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Eraon wits meets
Russian Invasion Is Bone of Conten
tion, But Austrian Stand Seems Like
ly To Help Slavs But Little
WASHINGTON. February 28 Aswiatcd Tress) There
seems to be little doubt, says an official despatch from France
to the state department, received yesterday, that a serious conflict
of licy and desire has arisen between (iermany and Auitro-Hun-gaiy,
based largely o the resumption of the aggressive campaign
against Kirssia and the German territorial demands upon that beat
en foe.
The despatch quotes the Austrian premier. Count Czernin, a
relating in vigorous terms the statement that Atro-Hungar
will not take part in any military moves against Russia nor against
Rumania, with which nations the Austin-Hungarians regard them
selves as in process of peace negotiations.
The dispute between the allies cane to a head, it is claimed, at
a meeting between the Kaiser and F.fnprJfor Charles on the twenty
eoni, at which conference between the two sovereigns the Hap
burg stand against the Hoheniollerns was reiterated.
The Austro-llungarian stand is of small benefit to Russia, how
ever, as the Germans reuse to consider an armistice and continu
to adxance upon Tetrograd. The Bolsheviki are issuing brave sound
ing proclamations and are announcing the determination of th
Slavs to fight to the death, but the people re responding to onh
a slight extent and the greater part of the nrtny is openly mutinou
and contemptuous of the orders from their government.
An official announcement of the Bolsheviki, sent out by wire
less from Petrograd and received at London, says: "The revolutioi
will defend itself against Germany. Every possible obstacle mus
b,placd in the way of the German invasion. Germany has re
fused to grant our requester an armistice'".
' Oh the other hand; the correspondents of the London press a
Fetrograd send out highly discouraging despatches, saying that th
Germans will have little real difficulty in reaching, and oecupyinf
the Russian capital. "The Russian tfoops". reports one correspond
tnt, "have, almost without exception, refused to fign'tthe advancing
Teutons. 'We ha-.e had enough of fighting', they say in effect, 'lei
the Germans come and take us'
General Hoffman, commander of the German army of invasioi
in-North Russia, replying to a'request from Ensign Krylenko ttaav
rn armistice be entered into, pending; the signing of the peace treaty
says that the Teuton advance will be continued until, the peac
treaty is actually signed and wl not be stopped so long as ther
.V exists any possibility of the Russians not agreeing to carry out th
, peace conditions as laid down In the latest German terrris.
Petrograd announces that in the fighting in the south the revolu
tionists have entered and occupied the town of Novo Tcherask, th
capital of the Don Cossack Republic.
A Vienna despatch via Berne states that there is continuou
f ghting in South Russia between the Bolsheviki and the allied Bcr
parahians, and Rumanians.
Ti agore Was German Agent
Implicated In Hindu Plot
Indian Poet Visited Japan In Hun
Interests, Testimony
In Case Shows
fcAN FRANCtWO, February S8
(Associated Press) Sir Babindanrath
Tagore, th famous Indian poet and
mystic, who traveled throughout tie
Uaited States last year ostensibly an
a tectum tour, acted a tin- agent of tie
German government in a visit to Japan,
according to tbe inferenre of sensu
tional testimony introdnced yesterday
by the government in the trial of the
Hindu plot ce.
Letter! and
cabk'ijramB introduced
iato evidence connected Tagore, Doe
tor ZimmermBini, German foreign min
iaterj Connt von Bernntorff, former am
feamador to tbe United Htatea, and
Coaat von I.uxburg, Oenaan charge
d'affairea at' ilueno Ayrea, with the
onapiracy to bring abont a native ur
riaiag ia India againnt the Britiah au
thorities and compel the withdrawal
m Bmian iro.rpa rrom xne r.nropean
. . . ,
ftoUad by Oeriaon
Tbe evidence introduced yesterday
vraa part of that which the government
prooeeutora reserved the right to id-
troduce in closing their case Tuesday,
At that time they said ttiey wouht in-
Quantities Not Wanted Will Be
Released, Says Hoover
; . WAMUNdTON, February 2H (As
''.4 anointed 1'resn)' Herlert ('. Hoover,
' national food Hdiuiniitrutor. irued yes
terday to canaerK tUroiihout the t'nit
fd Sne the advire to hold their corn,
tca tomatoes, sa'inon nrnt string ttean
Vvlfor .go-f-iimen uh-. Such of the tun
rd produce an are not vedi'd bv the
,' fove'nment for use bv the army will
relecsed for X''11"1' dUtriiat Ujn,
Hr. Hofcver aaid.
trotUee -"highly confidential evidence
from tKe atate department."
