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" G
FRIDAY, rr.P.RUARY' 1318.
- '
News That Trptzky It Willing To
Accept Terms and Announce,
m-ent of Germany.'! Rep(y May
Cause ,': Change '. In . Arrange
ments . , ,
Mrtf Tfl ITBIKT MIFtfllfl
Feelina Rises Hiah In Germariv!
la Wcdl Ac An-rirla Rut War1
AS Wen AS AUSina BUI War
LordiPusKTheJr Troon Move-
mpn,VtaHiiv AUari
i J
L4KVr .. TT ' i
ONDON, Fel)ruary 21 ( As- 1
. u-.. I
S.KT.ated I rM)--Bitter ,,- I
position to the Prussian war lunl
policy of renewing war against
practically defenseless Russia il
rising in C'.errnany and the feel-'
A A. . . .
ing in Austria s swelling ami
y .. t-.. r
growing more Diner, nans lor
a great demonstration have al
ready been launched, it is stated
in reports, which reached Am
sterdam from Berlin yesterday,
and arrangements already are
making by the Independent So
cialists for a great strike in pro-!
test which is designed first .of all
to temporarily shut down the
munition factories. Even the date
of this had been determined, the
reports said, and It was tenta
tively set for March 1.
Following this announcement
on the part of the Independent
Socialists word was received that
Trot2ky had wirelessed to von
Hertling of the Bolshevik gov
ernment's accentance of the? neace
terms offered. This created great '
wcitem'ent in the streets of tter-
hh; and there are advices by way
o Amsterdam that von Hertling1
is expected to tell the reichstag
today of Germany's reply to le
advances of Trotzky. I
'Assurances of the necessity of
the., course being pursued has
heir. iven hv von Kuehlmann in
ant-effort;: to stem. the tide oi op-
poBitjoa and,' the,, government is
proceeding steadily witH its war
flans against Northern Russia. ,
Iri an official communique is
sued, in Berlin last night it was
announced, that the German
. , n riawiiiviivf mutu rir warn iiuai nnnaiinrr
troop movement into Russia ws,(, lt, tUj ,", d ,hill lh
-continuing. Yesterday forces en- conflHent that the ship whiek am
9er.d.Esthonia andjhad passed M
V. north and east of Verder after' Order were ined yesterday by the
sj; r,i , "k'pptafc'board whirh directed that ef
finding on the Moon Sound coast j, no YffU nf un(,pr M0
". and were within twenty miles of, tone Head weight shall be permitted
' the ' western terminal of
, Revel-Petrograd railroad.
XmatUavaaa Explain
.How little confidence the Wilhelm
atraaae government pliutes in the Bol
bevikl was told the Keichstag in a
apeeck by von Kuehlmann, mi sister of
foreign affair who i reported in de
apatehe to Amsterdam to have said!
Teaee with Komi a can only be ar
elil at when a trratv iit aimed and
- the siKnaturea to the tresty have
Oriefl. .onTiaaiiig ae snia:
. We caa no longer bekeve in the
pacilc iatentien - of Russia and mnst
; ' ' aet accordingly. We roust see that
i-' : peaee- aad order prevail in the ocu'
' .. id regions of the countries adjoin -
' t g our own
Ha laid he hoped that the Germaa
' ould now resign themneWe to a
" awatlanatlon of th war, aad tr their
' attttkde would strenrthen the in-
elinatlon in Petrograd for peace. '
' . We are prepared t. conclude a
...i. s,k .....
4aatioe Aaked
t c ...
Evidences of the unpopularity of
tae war with Kusnia at home are touaa
la press utterances. The Berlia Via
Jtieke' Zeitung inqiiireil why Germaav
; . whe i resjMinsJble for the failr to
v aegotiat a iace with all Beaaia at !
v the Bet Litovk conference. !
xsaa -BKaia eniereu loe enKiern war ami
I Th He per pnblihed a de j "ensoa, mtate commissioner of agn-ftat-h
frem Vienna which said that inlture h offered to donate two ewex,
SAri the feeling againet Oer . ;n w,tn " lml the atate tourd
continued o rise and crow more I ,r ,"n, r"' place them in movable
bitter because of renewal of hostilities P,n" 011 f,e lawns of the capital or
W-the- Russian front. in the park. Wtien the lamb grow up
l.A.i ,.tHU nn th. .. nt A.,. nl the wool is "rim-" for the eut-
fi o partieipntr with Germanv in(n"( ' wl" -' proM-rly shear I
aetv arrreasion upon the Russian, i ' ' 'he wool used by the Ulympia
Ml 1b wkiiiu dirert from Vienna
- , ajrbtrk eaid the Arheiten Znitdng had
, pnbliehed the direct statement thnt
Aiatria will not participate in the new
ffenaive whiek Germany has launched
-against Buasia.
