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- v-V"Ul
ArtMJdrY'TleplfeV SHof Tor: Shot
arid,: oii; Friday tinman- Bit
Utles,CeaFjri Under, Effect
; FROM.iAis.iDaoF yvires
TetMrt Bjt Guns"vRie8iim Fire
Witt Umisuaj Violence Yeter:
rfayi.lndl'cathitff(Amerrcan Po-sitioru-Ai.ObiectLves
A&HIKOTON; February
OrfFVicWy,- Saturday and- yes
tcrday the American sectors of
the estem front were objected
tta Tic'artillery firrj to Wliich
the ' American Ibalteries replied
with telling effect, is the bulletin
which.. ,w last night given out
by Afc.vfrar'idepartment of the ad
vices received from the American
front irt France, The, despatches
indicate the Germans, are gjvfng
particular 'attention to the Amer
ican' contingent in the forces of
tlie Allies umj arc meeting with
little iTsticceis1 hi" theHightfrtg,
Oft. Friday the Teuton batteries
concentrated their fire upon,., the
American; sector North of Tours.
The American batteries replied
heavny'.fnrlicting much damage
and the German batteries ceased
firing, Whether silenced or not
was not 5dcermirt4d. 1 :
Friday night1 a German patrol
suc,ceedel in,. getting within .the
American, linfc of wife cntangjei
!MrVrWt.Y?4., discovered, and
driven off. . . . J
American, patrols-worked fronj
Fritfay' night t'i late last nighi
without any serious interference.
Yesterday the fire of the Ger
man' Artillery1? fang the American
sectors was unusually heavy, the
Americans quickening their fire
in response.
During the fighting of yester
day .'three" Afnericans were slight
ly w6tmded.
General iPsershiHg reports that'
on Thursday, ejght infantrymen
were -slightly wounded. No ofl
cial report 'of the casualties since
that date have been received
from htm,
Drying Wants ,
I'flOBJA, Ulinoii, February 25 rB '
oria'diatillerVlcHtid mently under the
prohibition , law, have com into their
own again. The ewormnus plant have
been, remodeled and turned into corn,
""VfaK lilnnti, .(d handle 00,900 bq-i
Nbal (dally. Expert ay the wtt corn
whieh lopki like a complete long comti
nut of the drying pane in perfect con
dition.! .
tt'A.SU I NGTON,V Feitiry L'5 (An
KiH'intrd Pjom) Survivors of the
Tueania who reached port overcome
liy the cold end hardship! which fell
to their lot (ter the troop eh ip had
lifen eubniarlaed. are all. doing well
Ke porta from Ireland to the war de
partment reoeived yeterdy aald that
nixtv three tnrvivore in variom ho
' pital in Ireland wr all doing well.
Thl deaeatohe . aaid there were none
hq. wr in a aerion coadition and
thnt among them there were no Ha
I'ARlft. TAitvtij tl-l Awoclatod
I'reiw) Mining roneeaaiouf yiU in the
fntur be granted 'br the' French gov
pramentifor Jiaiitod' duretion onlv aud
h ifU iham in. the profit, if
unrliariieul paaief bill introduced by
t luiji'is'ef of finance and amaipent
nirem1t)j the mining law. All con
rcjuioht ' gratttwl te 'prlvhte ompanie
or to pernoa will reiert to the atate
oa.tha expiration of the period of the
ennoesslon,, together 'wtth htl Improve-menta.
NfeW YOBK, Febrnary 2.1 (Anoclati FrcMnghting her way into
port t, Halifax the Britieh eteamer Floriel, 19S0 toaa burden, with seventy
even paeeengar, and a crew, of i)fty-nln wa wrecked twenty mile uorth
of Cape Hace ycnterdny and there i little hojx" mmtiiined of . aving any or
imbUT of her hnman enrga althongh for a time the reprmentativen of thx oivn
eri.here believed it was possible a aumbef of them might be reocucd. New of
the illnaater came from Bt. John.