Tbe let tern intredwed aa evldenci
were, it ia asserted, seised by Brilial
ceneore while en route to the. United
Htatea, Rotterdam and Copenhagen and
were written by Ziatmermaan, Bern
torff, I.uxburg and Tagore. Tbe let
ten, being of a highly confidential na
ture, were not read ia open court.
There was also introduced a sable
gran which created one f the biggee:
sensations of t)ie trial. Thin oublegrarr
au alleged to have been sent by Count
von Bernatorff, while he wai ambessa
dor to tbe United States, to Z. N. OH
fere of Amsterdam.
feraucbi " Favorable
J fn t hi cablegram von Bernntorfl
! asd that Rir Babindanrath had visit-
I" Japan ana uau uir.w.u
i v j I i : . a. : I "....
Terauchi, who la now premier. Terau
chi, the message said, wai "favor
No ctplnnntion was made of what it
waa that Terauchi favored, but it ia the
theory of the proaecution that Tagore
vtafted Japan on a miaaioa for Uer
anaay, then at war with Knglaad.
Motion of attorney for the defence
Uliu we i u.il
14 be diamiaaed were denied
by jud,,e Yan Fleet. The two d
' fondants are Edwin Deinat, who was
otrmmandor for the former uerman
ship J. H. Ahlera, whieh waa interned
at Hilo, and Hemrich Elbe, commander
of the Helaatia, which took refuge in
Honolulu aarpor.
ZI'RICH, Switaerland, February 28
(Associated I'reas) Negotiations are
progressing, it is learned aero, for
union of Haxony and Lithuania. Prince
Frederick Cbristiaa, second son of the
King of Saxony, will probably be made
Kin of Lithuania.
A butter medicine ran not be made
'han 'liumlierluiu 'h Cough Remedy. It
'clieviM the luuga, opsns the secretionH,
aids exiiec toriitiou tin I anxista Nature
m restoring the nvtein to a healthy
condition. Heilen, it contuins no opi
utcs and ia M rfetly safe to take. For
s by all dealers, lieuson rtailth &
Vo., ld, agvuts for Hawaii. Advt.
ft- J- . '. , J 1
'.' i 1 ti. . i i. n i.. i lulj r.r.".1 ."iii-jji.rj'ji'i iifrm wgMajj.i t-LJ f '"i j1
German People Did Mot Fight to
Coityrtr Belgium, He
IXNDON, Febraary B (Aaaoeiated
Prew) "The Independence of Belginm
mnat be secored," declared Philip
Scheidmsno, leader ef the Socialists lu
the Oermaa reichstaf on Tueaday,
the eonrne of rte debate which followed
the expostrlon of the foreign alms of
the government made by Chancellor
rem MMMnjr. Taa, erikrWt ' Tender
as outspokoa, according to the reports
received from Amsterdem.'; t , ; '
The Oermaa people, he darlared, had
not earriMl rt M ear for the anV-e of
iiainemrering Kn' nor of subluiiet
r Belginm. "The independence nf
BeUfjnra must be saca-ed in the general
toenee treaty Neither do we" detre
humiliate our enemy, BuMit. We do
not desire that, nnr do we desire a
peace seen red by force. " ;
in trie nous or comroens here, f or
elgn Minister Bftlfoiw stated that he
could flid nothing in the apeee.k of
von Hertiing to form the basin for nay
serteus eonveVaattoaa, nwr dial tHd chnri
ce Dor's splanattont offer any Vp for
peace at pteMnt wit Germany.
. . t Si. i
Hospital Ship
Is mm Germans
-iun Deed Lacks Coropletenes&t
However For There Were No
Woohded Urert 'Atoard Amer
lean' Torpedo Boat Aids Sur
vivors I.OKDON, FebruarT 28 (Asociatel
PTeis) -The Brirttra ' hoapita ship
1 tea art Caatto ban bee auak ia Bris
tol Chaarawl by a Oeratan anbmerinp
it was announced aero last night. There
were no wounded coca or other patient
aboard th ship waeji the torpedo
struck her, but -there were two htin
dred other persona How many were loet
s not vet know.
An American torpedo boat went to the
escue of the Qienart Castje when the
latter vessel sent out a call for help,
these thirty-four tave been lnnded at
and aided in rescuing survivors. Of
Swansea by the American vessel.
. . .
'xploits of German Raider Groi
With the Telling Troop
Transports Among Victims
BKRLIN. February ''K( Associated
'res) The raider Wolf, which ar
ived recently at the Austrian port pf
'oJa on the Adriatic, dext roved no lea'
han thirty Ave veseeU during her reign
if terror in the I'acific, Indian aad
Vtlantic Oceans, it in officially en
ounced. Of the veMwels captured and sunk
omc were troop ships, the government
Berlin in jubilant over the exploits
f the raider as recounted by her cay
ain, and tke entire crew are weariajr
ron crosses given by the kaiser to
express his gratification over the sink
ng of so niaay vessels belonging to
inatiJe powers.
