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c::gzrof bakerto
Hollinger. Will Attack Measure
AWHeri It Comes Up For , r
N ' V6te In Board
Supervisor thinks1 ! Enactment
Would Be Contrary To Wishes
; . v.- of Government 1.
Tie aanodncmnt of th decision of
See-retery of War Baker to allow sol
rtirir V take1 liqoor la the home of
their frtead U expected to produce a
fight on the' eity attorney 'i bobce or
dinae whn tke measure eotne nfi for
aotopttert in th board of supervisors at
Ha Beit meeting.
i'Hoiefrisor Holjinger announced yes
terday that h will wag war against
the meastfr on the ground that It In
irneenetitntlonat and that the eMact
ment'of this meestor now would be in
efpetitloa- t tho manifest spirit of the
war' department. The eivlc law which
U BMgVt' hf Sheriff Rone in frnmed
with special reference to private drlnk
ifit oh the part of eoldieri in Honolulu.
"If we an enact a thing of that
Art fft'the board of supervisors why
We'-mhr' a Well 'go a step further and
inal it apply to eivilinna a well a
aoMieraV" Mid Mr. Hollinger. "Tbnt,
at any f ate, wouM remove the vital ob
jection' of eras legislation, which Is the
mala fatiK of-the ordinance frnmed by
Mr. Orlstj. I believe it win be killed
by the board Id view of new light on
tbw sttuatloa which the ruling of Mr.
BaW hd, but if It Is not I shall eer
taiAl1 ffctrnrtfipA- mn nrdinnnen esTliiKr
fotr-tho" widening of the scope of themereinl business messages will be ac
boot ordinance to include all classes of
people' Instead of soldiers alone."
Mr' Cristy stated yesterday that he
betfeves the attitude of the secretary of
war-need not affect in'any way the aim
of tke- eity to clean up vices that eorae
tkrongh' tb sale of liquor to soldiers.
He admitted that the demands of tbe
Military anthority which instituted the
special legislation are more or less
nMIifled by the decision, but declares
that' the need of a boozo ordinance is a
elytff awed.
V'Tbe eivic authorities are not cir
Ctjmbeeribed in the legislation they
adopt by nilitnry rules," said Mr.
Cristy: "When the soldiers come with
in ' opt Jurisdiction they come under
tvle' law and tbey will have to abide
by rules which we impose on them for
tn good of the city, irrespective of
what changes the military liquor policy
ttay have undergone."
Those Who Failed To File Ques
tionnaire Liable
Tba sheriff's office began yesterday
it search for deliuqueut among regis
trable who did not respond to the call
for filing their questionnaires within
tke atipuiated time and who are now
Uable to punishment of vurying de
grees. Tb extreme penalty for failure to
anawar the. questionnaire is one year's
imprisonment which can be imposed
by Vitd States District Attorney
H. J. Hnber in extreme cases. All cases
ef . delinquents will first come before
(h registration board for cxniniuatioii
into the cause of tke delinquency, ru
der tk regulations of tbe war depart
ment tbe board is given wide latitude
ia the action that is taken in the;
cases that are brought beforo them.
Only i in tbe ease of wilful evasion of
th questionnaire can they be turned
over to tbe federal authorities.
Ia ease where the facts seem to
justify it, t lie board may permit delin
quents to All out tho questionnaire and
proceed regularly as the others
hav dbne. In some canon tho board
will classify the delinquents for draft'
Without examination and in cane they
do not report for duty tkey will bo
treated as deserters. The wilful eva
sion of applying in response to the
elective draft is classed us a misde
meanor. Only one case of draft failure has so
far ejum to the attention of the I'ni
ted' States attorney, that being the
ease of Joe Medeiros who was arrested
several' days ago at lfilo. He was
held to the federal court on a charge
of wilful neglect.
' -.
On account of the fear that German
propagandists will seise the oppurtuu
Uy afforded by the Mayor's Hall to
Bight for the spreading of venomous
lft era tn re and statements adverse to
th government, a special police force
of one hundred men will be employed
by acting police chief Ham Kerrern.
ThO'fear of Aermnn agents is said
to kse been based on Indications of
activities of these insidious influences
which hate' revealed themselves chiefly
i th Red Cross work, which is said
to bate' shown a derided slump trace
able' to tbia propaganda.
The' extra police wdll leave the Y. M.
C. A. at aeven thirty, headed by the
Royal Hawaiian Band, and will inarch
up Alakea to Heretauia Street, thence
along Fort, Hotel and Bishop Kl reels
Where they will mingle with thu crowds.
