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' - ! .flMVAftAN OAZF.TTE; TUESDAY;-" FEBRUARY ', 19, ftyft v SF.M I-WEEKLY ' "
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Ciifi. i v.l r'pr 0 i
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ly A s Eyer , gnd i
. '
WHEMAI tt Mid Paclfle CanitTki 1U tit hoMra at Honoluhi frm
Tbnr4r. rvbrawy U V Saturday, February tS, 1917, ul .
'IiiLEA4 I rltUr, Tabnurr S3 U tb MiBtTmrr f tka Urtb4y of '
im-al Gerg Washington arvr Uaad nwrnoxy. Mtd j
. , VHf.RRA lit U Ucnmhwit nponTwr loyal ?1UH K.Mlatrat ancl)
aqalverftary in fc and propat manner ( . . ' . , '
. kow TiiEaiiroEfi, x, aosEPji jr. rssir. r th city and ,ointy of '
fionalnlm. Mayot, d ftareby proclaim a frttA fr nuuqiMrada to t koldaq
in Blattor Jkiuan opoa a aronlikg of rrtday, rbmary it, at olgbt of tho
cloeKfcn4 do lnrilo U rsldnU and. rid tor to k tk komU. of tl aald.
City ad County opoa aald oocaaioa. ,: - 1 ' y-'
' AND WHr.RE.AJ la tbao tiaM It la wjwdlnt t yraetlao oooaomy la
clothing aa wU m .la foodstna'a, $ do kanhy onjela mpoa orary patriotic
ettlaaa to attend auca mjuKjuerada clad ta atttr of tao cheap act powdbla
4oot4pUoa onjy, and o actor into, ful i7n1 of tao XtiUvttlaa vtthont
aaue roatrmlaik . . - u ., ' 1 : .: .; V , . .. . ;.
Qlraa andr av ad aad aaal at) Honolulu this alxtaanta day at Fob
foajry, acta tboaaaad alao boadrod aadatgatoea. -
v wiwn rfk... v ,: -.(Bigaad, mora j. rsur, iaajw.. . V.
fi 9-.-
Tkia ia earnival week.
featlvitv are uon at band a4 although f
HonolDla U1 aot be en et far a y
- full of too rift a and aiainland ,riitorf
. Hoaolu ,IU ba twayed ty tba Carat
al aplrit and I la. ii likely the aa
Boat .evant will prove aiora than oyer
' enjoyable tinea it .la leing "put on"
for too borne folk, aad many who ao
. bean ia, paat year too Vny aeo atoch
of tka gejrety will (hie yeat kav time
not only to aee bat t Join in tha fa.
It la to bo jnet aa real a Carnival ad
' thoao of forater yearaeondoeted 00
aomewbat different' liaej and aoaa, tka
leaa enjoyable. , , ,
taondaf OpanUg Day . ..
' Tba featitritiea-will begin Thuraday
and. axtend OToc.ta and tbaongh '8at
urday. .a tba ftrat day tba eatldwa
feeUval ' wiU be tko drawing
,eaadV Friday ia Waablagtan'a birth
day and la eommeaaoratioa of the kia
.. tsrUal event tbo aomy will hold a aaiV
. itary parade Thiaj while aa amy af
fair aad not direetly Carnival prograaa,
f ygt aith iaa.Cacaijrai
fnd makea one of tha hig Friday
vent a, adding, the patriotia element
which la ratiulfod ia'taeao war daya.
That ovanina .will . bo held .the open J
air varnivt oaa ana on eauvoay ivapt
elani Park,wi)l , bo th Mecca and the
poy Bconta, . Uonolu'a own will be
the eenter of iatcaeft,
fbfldron , TeetlTel .
A Tha work, in, eonneetlon with -the:'
.!.:.,r.!;i!, -r'j..1 " .8
lug the British Ialee wU depict Eng
land during the aiteenth eentury and
; i wHl ahow- the prinoipaj lacidaaia eon
eetad. with the aaigh.af Qataa .Elisa
beth at tha time of Sir Walter Baleigh.
lf la addition to hfiaa Nell Bradley aa
anrae ia the Bed Cross tableau, will
appeal also Kiss Balhine Feraaadea aa
) acse and the parte of the atroteher
hearer wfll ba taken by ,fVong Leo aad
lamea Pafta. . The,, beautiful dog .at
lira.'' Lawia will be loaned for the occa
sion and will ba lad. ia tha tableau by
soldier. The part o( tha eoldier wu
be taken by Minora Moriokn, while
Qua Sjiroat will take, tW part of fha.
wounded eoldier ia tha atretcher- - ' -; .
Poaaibly in no other part of the "Uni
ted Statea eoald a Bod' Cioas tableau
be enacted with aa asaay aationalitiea
taking porta aa ia Heaoiuta oa Thors
day next. The Miaaea Varney and M.