' The Wolf wns out fifteen months,
inrrvinif the vessels of enemy nations
lver three seas, her commander as
Campaign Will Be Started To
Raise That Amount
KANSAS CITY, February 28 (Aa
sociated Press) One hundred million
dollars is needed by the American Red
Cross, and a campaign wiH be started
next May to raise that amount. Ac
cording to a telegram received bete
from the National War Council, the
next meeting of the American Bed
Cross will Lj h -Id from May 6 to May
IS, at which time plans will be made
for the raising of the hundred million
dollars needed by the organization to
carry on its great work for suffering
Last Week Above Average 25
Sinkings Reported
LONDON, February 28 (Aaao
eiated Press) British marine
losses from mines and inbmaxlnas
roee above the recent average
for laat week, according to tbe
report made yesterday by tbe ad
miralty. During the week, states
the official report, fourteen ships
of sixteen hundred tons or over
were aunk. with four smaller
amps and eeven flsbtng crafta.
L!11J T
Tragic Acctdent Occurs At Scho
fiefd Barracks During
Practise Period
Corporal Whose Life Was Ended
By Bomb Is Burled With Full
IWIitary Honors
Cne enlisted mnn dnnd, four officers
nd one enlisted mnn wonn led, is tbe
fiiH of the crnlnlon of a live trrn
na''e Tit the Grenade H, Iwol of Fire.
at S he, Held Barracks, on Wednesday
afternoon at abort two nV'o k dnrin
practise period. Two of the oftVers
ire so serionsly injured Ihst their livs
ip in Vorardv, nl'hnnTli h surgeons
retried yea'erdav the'r opinion tlit
all tha injured would live
rVonel W. C Hennl, -oninisndiiig
ifllror of tVliofiflld P. arrneks, lins ap
minted a board of investigation which
a a'read at work on the caac, but tie
itatvnient has yet been modi ns to how
he live bomb exploded with such
rai'ie' results, wlietlier It wn about
'o le thrown or whether mixed in s
ox with rd-callcd "ilmn.nv" grenmles
nd etnloiled when the box contents
were dumped out.
Illlea aud'Znjured
t!orpoml John L Simmons, ('ommay
F, First Infantry, kille I instantly.
ii bo.ly being considerably mnuglod.
'lis rrenrest relntivn resides in i'iiol
nont, South Carolina.
In the group nearest the exjdoaiee
iren, were nevernJ oftVprs who wert
iTiore or lean eerinisly injured. Cn
ain l'eter tVirenvn,' I. It. (', First
n'nntry, and First Lieutiiinnt W. C
innna, name reg'.mrat, were very Re
iouly injnred, living fragments strik
n g their hod its. (.'nptnin Soreuycn hai
Imilly lavceratexl nrm, one picxe tear
ug a targe hole in the npper pari
iinutetiant Ibuinn was injiwed in the
lkili. Both have lMeii removed to tb;
')aBrtnica HiMpital nt Fort Shuftei
'or, special tre.-vtmont.
Lie.itenuut J.nwreuce M. Fngg. Flrnt
"nfnntry, reciveil wounds in the thigh
nil Virxt Lieut. WilKnm II. Young, I.
f (' . Fir" In'aniry was wounded in
the side. Tbe hitter is from Mnui and
as' formerly a mnjor of the National
iuafd of tht-i Valley Isle.
Sergeant Jim II Cwynne, Companv
!v Fir.it Inrantrv, wns injured in the
'bdomen as Well us in the thigh.
Immediately all the wounded men
vere' hurried to the post hospital foi
Irst aid treatment. au'l afterward'
lieu it wns foiui I that ('aptuin Soren
u and Lieutenant 1 1. inn a were more
eriously wounded than the otbera It
a decrderl to setid them to thex de
tartment hospital.