TSir chief activity will be a close
look out for propaganttists. -
'' ' " ' 11 1 I I I .1 I I I I II I ill Mm
t. . . ' I i' . I ' . , : " . 1 . 1 r - : r. -r . -- -r
Oi fl LS FV. HFRRfi I IJvFS KIJIFF ! ' RHil n nniFHTfl Tfl ' . Ten Percent of Bank PRRMFff Af.'nFR
- . " w " , , ' SMI aw WWSaW llllll M WSSSB.S WeJW I W . W .,1 -. .- I I WlllllaVI lUbll
Senda Daily Service As FarvAs
r Cavite-No Mori; Commercial
'? Business By Radio..
v v. " ' ' '
' Honolulu In noW th new center of
fc entire western Pacific, far an
the Philippines, thnnka to tli new gov-
ernment station at Oavite. Starting guards of stabbing C'hrintofer C. J .n a
arly thin week, a news service is pick j last niht, shortly hef.ire mldnifiht. The
ed ont of the Honolulu papers and stabbing oeenrred ncsr the eorner of
thrown nut broadcast from Kahiiku, j Kitig and Aala Htreetn.
Which service is being picked up by ! Tire knife penetrated Jones' ehest
the Cnvite aerials and furnished to the 1 just above the henrt. The wound is
Mnnila press. j not serious, it was reported at the
, Tho iiwiiu'urnt ion of this service has : Fort Hlmftpr Hospital where tho nro
been broiiht about by Governor; pell- ss tnken for treatment,
eral Harrison, who requested thehavy I After stabbing .Tone, Peyton is atd
dcpartinent to send out an Anon'" to hnve handed the knife to another
news service daily. The choking of negro infsntrymnn ami then to have
the cnlile lines, it is explained, made ; run. He was pursued liy ,.lrel .Tick
this necessary if the Philippines are to son, overtaken and lirld until a polioe-
ne sepi up to dntc with tne rest or tne
1'nlted Stnten, anl tho prompt greeting
if the request by the navy department
shown Hint. the government is ally to
tho necessity of seeing that tba new
reaches nil American an rapiilly anl
correctly nH possible.
Long Furnished Skips
The (In Im wireless atntiofm have long
been supplying ships at sea -with a ilaily
summary of news, but this service was ,
sent out by the smaller plant up to a
nimn linn. unii rPBcneii a minim
circlp. Now, with the use of the big
Kahuku plant, the news items are picked
up regularly nt t'avite. The service is
llinde up of the mainland aait Kurn
pean news piililinhed ill the Honolulu
dailies nn l the oflicinl orders and other
official announcements made in the. Ofli
cinl liiilletin. received here by mail
from Washington.
No Commercial Mesaagei
Following instructions received from
Washington yesterday morning, the
Nnviil Kadio ollice on Fort Street has
made ii m noii ii i , ni in t that no more com
reptP'l for t rnnstnission to Orient Or
the mainland. The order went into
effect sfiortlv after received and applies
only to messages to the mainland and
the Orient, ft does not affect the inter
Hand tnitiic and trallic with ships at
Authorization For Transportation
and Meals For Draftees Under
First Call Is Received From
War Department Examina
tipns Rushed
Authorization for transportation and
meats for the draftees under the first
tall ..from the war department for Ha
WniiV first quota to the national army
has been received in Honolulu.
- This ia considered an indication that
the drnft call for Hawaii in not far
distant nnd only in withheld until the
geaernl call in issued for the second
quota upon the mainland.
That, the war department does not
intend to let Hawaii slip I v this time
linn been evident for the past six weeks
lieraune of urgent requests to the seloc
tive draft olhcinls here to speed up
every angle of the work in connection
with the tilling out of the ipicstion
naires and the medical exn tn i n.-n ions of
('Inns 1 men, which are now iniii r way.
Tho war department, in order to aid
thin work, has just permitted thiee
army doctors to lie enrolled as n medi
cal examining board to make a tour
of Kauai, Maui and llawnii and do all
thin work, nnd they will tie engaged on
this phase of tho draft within u idiort
The physical examinations hne now
been conducted for four night, with
the examining doctors no I their i Icrks
and assistants working in tenuis.
night forty-two men were examined,
fifteen doing accepted mid twentvsev
en referred to tho medical advisory
board for further classification.
So far the examiners in liii-ion No.