For, hour, the dexpatche ad, through the howling, freezing wimli which
ept blanker of iitot and sleet before them, the winrlrn npprntor krpt
ending 9, O. 8. cbII, He told of lip W She had grounded, tlght'tux her way
threngn Ike icy torm and the serloU plight of pnnifcngera and crew.
Betreral hour after the firnt diatre call cnie from the griinpd veoxol
laud rem-ue party reached the ecene". Out in the raging brenkern they cnnld
dimly distinguish the stranded, steamer.. They were unable to lanm h bontn
and had no gnn with which t shoot-out a life line. Olinging to the rig;liifr
they eould from time to time make out passenger who wore signalling frantic
alfy for aid. .
i Aaeaaages roceivnd last sight by. the representative of the owuer of th
Floriitol here gave hope that soma tnlght be Kavcd from the fnted steamer.
AV that time six liodiea had been vrashe'd ashore. The messages ni. a light
could 1 seen on the steamer. ,
Later, however, all hope of any rearuea was prnrticallv abanlond.
WAfcHlNOTOV, Febrnary 25-(A-
sociated Frens) Daylight saving 1 ex
pected to go into effect on the last
Monday of March and ' consideration
and passage of the bill ia expected la
the. obue of reproaenUdvea t , aa
early ( date, poxsibly during the-,pfeeat
wh. The hill ha been ed by the
fealte and favorably reported .out of
.vrnmrueo in tke house, pi nee ftaaaaga
by1', the tennte it waa amended ito be
operative, for seven month instead of
Ave. Tbi means it would go into ef
fect on the last Sunday of March when
t twft o'clock ia the, morning clock
throughout the Lnited Htate main
land would be set back one hour and
would not be turned forward again un
til the last Htmday in October.
Henator Caldwell, the author of th
Mil, ha indicated that he will aeeept
tke amendment and urge it immediate
fepacsag by the senate.
Means, No, Inconvenience
( The enforcement of the net will- be)
under the interstate commerce com
mission. The bill requires it to issue
an order determining the limit of each
lone, "having regard for the convent
enee of .-commerce and the existing junc
tion point and division pointa of eon,
ton carrier eagaged ia commerce be
tween the" several States and with
foreign nations". This order miT.tu
modified from time to time.
The bill provides the way the change
of time shall be made, a follows:
"For the purpose ef establishing toe
standard time of the United Htates, the
territory of -ontiaental l nited Htate
shall be divided into five opes in the
manner hereinafter provided. The
standard time of the first none shall be
based on the raean catrouomical time
ef.,the seventy -fifth degree of longi
tude west from Greeawich; that of the
e6hdV:one' oa thh ninetieth degree;
that of the third cone on the one hnn
dred and fifth degree; that of the
fourth cone oa the one "hundred and
twentieth, degree;, and that of the fifth
14m, which shall .include only Alaska,
en the one hejndred aad fiftieth degree.
Effect of th Meaanr
" Within the reepeetivf oones crested
under the authority here the standi rH
time of the cone ihall govern the move
? -. 1
Important Points of Western Sec
tion Taken and FaH of
Others Imminent
SAN JUAN DEI, SUB, Nicarngua,
Lfebruary 25 (Associated Pre's)- Ke
volt is rife In Costa Rica and the revolu
tioniats appear to be sweeping all le
fore them. The growth of the move
meat is rapid and it is spreading like
Reports of yesterday told of the cap
ture of the revolutionists of Snn Mateo
and Alajuela. These reports said the
fall of I.aa Cana.a and Punta Arenas
was imminent and the indications were
the rcvolutlnniste would within a few
day have control of a large part of
Western Costa R!ca.
Oa Tuscamai
Reported As Saved
C. B,.Suell, former Honolulu reni
lent and employ of the Pearl liar
bor navnl station, who was u board the
transport Tuscauia when she wus sunk
'iff the Irish coast recently, a a mem
tier of the 1.00th Aero Squadron, lias
lten reported as one of thu n- ivore.
