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W W S I S W M W 1 .
Attack On West
Is Mometarily
Grim Allies Show
Confidence In
LONDON. February 20 (As
sociated Press) The great
German offensive is expected mo
mentarily, according to official re
ports received from General Haig
at the British headquarters in
France. The weather has clear
ed and a resumption of activities
on a large scale is again possible
Tremendous activity behind the
German lines is reported.
Prisoners taken in recent raids
tell of the strenuous preparations
that have been made by von Hin-
denburg for this mighty effort
Tanks of a new design and in
large numbers have been manu
factured and brought to the front,
while a new gas, reported to be
of the deadliest nature, is to be
employed by the attackers.
Word of what may be expect
ed has been passed up and down
the lines where the British are
waiting grimly for the worst that
von Hindenburg may offer, con
fident in their ability to hold and
to shatter in one mighty battle
the whole idea of Prussian supre
macy. The grand attack is to be made,
according to the information ob
tained by General Haig, against
the section held by the British,
with some few Portuguese troops,
the sector between St. Quentin
and Arras. The French front e
tends on'tfie sduth from point
below St. Quentin, while other
French divisions are operating to
the north of Arras and into
Flinders. It is against the Bri
tish principally that the blow will
According to reports from pris
oners, the offensive will start
with an attempted surprise at
tack by the tanks, preceded by
great waves of a new, mysterious
gas. In the wake of the tanks the
infantry will advance and it is
upon the massed weight of the in
fantry and the great number of
' machine guns to be employed
that the main reliance of von
Hindenburg is placed. The Ger
man preparations also include the
bringing forward of great num
bers of mobile batteries.
The Kaiser U putting every ounce
of his strength into this blow to be
delivered. It in bis supreme gamble
If be fails it meant the end of Prua
siastsm and the death of militarism.
The Allies hare the superiority of
men and of guns along the expected
front and are awaiting the opening of
the battle in supreme confidence.
On Monday and yesterday the Brit
ish carried out a series of raids from
Flanders on the southern edge of the
Ilolthoust Woods, to the old Arras front.
One extensive raid was carried through
successfully south of liens, id which
the Canadians took a number of prison
The raidn in Flanders assumed almost
the, magnitude of a battle. In which
prisoners taken state the Germans suf
fered heavy casualties' The French
also raided at a number of points, their
attacks alternating with the British
A number of prUoners were taken.
British aviators have also been busy
a number of battles being fought out
over the lines on Sunday. Ten Oer
man machines were shot down Inside
the British lines and six others were
disabled and forced to descend.
C( ii o io spKINOS. February
.Ml i Associated I'rni1 Major Hubert
Dutton. I'. S. A., retired, died at a
suiiiturium here yesterday from tuber-
. .,i t , -ed while, he w as serving
in Belgian relief work under Herbert
itoovci. Mapir I'nttuii was in Manila
nt its capture, following the defeat of
the Spanish fleet by Admiral Devfey.
KalSdines Refuses To Live When
Hit Cossacks Vote To Turn
Authority To Slavs
LOXfHUf, February 20-( Associated
Press) Despatches from Petrograd re
port the (loath of General Kaledlnes,
hctniftn, of the Cossacks, who led his
fighter into revolt against the gov
ernment established l.v Keretisky and
who was later elected as president of
the Republic of the Don t'osack.
Oenersl Kalcdincs, committed suicide
according to tin report, taking his life
a a protest against the. decision reach
ed by the government of his Republic
at Novo Tchcrkask to resign their
power and transfer uuthority over their
onntrv to the
Workmen '
and Ho I
diers ounci I.
The ucw of the self destruction of
their leader brought about a revulsion
of sentiment nmong tne Cossacks, says
the report, and the decision to resign
was withdrawn b vote and orders is
sued for the Cossacks to mobilize to
meet the Holshct ik army reported to
be marching against Novo Tchorkatdt.
Further complications for the Holshe
vlki are reported from Finland, where
the successes of the Red Guards have
brought about n decision on the pnrt of
Germany to intervene immediately.
