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f W. I IV-
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.'iv-- . : "... L.::.:,''",;;.
yRtDAY, march 1., 1918. -EMT-WEEKLV.;'-'- - - - A V-M. ' - V - .
- - - 1 j 1 1 1 u . 1 . . J.:;,- 1 111
I t it, it til lib. r ' "' v:vV;
- . - a - r r t -, v,. .
Estimate i: Ont ,1ohirrfs. of
Last Yeart Hamst Next
. tvrCropt To Be better
'. . Kohala. 8fr Cbaipany wan one of
'y,thna to suffe severely from the
drought db Hawaii last year. The report
of Qeergf CWatt. (the manage rati-
matew a erep foe IMS imre t hair third
' "mnlVr titan tbofikal year' yield". That
. wa. tit? ad ki MtHa tar thiir
earf'a crop la MM tans. The 1019 ran
'waa l"0 teriously hit by the drought,
"'.'.I'M ka. made a remarkable recovery.
' t at" part tba re-port- which was- pea
. ecnted ta the stoekbwtdrrs at th meet-'
log thi week saysi
. '. "Tha trop ha suffered very much
from tha lontf add severe drought of
.' laat roar. The- nnirrigated cane e'
J-acially was aarhnrsty damaged by th'
onit jrantlnaodi dry epalL Sinter the
rain fame, in November, it ban- of
rourse Improved very muelt'in appear
ww bat the weigkf'of the ran ! Mot
there' anl the yield of augar will l
hort . The; Irrigated rane wtrt gi
' fair retarna. . I astlBrnte the- rrop at
'4,(N0 tona of aagar.
'Tkl erp will eoaaist of th folkow
i(f areaa
ThiBt en. irriate.I .. ?S.50 JMWe4
-"I'laant 'tm,'. t&rrgm4. 27JaxVev)
"Kutoon eae, irrigataj.. 378J aerea-
""EatexMi cane, OBirripate.V84tr.45 mcvm
. - l,73l.S aere
TMa erop aluo luffered ffont fhe
drr weather but ha made a woodarful
' ywovvrj ainec the raina rime Had al-'
thoatr a far atlriwed a one
would tik-to nee it-a.t tkla tima of the
' year,-it la on the whole in good condi
tion anwith fair weather ahoH give
mitlefart.ary.' rrtacan.
Crt) 1920
Thtr ' t be plarted for this
erop bo 'ore 400 arree.
Osneral CondlUoni
'All from the damage" eaaaed r
laat yeax.' drought, tbe' geuaraJ eondi
tioua oa the plantation are good.
MTbc-; katbtoriaad ' iMprwreaacaU in'
aer Mill lara lieia rrtr aanek dalajwd'
end at time af writfg, Tebruary 6th,';
oajr anoui a air ar rn aaeesaary aiata
rtaJ -baa arrirL We have iaatalWx)
ve ew rnruaee feeders, four near
' muA-pfCasee' aa4 a aaw vitnun paa.
-Tlkera are yet due to arrrra four Beyer
eoaiteaaera, one central vaeuum pump
mttA a1 aorepww BtlrKhfT bailer.'
The- vbova ronatitutea all that- ia
planned along the line of permanent
iifTotreat for tha eomiwg year
, awult front the oediuary repair aud
' Daring' tha- thue nt drowobt when
thoMHtek d4rveris fall short-wa found
,i,lt ne!essary to ran our pumping plant.
T1ii plant kaa been used vary tittle
' 'ftfct -far tba four years prior t lUlT'i
b4 not baea ased at all, but we have.
, el way -fcepc It ia gaod ruauiag eondi-
' . trnai ia ease of emergenvy. We liave
- never made a practise af keeping very'
-nfurbTMiroa haad and kaa to buy
.-oal' rather disadvautageaiHly during
the past 'season. Tbe furnaces at thie
aiaipipg atatlosi have beea converted
InUi oil burners aud when oil deliveries
can be assured it would be well to ar
tXanga ta keep a mudetate suppty of fneJ
oil oa hand."
" Tba'irar-proflta for the rear were
iUlJr-a.t-aud dividend at the ratr
fit. "U pW", I-1,H00 were paid.
... i
' The) Wist India coastiiitWa anuoaar
,,ea 'from' londoa that It has been ia-
f armed) Wat 1h interuaiiiMraf augar eata
t"itte, Jraareaeartiag -tha Uastad ittatOs
and the. Allied governments, will not'
. take, over the arranging- ai Sugar par
. Thaaea la the British- West. Indira taar-
kct, bat, will leave these purehaaea ea-'
. tirelyv- within tk Jurlsdi.-kn af the
l',ritlh royal commissioa on the augar'
upplW'' " ' '
HiaV Boyal teossmiasiaa; it U farther
ajinoaoeed, tecoguising. the dilValties
tonoec-ted with the question of" intef
' roloniaJ' preference Drokers' coiaaait-Kionny.ete,-
has det-ideii that it will
J.'uve 'arrangpinsntk for purchases n
, this market' for tha aacosmt af Oaka
la wholly in the bauds of the tana, j
.Haiif gorernment in that1 3. Hi Bruce,
MiaJsrprentativa with the iuter
1 ;.tional aognr coBunittei', has been ad-!
vi.ed aeetfrdingly.