3en.'or on Job
Colonel Hoard reported shortly aftei
he explosion to -tcpurlmcnt headquar
ers, but no information was given out
Vednesday afternoon. Colonel Heard '
'nil rejiort waa sent iu yenterdny, giv
iug the details of injuries and stating
hut the explosion wns accidental. He
ilso snid thiit the surgeons in attend
rmev believecl all the injurtil men would
The Grenade School of Fire ia oat
if the most dangerous of all instruction
letails in th' post owinujto the danger
ius quality of the explosives handled
iy the men. The nreudea are so deli
ntelv adjusted tLat n mere slip of the
inn. I iu throwing is liable to brinj
erious, if not fatal, results to the
hrower. On the first day a grenade
as exploited at the First Heserve Ofli
ers' Training ('limp last year, oac
fell upon the grass near a parapet and
'ailed to exploiter It was treated with'
xtreme csre and a detonating charge
placed near it and exploded by alec
'rieity. This cause I the grenade to ex
plode" nnd the dangerous factor was
Accidents Frequent
It is explained thai accidents similar
o that of Wedneiday are constantly
wctirring at uosts nion the mainland
iml in Frame and are to be expected,
narticularlv when mer) are training
!,with dendly explosives to cuab) them
to cope with an enemy.
In Wednesday's accident Captain
Ho reuse n, who was very close to the
greuude, was struck with terriflic force
by scattering fragments and bis com
rades wonder lie waa uot killed.
' Funeral services for Corporal Sim
mons were held bv Chaplain II. Win
ters at the post chapel yesterday t
two o'clock and lie was buried wun
military honors in the post cemetery.
Pays $11.34 To
Send $.85 Sack
of Coal East
I.OH ANGKT.KH, February 8 Mrs.
L. t. I-avciithal of 1102 East Twenti
eth Street paid 11.34 to send an 85
eeut sack of coal from Los Angeles to
her sister in Bridgeport, Conn. Hoe
paid eighty -five cents for a 100 pound
sack of conl, twenty cents for double
sacking, !i.H0 express charges and a
forty-nine eeut war tax on the con
lignmcnt. It was expressed to Mrs.
Arthur Hard. 142 Sanfoid Avenue,
Bridgeport, Conn. Mrs. Laventbal snid
her sister was unable to get fuel to
heat her house.
SYJiNI Y, Febnmiy 10 ( A-aociated
.I're-st- 'l"ie g'lvernuirnt of New South
Wuli s Iiiih a;'Teed to supply the States
of Victoria, Mouth Australia, anil West
Australia with all the coal they need
for a period of five years The New
South Wales govwriiUMsut Intend to na
tionalize all the coul mines iu the State.
wemtn wr CttiidreTi-Trampled.
To Death fijid Great Num
" r berr Perish FfarttM
l,ONrON, rebraff '2?(A0elBte
p-ess) A hundrrt!rieieoseianJ
children were trampled i leath In the
rente that Allowed the oHopa f a
jrraadataad la- HohjrVong,' weewdiaf to
r a aA.LA-k . ,i'm . i.a
a fit Wblcb followed taa'olraDoa of
The traeedy occurred t the traanet
Jockey Cltrb face, whicb V orisMtote
n of th chief txrrtlBj' event v of
Hon aiT tmtl wtch are atteiwled by
hcnand of Chlncae ' a svefl m by
tpracftearly the eottre hrf pepulatloh
'of the Ity. . 1
hm (be raeea were Va progreae, the
welyht of tke tvnmenae erwd eavaed
tho grrKleartd -f's fell. Manf who
ver not. killed dlreatiy by the col
lapse ef tbe etraetare were trampled
nndot font by ho fraatle nlHt4.
To artd to the borrnr ef the attain
tinayftre brobe emt la the wroeketl
steMcause.-atwl ktndrarfe ef helptene wo
iwoa aM etilldfea died ttrriekjng la the
ps. from whleh 44 apectatora were
unable to reeetre there: ,
i ' s
Zactiifed. tying UaxffkWft Brought
To United State Reveals Fact
Ttiat rnlerlbt ShjTf Went 4oto
Its JUtangfactare "
WASlIKvXjTOIT, February W (Ae
sociated freea) Oermbay U enable to
obUln eaiubie maiaiua for tbe eo
atuction of airplaoaa, -U la demaoetra.
:rV by a captured Qeuaa plane wbieh
h'na been brouirbt to the Uaited States.
Tbe eloae. blockade 4mpaaed by th Uni
td BUtea and Ue AJiion, axui ue ex
haustion of her own reaevreea, are mak
ing it aaeeaaafy foa Germans to use
poor material ia the auuuif aature of
t air erafL.
' The airplane which haia been brought
to this eeantry eveala upea examine
tion-the use of Inferior materials, pro-.
ing thai tbe' Gesmans are bard pat to.
it to obtain taeae wbtAh ,taey neeo in
the construction, of airplanes, ,
LONDON, February 10 Associated'
Press) "Jerusalem today is smiling
and contentod," says a letter -from aft
ffWr in the British toree's there.