The German strength will be thrown to
the support of the Finnish counter revo
I'etrograd reports that the White
'Junrds have been lomered north of the
Gulf of liol h nia bv the Rid Guards mid
are retreating eastward, surrendering
many important towns to (he Red
. ... . .
Hun Air Murderers
By the Crown Prince
GENEVA, February '20 ( Associated
Press) The Germnn Crown Prince tel
ecraphed to the German airdomes his
Congratulations on the accomplishments
of the air men who inale raids on
London a few davs ago. The aviators
Were successful in killing u consider
able number of nnn combatants, prin
eipally women and children.
Latest Count Shows Thirty
seven More Saved
WAfjHiNGTON, February 20 (As.
weiated Press) The number of Araer
icao oldiers lost when the Tuscan in
was torpedoed by a German submarine
was discovered yesterday to be less
than was formerly believed. Revised
figures of the Associated Press check
eel against available official records
show thirty seven men formerly not
accounted for to be survivors of the
jreut disaster.
WASHINGTON, February '-'0- ( A
sociated Press) The food udtni nisi rn
Hon vesterday issued a circular ad
dressed to the ice miintif'aciureis of the
Nation, urging them to be lis sparine.
as possible in the use of aiiiiuouiii fu
the manufacture of artificial ice and
asking that natural ice be used when
ever possible. The munition luauufui
turers demand for ammonia in the
manufacture of high explosives
great and the supply is threatened.
The potential power of the food ad
ministration in Honolulu was revealed
yesterday when Japanese rice dealers
voluntarily reduced the price of lice
several points.
The action of the Japanese rice deal
era is attributed to the threat that rice
was to be the next thing to be tackled
after the lish situation is disposed of.
The dealers held a meeting which had
been hastily called and announced price
reductions' from fH.HO am) -4" to
S.II(I and 'S.1U per hundred pounds.
The price on rice has been inflnt
ed considerably, it is reported, by
hoarding of rice nn Kauai Hud in other
rice producing localities. Much com
plaint concerning the prices on this
Japanese staple have been pouring in
to the office of the food administ i ntor
which bee nine known umoiig the Jap
anese dealers.
The price change will take effect
toda v.
Children are much more likely to con
tract the contagious diseases when thev
have colds. Whooping cougdi, diphthc
ria, scarlet fever and consumption are
diseases that lire often contracted when
the child has a cold. That is whv all
medical authorities sav beware of colds.
For the quick euro of colds you will tind
nothing better than Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Tt can always lie de
pended upon and is pleasant and safe lo
take. For sale by all dealers, Henson,
Smith 4. Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii,
Sentry Gives Alarm and Machine
Guns Disperse Enemy With
Loss, Saving American Patrol;
No Casualties Sustained
FRANCi:, February 20 ( ssociated
Press) Unt for the watchfulness and
quickness of an American sentry, a pa
trol of Inch Hnm 's men in khaki
would have fallen victims to t.crmHn
bullets, according to on official icport.
The American patrol hud made its
way into ''No Man's Land'' and was
approaching the German defenses. The
Geemjins. who have become w:nv of
Pershing's men on account of recent
experiences, were on the lookout for
them and had arranged an ambush.
The patrol would have fallen into
the trap, had it not been foi the sen
trv. who the Hons and sounded n
The German nmbush pro c, a boom
erang, for American mnrhine guns op
enpd np on the Kaiser's men and dis
persed them. Some are believed In
have fallen before the American fire
None of the Americans was wounded
niuce uie men in Kimki took over
the sector thev now oceupv. thev have
been giving "rritr. goon rencon to
keen awake. Virtually everv night pa
trols iro over the tSp nd investigate
the dangerous (.'round lying between
he Germnn and American trenches
Freiincntlv thev approach close to tke
Oerf-in defences and interfere mo
terlnlly with, the plans of the Hon com
Genera' I'er'hin reported vesterdav
that Charles V.. .Tones, of Pittsburgh
a member of the svlation section o'
he siirral corps, had been accidentnllv
silled in rnpec. He plso rcimrte,'
that four soldiers Und been slightly
Allied Cause Faces Disaster Un
less It Is Created Is
Opinion of President
WASHINGTON, Februarv L'u (As
sociated Press) The creation of
central body made up of representa
tivea of all the Allies and the I'nited
States for the eoumluct of the war b
an absolute necessity unless they are
ro run the risk of grave disaster, i
the official opinion held bo'h here an
'd London, as expressed by President
Wilson and Lloyd George.