Tbaf VVaat India ' eoaiuiUaa baa re-iu-tcd.iUr
Ocorne Foster, Canadian
minister of trade and eeomerea, to aaa
that the rights of the West Iadian
t oliiiiiea under (he reciprocal trad
1 rvirleotr f ' Iteltf' are protected, fn.
1',C event of a maximum price being,
incd on British West Indiuu sugar for
tiinada,.., "
i 'm- a-
V H, ': UWiady, whs u ti the
uJorlraar re)reaeata4ive In Kiiimia of
t ; -Allk-'Mli Coafipau.v, ak-
,-i(ker at ttts' Uotary t'lttb vralaeday
1 e 1o4 af asaiiv iastaaces f datsUe'l
.1 filing o-to part yfiiu4siMa ofkoiaai.
c saya-that' ahidwala waa Ixiitayed
n iter being coaxed into the war by
i.iissia. lie aaid that chuos sn.l anan-hy
mtc prevailing features throughout
J.iudia under Bolshevist rule.
ai Pti -a-
Preliminary Estimate t'Hat freeri
Exceeded In Only Tfiree Years
In Company's History
Wni.ilun's estimate for.the:llM crop
tr hifwmiKl ta fira htotWarera.-at the
aaual' awettar a!a -..tm. irH indl-
raxr an of ta1 larreet oattam the
eoavpaay ha hnawa, beiair planed by Ijth raiafarl baa taea taaralOrant, and
Manager Ooodala at 32,053 toaa ' a. mTM of the Vwtral ara aai4 . ta be
agafiiat a rraa af 3J8H laafr. haaaaa-. grlreliajr - at full rajiiwlty, - although
Tbe refart aaya la- parti- j oM caaiparft ar hoard that on
The ft vera go ctraetfcaKf-'-Mf roee ' ' Wtae aaartaga aaaugh ease
in raae bn the win Wat r f .t kan-tha mill KO-ny Tat. fuH apee l
pareent better tha'AifrMtiaV'n4-tjM- J go. Tht . lack, af rain la
percent better tair la The balyl"'1 tM tka-pJaat eanv but
chana la tha efltirpment .inre 1MB ; ' 't0 VUTT ' 2l? A.
b been th. addition, of a aet of Me-" tl2?M 'UITV'
nerkc knire.. A new JuJ heater cell' op' '
w .rfrie.i to the DartlrarekiriJar, aad( :?rB '0,d ' 'n,"t1
arasskappad eaareyo tar augar
rra-kappad .mdk f augar
submitted for the scroll, oonreyor, put
in when the mill waa bOilt. No other
rkanires of imiorsnc-1 were made in
eithrr tail! er bailing house.
Th crop of J919 wotild have been
the largest crop prodiieed by this plan
fntton if 11 hid not" been" far low w
tar la the ditebea during the hot, dry
months of 'fh inmwer of 1M77 when
Tn' rkne ff both tto Wlf and 1M9
erop waa boiAtt, iryigxei'an raqtrrn
mare atr thaa wr aynabr .fronrl
AH sourees of supply.' Ta trffaet 6t dry
weather ot tha. Koolaa asoaataina, tba
watcehed of all oat unpet ditches, is
r.lAlnr- shova'bv tha follow in table:
tfcsron oTlOJff
The total area to 'be bar vented ia
1P19 aiil be aboat acre.' The
tleUH. e-itk the exception a &1S.10 and farther shipments of 3300 tons
seres of new land behw tta! Helemane.i hove been made t(r the Cnrted King
Ksmenanui and Opnaula. jflifcbei and. 0. ' ' .
146USar of uairrlgated eane on W-; The Infanta Isabel, of the Blnillos
Jsaw. rre tha aasaa a tkbaa aarvested :1I"' whtch, raeeatly arrived here from
ia t17.
Tiw cane looks bettor "than. tba cane
on the ssaaa' field two years ago.
-An tstiesata of tha ct(u so loan before
it i to be ewt aaaot be. aeeuraU, but
at tha- average yield par ara for the.
toef'elwvaa years it'Sboual be about lh
iWK) tan . i ' .
Pamanaa Improrenauta- v
Tha' total aaioaat aaaaaded aa. aerat-.
aaeat imnrnvsaseats- d-ariajr - tba-' yaar-j
waa MM.7i0.s7, -iarluAins;- tha follow
ina- mrae itemst
Bnil4ias. Houses. Qanrters
for" Ijiborers aad ware
-i ion ja
Idalag Dlteaea
IT "
MUt" .
Paanat rVtatloa No. S
Extension of RUrond; Ka
wailoa and Ht-tcmano
f atiaev -' Ditch: Reronstrue
Ufatatways -.
-ArteaU -WelU
Mul sal Horaea ...... I .. .
