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. I
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22, 1018. SFMI-WERKLY.
' ii. -e y ' 1
Among Jhe Government Schools of the Valley Island
- . . '.', '
n 1 1 r -t .' i. ii -r i s t i -. t ) i. .
Ti H flipe .and Opportunily
,m .yv'j.pptn, For . Islands To i
5cc,ure Bio Travel Business
CaHfomla Has ' More Visitors
Than er Before sTram
Service Adequate 4
Tfici'c' are war tourist In Calif or
r.ta tx(y -than before in it hls-
try. "fit Uamicoptjuejital (rain (tin
ning jnto California are crowded ,to
capacity. The time H ripe and tlie
opportunity wide open for Hawaii to
secure a ''large percentage' of this to(ir
1st trnrrlc by nd e'rti eirig rla'H as
never before, because Hawaii ha tlie
shiji to carry the traffic and the
rommOdstions' to look out for them
when they reach the Islands. '
California in carrying full page ml
in Tort? of the lending newspapers be
tween Hnn Frsiveiseo and the Atlanta
seaboard, each one a direct statement
f the fart that the train service ii
adequate for eoirtinu,ous tinvol po fh
Faclne Cos si, and that trarel eonbi
tierfa lav not "beea upset br 'th m
aitwatton or frei(rVit nwvementa. S
Kiiltn have yp?1 imnjediate. ;
With a wiiVoperi advertininK run
paign by Hawaii, aurli a in now bellir
ailvoeklvd, rarrietf on amonij rti nknaa
r of travlra reoehinir California. IW
well an la tba Eatarn itiea. Hawaii '
touriit aenaon, which lina been nrrinpi
Iv interrupted, eaa be rehabilitated,
Train fearrlea idMnti '
Hawaii haa been dlretW Snformort
by traflle expert In fMifnrnia. "nd
W He CViant atiperintehdent of t!he
local promotion body yesterday, tqat
doapito statements orieinaily appekr
inji soon after the government topr
over the eontrol of the railroad thn
tralna liad been taken ofT br aconea
ee.tually no traoseontinentnl trains on
the Important, lines, hava been dis
continued at all.
The Pennsylvania Company haa tik
rn off rjurte a number of toral trains
nnd one train from Haint Ivouia to
Washington , which perhaps might b
termed a main Mae train. '.'
The New .York. Central nasn 't taken
oh a tjirouh or main line train, but
hn taken off locals.
The Rnltfmnrc and Ohio has taken
r(T but one main line train and a few
locnl trains.
Throughout the United Htataa there
hasn't been a single train taken off
termed n thronch train earrying pi
vnjferii n Cslifnrnia. or viea versa
The len.'th of some trains haa bjeea
rut by. the taking put of ft .clul? '
. ; rtynr,,rar, hot oVen that aaant biner
done w lie're ' urh a Air paiif for itaef
The Houthern Tariflr Ciimiinv hta
n't tnknn off a single train, local ,or
The triiins front the Kaet to Cali
foritia tore loaduM td ' fiiacity. tad
nsnv of them have been run in tec
Government Not Objecting
The RMitiit director georal o'
ailronds, Kdward Chambers, at Wasli
ington. r(tf the; Star Bulletin uncle
'ne of r"ebriiry ft. that tlere' fa' h'
( lenrion Whatevej- of the' gavdrnmoni
iliseonrnsin'T travel, and (lnils nothihr
objectionable' H fk jrrantinir lv tin
l'o ornmi'ir rs!1road directors of thi
oiiinl tourist fares to California sai"
the ronttnuniice of the usoaif method-;
of enroarat'iog travel. He added
further, that h did not believe that
the travel so developed toward and t
the Pacific Coast or to Honolulu woinV
in any wny interfere with tho piovc
inent of freight..
The 1'nited Htijtes Shipping Bonr"1
Iinh uninted to the Tovo Kin Kaishr
stenmpliip lina, permits of lone dura
tion for the carrvitig of pnsseners on
itB liners frin llriiiolulll to San Fran
cisco. Only the approval of the .fa
p:incsc government to the arrnnKemeht
i neressary (o huve theiw splendid, for
it'll liners utilized for the earryiap
of iNlaml travel 10 Ha Frauclaeo. Tin
deliiy so far i orewsioned .merelv bv
I he nermsfty for the adjustment
the rates for travel.
