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tVer marebad at tbenn tker-i-veere-B
par f tfte regular arrmyji' i;r..thr
(tiMlloaa. bora. anditbtVwem tknvi kept
ste1,fdlii "eyea ; tight t and eaiei te
(he 4u a -ntotilji aa, keriol
i.iiiuLO . i.w:ir
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. '
(From Saturday
"A World at War" Jfound its echo yesterday in Honolulu's an
nual 'c?e. Fatri6ttrri wat the keynote of 'the 1918 celebration of
tkie anniversary, of the, btrtli of George Washington, "father of hi
For instead -of ; flower-bedecked automobiles and gorgeous, fan
tasfty floats wfcie;Wef0fpre..have been the feature of the annual
Fbrtary parade",' thevtrtn echoed yesterday to the tramp of
hurdling men, the rumble of heavy guns, the cheers of men and
women in whom had been instilled a new love of country by the
Nation's entry Into the great war for humanity.
:,' , l V ' VI mm biuk - racwi w f J - - - - j - - ( . .
ontlmrni nt tie Azv not the movinc masses of color, the wealth
of beautiful detail . with wluch Honolulu ueualfy .observes the anni
versary of George Washington. Which but made it the more fitting
iL.ii iL. A ... M aImm en 1 4 knnkr f f m a.-ka t-r rf in fr 1 a v
first "war .president":
It was one of the greatest military parades that ever parsed
through the streets,, 6f Honoluju. Thousands of men in uniform
thete were regulars!, national guardsmen,, school cadets. All
branches ofv the national service were represented. Even the air
was invaded ty the (ightmg forces, of the United States, for high
above the rriarching- men and the thousands who lined the streets
trt watrh them nass there circled a ereat scaolanc the drone of which
mingled with the. rythmic tramp of the soldiers and .the grim rumble
of the guns.
But not all of the events of the day were suggestive of war.
Honolulu, after the big military parade, turned away for a'few brief
No'tir. from staring across-waters and lands to the great conflict
tjgirig in Europe and relaxed. for the moment info something ap
proximating the spirit of' other days when there was no war.
, ( There was not in the nature of things there could not be the
same old carefreene9, the same .spirit ot joy, tne same nnanousncss.
'eCOt; tt&irilf biiifs,'H'ttTAni the mind the knowledge that men
ire fighting 'rid dyingf irr the-cais'e of. freedom. But it is possible,
ai' Hoiiofutn 'rfemonstr'afed 'yerterdify, to drop' for a moment the
cares of life nd enjoy tpe opportanrty tor enjoyment mat occasion
offeri" . ' ' .'
'So yesterday' Honolohi relaxei It went to ball gam.es, watch
ed fenhrs matches, Krief the streets to see fleet-foofed competitors
in a ninning'Tace,pa8schefe the Striving contestant ill swimming
races and wound up..' the "l?y; participating in the mayor's (icn
air bafl where hundreds' danee;d to the haunting' music of old Hawaii
and the foot-tingling tterpsich9rean airs of America.
And when the dajr was oyer, llonolulu went to bed the better
rnentallv and physically and strengthened in morale tor having tor
.: ,i .. ... m . : - . 1
ljselj m something ikc tne way oroincr ana nnrc juy.u? udjj.
. j
moavtrttM Iti deep Tenerstion for
- Hrlt ruiM urllid in.tka hpjLrt at
Li UDtfyied" irhea 'aerried' lines
of itjralars, gnardamen and e4et't
MbaolrpkaMid 1a . rviw be for ' thf,
MrMBUtiT of th,wr deprtinwt,.
ffliite frm the air boe the drdne of
am of VurW 8am ' ltnt rpl
caused all eve to gaze upward toward
th tun where tbo.aeriafc fighter- rMlj
..oyer mo city.
ing tlfleraad :ahra,-. wit band flay'
Jim uatruttia ai paamd .ia rev if w y-
terday moniBtf before' General Job a
wimat it. n: a., eoaiauaaiar to nm-
waiima department. H 'M sarrmind.-
i d by a diitinKuiahed githering of of
firiala, vpreaentatWei ' tortifn eoua-
. triei friendly t the Allied eaona,
bjrr prominent women. Thoee in the
' raviewing ianl bi(lf Generil Win-
'. ney. Included the Oovernor of Hawaii,
vol U. . lauin, rr,rriniy ui ion i
ritory. Prineeai David Kawaoaaakoa,
Captain Ueorfte Clark. TT. S. N., eom
ma.littff Pearl Harbor Naval Btation.
niirnr mra.iarar kbimiik in
meir .uaiiy oiyitjrun, wen i.rc, w
tbfl ravage and awftllnem of war, for
one wm blind, one had loit a teg' and
ttie oikjar, an' ejre and bore many woaadf
apa ai body ai evidence of tb terri
ble fighting they had engaged 1n ainea
ia battlinv the German and tae
. . .. . m i. a : , m
;,! 4t bright eyed, eflieient Joy
PaVlr Ideal
It waa aa ideal Honolulu day, sua'
nyad'uomeTlje. nitJi fljsee,y elond
niia(aro(i tae. blue ky; a day lik;e I
I, nearly an uiwniiin oayi an me year
rtiaaa, una ju uw lur i inr
bTtWof a her' birthday aaoieij..