1 Waar Wanhoaaa
a rM a. r-n
' ; t -:
A itahurs ia shipping our sugar secsa
nnavoidable. it is necrrsary to provide
mora storage room for sugar. Tire
warehouses- we have and another aawJ
lardHur" binlt wtll take esre of about
half one. cron. ai0,700io of the' amouat
rhartrad to btrildlngs e-nvomliwl for
this ounoe dorrng 1917; 1 1 .026.50 . for
re-lnforeed. eonerete store house far'
labrWijtt-eU; and f3A.20 for afcouV
SO.WNt'fie of redwood sttv pipe, HOOft
'foea- of palVawiseiJ, irwt prir nd a
ssaal traseJiae pumt? ta' sxrpjJv' tha la
borers camps on HVrBarTa prltb'watcr
taVcw front obT- the- eiiWttated land,'
Het roflts of Inst vear Vre 1.tC
:Z.iH ffosn which dividend of HtWO,.
rKW were-'paid and during the vest the'
cardial stork was increased br WM).009.
The balance carried forward 3,3f1,-'
20S.57. .
'J' . .-4- . i .,, 1
IU.II lUlUIUl' uuunu(;u
' Tke-deaVciaac-y of sugar iu Italy ha
aroaaad-tfraafA ia4 treat ia tba auaslLori
af avtMtUatear Capsul J. VL Ilavi -ra-"
poet from Tarla. Tba-' Italian - Cet-
ernnieut ha. caused a typo f loaf
gar, cam billed with atu'etuuine, to be
manufactured. 4
The 'iasaildlity 'of ' tilriiriaiag."' nW
sweetehing sutsKaMnr from platutlv atvl
fruits has been -made tint snbJVt it
SiUuiiflo iuirstigatloBs. At the Roydl
BrpovimsiytHi Htatioti at Astl a produst
faHed''haiity of 'grtptee"' baa bai -produced
by a proress dtscavered Iry
Professor Mouti. The process involves
the us of special patented apparatus.
The sugar isoMalhcd frsui that gra
tUrougVavapOnaiv' and' concentra
tion and in if flnaf appctrahce resent
bla bwwj, , hence tbe naum given it.
4 ai
TTiA I9TT canrpaipa in the beet siigtV-
rac.ronea-or France came to a dose art
the ntairtb"of I)ecernber, with flhil
outturn which is calculated by 'ilia
Joirrtial ' de Fabrrehnts de rhcT 4t
R7t0y0 ordinary touy as ngalaWt Wt..,.
t7( ' orVitnary Hons for 'the preceding.
yer, w'tacT'easa of atmrt pt't"
cent. Fifty ftictorics worked.' '
It id vnnotmi!edthnt manufacturers
havt-W ' 4l t-- teuort tlla
Rauiaat br soatf 1 Wtrk-lr tiey. wiU .
tof UU- f oiaiajr aaio., It, 1
paiotMra u otwm i tHJiaia taa mo.i
auppty froHKltassia aaiivtbltttaugb.. In
view af conditions 111 ' that country,
Freuck producers nre being urged to
Dtake special - effort to increase the
production of domestic seed for 1119!
fears Are Felt; Shipping Board
Way Take: Vessels From
Island Trade
' ft A'AXA. fVhrnarr OVi-.tlier
eoad4ttoii eotMina fa6ra'e- for the
, harrewtirtg of ta re) a)t aUhaugh
the twaperatara baa riea eoaeideralilv.
11:: .!-. !" "
www n 1 11 10 uuit j 1 1
. The anaount H f' aunr manufactured
to data ia about 6J,000 ton', of which
'567,000 tons hare barn reeeired at the
part of the ielaad, leaviag aotae 79,
0t0 tona atored In the warehonsna of
the central, and ia tranait; 227,0(H)
tona of augar hara bar export ad, a ad
after aaAnrttng ' tba atuoft -wtlaaatetl
far loeal eoaaaiptiaa, 3M30a tona r
aiai stored in tha wtfehousaa at the
variout porta atrait'tif tbibtnent.' The
aklbmant' of agr tatba Unitex State,
wtiiJa not Bormall" br batnf 'cifMted
rttk greater ropidiry thaa might ' have
been espaetaa, taking the abnormal
g the
sIT.rnir conditions dn to the war
eximdattoa.' T weekly ship
I inants of ' suaar tr tha United States
- hare Increased to some (8,000 tons, I
Silaln. ha been chartered bv tire An
tuliaa Freight Board to make a trip
to" the United States, and win carry
33,000 baga. of aagnr.
" The Havana market ban been inac
tlva all week, and tba; official quota
tioVs bat'a leen tha same 'at those de
.tetmined by tire Broker Colleges two
.Tracks ago, that ia,- 40.t eonts a
-pcttuJ In 'wnrohoase, Havana-, 47.2
aentk -tKmkd'la"warhuse. -.Matan-
a,' 4M.9lt -cants a pound' la - war-1
btttrse, " C'afdeaaa; ' and- 4.18.1 ; eirt' a j
potniu in warrtrouse, tnenruegoa. Aaws
in-om New York ' earlv in the week
- atired'that otlOOff bag of Cnblrn su-
J.aationat Bngar Committee, but no re
ports of
sales have- beea made in
-: : : 1 I
B075 0ll,ft:.,,i,iroK' t (Associated
?'u'ulHr-dwln are the oiwnlaa ami
nmnac ayeuniuns or mocks I tu nw
.Yurk market rantcnlajr.
