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'r ; V''r!
VI 1
rag ;
5 Hawaiian Agrlciiltufal. Company
' v Stockholder! Meet And Re
.'. ceire Reports of Year
. ' Drought HasNot Injiired Crops
y-;;: For This Year Or Next Is
Report of Manager
' i '
Hawaiian Agricultural Company ex
'J ', needed it preliminary estimate for tho
i 1817 crop by fifty-eight tons of augur.
:'.) " 5" h6wn by the report of Jamei
. Carepsie, manager, which was present
' ed to the stockholders of the com-
" pany at their annual meeting held yea
i- lerdey in the offices of C. Brewer
. Company, agent. He places th ssrae
r.tithate on the 1918 that he did for
'- the 1917 crop and find a the 1919 crop in
I' RTod condition and well advanced. It
; i, Ms a' little retarded but not seriously
, ' Jejured by the drought of last year.
!Vj. . Th 1917 crop Buffered severely front
the heavy atorma in the latter part of
iMia 1919 and also from the leaf hopper ovt
. break of that year and aa a result the
:J' yield per acre waa below the tisaal
and amounted to 3.58 tuna. Throughout
the year there waa not at ny time
an excess of ' water for fluaaiag but,
T' taking every advantage of what there
waa the, mil) waa kept going daytimes.
Dealing with. Improvements in the
year the maaager aays:
. MU1 and Boilliif House
"We, have made quite a few im
provements to our boiling honse during
the past year a ew elevator eell waa
added, one of our varuum pans , waa
replaced with a larger one of the Calan
dria type, and the eaparity of another
-.. sf odr pans waa inrreaaed by adding
a Camndria belt to it. In add i Hon to
v this We also raised the whole paa floor
' . 0 laches, and save-all were added to,
. out pans and evaporators. These im
', ' proveaieata have enabled us to do bet
t tef work- iai .this .end f the fatort-:
. Vie also "-re shelled " Vf af our rollers
, whlich were uhderaimed. At present!
we are giving the mill a thorough over-
hauling and replacing one of our eeat'ri-
fagal batteries with eight 40 inch ma
r bmea. As a result of these altera
tions, I expect an improvement in out
nill' work this year.
adtBsT Waiaavouse
"The new sugar warehouse mention
ed' In the last annual report has been
fompl.ted; this gives us .an additional
1 storage capacity of 4000 tons. Thf
building was constructed throughout
Of eteel and concrete and is therefore
entirely fireproof. It ia alao equipped
Vita; link belt conveyora, abich dls
charge directly iuto the strsiaer boats.
"We can now bundle our sugar more
rapidly and with less labor than was
possible under the former avsteni.
SaectrtC IJght Plant
- -'Aa up-to-date electric lighting
1lan.t baji been installed and has proved
St areat convenience, nil of the main
'camp as well as the stores being sup
- r plieiFith light" from it. The plant ia
. . . f M v.. I, a, mi..mm " . ..MM ...kir.ni nm
r. aoolirloui permit,
riuin:. WUl Aid
: . . ,"Tbe new flume from Nuguchi Tun
' - ' ttrl t. Uueula aluULT the ton of the
- piaotsjion is proving a good inveaiment
'", W enabling us to uae the Nognebi Tun-
ntf.A liratnr an the ne nd nf tliA lilaa-
. , f.tleu a, necessity arises. As a re-
' ..- .nit we will not in future have to abut
' v ''d.wa'a. frequently a. in the past be
rause .of btck of water on the Moaula
' '': B'e,ction. VVe had many of our flumes
'.' ilimnfl ItoA ItV tnA Btlirm llf VtRrill llBltt
- hnt thau have all been reimired.
' .T la the financial reports a net profit
.Nf or 'Mast year of 703,687.35 is shown
frM sbii'li divideada at the rate of
twenty-four perceut per anniiro were
Jid, amounting to 4HO,000 and 547,-
' i d26Jl was carxied forward, from which
- ' pust still be deducted the four per
eiat'rtlra federal income tax aud the
war excess profit 1st of 1!M7. With
' , theafl. 4d"Uons ?'iH to be made the
balaaoe is ji.02f, MM.