Shaw have tha Bed "Croaa tableau ia
charge and naturally anything that
they undertake will be a great auccesa.
Ball Itlday Evening -
Mayor Joeepfc 1. Fern oalla on all
patriotic citiaena to participate in the
Street Maaquarade Ball oa the night of
Washington's Birthday. Ho calls par
ticular attention -to. the fact that la
these war timea tba.eoatumea must be
of the cheapest material aad aimpleat
' construction.
Ia connection with thia public dance
en costume it ia reported that there are
to' be award ia oao hundred special
deputies "to make bo re that order pro
vail a '. An to thoao special doputiea
there seems to be more or leaa mystery.
Just what ' the occasion for the extra
Tecautiona ntev ba ia not apparent for
ia pant years Honolulu haa required no
atiea force to preserve order at its
Carnival ? ba'U . M may be that ao
chances ara to ba taken with possible
Boa plottora, Ia any event the Mayor
aaya tha additional force will be suffi
aleat to ptomota public aafety to a
. itiaiy-. mu4 .. tha . opportuaiiiea will
add to tha feeling of aecurity of the
partlclpaata la aha awilpg frolics.
oy Mcoata Ttvf ' ' .7 :
What promises to be one of tha most
unique demonstrations 'ever ataged in
the United States . wil Hake place on
Saturday afternoon, February 23rd at
8 p. m. ia Kapiolanl Park. Governor
Pinkhara and Oeneral Wiener" wiU re
view the Seouta. ' Soger Burnham an
nounces tha following very interesting
program fur that day:
March in Beviow
Hoisting of National Colors
Break ranka and ton to posts
A Pay in Camp
Troop VIII, Jack Mflton
Building Signal Tower
.". , Troop V, J. O. Morgan
Making Fire Without Vatchea ...
Troop IV, fm. Hutton
Water Boiling Conteat
Troop VII, Ww. fcjott
Banana Lean-to and Exhibits of
Camp Firea and. Woodcraft . ;
., iTt0 Wa.J- naehulnn
First Aid Tropp 1, C. 8. Crane
Signalling Wig Wag--and Wire-
loaa Troop II, Abraham A moy
Tha t-ooe Scout
Troop XVm. Olepa Juekson
Drill and Eo1uij)nient Raeo ......
Troop III, Joha Naaa
Building ttuspeneion Bridge :
..... Troop VI, Holla K. Thomas
Wall ScalinB
f.,.,. Troop XVIIJ, 91a Jnoaeoa.'
. " , s i a ,- it - "r rr:' i
Home, -Folk WH
.......i,. . g
Mule backing
Troop XX. Praneia Boaraa
Troop I V, "Wfn, Button
Aaaemly' Colora - Star Bpanfled
One of the very Intereatlng feature
will bo the algnalling. A meaaaga from
Governor Plnkbsm to General Wlaaer
will .bo wtreleiaed to the ataflon at
Diamond Head and from there, will ba
wtir wagged back to ICapiolanl tark
ani) tha meesage delivered to Oeneral
VVaaer.' ' The Boy Scouts have been
inyaloable in thia community ia their
nnaelflsh aid to the authoritiea and to
the general public and it ia hoped that
every fcitlcea in Honolulu will turn out
to thia trfbnto to the Boy Scqute at
Kapiolanl Park. 1
-Major Harold "Clark will fly otat
tha girounda dnrtag tha demonatrationa.
During tbo afternoon tha band of tha
Indnatrial Boya School will porfona.
Everybody Decorate
Tad eoaamKiee agaia argea the deeov
atiea- tot all automobiles during tha
three daya of the Carnival and a gen
eral, abowinaj of tha Carnival jpirit la
tha wearing of faney eostnmea ia the
dowa town ntreeta each Of tha Carnival
nighta. In obaerving thaae tecjueata of
the totnaiWtee tha people will add ma
terially to tha brightneaa and the color
rnno.f the annual festival.
Sand'a Sharo .
, 'ihe . Hawaiian Band will contribute
snaeh ta tha oneoeea of the Carnival.
Oa Wadneaday it will play for the re-
earaal of the ehrldrea'a festival
Thuraday at tbo children 'a festival at
tba big military parade -on Washing
ton' Birthday it wUl frip a a' Import
ant aectloa and will diaeourao music at
Falace Squara during tha road race.
. At the mayor' auanquerade ball on
BJahoft Square it will furnish tha music.
Local fleprcsemtativei Give De
: . talli. of tlertricai ' Com
' pany's Tempting Offer
Details have boea received by Cotton,
Neill aV Co, concerning the apprentice
system of the "General Electric Com
any. Thia work is of interest to
young boys between sixteen and eigh
teen years of ago who desire a college
education and have not the funds to
pay their way through school.