' , Oat riil of every cold as quieklv as
e poaaible. It is the forerunuer of all
r pulmouary trouble, and pneumonia may
v evlop in few hours. Take Chuuibcr
Mia ! ' Cuugh Kmedy. It is a simple
' thing tt 4o, but the effect is marvelous..
' " ' JFpr I by elT dealer, T!ee,.i. Hunts
. , a Co., Ul, ageuU fof ?' H- dvt.'
our v . m v . w . Jtm a m w m v w -. w w w m - a -
Sgns Agreement With Central Powers
t"-!lA,u'ra,tah,, t"ief ,r,m ,he "oU which h." pre
, v,Hd, have placed at the disposal of the Cental Power by the govern
I B1"ot o' th Vkrain. Account of a aitPDletnenUrv earae-mant it..
"nk.iili.yiujl, XCUriinrV 21 I
Hnnsry .urn reached bi
J T.V.1 . . ,fl,:"rt,, .Twter.Uy von SevdlorannouBced the MiKt.
ing by their eotratry aad the I'kraine of n agreement upplementary to the rr
r",1L"iinT' V'AT""1 ,ho"' r(nat"" whereby ti new boundary, n..,.
.tWWn V0'"! Ukraine will leave the elty of Choi in Poland." Thi-
-". " ' roian-i wnicn i practically Oft the boundary line of til-
"TV!! 5 ",,Vy W'h. the arw ive" t0 Ukraine. The annouiiri-n.t-nt
ranker that a mixed commiBn m to be named to deteailno rat ial lm
ai"' P'lB'IplM under the new Rovernkont. -,. ' --"i ,Tir
U .d.fitio. to th. tk. AK.nerd.m deapjVk reperted.Vh. Tkminian ,ov
'l-nment Had aeed to place at the dlnpoeal of th Dual KniMre and the Ceuira'
Vo "Z&Sg'Zjg
The Brltfk Government taut night aent inatmetiona to ltvfcnt at Kiev t.
' '' w'
""l r'in'e ny Pee la the Kant whirh in any way lavolvca PoleuJiMjnIei.- a
revioo conultatiou with that country hall have been had add Ita coneoitj
Per Capita Consumption Shows Increase
WASHINGTON, February 21 (A
oaumption of auger daring i 1 7 la a
,bky tao lwtr.oa.
Jo 1017 the average amount of mgar
ud by eaeb peraea in the United
Hti waa 88.3 ' pound. Tkie if
an inereate of nearly four panada over
the p-T capita average- for Ue five year
f if -J -t ,
Washlnqton Officials Make Cheer-
iTrj: Announcement" and Say
Workers W determine Vio
tqry.For Unitcej rState and
WASniNOTON, February 21 (Ai
aoeiatod Preu) Cheering announce
n",Dt of th thipplng situation waa
w",c K"vrnn.ent omc.l. late ya.
terday afternoon and assurance given
tb' the eriaia appear to have barn
paaaed. It ia a Id that the low point
of available Allied shipping waa paaa
ed : tevetal week ago and waa much
lower than had been expected. Con
finance ' ia ex presaed that from now on
he volume of available shipping for
the Allies will increase rapidly.
It ia now for the ahipworker and
the builders, to do their part, the
to' aaH from any American port
trend A tins tic voyages.
Reports received from London Intt
nlpht "RVf the wceMv communique of
he British admirsltv sad shewed a i
denreae in losses of Rritith merchant
men compared with the week end
intr TVhruarv !). There were twelve
.veet of more then IfiOO tftns lost,
a decrease of one. three smaller mer
vessels a deerear nf three and
one fisherman as er.mnnred with three.
WAKHIVGTOY. Fehruirv 21 (A
oeiated Press) The full influence of
the food administration wi'l be used
to prevent any increase in the price i t
' wnear, u announce.i yesreroay.