A letter to this effect has boon re
seived by Roger Taylor, deputy en
onu colleeter and a brother in law of
inM. The letter was fioui Snell's
nothur, a rasident of Satecoy, Califor
nia, who had been notified . 'ivr kou
wa saved by the war department.
Spell has man." arqiniiitaiici-i in Ho
nolulu where he Ivied for nearly twu
year and up until 191A. He enlisted
in thu aero squadron in CaJiforuiu lust
luly. '
Until this letter, wa received here
''riend and relatives had feared that
ip wna among those who had been lost
in tke Tuscauia.
(let rid of every cold a quii'klv as
losNible. lt""is the forerunner ul all
pulmonary trouble, and pneumoniu muy
develop in a few hours. Take Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy. . It is a simple
hing to do, but the effect is marvelous,
for sale bjr all dualera, Bor-cn, Smith
A Co., Ltl, ageuta for ,' ii. Advt.
ment of all common carriers engaged
in commerce between the several Htate
Of betwpen State and any of the Ter
ritorifis of the United States, or 'be
tween c Wtate on the Territory of
Alaska and any of the insular posses
aiona .of the United States or any for
eign country,
, "In all statutes, orders, rules and
regulations relating to the time tit per
formance of any act by any officer of
"department of the United States,
whether in the legislative, executive or
judicial branchea of the government, or
relating to the time within which any
rights shall accrue or determine,- or
within which any act shall or shall not
be performed by any person subject to
the jurisdiction of the Unitel States, it
hall be understood and intended that
the tine sluill be the United States
standard time of the cone within which
the, net i to be performed.
."At .2 o'clock antemeridian of the
last Sunday in March of each year the
etandard time of each son shall be
advanced one hour, and at '2 o'clock
aMeraeridion of the last Sunday in
October in each year the standard
time of .each none shall, by the retard
ing,, of-oae hour, be returned to the
Meaa S,trnoB4cal time of the de
gree of longitude governing said zone.
To Operate Seven Mentha
"So that between the last Sunday
in March at 2 o'clock' antemeridian
aad. the, .last Sunday in October at 2
o'clock antemeridian of each year the
standard time in each tone, aball be
one hear In advance of the mean as
tronemical time of the degree of Ion
jritude, governing each xone, respectively.,-
"That the standard time of the first
cone-, shall be known- and designated
M.Ut& tata. taodr4 Eastern
timet. bat of the seeqnd cone shall
be known and designated as United
State Standard Central time; that of
the third; aoae shall be known and
deigntel. aa United States standard
Mountain time: that of the fourth
one shall be. known, and designated
as United States staqdard Pacific
time, ad-that -ef the fifth zone shall
he known and designated as United
States standard Alaska time."
Conference1 Will' Secure Basis of
Aoreemf nt To Ust During
I WASniNOTON, February 25 (As
I soriateil Press) Five rcpresentativef
each ef labor, and capital, will meet to
j day for a coaforenee which may boar
, most iiupfrtantly npon the affairs of
T-uei I nitM Mate hotn in the con
durt of the war and for domestic in
This conference of labor and capital
meets at., the request, of the govern
ment and they are asked to lay down
a basis upon which friendly relntions
between labor and capital may be
maintained. The agreement which
may b reached a a result of the con
fcrencei is to last, during the . terms
of the w'r.
Arbitration of disputes is expected
to be the key-note of any plan which
mav be undertaken.
STATES $187i779,O0O
W'AHHrNOTOX, February 12 Treaa
ury figure made public today show
that Russia at this time owe the I nit
ed State 18T,779,00O, advanced foi
supplies whieh already have goue to
Russia. For that sum the government
hold Russian bonds. Whether thts vast
sum will be total loss to the I'nited
States depend oil whether the ulti
mate .government, in Russia decides to
repudiate the debt. A credit of 3i;r,
(1(10,000 wa established at the treus
urv for Russia, but only 1H7. 779,000
was used when payments were stopped
Michael Midler, head lima of Kepoo
Krm, WsisliiR. this island, and Mrs.