Lloyd George, speaking in the house
of commons vesterday, according to
despatches received here, asserted that
the conclusions reached at the recent
meeting of the supreme war eounci
at Versailles concerning the general
'car. plaus was formed without a Singh'
dissenting voice.
Lloyd George emphasised his insist
ence upon the adoption of the plan b
announcing that if the house repudiate
the policy for which he wus responsibb
he would resign.
The American representatives
Versailles, Lloyd George asserted, de
dared wltb irresistible power am
logic for the expansion of the powe
it the supreme war couueil. He an
noiinced at the same time that Genera
Sir Henry Heymour Kawlinsoii had been
appointed to represent Kngland al
V ersailles.
I ii ottlcial circles here no surprise
was expressed over the statement
I. nvld George and his demand for
united central war council to win
the I'nited States shall be a party.
is known unofficially that President
Wilson is convinced that the alii
Miuse will be in grave danger uah
sin Ii a central body is created to l
i he conduct .of the w ar.
AMSTKRDAM, February LMI (Asu.
i 'luted Preaa I Foreign Minister t'.er
un of Austria will proceed to liuinii
ma soon, it is announced, for pre
Inniitary peace diacussiotis with the
miv eminent of Kuinania. The nthei
reutral Powers will also send reprc
seututi v es.
WASHINGTON, February 20 (As
sociated Press) Senator (ieorge Cham
I it-r I a j ii was operated on fur append:
litis yesterday. The operation was
successful, the surgeons reiiort, and
Senator Chamberlain is on the road to
reeov cry.
WASHINGTON. February 20 (As
-ociiited Press) Fight men were in
i ired on the cruiser Montana vester
day by the explosion of a cartridge
ase while the warship was engaged in
target practise.
WASHINGTON. February '.'II (As
s. n ull cl Press) The. secret service has
begun an investigation of the enor
inous expenditures for government
buildings at the Hog Island Shipyard
vvhiili have aroused considerable com
ineiit recently. It has been intimated
that some of the expenditures are not
olsheviki Surrender. Will Fight
On Or Overthrown By Social
Democrats Each Statement
Has Its Official Authority
rotzky Sends Telegram To
Vienna To Find Out Whether
Austria Is At War With Russia
Or Prepared To Carry Out
aiv I'll (As
-I of contra
with the sitn
--ick Itepublil
mil lire being
sociated Press I A vv . I
lictory reports dealing
atioo in Russia, the (
to the south nnd Finl
received from mnnv nt ih
What is reported to
e nn otnein'
1 1' on ores thi
'o stirrenr'cr
bni"; further
a the pence
n nnil on the
ehlllli n.
statement bv l.cnine mi
decision of the Kolsheviki
stating that there is
left for Russia than to
treatv demanded bv He.
ines dictated bv von Ki
Another report nnninnnes the en er
throw of the Polsehvil :o- ,ninent
while still iinothet states ii, i the Kiis
mhii forces in the lic'd I.
o been toll'
Gormiin ad
e been made
i n soldiers'
n resist to the last tin
vance, after proposals hs
o the Herman wildieis I
"Jerman Advance Be(rtrs
Berlin ofieinlly anneini.es that the
lermnns have beeun a ucnenil ad
nnce noninst PetroiT-i.l on n front
xtendinrj from the Cult' of Hxra si
'ar south as l.ntsk. It i also otticiallv
Tnnoiinced that the (Icmumiis have en
ered and occupied l.ns(.. withou
llfhtinjr. rind have entered llvinsk, thi
dysnce 'Minnl reaching tlie citv jus
s the Kusisns were attemiiti'nj t
'vnamite the bridpe over the Pvinr
River. The flermn's nie iinCier thi
command of Gencrfl von l.insinejc'i.