1 haxe examined one hundred and s--entv
men, of whom eighty live have
been accepted as lit for serx n-e, nine
have been rejected and seventi m re
ferrd to the advisory board.
This v just the beginning of the
physical examination on this island of
in the neighborhood of 2700 nu n. The
work is all Iwing done by volunteeis,
I Kith tke physicians ami their assistants
giving freely of their time to the work
of the government. Kvery man is given
a thorough physical examination and
the report on each is made out in trip
li ate.
Division No. 1 has two teams at woik,
each with live doctors nnd eight clerks
uud assistants. The teams work alter
nately. TIioho who nre liusv on Tucs
duy, Thursday und Kuturdu.v nights are
I)OctjiH Sinclair, Hodgins, Mori, Rogers
and MarDouuld, with the following
clerks: Davis Olsou, chief clerk; llnirv
Stone, Harry W. MeCluskey, D. i. Will
iniiisuii, William Williamson, Dr. ('. I'.
Dowson, J, W. I.eve and It. K. Brown.
The team working on Monday, Wed
iiertituy and Friday nights is: Doctors
Shepherd, Morong, Kurrell, Ban. licit
uud Jackson, with the following clciks:
Jnnies Spnlililig, chief clerk; .1. K. Mor
gull, A. (I. Uudgo, It. H. Anderson, W.
II. Matthias, A. I'odmore, Jack Guard
and C. T. He hoofer.
A board for District No. J will lie
organized for work on Monday and
volunteers will be needed in numlicrs
equal to those at work in No. I. t ap
tains for tho teams of assistants will
be selected soon ignl their names an
noiinced. Those willing to put in a
good deal of real work in the cause
nay upply to the captains.
Kvery doctor who has been a ked to
take a part in this examination work
this week has responded, giving every
hour asked. Not one has found an ex
cuse to decliu. N
The National Guard quest! on nu 1 1 e
fumpain is progressing favorably.
Nigel Jackson Catches Assailant
' After Stat bing Affray. Between
Twenty-fifth Infantrymen
Without warning, Herbert Peyton,
i f Company I), Twenty fifth Infantry,
it in chnrgeiLby the polire and military
m.m arriveii.
The motive for the ntabbing affray
could not be learned, but is thought
to be line to previous trouble between
the two soldiers.
The "knife which Pevton is nrcised
or using was a new one, and probably
purchased for the purnose used. He
was nooked nt the police station lawt
niht where he will .e detained until
turned over te the mllitarv anth.irltlej.
.Tones was standing talking to som
friends wheff Fpyton in allettel to hav
walked up to him and stabbed him be
fore Peyton nttered a Word.
Intolerance and boorish nens camou
flaged an patriotism in given as th
other side of the Trentowa controversy
whisk was mentioned editorially in Tbe
Advertiser yesterdny. According to
the original story thnt reached thli
paper, a British family llvinc at tho
L Wnikiki resort declined to enter Into a
nimmnniiT error! to prepare a lurg
flag for use on Washington's Birthday,
nnd wan accused of huving made the rft
mark: "Do you expect a true Brit
isher to sew on the American fksat"
J The family in question, consisting of.
a woman nnd her daughter, the latter a
teacher in the public schools, flatly
deny having made anv such remark.
According to their story the trouble
arone over the fact that they didn't
care to mix socially with their neigh
bors, which exclusivenens irritated tb
The dnnghter made the statement
yesterday that the night before the
neighbors assembled in front of tbe
house with a phonograph on which they
played the "Htar Spangled Banner,'
over and o vet for the purpose of an
noying the inmates.
I.nter when the mother and daughter
tried to leave the house they found th
front had been covered with American
flags, one big one being fastened across
the door so they couldn't get out with
out tearing it. Kather thnn do thnt,
they left by the back door. When they
returned they found their British flag
had been torn in two.
Draft questionnaire figures from Ka
uai, Maui and Hawaii hnve been re
cpivpd by Captain II. flooding Field,
selective draft officer, showing that
the work on each island is progressing
rapidly and satisfactorily.
Of I7M) questionnaires sent nut by
the board for Hawaii district No.
situated at Kealakekna, Hawaii, .1(10
remain unclassified, and of these ",00
have ' been listed as delinquents for
iilocing -in ' Olasn 1. Forty percent of
the registrants are classed In Class 1.
Maui had 3700 questionnaires and
nil hnve been mailed. The unclaimed
lint totals :tS7, all of whom have been
placed in Class 1, as required 1T law.