? Th. .u.ual W asltqK'"' eleuration
' ' was held yesterday afternoon at 8t.
- k f &.it I tMllAajk .itruwilMd himiu. filliiii.
, -r. bg auditorium. The program wa.
t . . I.il anAm.v atul tiloialmr It Wna u
' j.. pBlriofle,; p0(tram from beginning to
. lV. end, -A. tablttau entitled "Uncle Hsm
.j. ma'isisile a hit as did " Mv Dream of
.'.the V. k A." suag by M. Cooper,
first tenor; A. Hilva, sttcuad tepor; B.
. ,j . Ooekelt, bar) time pd F. Almeda. bass.
r -. The lix(h -urn
Jrnde ia "Little Boy in
- ; Kiue" appeared Jo good advantage.
The recitations yrere well resU'red.
.- .
; been'cyrin eouAs and colls for the
''" .av 'fdrfy years and has gained iu pe
, rularity every yoerr. What better ree
' tmmendatiou is required l'r anle by
all dealers, Bensou, Smith t Co , Ltd.,
Agent, for Hawaii. AJvt.
of Worst Drbtfght
Hamakua Plantation Bears Brunt
ef Disaster Whicfi Seriousfy
Affects Cane Fields of Three
Big Island Districts
O facers and directors of Honokaa
j Sunsr Corapany ! at the steck
koldert meeUaa; WadaaaAay.
i omcKKS
!J. w. Waldroji .;.PrMidaat
W. H. Baird Vlca-Prasldent
A. P. Welch. . . . tad Vica-Prealdeot
O. E. Bchaafer Itaaanrar
E. P. Mclntrra,.,. ...... Mcreury
Jarnaa Orate .Ajat. Sacratary
AudU Co. of Hawaii. .. .... Aadltor
nTWT-.frrnitB (
' r. P. Hdrntyra
J. W . Wtldron W. H. Baird
A. I.. Oastte A. K. Oampbell
O. E. Bchaefer HaiBrr Bt Ooar
llnn hard the plantations of Hama-
kiia. North Kohala and North Hilo
were hit by the worst drought in the
history of the sugar Industry of the
Islands fan be formed by study of
the report of Manage W. P. Naquin
prearnted to the atoevoldera at the
meeting on Wednesday ia the olGeea
of I". A. Mhaefer, . agent.
While not all of tho plantations in
those iliatritts ' of the Island Of Ha
waii ere so seriously affeeted they all
suffered more or less ES did Honokaa.
Prom the table ia the manager ' re
port it ia evident the drought was wore
than any previous one. This table
makes a comparison of rainfalls at Ho
nokaa office, elevation 465 feet, sal
1497 1901 1117
Inches. Inchea. Inches.
. . 2.3 4.10 .1.61
. . 4..16 10.6.1 3.M
. . 1.53 1.1.7 1.83
. . 3.16 2.78 1.3rt
. . 1.50 .47 1,08
. . .61 .41 1.96
. . 1J!4 .57 .1K
. . 5.90 .39 .15
.. J.53 .47 .13
. . .92 2.06 .78
. .. 6.51 10.15 "i8
... 4.60 6.86 .22
...MM 53.17 26.10
January .
Febriiarv .
Man h .' . .
April . ..
May . ..
June . ..
July . ...
August . .
October .
Drona;ht Ia Detailed
"This drought, ffllowing the com
purativeiy drv eatner eipenencea aur
ing the latfsr part of 1916, plaTad
havoi with nil our srops," say the
manager report. "Towards te end
of the harvesting season a large propor
tion, of the 1(17 eane wS. dead, aud
was left "in the field. This' ia some
instance, amounted to as much is thirty-three
percent, entailing a loss of
around 500 ton of sugar, uot to men
tion tie irreparable damage to the ra
"The greatest losses, however.' were
suffered by the growing crop which Is
to he harveted io 1913, this cane be
ing practically dormant from the mid
die of February up to the first of Nov
ember. The intermittent light show
ers whieh fell during this teriod arere
not at iuv time of sufficient intensity to
even lay the duttt in the fields, conse
quently were of no material benefit to
the cane. Aside from the backward
ness of thi.i crop, coimidersble atv
were entirely wiped out. A large per
centaer of this damage occurred above
the ditch line, where no irrigation wa
ter could be applied to relieve the
tress. At lower elevations, the smsll
amount of irrigation water at our dis
posal, although not Biifricieiit to pro
mote anv perceptible growth, served
keep things more or lets alive aSrtl'
relief came. A conservative estimate
will place the total loss from this un
fortunate neather at betveea 8500 an I
4500 tons of miijiir on this crop alvnr.
