI.TI'M. Washiniftoii, Kobruart
') (Associated Press) A thriving Re.)
Crosi chapter hoa been orgauixjl
iiiiiong the Indian of tki community
with fifty five" member. enrolled at th
drat meeting, and a full set of work
inir office ch. Indian, farmers louuted
a pig and u calf a a starter for a
fund, aul these were nold and resold
until about ll)0 wat realiied.
(Associated Prea) Au American
vessel returned here toduy with a larje
Hole above the water line. The vessel
came into collision with au link now 11
vessel whose fate wu uot learned.
SF.itl-WF.r.TsLY vr- ; . - t
III I I t II I . 1
' !' i .' ; St .
Father and Baby Son Are Slain
and Mother Lfet In Hospital
5 r pfarfousiy Hurtv'
vwrderer'reported Ta
Carried Two1 Revolvers and Thor
oughly Satoratetf His Sys
tem With Sake First
.... vl. . . .;
Three are dead anil foerth hover
tweeA life and death a' the" reeult
f a. h noting affray -ot Kehala yeter
'ay afternoon. .The deed are Tnkign
hl. bi ihrer year old baby hoy and
fnpnneee-man, n(4 to be the father in
aw of Taklgiichi aad the grandfather
if the nmrdored child. ; The wife of
rnkiguchl . and mother of the dead
by waeOnst night hovering between
tfe aod death with- a bullet wound be
'tin her ear. The terrible tragedy oe
-nrred at tae Kabala beach home of u.
f. Atberten.. . Kins Alcohol. In the
;oine of se, played hi part in tbe
doody affair.
Evidence that the murderer, well
timed, with aake, perhaps to give him
ho rourog which he required, went
Tell prepared to carry out a- premedi
ted design of murder 1 not wanting
'or ho bad with him two rovolvere. but
he motive whirh-led to tho affair ia a
et undiscovered and the etoriea of
ho who were eloae to the eeene of
ho murder wtiea It occurred are deeid
idly ' in eonflinr.,.. None of the Japan
ese in the neighborhood was last night
ble to give the name of the woman
r of th ranrderer-iuieide. Some of
hem ald they 'had heard the murder
r we tbe father of Takiguchi'i wife
ut seemed nnable to give the source
f their information.
Jevcftl Bear Bhota
- Ittwee about' hnlf past three o'clock
eeterday afternoon that Japanese aer
' ant on eavefal of the Kabala Beach
omer -heard hota . An there i often
love (hooting in the vicinity they say
her. thonght nothing (ft it antU the
hots were followed by scream and
rthet shots. A to whether father aad
hi Id; were shot before tho woman was
vounded or. whether the murderer ho
be fleeing mother aad tbeh returned
o kill the fatter and .the 'child and
limself, aloriek are in conflict. Three
odiss, .were, , found- on tbe Atherton
-remise and the woman wa ihot on
he rk-humiin'propeirty, tWo doort away.
Its $hoU Heard.
The Japanese man servant of A. F.
ndd, a neighbor of the Atherton. in
elling of the- affair laat night said he
icarj three shot in rarpid succession
lrst,, a little later he heard a singlf
hot aiid about ten mi mite Inter tw
ooro. Between the abot he heard;
votnaa aereant aad then ho and ht wife
ecate" frightened and went into theii
-Barters. They eaid that Thoma
"ACre, the chauffeur for A. W. T. Bot
omley, went to investigate and then
old them of the affair. It we Ware
vbo sent in the call which brought the
imbulance and Inter on the mortuary
'.ees , Woman Shot
Jane Lewis, a Hawaiian girl whr
1 employed by M. B. Carson at hit
ome, saw the shooting of the woman.
!,e told Hie storyof it lust nljjbt tc
e AdvertisM'.
'I ln'nrd a woman screaming, ,T she
jiil, "and nent to see whnt it '
bout. I suw the wife of Tnkiguchi
uuning along screaming and holdin;
cr hands on the top and back of he'
ead to protect herself from tbe blowi
f a Japanese man who was running
icliind her and striking her. He wai
ismuierini; h"r head v.i'h the hahdk
f a pistol. 1 nit him throw the pUtot
wny himI thought lie was going t
iiiji lint he took nnotber pistol out
rom his handkerchief. T-lin h
nii'hl her l-y the slioulder. turned hei
nrt Buy ronid imil shot lier three
imes cither in the hca I or neck,
"Then I was f:ighinnd and rl
nd hill ill the car." Klio refen-ed t"
he ('arson automobile.. Continuing
he said: "Then the man went airaj
ml seemed to no luick to the Atbertoi
lir-e. That was nil I saw. The am
'mnace came ami then William wago
lid they took nil of them away. Mr
'.ottomley's driver went running over
nd afterward told me of tho other.'
ee Murderer AHto
Thomns Wsie, the cbauffeur of A.
