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' v ah- ' .
Captain of One Scpin Arrested and Others Are Sum
moned To ShjWCai.se
Be ProceedetrAgainst;
. tion In Rctraint of
Says fishermen
y S Prantir action to break the power of
the alleged f ih coiuhinaion whirb in
' charged with being -renpoislble for the
' high price of fink n ajken by the
v -u . federal authorities late yatenlay when
summonses were nerved ot the captainn
of several of the Japanrsiinhing nam-
aaa to appear before laited States
Attorney Huber ami shoe cause why '
warranty aheaM not innuefor their ar
'. . rent on charges of hoarding food.
This first definite st in deter
' minel effort to snisnh thtalleged rom
. ' bination followed the arret earlier in
, the day of another finhis captain on
' - ' a charge of hoarding food,
, , It wan atated last aifkt by Khen
, Low, chief lieutenant of food Admin-
iatrator Child, that a inions had
neen served or wan to neaerveil on A.
F. Cooke, whom Um nntef to be the
bead of what he callef the " f inh
trait." Mr. Cooke laid vcr the tele
phone later ia the evenpg, however,
that no pa pen had been arved on him.
Mr. Cooke i Stand
"I did eee," he naid, 'some foolish
paper that were nerved m four of the
sampan captain, but thex were ridiru
lou. What buainen i I of Mr. Child
whether or not the fishesnen sell their
filhf The finh belong to them, don't
they J I don't ace where Mr. Child hail
any right to tell them fccy munt put
them an the market if thy don 't want
to." ,
'Anyway," added Mr, Cooke, "the
snaa who waa arrested this morning
had got ia only the nigit before and
he was tired and didn't feel like tak
ing hia fish to the market."
Mr. Cooke denied flatlr that any of
the fishermen were boarding finh, mak
lag the point that it would do them no
good, as Mr. Child had fked the prices
at which the finh should be sold.
Pat ben Low stated categorically
last night that he pernorufly had exam
iaed several of the filling sampan
and found their fish we Is filled with
fish that he said the Qshermen had
held off the market. It vs on thia ac
. count, ha aaid, that th matter wa
taken up with United States Attorney
Huber and aummonaea issued by him
and served by Marshal Spiddy.
JUtu-Tmn Action
Mr. Low said also that action against
th hoarders would probably be taken i Huber learned the reason for thin sit
for violation of the anti-trust laws, he; nation. The fishermen acknowledge'
asserting that the three fishing com- , that they were bound by agreement
' paaies are acting in rest mint of trade, of nine years standing which reserve
, "I have obtained absolute proof," .the eeteh from certain boats to cei
, aaid Mr. Low, "that the three fishing tain stalls and certain brokers. Thi
companies have an agreement among 'was the reason thev gave why man
themselves Frank Cooke calls it a of the finh were left in the boats c
. 'gentleman 'a agreement,' but Mr. Child ice yenterdav, Although there wan :
and I call it something very different aeareity of fish at the market. The
to restrict the sale of fish. It works -Could not, under their agreement, b
thia way: There are three fish mar- : sold to retailers of the rival eombi
' kets -the Ewa market on King Street, nations.
, tha Waikiki market on the same street j The Hawaiian Fisheries Companv
i i i . i . i . . . . ..
maraei lowKru me waierrroni.
., 'j "Mow, the Hawaii Fishing Company,
' of which Frank Cooke is the head, cou
trole. the market toward the water
front; the Pacific- Fishing Company,
headed by Charlie Chillingworth, con
trol the Waikiki King frUrrct market,
and the other Japanese company con
trol! the Ewa market on King.
JUatraint of Trade
"Each company controls certain nam
pans, and the agreement is to the ef
fect that each company shall supply
only the stalls of the market which it
controls. For instam-n, the sampans of
the Hawaii Fishing Companv may eotno
la With a big supply of fixh, too much
"to be disponed of in only one of the
. markets. Yet, under the 'gentlemen's
agreement,' none of the fih can be
Bold to -either of the other iiiHrketn.
'.'-"If that hin 't a combination in re
stralat of trade, I don't Know what it
"I consider it a mighty unpatriotic
thing for Mr. Cooke to enter into that
kind of an agroeinjtit un.l keep up tlio
price of fish that the people of thin
City eed, especially at this tiuie when
the United Htates is at war!