Of the .1700 registrants 1020 have been
Ida ce in I 'Inns 1. Th board covors
all of Mani nnd I.anai and Molokai.
Halo's board hud 5572 registrants
nnd the classification work is two
thirds complete. Ho far the Class 1
registrants average fifty pprcpnt.
Kauai reports that the H41 ques
tionnaires hnve been sent out and dan
fiflcation of forty percent complete.
Those in Class 1 are only twenty five
percent of the total registered. One
eppeal hns been made to the President
from Kauai, hut none from any other
CHICAGO, February 22 (Associate 1
Press) Head just man t of maximum
prices uon a number of commodities
traded in by the Chicago Board of
Trade was announced yesterday.
Some of the new prions which have
been determined are ninety-three cents
i bushel for oats, salt pork 50.55 u
luirrel, lajd aL'll.u?! hUBjred and
short ribs a barrel.
T()KlO.V February 21 (Special to
Hawaii Hhiupo) Official announce
inent of the appointment of Viscount
Nliii as ambassador for Japan to the
1'nited States was inanle yesterday.
This anununeeineut confirmed the news
received here from the American capi
tol that the state department had been
informed Viscount Ishii would be
- k V " ' 1 At 'i Ji "-. e
Food A4aIiritrarof'jr. T.-Child made
a statement to Th'!. Adverser last
night In wnloh he said h' oufltned hi
fish policy. The principal item in this
policy appear to be that he object
to being eritlrUed for thing he doe
or doesn't do particularly tb thing
he doesn't do.
"I believe that in war time publl
officials should not be constantly mad
tbe subject of criticism by th peopl("
said Mr. Child.
Following the statement made by
Fben I.OW M'ednesdar night that he
bad discovered several of th Japanese
sampans Ik the harfior holding their
fish off th market, and th warning
lssaed to them by federal authorities
that hoarding fish would sabjeet them
tn penalties of law, Mr. Child said last
night that he did not believ profiteer
ing on the part of any combination of
fish men produced tbe fish price which
created tk clamor for a revision of
the fishing industry.
But Hoovar Does
Mr, Child also doesn 't believe that
the law of supply aad demand can be
net aside even in war time; th price
1 ci . . ' . (. . j
of fish must be determined by th
supply. Thi nntwltkntaading th fart
that- hi superior, Herbert C Hoover,
national rood administrator, ha d
liberately set aside th' law of aupply
and demaad and is getting away with
it, 4
' Mr.' Child ia convinced that the in
troduction f hnsinens principle ia the
suBprvinY of fish to the- Honolulu pub-
lie wilt iatolve a com pie t revision at
the- old methods
This reyision will rqir th assist
five ideas in the matter and will take
It is-the patriot; duty, he says, for
overvhody to get in behind the food ad
ministataf And help by withholding
eriticisoV .
Hi object' in to supply fish to th
Honolulu public at th lowest prices
consistent with a living Income for
tuose wno produce it.
He st a ads pat on hi assertion that
th publication of fish price by the
pound and the sale by tho pouad will
in the end accomplish everything that
ne nas starten out to do.
ObjeCta To Criticism
"I believe that in war time nubile
official should not be constantly mad
tb subject of criticism by th people
and that the best way for aaybody
wbo ia sincere in wishing an improve
meat to help to that end i to support
the public officials wbo 'are trying to
accomplish it," said Mr. Child. "There
are plenty of people," he complained,
"wbo eaa tell yon what ought to be
done, but there nre not mahy Who can'
tell yon how to do It. Thar are a
docen different ways in which we are'
hampered ia our effort of which' th
public know nothing, and I think it
is up to th people who hav been
criticising thi office to be patient and
have confidence that we are earnestly
trying to bring tb relief that tb city
'aowd la fit ti pMe.j ( ;
.Mrj jrjrfldj.nK'Hfrt Oat b. reached an
agrge-njxtitf with thf flsh'errneu. yester
day afternoon. under , which ' fifteen
sarnr!i''lfeVt,gO' out this morning
to tb fishing ground. He did not
acknowledge that tbe failure of any
fishing boats to leave port for the
past three day" la due to an incipient
fish strike and unhetd the assertion
of the fish men that this failure to
set out was dye to the weather and
not to uncertainty in tbe fish situation
or to a defiant attitude towards the
food administrator.
Mr. Child denies that he hns reversed
himself in tbe matter of the fish auc
tion and state that he does not ap
prove of it in it present methods, al
thonfrh he believ that something of
the kind ia necessary to sntablish the
law of supply aad demand for each
day. This. howyr, should be limited
bv a maximum for fUh prices beyond
which the bidding eould not 'go, he says.