An enrlv despatch vesterday fron
"etroiTnd reported an nnVinl stiitemen'
i(rned bv l.enine ami Ti "I Uv. in w lnc:
protest is voiced acaint t'ie Ucrmsi
'eterminatinn to resume the war am'
laying that thp councils of the peoples
ommisaionef will now l forced to de
Inre theie Yeadiness to ii'n the peact
"rcatv as dictated bv the delevntes o
the Qaadruple Alliance at Brest I.i
olshcvik Overthrown?
On ton of this conies a report,
var of Vnsa. Finland, statinji that a
larentlv authenticated reports have
cached there from Petrnnnid that thr
lolshevilt government, following it'
mnouncement of a readiness to surren
'er, has been overthrown bv the Soc.ia'
')emocrats, who have formed a new
ovcrnment under the leadership of
Htockbolm papers have received des
natches' ouotins: the (fewer 1 orders is
iied fcv Ensign Krylenko. Ttussinn mm
ster of war. to the Russian armies ir
he field. These orders state that the
"tussians. whenever thev encounter in
vndinjr Germans must first attempt t
'liter into communication with the Oer
nun soldiers, disregarding the officers
ro the soldiers thev must rropose a sol
liers' peace. Tf thev fail to secun
'his. thev must then resist the advanci
if the (lermans to the Hill extent ol
heir power.
A Petrocrrnl despatch states thn'
Trotzky has been appointed food dicta
'or for Russia, with unlimited power.
Would Like To Know
From Berne is forwarded a Yienn
diitement thn Trot.kv has toleirrni'h
d to Count C.ernin savinir that Hei
nanv having reestablished a sta'e o'
v ll r with Russia, he reifuests to be ill
funned whether Austria also consider
herself in n state of war or whether th'
iistriiin gov ernrnei't still believes i"
'iiissible to renl'e 1 he agreements en
tered into at I'etro'jrnd between tin
'istrian and the Russian represent:1
l RIS. IVIiriiar v I'M - ( Vssm
l'ii".f i Pn'si. lent Wilson, m hf- m
rrnt inlilrr m'Uiii.' fnrth tlir nun
ftu wliirh AiniTtfji fiitcu'd tin an
ftr which tluit cotintiy ih liuli'iit:'.
pi ,'SM'd thr w :i i a i in m tt' thr Ki fin 1
uciiL list (-ii 1 1 v. a -enrdi ny tn a -t :i !
mi nt isDiu'tl In rr rstrnlii v lv N Un"
Thi una i. ('iniiiT m i n inter at munition
The oc in list h hu f the Hnir 1 1 1 nf.
in thr wiir tluit Mr Wil.soil li:nt.
Mcitrd Thoinns.
HI I.I.I N'!S. Montana. Fcbiuaiv 7
sMicialc.l Piess, Ojtice girN em
ploved hcie 1 v a 1 1 anscort incn i al tel.
urnph loinnaiiv wear roller skat.-s r
earning the messages from looui t.
"I se of roller skates by our ih.il
:;irN has s led up the dial ri but i
of teleurains in ion orlice from
.iiill per.ent " -aid Wile Chief I ' J
Townlev. '' t liist it was dim', ni'
f,.r the en's to become usci
skates, but now they "move about
tloor with case and with far less
ciliou than when thev walked "
li.M.I.AS, Texas, February L'u i As
sociated Cross. Victor leuuis, of I'1'
'troit, wns bn.llv burned vesterdav
when the nilphini' ill which he was
living caught lire He succeeded in
making a binding in safety, except
for his burns.
ASEMf -WEEKLY I nyr f ?
ji ' ji ji jt ji j jt
Soldiers May Drink
WASHINGTON, February 20 (As- way nnn'''-t th. H. Uina 'h Imsuce Was
sociated Press) The boose lid for men en lie I off. wh.n ssistsut 'ity Attor
In uniform has been tilted. It la now ncv i iisiv n-inied several amend
clamped down all around do more and incuts lo the ni-.i- ue. The ordinance,
hereafter If a friend Invites a soldier as amended. I its s .i rending
to dinner he may serve him appetisers, j and was or.le?. .! printed, without fur
between-bltes refreshments and cor-m her opposition on the part of those
dials, always providing the home Is not who objeete l io it r unconstitutional.