. "But we've run the 'fish trust' to
ita dea at last, ami from now on things
are going to happen fast. We're going
; to bust the combination. They'll find
out they can't buck the go eminent of
the. United Htates ami get away with
Huber Takes Action
, '. , Blich old agreements among the fish
. ersnen, stall men and finding compan
ies, as amount to combinations in
, restraint of trade, under Cnited Htates
' TU California RmtJu
A Boon to ri
1 1
MM LWer Tonic and UiatJva
FhM Kidney and Bladder Remedy
Remarkcblt Blood Cleamer
Cm RUnauM ud MaUul A farm
,00 Mr Mt 15.00
Ah) Imitfirli'tx uml I'lniuatlou
(ttore. IIK.N II.. i N. Am-ul
Kekaulike and KIuk Hi.
Why They Should Not
Low Charges Combina-
Trade; Frank Cooke
Within Rights
lnn, were ordered abandoned by 1'nit
ed States District Attorney M. C.
H uber, yesterday afternoon, in unlet
thnt the public nhall have aceenn to
the full Hnh nnpply of each day.
Coincident with thin action, Foo'
Administrator .1. F. Child announced
thnt hi prohibition of the auctioning
of fih. which he undertook lant Hatur
dny for the pnrpnne of topping the
inflation of flSh prices, had been re
nrinded and the flnh companion will b
permitted to renume the old method
with certain alteration.
Thnn. while the old lawn of nupph
and demand are once more permitted
to dictate the pricen of flnh, n demani
han been made whereby any old nlign
ment of ftehermen. broker and retail
em which mav have existed are ro bi
i broken un and the available minnlv n
lonirer be "hogged" by the compnni
and ntnll men whose fleet happens ti
be coming in.
I The flnh thnt come in esch dny mnn'
nil be placed on nale and the pric
must be fixed on a basin of the ful
I niplv nnd the full demand.
One Object Defeated
j The objection of people intcrviewe
ynnten'ny. however, in that tho ob
jeet for which Mr. Child instituted hi
campaign han been defeated nince h
has acknowledged bin inability to e
tnblish a fish scale that will give rea
nnnnble prjeen and reasonable profit
to all concerned. It wan conceded
however, that an evident attempt t
create a falne fish scarcity had bee
defeated by Mr. Hnher, which, unde
the new ruling of Mr. Child woul
, coupled with present weather ennd'
tions. hnve boosted the price of fin"
to i-nhenrd of fl.-mre.
The complaint on which the 1'nite
H'aten nttornev proceeded came fror
Kben I-ow. of the Vigilance Corpt
who found that there were manv anrr
oans in the harbor which had not nr
loaded all JvT their finh although th
fish "tnlls in the market had bee
completelr denuded in two section
The thi'd section of the market, how
ever, which is presided over by th'
Hawaiian Fisheries Company, had t
trood supply.
i Explanation round
On sipnmoning the fishermen to hi
office as a result of this discovery, Mi
and the stall men under
with them, have had all the beat o
it inee the federal rules were im
posed by Mr. Child on account of th
fact that its fleet is returning fror
cruises at this time. The boat con
trolled by the other two combination
are all in port and have not gone on
on account, they sny. of unfavorabl
weather. It was acknowledged tha
I within a week all of the boats of th
three combinations will have returnee1
I which will leave the market withou
fish unless some of these go out again
( Deny Strike Reports
Mr. Huber has made un effort t
brin pressure to bear on the .la pa nee
fishermen to leave port, but mi far ha
had no success, being circumscribe,
by the power given him under th
I hoarding measure to do this. The fish
ermen, at the conference yesterda
, afternoon, said that thev have no in
tetition of institutin g a lirdi strike b
can-e the moat of them have familie
I thnt must be provided for and privn
turn would overtake them if they wer
forced to remain in port. Thev asuert
ed. however, that mo-t of the bout
that have returned within the Inst tw
days, have sustained a heavy Ions or
the trip on account of the small catch
owing to the weather, an. I to the
price, thnt are given them by the foo
The penalty of arreNt will be held
nve- the head of any fisherman wh'
withholds fish from the market or who
refuses to dispose of his fish to othei
flsh combinations after his own see
ion of the market has been provided
for. '
More Fish Found
The search of the sampans was mad'
yesterday by Khen Low and Harbin
Ofticer Charles K. Culvert. The' mu
Jters of tour Mini pan- wire found to le
keeping back lixh. One of these bmt
discharged forty baskets of fish whicl
had been brought in the day befon
but kept in in- until yesterday. Anoth
er failed to unload several large ulna
with the evident intention of keepini
'hem until today. A iiiaiitity of red
ah and of ulnula Hire found in h
vther two sampans I'lactically tin
entile supdv of u-h was held ty tin
Hawaiian Fbhcric Company in th.