Keptesentativ e of the principal civ
ic or -rt i4tio of Honolulu are iA
i-; hi Wasbtngtnn to seen re from th
shipping board the granting of smilin
permitsof long duration for the es
selH of the same line to earrv passon
I'ers from Han Francisco to Honolulu
This effort bound to bei imressfd'
rod niny be a matter of only a weak'
or two at the moa
Return Passage Asrartd 1
Touiists romine to Honolulu cun lie
filisolutelv assured of return . pass?(
to the Coast oo scliecluled dts. Thi
.lnpnnese liner' are large and hnv(
II in pie and splendid accommodations.
Advertising, Hawaii on large scale
in the sole necessity to secure, thii
truvel. The faJlfornio Papers, carry
iut age "ad" aboit Hawaii, tclliqv
of its splendid "winter" climate, i
fine hotel accommodations, the seen
cry, ami automobile trios, the vns'
"pectnile afforded at all times on the
brink of Kilauea Volcano, will brill)
results. 1
The travel public upon the muinlanV
needs onlv to be told that steamer ar
eiiiiiiiiodutiuua both Ways are kvallablt
t el times, and that hotel anoinnib
Hut Mini are ample and luxurious t
Imnse them while here. Honolulu h4i
theMe hotel accoinmodationa all kindi
ri fill miinv of 'the de luwe type fii
tiic alio denuind' theni. Hawaii' Ih
tei Islvnd stenmship travel is not in
t in nt e.l nnd is lif constant us in thi
I it v m before the war!
The plea-ant purgntie effect exneri
eiiieil nfler takinK Chamberlain's Tub
lets aii'l the lioti.lt lv comlitjou of body
niiil miiiil W which they contribute,
iiuiIiim one f.i'l tliut living is worth
v i-'ur aulu by kl) denleu, Deuaon
Smith i. 'u, Ltd., age.'its for Hawaii
? v
. :9f ."
Valley Island Judges Decide On
Respective Merits
Id the recent Maui government and
private acbool composition contest the
judges, C. K. Barter, F. Ii Cameron
and Miss Abbie Dow, mmle Hie uwnnl
of prizes as follows:
(Iroup A l.anai kai, two lirst cluis
pritea. Group B Olowulu, '. Ilixt, 4
second, and i third; Kiln", nne tirst,
1 second, and I third: lloimkohun, I
Urst. Group C Hnlehal it. J lirst, 1
eond, 1 third; Keanne. I third; l'tiu
kolii, J (Irst, 4 seeond. ' third; llnno,
4'trat, second, 3 third; (iroup I)
Sprecfcelsville, I first, 1 third; Keu
hue, 2 second, 1 third; Makawno, ::
second; Hamaknapoko, I secoul, 'J
thfrd; Haikn, 5 first. 2 third. -
Group E Knmehameha 111. 1.,-iha
ina, 4 second, 'J first; Wi.ilnku. I lit.
4 third; Vunnene, 2 (irt. I ;" i :i 1 :
I'aia, 1 first. .'I second, 1 tln'd. (.niup
P Maui High, 4 first. I s ml. I
third. Group G Ht. Anthony l'n. I
iperial; ht. Anthony Girls. J lii-t. I
econd. 1 third; Main Graminar.
.' second, 2 third; William nn I
lexander, 1 third; I.nh.iiia
first, I second, 2 third.
UKf t)
The annnnl iutertown I -I :
plnre Monday afteruon i at the
'ey High School. The debater
'(imposed of the lu st student t
two senior Kugtish elases. TI,
Mi K
ion debated upon van, " !(-. i!-. e i. ;n:,i
lie I'lllted' States should nun ami 'V
ite all of the coal in in s in ih, I
fates. ' '
Tlie eniphntie speaking dim- I. I
egative debaters could not be nt ' .;
'iv the aflirniatives. alt!iou.-h the ,...,
'lent niHde b Kail M cTn :'l;ii i I in i.
uittal almost saved the day I' u the
l'robnbly the most iuleiesl us n I
mpliHtic speaker was (Jemee
ns7 who gave proof for ulueist
ais statemeutsi The r Iflrnia ' i v e
rs were Cnntain Karl M.T
''hninntau Tsiikiyainn nnd He"
Cooper. Tho negative chain pious v. ere
TaptaJn George Hutrhings, Kengi II::
nadn and Jorgine Juosaii.