Inx ;io
AMMrtnaa Knmir
Aiaarti-aa bwi- .
Aratcd Hit
Alaska iiuH
Anifrli-ait Lis-ucmxlvr .
American Tol. Trl .
Amark-aa ' MiMller . .
Uirfcaa Xttl Kitrj .
(Ansoill4 I'.inper . .
Jktcblsoa BsUks.v . .
ruil4wlsr IoceirKH Ivc .
BsitkSNmra ,Oal . .
.Ilethlebew Steel "li"
ShrMraCB fetnileaiii .
.Central- leather
XT. M.' Kf. I'stit
t'anullna. P Iflc . . .
J'j. t-'uel A Iron . . .
raa-il Kteet
Cuba Hui(sr Cam- . .
Krlc I urn mon
-avascat KlvctrW . ... .
Jtleuaral ktotors i.Nchi
Uresf Xwrtlwra, PM .
fLeiMsecuU Cuvimm- . . . .
OtrriMriimsl Nt.-ltcl .
107 Mi
t . . . .
It I
3iVk t...,.
Iaaitrwt Alc.Uol
WJhlkfti Vslv.r llslln.ad
:w fr . ;eatrl . . ..
Bay 0onw
ltsaillns; f
sale .
kHiiuWIdsted . .
illna I'oiuiuud . . . .
fcepiaiUa I row Cvmaoa
rr4ortlierivlteMI -. -.. . .
MuLMbskSr ..
Tcisk Oil .- .t'. ....
47 mZ
1'wMea Stall-s ftukW .
77 V4
rt'aam hrMe . ,
X-fALutk, Mtatas Ktesl . .
rtaa- . .
VAarfeew V.
00 V
1, . t I'aaovj v?..',
, NEW., YlftjSTiyCftS- i
OnetaMM44tutWfMlawta4t. Mm York
rsrb wioHts, as - sHrelsssai to Tha Aasar -
ttosr by saaahan Co a ran
Ku I ur
ns v
. ' .K4.
. II
. H.hTi,
. H.,'1714
I if.t
.05 .
1 irnt
a 00
fetVlii at ' '
'jUitli(.r' . .
Kuuaa i'tyr , '. .7. .
Irom Rlossolu
Jim Butler
terama Verdti
larsb1 .
MMwertt 4.IU. t'autnviir
Mother t4e
!tr Hercules ,,
(! 1-hilav -.
let t'm. .
MsfcBMad 'i-VM .
MlreK Klna oo
Tbnonab KtteasKm .
WuTrt .
Ksrr toka
' ;., $uoAb files up
Tb lloisimt retieaily sent oat
a dajateh 4 tbo (4ilgo grsceis, soy
g. tbat tkra -were 1)00,()00 bag f
a gar in. t wanly auu- factories sfH.
oieut o Lenav a. traiai f fortw car s,
4y stotiug tor.oaa aiuutk. Tbi topld
JtMiaaat fiwiA. btwvidiag the govarW
tieat st rata iririnn saga tiaioa Jh
r)g)it of WA.V. The people in the West
thitik the Kuslern people ought to know
tbia and tbat something should be done
to' move the sugar.
' s "; '
IWaterialJmprovcment In Condi-
tions Reported From
New; York
XKW YORK. February 14 The n.l
rent of miM. weather rounes a nmre
optimlatir feeling in the align r 'r"''r j A. Srhaefer retired from the preM
Beflaera. are no -. laagrr handicapped ...'.)
and" trtW eontllrlMl ar improving.
Moreover, tPceipta". are more liberal and
four thousand toft' greater than the
previous wer, ' tboogh still fifteen
taousnnd tont below mrlttap.
At Atlatilif potdt iba nieltingK nrc
aaw fifty -two- thousand tons, only
about eight thousand below normal so
that it is reaaoaablfl to suppoie 1 hut
tba urgent- demand front wholesnlcrs
and mooiifactujrers will soon be nlle
viatii). However, some weeks are ex
S IZJ eilmV-TtaH -ll .Ten hen not
. r . - .l.k.. I,.am . V. & ..npailv ia I
sufficient sugar will be distributed to
allow the replenishment of the in vim
Ua nMppiy, th food admlnistratiou lini
itlng distributiaa' fb both wholesalers
and retailers In. oader to keep down
consumption and. to. prevent hoarding.
Wholesaler are requested not to sell
in excess of a thousasd pounds to the
retnder and the latter in turn are lim
ited to salet of tve'paands'to city and
ten pounds- to country coasnmers.