I This announcement is intended to
' t" maui-
Kted fo low.ug reports that wheat and
, floul" J" ''Mf"" s' "bich have
' tendency to ii.crcaae flour
i parehaaea before such advnnce can
OliTMPIA, Waah'ngton, February 21
' ( Aasoriatud Press) Wool
and rout-
i,on 'T r?lert for the Bed Cross j
0B ,B" Washington Htate Houe lawns
in tb pitnl park here. K. F.
Ke" ' ro"-
LONDON', February 1M (Anoe.ia'ed
Press) The lolls, checks, etc.,
paid at the Hankers Clearing House
(luring the punt year totals lit. 121 IWtl
W)0 auuls against l.VT.O.IM'i.Ooo
piMiiids in lillli or an increase of over
:t,H4l!,000,((IO pounds. These figures and
increases are due largely to the con
stem flow of government borrowing
eeciallv on short term issues.
Thev are over S.MIO.IKMI pounds larger
than the figures of 1U13 which were
then u recuid.
OF ;
. i-. ..i - .1
-pv . j t . jj i jp
AMOOiatlI l-nul. 4lnnnl .
ami Amurdm ytruy from Vienna.
period wkfrh eftded Dei-ember .11. lOlfi
The department of agrirolture at the
asms time announced ita aurvey whicli
showed a atoek on hand hint Atiyust of
31,SOO,0OO,0W- pound. At that tirao
the itorka ia hand of the reilnem and
maaufaetuTer showed a heavy decreao
wnne ine giocKa in tlifl hand of th
wholesale and retmll nAKjin hi.i in
German Business In
Philippines Taken '
By United Stales
MAHU4. rtbrturr 21 (Aaaoci
attd Preaa y Oevarn or Oenerai Har
rlsoa rterta' ordered th leisure
pr aiiM Oermau kvA Aaatruut buel
npaa firm. It U believed that -he'
U actliut tmr the request of the
cwatoellaja of alien enemy property.
Bom oT ther Bailed knalnesaet are
Urgo and long oatabliahad.
Dutch Editor Gives Some Salienl
Truth In Answering Ques- ,
tion of Germans
AMHTKHDAM, February 8 (Asso
ciated I'ress) "Why is the German
not loved more warmly by his Dutch
cousinef" anked a writer in a German
newKpnper a few day ago. The edi
tor of the IIitBdclnhlad takes the part
of a candid friend in a reply printed
us nn editorial.
"Kind of all," he says, "the dislike
of all foreigners prevail everywhor
among the maw of the Dutch people
because they feel foreigners to be 'dif
ferent.' Therefore the Dutch miuif
dU,ike Germans, Belgian and Engtisk
men. But Germanv before the war
was always holding loaded revolve
to our breast her contempt for Hoi
lands' military power, her thirst foi
expansion, her wish to try her gigata
tie and remarkable war machine, wer
very real dangers. The feur of Ger
ninn militarism a very rent, while
Rngland und Frame gave u no sul
Invasion of Belgium
"Then came the invasion of Bel
gium. Tliis roused not merely pity fo
a small neutral nation like Holland
whose women und children cum weeri
ing ami hiinyry, nrhoric town and vfl
lai;s were cen linriunfr acrosx thi
frontier. Few people will ndmit t lib'
the invasion of Uelimu a neccssnrv
for the defense of the German froh
tier, nn l if the invawion hud not taker
plni-e the war would have been ove
long ago. Kven supposing that the
excuse of necessity hum legitimate, i'
would juHtifv a devastation of Ilollaai
tomorrow, for Uermnny's love of ju
ice and her respect for Dutch' freedom
Hint independence, are very poor e
"The Germans blame the F.ngliah
and American governments for putting
presau re on Holland, but nbout the a
snseination bv toroedo of Dutch ship,
about th- destruction of harmless nni
tral fishing cm ft, they have nothing
to say. ' '
Faer Dunluiahing
The writer concludes with a state
ment that, in spite of thi. there had
been recently a certain chane of oj)in
ion hi II ll ii ml toward Germanv. rtot
i.ore-sed love f
le-sene.l fear of her
Germany but' n
This, he savs. is
due to the fact that Germuny is being
purified bv suffering, so that "the
growing deniocracv of Germany will
soon sweep away the military caste and
promote International brotherhood. "
I'AKIH, February 21 f Aaaoeia'ed
Press i Severe penalties are being in
Pieted bv French courts on trader who
profit nv I lie) war to exploit the public,
For selli'itr potatoes nt an exorbitant
! "rice, a Hi ittiinv farmer and hi agent
h"e been sentenced to six months im-
orisoniiient and n fine of $3000, while
1 u muiket salesman wua fined $160.