Within the dry zones siirroundlnc army , The iimrn hn, u Is lo the ordinance de
This relaxation of the army regula-
tlons was snnotinced hy the war depart- 1
ment last night. The regulations have
been amended and will permit tiie
serving of Intoxicants In private homes
to omcers and men who are guests. Of
ficers and men are Ukrwiso permitted
to serve themselves with Intoxicants In ;
their own homes and to treat their i
friends as well !
There is no amendment of the regu-
latlons affecting the zones siirroundlnc i
army camps, however, strict prohibition
within there zones bclr.g Included In
the provisions of the Selective Draft
' ' s
While tlir w i p:i rt nifht 1oorn
inj up in it I n -i i n t ifiiiH on l
livr in unifnun, tin- Uiilni lmnril of mi
por iftort im "iiii; :il. ;.
proh i Iii t nut :i y ii 1 1 1 -1 n c ii
more rfTt ti
(i iniik? t lie
in ii u i for in
I'tiiiK f th
i lipeii iinlT
lionr.l, tin- fi'l't In. I
Government Should Own
Railroads Says Johnson
V SII INti'l'i i', I'elu uai v "0 (Asso Senator" .lohesoii nNo opposed the
intel Press: I'ei iiianetit government I rate of compensation which the senate
ownership of the irnlioa Is was advocat I bill proposes shall be paid the railroads
ed vesterdav b se nalor llirum .lohn for their tempi. miiv letention bv the
son of Calilorui i in an address in the j government. He held that it is far too
senate. high.
Senator Johnson to.ik the flm)r to The California senator digressed to
ippose the sennte drift of the Admin ! express emphatic approval of President
'stratum's railroad bill, which provides i Wilson's stand against secret diplo
'.hat the government shall retain con ' mniv, which the President has said is
nil of the railioads. fur only a limited largely accountable for the maelstrom
jieriod after the iv:ir is ended. I of war into which the world has been
The foveruincnt, now that it has con plunged,
'ml of the railroads, should never give President Wilson's policy of address
t up, asserted the California senator. ing congress in an " open forum of the
iovernment control should berome gov-I world" was also highly commented by
rnme'it ow nership. ' Senator Johnson.
Reject Proposal That Some
Should Go To Front To Help
Out Men In Trenches
LONDON, Tebruary 20 (Associated
Press) The Amalgamated Society of
Engineers, on of the powerful labor
ijniona of Great Britain, has rejected
the proposals of the government as
vutUned in the Man Power Act. The
?ote cf the society, taXen by pleb
acite, stands 121.017 against the pro
posal and 27,470 in favor of it.
The Mn u Power Act is a measure re
entlv pii-sed in pin lianient to increase
he British li-htinp- force at the front
iv recruitiii; men from munition fac
'orics who had p: cv inu-lv Uicen ex
nipte.l to protect t hem in certain oc
M.;it'oiis. The bill divides the essen
:il i in ' o ''"ies into three classes, in
vhich lin'ii'i' ii e"i united men were
tup loved. From the first class no men
vere taken; from the second, one half
'he lit men: from the thitd, about one
thud. It vvi's estimated that the
hanre would inirense (he available
'ight'iig for.es bv l.'iil.lioil. In uresent
' I-'
the bill it was stated that the
"illnient in the British nrmies
1 1' i In in. I ji " -a nd had eon 1 1 i
1 r, : ; ( nun; Scot land, liiii.onii :
I'siiiinii; Irel'ind. ITHi'i"'; the
.s aid colonies. POIMUHI. The
'A ale
i . .ni ' e t' i "s
eli: :i : 1 1 to.'
l.itlio.n.io, composed ot n:i
l Irootis. 'abot corps, car
ive 'i.'l.tieg
iei. and similar workers, were ti'.iu
India, frien, and other dependencies
the e vein -t inns had I n pait of
i baignin made with the labor ha'cis
In n eo'ise ri pt imi w as lirst
Ipiill, it i'- Ile.es.-liry tO ll!l'C th:
. ul relu i' ill the new niensiiie.