Katherine Dougherty w as eha 1 1 ina n
nd the juduas were Miss Wiknnder.
Miss Woodford and Miss Zeigler.
McKinley High School ilehntii
will probably debate with the
cam some time next term.
ociated l'rcas) "Our Anin.nls," a
vnrtnthly publication issued by the local
oeiety for the Prevention (.f Ciuellv
o Animals, has announced u pne mn
test fur boys and girls writin- the inosl
'lelpful letter on "What I Am Doing to
'A'in the War. ' '
It's purpose is to inteiest the .1,1
ren to do their kIiu:,' in aiding the
"resilient the tinny und the m v v
V iiitrrhni(f Ideas and t:ive
itlier suggeoitions which will hoi
this purose.
Among (hose who will pass o
a ml
tl, ,
uierits of the letters sulnn.ll,, I a,,
Judge Thomas F. Grnhuui. chaii.n u -t
fh Kiiin Francisco Council of Dol'ciec
(Jnorne K. Gullugher, piesideul of th,
board of clufction, u:el Mi I'uiid
Fredericks, cliairnini of '. m, n '
Defense Couuvi
- - -
i-'-t. i
T?dc)crs of
School Notes
At the llonnknwai government school,
fBui, where Mrs. .Inlin Ilnsr is prinei
pal, a number of boys are knitting for
sen v rss.
A benefit dance will be uiven 1V the
Waiohinu School, Kan, Hmaii. next above, at left, top. ii
Saturday evenint. Ml the proceeds I ty of the. Knmehutnol
will go to the Red Cross. hering fifteen teachei
At the try.uits of the, seniors ill the'"" ,l,rl"'n'' of fW
declamation contest of the Kilo Hiyh ' .r',lt' toI'- :
School. I'rescott A pu was frraded ns ' of '!'i', Sl
first orator ami Alfred l-m.eio as sec ! r,!llv '" ho'n ,h,'ir
J. de Mellu. the nthletl. yiitructur
I at the Hilo High Scluml. has made ap
plication to ioin the n iation c-cirps
and is anxiously awaiting work on this
A rhnrge ngninst n schonl t. her.
of whipping a youngster, was nirej
the other day in the police cmyt nf
Warluku, Maui. Tho teacher was dis
charged by the court.
Sixteen boys have been expelled from
the Hilo Hoarding School. The reason
given for their expulsion is to be
the subject of an imniedi.ite ini
tion by the V.:ft Hawaii urand jn
K. M. Blli.'li I'l fnrnielli i,f ll,.
' llijrh School faculty, is new u m
of the Twenty third Kngii is '
ami is eiiL'nL'cil in road ninknij
I fast, not far from Ami.ipolis,
I land.
I Gorrjic S.
I; ineipnl fur
j I M III' i Sl'lidids
I iii Vincv h'iI
i "as reeentlv
, herd f'ainilv.
I itsf (ek
Ravinoml. stitie
the Vsui. r..l..l.
h:is rented the'
Mroet, W ni I ul. ii.
oecuposl by the !
is ni?
. hu h
M. W. Kinney
W. C Avery, s
'tcnlent, and
id' the board
''Mint i v m ho
of education vi-i'i
Is between the i i'
d tin
Kivn .
, found
fouT of inspection,
v t li i rt if in iroo I shape
f'hild:en in t'.,. faioe School
' t w ho), V iss peyo i I . I niei
lieiiiL' coached in the advntae;
'' in- s-i iiii-s and w ;r thrift -'I'l
i hav e a bnnk in tin- s. I
iid., i
winch these stainiis mac be I
the i nibili
Ol of e
i"V lltt
1 k.
ed n
ended ,
I Slh-l
n to
hnvc a fu'l
esol it i-a
V H. I vii
I of if Til I In
unds of the
i'li aie aid
I h
t . I.
eov e: , I
i it tie
' 1 1 : i a I He 1: es. ens i
i- - of the boaul of
I I e , ;, l s.11 111 t 1 I
e t'e jill-g'.. ni t 'ni
Ii"y a-ioeal did
n I
I..- t
rt !