, Compromise Between Chamber-
i n ann vtrmin ki lie naw
i mi ncj j w - muii vmv
Appears Probable
Leaders of Both Factions Recog
nize Meed of Legislation
To Coordinate
WASHINGTON, February 21 (As
lociated Presa) It seems probable
low thnt n compromise will be nrilvc'
it between fhe bnekers of the Cham-
Vrlain Rill for the creation of a war
ibiret "ind a munitions department
nd the Overman Bill, presented in op
.OsiTinu, Vlalch largely Increases the
ion crsit .the President in the matter
T To-irr-yiging the war making dl'
nrtmn:t . aa they noi- stand. Th
Jinmbrliial Hill is bncVel by th
ennte military committee majority nn'
s openly nposed bv the President. Thi
'Jverman Bill is believed to be draWe
ith lespeelal reference to the wishes
f thV President.
Vegetation ProRTf ,
Neirhfintiona kove h-m under way
betweenMha bftckers of the Chamber
- j-e nri ipnMnr OvcrTinn. wd
i in eloeNAnh Vith the President,
nd an earlfcajtlement of the mnln
liffcrei'cp between lie bills is ex
ectcd. If .tTie hopes of the senat''
eaders ire 'refHr.ed, the Chamberlain
Hill will be withibrawp and the Ovet
s.i Hill will be revised. Tn this w a
what promised to beeome a bitter flcht
between the administration and the
anti administration forces in the senatr
vill be averted.
gree on Fundamental
It tin bee agreed by the lender'
vf. both faction th:it legislation to co
irdlnnte and reorcnnlr.e the war m-ik
ing department has been found neeet-
sary. The eaaentinl difference between
the bill bit been thnt tb senate cor,
mittee's measure created a central
board, to be anniinated by the Presi
dent, which should itself have the
power to eoordinrV the departments
and have general supervision of the
direction of the war, while the Over
man Bill repealed certain statutes
which today hinder the executive hi
proceeding on his' own initiative to
eliminate the red tape from the de
partment. Under the Overman Bill
the President i empowered to redl
tribnte th powers of the various pov
eminent department.
ecretarv of War Forecast
Great Activities On West
Front In Weekly Report
WASHINGTON, Februnry 20 (As
:ociuted Press) Signs point to ai
irly .beginning of the impendinv
;iguutic Witatcrn bnttle, according t
he prophesies in Secretary Baker'
weekly review of the y, published
odny. t
He snvs thnt it is evident the Oer
nans, after extensive preparation are
endy for tl.eir herabied offensive ot
he western front.
The bulk of the German forces nt
low in the w-pst, but a lareje numbei
if the new drafts have come from '.th'
astern front, nnil nre wholly untrain
d In the fierce fighting of the west
rn line.
The review todnv poe into snmi
letail concerning the I'Civities nf th'
mericans on the Lorraine front.
SN 1'U WCISC'O. I'ebriarv 21- (A
oeiated l,ress -The war work eounci
tf the Young Men's Christian Associn
ion hero yesterday announced plniir
or the erection of three Y. M. C. A
biiiblingH in llawuii, at the Oiihu nnn
WA1UKI. Maui, February Id
(Speciul to The Advertiser) Conserva
tiou on wheat flour hus had the effect
of so greatly increasing tho Use of p
that the price for that Huwaiion stnpli
has gone up to a riM-ord height. Tato
vhich has soUl around 73 cents a bf
for years, is now i,2.25 a bag, and re
ports are thnt it mnv go higher, uecofd
ing to the Maui News.
It is claimed that- many laborer
who formerly used pui in small quae
tities only. jlnive lately, on account of
the hiifh price of and the campaici
to save flour, turnod to the nativ
specialty, with the result that tan
growers have been swamped by i
In the past few days, in Wailukti
concern has started to the (piestior of
iiicrcnsimr the uereiige iu turo in ordei
to meet the situation.