"It is also 8 reitrpttabU fact that
the f.enf Htripe lmcsc. nllud.d to in'
our lust annual report, made grant in
roads on that cane which promised to
survive the drought. One hundred ami
fifty acres were entirely destroyed try
this disease, thus adiliug heavilv to our
Lota Marked Of
"As most of this cane which 'died!
bad made iractiallv no growth sines
planted and inasmuch as our usual mode
of transportation was out of flu ferres
tion, there being no Water available,
it was net. deemed expedient io atUispt
to harvest any of the same, the e
ttinatfd retnrns from sugar thus oh
talned being entirely out' of propot
tiaa to the .aormous outlay required
for harvesting.
"The 191(1 crop also suffered a great
deal through this weather, and a Urge
percentage of (lie rnttons failed to come
no, especially in the last eut fields.
Much ef the cane on knolls and expos
ed areas was unable to hold its owa,
and wee eventually wiped out. It is
est i rusted that a loss equivalent te over
of the total are. undur cultivation
for the 1V1V crap whs thus destroyed,
- "Following these unfavorable condi
tion, we have had a good stretch of
weather, aud it is indeed gratifying
to note that the surviving cane has
pii-Jked . up woaderfully well. As we
Will Mot start winding before the Jut
tar Part, of February, Iks 1918 eane
sbl'ujil make p'UU a growth before It
i. harvested. It is also uopeni that by
tks( tiaue a considerable portion of the
' fm 'iHWi VVHIUU Vf OIB
lU will be cloil i sad out 01.
tie wsy.
Crop of 1917
"In all, 7tl,5M Ions of cunc
faurvestt'd, taking on uu uverac
rES coMpanmhe .
ResignialiQn of F. A.
Schaefer Causes
Deep Regret In
Business World
To everyone In the etfmr industry, to
I every ksmSaina ' fend to Vsnv shorter
iime residents wno nave mnrlp the ac
quniiitpnce af P. A. (tahacfer there has
come a sense of deep, regret with the
announcement of his retirement from
the head of Honokaa Sugar Corapany.
Hia rcaignaHoa f(J lowed forty years of
constant acrttee ta the company, for he.
became its presideai oa May 10, 1878,
and had coatinneU In that oftice until
Ma resignation wns accepted at the an
nual moiting of the stockholders of the
enmpsny on Wednesday of this week.
Hia services to the company had eon-,
tinned over a period of thirty-nine
yeara. nine months and tea days.
For more thaa half a eentury has Mr.
rVhaefer been a prominent figure in
the business life of Honolula and Ha
waii nei. Me waa born in Bremen,
August 19, 1836, and paaned his eighty
first birthday last rear. He eNioyed
remarkably fno4 hfnlta, and waa prae-J
ticaliy never ill a day until three years
ago, when be weethered a severe illness
nnd a few months ago hie health failed
further, and be underwent aa opera
tion, serious for one of his advanced
Btaonch Arh ericas
Altboagh bora, in Bremen there are
rtone who wilt qaestiot the' patreotisni,
the loyaltv and the Amerfcaniam of P.
k. Stehaefer. What hia Jhjldrea and
their families are doing and are seek
ing to do for their country in this try
ing period is a reflection of his spirit
and lulls of the truly American atmos
fdiere in which he reared them.
Xeachee Honolula
Frederick Augunt Schaefer left Bre
men fur Honolulu ia the brig Antilla in
May, 157. He eaaif round the Horn
and waa six months en voyage, arriv
ing here November 14, 1857, now more
than aixty year. njrp. He eatne under
tons of ease per tea of uirar, yielding
0)119.50 ton, of (afar, which exceeded
our estimated yield eonxe 925 tona
of sugar. Of this, S.030.D3 ton. were
bagged and shipped. The average yield
of .1.46 tons of sugar per acre is con
siderably above the average for the
jist several years.