M iunonetle Myers were married at nine
o'clock vesterday morning. Elder Ern
e t I.. Miner, of the Church of .Iesu
rSri-t of Latter Pay Saints, officiated.
T'.e wituess"S were M'ss Eva Vieira
and Arthur Parker Waipa.
fer the wedding ceremonies the
eo'iide were honored guests at dinner
"iv. n bv Mr. and Mrs. E, H. F. Wolters
it tlo-ir Tteretnnia home. In the even
i .n. t"-v v are nets at on old time
Tf.w! iiiin lunti given in their honor by
Mi-, ami Mrs. C. E. Vieira.
- I T
Reports From Berlin Show Prop
aganda For Strikes It
Being Continued '
AMSTERDAM. Kebru:lry2o ( Ass
elated Prresi Oetnmny is far from
bejng out of her in.liiHtrial and econom
ical troubles, is the indication contain
ed in despntehea fnon Herlin and In the
news articles contnined in papers Teach
ing here.
These reports assert there are num!r
ons indications thnt systentatic ram
paigns are being carried on in Berlin
and ia other parts of Germany looking
to the calling of indiiktrlal strikes. The
promoters are said to be working' with
some degree of opennesa, and among
the workers there is a frrent bittcfe
because of the force used by the mill
tary in quelling the strikers of a short
time since.
That the government recognise the
seriousness of the situation is shown by
the newspaper rexrts that Von Payer
will today address the reichstng on In
ternal condition. ' '
Scandinavians Take Adyafitage
of Russia's Defenselessness
To Recover Isles -
PETROORAD, Februnry 25 (Ao
cinted PreH)-!! advantage j ef
the position in which Russia find, it
elf, unable to resist further- agression
aad crushed under the demands of con
quering Germany," Swedish forces have
landed and taken the Aland Island f
overcoming a sturdy resistance by Ru
si an forces there.
These Island are adjacent to Fin
land from which thev are separated by
the Sklteth Canal. From Sweden Ihey
re separated only by Aldnd - pay,
twenty five mile in width. They were
the property of Sweden nntil they
were cededj to Russia by treaty la
IfhW, The population haH always 're
mailed largely Swedish and i about
twenty Ave thouaanr).
Situated at the mouth of the Gulf
of Bothnia the importance of the lal
andj i largely strategic.
. 1 i r i .
a iignt between Josepn AMwae. a
Hawaiian byv, and S?gn..iiori, a Japan
ese, which started because the Oriental
humped into the Ha.wR'iii'1 near tlu
corner of King Street and Alupai l.une
yesterday evening ai seven o'clock if
said by'the police to' have' led to the
stabbing of Mawae.JuH to the side
of his loft eye by the Japanese.
When the Japanese was brouU to
me ponce station ana noose. I tor the
off..., 1.:. ... -. 1 1.1 , I
and he wa plainly undfr the influent-
of liipjor. . ,
The ITnwniian, a youth about twentv
years of age. h. a slash a half im-li
long and half as deep in his In ml,
whieh was dressed at the emergency
Mawae sin. I he was on his way home
when the Japuuene bumped into hiui
and he demanded tho reasou for it fnnn
Hiignniori, which led tJ :i fight. The
Japanese, he charged, finally resorted
to tke use of the weapon, a small pen
Mawae was allowed hi liberty.
ROME. February 25 The Holy See's
white hook, now under preparation,
probably will be published in the early
spring. It will lie voluminous, contain
ing all the diplomatic efforts and i or
respondunce of the Vatican since the be
giiiniim of the war, aad particularly
Pope Benedict 's peare note, nil execu
lions, and the argument-for the papal
views n m to the Mi tllumeiit of all wars
f The White Hook also wjH. contain
copies of the ritings. and epevehes of
President Wilson and ether public men
mid the documents of all the poc
support ing '' papal atOtude. In ad
dition the book will review the b u muni
tarian work of Pope Benedict in con
neetioii uith ur prisoners uud the peo
pie of iuvadd territory.