il li
pectins Rid
. Ilcenev I,:
T. Hams
of l.ouis M -,v erelt. 1 1 1 Mt
I ,ou is M
illiecr of the l.ikclike. for thiity .lavs
or the grounding of the Intel Island
ti-atuir on I'miuiou Reef, Mam.
lie had pleaded guilty to careless
tess and negligence Lit changing 'he
111,1m' nf the vessel, whlih lesulted in
he l.ikebke going llgl'olilld on Felon
ii.t I ;i i t Nai)ii, ma-tft t' tin
like. ha ttrrn -rut n h'lliT irii
I'm 1 1 i n ul' -!' rs t ti thf j u a r i r i
t'l uin t lie -If. k iiittfitl "1 I n.:
I. n lr In the nlhcn in - hai r
im . 1 1 r i t h rrjit r nr I w
i-n-MPii nf' Ins lii-rii"-r it' In- i' aai
an i n t t uc t mn n t 1 1. : 1 1 ' 1 1 ni
law .
The e i.leio e giv
unhealed that the
1 lie , oiil'sc of t he
l . ,k nil ooli l k l rock :
it 11
Ilia t e had li:i:
l.ikclike a bean,
it t hi . lo k
. t he morning.
V SHINfiTON. Fcbruai v .'ii ss
ciiited Press) Secretin) of Win Hale
has made till ollicial inspection ,,f I 'i'iii
(lot, b, n. Wheeler und Hancock, w lo
I tit ll Sill, .Id 1,1 II I,.' Ill It", I, '.I
for service in France. He lepoited 111
he f I i "Ii d ,1 ions ',o,ijl in all ,, t !!
camps iiispei ted
Now With Frierfds'
signed to give Ih
iii handling hiior
are coneertie-t
w here liipmr luis
lioiia fide i Ii'-a
made n deteuse i
shentT more power
i-nses where soldiers
late to instances
I it obtained for
purposes This is
lopior rases but is
the lodgement of
ies who .in- trving
Ull'lel the new iwdl
nindc subject
inagist rates io
the .uses bio ,
Mr. Cnstv .
t .
of hi" position
with respe I t
fie n I foi the ordi
pr lent and laws
oust it ul iiuia 1, in h is
epteil at its fai c value
1 1 hunt i oinoielit . II is
in with i espei t to the
is fiinii an opinion of
nance nod
which trtiikt
mil it i on . was
, , I lei sse i !
" I
principal citnti
I eitnst i ' at inoa I it
the I'tntt
SuiirciiM' onrt
whii li In'
i ntiitp imii -i-l,
ifv Olljl'. tM Ot'
I fcrrnt rrnl.'it
i jirn'iM'ty n-
- n i tty : ' ' Thf
1 1 n 1 in fuili :i in! c Ih
ivlntinn iiti-l ?n:ikc iii
:ti to (trr-MHi ntnl
u :i- tln' jtrr ihffcr
en 1 1 v nit un r
iVlttlicr i"tt-r.;i m i limir if fart
on tht pnit nf tln w:n '(('iiHrtinoiit will
afftnt in nriv ii th prfooi city or
'linnnt-r rcmnitis to w wen.
England, Canada and United
States Are Signatories
To Agreement
WASHINGTON. February L'0 (As
sociated Press) The army draft con
ventlons between the I'nited States
and F.nglnnd nnd Canada have been
signed, it was announced here vester
I nder these agreements citizens of
the countries signatory rannnt claim
exemption from draft in the other
country becntise of citizenship. This
gives the I'nited States the right to
draft British subjects into the army.
Mil l gives Great Britain and ( anada
similar rights as to Americas resi
dents in those countries.
M-V YORK, February 'JO I Assoc in
ted 1'ressi The Trading With the Kne
niv Art hns been abroguted bv the wui
trade board, so fur as the American
Red Cross is concerned, in order that
the distress of American soldiers taken
prisoner bv (lermanv mav be nlleviat
The war trade board granted to the
iueiican Red Cross yesterday the right
In trade with the enemy, in order to
facilitate the sending of comforts to
uierieaii soldiers held in (Jerinnu pris
ii camps, (lermanv will also be per
nutted to send articles of comfort to
those of her soldiers taken prisoner bv
the Vmericans.