V. T. Butt omley, nn the first one' to
iait the Atherton plane after thr
Uunring occurred. When he beard the
inal shot he hurried to the scene. The
hi'd wns tji'-n lying quiet, he noid
and Takignr.hl wns writhing and sp
areutly aulTeriag great agouyi To
apunese who had done all tho shooting
vas lyin close to a tree With the uis-
ol bexide him. He us about throe
'set from the child and Takiguclti.
ad!y In u iKt-.l uiid uiiitiluUl and along
ide his head as 11 I10W iji the har.
mid a if the a.-txiilnnt litld trample
he hca. I of hi victim iuto the eae
nd niniH-l upon the face.
I' 'vt nooo after r li amaj of AVfl
it the Botlomley pUice that lie h'r
'he shots, lie t-ays. This liriugi sum
oubt at to whether the other lioo'in
ia I occurred before or after his arrive
'or he says when he passed the AtluT
on home he Haw a .lupiinesa man whop
-e did not know seated on a box ne'
he front He sti) Mrs. Buttomley tol
lim nfti-rwiirl ah" saw Tnkiguchi OOi
he child lying on the ground. Whethf
'hey hil l iieu been sho or not is un
'nowii. Kither this is the ease or els
he ini-rderer lired the fafal shot into
the iiinii :m I i -1 1 i 1 . 1 . cliase-l the fleiilne
I wo inn 11 from her home anil then return
ed and sluit httnnilf all in, the interim
: between the car's passing and Ware's
' return.
j Ware mivh he suw the. woinnn lying
'on the rVhuinan place with a revolver
beside her. Id this revolver there were
no hIicIIs, either loaded or Bred, every
chamber wns empty.
Two Victims Die
The chauffeur then notified Mr. Hot-
tuiuley by telephone aud naked aim to
iniinTi. ri iu riiri i
HI Ml h ( I.II1Y h U
liui 1 uumiriiinr uil in -
f 1
Vernon Castle Meets1 Death Oh
Aviation. Field At Fort Worth .
FOllT. WORTKTFeiaa, Vehruary' IS
(Asaorlatejl ; Pies), Vernon CaetW,
noted ballroom dancer and British avl
tor, waa instantly killed tolay in n
fatal airplane accident at. the Fort
Worth- aviation field. . , - - , -.-
Caatlo Waa killed In a collision that
x-enrrcd while he Wat flying. He tru
tryinr to nvol.I im American, cadet.
vho m tarn wa nesrlng another leav-,
ng the groimn ami was also attempt-
Castle ettemfped'te turn hi mchine,
which ., did ' not .respond. Tho other
werd Injured , in the accident. .
j ' ,,:
, , ... ., .1. ,,
TOKIO, Felirnary 15-.(Bpeelal to the gfeatest sensation of th6 pftSS
Tswe.il Bhlnpo) By a Vote of Z41 to ent session of congress, i .,
in wnien practically enow , ine
.trength of th rovenimetatr in the
r house, .th houje of deputlee
beat the propoMUof the oppoeit mo . to
mrveacn rremier lerauchi.
TKe defeati f. the- reeotution' i eatnie
it the eloa o( a aeesion. of great ex
itement i Among? those ':': who poho
were U. Oukl, J. Takedomt and K.
tfoehtkoTtir' 1 ' 1
ociated, , Pre)i Secretary., of . War
'3aker, .announced today that the tn-ipector-greral
- .ha reported on the
vercrowing and attendant evil at
Jefferson Barrack .in- peeejnbef and
Tanuarr. 'The report ia.that tbe trou
ble due to overcrowding came a the
-TV ; Tlr.i Z i - JVV- te administration,,
fnd, the facllitic beantf taxed by the!' ; '
rush of enlietnedta of those who did' While deploring the course
not wi.h; be drafted. There wa. no f rtued b" the I'rqsidcBt in eck-
evideneo of ineuffcient ,erd 'of the.f J ...
sick-, the report eat.
notify the police.'. The ambulance rl
nnxruBt to rvansta ami on It arrival
.- . . . . . .. . .!
it w. found that the three intende-l
victim were still living. They irere
irought with nil posaible epeed to the
imergettcy hospital. Father and child
IU.1 ..hn.il n ..lk to. .I.nd
The tnothor wa taken fo Qoef n'e Hfoe-j
pital, where 'it wa im aight aid;
At ivanaia an or inoae oo were seen
by Dr. James A. Morgan, whose rem -
dene i nearby.