WASHINGTON, February 25 (As
inted Press) Secretary Lansing hut
tilled on nil Americans huving prop
erty or other interest in the enemy
oiinti it's to report their nature und n
'cut to the state department.
V 7TT.
Maui Man Lost
When Tusqqnia
Was Torpedoed
RAMOS (not Kuines), Mnnue'
(not . Paia, Maui, Hawaii.
Onlv a brief uiinounccment unionj
the many casualties resulting from
the siilimiirininu of the transport
TuseHii in. the above clipping in the
list of the Americans otticinllv do
elared as ilead, tells tho Btorv of
the death of Muni's first National
I Army man. ,
The vonng soldier had been lone
u renideut of Muul, and ; leaves :i
wit., to inoiirn his loss. His body
was buried on the Scottish const.
.f r a . -
Report" of Spedial Comrmttee
That Investigated Situation Has
Been Pigeonholed, He Charges
' t
Conditions Prohibitory of .In
crease In Meat Supply or Re
duction In Co3t To Consumer
Ci'i'ilit i,ii
i e -irohibitorv, it
irrn-e of the Heef
C-r (eduction of
r ti,-t o'l the pro
food administra
statement given
Is ni-scrted. ol' tl ( i
ii.ply it- II m i i 01
-ela il p' it es nil- to I
gram of the fe.lerti
lion, a ceo rd ing I o .-
hut yesterday.
Extensive ilntii in the hands of the
administration tends to show that the
present alignment of ranchers -and
butchers is such that grazing land Can
not be had by small cuttle raiser who
have made efforts to extend their eat
tie business and that these would, havt
diffirulty in placing their stock on the
niBrket in quantities ahirh would hvc
any appreciable effect on meat prices.
The points made are that the land
that is controlled by cattle ranches is
nbt'atillxed to the fullest extent; nc
influence ran he exerted which f will
oavert this controlled pasture land In
'oX Usefulness; and the reeomroenda
Hons of a special committee of the Ter
Itorial Food Commission which were
designed to overcome this sate nf a
fairs have been pigeonholed ever aincr
the facts were gathered almost a year
ago. 0,
. These are the contentions of Eber
Low, live member of th present fed
eral food administration and also one
of, the committee of three who made
the report to the Territorial Food
Rocommendqtion Disregarded
: The recommendation of the commit
e was that some action he secured
whereby hundreds of seres of foreat
-eserve land suitnble for cattle raising
might be made available for this par
nose, but no move of this kind ha
been made in spite, Mr. Ixw say, of
meat situation in the Territory which
invites and encouraces war profiteer
Ing of a most menacing rhnmeter.
A cattleman ' association of eight
member controls ninety percent of th
grazing land on the Island of Haw!1
nd their a foliated and ,.,eontUed
butchers and aiarkfts effectively, ex
end this monopoly to every island of
the group, resulting In a practical a r
bitrary fixing of meat prices, and the
exclusion of non member whose activ
ities might disrupt the organization..
These are assertions . made, by M?
Uir based uion the findings .of the
committee which made a thorough tab
'ilntion of the facts with result whieh
they considered, alarming enough to
justify drastic action in throwing op
-n new land for pasture.
According to. Mr. Low, oalv one
-hinipg example of a Maui, rancher bar
revealed nny success en the part of an
independent outfit in combattiug these
conditions to the extent of placing
beef on the market in considerable
quantities. Another MaAii rancher has
refused to join the cattlemen's asso
eintion but has virtually aligied him
nelf with them to the extenhaof gain
ing access to their market, the commit
tee discovered. One rancher on I.anai
operates independently- and hae sue
ceeded jn placing stock in the hands
of a Chinese butcher in Honolulu, who
en n not obtain rattle from any of the
other rattle men.