:l.e ,
lui '
a ,'.
he ni'.
opfnion ,,t the lest.
ie V.
M. C
I'hailes T I. is t
s-cretnry for Kauai.
I'mni :i tiit' to the V
ouarters in New Yoik
A. Ie
'he services of I .a u rn nee A. Walwoi'h
-hile ou (be Coast, who will aniv
here next mouth to tal e charge of the
Vorl, nnioug the Fflipiuns in Kaua;
Vr. Walworth has been laborin: in
ii-klan.l. He is n griidunte of the
Kuiisas I'l iv ersity, as is also his vvi;'e.
There is but little difference
I, ids submitted by cent i actors
in the
e, ent
V. !.. ...I
uni for (lai.leii Islam.
l-'or the erection of a school i
letlce at apl,:i, Henry De Fl ie:
-s. n bid tnri; r,ll. Th-mas I.. Audi
''."i.'e viol llarrv I . While I7;;.
(', residence at Kilauea Henry
I o:
i' :
i.. I
F.les & Son bid S;...II Thom.e-
:nliews jsIS.VI. Hurry I.. White sn
aid W F. Sanborn .".:i!i-i.
I' iv 'II be noied that W. I-' Snnl,,
, 'I'e'ed to colist'Uct the buildil,
K 1 1-ueii for rilllMI. but fai'ed to
i the erection ot' the
, which is to ," e,
,,, sme oliins lien
.. I Lei ofure. ha v i u
1 1 .m 1 1 1 ed . was u vv a i , I (
I, ml, In, -
at K:
illst l lie t ed a
iv De Fl!,
the lowest
l the cotit i
& Ki.i7.50.
Miss Hulh S. Horden, Hilo lliel,
s. hool wtuileut, whs operated for appeu
li.ltn at tht Hilo Hospital u week ul',
isl Moiiduy tul is it I ready reported do
T!sT IMI,.r,yJTj
III II I i J ri. V ff f -If , J' .i'P II
mt I ia 1 f ' I M T . JT). rL l I 'I V . , I Lit MM
i. W I I 4 iilik-k kvai. 4wt-l SJ
4 -. -o -o
Faculties and Pupils of Three of
Maui's Largest Schools
Pose For Advertiser
Maui, the Valle
land, has some
fine government whimls, the lnrgest
and mostlv ntteiided lu ing that of Ka-
mehnmehn HI. at
ali :ii nn, once tho
In the picture
i shown the fncul
a 111 School, nnm
The school hns
ne seen the pu;'ils
lead, iii line and
'lav 's tnsk. The
limit so nj to b,i
capital of llnwn
pot. Ms were faced
i ohotoi-ranhed bv 'I'l.i
Wells is on
the tlst. Principal H. M
sehoo! steps. j
B low . at the left. :.re the members
of the faculty of the l'aia School,
1 thirteen in all. Anions those seen
here are' Principal H. M. Wells, Misses!
Ollie lliers, Gladvs Traut, B. Senjan. !
S. Bradshaw, F. AJwAlli.-ter, .1. Caro. B.
I Welfli. M. AudersO aud M. Kodrii;ues, :
j aud Mi'wi. J.T olisalves und A.
I lrelrti. i
1 At the right, loner row. is the facul
tv of the Maui Hiiih School, llama
kiiapoko. hluiwinej tuioug otliers, M rs.
I'l-rsnnt, Miss Pleasant. Miss Mast,
Mr. Bernard and Miss Holliilav. j
: ' 1
Clark Is Preparing 1
To Make Flight
To Other Islands
Army Aviator Will Fly Over Leper
j Settlement En Route To Kaiiu
lui, For Pleasure of Inmates
Who Never Saw Aeroplane I
del I
ast two rlihi
l-'imit 1 1 lie., oi
hdtiv and the
!ark. f. s. ,..
1 1 range t -
a hi
,. ,1!