Throe and four year courses are offer
d In all mechanical and electrical work.
The boya are taken in after an ex
amlnatioa on high school aubjecta such
aa algebra and plane geometry. They
are' given atudy and class work in the
morning and actual work in the shop
in the afternoons. They are paid by
the hour for both study and working
iwriods.' Thia compensation is not large
but eneutfh to bav for all living ami
.clothes besides what entertainment i
Moral surroundings are excellent with
crab rooms, gymnasium, swimming pool
beside all social and athletic gather
inga. Courses are offered for machin
itrta, patteru-makera, moulders, electri
cal engirsers, deaignera, draftsmen, ami
-other branches of. meehaninal lines. At
the aaiah of tba course tbo student
are given work with tha company, the
least pay being three dollars and fifty
cnte per day, and f som : that up, de
pending on the merits of the atndeut.
' Two Honeliilu boya have been in the
work for a year new and report that
they are more than enjoying the work.
Some of the best talent in the roun
try is available for Instruction. Pro
feenor Thompson, "C. P. SteinnieU anil
other noted men in their profeanion take
charge of classes. Any young man who
is interestod can get further details at
Cattpn, qiQ f Co. office.
NEW rfOUK. February 15 (Aso
ciated Press) Ton officers and crew of
the British vessel Miguel de (arrinaga
have been lost ia the foundering of the
kteamer la mid-oeean, it was learned
today. Twenty-seven of those aboard
were rescued.
r-, e- ,
The pleasant purgative effect exneri
enced after takinb Chamberlain's Tah
luts'and the healthy condition of body
and. mind to which they contribute,
makes' ono fee) that living . is worth
while.' For sale by all dealers, Benson,
Smith ft Co.. UA., ageitta for Hawaii.
U LU n n
a a :
a ail
' ,',.1, 'i, i '. '
Doctor Goodhue4 1 Frtm
j New York Jhat People of
y'imerlc Are Wastinfl Foorj ,
. 1 1 .
" NEW " YORK.i February 2 At a
"war-thrift" meeting 1a New Tork
yesterday, Mr. toot eaidi
," We have not enough food, clothing
or material to assure our making good
in thia war unices tbo people practise
thrift. There ia no other way. Wa are
the moat wasteful and extravagant peo
ple upon the face of the earth."
. The American Defense Society has
laaued a statement:
"Evea on these ao-called meatless
days many feel privileged to feast to
repletion on fish and poultry of all
kinda. saying nothing of veal aad mut
ton. Ia our opinion the situation is a
fareo and onr food conservation to a
largo extent is a failure."
. Ia response several hundred of the
wealthiest families in New York have
adopted a "ration" which would make
a Honolulu matron gasp. This 1st
One pound of batter a week, each,
'perrnin. for cooking aa well as table.
Half pound of pork and products.
AH meats, two pounds a week.
Half pound cooking fata eaeh
week, margarine, cooking fata.
, Peanut oil, olive oil, corn oil,
- cottonseed oil and other vegetable
,i White bread, two and one half
. ponnds a week.
Three-quarter pound sugar in all
, forms, cooking, candy and such.
. , Fish, game, poultry, cereals, ve
getables aad milk, ad libitum.
Th' waste, however, continues at the
hotels, restaurants and boarding houaea
if not la private families.
' ' Take the menu for luncheon or din
ner. . Enough ia given for two and per
hapa three persona What ' left (in
fche beat hotels, at least) is thrown
Why not simplify the mean, .give s
man no more than he can' eat leas
aoub bo batter than more both for
him and the public, and, if necessary,
charge leas.' A regular meal hero in a
good hotel ia 1.50. Of course, you may
10 where yon will pny five dollars a
head, but this Is a fair average, as
Iblngs run now. Luncheon and break
fast : cost dl each 1.50 a day for
food. ,
la this provision, at present, not
much Wheat, sugar or butter is wasted.
Qut tha salads, meats, and mixed dishe
VO furnished ia superabundance, as if
a glorification of the fact that Amer
ica haa "lota" and can pay for It.