Refiners are locally distributing in a
small war and In some caaes permit
ting buyers toVtnrt! sugar from the
refinery 'heeaasa af tha bad congestion
and are showing preference to direct
representatives it sales to thi roun
Renorts from' the Central West indi
cate that sugar is atill scarce. Owing
to fight beet-etgar shipments the sugar
distributing committee-In Chicago is
.permitting tke submission of orders for
thirty days' requirements instead of
ten 'lavs aa formerly. Tkia is designed
to obviate difficulties incidental to de
incidental to de- I
ilting in buyersyJ
supplies, the sit-1
snfed here more ,
lay in- shipments. , reaalti
being entirely witboat su;
nation in C'utta ia. reca
linmACullv VIlAftl nf Kivtl' tllflll
n.l ,.., ..n,.A Cuvnrtllllv With fl IF-
."t v. v-" 'w ' T ...... --
ures of 1017. Fifty thounaml tous,
moreover, are coming north of Hatter-
Bec'eiorst..t-e,'noW'-at!va and with
allotuiCut '.of ' mtfiicHeu't' shipping there
is n reason why refiners esnnot soon
secure full trp plies anil cud the prevailing-famine.'
Thera 1s some npirrebension lest the
shipping, board withdrew steamers from
the Cuban route to ship war supplies
abroad, in- which e ent However, prob
ably subititnte neutral steamers and
sailing' vessels will be used. It is ofli
cjftlly strto.1 that' Cuban financing is
practtcally completed and sittv million
Hollsvs' already snbMfibed by New
Xork banker and retiuers, tb balanco
probably' forthcoming from other sec
tion f fk coaivrry. This eliminates
prlliDgUnsettld eoaditionk in Culm
whers- staatt planters arc sailing -materially
betow fixed basis because tbey
are aeedrng funds.
'The laternational eoanmttee is bsv-
ing Febrnary shipment of Cubas an I
I forto Kleos where- snipping is allot
cd for tba same.
7TIJ - L- m. A ' :uiii.s . a. - -
w rnn inriu iim iiiini
000.00 six percent bonds were retired,
1 ' and a $250,000.00 five percent mortgage
- Tbe'CouimiMre on Sugar Hupply for issued, thus having an interest chnrjre,
the Army and Nay; announces that f $17,500.00 per milium,
from- the date of it argkaiaatlen, A11 "We curried forward a credit balance
gust -tT, II7, to January 3Tj 1918, it wjth the agents of i73,794.:'.7, and have
has provided 45,2(itf ton of sugar for ( 5.-I7.9357 tons of suar still unaccount-ibauaa-of
tha military and naval forces e, fur.
of tha L'nited States. The sources from . "Due to the poor crop to be har-
wbish tha sugar was obtained, with tho
amouut from each,
in pounds, are
Lgian aa follows:
American Biigar. Refiping Co. 20,837,640 I
at.ii Yi ..,-.. ai nin'
xvasawaM ci-t(s xMtanivit 1
A-rbuekla Brothers ........
Fodiiral Bugar ReOhitig Co..
AVaraereagai''RtAniug Co..
JtM'sra pugar Be I aery, ...
Veansylvaaja Sugar Co
MeCuhan Sugar Refining JCo.
Ouloniai JS vigors ........
2,360,300 ,
wm. Henderson
2,583,000 I
i KVanaaa BUfiar Kenning lo.
1, r 1. -
Total refiner
Beat sagar companies
.Ajnariean,'. Refiners' Commit-
' tae
Deafer (Hubs, Buruck Co.)
Hugr ia becoming increasingly dill-'tult-tc
ibtain in Daostatk in spite of
tl eathblisumeat of a 'filed ration ami
tbe' rnstlttrtlon of jmgar cards, accord
ing to United States Minister Maurice
F. fcgau, whd recently nrrived from
tbat ceuu try aa leava of abttetu-e. An
aUowaace. of- imjo pound par person
aeekly ka. beeu lixed, but in some
tiarls of the country u)plies are not
Juifreqwently tiuobtalanble. The sell
ing. price lias U-eir filed at 10 rents t
ptrtiud. , .,
.'--U, , .
, Th liiuckUy people of. t'tuli want u
augttr, fstev. The U tab Idaho people'
a,v - they will cuusidaM tha tmtttor of
ftiUtiagt a. factory la-1 bat tonality pro
viding the fa 1 men . guarautee 1,500
acres of l.eeli. The acreage around
that region wot delivered to the felt
of Last Season's
Is Clearly Re
flected In Report
At the meeting of the atorkholdvra
nf Purine Siirmr Mill ln Mnndav V
iii-iibj 111 idc runi(miiy hi nc onn anne
previously from lionet as. Tha nflirara
are now J. W. Waldron, president;
.1. M. Dowsett, vleepresitlentj O. K.