lower market, the fishermen clalmine
f h
were instilled in this hecause o
their H'Tcement. Thev claime.'i tha
this had its beginni"" as a matter '
"nvenienre in handling ti-h in the
hre- T.., of the mail el In the fnc
f this -i'ii:ii.-u a line. t (,, I be
I O"- ' r I' .
hat none of the
iian Fisheries C.
'ack fish I... ),,
I rijht to do mi
In 1 1:1 I
the Hawa
in was hoi. Im
'I.de I Un -V In,,'
tlov wished and
that tha federal - food administrator
had no business to tell them what
they should do with their eatch.
Statement By Child
Mr. Child's statement relating to M
"etnrn to the old auctioning methods,
is en follows:
"Owing; to the supply ! of and de
mand for flnh, It will be necessary te
regtilnte the prices from day to day.
The only way in which .thin enn be
doref ia justice to tha public In to
maintain the anction ' nyntcm, prob
ably on a different basis and one
which will net the flshermen a better
return for their labor and their com
modity, and this will incrense the
production of flsh,
" Negotiations are now under wnv to
place a limit on the miction price of
flnh for each month of the venr. and
on each variety of fish sold in the
public market. Thia price will be
agreed nnon between the fishermen
a,nd the fond administration.
"After this 1 done the anction will
take care of the nnpnly nnd demnnd
If the Honolulu public did not hnve
such a stronir preference for whnt is
supposed to be strictly fresh fish, the
flsh mirht be frozen atyl sold i"
fronen flsh. But the public cVmnnds
strictly frenh flnh, and w-'ll have to
lie educated away from thnt prefer,
ence before a strictly jobbing busi
nesn can be malnilwd.
"By placing a l'mlt on n ane'ion
price for each month, based imn ln
vear's anction prices, the public will
be protected. Bt e ac-eed price
production of flh will be Increased. "
Engines Are Disabled 600 Miles
From Honolulu So Many Ac
cidents Creates Suspicion
Helpless in the big sons which have
.een running for several duys and buf
"eted by the heavy winds now prevalent
n this part of the Pacific, the steamer
lacramento had to send out an M.O.S.
for assintance Monday evening when
ler engines became disabled.
Thin was the information received
.esterday morning from the Mutson
teamer I.urline which hna gone to the
issintanre of the big Pacific Const ves
iel which is bound here with a cargo
.f 6000 tons of coal for tho Inter 1st
The message gave no details other
han that the Sacramento was in the
irinity of longitude 148 west, and
atitude thirty north, or about fiOO
lortheast of Honolulu. The I.urline
xpeeted to be alongside the Hacrumen
o by eight o'clock yesterday morning
ml the intention wan to tow the dis
bled steamer toward this port until
he Matson rescue steamer was over
aken by the Mnnoa which ia due here
In case the Manoa doe not pick up
ho I.urline and the Sacramento, the
urline will bring the helpless ship on
0 Honolulu.
Another rescue almost identical with
his one was made by the I.urline only
1 short time ago, when she went to
'he help of the motor ship Oregon
ibout 1!00 miles from this port. After
var.ls the I.urline turned the motor
'hip over to the S. J. O'Neil to bring
nto Honolulu.
The riacraiiiento was formerly con
rolled by the Northern and Southern
:teamshii Companv. but is now operat
ed by the I'nited States Shipping Ruard.
ihe is the same steamer which was
inder suspicion early in the war of
laving helped to coal the Herman fleet
iff the Mexican Coast. She was built
n 1000 and her net tonnugo is 3647
The Sacramento left Nanaimo, Brit
sh Columbin, for Honolulu nlxiut the
st of January. She should have made
he vovage in twelve dnvs. At the same
ime the Sacramento sailed for Hono
ulu, the Huston also started for Hono
ulu from Niinaimo.