The police any fliat tbe etidence
mhki they hare poiafs to only four
shota having been fired, each havlna
take effect. Thi i.-in conflict, with
what wna.toUl by the; Japaneee yard- plying of foods he attributed, to
xan employed by A. F. JudU who aav - , , c,
he heard aix .hot at varying internals, ' Quartermaster Ceneral Sharpe.
the flrat three in rapid suecrosion -and e took occasion to ' bestow
then one, and ten minutes later two ' ,. i - .
more. It is also in conflict with tbe!l4C npon Ceneral Crozter, as
tory, of Jane Lewie who ays three
shot were fired at or into the Woman.
Possible Id.nUflcUon
The police also suid last uiglit thnt
a Jopaaese man came to bea.uarten
and volunteered
l the infonnatiOM thai
tho name of tho murderer suicide waa
Kraahiro Kiiramoto and he hod lived
out Moiliili wnv. Thi Japanese hud
not viewed the bodv when he gave the
police this information. Thov also gave
Hie name of the child ns Tu'shito. Tliev
sav the child was about three vears old
but the doctor placed the age at. a year
lor, 1 ,
While tl.e bodies of 'three 'wire
ound at the front of tl.e Atherton
dace and the wo.na. lefl on the rkh.
proi.erty, two place nwuy, ha
'mpursiied fro... her home aeroHs
ng bom pursue
he Hemingway pruierty, iu the Ather
Un nur"KC I HC n w,-ri- mni iiiuiii. bviiiit
noist spots which gav.- Indication of,
elng blood while on the iloor of nn ad
acent room there were visible by the
igbt of a lunteru sevrrsl distinct blood
nterrupted At Work
Outside of the servants' .quarter
vbere a day In-fore there had been
inppy mother, father and child, clothe
lung quite dry on the lijle Inst night
or the wonmn had avidently done he
AMahjiig earlier, . In the garage then
ay a broom op the Iloor aud there wen
he moist spots mentioned. In the nd
cnt room there wa little furnitun
but blood stain were seeu near th
niter door a here blood might navi
Lroppe-i from scalp wound of the wo
nau if the U-utiug of her hud .startet
here. It wus evident thnt it wa hen
rhere she had done the family washing
On the other side if the garage wa
be sleeping, room. Tbe bed was uiootl
tint iiujlisuirlwi. In this .room was i
hild's go-cart All in that foo4 wn
ii perfect! oVJer.
AThy Slay Orandchild?
WHut could have occasioned a desire
n a man to alay his tiny grandchild
ven if determined to murder the fatbei
ind bis own daughter ns well is some
.liinif that may never be explaiueil.
Wheji l)r. Morgan and those whi
were with the ambulance opened the
mouth of the dead , mnnleror to deter
mine whether or uot liferemaind they
were met bv a smell of sake which wiih
almost overnuwarin,,.;: 1 O f'H
1 ' L A .'C J'e . - a, '
muvca mo canac, uaea ineworia over
to cure a cold iavone day. The igna
tore of ff. WrOROVti i oa each bos.
Manufactured by the FARIS MEUI
CINB CO., Bt. LouU, U 6. A.
- ttffcV IM aAti
,1T,IS fJECTi.:i!
Senator Week of Masiaehiisetts '
"iWiV, Swings
vSensatfonlof t Session
: r ; . . 1
rruin riuur oi . cnaiu 111 -
I' - J - ss.'.L n - - ! ' I A
rinas mucri 10 rraise-anrj aomet
I IHIiy9 ' U' VilllVIOC' III.IICU o
Conduct and Says Measure 1$
Designed To Assist -'-H
, V ASHINCTON, . v February ;
Changes 'etssftilffig-.! thd Integrity ,
.-.- ':-. vT t
ana nonwij m purpose oj. rrehi-
! . .. n , i . .
the war, iMtttions .tlufc the Chief
IpjcrnlW wil Tnlfirir nolit'lc
. . ," - .... k. '- ,, '' . ; ;i
intqi the war policies of. thc.,Unf
tedl States were fnade" i rVrh , t)ic
senate floor yesterday Vy Senator '
I. V. WCCS.3 Wl 1V199cIII1U3CIIB,
once chairmaW 6T IKeTiepufclkan
.'..National Committee, ana causca
. , . .