It's a sort of un worded brag which
nay give us trouble later on. It la
Vao that in conventional dress wo are
-aking; a sensible stand, and " style"
has been relegated. But someway, the
merican who haa always been a
"food. provider." hates to seem econo
mical in the direction of a diet, and
vhave the Frenchman and German are
sensible, he lavishes. '
- Perhaps -well come to H, let us hope
fcetV, wa ara obliged bv hack of things
to eat. 1 ' ' - ' E. B. GOODHUE.
v 'v.' .' : :
s Biggest Monopoly and 1n Part
Responsible For High Prices;
Should Be "Busted"
"The 'Advertiser ia right when it
ays that the fishmarket ia the biggest
monopoly and responsible ia part for
fhs high coat of fish," aaid K. C. Win
ston, president of the Honolulu Fish
ing Company, one of the five companies
.-ngaged in the fishing business in Ho
loluln. "That is one trust which ought
to be busted by the food admlnistra
"Another monopoly which the food
administrator could and should regulate
n that of bait, which is now twelve
lollurs a basket when it used to be
three, and also He matter of the recent
rentala charged by the big land owner
f the Territory for the mullet pounds.
The bait monopolists and the pond own
cm ought to be brought back to the
pre war basis of profit."
Mr. Winston points out that The Ad
ertier included one ten percent eom-
nision against fish too manr in Its
utline of the eituation yesterday, but
tlierwise he had small fault, as the
head of one of the fishing companies,
o tha general review.
"I aee no practical reason why the
irheme for really stabilizing the fish
'itisinesa as outlined in The Advertiser
ould not be put into effect. It would
ower tha price of fish and would guar
'in tee every one legitimately in the
Su'innea a fair profit.
"The control, of course, would hove
'o be extended to the bait grounds and
he mullet ponds as well as' to the sea
Regarding the ten percent eommis
ion bow charged by the fishing com
mnies for the use of their credit in out
'itting the fishing boats. Mr. Winston'
is of the opinion that by the proper
onsoiKiating or tne companies tin
-Were could bo cut in half.
"T see no reason why the companies
ili ouiil not combine in this work, cut
nit the greater part of our office help
ind reduce out commission to five per
ent. I believe we could make more
ut of half the eommmxion undur n
ouHolldotlon than we do now."
HI'OKANE, Washington, February 5
-( AitHociated Press) School children
f tho citv, during last season, pro
Mi. i-.l $10,248 .worth of vegetables iu
heir s'liool gardens, according to the
epprt of the agriculture committee of
lie chamber of commerce, which had
he school gardens In charge. The com
ii it tee spent but 2H!50 ou the work,
'or supervisors' salaries, incidoptul la
'ior aud supplies.
Pliius to enlarge' the work next sea
son have been adopted.
r:fV i'h :"e-4- f.i cV'Vi' IK'.'
German Ruthlessness Campaign
Faces Lack of Torpedoes
As Serious Menace
(Associated Press) Shortage of tor
pedoes ta one of the most serious fkets
with which the directors of the ' Ger
man, Uboot war are now faced. It It
a well known and admitted fact that
German factories are at present 'abso
lutely unable to turn out first class tor
pedoea In anywhere near sufficient quae
titles for the needs of the submarines
In fact, the underwater rraff are bain fi
turned out faster thnn the torpedoei
with the result that recourse haa beer
had to various expedients to keep thr
submarines supplied with their chief
a-eapon, ,
Gormany'a fleet of 1' I. oats must ear
ry thouaanda of torpedoes. Thousand
more must alwaya be ready in reserve
In fact tha reserye supply should b
larger, today than n -year ago to allov
for tha more freqoent rnlls made npor
it. The augmented destroyer paro'
la responsible for this. They bav(
made the submarines use up mora tor
pedoea and have reused them to re
turn to their base more frequently fir
reloading. . i.. ,'
Eight may be aaid to be the average
lumber of torpedoes carried in ono sub
marine. The number ranges from fou'
o twelve, according to the typo of sub
marine. The U-S3 which raided ship
r!ng off the Atlantic coast of the Unit
ed States carried ten. Mora reoea
types load aa many as twelve. -Mlae
layers can accommodate wo, fonr am
six, depending on their sixe.
In connection with this ahortaga a
tbo interesting fact that all U-boa'
eommaadera Dow ae strictly, ration
ed' as far aa tbelr upp!y, of, toraedocr
la coneeraed and are not permitted: tc
waste torpedoes ' on long . Mehanee
shots ", except aades elrcBmotaneof
which they moat explain ia detail at
justifying the expenditure of the proa
Ions underwater aniosiles. . . t i
Recently the German fnetoriea have
bona' turning but a smaller torpedr
which ia leaa aocnrately teated' br
which may be need- with a fair degree
of .'aertainty at chose range. Of late
very few German torpedoes have prov
ed effective unless at fairly close range
and it haa become nnusunl for a U-boat
commander to make any attempt at
merchant ship unless' he ran get wlthte
500 to 800 yards. "' . f(
The Germans , are now using ta-o
typea of torpedoes. ' They may be da
scribed as short-charge find full eharrr
torpedoes. The short charge is the bn
used mostly against merchant ohipplnr
and is flretl at 800 to 600 yatds. TV
full charge which has probably twice
the destructive . forfee and , ia better
made is. reserved. forWn-of-war. It if
flred sit a greater dialance nd is used
less frequently 'thdn he cheaper tor
podo. j ,. i.