Hrhaefer, treasurer, and F." MeTn
tyre, sorretary. 1 The otbar dlreetora
rre W.4 Hi; BMrd, Ai' N. Campbell and
A. U' Caaths.' It will ba noted that
F. V. Melntyr succeed J. W. Wvld
rnm na secretary and A. Castle sno
cceda-i hi 3i Campbell ss director.
hf snatxet Nequln 'a report which was
submitted to the stockholder at this
"fc taaemble, much the report on
Hribttkaa, its neighbor and practically
partuer." 1 It la a story of drought and
Droaght' following comparatively dry
w eat her reaalted ia much raao of laat
ycas-'i crop dyin in tha flslda and re
mnlrdag natcnt. T)tla resulted in a loss
of 'WO-tons' of saga and Irreparable
daavfrgW' to tbsr ratoons. w
Th- greatest daaaage waa to tbia
yearV'srop-tben growing. Of this tha
m aSoaper 'i report sayar
ijoaa KaKmnosa
aii iron mc naiwiinni .01
. . . , . ,
. .iiKi
ofT-' avTrS
caaa at ecmaervstive estimate win
plrfe"thie total' loan from this anfor-
unata weather at- between XSOO-nad
3500 -taaa ottlangar o this erop alone.
'At nsswt' af this cane whtck died
1 hadi made-' practically na growth sinew
i it
iwaa' praiatee, aad inasmnckr aa oar
usual 'aaade of. troaaportatioa -waa out
of th'teatloa, there being n avail
able fiaas water,' 4t waa not demed
expediat tai atteaapt ' t harvest any
of aaavaj tka eaSiatated aetoraa frowi-'the
sujfari thas- tabwabtalnad' being' etv
tirly-r of proportion to the enor-j
mosm outlky repaired for harveatiagJ
191 Crofx? -
TIWrlVlO-CTiip iiIko suffered n great
denl throagb'tkis weather, ami a large,
percentage of the rstootis failed1 to
come ap, especially the lnst-cut fle'da.
Much of the cene on kaolls and expoa
ed nrea was unable to hold its otn,
and wn eventnnlly wiped out. It is
estimated that a loss equivalent to
over five percent of the total area un
der cultivation for the IU 1U crop was
thus destroyed.
"The inclusion of certain small
patches of abandoned cane belonging to
ootside planters Recounts for the slight
increase in the total area cropped over
that given in the luxt Annual Keport.
"In all (iS.lhfl tons of cane were hir
vested, t,akhi(,' on an average N.47 tons
of eane per ton of sunnr, yielding
H.U47.0O tons of augur, which exceeded
our estimated yield by some S22 tons
of sugar. Of this, 7,970.0(1 tons were
bagged and shipped. The average
yield of 3.54 tons of soger per acre is
eonsiderablv above the averu"C for the
. past several year.
Bonds Retired
1 "In the latter part of 1!I7 the 500v
vested in 11118, I believe that our ex
1 penses wilt far exceed our income and
that most of this credit balance
be absorbed."
1(1 8a
weather gar producers report that the
conditions in the last month have beeu
of the most excellent order and that
under the very favorable field condi
tions obtaining everywhere us a re
suit of the warm dry days the crop
1 is being planted with record breaking
rapidity anrt gives promise or being
one of the finest ever raised in tho
Htate. There have Ix-eu some few raiuy
iays in certaiu sections, but even in
those places the crop is reported tintr- j
ttcallv planted anU 110 serious
wtts occasioned by the few bad days
had. Home of the largest planting in
terests report that thoy have about
completed the work of plunting. There
is general good feeling all over the
sugar belt because of the good weather
and because several scheduled cold
waves never materialized. We have
at last begun to enjoy real South Loui
siana winter temeralure and uue of
the features of a South Ijiuisiuna win
t wiiii-Ji is only now showing itself
is the failure of predicted cold waxen
to live up to predictions.
ntovt tiie cause. Used th world ovt
to cure a cold in oaa day. Tb signs
lure of B W. (iKOVK i on eacii bux
Manufactured ly tlie i'ARlS JI'.HiU
CIN CO., S'.. Loixib, U. S A.
.J 1 .L ' . ..kita. .aataaJaaUa. alaa
court be .irpMecT to relleva th.' .tree.. W JHaK U.
AtlMwar lava!.; tba small amaunt 8- IVSt.1. J.
0f rrtgkTlo.wtar at o dispoaal, 'P',;WJS2
th.ghT.ot- aaffieietrt ta promMe' '.ay Jl'
peepM growth, served ta kep T PJV"te')r
nnnn nniinmmin it i
k H I Nil II IN IN
1 nniniiiii inr nnnn
Stock. Is Rapidly, Accumulating
and Requests For Space JShow
Harvest We!t Underway.
HAN Porto, BieaJ.iFebnrary 2
When shipping figures ap to the first
of this month have bea eamrrited tby
will nhow. in alt probability, that mare
than 32,000 tons of sagar of the new
crop had been shipped up to that date.
Shipments up to January 26, according
to bent available reports, amounted to
JrtvTt) tons and there have been further
ahipments'aince that time.