,ari-J'.,.-. . .
. ! it Iklf pant nine o'cloek the- troopa.
Tegular and rivil masaed near Aala
'I"akjlrar3 Hi vta ' adarr t- mjva,.
.qoJoneJ Frank C. Bplleai eead Infart-ttT',";radekwminiadT,-took
tke ked
o,f the OlWW- toonbua. Mcoaipnled b)r
bi. tlt, and. Caitaia, ntkonyPotef
ekva adjntaat. Ten eame the Heeond
In'fantrjr band j)laytn(r an iaaplrlnjr ae,
UtfnTeJr rTklloaV:! iKnjet
commanded by Major John Baadolpk.
IT, (. 'A', eainaed of a battalion of
the Hen ' and a bananoof omi
Pean?3r-ift.; i
; 4 Aj the. head, el (bn.aoluata reatked
reviewing. itnd U Palace Square,
Ceaeml Wtener and atar, the-Gireeraor,
the ;aetret'iy TerMwyrPrtn(fk
Kawaaaaakoa, Mm. Wiaaer, Captain
Letlle Thompaon, .the Governor aide,
' oecapiKaft'ttbe front line of aaata, atood.
aAd 'a,!!, Off.upjng , theraUqd ,foltuw4
" tkeir example.
yJVppliVs5,FIytJ,a .olutnn aa It
nnroa ehedTfiabDra tit the officera flaab'-
ed ia tte.eua ee.tkey teere. brought to
:taaiwea -Owaowndt we gives
anai4)abri-emaar efisera and eyea
r tattled to- the left towaM the, re
Aa tk naUomal aad reiriiaaaaal eolor(
' nnaMA. Jaa'.wr Aot edaad it waa
eaowiiraiiia to . tkat tereaotatire
Ot all alleoallMaa,(aaeoefed. j? ' ','
Wind tkeugh ba),iaa. HinTHBier ry
l,lll. af tke Aaaaea. and bin wwundtd
eompanloas arose in tkelr seats and
Vaaluted the American colors, a smile
- fa the )ipi ff the afghtlets man as he
..1 j . : A
la. ndw fgMiag elde ty sida witk hi
own leuows vr in r mora.
It u noticeable that many of Ha
waii' TCMiajZ men who obtain eommis
Ub through the First 3eserve Officers
Training Camp at SchoBeld Were in
eounsnd of companies, men who seven
saehths aae were entoying the peace
Jed, piirsjHits ..of civij life. Officer after
offieef xrdm. the training camp passed
nlenjr. a neVnlilc example of tke rapid-4ey-.witk
which the civilians have taken
up tne stern lexsons or m unary me.
Many .vvere applauded.
Tnes eaave aaetker provisional regi
sentronM(iaaded by Major Blasland of
tke First tnfantry, composed of a bat
talion of the PlTut Tnfantry nnd a bat
taMon f the eStb Infantry. As usual.
while, the First. Infuatrv unit marcheul
like the veterans tbev nrc. much of the
apulanse win reservcil for the 25th, the
colored unit.
. , Of great interest wus battalion of
the Fourth Cavalry headed by the
monated ' band, always n picturesque
featare in. the military pnrade.
,..Tbn far dawn the line came the in
eoir1n murtial music of "Onward
Cbrtatiaa -Seldiers, ' ' the marching wdec
tios ef tbe.pth Infantry, selected s
few, montlis sgo by Colonel C&rnahan.
At the head of the column rode I.leut.
Col. flustsve Sose, Hnwaiian National
Guard, aid his staff, for the 2.1th In
fantry -band this time headed the First
Regiment of the Hawaiian guard. The
first battalion there were but two in
llnecwas commanded by Major Merle
I Johnson,, the second ly Major A. W.
OnaxsL Wlna Plandlts
. . Tlra.flufcrd showed the. effects of the
InU'oaiv .training vhich it has been
mdergoiog for severnl months and
jaarbed -past the reviewing stand in a
isnaer which evoked at'pluuse.
Atd. the D Came a surprise. Music of
( DM familiar air, such aa has been
played. Honolulu for dees. lea, easne
frro ...the- Hoe far away, the musicians,
Clad In kbkkl witk rc! stripes down she
aides of the trousers, and red bands
krean4 the.eapa.
a "VVbat ban.l was thatl Whv tlu old
Hawailas Rand outfittc-l with brand
nave. paiiforBM, a departure frost the
old hnaki ,aud the -white duck, for the
laHer kas Ieen the uniform since thr
days it was organize ) nearly fifty year
raninii 11 i-aine lae gray ciaii, wniie-
beltod Isamehanieha t adefs, niarclitng
with atoenv step un.l straight lines.