M a
.iid Haw
Hiding ' '
I .oi '
In- s,
i tl
it he
iik.v eomiio
-I i I
I Is t.
. on '.
-nil v
K:i! oh
a s
,le 1
1 I 1
V I I'
is nppen
to end
-'el ! I
I probnblv
(1 ' ov er I Ii
oklli. 'Ill, I !
-olate.l m', 1
1 1 ti
, e I '
I ' i
'si-lit ..f lin n
t Hil-. i t "v i -rtr. that his tiM.'l
i ri f ni'l In- If in Hilo Miiv, r in
Knh'-. H whi-.-h i protrrlcil l ;i
hrt-;i v ttrr
n tin- r;(- v I n M:ijor CWul
liin Ivo f 1 i l h t h ncr Hnnolii'ti -flu; -
he JioitjM'.l i(ow ti ti Honolnltl h.irlmt
h w :t s up n I (m t t him rn. htM so
th;it in much If tlinh thiw tinir hf
colli, I
to K:
inn I ' a Ili'M across the channel
.1,1.1,. i
that same ,lav he flew over more
,'v over this inland than ever I,,
Jl.d looked ijo-vu into inanv v al
U-on sharo ridges, and towe :n'
. and on his way bacV to I'.-ul
ii l!ew duectlv over Fort Shuf
lili -so,
for tl
I. -hi ,
I'' 1 1 1 1
l'int.,,1 States Civ il Service '.
i h--s ii ti too. ii eed nn eTapuiie'
e I -intv of Vaui. T. II t.-
ii Tho's.iav March -S. los
' I " i , f irul cm ri. , :
v a a - . e - that e -. - l:ier nolr o" I 1
rentes fi,,-i ot',. posiorhees in
Hi V e III, I , count v. The -.
na ion will l,e oi onlv to in" Ie .
oi- who a-e act'ii llv diajnicited in
te-,. I a oe ill tl';. co"
a ml who l t t i ot her i en m . el."
M-' fo.ti, in Foil., No. 1D7;. Tins "
i ml application I, l inks ninv be ,,,'
c,l fieni the oih.es mention.1,! al
o- 'l t'e I'nited S'ntes Civil '
voe I 'inn iii i -sion at Honolulu. T
',,-.,. -I ol.l I . for,.,,,.!,. I
tl,, mis. ion ,,( Honolulu nt
, , , ! . p, a', 1 1 1- n I ! e date.
6.11 Introduced In Congress For
Institution In Washington
Creation of a national university in
Washington, ' at the seat of the fed
i'li 1 government." is provided in lill
l nt rodm ed in the house bv Represent
ive Simon II. Kess. of Ohio, which
carries an nppropriatioTi of 500,d00
for the use of the university far th
fi.ci'l va-s l:is a,,,! 1919. '
This bill, winch was referred to fhe
coir 1 1 I Mee on education, givea three
lessens for the estublishmeut of this
univ ersity :
it-1 . to promote the advance of
science, pure and applied, nnd of thi
liberal emj line artt. bv original In
vestigotiniij aud, resilarrh and by such
other mean as may appear suitable to
the purpose in view.
S.'c( n.J. to provide for the higher (n
strn. tion and training of men and wo
men f'o: posts nf importance and e
spoesibilit v in the public service of
state or Nation, and for the practise
of s i ic h . all iiM and professions a nUiy
m ou'ii tor their worthy pursuit a high
Vi .td, Id cooperate with the scien
'ic d"i artments of the federal govern
moot, with the colleges nf agriculture
a ii.t the mechanic arts founded upor
the proceeds of the federal land gratc
of the net of lSiC. with the State tin
i v ei si ii s, ii nd ot her
h t ,d e r te,i rn i n ,r
institutions ,uf
'o st i lent is to be admitted to tii
m.iv ers; y unless he pKaJl have 6l
triieed the decree of master of science
or of mnster of arts from some insSi
tut ion of recognized staiolin..'. or slml
have pir-siieil n course of study orptiv
to Hint reiiuired for such degrees
. ne uinversitv would confer no
i''1! ' .' decrees and would be jfov ef u
af.l directed bv a board of trustee
-ooperaf ion with an ndv isorv coin
I ,-il
. I'l
representing every Stale ia the
Some tune ii.i the pupils in fli
tenth era le of the Hlue Hill, Nehrks
ka. Ill if h School wrote letters to tin
students of tlie local McKinlev llvgl
S hool and the pupils of the sophomore
. lass replied to these.