Crop of 191$
"Of this" area S4ti.5 ncres were aban
doned on acount of drought and I-eaf
fltrlpe Disease;' U8 acres were ent for
abed, leaving a b.lauce of 204..5 acres
to be harvested.
"On account of the large amounts of
dead patches throughout the fields, and
the very constricted condition tf the
eaue t'
be harvested, it is difficult to
estimate just what we will obtain from
this area. A great deal will depend
on the quality of the cnue. but I would
hesitate to estimate more than 5000
tone ef sugar,
prop ef 1919
"As previously stated, this crop had
a Very severe set back from the
drought, so that ut present it 1. p
proximattdr 4 mouths behind time and
will require much labor und time be
fore it rsu be laid by. With good
weather during the coming summer this
should produce a normal crop. "
remanent Improvement.
The following improvement, and bet
terments were made duriug the pa.t
rear: ' I
Buildiegs J,97L08,
(.tearing new mud nK.n.t
Ditches aud rc.iervuir S, 811.31
Vlumcs 6,019.13
Feniiture 30.00li
I ive t0)rk 1,037,00!
L.buTatoiy 5.1.7 j
Mill buildiui;s aud niai-hiucry 29,3635-1
Outside mnchiucry 13 1,07)1
Boiling xtock
Credit . . . .
Syrvev . . .
. .$0,181.67
The improvements in the mill con
sisted of the following:
4Mdcb Ceutrifuh.ls.
1 17 kw. Dyn.mo.
1 Xo. 7 Juice Heater. y ,
1 Mixer.
The figures under "Mill Buildings
aud Machinery" include n ti umber of
items installed during ihe latter part
of 1016 and paid for this year,
tlew Buxar Boea
"The installation of the six new 40
inch centrifugnts encroached to edch
as extent on the available sugar stor
ihg1 space at the mill that we were ob
liged to And additional storage room,"
the report continues "Accordingly
a uew warehouse, 54x7 ft., having'
e.acity of between 10.000 and 12,000
bags of sugar, was burlt.
"Vith this additional storage room
we are able to store spproxintetely
3000 tons of sugar, which is three-tfth.
of our estimated output this year, ao
that we are In a good position to take
care of our sugar under prevailing; ship
ping uncertainties.
" At present a conveyor is being la
stnllcd which will deliver bag. direct
from the sewine machine to tBl. ware
house, which wijl greatly facilitate the
Ilia, 1 - 1 i
Bonus Ooet. Heavily
"The bonus system in vogue is ex
ceptionally h.ird on luiitutioss Sub
jecl. to tin- wide Miritltn.UB of lliuilltlc
condil ii. lis nhicli experienced lu
A SCHAEFER who has I
retigtieA ih presidency I
of cnokaii- Sugar Company!
after forty jrears' service. j
which was then a firm of importers,
eommhuioa mrJin. iu-nar ,.f
v -t '' .
... , ,
I ' '
Whaler craft and in other lines of buai-1 acid will t4 ia lpointing. ( iTh
nesa of Moaller dmportance. I letter lands tUl, give shit aOTtnal
Btrrto Own Plm r'I- ; The cape , "baa1 made'; a " gxod
It waa July 1867, almost ten years 'l,wtJj.hiBce'thf rata kad la atUlT grow
after hi. trrival.in Honolulu that he ' ' . arveated la 1755
took over Uis buaiuesa of Melchera A
Co. oa the same site where his own
k. ..Liu., i .i . . .i
Bchaefer A Co.