But the comparative immunity of thr
American .destroyers' from torpeAo at
tnck despite the Ipsa of 4he Jacob
.Toues and the slighf disaV)emen,t of
the Casein ia noteworthy la this con
nectinn. The Get-raana hate the Ameri
can destroyers aa one of thc wor1''
enemies in their moHt?eTtlle field oi I',
action and there ia scarcely an Amorj
can destroyer but. has bad one or won
Herman torpedoes flred at her, yet on
ly twice have the torpedoes found their
mark. , .
The Amoricans and the British wltl
whom they are cooperating so sue
ceHHfiilly in this game of Vuuting "tin
fish. ' attribute their immunity to tb
moliilitr of the dentroyer. The alert
nefin of the Amerirrn Tiavnl men cou
pled with their well known keennes
for offensive tactics against th sub
marine have been reeponaible for thoi
alight losses. Sharp lookouts and skill
full maneuvering enable them to ekeat
the Germans so often.' '
HAMPTON, Virginia, January 27
William Howard Taft, president of the
Hampton Inxtitute board of trustees,
delivered today an address in memory
of (Jen. Samuel Chapman Armstrong
distinguished soldier-oducator who
founded the Hampton school in INtiN,.
and for twenty five yenra devoted nil
his power of body, mind, and heart to
the development of vocational edura
tion for colored and Indian youths and
the promotion of good will among all
cluKBC-i ami races.
"Armstrong luunehed the struggle of
a race to deserve freedom to vindicate
its citiacnidiip to justify eipjulity of op
portunity," Mr. Tuft said. "It h
given to few men by their efforts, un
uided by circumstances, opposed by
prejudice, injustice, and contemptuous
criticism, to win the victory which was
Armstrong '. His name will go down
in history with that of Lincoln as u
grcut benefactor of the negro race."
In the litigation that has arisen re
cently between John F. Colbnrn and
the kspioluui Kstate the estate through
its attorneys, Castle aud Withington
uml Light foot and Lightfoot filyd a de
murrer yesterday to the action brought
hv Collnirn to collect a sum in exceii
of -'S.OOO, which he alleges is due to
him. Following the suit filed by Col
ti urn the estate filed an action against
I him for approximately $31,000 alien. M
to lie due. Collnirn formerly was man
' uger aud treusurer of the estate.
Honolulu ": Wholesale PrbdufcrMatket
.Whoieeale Only
Tsiaad butter, lb.
r.gga, sh' t, u..kco . . .
Kggs, No. I...'
i'Uga, Ink, dozen . .
Young ' Boosters, lb. .
Heais, string, grren..
Beans, stria, wax . . .
Means, Lima ia pod . .
Beans, Maui rc ls . . .
iieiuis, t alM-e, ct....
Wesns smM i""ite...
Peas, dry island
Beets, docen bches .
Car rote, doxvn bebes.
Cabbage, cwt
Corn, sweet, 100 eiir.
Cnra, Haw. m. yel.
Corn, Haw. Ig. yel. . .
Bananas, Chi use, bch...
nnaanas. eooking, ti -1 1 . . .
...30 to .70
, . ... .1.85 1
Figs, 100
1.00 i
Grapes, Isabella, lb 00 to 08
' Strawberries
Cattle and sheep arc not bought at
paid for on a dressed weight i basis.
Beef, dressed, lb il5 to JO Mnfton, dressed, lb..
Val, dreased, lb y.13 tO-IOiPor, vVcoesed, lb
Steer, No. 1, lb ; . t . t . .14, Klpe, lb
Steer, No. 2, lb ;...'.... .!a;Goat, whHe, each...
' ' TEEH
The following are pricea on feed f. o b- Honolulu:
Oorn, am. yel. ton 90.00 to 80.00 lOata, ton
prn, Ig. yel ton RO.OOHo 00.00
"torn, cracked
Bran, ton . .
Barley, ton .
Scratch food
0.00 to 02.00
55.00 to W.00
02 00 to flfl Oo
Graham Bread Can't
Be Considered Asn
a Saving On Wheat
' There has gone broadeaat over Ha
waii a feeling that Graham Bread or
whole wheat bread is the thing to eat
oa "ViheaUoss Day". Graham bread
ia very good, but it is a wheat bread.
It merely has more of the Original
wheat grain in it than our ordinary
white bread. To ent aornbreads made
"ntirely without wheot would bo fob
lowing the rule of "Wheatless Day"
to 'the letter. Two of these ara the
following: -Soar
Milk Cora Broad
2 cups eornmcal
2 cups aoor mljk
1 tablespoo? vegetable oil
1 tablespoon sugar
1 14 teaspoons salt
V.. agg ' ' ,)
1; teaspoon aoda ' . .