Then tkef niiuhou (;adts, aptiearuiu
loe tke first time in parade. They wore
kfrM) nnirorms. They maile a fine
appearance:,.' aud showed the effect of
ed tnUaiuH in tbolr nrat vear of sol
.ring instruction aa 11 part of .their
v.-Following them canwi the moat famil
iai -figure in Honolulu, bcut witk the
advancing rears, but the suuie Old Cap.
tain Henri- Berger, who urgnniKed tke
Hawaiian Band away hark in thr early
7l's -of Utr century, and now at the
hoad-ef hia latest orgauiiaiion, the
Boys' Industrial rlchooi Hand, which
swept by' playing "fiver There." 1m
taia'Berger kas appeared in practically
every. pawn c ium iHf.i. in .lava when
singe jBSuI . qiteerss. reviewed his Ixtad
Kaad i k lemiig yenrs, a preaiiteat
Lgvverwws, pad pdiaira,! aul generals a
If JVkjud.'lie bead uimiis ike .dtU .of
the UWiulple MliUr.y Academy, epm
manded by ( aptain Itluckuinn, all in
white uniforuia and carrying rifles.
There were tall boya uud short eaca, but
re a now-airew ineaee deep anil was
almost, lost to eighty the crowd good
natiiredty applanding him.
BeanUaa, Oyet tlty
Tk a vtte.rwwv -"wax! abeat te
disuerae eame the dOone of a seaplane.
piloted ty Major Ha roliT M. Clark, TT.
K A. from kWrlt'ka.t rne hlgk np
In the blos fitmv.Par HejrboV,.Rtraiaht
over the.. ciljer it .flew directly, over, the
liosiln or the moltituue ia Palace rliinre
and etmigh- waf temwur Wk4Mv " the
twt) great elreled stats o. the. timlnr
si do or rue aovrer piane snowing dtsr
tiaetly. The , great i mechanical i.lird
circled areund aad ckme ovr thf
square again, flyiag- Ivw and, making
another sweep, ever,. the., bends ef alt.
the pilot this- tint; .relensrng snvssJ
gayly colored ' be. 1 loons whicR traveled
fast: in the machine, 's wake and ;were
8 twill lost far out at sea. The Bor
oit .led in tkt tbeeriBgi for the bl
plahe. ... v
Then the' seaplane-dew straight back
toward its mliitar.v neat,,: beiame '.a
mere x k in the sky, t be crowds die
pem-il, and tne military pert of the 1 ay
was done. " ' "- ... .'.
In tjis reviowlag stand, bemtle 4 hose
msntioncil were rDotonet, i Woodward,
Colonel H,'koflpUl,' : Colouet. iCarnahan,
M)or H. V Merrlam Major aad Mm.
('.' W. ('. Dccring, Licotenant Ttiohy,
Colonnl Metitec, Coiem, fjbert. Major"
and Mrs. Dougberti Major Char lee K
CooiM-r, Captain . J. M.'Riirga, Major fl,
t. JolinHoa. liieutenaat tWIseer, Senator
end Mr., 0. r.. Tillingwrth, It M,
von Holt,. consuV fof. the JNetberlaadai
and Mrs. Von Holifi (4 M. .VettKsson;
consul for Norwerf' 1C MejreV eonaul
gmieral for Jirpaa; the Chinese consul,
Col. C. J. McCarthy territorial treas
urer. TOose Wba March4J. . , '
Maj. John'KaqHotpll of the 2nd In
fant rv and Lieut. Oaca-wL Gfbeon, ad':
jutant commanded the provleienat 'fegi'
ment that heeded the. marcher iTka
regiment wa scnmpesed.of one battnliam.
regiment was composnd of M battakon.;
of . the 20tb-IafaTtry.; -The formation,
was by eohitnav of. ' platoon, three
squads ' cask, .whlekv gave the column,
twelve men abreast. 1 ' '
t?apt. Walter Pbalpe, S.fC, com mas d'
et the 1st, Compaar Witb LJettis. Harrv
W. Allen, B. O, Fsed Baweon.R, (J.,,
and Joseph Carso, R, .(J. iCajit. .JUewst
Abshire, R. C.f cosmnanded. ike 2nd
'oaipanv with, ifovrhnl Culberteoat, R.
C, Henry 08univan,.B.. C and Harold
Morian, regnlaf iiy Ca. Harve .
Caesedy, R, C, commanded the tbirf
company witk Lleutev' Wilhelm, Aader'.,
son, R. C, Albert Lfldemao and ' Wade
Jobusou, regular army. Cept.. IewU B.
Withers, R.. C, commanded the, 4th
company w ith Lienta.. Robert D. Ring,
regular army and .Harry E.( .Phillips
ami Jesse Ames, R, C, '
Maj. W. 8. Holliday Cmutunded the
25th . Infaatx.. batUUoa.. With. AJeuC
Willard C. Rosa aa adjutant. The com
mander" ef the.eompsliiiea of this bat',
taiioa were: Company B, Capt. BamoeJ
.1. Ileiilner and Lieuts. Frank ,E. Hin-
ten, I). O.- L., and Abnrr Tl .Longley
W. II. O'Mohundro and 'Harry Henry,
R. ('.; Company l, ('apt. James IL Bar
bin and Lients. ('. F. (Cleveland nnd
Stanley Satterwhite; Company C, Capt.
John I). Kan ton and 1ieuts. Robert J
White and Boltert B. (irantkani; Com
pauy A, (.'apt. Lewis F. I'agel, and
Lieuts. R. B. Walker aud C. F. Kearney.
Maj. Harry U Bla.land of tke 1st
Infantry commauded the second pre
viaioual regiment of infantry consist
ing of one battalion of the 1st Infantry,
one battalipn of the 3rd Infantry and
a provisional battalion of the Coast Ax
.tillery corps made up of troops from
Fort Kuger, Kort l Hussy and Fort
Armstrong. Lieut. William C. llanna
wis adjutant. The First Infantry band
led by Band Leader F. J. Jenkins
marched before the battalion.