V eelcs spoke m support of the
h); which was fatpefd'.'byJhC
f - ..-'' '.I -
senate voniiuuicc on. miii.r-. i
fair$ during the cburse of and" a
4 result f its, investigations into
the icemduct of ttie . War antf it
wast in the course oi, the debate
upon, (his rrtfWlsujre , h$t ;,hje. a1
sailed the ' it esidentf Cwith tlie
charge, pf playing politics
Wjc;ks ., asserted- the measure
represented a const ntictive ,and
non-partisan war (xtlicy and was
'designed to help and not tojuurrif
ing to uijed politics-into-the-cvu-truversy
lie said he found ranch
to praise in the conduct oi the wa'.
and also some things to criticise,
Many of the achievement of the
army he found wqrthy of high
praise Lub he said the secretary
0( Mar was inclined to pfs4cnte
- , . . . .
urm ,
- "three thnusand miles awav ,
. . j r- i v '
' qmijing the words Baker U9cd
, l)cf(ire the committeec "- .1r
i , ., .
success made in me wp-
head of the ordnance department
r , , , , . .
i f" cU that ,,a1 tn acfom?
pli;hed but said he was onen to
' . .- . , -1lt.,4.v f ma.
, " "-v -.-jj-
clltnc E11US.''. ' i ( y
, 1 '- . t
, w"n ZT , .1 . i, ' ,
This UJ owarls wjii.uh, the J,'rei-
'""' ' report.-.! to- bo nnaUrably op-
' rejporteu ground ihat it
e.nbnm. his pergonr.l dlrwtvon of
activities, is tu estabhsb.a war
eabmrt of three men o assist the
i. eootrotliB .go'.rUrea.
t,on f ,w"r "d ""'V fe.?
or ' u-ltlon., independent of the
t T Hr , "r.""1 '.u v ,U""T u
rodte-ed into the senate by Senator
iininoerisin, ciiBinimn m ino viinio
coinmiHeo on military affairs.
, , VIII
.... ,,' .. . .;; ' r--
bers of the war cabinet must De ie
lisliusuNhed in business, executive ad
ministration aud- public, affair,. aad-tBot,
-lenibcrs of the Prasidont' cabinet It
peeijflcally statp that., tho, ecrctarie
f war, and navy shall not be" ex-oole'ror
cuibor. Tbe mar eabiaet member
ould receive salaries of $12,000 a year,,
'ie. same a those pf the frasidonj,.'.
ibjeet,' but would rupk above 4he.,e.x,
-utive cabinet in power for control of
vnr policic. The measure also would
....rii a.inn nrwv'tn 'rf tii iJi.r.
.,iv.rt- '
Wheu the lull waa. introduced,, nieiri-,
ers, of ,the qnate military eommUtoe
ixpUiiuyl that ,, the word 'cabinet','
uvt. been jubstutod for the.,, word
'cqiincil1,', origin-illy used ia ,.0nnac:
toft with, the 'board jn order to "got
iway from, the idea, of council, . of
luroly advisory bodies, which have nut
worked well in the past,"
It wa also explained, .'that tbe' bill
loe.. noti' preclude apppintmeat , to the
rar cabinet of member of th pre
it cabinet, but that , one . mag, could
uot surve in both cpacitjeiv ,. ,
The committee' deuieicn' Oof to have
he ' lecretarlne pT war and pttvy.et
)tf(o mejnbeiw'of the wnt cabinet waa
llso explaided a In Kne with the tl
s'jrq, t,o centralise wur pobiuo, in a
sniuller 'body 'However,, some com
mittee niumber believe it possible thnt
-ongress might emeod. the bilt to per
nit tbe secret ai'ie,. of wr and navv
tn be members, lMH-ticMjprly if the ad
ministration desirod it. ,
: .'
NKW yoSRIC, Feiirua ViAar
ci,at,'l rress) i;oionoi nooseveir na
, so much iui. roved todav thu,t it wa
aiiuounced he Mill leave the hosDital
' in a fortnight.

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