1 tablespoon cold water. ,
Mix the coramoaL aour milk, oil,
lugar aad salt. Cook ia a double boiler
r over water for ten minutes. .Cool,
idd tho beaton egg and finally tha aoda
Uasolved in tbo cold water. Bake one
half hour lq a shallow iron or granite
pan. . . -
"risp Cora Broad .
3, cups milk
1 teaspoon salt
1 cups, cornmeaL
Mi the ingredient and spread in
ihallow greased pans to about one quar
er inch in depth. . Baka ia a moderate
aven until crisp.
tr e
, , ; upplV;cqrn meal
A call fori; ahipttieta of ic'orn' meul
haa been aent to A. W. Carter of the
Parker, ranch following a 'meeting of
white flour nnd otaaraareal distributors
in the officea of tha fedarai food com
mission by James D. pole, chairman of
the territorial ' food -commission, who
on f erred with the food handlers, as
"Need is pressing for. com meal.
When can ahlpmenta be expectetll"
Corn meal manufactured ' by the
I'arker ranch is to bo placed in the
local marketa In aacka eoutaiuing So
and 5 4ouniU. It waa tentatively
agreed at the meeting today that
wholesalers shall pay 5 cents a
pound for the 60-poond sack", that
the wholesaler shall aetl it for 5V,
-ents, and that the retailer shall sell
it to the public for 0 rents a pound.
Kor five pound aacka, the wholesaler
will pay $5.70 per hundred, pounds, the
retailers will pay 0 eent a pound. The
.public may buy tt for '7 centa a pound.
' t V '
Housewives ran help tba rfnrat situa
tion by buying f three-pound broilers
and friera and refusing to use "siuab
chickena" weighing a pound, one halt
or less. Dresaed-poultry specialists of
the United States Department o( Agri
culture urge thia, aa a conservation
measure. Serving under-developed or
"puab chickens" in hotels, restau
rants and honies is regarded as a waste,
tor if kept, four weeka longer, includ
ing two weeka of crate fleshing, such
fowls would weigh about three pounds.
Muroover, under proper feeding, a
chicken makes the extra flesh, largely
from such by-products not ordinarily
gsed for human food, auch as butter
milk, skim milk and low grade grains.
The federal food administration 's re
port to Washington on ita finding rein
live to the use of banana pulp in bread,
which waa made yesterday, announces
Hint it is not practicable to use more
than thirty percent of the pulp in bread
inaiiiifactiire. The food authorities re
ccutlv iiked Washington, at the request
of local bakers, for periuisniou to iiiiinu
fitcture a tweoty-ounne loaf o' b-nuiiiii
bread to retail at ten cents. This per
mission was not given, although it is
believe. I that pormisHioa may be se
cured to manufacture a aixteoa ounce
loaf to retail at eight cuuta.
iTXtUtOUAL J"? ' ,',
Oi VISION rabraary 15, ' 191 g.
.....,, .a0.He, lb .40
....,.'.. v M t twfk Sy.a, lb 40 to .45
.00 D.iics, ITuscovy, !b TO to .32
. .60 Ducks, l'ek;n ,...;t0 to .32
... .48 t .SO Ducks. Hawaiian, doien 7.76
04 to 04H lle, Jap. seed, cwt 7.60
vf-M "ie, Jlaw. Med 7J!a
.,,...',.04 Pennuta. Ig. lb 03 to .00
..'.. &-M Green peppers, bell CO to M
...10.00 Green peppers, chili JM
. . 1" 1, o 14.65 tatoes, Island Irish 2.25 to 2.50
0 00 to 10.00 ' Tot a toes, sweet .., 00 to 1.00
. .30 Potatoes, sweet red .1.00
ctO Taro, bunch .15
125 to 4.50 'Taro, ewt J.00
. . 1 16 ta 1 50 Ttanatoe. lb 06 to .OS
.8J00 to 85.00 Catambeis, doen 40 to .art
80.00 Pumpkins, lb 02V4
Haw, Konn oranges,
Limes, 100
wo i.r.,
. 1.00 to l.S-1
.02 to MM
25 to Jtt
Pineapples, cwt
Popaias, lb
liva weight They are slaughtered aad
(Hogs up to 150 lbs.