The battalion was romiiiaiidad by
Maj. Charles M. Blackford and Lieut.
A. H. Clark, ndjutunt. The companioa
the order of march mid their com-
mandors were: Compunv L. ('apt. Frank
J. Riley and Lieut. I'. H. Hperatt;
Company M, ('apt. Harol.l Htaffor.l, R.
( . and Lieut. Htanlev II. Klaek; ( om
iianv I, Kirn! Lieut. Cor. lav W. Cutchin:
Company K, Lieut. (Vorge T. Bettin.
AJ1 Organixatlons Seen
Maj. Julm l. Burnett 1 oiuiuan.lel
the battalion of the :iud lefantry. Tae
I'ompuuies In the order of march and
their commanders were: Company H,
Caul. (!, Bnukhead and Lieut. Joaeuk
IL Huerkcn; Coiiipauy K, CapU (!arl 1..
Cohen and Lieut. Alexander R. Robert
son, N. A.: Company K, Lieut. John
W. Tarnoskv: ( oiupany (i, Lieut. 0.
Maj.. William W. lli ks, C. A. C. N.
j'Jk. of , Kort l)e Kunsy . ominuqded the
('past Artillery battalion witk Lieut-
Dennia Doiiovaii. adiutunt. The com
panlee and coiuuiandiug ofuers ,wer;
First t-ompanx, Capt. J. (J.. Haw, Fort,'
Roger; Lteut, r-rnest KueUn. rqrt
ArnHtroug and Lieut, Koperj aecpnn
eompajiy, (apt. James Hunter. Fort
Armstrong; I. (cuts. A. I. Biuford, Fort
Ruger and KoUert D. (.'ourtney, Fort.
l.m.t.flHA' il.il.ii .. 1 .n.i.a n C til
m.'i ,v...,aui, v.
ChaTles R. Heron, Infr K. C. and Ueutf,
riailani r.. wetiti, . .v, rort riatiieua
meha and Lieut. S. (), Kridgens, N. A
rort Ie Kussv: fourth loninanv. ( Jiot
Ijuia Deckert, C. A. c. N. A., Fprt
Ruger with Lieut. Charles M. Bassett,
J r
run nuger.
Keveral thousand persoas filled, the
graudstandii 111 front of thai Cauitol
grounds and friageO Kug Htreet 1 for
several blocks in the afternoon to see
the six mile re lit v race which started
shortlv after 'J o'clock. Wliile the
race was. In progress and fer. a : half
beur Uofore it hUHo.I tbc Rvyil Ha
waiinn band guve a concert in the)
baud atand in the Capitol grounda,
As the spectators at the Capitol
grounds and in the grandstand were
able to see thrne atagSM of the race M
well as the start and the tiumh the ia
terest of the throng wih kept at high
. 1 ne pieaaant purgatne eneci .a peril
euveu niter laauig 1 iminnenaui tap
aud the. healthy .condition ufbmt
and mind to wbiil thv tontribati
makes one feel tlmt living is worh
while, ror xitlc lis all dealers, Henaou
Kniith 4 Co., Ltd., agenta for Hawaii
Ad t.
Sphere 1; M!4' "nd PrH
raod Commlssl6n,er.J.-rl Child and
the Janaaese fiab men kave reaeneu. a
tentattre wgreejaent fe a -seels of fUU
nsaee le ebteda n ia , iUaelnln 1urg
tdsrcH aad trF'wbicb is said to be
SbtlMaetnry' re tl in" l r' 7"
UK aa immediate, ,nd e friction wkie.k
bast ita.-. 'y: ' . .r .- '
,', Tkarala of orlcea whlek has practi-
i ally , been agreed t(f J baaed on the
erag.reVir4V.iiak1rtea' for
rat-yera;:.te' wklchbaa bcn adde4
Itk Mate T .ponnf wovrw-n
1..1 nmi nf.rtlilna"and sellinf fishv
Lt.li.a la elntmed la havV berae an in
trksc wbirt la, some necessary articles
taimtirts tq two nnnarno pereeni.
The flgtafeeeaekeado, ot include
hiiirtet. Twbiekr are- eentroilea aimosv
infirerv.by.qlaaep9d " de1-re..-1
The 'agreement a"!to the prire .of
saullrt h jiot "yet been ,rat)Dn sea
still he tbe subject f;new,eonferenee
between the food administrator ana? the
hh' meni'f. Tk?ric.e aeeepted by the
'JeeanesV.eTer1vtweofra of
f Uhv ' Tbe: geeerat ' addition or nve
eeata per bound I. the reenlt ef eten-
alee estimates of expeasa which were
prepared by thef ishihg epmpaales and
bf.the ownere of sampan, and stall a
j"- Fishermen, atonlfled yesterday their
eatisf aetinn t witk- tba scale ; fixed: but
there waa some dele ia tke final ratl-
lUstion e eeujt. of their request that
eh fuh aa eanft be enld to tbe pub
'lit X tkeae priees aay be disposed of
at' anetea."'t Tbere.l. some doubt ss
to the ;mUuaMon. pertaining 4o the auc
tU, M.,. Child .wk.va. beranee of the
Wt .that, tbe apadieatioae ior license as
acUnw$v. b -'tM ' t iebine; , eompaa les
bv, not yefceeTt: reported. opon.