On May 19, 1878. he started Honokaa
Sugar Compa.y.aud on VJhv 27. 187,
!3ent ' 'inr' heeU
Mr. 8r.h.efer Carried Miss Kliaabeth
nhrt... rf-i,., , i.:,
Justice A. O. M. Robertson, in April,
1X79, and their children are Mrs. Irm
gard Elgin, Mra. J. W. Waldron, Mrs.
wl,i" V. . . ""T;ahd uliutal.. The. area under eultiva
A. 1- t:aatle, Capt. O. K. Mhaefer, Firat
' Infantry, I, ft. A., Mrs. Pauline Htrode
Passes Ail Previous Records In
Production and Promises
of Future Splendid
Kekaha Bngar Company surpassed
H previous records in its history in
I r aujiar pro.uir?iipn or insx year as
Is shown tn Trie report or H. J . rnye
to the stockholders of' the company
held this week in the office of the ageut,
Hackfeld A Coei8ay. His preliminary
estimate was exceeded by more than
L'000 tons and the total production was
19.179 tons.
If tho )1S est i Dili te of Manager
Faye shall be exceeded as wa. that of
1917 the Keknha Company will make
new records this year. In any event
it wilb have' a rood tear for the estj-
i-wnte f. 17500 tons. Of this 5?00 tons
Baa Tieeu pronncea up to roorunry i. in
connection with this crop, however, ho
says that since October it hns 1 een
very wet, retarding ripening und ham
periag harvesting.
Biff Future Rb6wtt
1 Foe the 1BI!) erep a tentative esti-
ate, made thns early, is from IM.OOil
to 18,500.
' T kneel possildlity ef .hart shipping
fteirltles the company has built a new
store bouse at the factory with a cn-.-i
fitv of 46.000 bags and which run
feadllf "be further iaereaacd.
Meaaaaee A. Fuel
' A new wiolasse. furnace ha.'bevn in
talletl, burnlag all-the -w.stc molesses.
The heat from this furnace produces
steara from a boiler over it for use in
the mi)!.
This Vorks very well, making for
use In the field about 100Q pdunds of
shs la 34 hour,' restiining about
thirty percent pptasli, besides giving
rrbilt irt additionl Jicat to the boiling
honse." 1 ''
' Net profit for the Vear1 were 1,085.
408.75 from which dividends at the
rate of thirtv-l percent per annum
were piid. SA40.000 and a profit bul
anre of 545,408.T5 shown which briug
the credit balance of the company to
this district. The low acre yield throws
out of all projortion the number of
men requirel to produce a unit of
fugar, makiug the smouiit of bonus to
be paid per ton of sugar very high.
Puring thi. year, wa paid $104,000 in
bonus alone, which amounts to 411.50
(Mir ton of sugsr( and constitutes 15.22
percent of the total expense of produc
ing oar crop.
"The eomp.uv charged off to loss due
to drought 4104.926.ft5, the profit on
lest year's Crop was S244.O00 06 and the
balance reported ii 24J.003,RO.
An exchange rtporii an auto driver
of r'.rigjand under arrest for rot having
his lights lit while distributing groi'er
les. The driver tried to bribe the
policeman with 84 pounds of sngsr
proviiliai; he would wink at his wegli
ounce, bul whether he did the reports
du not ouv.
f ummm y
V Willi I l i i
Drouglit aiad Hopp
Hit Honomii
Crop Estimate For Year is About
Twenty-five Percent Smaller
Than Production of Plantation
Last Season
lroWkt ana leaf J.ttpper, Jv.w;e. may ! rlUlJTVK
e?it the outturn of Honopro fiugar Cpm- vrP.W TuT"&- Jatw"a
liny Wt wctity-Sv'e'er.e4if'iromJ"f n? Wl Mljm ""P
tb crop' of last 'yeaV when irroduction ,fl otBb!?jift fil tfvere
wd,W7w' bttH, venty.tfx Ions in'o're tovfaM-toH. , rtport"
than 'ibe preliminary estimate,.', Tb,,e-1 ff, ,A $Vf ffjt WKijll to
tjmate for l98 for shipping purposes
nas neeo put at ivtv ont Jr imam
lnr, iha 'tnapagerV In tjie , report
hieh "he jresorday ' ubnitfd' , ta, the
Mtock Holders at their annual meeting in
thi office of C. . brewer A t'omjiany.'l
arent. ' "''fl;" 1 ;
I a hit report the ntannget. said In !