PARIS. February 21 - ( Associated
Pressi--One hundred and ten person
lout their live when the steamer Vv
oti'i was M.beruined in the Mediter-
rnre n i n February 1. Inst. This us
ollb i-iHv n i niui'-eij by the department
of infirine M i'dliy. The losi of th
eteumer hi. I been previously a'nnoUne,l.
Estimate Thirty, percent Smaller
, man Last Tears outturn
V and Way Under Average
' Unleea'tk prelinlBary eetimate of
the manager of the VValtuku Sugar
Company 1 considerably exceeded by
'lie final outturn tk 1918 erop pro
lue.tlon will be thirty percent less than
he crop of laet year and a third be
ow the average crop of the past ten
vear. Thle wa told to the storkhold
era in the report of Manager Penhallow
v h ieh w as presented to the stockholders
n annual meeting at the office of C
trover k Company, ngent, ye'tterday
norning It coincide very closely with
the estimates published in The Adver
iser yesterday morning.
Fnfavorablo condition almost
hrnnghout the growing period of the
'917 crop caused a falling off in last
enr'a outturn to 18,109 tons, about
100 tons below tho average for ter
vear. I.ate start, lack of growth, the
'so Valley flood and finally the 1017
Ironpht readily explains tnia fnllinv
'ff. It I the drought nf Inst anmme
ind antumn that hrfrt the 1918 crop.
Tt must be taken into conidentinr.
hat th estimate of Manager Penhnl
'ow wa made beeore the dronirht hai'
roken and is therefore inclined tn nr'
iltra-eocservaMsm. In this rtnrd h
avs: "Should the otinlitv of the im.-.
nfiterialTy improve you may exper t r
'rger tonna" of sugar than given i'
he above estimate of the crop."
Relative to the 1919 crop he savs
'In irpite of the unusually dry snmrnc
w wfre able to get thi crop started
"nrly. Recently the young enne hs
made good progress and is in norma
eond;tion. v
DiVidendsswe'e paii at the rate of 1''
oereeent. $(10,000 from a net profit of
sft!5Ti;nn."i 07 but frorri the bnlnnce ther
prtlnins to be paid the four perron
'ed"l income tax and the war execs
profits' tx.
Condition on the Wailnkn p'-ntfi
Men were imilr to those on neihbnr
ing Ufa n i plantation and simitar re
port of atnall crop for 1918 mav be
expected fro" these when the reports
are made poblie.
'' . ;
Preliminary Estimate Twenty
Percent Below Last Year's
Big Production
Making a splendid financial showin.'
for the year 1917 but forecasting a
smaller outturn this year, reports of
the Onpmen, Sugar Company were pre
tented to the stockholder of the com
iniiy at its annual meeting yesterday
'n the oftie? of C. Brewer 4 Company,
I.sst year's crop for dnnmn was
nrger than the preliminary estimate.
'1,04.1. 7H against HI, TOM and nnrrowh
approaching the bumper crop of 21. Sid
n 1915. It was the second largest crop
n the history of the company.
Kstimates for the pros nt crop w'or-
nnde in November and since thnt timi
conditions have materially improved
1v reason of the drought conditions the
Stimato was cut materially from lasi
year's crop. The esti'ni te is 17 081
nit the cane ia still (.'rowing and is
;reen and immat are. The 11)10 cro
s in highly satisfactory condition.
Net profits. the financial report
diows. were $1.120.8111.711 from whirl
he federal income extra four percen'
'ax and the war excess profits tax havi
et to be paid. Dividends at the rate
if thirty six percent, 40.000, w er
aid and the balance carried f irivnrt'
11 4S0.SI-V20 a- con-'ei-ed with '.)(!,
Wi2.50 on December .'II. lfllo.
The schooner Atiil. bound from
Manila for Nun Franciacu with a cargo
f copra, is h i n k i n l' deeper mid ieewr
n the sand banks iu I.oboyesnhi Bny,
list of Yokohama, where she was fore
ai ashoie bv a heavy gnlo on December
!. The vessi'l was under command of
''apt. F. I .i udquist, who wus taken to
an Francisco by the Dutch steamer
oiulcl. after having been picked up
vith his crew by u Jupuiiese snmpau
hortlv after his vessel was wrecked.
It is reported thut there is absolute
v no hope of salvaging the Ariel, as
he has sunk so deep into the aand
hat salvage work would be useless.