,.snw..aj , t
t.-PTMteM. 'CMUJls predtettoa that
every asrnpaa tXat eould provision
ed woald setot yesterday, aot on nam.
Tn left thq, slip tkrottpkont .the.4ay.
.HUv.w.rt,oel.MIbiaed' by the
fasjt .thatite . fishermen remained . in
beoanse of. the .hOiiaay, mat may. were
Ult naearUta ottbe weatker aad that
they waated eone definite aaderstand
iBi(f. t. tha' trice they, would get
ter"fbei.ea.tebea'It in thf belief, of
Ahev people, wfto( are inaireetiy eon
nected With .tketisb business that a
firtherjeiea etrlke la vrrtnaUy in pro
(tres but-,tkat the fiah mea wish to
explain the eTtoetloa otherwise for fear
their. Cbaaeer f favorable agreements
ssrgkt nat. be'ptfjndiced by the nspi
elq teat. tatya, are- eodeavoring to
coerce tke aotharitlea. ,
:.lvl..'n,nto mmrm m air tuff arts'-
JrqM prqteiit.:3esVirdy tH,auMen.
ioa ofcth enctiaa pxixned , ror wnca
th4 iv a eifv lieense af t600 per an-
inMip and wkfeh, Jttenaea bave,il months
to run ror 101a year, iney ciaim mi
Jtfri Cblld did not notify then in any
vaaVf ef tke necesit tor applying for
lieense and tkat the first intimation
wbieb'thev received of it was the let
ter -which be aent them forbidding tkem
te-continue, in the bnsinesa,; They will
Wl, tbroogh tkeir attorneys,- make a
Jtofntlbf tb additional elepcalWorK
hifh 4 'tidJ the selling f fisi
r.tket'PQbnduisbeai of la bulk as
formerly.! r Tkev , trip. ;tlWm that their
Vxpeasei (ave increased heavilr. One
itewt Jff rfwnse - wjfiek' baa, ineaeaaed
snaair folcVia the la.t yea is a present
eutlari of. '100 net month for fish
baskets alone.
Trn.Wa Coflfid'ent . .
Mavor Tern stUrhas confidence, ke
saJd- yeafardsv, ' tkat the-, municipal
mkrVet iathe only solqyon, and In con
neettoa With . this a kUggesnon was
made yesterday tkat part of the.eityV
.outlay- peior. tisn,ing Jif,.c
might te leased to tawanaaa anq,on
nrs as. a means of jacreaeing the,, f isb
aupjjiy, , This.- it: : .claimed "by. the
backers, of the psoptwution, wguld a-
interest in th me'ttej. that of, incjseas-
ina-tba fish supply. It - would, also,
hay .clrin. fit Iq.lwlUithe eamosign
f rennant..Hsriiat te rehabilitate
th natives of the Islands in tbe fishing
plnepatrV ..which was formerly their prin-
fiua) ceMipation. . f
Scbednle Reported,
V.-. Schedule, of retail ,fiak prices agreed
pen fer March and April la as follows
Jfame -of JTlsk
Par Poung
Hthimaan .
Kawakawa .
Kumn ,
Makes a
Moano f
Qpehtipalahu . .
15 JO
lf. "
. 23.S,
. lfi-6 .
This is an average jjrAaat eenta
'-, ATLAJfTJC.P05T.ebriry. 2?
(Aaaaeiated, Pra-r-rorty ven, mem-
tvr fv-th) rrw.t,i nr"l".
ateemer tyufia kre ben tewined. The
steatW went ask ore, on tk Coast near
nil 1 I - A sk.'AM..M sTawasn at afaaM ll .
1 nil in qui ! ivfwvi w ...
er Etrnaia whjek.Jae Waned, by jBraail.
1 TOJJJft, f abruary; (Speejiarto Iff.
wait MnpaV-Berioua atrikea ktye e
stirred among the pmployes f the I'ra
ga Dockywrd Company. Five ihouand
men ' are reported to be out.
WantTo; Kflow- What Provision
Wilt Be. Mm For! Support . -
of Their Families
(isatioM are , being, flred,r thick and
ast a tH.evsmbers f, tewiedlcal e$-,
amining. boards In. Honolulu, by regis
trants, af. to, what alio tnienta they will
haye .toj rnaka.to their, famlliea 1 from
their pay r and what tke war department
wilt grant In tbe way bf allowances sd
ditionat ,to these. Allotments to' enable
tbe folk at kerne te live., r .
New 4hat fh Class I men are actual,
ly being examined to determine their
physical .fitness for soldiering,-and the
nrespeete are , more - f renounced, than
ever that ; Hawaii wll) soon ' be called
upon to furnish Ira quota of men for,
tbe National Army, there is consider-,
able inquiry, among these -men as to
where tkelr families get oflV v
I'm, getting 150 a month snlsry
just now,' .aid draftee of elsns 1
the other day aa he prepared t b '
amincd at, the Bungalow "I am finish-',
kng up sou installment An a bouse I'
boughU When 1 go Into tbearmv 1
will get .10 a month. Half of this I
am to allot te my wife,- and' I under
stand tbe government 'will hslp; out.