Shipping n have begun to nsk each
ither if it is possible all the recent
nishaps to vessels in the Pacific are
mrely accidental, as so manv ships
Save put in here on account of cargo
"ires and engine l-ouldi- i-.i the lant two
SALT I.AKi: CITY. I tali. Kebrunrt
'S--f Associate I Press i Arrangements
ire being perfected for a great indoor
ithletic track and fo ld meet to be held
n the Heserat ( iy ninasi um here on
March 1.V If will be under sanction of
he Amnfeni Athletic I'nion and re pre -lentntives
of the la clubs, high
choiils. Young Men's i hristinn Aasoci
tion, and universities of the Kast are
xpeeted to 1 utered
An effort also will be made to in
bide boxing and wrestling champion
ships during the meet. The inter moun
tain branch f the Amateur Athletic
Union is at work on the plana.
DfJ.Collis Browne's
Acts lik a Cntrm In
th on, 8pciftc In
Tha o.-vy Palliative In NBUWALGIA, CMBUT, ftHKUMATIM.
"M-c"ic Mxlleal TM'JnHW aorompsalw Ma Bottl.
1 ll ,1 1.111. II IS
i-'i 119, lfl.
Brigadier-General, Head of Na
tional Guard, Commissioned
Major In Infantry Reserve
Corps and Assigned To Duty
On Mainland ,
Hrigndier-Oeneral Samuel Ivan John
son, brigade commander and adjutant
general of tha Hawaiian National
tiiinnl, ia now Major Samuel Ivan John
sonj Infantry Reserve Corps, by ap
pointment from Washington, the cable
message being received yesterday after
noon at Hawaiian department head
quarter. Major Johnson In directed to proceed
, to Citinp Fremont, Palo Alto, California,
for assignment as adjutant general of
the (With Brigade, and will leave for
California as soon as his affairs with
the Hawaiian National Guard are ar
ranged. In accepting the commission in tho
army, Major Johnson renigned an com
mander of the Hawaiian National
(luard brigade, but his status as adju
tant general la the guard will be a
matter of fntare adjustment, thin be
ing a territorial office.
Major Johnnon will doff this morning
tho nilver star which have adorned
hin uniform far several yearn and don
the gold oak leaves of hin new com
mission. Question of Successor
While many rumors were rife lant
evening nn to who his successor may
be as commander of the national guard
brigade, it was assumed by many that
the adjutant general 'a department may
lie more or lens directed by the Ha
waiinn Department, with the bureau of
militia affairs in closer touch and au
thority. Major Will Wayne, assistant to the
udjiifajit general will continue to be in
I active charge of the office affairs of the
I brigade and, more or lens a directing
.authority at guard headquarter in the
general work of both regiment of the
'guard. He may' not bo promoted bc
t cause of the jiossible general super
vision or me guaru asnairs irom army
This proaagrs, along with the request
from Washington for the speeding up
of the selective draft work bot.h in the
guard and with the civilian draft age
population, an early call to active ser
I vice of tho guardsmen.
The situation with (ieperal, or rather
, Major, Johnson, n his connection with
the Hawaiian 'National Guard is this
Johnson's Status
He is appointed by the President ss
a brigadier-general to nerve at tho head
of all the Hawaiian national guard
unitn; he ia a territorial officer in his
capacity of adjutant general of the
guard. He resigns his brigadier-generalship,
but retains his post as adjutant
general, awaiting a later adjustment
Inasmuch as several officers of the ter
ritorial government have been called
to the active service, such as Major
Charles R. Forbes, ' ho still retains hia
title as superintendent of public works,
and Major I. M. Htainback, judge ad
vocate of the Hawaiian Department,
who still retains hin office an attorney
general of. the Territory, it is assumei'
that Major Johnson will retain his title
as adjutant gencVul in the guard.
It wan asserted in army circles last
night that a regular army officer will
shortly be appointed to assume com
mand of the Hawaiian National Guard
brigade, with probably the title of
colonel, but not as brigadier general.