Stocks AaaatUata in Island
What stoek Ijave bea anrumu'ating
nt the mills-atism thia"eriod ena only
be rstimteA,1bilti aagaa men believe
that f nJly amaBi mete? sugar as has
goss forwar is .la) atuelt Awaiting ship
ment, walf oU emaae t tha amouat
of sugar mswl'.'FhAra7 1 exceeded
75,000' owa;V''Witfttiaaal for space
dttriag Fibvna7';'fb tbVaklpment of
more ba'40anO"fca it'ratidentthat
tha eraa-ts wan MMtywwj;
Tba hlsjaaB-lii ta-tha. first af Feb'
mart-hara'tw larfrelV'baea'from tka
laiwrraIrs cMefly-Cm'aa; Csaitrale,
taii th-'CaTria bavejl bneavi taken at
I port whee' fnvoribW kaadbig fatiilltiss
j nMrl1Me?', ,
' riw wMHm .war w mrviiiM .tif
f, lA,,i.,.'.lrJU-i t.
, w mmi wpn'M' waapni, iov-
"!fF nwi'al.tkia.Qnth,,
wherUs'&aUtarttid:Vloakds of
Snaallar MJULtBWotaV Htt 'pfa?
1 Ptaetiealiy aal''etbiatkr-mtll of
t ha-island baj'traHVga ca
pacity of'' 2J50 pa4dAicmoM(thnikbove
figure, if aary th rilt1tet'4 ' large
percentage of taasattrn-'tO ftMnabipped
has been fmis(t4V ! Hi ges!i mills.
Many of tha'saaallafnMillarkasMt been
grinding, soaws.frtkariaaaMAeraber,
ami whila4heiasrt rai.tiBW-as net
iMkraaa M tapM mri?.L
Jarrill .aavertiBiaiaif rampiw to-
getkl'N ka-UgWO It 'oaay be Mid that
with' toe-' yaaptiar at'Usanica, an or
tharmsll that hare- baen grinding have
oni iia m' mora Vurari " than tbey have
biiaMdu- ' ; Mr i "g
- '-Tbja aaeamalattan, i expeacad to coa
tiiraa foe. arfadlf the. 'fciradlhg) aeaioa
win wat'last nre . tbaniat months,
moveiwesrt to5 f inwriev-ftf tke n
gat. msilc in 4htit tlm Will' Wer-aprcad
over wot-IoathaiVtiia .naaths.: 1
' Aecnrate"1etlmtea' to- tugars In
storage a.re dtffftirt ta get, but enough
storag space has baea provided, ia the
island, or can be provided, to store bo
tween 250 000 and 301,090 ton.'
F. C. Roberta, special agent of the
I'uiteil States Department of Labor, is'
expected to arrive here this weok. It
le announced that he is routing with tho
purpose of' interviewing to avert a
strike of laborers in the sugar industry,
tifet so far no labor difficulties of any
importance have occurred and at pres
ent there axe only a verpr few minor
disturbances reported in the islands.
Hugar men generally are not at all aax
ion for-Mr. Roberts' comiag, because,'
they say, laborers will nsa his presence
here a an excuse for raising' differ
cetcjs. As a general thing, wagoa havo
been increased" aiaca the sugar season,
opened, but without any direct recogni
tion of the dMuaiulv made by tba labor
Weather has continued favorable for
harvesting almost from the beginning
of the cattiug season, but the rainfall
has beea short aad in' many-sections of
tho ism ad this will cut down the eane
tonnage. 80 far na serious damage baa
a don. bt rains, ar badly netdi'd.
. . k ii f jJ r t . . .
II Ul uiiMVi!Uiiua-ui ntuiwi J,UU-ul
Time For Filing Returns Extend
ed To ApriM Failure Will
Mean Imposrtionof Penalty
Col. C J. McCarthy, territorial
treusaror, aanotmrad yesterday ' thAt
tke tiate. in whiob corporation mnst
file aununt returns in compliance with
the territorial' statute ' ha ' beea ex
tended 1 from March ' 1 to ' April 1. H.
. .Ua.4 llua a.B.l.A friMYtM klm aaaafclwil.
' ixJ " 1k- tki1 eateuaion aad a he
W1IUCI iu Kiiv v.,,. at.iii.ia u, . " ' .v-
ritory all the time possible in which to
comply with the hrw, he has aaooune
ed the etxtsnsisn, .
Two year ago wn tba requirtmest
for the filing, of return by corporation
was first enforced 'more tjian a hundred
neglected to file returns, with' the re
sult that all of them were fined,' the
peuultry being $100 in each ease. Last
year while the number of delinquents
fell off considerably,' about twenty
. were penalized iu like manner
Colonel McCarthy said yvitprday that
lie will report all corporations that
neglect to file return ta tho attorney
general ujtd- that action will be taken
ugaiust them as happened-' on the
former occasions.
The pepulty for failure to make the
nntiiiul report in the case of n eo
purl in 1'ihip is u Hue of $.1 a day for
each member of the partnership for
cneli day of dulinqueory, .
Long Series of ExperimentFin-
ally WinitBattleSpIon-'v .
din Year Enjoy ed:
Kwa's last yea erop ran -far above
estimate and : tber protpenet tot tha
present crop are good, despita Weather
conditions of December and January. -
Manager Re a tan 'a report 4ithe a
stockholders Mis' of It'll trap of a4,
784 tons, which was ton above
tke prnlimlneu-y estimate. Ilia estimate
for thia yvar's erop Is 32,17.