But where do we get ofC I am'' glad
to.'belp VneJe.Sam, btit any -one with
balf an eye can see that I am making n
lot of sacrifice, aad 'l guess' my little
wife will have to Bad work.
Saar I"et tke Tentoa '
- ''It makea.iue mad however, when I
kapw a. lot .of. Oermana are right here
in our midst who won 't have to go and
they 'will keep en making money. What
gets my goat da that one of my. eonipe
t it or a I a. German aad. he'll probably
Cop some of my income." . .
Under' id Ar of congress approved
October j6,nly providing for allot
meat and allowaaeee, tbe montkry com
pulsory allotment aba II amount to one
half the pay, but. nol lea than 115.
A family allowance not to exceed 30
A "month will be paid by the govern
mnnt jn 4iliroo to pay aflpted by tbe.
enlisted man.
family. AJlotment .,
Here ia-tbe' wkele, erbedule:
If. .the ealisted person ia a mam
CUat A. Wife, child, or children:
(a) I tkare bo a wjfe but no child,
(k II tbere be) a. wife aad oaa child,
(t) If there he a wife and two cbil-
dreat, wit 3 per moatk addi
tipnal, for each additional child.
Uyi It 'Uiere , tie no wire, uut one
ebajd, 3. "'
fe) it tkerop no wire, nut two can
dren. $18.50.
(f) If there be no wife, but three
chiUlren, 2.
tt-VIJ there be. no wue, but four
ekiJUren 430, witk 45 per month nddi
tional for eaek additionat chiW.' '
Class Bv. OrandchUd, parent, orether
or sister:
(a) If there be one pareut, 410.
(b) If there be two parents, 420.
fe) For each grandchild, brother, si
ter and aslditioual parent, 45.
IX the enlisted person is a woman:
Class A. (None.)
Class, B. (.Siild, graudchild,. parent,
brotknr or sisters
. (a) If thero be oue- parent, 4 10.
.. (b) U( . there be .two parenU, 420.
(c) For each jrasdohild, bnotber, ai
terand additional parent, 45. .
fd If there be one child, 45.
4 (e) If there be, two. children, 412.30-
.. m If there be three children, 420.'
. (g) If there be four children, 430,
,witnt-4Q, per niost-b additional Jior. racju
additional child.
CampenaaUoa In Case of Total PUp
. bWty,
During the coiitinunnce of total din-
abrliijr, uioiithiy vouipenaatiuu shall be
pcuil -to the injured persou.
- ,Th amounts payable- monthly arc
slated in this section; they are not
baaeal. upon the pay of the injured por
son. ( .
(a) If he has neither wife nur child
Jis'iuiE. sU.
(b) If ha hk a wito hut so chiiu
living. 443.
(c) If he lias a wife and 0110 child
living, 45&. .
(d) If ho has a wife uud tae chili
dren living,. 463.
(e) If he has a wife and three or
mors, children, -living, 475.
,fl If he has no wife but one child
liviu-. 4-10. with 410 for each additional
child ui to two.
(gW If he ha a widowed mother de
penitent uHin hi 111 fpr support, then, ia
addition to the above amounts, 410,
TO an injured person Who is totally
liaablcd and in addition so helpless as
to br In constant need of a- name or
attendant, suck additioeal sum jikall be
paid, but eet .exceeding 420 pe manth,
aa tka.ilireoinr !miv doom reasonable. ''
For certain seclHeal. conditions,, or 11
---T- -f ....
Ike injur od persou is pcnVanently bed
rid. lew, 4100 nmhuily roiupensaUuon
provided. (But nd allowanoe for.
nijrso ahall i4made.) .
I U. : I . a
With worknen bipiity .engaged in aa
semblinir the building materials, dredg
ing andXPile-drlyipg. the new' shipyards
g andXPile-drlyipg the ne.w'shipyardi
the Paeifla Coast Hhlpboitdiiig Com
pnay, in California, i rapidly neafing
sosspletien. More than two mile of
railway tracks are being laid, connect
ing with three railroads,- the Southern
Pacifle, the Bantn Fe and tbe Oakland,
track Unking the sites of all the pre-i
posed buildings.
Material for tke building of vessels,
is alrcseVea. the grouad. and four of
the seven vessel contracted for. will,
eoaii begin to rise. Bf fore long 'ik lat
expected work will be ynder way on
the ten StM)-ton steamship o be Wit
under government contreet. ' - '
The payroll of tbe Contractor bnild
Ins the shlovard. the Mndtfreo - Cbnt
puny, is at present - more thai 4300
weekly, but Is eipected to lie increased
to 410,000 before long.
81 Sliiii
, .. 1 - ' :,- f'-U .- ':) tints' t.4l' 'V ,.' :'
u. IaM Rid rious
and under thWa otf miiSit 'aid
itself over? to jpyonft merryttiaking!
I1C UptU UIf J1AI1VI,311IAI V UUUCj ,tlic uiitl.iiuir v i;ui J uav !'