.17 to .If
.18 to .1'
.24 to .25
.20 to .30
...70 00 to 78.5T
..04.00 to OO P
. . .69.00 to 7 LOT
. . .47.00 to S4.CM
Wheat, ton
iMiddling, ton
Hav, vhert. ton
Hal alfalfa
Potatoes Can Be
Cooked Over
Hundred Ways
tt is claimed that there ara
mora than 100 ways to cook po
tatoes, from tho primitive . (aud
Still probably the best) methods
of boiling or baking with tho
akina on, to the ' most ' complex
and seasoned dishes.' ' Here ara
soma of the ways known to the
Curted Statea Department of Agri
culture, Have yon tried thorn aU,
or do yon know about as many
mortt ; "
-Boiled Plain frUd
aipo.' French friend
Lyannatse Gauffro
Maaaod . Sonffla
Pan browned Rioed
Salad In hash
la chowders Biscuits
Baked Saute
Shoestring . Creamed
, Hashed .brown Croquette
Mashed fried An gratin
Stuffed .; .. Boupa, '
la fish cakea Ia stews
Ia light bread,Ia' meat pie eruat
a- -i " . i .
WASHINGTON, t, Ci February 10-
(Arso iated rresa) That it may be
possible within a year or" two to grow
ijierfect Smyrna figs the superior im
jiorted typo-ria many localities of the
South, is tho concluAon of United
States Department of Agriculture spec
iuiists based. Vpon recent investigations.
iDerelopnimita this season, It is said, in
dicate not only that such an industry
can be . sstabfished. but have shown
that an unexpected condition exists:
that Smyrna flg trees, some of large
OI7.C, already are growing ip the South,
j They have apt borne fruit because the
fertilizing Insect blostophaga, haa not
iecn present, ma tnaoct waa Intro
duced from California in one section
this year and apparently has established
itoelf. ' '
r4 .
Nutritious salad makea a good dish
for a home luncheon. Aa tber are rich
in protein, ehese salads take the place
of cold meat dishes. The following is
un inexpensive, nutritious cottage
cheere aalad;
! Mix thoroughly one pound of cheeae,
lone and one-half tableepoonfnla of
'cream, one tableapoonful of chopped
parsley, 'and salt 4o taste. First, fill
m rectangular tin mold with cold wa
iter to chill and wet the turf ace. After
removing the water, lino the bottom
of the mold with waxasl paper; then
pmk tha cheese in three layers, put
,ting two or three parallel strips of
!.!...!.. 1.11 1 . .
ipiiiucuio, iniurs tear, or cpoppeu nuis,
between layers. Cover with waxed
I paper and act in a cool place until
ready to serve; then run a knife
'around the aides and invert the mold.
Cut m alicea and serve on lettuce
leaves with French dressing and waf
ers. Minced olives may be used in
stead of the parsley, and chopped nuts
also may bo added.
LONDON, Fobroarv IS (Associated
In-ss England, accepting men of
nineteen to forty-one, inclusive, has
.-,1100,000 soliliera in the field, tier
many, accepting men of eighteen and
forty five, inclusive, has 5 500,000. Ger
miiny's permanent dlsablemonts are
k: -id to be, 3,500,000,. or at the rate of
I .nun, mm a venr.
WASHINGTON, February 18 (As
so. In'cit l'ress) Sale by the Red Cross
of .100 acres of land in France which
h-i.l been secured by Americans for the
purpose of establishing of an institu
'i u for the reedueation of mutilated
Trench soldier-, those inrapitated for
their former work by their injuries,
to lit Iheui for new work.
After Day$ Suspensiori Wilt p3
enter Industry With" Approver,1.
They Sayr of Food Administrator
Broken Ordered To ; 0ult For
FaHure Td Get Licenses .Retain
Lawyeri To Present Their Caso ;
The fishing aitaation will take a hew
turn today when the fishing companies 1
will resume bmriaesa as flsh wholoeak
era. , ., ,. ;! v
The elimination of the auction fer
ture of the 'fish business in Honolulu ''
is aaid by officials of the fish aom-
panie to have met with tha approval
of Food Administrator J. F- Child.
Thus, under his protection, they claim, ,
racy win reenter the ash industry af
'er one day 'a suspension which 'Waa -nade
under the ruling of, tha food ad- .
mlnistralor that they eoald not eon
'lnue business because of their failure
o apply for a licctiae. , ,;.
Vid,dlemoa Get Shara ' .
Thus tha fishermen who tome in v
'his morning will sell thoir catches
outright to the fishing companies who .
-Ill sej) them to the stall men.' Tha
Ish companies will bo made to adhere
'n the tirl-ea act by the food admlnia-
trator In the prices which they make to
the fishermen. The fishing companion .
mid ycrterdny that they will do busi
aras on their old basis of tea percent
ind will establish pricea to bo paid
to fishermen accordingly. ' ' .