He says that some progress has been
made to arriv at a fixed scale of
prices, however, whbjih will be accept
able to all parties.
One Gouger Jarred
In line with what he says is his cam
paign against staH men Who take ad
vantage of Opportunities to gouge the
unwary, Mr. Child toek tep yester
day to forbid : the supply of fish to
Ohffv Chong of stall No. SB whom one
of his agents found gnirty of selling
above the stipulated prices. In this
cane a woman complained thnt she had
been charged twenty eents for two
jionnds and a half-of besjrl and bones
which were marker) up to sell at one
cent and a half p pound- When the
office of the food' administrator went
back to the stall with the woman the
Chinaman offered her fifteen cents
back, thus acknowledging, Mr. Child
say, that he wai la the wrong. The
food administrator at once issued or
ders that any licensed person selling
fish to this stall man would at once
have his license revoked.
Appeal To Ttn.
A committee of fiah men waited on
May"or Joseph- J. Fern, yesterday after
noon, to enlist hlraioV in the fiah situa
tion in their behalf. At the conclusion
of the meeting Mr Fern declared his
willingness to take any part in the
pricing of fish that be may be alloted. I
The fish men plaa a joint meeting to i
day With the mayor-aad food admin
"I still think that tbe municipal
market is the solution of the whole
matter," said Mayor-Fern. "If there
must be thas combination of fishermen,
stall men and fiski companies I think it
olight to be placed amrer direct mnni
cipal control se that1 U can work to
the interest of the-' people a a whole
rather than for those of tke individual
psrtles involved."
Washington's Birthday was celebrat
ed iu advance with patriotic decora
lions, games and music at the usual
Tuesday social for enlisted men at
Central I'niou. Next Tuesday the pro
pram will be in charge of Miss Nora
Sturgeon who will arrange an evening
of games such as checkers, dominoes,
chess and the like.
hl 1 -.gEMIAVEfektV.'
Secretary McAdoo Asks That
, That Amount Be Invested In
Treasury Certificates In Anti
cipation of Third Liberty Loan
For War Purposes
.Ten percent of the total resources
of the banks of the Hawaiian Islands,
amounting, roughly, to nearly 4,500,
000 have been requested by Secretary
William McAdoo, director general of
the Liberty Loan revenue campaigns.
to be placed in 1'nited States treasury
certificates in sntlripation of the call
ing of the third Liberty Loan for war
A. Lewis, Jr., manager of tho Bank
of Hawaii, nnid veaterdav thnt the
message from Mr. McAdoo came her
about two weeks ago, asking fbat the
Bank of Hnwnn reserve one percent
of itn total rennnrres ench week for a
period of ten weeks for this purpose
as the benk deposits are approximately
45,0011,00(1 the revenue for Uncle Sam
will be close to 4.500,000. Similar
messagps were received by the other
The flrnt nf these certificates were
dated February H, maturing in ninety
days, or on May i), 1918. According
to telegraphic advices received by Mr.
Lewis yesterday no more of the first
Issue can be obtained In Bah Fran
eisco, as they are entirely sold. The
second issue, which would be dated
two weeks Inter, or about Februnry 21,
will be placed on the market In a few
days. The plan is that a new series of
certificates shall be issued every two
"It would appear, from this," said
Mr. l-ewis, "that the certificates ma
ture on May 0, und that the third Liber
ty Loan will be dated about that time.
This, however, is only a deduction."
Dreaded Fruit Fly WiU Be Shown
and So Will Parasites
That Prey On Pests
All the apecics Of bugs that Hawaii
is heir to will lie on graphic display at
try Territorial Fair next June. The
bug committee, more scientifically
known us the economic entomological
committee appointed by the fair com
mission, submitted a report yesterday
showing that preliminary plain for this
exhibit are well under way and classi
fications already made.
W. M. (liffard, chairman, asks that
either wall space of thirty by three
feet, or open space of thirty by six
feet be reserved in a well-lighted build
ing, preferably ia th struct Or whieh
will be devoted to agricultural prod
ucts, for the entomological section.
BJMainga and Curses
It is doubtful whether any land is
birth blessed nnd cursj-d with a greater
variety of insects, domestic and im
ported, than thin Territory. Heuce the
promise of the scientists to have on
hand all known species within the Isl
lands isidieates that the bug exhibit
will be1 not least among the Interesting
feature of the Fair. The exhibits, the
chairman says, will consist of insects
in glass covered boxes, glass jars, und
so forth, .together with legends and
framed illustrations.