FIHVUl'HGH, Fclrruury 21 (Aso
atcd Press i Becuuse the public ig
note the clean di-dics nnil buy otil'
"dainties," Diretor Mcllinson, heiu
f the Kdiuburgh communal l.itihei
ice. has rosilMled.
The :,i hciue. he snvs, has failed. Tin
dea ''im to rirov ide ccoiioinical di-he
'' tl'c pe-'ple in the poorer district'
' "I li 'vas fo-nd that i"sti'ad of tnkin'
'he cheap dishes, such as stew anH
iii"'cl meats t be oeoole insisted op
haviiii' roast beef fried ttsh and sweet
Puddings The cheaper food were
left unsold.
It was also found, savs Director Mai
liti-on. that many peopple cooked their
ordinary meals at home and then went
to the Ciiinniiinnl kitchens for .after
course of dainties "The object of
the scheme," he adds, "has been de
f 'ateil bv the unwillingness of til Jico
pie to ecouomize. "
: ' i
Gain Is Fifteen Miles.' In Width
and Two Miles In Depth During
Week and Strong Turkish Re
sistance Is Overcome
NKW YORK, February 21 (Asso
rinted Press) The British are clearing
a wide r.one north and east of Jerusa
lem, sweeping the Turk back by re
peated blow that appear to be meet
ing with less and less resistance.
This week, according to the official
reports from General Allenby, the main
operations have been against the va
riou Turkish detachments holding
village posts enst of the Holy City'.
Without fighting any engagements of
importance the Dri'.iah lines in this di
rection have been advanced along a
fifteen mile front to a depth of two
miles, the Turks falling back as rapid
y as the British advanced. A few hun
Ired were cut off and capture!.
Movement Resisted
There has been a grnlunl advance,
alo on the north and nortenst, where
the Turkinh opposition i tiffer.
There are mhs that utiother blow is
o be struck nt Tmkev in Mesopotamia.
where the British from Bagdad are ad j
vanciiig nor'h towards Kr.erutn, now
held by the Hussians. As the Russian
army on this front has not been badly
affected by the disorganization which
has swept through the other Russian
armies, it is believed the Briti. h will I
effect a junction and a eoiifbincl at-
tack can be made against the Turk.
Expected From Bagdad
It is thought that 'the British nre I
coming up from the Bagdad region, !
where they recently made n junction
with part of the Russian foreea that
have been operating iu Persia. One
of the possibilities i that Genernl AI
lcnby'a army in Palestine will force
it way northward and strike the enemy
simultaneously with the blow the Brit
ish and Russians are exxfted to atrike
in the north. " I
It waa reported only the other dnV
that Palkeuboyn had given iiin 1 its
gust hia attempt to reorgani.e the Turk
ish army for the campaign in Pnlcstine
after' 160,0110 troops had deserted' be
tween Constantinople and Syrin.
WASHINGTON, February 1 (A
soeiated Press) Revision of the rules
which prohibit the sale of alcoholic
Ibjunr to officers and men in the ser
vice of the I'nited States army and
navy were announced late yesterday
The changes are, it is announced, de
tigned to stntup out boot'egging out
ide of the established ir-mei which sur
ouud army training camps.
t t
Februury 21 (Assocint'd Press) In
order to afford the tuition's scientists
m opportunity to witness the total
clipse of the sun on .lime 8, Spencer
'enrose of Colorado Springs, Coloraibi,
resident of the Pikes Peak Automo
bile Highway Company, hna invited
everul hundred astronomers of the
nited States, Canada and Mexico to
.icw the phenomi nou from the sum
mit of Pikea Peak, 14,109 feet above
'he sea level. Pikes Penk is in the
icials of the Naval A inanac office of
lireet lino of Uie to'ul ellipse and of
he I'nited States Naval Observatory
vV-isliington, anv that it is one of th
oi'ntry's most favorable loCntiona for
'clipse exped it inns.
No such extensive shndow path 1ms
mssed over the country since the
clipse of 1V?H when u view of the
oronn was .obtained by Professor
'.augley and his party of I'nited State
Naviil oliHcivcis on pikea Penk.
The uutoinobile highway up the fam
uis peak will be used for trnnsporta
ion of the various scientific instru
ments necessary for observing and rec
ording the eclipse.