In part the report says:
Sugar Storage
"In. addition to Warebousa Hov.Sfof
lOo.OOO bags capacity, built fat-augar
-storage a number of yeard agr there
were erected (taring tbe fiscal year two
more w arehouses, Nos.'S knd 7, rerpect
ively, 150, ft. x 0 f t. fot this purpose.
It is estimated 'that t here H now ia the
mill and these tbYe 'warehouses auffi
oieut capacity to storw 14,080 -tosia-of
sugar. Furthermore, there ia awklnd
snffirteirt' building' material, eotmgatad
iroa, eemeat. and i umber, ta build an
additional building tapable of eontoJa-
. a .ham A n 1 1 1 -.-
, incr at least 6000- tons
fore, our mariaa traasnorratiaa ,ba in
' terrupted, we should be abl to keep
tha mill bust- for a eomrideraMe- leacth
of- tiaia by utihaiag out owa atomge
irHnHUl uiqnQTnninv "
1 ,m. .....i j:. - ..t .Wi. ..
1 - "iTie total expenannre or-xata.ae-
count ha. barn ,1,643.90. The larger
repented by th. following:
New buildings, warehousoa 4.:
" . and 'T, and extension ovsr '
boilers .... ..114,775.48
Rock crusher l,47Ct51
Two Ajax chemical fjr en t
gine . 86I3MI
Seventeen mules 4,V-Vf))
New steal mill housing 10,8-7
Six roller 18,405.05
Ttrrce pump 2,463.00
Two Stirring boiler 22,011.05
Mud pressee 8,418.55
arious tsnks and air com
pressor .
Portion of prr-evaporator.. . .
Centrifugal dlsehargera
Itaa. . .. 1 a. ..s .D,la. nrl I t. . '
.laivea . . s.flioio
New vacnum pan r.i..Z3fl9-iia
Oae power hammer 3)13.00
,Whel'prea ,.w 1414.30
Catorpilar tractor 4,335:77
WcH underground alloys.... 6,031.09
Yield Improva
Refiriug to the gain in yield per
'acre the report says: '
"There is every -reason- to.be grati
fied with these results. They ahow- a
gradual increase from those ynrs wbeu
this estate wa niTesili frora thti
called Lahaiaa disease,' and tlwa-man-agement
wa. casting about -for a kiiit
abl variety to re grows hr plate? ft
tha 'Uahaiua.' Tbia increase in yield
is shown in the average return- fo the
'past' nine years given below::
y icui pqr A.re
in Sugar.
41.08 Tons
8.6.T "
. 8.4)3
, . 7;4
. 7341
. ,7:01
. 8.1
'.'Apart from this, brief
showing the grit dim I ileoline for aawu
years and fairly rapid teeo.very, the
past two years, there is quite a history
- a history of experiments, of hope, , of
disirppeinmcnts, nt soma tenacity, of in
creased cost to produce a ton of sugar
owing to reduction of output ad- of
increased plantation- expense thaattgh
.planting djffercat varieties oa fairly
large areas only to plow tire sam fiMds
again npan ' maturity 'and snbatrtate
other varieties. And all the time wo
were facing the fact that defeat meant
ruin'. Wo bad to win." .-' ' it
r Net profits" for the year acre
Al,90725.48, and dividends paid at the
Vat of f iftee pvroctlf ' ajete 1 f raviuu.
; v.-; .1 1 1
' r r. Ifi ' '
Traffic Last Year Much Heavier
Than In 1916
At t lie annual meeiing of the Rapid
;Trantdt :ohiiaay.'Aerilay, the? seport
of (lenernl Manager Stuart Jbbnnon was
presented giving aft (fii.reresti.tgl Krt" of
figured of possajigMs. carried, oier the
dines of the company. Tke total nmn
ber of aaaBgrr. carried 'inr" 1917
amounted ta ly5l9,.'UU, au.iucrease of
,1,194,689, over 1916. Jn revsnues the
company took in '7',fl,b0.1,'.ni Increase
of 836,621 over 1916. The operating
expenses increased :iH1.'.Tn, and the
net divideudt pndt nut totalled 8152,
000. ' r ''
Statistics shew that tha King Sree
line is the most iinportant from the
standpoint of traflic density. Tka line
in 1917 - earned' 8d(l2,7Jl-. almast he If
the. total earnings.. Hotel Street was
iui xt with 8121.4U5 wfcllO Manoa (wus
the lowest wirii 21,H72.' "? f.-,
Otierating eapeuses iucluded; -Way
an4 structures, 8539;---equipment
837,477; traflic, 7..1; cunductiog
trsiiBportatlou, 8229,725; general, ' 861,
001. "."..)"
Aqtinriiiui visitors nu inlawed 17,.'l8;i
adults and I lit HI i-hil.lrbu; total rer.ipts
being 84ri6M and expenses (4825, the
deficit being $157.
. , ,j,c , .V' ....-.

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