spa orthe year-. The Vaiufasl or "the "The drfc'ril'j&eit ai'rtage to " d.mion mad. to our sugar ware
year rJcbrd at th' offlr-f Sug, a. ffcUtroRbnili houe Rive, us 5000 ton. more str-
io.ei .incnes pnu my tna jyw joqi
upper nelda ana Oa
w, cf. waicn 5 acres are snort ra
1 tton'sT''would'estlmate the output
ak t,40ff tons of sugar,
, lata 'mml'- Vf" ',v"" ' :' '''
1B19 faron
2S,VW,fr vtdtttly was fa-
1 vPfbWc4r yotupg aiii and
Wctow-w tuor.eas1irk.ept
J il't L SjA.JrL
I p Kn 4 JM,W 1od cleared
tiba f6r 'ttiTs' crop Is ISSO acres.
MlU aaf Bolltal X(oae
"We have made considerable addi
tion, to the boiling bouse. These were
necessary 'td insure a better quality of
l sugar to meet the requirements or the
capacity in boiling house. The follow
ing list show, these betterments and
the amounts expended on them to Do -j
ccuiber J 1 , 1 111 i .
1 new Juice Heater $ 2,776. 55
4 new Centrifugals nnd Mix
er anil rearrangement of
old centrifugals ll,h'.M.o7
1 new i' II" ilium. Vai'imin
Pan, and new belta for old
puns nnd rearranging them "J 1 ,."(I6.5.
11 new Crrstallixer and ex
temliug old ones
1 new Vacuum Pump
1 second hn nd 100 II I'. I'or
liss Kugine
"The work of instnllution is almost
completed and h:irvetiiig will lie com
meiiced as aoou as poaiblc. ' '
Year'. Barulnga
liononiu earned in net profits, from-J
whiih lioweer arc still to be deduct
ed 1W17 extrn four pen-cut federal
income Ihx aud war excess profits
taxes, 47 I ,i;."iN.4 and I i vidi-uds ut the
rate of thirty pen-cut per uuuum, f'J'i'i,
U00 were paid.
Widen King Htreet between the ex
ecutive building and the .luiliciary
building, and as fur ns Kuwaiahao
I -a ne, says the intinlciwl affiiirs com
mittee of the chamber of commerce.
The committee, which met yesterday
forenoon to consider proposed changes
in that locality, wns opposed to nar
rowinu the street us suggested by the
citv government.
There was expression of opiuion from
representatives of the city govern
ment iiaiust widening the thorough
fare on the ground that this would
involve expense to obtain frontages
required, and for the additional Volt
of paving. The statement was made
that it was ipiestiomible whether the
city government could obtain tho funds
to do such work.
I'reseut ut the meeting with the
committee were A. 8. Cantiu, eitv ea
giueer; A. M. Oisty, deputy city t
tomey; Oiarles Arnold, supervisor; .
B. llubby, superintendent of Public
Works; Htu.rt Johnson, general man
ager of the rapid transit -company.
The rapid tranait favors a widen
ing of the street its far as Kawaiahao
Lane, and this view uhis accepted by
the committee.
Becretary R. ('. Brown, of the chain
ber, favors milking a pluta out of the
locality between Mililnni nnd Punch
bowl Street, by carrying the curb laud
back ol' Kamehaiiu'lia statue, leaving
this statue us u parked monument us
i' he dominant feature of the pluj.
uiovcs the cause. Used tbe world over
to Cure a cold in otic day. The signa
ture .if U W. CUtlVK is on each box.
Mauul.K tuicd y the j'.VklS V. KDI
C1NU l-U., S' iA)Ui, L' S .
YEAFfS GOOD -Fl f JAff Clfl L I 1 U T
Maui Agricultural Company Feels Effect ol Protracted Dry Spell
of Last SummerLarge Improvements Are "
, Made During Past .Year , . ,.
While Maul Agricultural Company
the. atocl
eomtpAby held
St the oftloa of rbeJ,B2enf if the com
pair, lexanfor 4. ftaldwj, jyestorday.
, ..By CMon.; of. fl etirlv hfart 'And an
J-r1y ifompletlon' of ;'f(if lf' btrvest.