Some doubt waa, expressed by fish
vien yesterday as to tha offect that
the new plaa will have on the fisher
aea, who may contend that they are
nt reefivlag proper eompatMiatioa f
'boir work and. either refuse to sell
Vt the price" net by tho fishing com
janiea or vefuae to eootiana their 11 sh
ag veatureo nntil noma ether, arraago-''
nr-nt is given; them. It is probable thai
he eatcbes will be email oa. account of
he nnfayorabw weather, la Which case
'heir complaint win bo all tho more ..
vehement .'. ' : .. - ; v.. ,;,.
Yargtna: Eatmato4'.V- '' V;-". '.-:
Katisaatea made by- tha fishermen yea-'
rday as to the margin oa which the .
ftsbermon, operate shewed that the crew
V the fishing boat receive about fifty,,
percent f the total amount brought.
y their haul, which mart be -divided .
rvenly among the jcrew after the own-,,
V of tho. boat recelvca hia thirty per
ent of the whole amount. ; Thna on a",
wtoh that brings, 160 oader the prioea
ajt by he food adminietrator'4he por
iona will be' aa follows t , Fish brokers'
'sonmissoat.l5 ' hauUag tof ash to
aarket,, tit--twenty block of ioe,.l2;
WtUbxte4J g. three baskets- of . bait,
t40; awadrJea, 2. The beat owner re
aiaea iQ6 of the remaining Ti and tha
goee .to. M tow. f U f U : tt'.-'
Lawyexa detained,.
I-. -
The threw fishing: eompaalnO, aetinff
broVera.-which ware forbidden by
Food Administrator Child to continue
he auctioning of Ash. nntil they have
'erjornl licenses, rcttnined, lawyers yea-,.,
'erday and, ' prepared to present their
-ase before' the government officials In'
"he bene thnf former conditions will be
eatored. : . ''''', ;,- ,'-. ; ' k ,,
The fish companies will take advan- .
aje of ttis'cpportunity also to attempt.
'lneiTiarJ, of the responsibility or '
high prices upon war measures which '
hey aar Inletfere .W'Hh the hrinrUg1;
n of fish and npon the old Hawaiian
wa which nne ce-tain fishing grounds ,
he property of the owners of aijoinlng
Hieh nrooerty. ahlqh rights, they eon
end, ahould have been condemned eat -uired;
for the people long age, They j
vill charge -profiteering en the part of "
he o-ra of fish ponda, who roeejva .
hrce-fold more rental now thaa Vfaa
he eaae two' veare ago. '; - ' ' , 1.
te-dv with, Txrnsea ' '-'i'.:.;;;?.;'.',
"Successful and efficient -fish lag i
heae waters ia dependent on certain ',
nnditions said the attorney for one '
f the llsti companies yesterday. 'Ia
he first place, the fishermen trust hsvo:
i cheap supply of nehu for bait. Nehn '
-re scarce now and tbo necessity of ,
'asint bait' irrannd in order to seen re
hem is the first item of lage expense-. ',';,
"Then the closing of the harbor at
igbt haa frlso oerated armlnst ahe
lahermea who fo out in small sempaas..
o catch aku. The 'bait fish) The aku '
ipoila, they say, unless it ean be got'
'o port and-plaeed on tee within, a few1
koura after -it ia caught, and these 'aku ;
'oata cannot -carry lee wn aoeonnt Of
'he fact tha the.apartmant aft where
'he aampanf usually carry the lee aausr. '-:
he usd aa a tank In which the ncha :
bait ean be .kept alive. The ordinary
ismpans are.aot speedy enough to be' "
ised In ck fishing.," y'
The leaaoa of fish ponda, tha fishing
ompanles assert, are sold by auction
md the demand for these hat, Increased
'he pricea threefold. j
On account of unfavorable weathei.
inly one boCt came into port yeaterdny
nornlnf, which brought onlv four baa--kets
of fieh.; These ware sold oOtrigkt
to a fish dealer on King Street.
r f '
Several .Tafisnee prof eoaora wiQ aooa
pasa throunh Honolulu from Japan en
route to the. United Statea , mainland
nnd Europe 'to investigate methoda f
instruction, and will be sent away en
ter the auspices of the Dopartmeut of
(Education of the Japan government.
Among those who are to form. thia.
group are: ( .
Doctor Oauba of the Agricultural
Colloge of the Northwestern Imperial
1'uiversity, to study botany la Ameri
ca. Knglaud,. Italy aad Swltaeriand.
Professor Yamagaml of the Medical
tjpllege of the Northwestern Imperial
(Txiiveraity, to afudy medicine (a Amer
ica, Italy ami Kngland.
Frofesmr -Taklail ef thn 1 Fobe
Higher Commercial School, to atudy
ueonoiuies and cmu;:.c ia America.'
tiugtand, France aad luly.
ft: i
. ' i-.' ,.. ' r ... -. i '
',' t - ' '
' f -! 'i' v. .'

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