Small farmers who have made at
tempts to enter the catlc business have
been frustrated at the outset by their
inability to secure grazing land si
though there i much of this land lvinp
idle tinder the control of tho aaaocin
lion, the committee reported. The
TerriturMil Marketing Division f Ho
nololu ia unable to invade the Honolulu
beef market to any extent because of
the fact that it secures no supply from
the hi.. rnuchers,
'T understand that this alarmist
situation is soon to be taken in hand
with a view of bringing- the government
tiowers to bear, on it." said Mr., l,pw
vesterday. "Mr. Child' visit to
Washington produced murh data and
nformstion relative to the powers of
'he food administration in coping with
this evil along, line that are beinp
idopted in virion section of the
tininland. and I believe it is true tltat
he plan to proceed at once in the
Clement of Danger
One of the principle points made is
he report by th committee, which eon
isted . of Albert Horner, chairmen;
vrunk Cooke and Mr. Low. wa. that
he meat situation in Hawaii demand
d that cows and heifers he conserved
for breeding purpose. Mr. low said
esterday that no attempt to heed this
taming has been mad by the eight
'urge cnttle raisers, who have harried
owa and heifers to slaughter at the
'iigh war price without regard, to wht
nay follow. The result 1 that the
herds have been depleted to a extent
'list has an element of danger in it
"I am in the eatt'e businesa jnvself
in a small way and I havewo brothers
in law who are also cattle raiser," said
Mr. Low. "Of course we hae al1
orofitcd by the unprecedented prices
for beef but we are all more interested
u the future provisioning of the Tor
ritory and in the justice of tho thing
than we are in what we are getting
out of the peculiar situation that ex
ists. ' '
Mr. I.ow asserts that in addition to
einvs, an absolute control of the sheep
industry exists which has not even a
pretense of competition. He Hns thBt
the opportunity to extrnet top prices
for meat ha been seized here to an
extent that come tinder the severest
tu.ldvuiiiutiou of Mr. VYilsou.
l T c T 7
fWM.tr X?. W
Law and Six Nfeiosi-
vavers Suvvressed
.i . :
LONDiiM. I'Vliruary 25 CAnspciatcd l'rcss) With coitfirnnation
if tin rrniirt tha. the rtolstirvist vnt rmmriil baw; . determirn-rl
HjMMt tht- ancptattce of the cacc
win fuiriiKicr a vast area oi more man sixty thousand square miles.
6f Russian Territory as well as guaranteeing to pay an indemnity
of a In Hit -ii and a half dollar Worries the announcement that the', l
United States and other legationarc leaving I'etrograd. A despatch -
received last ntgnt said me American, Japanese, Lhinese, tmese .
and lira.ilian legations were leaving Petmgrad for Vyatka or Vr0- . ;
gosa and if necessary would proree,d on to N lartrvostok. It is as- '
umcd that included in the departing party will he all or nearly all ,
i I. i i i .i at., k : . j i i i:ti - - ',
in I'etrograd. ' ' r : ' ,' '
Acvejitance of the German peace, terms, with the surrender oi'
s;rcat part of Russia as the price of peace, was officially, announced.',;;
yesterday in despatche, fr6m I'etrograd which said Lenine and ,'
Trptzky had formerly expressed acceptance on !chalf of the central
executive council. A delegation is to he immediately sent to Rfcst- '
Utovsk to complete and to close the compact, the message said;
lo quell any possible upnsirrg ngainst the surrender of Russia to '
he enemy, l'ctrograd was placed under martial law on Saturday,
.ther Pctrograd'despatehes reported. Persons, caught stealing. or ,:
lillaging were to be shot without pity, the proclamation said. Other
icts m contravention of the proclamation were to be similarly pun- '
t.-f .. 'iL ... . I I 4 V l . . " t - r .1.-
tsncfi wiinom inai y inc muiiary
ition for the central council.