Dree44 FrtUt Tlr
One thing whieh undoubtedly will at
tract much attention will be the din
day of the much-advertised and great
y dreaded Mediterranean fruit fly.
Everyone has hoard a great deal about
this . insect, which for the last few
years has almost ruined Hawaii's fruit
crops and fruit exMirt industry, but
few have actually seen the insect or un
derntand clearly its mode of operation.
Kiiually interesting will be exhibits
of the different vnrieties of fruit fly
parasites- beautiful, delicately -formed
little insects which prey upon uud de
stroy the fruft fly. At great expense
Hawaii has employed some of the
world's best knowu scientists ami sent
them armind the globe and inito the
depth of Africa in search of these high
ly desirable bugs.
Th several insect pests which prey
upon the cane fields, and I lie parasites
Imported to destroy them, also will
hnve a prominent part in the exhibit.
It in understood the Fair commission
w ill do all in its power to obtain a very
conspicuous place for this exhibit.
A donen or more registrants under
the selective draft law who are in
tending to leave for the inninlnnd on
Saturday's boat are due for a disnp
pointment on account of their failure
to secure permits for traveling. In
formation reached the ollice of Tinted
States Marshal Smiddy yesterday that
a number of laborers have made plans
to depart without the formality of ic
porting to the office of Central I'nift
Orhcer H. flooding Field for permits
The names of five Spaniards, one Port
uguese, one Porto Kieaii mid four Kili
pinos have reached Marshal Smildv.
nil ranging in uge from tuenl one to
thirty years. These will not be allow
ed to board the boat.
A wireless despatch received hero
from Chief of Police White of San
Francisco says a warrant and Idcuti
tii at ion papers have been mailed to
this city for William Tavlor. The .lis
patch stated that a detective is to
leave San Francisco nnd is coining heie
to take Taylor to the mainland.
Moore Shipbuilding Corporation
of Oakland Will Laurwh Three
Vessels Id One Day
Much attention hss recently been
given to the Intended launching of
three nhipn on the name day from an
Oakland, California, shipyard, of which
a former well known Island resident
is one of the partnership owners and
one of the thrpe active executives in
charge of the ship construction.
Thin former Hawaii resident is And
' js
rew Moore, who for many years was the
manager or the raanhsu plantation on
the Island of Hawaii.
Of thin shipbuilding concern, the
Moore Shipbuilding Company of Oak
land, and the intention to launth three
vesseln at the same time, a recent
article in the Oakland Tribune says:
Simultaneous launching of three
9400 ton venneln for the United States
Emergency Shipbuilding Corporation In
one day in the prouram set for the
Moore Shipbuilding Company of Oak
land. The triple launching is planned
for an early date next month.
The launching of three ship of this
tonnage in one day from one yard will
break the world's record and will give
to the 1'nited States freighters aggre
gating 2H.200 tons, a total never be
fore reached in one day' launching.
K. S. Moore, president of tke compaay,
announced today that valeaa th ansa
arp hampered greatly by bad weather
and barring unforeseen aeeideats, this
program will be carried oat on the date
set with the triple launchng.
Officials of the company, draughts
men, ship employes and ship workers
nre cooperating ia a ereat drive te
complete the three ship ia the time
limit proponed. The, shipyard of th
Pacific Coast art eagagwd la a competi
tion an to npppd and skill in workman
ship and an to total output for the year
191S: and the triple munching ia only
a part of the plans to carry tke bay
region to triumph over the Seattle
yards. There is also a more or less
friendly competition among tke ahlpt
yards alone; the estnarr. aad a cert
pride is being taken by tb employe
of the variou plant in th records
Dang made.
Great Interest Shown
The men are showing a great interest
in the race against time, and" are co
operating with the company ia t he-
attempt to give tb United Slates th
record total tonnage for one day. Tki
feeling of cooperation aad aolldarity
has been stimulated by th effort of
the Moore Shipbuilding. Company to
better the working condition at the
plant, to bring about better transporta
tion facilities for tbe men going to
ana rrom ineir work, ana to better tbe.
housing situation.
The qneatioa of housing may be tkk
en np by the local plant with the hous
ing commiseioo in Washington. Eaaterfc
snipDuiiaing plants nv already neea
given kelp, $5,5W,0otT . kaVingt bee'a
provided for bousing facilities in th
neighborhood of the Sparrow Point
plant, and 1,250,000 for Newport
Nes. .