AtaurAgricuJturif kompay w'(taable to
.bag .pnfiM Wif fc7 m.ttd
cropi pf, 36,606;' 'tin ,th, oVer'iand' above
ino heasbd the.rwlJs al too pig aa ele-,
uV5t f r
YL j
tWa t 4914
.rvrnivu. VI. 4 urn .JHrgf Wqn rwi
dry year madi'isn in fort ii pate coiibina
tlbh. Wm'rtmirt ' ,ireatb)rr ,eondi
tlons we ccml haveipe& 'ieop of
t leaat;',00tf too' jbut 'pyobaMy the
VielJ fill J(tot be' taivich 'ovefr 7,00 tons,
depeauing o We qilty of the juice.
Wt did not leg' harycirtinWH Jan
uary t so-aa to permi't tJie ue t4 grow
for asi'Vig'''M 'Waiibl 'lio.'Yar the
juice, have tpdi exc'cedlnfrt' ljiw in su
efoae aa' pui'lty.iot' moet "if the cane
las' not thaeelled 'ejia 't. .tUi' growing.
T.bU eittrs growth may make p for
fc..L IilO 3L!. it k"JJt
"f or,xn,ci:op we aavs. vv arrrs
of plant e'aarfanij 775 aerci of ratoons
totri o iwyrt W M i'lun-
ped to carry b.a.bop'( 6i0 aci nlore of
r'atooni hut jcuw' jt'i'ooUn f ttfe
dry weathers . W'comiacuerfd 'planting
at Oi end offareh nd , put In 670
aeree by the Mddle ef Julr, WBen we
had to atop for lack of water. Since
that time we were able to plsntjprae-.
tieally nothing unil tbe latter paK Of
November and did' not finish bdM' Pe
cember SI. All of the replanting In
the ratoona, and there was a great deal
of it, ' wa. very late. The last field
planted is e field of 300 acres of virgin
land in the Ksilua section between
I'aia and Keahua, which should do well
under favorable conditions because of
the richness of the soil.
1920 Crop
"We plan to plant about 1600 acres
nnd will ratoon enough to bring the
total up to about 4500 acres which, I
think, is nil we should grow for any
one crop unless we increase our pump
ing plant.
For entry Work
"We have continued the forestry
work as in the past setting out 350,000
new 'plantings and 75,000 replants.
Our work in thi. line hn. resulted in a
splendid forest growth in the Kaililli
region, 'where the land was hare of
trees, protecting our fee simple water
soorr.es aud providing firewood for
plantitlon uses.
"Considerable has been done in the
way of improvementa in the past year
which are and will be of great v;ilue
to the plantation.
Cement Plant
"This was completed and we put
Of great importance to the mainland
refiners and of deep interest to tho
people of the Territory will be the
(Monthly reports wrhirh aro to be sub
niitted to the shipping board represent
ative hero the first of each month of
tho quantities of sugar on hand aud
awaiting shipment.
Iu the past ii has been very difficult
to obtain a close estimate of sugar on
band and awaiting shipment. To se
cure such an estimate one bad to visit
all of the Biisncies and secure esti
mate, from them of the sugar in stor
aue for their plantations. This left
oat some jmiopemient .nippers, moi
always would the report, to the vari
ous agencies be of even date.
Ka rW this week the representative
It is estimated that if America will
reduce her .uga,r ration from 10 to 15
percent; this nation will be able to
send' i00,000 more soldier, to France.
Evidently that is based ou the fodd
supply shortage to which even the Am
erican army is subject.
The National war council of the T.
M. C. A. have ordered 50 tons of gum
drops, 50 tons of lemou drops, and 50
tons of chocolate for the boys io fie
American army. This large amount
will not last more than a month. Hweet-i
are a great boon to the fellows.
And so the sweet shops are to
closed, and by sow- have been cljsed in
Fais. Kven the restaurants have been
limited io the use of sugar and tuc
food rontrollnrs are waiting 'ti'c
th national legislature give Hum the
iron grip to enforce the rs'Mils.i m
I'uris has some of the most . I 1 1 n h : f 1 1
siM'et tdiops ou the continent.
into Qier(ttion as soon aa we hud pow
er available from the hydro elect rio.