Whatever opposition might', ha'c been 'voiced by the press'
Sas been sunnressed and six of the most imrxrtant newsbaoers 6f .
etrograd have been compelle,d to suspend publication. The charges , '
gainst these papers were uniform, opposing the mandates of the ,
lelegates of the Soldiers arid Workmen's council. ''
Bringing some consolation t the Allies and tending to some- '
vhat alleviate the shock which has followed the announcement of .
u. ,i i . ..c Lt it.-.:- u.. u ri.u..'-i .
lie iiciiianu vii uct iiiaiiv iiu ui
;overnmcnt conies the declaration
lere that dermany s victory is likly to prove, after all, a boomerang. ;
He is authority for the, statement that not before the end of .the next .
r : I
till veni can iusih g've uicticiiai nciy iu imp vciniai vwns uu ,
ot then unless meanwhile the Germans succeed in reorganizing the
ountry's transportation facilities. 'My informant, states that, although
he grain harvest of the Ukraine , was considerable 'lasi' year, ' the .
'ireakdown in the machinery for dbriectine' arid storiner wheaVmefena
iiai uc ucrmani win nayc iq qr ganizc,a ,af m, coucvuon aim " ,
i practically hopeless job because pf the fiboriage of nia(e).labortV , ,
The much more distant wheat rands' lu Kunia.re. not iiader rjittivauoav ;
As a result the harvest ha dropped far .below normal. Tha Bussian rolliaf ', ;
stock has suffered frightfully ami a well known aaiP eminent engineer h aa.
thoritv for the statement that it will take at least a year to .put it ou eyea, ';,
a pre war baai. ' . .',-
The Oermaa freight cars and locomotive am showing signs of' coast at . ,
ise and inadequate repairs. When recently Germany sold coal-to oamjirk,; , ,
one jirnvbtion of the agreement wa that, the I lanes sent labor to. aiiae th j
oal and the rolling atoek to transport it. The broader gauge of the Kuaaian
railway mean that Germany wouUl) bevio lay , eaotbor rail beforej, aha
-oubl utilix theae road bed. . , , . , C
o : - . i ,i . n.M.Mte i.v i k a ' l .-i t i:...:. ...
ii un.iH riu iuviv uviuuuij,; vt4i.u
'ities, liut not until transportation, la.
t: .. ti v. . - ... . - i t.
on uriumvj ma, u atQS. Buft'l aJ v uiiuuiivisini roiovi vm intr wnu w u M
to supply Buhsui. The. fact that the Scamlinayiau. couatriee have frequent-. V ;
ly tried ifl vain, to get certain article formerly supplied by Germany, sftpw . '
nun iiiv snoriage oi laoor, ihck oi raw
tion are great handicap to the enemy
ii l.lo to aupp ly theae articles, she could
the rAe.andina.viaa countries.. . i
Tii.iin m vniai rowers mere ars sooui . t,oni,"iv. jviissisn prisoners
while Russia holds about 100,000 German and. approximately 1,000,000 A,o
tro Hungarian. 'Whether 'the t'utrnl Powers, cNpecially (iertua)-, would jwatr
come bark theae prisoner who have laeen .liviug in the Bolshevik atmosphere -
remains to be soen. That thes prisoner will influence the mllitiiry situation.' v "
hi the West is considered eitremely doubtful.
Germany hoes that conditions in Bstsaia will ton tin tie so chaotia thM
eventually she will be asked to step in and set the country right.. German
commercial penetration iu Ruasia, however, i not feared so long aa. the war ' .4
lusts, though th enemy will no ihiulst.. attempt . to open trade rclatiu im- -inediiitely.
During the war Russia's exports dropped about a quarter of the '
pre war figure, and during the last tio year- they have been practically nit.