Ia bettering 'transportation for the
workers, officials of the compaay,
President B. H. Moore, General Man
ager Joseph A. .Moore and Treasurer
Andrew Moore have done much to
better the situation. Arrangement
have been made for extra street ear
service on the main lines from point
in Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda,
direct to the shipyard. The Boutharo
Pacific Company has also agreed to
run steam traia morning and evening
on the First-street lines to the plant,
and to atop the Horseshoe train at Ade
line station at hour convenient to th
Ha Benevolent' Bocisty
The workers have started a benevo
lent society to promote fellowship and
an esprit de corps at the plant. It is
hoped to extend this and to promote a
feeling of solidarity among the me.'.
There are at present more than 5000
men employed at the Moore Ship
building plant Of those about 2500
are employed on the three great
freighters which tho company pvo
poscs Unaching next month. TWese
nre among the most highly skilled men
in th plant and they are speeding up
the work to tbe bighest possible point. I
in addition to tbe rush of work, oa
the three 9400-ton ships, tbe company
has two other hull under way
to be launched in the first week- ia
April, and is engaged in repair work
on the barkentines Commerce and
Puako, a Humboldt liner of the Alaska
Seattle line, tbe schooner Deflahoa
the tug Hrrule and the barge Black
Work is also under way on the two
big ship nu th new land acquired by
the Moore Company, which was com
mandeered from I.ibby, McNeil ii
l.ihby for the construction of six great
oil tankers fol the government. These
will be 10,000 ton tankers. The keels
for tho first pair will be laid early in
Fitting Out Bertha
When the three freighters are
launched next month they will im
mediately be placed in tbe fitting-out
U'rths. These are now occupied by
n)iiu recently launched. The freight
ers will have their auxiliary engine
and all equipment on board, and it will
be necessary only to hoist the big tur
bines uud connect up the engine for
the ships to be ready for their trial
tiips. They will be ready for taking on
cargo as soon as the trial trip has been
in tn I e.
This was the case with the Yoae
mite, launched about six weeks ago,
eight days ahead of schedule time.
The Yosemite was fitted nut, had her
trial trip, and is now being loaded for
her maiden voyage. President Moor
received the following telegram today
tioin Chairuiau Kdwsrd M Hurley of
the I'niteJ States Emergency Fleet
Corporation, complimenting the Oak
land plant on the splendid work in
I completing the vessel:
' "Your telegram regarding the steam-
ship Yosemite most welcome. I con
gratulate you upon this pei formnnee, "
I Tliu Yoaeuiite aud the three ships
I .'.'"-''' 1 ; . . ..'
Hnnolnla, February fl, IMS.
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C, Brewer Co. .
Kwa riant. Co .
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P"" J. '' f"Co.
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Honoksa Auirar Co. . .1.
u.. u ..
Hirtcliinwio rtttf llenV .
Ka Immi I'lnnl. Co
Kessh Hue Co , .,,-..
rviuim run, , .:.
Kotos Kill. ( e
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4 .,
msa Rnir. Co. i,ti.
iremies inr. Co. . ..t.i.'
I'sauhsn Hn. Plant Uoy.
l-sclnc Hns'. Mill .i 10
i'ala llnotstUm ('. . ...jlflty
'itU ;
I'loaeer MHI Co 80
sin i srios Mining -o. . .1 in
Wslahia Asrrtl. ( I 23
wsnniu But t I nu
adao Development Oe. .
2nd lii Paid Oa .n.l
1st issue Asssaa TV ru.
Haiku V I'. 4n.. PfJ .1 90
Malta r. r. (J.. UeaL.l 1U
llsw. I'm. Hi. T A ...I 4
Haw. ton. My. W aV.j.l. SJ
Haw. Con. Mr font. . ...I St1
Hawaiian Electric Ue. ..ilMTvi
Haw. Pineapple Ce . ...141
1 a a1
II oa. B M. Co., Ud. .1 14 (I
Ho, lis (-., Mil. l
Hun. Ii. T. L. 140
Inter Inlsnd H. N. Co. ...Mm
Mut. TH. Co .AM
nana H. U Co ...110
I'nbsn Huhber Co 1HV.
Helanm DtiMllnra. IM, -. ,. 1&S4
netu rev, pal ......... 1
TaaJoBg Olak Bobber . . .1 W
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React Walk I. D. ....
Hamakna Dttcb Co-., is..