Major Johnson entered the Hawaiian
National Guard service during the days
of the Republic of Hawaii an a private
in F companv, which he later command
ed as captain. His rise in the guard
was rapid, and ita present strength to
day in due largely to hia indefatigable
efforts to make it one of the best units
of the national guard under the Ameri
can flag.
Major Johnson is a Russian by birth
and has lived in Hawaii for the past
quarter of a century.
HOZKMAN, Montana, February IS
(Associated Press) The eighth an
nunl interseholantie basketball tourna
ment will tnke place at the Montana
(State College here March 0, 7, 8 and 9.
The invitation to compete is extend
ed to the eight high schools which win
in the eli mi nil t ion contests, in the dis
tricts into which the high schools have
been divided, to come to Bowman for
the finals. It is hoped that financial
conditions will warrant the invitation
of the eight other high schools in the
Ntate showing the best basketball rec
ords for the season. The schools have
been divided into eight districts as fol
lows: Northern, Flathead, Falls, West
ern, Mining, Yellowstone, Eastern and
Checks and arrests
The ten Itmedy known for
I .-m'iw -iwuus'um
1 I. T. DviroT, J-tii., Loudon,
:BO;R: 1
Cleveland Awarded. Greatest
Number of Sunday Games,
Fourteen In All
OniCAOO, February to (Aasocla
ted Press) An onual, 154 games will
he played in the American Lcsgue In
the soaring season, according to the
official schedule announced recently.
The aeanon will open in tha East,
April 15, one dny prior to the opening
in the West. In the initial games
Philadelphia will meet Boston at the
Forbes' field, while New York will
cross batn with Washington in the
Capital eity. The Western openings
the nest day will see Ht. Louis in Chi
cajro analnst the World's Champions,
while Detroit is scheduled to play in
Cleveland. The season will close Oc
tolier 5.
There will be only three conflicting
dates with the National League and all
these will be in Chicago. Cleveland
will be the opponent of the World 's
Champions on all three occasions
June 23, August 31 and September 1.
Moat Sundays To Cleveland
Cleveland has been awarded the
trrenteet namber of Sunday games
fourteen. Chicago, Ht. Louis. Philndel
phia and Boston have been given thir
teen Saturdays each. Independence
Day games will be played in Chicago.
Cleveland, Washington" and Philadel
phia. The Labor Pay program calls
for games in Ht. Louis, Detroit. Wash
inton and New York, while Decora
tion Dav there will be. panics at De
troit, Cleveland, New York and Bos
ton. New York will play two games nt
Boston on Bunker Hill Day, April in
The following table shows the num
ber of games each club will play on
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, both
at borne and while abroad:
Holiday Program
At Home
Club Sat. Sun. Hoi.
Chicago 1.1 13 1
Ht. Lonls 13 12 1
Detroit 12 12 2
Cleveland 12 14 2
Washington 12 2
Philadelphia 13 1
New York 12 2
Boston 13 .. 2
Club Sat. Bun. Hoi.
Chicago 12 5 2
St. Louis 12 5 2
Detroit 13 5 1
Clevefand 13 (1 1
Wsnhinton 13 H 1
Philadelphia 12 7 2
New York 12 S 2
Boston 12 7 2
CHICAGO, February 6 Alfredo de
Oro overcame a twelve point lead and
defeated Augie Kieckhefer of Chicago,
fifty to forty-two, tonight in the first
block of their match for the world's
throe-cushion billiard championship. De
Oro, apparently hopelessly beaten for
more than half of the gninc, playod in
wonderful form nt the end, scoring
twenty-three points in twenty innings.
The game went sixty live innings, De
Oro getting a high run of eight and
Kieckhefer one of six.
De Oro was extremely nervous at
the start and relied on his safety play
to pull him through; but the Chicagoan
made one phenomenal shot after an
other from apparently impossible
leaves, and at the fortieth inning led,
thirty-four to twenty two.
SPOKANE, Washington, February IS
(Associated Press) The Northwest
telegraphic trap championship shoot is
now in progress, the weekly shoots be
ing held between teams representing
this city, Seattle and Hcllinghnm, Wash
ington; Portland, Oregon ; Butte, Kallis
pel and Hillings, Montana, and Boise,
Idaho. The teuton shoot on their re
spective home grounds and the results
of the nhooting is sent over the wire's,
keeping eurli side informed us to just
where they stand during the shoot.