I. H. Wright, superintendent of tlie
Vel.raska rs-hool in .question writ.
. . st llnMeriiigly of the Honolulu high
school iii a .Nebraska paier, clipping
of which have been received here. lv
' The tenth grade English class has
receive I letters from Honolulu high
school studeut in- answer to letters
sent during early November. Kight
l ovs and one girl replied. Tue great
er number of Iniys 1 explained in oiie
letter which says that there are only
lour oris in thi) class.
"The breath of the tropical island
breathes through the putfes of all tie
letters and bring vividly to mind the
yreat ditfernuce in that far awav land
and th,1 wintry wind -swept Nebraska
farms. v
The pupils writing are of vari.ais
t,a ' i.oialities, Chinese, Hawaiian. Kng
lisli, Scotch and Spanish. Hut one
i.g that is verv evident to the ol.
iiver or reader is the excellent pen
n iiship in every letter, and the splen
Ii I i omnia li d of language that eii' h
0 e possesses. These pupils arc ner
l th, same in age as those in our own
s, hool. One works for the newspaper,
in helps in his father's grocery, one
coil's in the afternoons in the vul
aniiiii' lusiness. ami the others do
about ihe sin tn thiii);s thnt the aver
a." ineii.-an does in any part of the
1 ,. ',1 In the following few- sentences
I -hall ipiote from the various letters
and perhaps niny be able to give a
i' nt i l n of tho general excellencies.
f l.etn in their entirety "
'I I,, n follow excerpts from the Hu
-.' ,1 , letters. '
it respert and honor for
Air estnmtd aeoelate-.
ii'ise for hlllnnnity,-', the
raiiftikmi Si-hoot, neni
the French,
in the i;reat
pupils of tl
tlilo, llawiiii. in,,
ft ri U t pafriotic h.v
iciriiinx to sing that
inn f .lean Orapvnu.
t he " Ma i e.: I ' a i sc. ' '
The following items are
Monday's I'npnikou School
from I nut
News, h.'
school publication:
In our last Issue the names of the
board of editors gi Mle New were
given. Seven of these are of Jap
nnee pnrcntajfe and are proud of the
fact, nevertheless they wish to ansert
that thev are ns loyal American cit!
xens as the other members of the board
The I'apaikoii Mill started to grind
siijinr on .limitary i'H. The cutting of
cane stsrted two days earlier. This
means thnt the busy grinding season
with its hustle nnel activity is wtth us
again. A number of Important changes
have lieen made in the machinery so
that "our" suiiar is more up to date
than ever.
Waa Abe An AntomobiUaf?
Wn it a "Beardless" Arrow-
Ford t
The three upper erades are atudvins
the "Life of Abraham Lincoln." A.'
rprdin2 to ore bov. Abraham in ord"T
to v for a book he had Injured work
ed for three dnvs making "tires"
We'd like to know for whose ntitomo
bile those tires were.
We hive l.een promised sn addition
nl si hool room, a new shop, and i
kitchen. The largest country school is
still growing.
In the fifth grade the teacher aaked
how large the human heart ia. A girl
answered, " As large as a atrawberry
We are not at all surprised with th
nnawer, for we know of a few "heart
less people ' '.
Just a few more dny and the Red
Croaa drive will be over! Aa the time
ia ao short, we want to work all the
harder. Pay-dav comes oetime thi
week and the Red Cross worker do not
want t forget those who promised
monev "after pay-day." The results i
the drive will be announced next week
Marralou Result
The popffs in the seventh grade keep
a curious yee.ord. Kvery time a pupil
talk when be is supposed to be work
iag, or does not pay attention, or in
terrupts another pupil s recitation
mark is set down against the offender,
On Fridav afternoon, these marks arc
reckoned as so much wasted time an.
has to be made up by Special lesson
The results are marvelous.
We, like the rest of the civilised
urld. hav. a grat admiration for Ut
"Tench people, lo now our respec
nil honor for our eeteemod "associ
'tea in the greut cause for humanity'
e are learning the " Idarseiflaise ".