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when vim r k nt I
W ill Soon Become
Law Declares
Accepts Principle
of Shafroth
WASHINGTON, February 19
(Special to The Advertiser)
The house commit:ee on Terri
tories, to which was referred a
Hawaiian Prohibition Bill intro
duced by Delegate Kuhio, yester
day voted a favorable report on
the measure without discussion.
The Hawaiian Delegate made a
statement of his desires in the
matter, announcing that he was
speaking with the direct author
ity for and on behalf of the native
The bill is practically a dupli
cate of the Shafroth Bill, now be
fore the senate. It provides lor
'mmediate bone-dry prohibition
for the Islands, to remain in effect
during the period of the war,
with a provision that the ques
tion of its further enforcement
may be submitted to the voters
of Hawaii on a plebiscite.
Apparently the bill will meet
with slight opposition in either
house or senate and every indica
tion is that it will soon become
It is evident from th above
pnteh, received yesterday by The Ail:
vertiser from its regular Wahingto
correspondent, that the Delegate liar
been in'ducel to aceepf tli bill wlileK'
Hcnators Hh a froth and gbrpparvT had
presented in the senate some weeks
sgo and upon winch a goou (leaJ or .,
work has already been done. AVkea J
Ihe Delegate left for the Capital It ;
was ufter he had explained to some of '
his closest friends and advisers in
Hawaii that he desired a prohibition
uieasiire without any plebiscite provi
sos, either before the lull went into ef
fect or after the war.
Without being aware of this, a ma
jority of the prohibition advocates In
Hawaii urged Kuhio to support the
Shnfroth Hill, pointing out its obvious
advantages over previous bills intro
duced to provide prohibition for II a-1
United Support Certain
It is certain that there will be
united support to this new bill of
Kuhio 'a, however. Yesterday the Anti
Saloon league of Hawaii seut wire
less message to Dr. John W. Wadmaa,
their representative at Washington, to
buck Kuhio in every way in his pro
hibition efforts, while the Delegate's
acceptance of the principles of the
measure already under way through
the senate will strengthen the chances
for that bill and make whatever com
promises may be necessary in confer
ence a matter of form.
Secretary Daniels Kokuu
Secretary of the Navy Dauiels, in
letters addressed to Secretary of the
Interior Franklin K. Lane, copies of
iv huh reached Honolulu on a recent
iiiuil, says he hopes that Hawaii will
be made "bone dry". One letter on
this subject dated January 23 says
in part:
"I." beg to acknowledge receipt of
coin letter of January lrlth, enclosing
a copy of a cablegram from the Gov
ernor of lluwaii, and requesting such
action in accordance therewith as may
be practicable under the provisions of
the Act of May IN, 1917, made applic
able to the iiavv bv that of October
ti, I !i 17.
" I urn sure that you will understand
that my views regarding the desira
bility of prohibition in the Territory
of Hawaii are in agreement with those
of ihe Governor, particularly in view
.1 the beneficial effects resulting
therefrom to members of the naval
service located there, or indeed at any
nt her place in our country.
"The question of regulations to be
issued by the ('resident under Hie
terms of the acts above mentioned is
now under careful consideration, in
, on junction with the war department.
I have conferred with the secretary
of war on the subject of your letter
and trust that aome nieAns may be
I mn, .I of complying with the w ishes
ut the lioveruor in this matter."
The other letter is as follows:
am very gtad you have taken np
v.ih the secretarv of war the ques
t f the prohibition of the buuor
tiatbe iii Hawaii. I understand that
bill i- pending in eongretw and was
informed bv a gen' Ionian of Hawaii,
ho was here a feu davs ago, that h,
I .-bevel emigres would pits all act
it this session lor the prohibition of
l.'inor in Hawaii. am looking into
he mat t ei i ii so I n r us it relates to the
:.., v v department. ' '
i- Si ,..
. ' . .
i ' v '
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