Kalispell won the shoot last year.
ST. LOUIS, Missouri, January 12
The arrival in St. Louis today of Wal
ter McCredie, former manager of the
Portland, Oregon, team in the Pacific
Coast League, and who is now manager
of the Halt Lake City Club, started
rumors that he will be the new man
ager of tho St. Iouis Browns, succeed
ing Fielder Jones.
McCredie says he is here for new
players and there is no confirmation
of the report.
8I.T LAKE CITY, I tah, February
18 (Associated Press) The 1'tah
State (isine and Fish Commission has
taken drastic steps to conserve the
game fish of the Htttte by closing all
the waters of the State to fishermen
until June 15. Anglers will be deprived
of their usual sport by reason of an act 4
of the legislature which Is being strict
ly adhered to by U. II. Hiddoway, State,
fish and game commissioner.
CHK'AflO, January 18 Jess Willard
is besieged bv deputy sheriffs at his
home here. He fled to the second floor
Bed lucked himself in tonight when the
court officers attempted to serve a sum
mons on him in a suit brought by his
former nuiniiger. Deputies are keeping
guard in reluys.
nrnmn innii ;4n
The Eight Clubs Have Saturday
Games About Evenly Divid-
ed Among Them '
NEW YORK, February 1 (Associa
ted Press) The usual I5 gam sched
ule has been announced by the National
League for tha season of 1918. Play
will open on Tuesday, April "18 and
clone on Saturday October 5. The open
ing game will aee Boston playing at
Philadelphia; Brooklyn at New York;
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati and Chicago at
St. Louis. There are but two conflict
ing dates when the schedule la compar
ed with that of tha American League
Both occur at Chicago where the Chlea
go Nationals and the Chicago Ameri
cans will entertain opponents on their
home grounds on June 23 and Septem
ber 1.
Saturday and holiday dates have
been apportioned equitably,, the clubs
sharing about equally in the distribu
tion of home and abroad fixtures. Pitts
burgh has the largest number of Satur
days at home, fourteen of these week
end contests being allotted to the PI
rates. Cincinnati has eighteen Sundays
at home ana none abroad. Boston se
cures four holiday dates, three at home
and one abroad. In other respects the
ciuiis are placed upon a share and
share alike basis. The following ta
ble shows the number of games each
club will play on Saturdays; Sundays
and holidays both at home and while
aj irond.
At Homo
fob Sat. Sun. Hoi.
Boston IJ 3
Brooklyn n . . 12 .. 1
New York 13 1
Philadelphia 13 2
Pittsburgh 4 .. 3
Cincinnati 12 18 1
hicngo 12 14 1
St. Louis 12 H 1
Sat. Sun. Hoi.
"oston 13 a 1
Rrooklvn 12 fl 2
New York 12 6 2
Philadelphia 13 6 1
Pittsburgh 11 10 ..
Cincinnati 13 .. 2
Chicago 12 3 2
St. Louis .13 Q 2
The championship game of the Ka
uni Winter HRsehall Lcaitiia wrnm nmv
ed at Eleele laat Sunday between the
Kleele team, winner nf tha Jtrat una.
and the Koloa team, winners of the
seeonn series. JVotoa won, .after an
exciting and hard-fought game with,
score of four to three.
The leairue was cAtnrwvMil a' 4
teams as follows: Eleele New Mill,
rinpinos, Homesteads and Koloa.
The first series was started in De
cember, and was won by Eleele. Koloa
and Homestead tied for drat place in
the second aeries. The tin w. nl.w.
ed off in Lihue on Sunday, February 10,
wnn inioa winning on a score of eigh
teen to eleven.
The final game between Koloa and
rdecle lant Sunday, gives Koloa the
cnammonnnip and the big eup offered
by Theo. H. Davies A Co.
PORTLAND Orocrnn Fhr,,.rtr fl
. - e - '- ,r
r rankle Fnrren nf Hn Vrifiiu.n lka
gamest fighter that ever graced' the
nix roiiim prize ring or 1'ortland, lost
the decision to Muff Bronsnn of Port-
land tonight in what was announced
an the bout for the Pacific Coast light
weight title.