We are tired of bobbing around on
.mhrcllaa and ploddlaii through pood
lies. we are tnankfu) for the ran
vhieh has made our garden fresh sue1
rrecn. but we do like to see the sin
mce in a while. The foHowioK ers.
v most appropriate for the past week
"Oh. -the rairt comes n-pitter natter
Vnd I'd like to be safe in bed.
Skies nee keeping, while the w'nrl
is sleeping.
Trouble lienpinv on our head.
It is vain to remain and chatter.
nd to "nit for a clearer si v.
lle'te'.ske'tec. T Ri'4 f'v for shell.
Till tho clouds roll bv. "
"dr's Dotng Oood Work
The girls of the different gi.'ul
ae written a brief rev ie.v of th
. oi k thev 'are doing in the sew in
. -lasses. It will tie noticed Hint mm
f the work is war work, and we thin
that this is the kind of work even
hi, Iv should be doing. How ever, th
- a tiie. school n r"1 we iiilL'ht to do
rent deal more than we are doing.
The girls of the seventh and eighth
;rades are making a complete outli
'or a lit,fle baby. When the
lollies are llnihed. they are t In
o one of the little war victims.
Who will donate material for
eit outfit!
The fifth and sixth glades are
lustrioiisly Knitting washcloths Th
ire iloijig some school work tuo uia
nt' kitchen aprons for sale.
The fourth grade girls arc working
at pillow slips, while the girls of the
bi ril Krade are spending their time
'iiiltting wash cloths and hemming nl,
luminal binders.
Those in charge of Ked Cross woil.
sre uskiiix every one to save enacelled
postage stamps. The dyes from these
stamps are extracted aud used ngsiii
It is said tliMt the niouey obtnlne.l for
the dyes taken from one thousand
stamps is enough to care for a war
orphan for oue mouth. Surely, every
body will, at least, give old stamps to
help these little onus. Save nil Stamps
Ask your friends for old stumps and
bring them to your teacher.
As the Ked Cross drive has Im-cii ex
t led for a few days more, the re
-ults cannot be reported this week
lleic's a suitable working motto : " (io
everywhere; ask every one."
fine harvest of sweet potatoes was
eathered from our school gulden dur-ii-
the past week. Some of the finest
-iicciuieiis, weighing from font to
eight pounds were sent to 1 1 1 Ii and
placed oil exhibition. This is onlv a
sample of what
we can
grow lure
Supervisor Julian Yates brought to
the attentjou of the Hi u Island hoard
a week ago last Monday the uigent
need of plumbing work at the Hilo
llie.h School. The board of health, Mr
Yates said. threutmid to clo-e- the
school if the work was not a ml , b, k , n
at once.
', To show
Supervises Grant Requcsivfor
Its ,sePuz2lina Prob
lem Solver!
Aaln I
k has been deeldetf uiWin
ss the lo.lt
ion for the Territorial Fair.
ei missio
tn use the park was grMi
A by til
noarii or supervisors
n i ti h t , w i
the proviso thnt the park
s4swed to its uroiter eondi-
hall be
ion bv
tr Fair Commission after tfii)
how i
The etl
ion made by the eommfasion
difficulties in finding' site
-hi-h w ill afford facilitre
rev pew i
for the f
frrr the ilkplsv of the products of the
TerrilorvJ The use of the nark was
granted v uiiaiiiinoiis vote of the
loar.. n.l the Fair Commission Will
begin wok at once in preparation for
tntfinii tie bi(f-show in that location.
For thi very practical reason that
it would cost MO.lXMl to sunoiy tho
ici esssrv Ibnildinirs alone, the Fair
Commissi! suddenly' reached the eon-
losinti visier.lav afternoon that tha
mm, oi
federal building site would
,e an mi
tactical location for the eol-
brat ion
ion st
over a I
het .Mine. The apPronHa-
kside bv the legislature . to
xpenses of the fair il only
fix ion.