Haw. Coa. Rr. 6 ...... ffv
HeWi Ire. ftf. t
Hawi Ter. ' Refi lst tot
Hew Ter. 4Pab. Imp. 1U0
(series WUlSlS) ......JlOffU
Haw. Terrl .. ,..,.1 huLo.
Hllo" Oss Co, Ltd,.0..r....rat
Honoksa Hag.. Co., ei,.
Hoe. Us Co- Udj. oa ..100
Ksual nr. Co.. as . Ituuu
Mnt tmn JWst.. 3V. 1!
.wciirroe ivua. t,o.. on . .,.1 m
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ish K. L. Co.. 6 .
(Hsa Hu, Ce v
factae ueaae r. u, w
Baa Carina alUUnaV dlu
.';''- BKTWXKM llOAt' - .
Itoaeer 1IU. IS, 10. tO.30 Walalaa, 10.
5S.T5; Olaa, tea. M .3Tu.- ; i . f .
BOafeD 'aULak .-''
Oabn. 10, SS.BO; OU. 40, k C90;
WsUlna, 10, 10, 200., ' r' ' ,r , :
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- aaaaif' t, jplt -Oeat-
(fefpawji ary,i... .00S
' Fenraart lallrv'' ' , V
.... ' - - . ' - - M., A.
Nw Vork-
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There will be Be ss iuB Of tbe dtianir.i
FrMey,' Kru7- ti, at Jaatanlay, kebrn.
ry M, wul. -, .... ., . . ; -.. .
WW. it 1 1 , 1
WonoUl. Fetmlary tl, ltln'.'
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. , ii 1 , 1 V 1 1, ,t , ,, . '
" oil '
Hon. Cob. OH . ..... S.T5' -tW 8.N
1 ttKUlQ ' ,'' '; ' ..V' .'
Knaels Copper a.STH B.a2
kttuerat' VraSytrf ... l .vi JH. , ..(
Mountain Kin . ,10 . .15 , .14 ,
Menuua Mmihaai -. ' . 1 jot' I ij ' ...-m
Madera MUtlng .... A M . I - i'l ;
Mi'n - 1 r
Incrsl Products, 27ll fc; MaWa t"ld.
Ztei taouV iHVfnaalBtWiu, Sou,
llk-i Una-els Cpper,iau.
Qoeosstoaa ' Ue rojewta Jew1 Tork
ewrfs stoctta, wtrelenaa4 t The Advee.
User by atooenAni C., are:
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' Tees- Wot ue
.tiay - mt
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h; in ma Coper
llsea-eavee .
Irwin Uleawiin . .1
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Jim Htitler .
4rinne Terde . ......
Marsn ,
MtOwest'Otit ronnaop'
Huisnr ijone
ay Heresies
Heseae Kola
44e fen' t
BIiiKinr Cniiper . . . .
Uvr Kln rami.' . . .
Toojafiah- Hxteaetfa . .
Tuoluiune .
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. M ?
ri tm
k Wehert t
Kerr Uke
Iteel- .
Creon flold 6,00. B ull
mptdsslag ' .... t ...... aU V iaSi
... BVBltt '
Aft riUNCIsm,, VI1irr -sAf--elated
, Press) rotlewta are -tke opening
aftd eleamtT ntaUoee-ef ae(e aa4 etliet
Works, la Mmm rmaetaca aaarket e
asroaT: , . .1 , 1. 1. .
llaw'n Com'l .
I laws tut a Hrnrsr Ce. .
Honotaa Suimr ,
Kutctiliisna KUftaf C,
Olaa Hnaar Uo. . '..!..
OnsBita 8anr uo. . .
lloaliilu AHl
KiHesIs 'Mirr .
4'eavliaa eussr Ce. . .
Hnaolnia Its s tat ton .
tit ii
n.v, ..
now aeariag completion for tke triple
iauachug are of a design prepared by
tbe Moore Shlpballdlng Company- aud .
apr-oved by tbe governmeat. The Jos
aign i similar to that ef tke Mooro
bull constructed in IBM aad tbe be
ginning of 1917 of amaller tonnage. It .
was found tkat witk bat little inerensn
ia tke amount of steel aaed aad v.itu
no appreciable increase ia tb power,
greater tonnag eould be aeeommo-
dated by altering the liana. Th new
ships are 408 feet, A inehe ia length. ' -by
S3 foot beam and M feet, fl inehe
in depth. The two other holla andor.
way, and net for Uatcklng la Al'rit
are of the same type,

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