Fnrren snrnineil htm tnlrla Im K
fourth round but refused to surrender
and came tiack strong but it meant
nis ueieai ami ne realized it though
he fought like a wild eat.
Bronsou saw his chance and pushed
his left mill riLrht intn Pftrrn'a im w
r - ' J" "
time un, I time again, carrying the
ngni 10 nun inrougnout. It woulil
hnve been a draw if Farren hadn't
been injured.
Jimmy Duffy of Oakland got the de
ri.lioil OV'Cr FrMtlltie Tuck.tr nt ftLla
homa City in a fast bout which might
iihvu oeeu ruueo. a nraw.
SEATTLE, Washington, February
IS (Associated Press) Notwith
stnnding the fact that the death of
Coach ( ?onnibear han been a serious
loss to the crew and no races have bee n,
sr.neiiuicu wun xue eights or other In
titntions, candidates for the various
boats have turned out in encouraging
number. Not a single member of laat
year's crew is in college now and the
prospects for any intercollegiate eom
petition are not bright. With both
Stanford I'niveraity and the University
of California out of rowing for the
ses-on. Washington's two most for
midnlile rivals are eliminated.
Howin., however, will bo continued
and encouraged and a number of crews
will be organized so that a aeries of
intramural races enn be held on ljike
Washington later in the spring. The
various college clubs and classes will
lie represented on the water. The
varsity training quarters will not be
opened this year.
KEARNEY, New Jersey, February
1.' Valentine Brown, lightweight,
known in pn 'ilistic circles as "Knock
nut Brown" has been rejected by the
Nitionul Army physical examiners, it
wun learned today, because of a de
feitive eve. The optic was injured
during u bout, Brown said. '
ftAK FTUNCISOO, Jannary 7-M(Af
oclated Press) The schedule Kif play
ing dates ( tha Pacific Coast Baseball
League for the IBIS season wa made
nubile her tonight by. President Allan
T. Baam.
'. The season will be opened on Tnea-
day, April t,.at Sacramento, Ban Fran-
eineo and Loa.Angeloa. Tha ft east ore
Will open the season's hostilities with
tha Vernon elub, Oakland will meet the
Seals -while tha Angela taka on tha Salt
Laker . ' " r v i '
July 4, the' big day for baseball. 7wlft
see tha teams lined up for donble-head-era
aa follows: Sacrament at Bait
Lake City, Oakland at Baa Fraaolawo
and Vernon at Lot Angeles. Th
program of double-headers for Decora
tion Day n May SO Is: Oakland at Rait
Lake, Vernon at Baa fraaAiaWftad Bae
rameato at Los Angeles. -
October N-17 will be th elosiag week,
the Anal battle tot th pennant being
listed a follows! Bait Lake at Sacra
mento, Vernon at Ban Francisco aad
Oakland at Lot Angeles.
LOS ANGELES, February 12 (As
toeiated Proas) Among tha well
known California tennis star who are
playing in tournaments for th bensilt
of the Red Croat ar Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas 0. Bandy, Mint Mary Browne,
Miss Florence Sutton, Mr. B. 0. Brace
and Mrs. B. H. William. They recent
ly participated ia a tournament of this
kind at Paaadena.
Ewa Plantailon Companv'
Wailok Agricultural Co LtsL
Apokaa Sngaf Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
Wahlawa Water Company, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work, of BL Loai
Babeoek Wilcox Company
Oraea'ft Fuel cesomiser Company
Chaa. C. Moor Co., Engineer
I bad never saved, I would never
bar boon uccaful." Thot. F.
You at obtain Thrift Stfaap tad
War Saving Stamp at thia aak, '
Merchant and Fort St, Honolulu
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via th
and St. Lawranc Rout
By th popular " Prince"
Steamer from Vaneouver,
Vietori or Seattle.
For full Information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Qent Agents, Canadian-Pacific By. Co
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work of St. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Centrifugal
Babeoek A Wilcox Boiler
Oreen ' Fuel Eeonomiaer
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matson Navigation Co.
Planter' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
chinery of every description made t
Issued Tday and Friday
(Entered t the Postofflc of Honolulu,
T. H., a soennd elase matter.)
Per Year a oo
Per Yar (foreign) 8.00
Payable Invariably )u A4 fane.
Castle &Cooke,

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