Before the war the bulk of her trade wa JMiree the westers froutier. but ic -
the war it has naturally passed through Finland. f
l util a representative and authtJrUativ goverunieut exists iu Rusala,
GfriiiAnv will hi' . In crnnilklji Iimvii ftlm mtkna liiiiiiAMft ili.ul '.J '
or UTTUr
Those in the liest position to judge
inilitsrists. . . .'
President Wilson' address to congress ou the eve of. the opttning rf ':'T'
- arliameut ha made an exceptionally good impression here, practically all ,'
dude of aewsnapei- ooiulon indorninir the. term as he outlined them. Jt
is generally considered tha clearest of bis War peut-bos uud a such only-one ,
interpretation Is placed upo it. . . .. ,
The lresident' address contain no juhauge iu policy'; the Unaniuiitv of
lie British presa must be considered, prodf. that-some, of the orguus have
hanged their tune. Hi latest utter sue. hs draw Britain and. America rher .
o'ntlier, and their influence in the rest of: Uhi .world is bound, to bo great.
That the Allies will soon niake a joint statement of tUeir war, aim b .
irophesieil with considerable aiwuranse ,Tha. poorly wordd t4teiasht fol
lowing the Versai Ilea conference eve aa entirely wrone Inmresnion art I rv
ported it Ut week. Tlsoae ia authority hea regret icxeeediugly. that it
to the interpretation put upon-it iu may quasters.., .
The President' addrei ia indorseitt la. ,t he. Iiighs circles , though e0'ue" -'tntesinen
fail to share his faith, thev haie jia altersstJve iiolli-v o hITiht ami.
'herefore, are- prejiared to give bis' seheip aa a ,fir,: tct Tfcat,rnrk a
listiuctiye gain for ,he diplomatic offeuciye y ' ' ' -,
NKW YORK. February 10-Two
million dollar will bo railed for the re
lief of families of officers and men of
the navy who lose their live. i
This became known today when
Hear Admiral I'sher, commandant of
the Third naval district, announced
that the Navy, Relief Aocict.v had ac
cepted the offer of a volunteer commit
t.f of prominent civilians to aid iu the
w orh.
The committee, to be known as the
emeryeney war fund committee. 1
headed bv Kdinund 1.. Ibtvlina nf New
It is planued to raise the fund bv
public subscription throuho-it the
country, although the drive r ill oroli
tilily be concentrnted on ihc Stutes
u I n y tlie seaboard.
t 1 f ,. . 'j . 'y
- wa stM Vwrinif1 V
flitter J.YALLI LIU.I
terms jifoiTrrcil by (lermany and ;'
wno arc in command oi me siiu; ,
men av-ivruiaiiit: uy uyuiitv w ist,
by an eminent military authority
u t it. c . 1 n -,.
iinin-r mum miuriRin , 11 iinsmMni una- ,
recognixed. Contrary to the general b- .
.-.t . w: -i k..i. iw : . 1 .
jua.eruua, anst iiiauvuaLO vrssisuaLa
manufacturers. If Germany had been
have, raided the value of the ,mrk ia
, . ... '
consider that Russia will be of little 1
WASHINGTON, Kchrunry SS-l-Camp
Qrecne, Charlotte, Nurth Carolina, now
o"enn'ic.l by reitulsr troopa, ii to lu
abandoned a permanent training
center liecaase, of- unsu'tbUty. ff', the
grennrl on which it ia located.
h'sior General )ickman tixlsy re
putled the camp site knee deep in
mud and In -some places owtii to ,1111
unusu'-Hv Imrrl winter and the tiny
soil tthtrh nn.li-i liW tho Mirfac . and
rir-'-Hot. rapi.l sbsor'ton.
The eied'cnl deonr'wtit has de
terntitied, hmri" the tVr i pa
.'surer, tx- the health 1 Vr snbltr
the'-? ni.tl "mnic f.fr-m et, bv
that time the men will k. bea'
ii . ed. , . , . '

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