'. Fern. The, ball was the big closing event of the celebration of
VVashingtofi birthday- atjd;of the niyaK - '
.T EarJy irttbe ev'pnirij; thVdhrohgs. began to jafher jn tjje" ktrcCt
m -iront pi the.Ybtmg. Hotel; The" place was gay With bunting and
lags ana , overntjaq . Wje: constellations 01 rnum-coiorea eirctric
ights. Thousa'fis'ot'figurek In the'rmy khaki were in the throng.
.-. -,..roivtTje) at tt ef Mot t?' ' 13 'fl
'., ,-, vw
In thtTnatter oi costumes
quit cla1)drstte;:in-hai'inat MoV" Fern's injunction that'lhe war
should not t"lost"sight of and that dress should be inexpensive
was strictly observed.' ' , ' V- '
inc nan 'ol justice was one OI .tnc; ur;uiis 01 LUC uau. vviiuc
the big iostling.'.merr'y' throng wis wholly well behaved, the corps
of special "officers Sworn in to act
almost ail ine ume. rtoi one prominent citizen wno veniurea into
the square escaped these vigilant guardians. Court waft Set uf in
the HaU of Juticjei earjry jand was kept, buay all thrughthe evening.
Arrest were made . on.-all side And
ustiee w swift; All those baled be
'ore tke court, were convicted and the
offense rangrd' from the crime of
wearing, Ted" necktleto. tke miide
meatiar of";bein4' bald. '- Tkeee eoarictr
ed wett Jienaliael by being obliged ' to
buy thrift tamp5 in ' vary in a amounta
tfco HaQ.of wtfce)'-,'
, Te Hatt -of .Justice was located M
the Manka end, pi tke .enclosed reet-
aaft-le of tke, street which wa closed at
aaek and kr. staadaAf smU... . . -'
: Here oaannpraWd plaUfoTn,tkreel
serene nnd. sutyrenae- featlces, , Cptpne
Howard Hathaway, eollontar ruajternaJ
revenue, . Jadge . George . t)avi , and At
torney Frank E. Thompson, dlflpensed
ustke while: tbenbwnd, piayedi twl suae
lanoers d4ned. jCoJouel.Hatkiway"
plendent in aiut' bat aad; flowing
yellow robes witk lei ecara4jene Vwdge
Davis wore a erimsefj reb, rtiV bk, 4
lot of lei aad a long black cigar. ' At
torney i Tbaanpeos.-waa rebed ij4,autere
black and 4 stceptoriof pffice ke bad
one of tJOlooet HathaWat'e golf Clubs,
Bone fortr-odd ' figures in convict
atripen of. blue .and. white, comprised
the constabn la ty which. kxrpt eising it
rictimt ifront tho.ipdcked throng with
out JeUip.. Court, bailiffs were armed
witk wbat appeared to bo. bugei. mauls
made by attaokitfg aa -empty aoap box
to the end of a broom handle. Chinese,
Jlapanes, HaaUan aad.other ioterpre-
tera.wer par.tL tne.corj staii.
Tbe A art imposed raa and .frosn 41' t a
4K)0 .Anythlirg. taat.avJnigM tkink
of eoewtitntedaaroffehsovv yn well
dreosed dlgalfied feitiaea:.' was. ordered
by Jtlie .eowrt -te buy yU'wersn.ot itBnn
sUmpa because, be eonloTir'M wag his
.... . , . . L . ' !-..' . 1. bkl . C n V
ears, jvnwmw viovun .uugu v.w
of stamp when tbe court 'found kim
gnilty of ietBgrxa4,;headed. . ,
A Broeparee appearing tourist wJjo
was brought .before the. court seemed
eetly -amused at bie plight; but when
he ' opened hi .month he. betrayed the
fact that He wa an -anon py remamag
thai ' 'be 'wa ; muck' obliged;- to meet
yoer-dieepWulitry." A; the nam tisde
he proaoeed eigare rrotn ma ppcaet anru
presented t hem te the judgoa where-
Irpon be wa lined- 40: ror. oriuing ine
'Why- not -47?" he asked with a
gtln.-4'' ' -
A"Vi dollar, more," was the decree
of one of thk judgc.
AU Bacea renaUkeO ,
Not. only. jrete well known kaole citt-
xeu brovMrkt .before the bar but Jap
'ojieaa. Ckineao nnd many V. Hawaiian
lee: Mayor
ion In tew
by ' tle . policepioo in fst;tpes and was
nne.i miv worm ui ,
About nine o'clock tne- court nn
loomed when Colonel Hathaway nued
the two.etpcr ijjenioern pi; ma
and thenlmpohooT a Bne of! 4v OB;himi
aelf. Inrtuediateiy after tbe jadge dlav
ai,iiarod a shoal of prisoners accunui
rlataJvanaY iwera-'keld .until two f the
'iusUflif, jC'olonci .1 H athaway , aad ' Jud gc
iHtrMrotUTnea .to, tae xiejicn, wawu im
trials bearan anew. A bencn warrani
was iasued for Attorney Thompson who
eoilld iidt'bf found ,Ja tima U, ait. at
the second sejwioit pr tne conn.
While oily,' ) cempabtirty email
proportion of tka-tbxeng appeared in
lostttmey ' targa- aeug aueabur. wa
sen tbe' wno n-the aUeet
! pleasing ota,vfj Wights ftftlor Ou
Jr fo4ride.,ftke juaratke. m1
ewlkss.ckd.'jitk HObubly Wt
cbouswrtoV peopK .(' - ;.. Jr.-. .