The citnmittee
on buildinffs. With
'sck Lac
ss chairman, after on or
wo sesstns and a review of' the
grounds jnd probable stnictural eoat.
net vestlnlav and informed Oeoriro
t. Angus chairwian of the commission,
hat con ruction, if the Irwin kite
vere use., would cost not less than
40.0IKI. om the buiidins atanilpolnt
alone, thd member argued it Wl not
desirabK location, ami someone ug-
Tested Ada I "ark as an alternative,
frwtn Blti Obecttonable
The cotiniittee'a objection to the
Irwin loci tion was on several points.
One was jst the tree on the ground
interfere vith plan for inexpensive
building. Another was that there Is
absolutely no turf, necessitating truc
ture cove ing the entire area if the -ground
w re not to heeom a quag
mire in rn nv weather. Expense of pro-
. ' f 11 S . L ' V I . .
vmiiiK roiling wouiu oe pruniuivivv9
even if ckeaneat buiidins paper were
used, whill uae of lumber for the pur
pose was impossible.
It is tltmtfht that Ada Park will
be suflic.leikly large and it was (uggeat-
ed that il might be possible to shut
off Beretajia Street during Fair Week,
Hosing thi bridge over Nuuanu Stream
to vehicular traffic and utilising- that
mace for I restock reviewing or amoae-
ment cone asions.
He Serlpui Froblem
Aala, a Wide, clear space, present
no serious problems of building Con
struction, having nn huge trees, and
possessing n excellent turf, : which
will reiimie no flooring or roofing for
the entire area. It already haa
fence on me side, with a natural , bar- '
rier in t hp form of the river, on aa-'
other, so tht little expense, wilj be
t-efquired tV the 'fearing Item.-', ;.' ,
The builiing eommittee aaid that If :
Tiia site freVe obtaitied K Weirid be
necessary only to hoi hi booth and
itructores to house the exhitirt, leav
ng the ctrtwds to walk al the open
tir. Selection of Aala Park litnplifie
he building problem very materially,
ind the etanmittee expects to be able .
o report within a day or two on the
estimated cost of required eouatrue
tion. - ' " '
BeaulM Structure At .LaieWill
Be Completed In About three
Months and Be Dedicated
The beautiful temple erected nt 1-aie,
his Island by the Church of Jcsu
lirist of Latter Day Saints, will be
"nishrd ia about three months,, Arard
Fairbanks, the sculptor and landeeape
.-:.. i . -i- i i... i a
noil, urn in-, mrmuy ppinpit-iru niimi a
f the carving and other artistic em
'cllishments in the interior.
Four friexe panels huve already been
ompleteuV and placed on the outside
f the edifice, giving the temple an a
ect of beauty despite it unusual and
solid appearance. In fart, according
o Mr. Fairbanks, no extraneous decor
itions will be used oa the exterior.
(i v,n,t-i iw .irn-ii; iuc ntt'nrn uv "I
solidity, the design having been mado
villi tins idea in view.
In order to give th, temple an Bp
.enruuee of being higher nbove ground
haa it really is, a terrace is being
,i cpared with a supporting wall. The
landscape gardening will be xeruted
vith the idea of blending the around
work with the lines of the buildiug.
When the temple I completed and
in reiulinees for its dedication to the
work of the church, l'reeideat Joeph
-mitb and many leading "dignitarie of
the church will com here from Halt ,
Lake City. I'tah. to dedicate the tnrild-
ing to its holy purpose. iVeaident
Hmith la aaid to' be looking forward to
this visit, as in dedicating the archi
ve to, rnl pile, it will praVtUally be a
nonunient tn his own personal work
in the Islnnds, for he first vane hero
as a young missionary among the lit
w Minus uearly sixty years ago. Ho
learned to speuk the Hawaiian lang
uage at that time and nn arriving" here
nearly a half century later, he wa still
able to converse and make addreases in
the language of the natives.
, V ...
Appeal papers weSre' prepared by the
clerk of federal court yesterday n the
live Japanese teacher' rase to. whom
admittance to the Territory wa denied
on the grounds that they may be class
ed as imported laborers. Theme cases,
which are being made teat ranee by the
Japanese nnd are being handled by
the law firm Of I.lirhtfoot and Light
foot, will now go to the eireut court
of appeals.
Appeals were also taken ve'erday
in thiec other cases in fedeial court.

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