Since December 7 we have been 'urn
injr out about 65 barrels of flrat-clnaa
Portland cement per day. This will
fill our owa requirements and all that
is jhecded by the East Maui Irrintion
Company for ditch lining besides nll-v
ing ns to sell at a profit over 10,MH
barrels during" 1918.
Factory Improvements
"We have put in a forty toi vacuum
pan and sixteen wooden crystallizem or
11100 cubic feet capacity each and four
4S-.10 centrifugals and mixer for same.
This will enable us to get a much hind
er recovery of sugar and to make a bet
ter article fot refining. There hns been
r" r r : . .
further commandeering by the koj
I ernment) a full equipment of elect i i
rally driven machine tools. This will
put us in a position to do all our repair
work ourselves.
Electric Generator.
"During the summer we purchase!
a second-hand 300 K.W. generator1, ol
taiaed in Honolulu, to help out our
hydro, and have on the way from the
Coast two more unit, of 850 K.W.
eapaejty each which are second handed,
but have seen scarcely any use. This
will provide us wilh an outfit cspalil.'
of supplying ample current for our
present needs at such times as our ditch
Ms too low to run the hydroelectric
plant. We would have aaved many
j times its cost if we had been bo equip
I ped during the past year."
Ditch Extension
The manager tells of the completion
of a two mile upper ditch toward Kihci
including a concrete inverted sypbou
of considerable magnitude across Kai
lua Gulch whieh will open up for plant
ing purposes 600 acres of the best bind
the company holds. Owing to a delay
ia securing a reneval of tho old Hamn
,kna .Diteh. license for which a twenty
onayealWtelsTojJ Jvi rinanr secured
It Was impossible to commence work
on the proposed new ditch which will
take the place of tho upper Hamnkun
House Accommodations
The company was busy in looking af
ter the wejlfare of its employes during
the year and built 100 new houses for
laborers and a dozen new cottages for
Higher employes.
Alcohol Distillery
The company is now putting in n
distillery to make alcohol from wnste
molasses. From this product, through
a patent process it w ill turn out s good
gasoline substitute which it is expect
od will be invaluable to the compnny
nnd the community if there develops ;i
shortage of gasoline.
Treasurer's Report
In the report of the treasurer profits
Of 41.830.OB3.01 ere shown. Of this
434. 304. 30 was placed in reserve to
pay Income and excess war profits tax
en, t460,lS9.4H was expended for p-rin
anent improvements and t.'.L'.Hi.sO
was distributed nmnng the partners
The compnny subscribed to 70,0Oii
of the lirat issue of Liberty Honds and
100.000 of the second. It was nllotel
the full S70.O00 of the first issue and
OO.OOO of Die second issu '
of the shipping bourd sent letters to
the various agencies, und to vurioui
plantations in come instances, ashing
that a list of sugar on bund be I'm
niahed to him monthly. It is hoped
in some sources that such reports may
later be asked weekly, but a mouth
ly report will be of much benefit.
Through the reports to the represent
ative of tho shipping board it will be
Siossible for him to let the shipping
io.ml know exactly wind is on hand
awaiting movement ut a certain time.
With this definite iuformiitioii flic
shipping board will be better enable I
to make the arrangements which tiro
requisite fur the inurement of the
crop, '
Mr. Morse, representat i e of the
shipping board in Honolulu, s.-ii l enrly
this week he could hold out little hope
of shipping available to carry Kastcrn
angler by way of the ('anal in the near
future. Hhippers are consequently
wondering whether sugar will go to the
1'arifie Coast' and thence to Kustern re
fluers by rail, despite admitted con
gestion, or whether ('oust reliuers do
get all the Hawaiian sugur hiuI the
KuHtern retiuers depend on Cuban ami
I'orto Kiran aud South A morn an su
gars eutirelv.
The Knpua liomestealci s aie cut
ting their cane and hauling to the
Mi Hryde sugAr mill.
A new and eotiimoilious )nJioiutirv
has beeii built by the Muknwcli sugar
Joseph Wyllie is (he new chief in
giueer for the Mnknweb sugar null
He formerly held u similar pout ion at
(jestinn, oi ivlnlhci Coal icUncii. Will
that was dm I engineer at a aiigui mill
in l.ouiciuuu.

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