WaUmial'il) t -:v.
.Th, iBV Uucoetumsy. given ,by
Irrotfp' bf pretty ' Japaaeae ..maida fa
Wowing red, costume aad aectmpenUd
by samiaen wn sarty.,aipiailei.Thi
was followed bjr-a aelectvou'. given by
a gronjif otfonrteaa, Chinese, girks. who
.swettr-sang-' Amerlc4'j and arouaed
-th plaudits-of tbe big gatkeriag.
Differing from v Caruivtdsv,f r other
year, no coajetW WM twn,. nur
aranre rtkere .anv featker duster tiekhers
js1 aois making itontiijssssea o- evi-.
dnnee. About ten e.'clockr tke clone
packed mase began to disintegrate and
domelMtund . atseet, cajta, auic,d full;
loads. 'v ' ' '
' While it was merry event and
lanirhter ends amllea"woro not lacking it
wa vastly le gay. than other Carni
vals' have been, uoepio toem inn piea
Ore', of ' tbe ' evening' more aeberly and
with more .restraint. Tknt eoaamous-
ns that'.trss-.kiatiei is atfWar, it was.
teeu, wua althtng thatr might not bo
Sm1sirf''wka11y'vroT erven, 'the short
ace of an evening of ntortyuiaking.
r imssy TUwuwaiSBr www i Bl saw - - ,T'j
VlZp'&lVnHTQfnr)! artief ty
uudipg, j;Umt M Mat. 4 ?i
money refunded,. Matla1urd by
tbetAKIS MUDICINBCt),,St.;uia
i, 'i!
thinWit for A fbrief'ripa
apace4 last 'nigtyt
bright lights the whole city gave
t Ihtj hiasquetade ball ' given tyi
,, - ,x
wfiile; many 'Were novel and somt
through the evening" was kept busy
Judge frear'i Home Entered and
Hotel Also Looted
I A. series of. bold burglaries kas brea
reported to tbe police dpring the week,
The ome - of Judge Freer was enter
d,;and a demand fmr money made up
on Miss Grace Channon, secretary of
tbe V. W. C. A. In another robbery
money -was taken from the . Coloniaj
Hotel. In the known third of the
series a young girl was nttneked In her
sleep, the burglar grasping bee by tke
throat and demanding money.'
' Miss Channon, who is staying, witk
XCrs. Frear during the absence on .tke
mainland of Judge Freer, was alone
in the Frear heme with tke ckildrep
when a man, an Oriental, appeared at
the window of her room and ordefed
her to hand out some money or ha
would cut the screen and come, in te
get it for himself. Miss Channon
rushed out and roused the neighbors,
but: while she waa away -the burgbxr
broke through the window 'screen and
bad 1 decamped witkr bei stuudttlafr bsg
aud be? gold watch. Tke 1ag b threw
away after finding tkat it held' noth
ing except part or a sweater tor a soi,
diprt aad the watch wat also discarded
close by. It had the owner's name in
full engrnved on the ease and was evi
dently eonsidored by the burglar to be
too dangerous a thing to be caugu'.
v . (
Too Much For Wjfe, Who Asks
Divorce v -
Jacinto Oonsalves placed giant pow
der rapa under bis wife' lied aad in
the. mattress on which their four-year
old boy slept, according to charges con
tained in a petition for divorce which
Mrs. Mary Oonsalves has filed thrpug.li
her attorney, E. J. Botts. Mrs. Oonsalves
says she discovered the nature of the
explosive when she threw the raps on
a bon fire and was seriously. Injured
in the blest that followed.
The rouplc were married June 15,
1910 and mode their home st Kswni
loa City on the Island of Hawaii. Mrs.
Gonsalve relates that her husband
made frequent threats to take her life
and also tbrentrned her at different
tintes,itb a revolvci; ajid a knife. Bb.e
alleges tkat after Oonsalves had placed
the giant powder cap under beuj.bed
she feund them and after that ke hid
4beov, witb some refuia, in tbeir'ckild '
laptU Hi did tki, she asserts, with the
purpeio of .working her child and her
self serious injury.
Following a period of quarrels Mrs.
Oonsalves declined she had fled from
Kawalloa City for lier life to the borne
pf ,Bistola ,.
Twelve Children, Race Suicide
. Mrs. Isabel. FeTnandes presentml her
buHban.il, Manuel Ferunnde with one
set of triplets, two pairs of, twins in
addition to five other children and then
he accused her of hnrboring race ui
eide ' notions, according td testimony
bryught out at the Feruandea divorce
bearing held this week before Circuit
Judge VYi Ilium H. lleen.
. Ferhauiles iu testifying declared to
the court that his wife hail shown un
unwillingness to have more children.
The original suit was hie. I by the hits
bund who charged that the, wife lid
deserted .him. In the cross bill tlmt
Mrs. Fernandes filed through her at
torney, K. .1. liotta, she denied the
charge uud said r'oiuaiidun bad de
sarted her.
After hearing the eviakmoe Judge
lleeu gave a .decree tu th woiuuii nud
ordered the hushau I tu pay hei 17. SO
a week alimonv.

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