The eclipse will lust nbout 100 soc
nds at Pikes Peak. While crossing
he I'nited States in forty seven miu
ites it will pas's through Colorado
Iprinea nt 1:2;! p. m., Mountain time.
GFA'Dlf INGKN. Netherlands, Febru
irv 21 (Associated Press) A Due'
voutb of seventeen, who was released
'rom a German jail after undergoing a
eiir's imprisonment for smuggling, re
urned to his relatives here the other
lay a complete physical wreck, lie died
if exhaustion two days later, lie de
lured that during the whole term of
lis imprisonment he had been given no
i"her food but cabbage ami root tur
Bceaaa of II tonic and laxative e fleet.
LAX ATI V BBOMO QVllflNS will b louiul
better than ordJoary Qulnlae. Docs not cauu
Dcrvoyanc. nor ringiac la th head. H
member, inert I only one "llromo Qui aim
Tb slaatur ol K. V. (iio -: . car
nn n a- t ns
Sentry Discovers ' Approaching
Party anJ Give,s Alarm In.Tlme
To Prevent 'Any Repetition of
Earlier Affairs
Bloody Trail Marks Return of At
tackers French Make Suc
cessful Raid Cut Deep and
Take Hundreds, of prisoners
FRANCE, " February 21
(Associated Press) An attempt
ed German raid on the American
lines was turned into a cpstly, re
pulse of the raiding party on
Tuesday night, while at another
nearby sector' of the Lorraine
front the French made a smash
ing raid in force, inflicting heavy
casualties upon the Huns and re
turning with a large number of
The Germans opposite the
Americans, taking advantage of
a storm, endeavored tq repeat
their first successful raid, in
which they entered a short sec
tion of the American trenches.
This time, however, a sentry dis
covered the approach of the raid
ing party and gave the alarm. Sig
nals to the artillery were respond
ed to almost immediately and a
strong barrage was laid down be
hind the raiders, while the Amer
ican rifles and machine guns
cracked from the trenches.
Yesterday morning it was seen
that the path over which the Ger
mans had retreated with thtir
'lead and wounded was. red with
The Americans suffered only
one casualty, a machine gun bul
let killing one private.
Yesterday German airplanes
swept over the American section
repeatedly, despite the anti-aircraft
guns. An American ma
chine returned the Germans'
visits sweeping' alririg "a fcecttortt
of the German line and spraying
their trenches with machine gun
The French attack in this sec
tion was made on a large scale,
the poilus entering and destroy?
ing a long trench system, bomb
ing dugouts and destroying gun
tnplacements. The French re
turned with fotir hundred prison
ers, after leaving some hundreds
of dead in the destroyed positions.
British Air Raid
1'ritisli airpun Tuesday night and
early yes'enfhy enrried out successful
ly sir raids on German military es
tablishments in Belgium. Tbey drop
ped bombs on docks and aerodomes.
Seveial times the raider were at
tacked but they remained at their
worl. until success was obaorved. Dur
ing the -bnttlin - in the air today the
British shot down four Germaa air
planes. stSSen
by; further quakes
, AMOY, February 21 ( Asaociated
Preaa) Most severe of any of the
iiaVeg which have occurred in tho
ri-Fciit series of seismic disturbances
nas the temblor which shook F.astern
China yesterday, pronounced the most
violent iu a quarter of a eeutury.
In Hwatow, south of here, it ia re
ported that more than 200 are dead.
In ('hong Chowfu and other coast
towns the damage hus been sever.
WASHINGTON, Februnry 21 (A
soeiated Presa) Senator George E.
Chamberlain of Oregon, who ha been
so much in tho legielativ limelight re
cently by reason of the controversy be
tween the senate's committee on mili
tary affairs and the administration over
the proposed war cabinet bill, wa oper
ated upon for appendicitis on Tueiday,
and yesterday his physicians reported
the operation n succors- and lb senator
doing Weir.
WASHINGTON, Febri'ary 21--( Asso
ciated Press) No addl'nr-s to the 'list
of known deoil frogi the dis'i-.or to the
.Tuar-ania Were received ' bj the' war d'
purtineut yesterday. The I' t I st 11
incomplete but furtu r ide lification
are' alow.
;'.- v .- ' .-.' ' ...",," '. ......
.' - . ": j;

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