"Food supplies are not abundant, bnt
they are sufficient. Affluent people
never were ia want, but during the war
prices went apt ao high aad -too paper
money was at such a discount that the
poor suffered greatly, aad there were ac
tually many death fTom slow atar-va
"Conditions have now undergone a
remarkable ebange. We are giving em
ployment to all the men in road-making
at ample rates of pay. Even the young
boys assist at the light woak'and at
meal tiuies whole families Join, tbe men
folk at their meals by the roadelde.
"One of the reasons for, the- bigs
prices of foodstuffs was that tbe Tur
kish officers wore all speculati(i. Tkey
bought wheat and flour front their mili
tary depots, tbe coat being debited
against their pay, whjeb waa pW lj
paper. Then tney sold the supplies for
jold, which was worth Qve time more
than paper. When Turkish evacuation
seemed immineat, these ofHcexa til Aad
to unload, and prices fell considerably.'
.; ' 'ft l ',!.. U
WASHINftTON, Jwbroary 2ft (Aa
aoeiated Press) Following tbe aa
noujiceineat from the atate department
that the Italian and French govern
ments had signed the treatiee empdwJ
Bring the United aHatea to fltaft ibeif
nationals hotdiag fret aataaaUeartioa
papers and that Uke Britaab aad Caaa
dian authorities bad aigaM 'oavea
tiens to the aame geaeaal AftVet, the
Alien Siaekenr Bill sraa passed 'Oft tkird
reading ta tbo ttoaae yeeteiemy.
WASHINOTON, February 28 (As
sociated IVest) Selfish and unpatriotic
teelers end inerithant wbo ba'e been
t nk lug advantage of tha situation are
:ted by the war to boost prions and
uuike undue profits have been eurbed
tv the government, according to a
statement yesterday by Senator Lodge.
tie said that government price fixing
mi -iwi TThr trmttteennir;
I i il r-mmm
Because ef Ite teete aad teswUve aleet
LAXATIT anOMO QPU"lOt wiH bo toned
ctter tbaa ordlsanr Qnlnjae, PoeeaaaVcawM
iwrvomnsess. nor rlaatac la tbe bead, ft
member, there ti aatr oae "BrotM Qatjlae."
Tbe soiaaliu ol 8. V. Oior; ia e.M
Germany Using Poor
Materia ft ;
(fiterminab Delayt'eU Washirj
tori Over Contriott find ' '
: (Matt aWtal 4 the AirerUaer)
WAttaTJvOTON; rebraary If Coca
plalat4vfV efAflmtrnf beVe"abowt un
due delay WtfV' tb wanoaeture of
flying a1ilas for the European war.
A speckle' eomplalnt, the eofreetaett ft
wbieh. ianot vouched for, but which bi
meattaoed for whatever it, may be, baa
to de with "dope" for the .covering
of winga. It is anderatood that each
flyrn toachlne require aboot fifty gl-
lons, more or lean, of this dope aad that
plana have beeh about' to provide be
tween. 9,000,000 and 10,000,000 gallons,
tbe edppty te like rate also
Of the fn-
teresrs or toe niuci nations in ine
maanfaettire of marblnea.
It is aaid that the AlwrJft Prodqe
Mon Board, ad kindred authorttiee
hiving ta do with providing this
''dope', have been delaying for over
two months In making It ready." Hefe
'ofore, at tbe etofy eoea, nitrate of,
cellulose .- baa bee ehlefly used for
vtalnihff tbeee w I figs, it bivlng proper
flea that W eary fill tbe pores of tbe
falrle bnt bHnk and Mg&ttn It. Tbe
nitrate1 of lellulose keWevef, ia hign
1y Inflammable which ia laid to account
for the frequent burning of flying ma
ebinet when In the air. Not only will
a ewemy ballet r trthef missive ec
eaeionally set tire to tbe airplane wings
vt it kaabeea known that sparks from
'he meters would start the fire In mad
lr. OanaerreentftV there ban been a aeareh
for some material that la not tafia ab
atable and formulae have beea studied
out by -the French and Americans,
whieh have ae a baste acetate of celnj
e, kavinp na one of its prominent
elemeate acetate "of rimethe eunply of
whiek le eery limited.. The claim Ss
made that tbwra ( practically no dif
ferenee between tbe French and Amer
teaa formaUe bat tat a decision of
heueetloa bf eappliee and the mak
'ng ft eoti tracts baa been delayed in
erminably, referred fret from oae
Wean to anetbet and then from bte
scientist to aaother.
Ittobably tbt aenate mllitarv affairs
icmasarttee eoald qniekly get authorita
rian mrormarwa va tbia subject, were
ite aaeatbere ta make an effort. The
aitentfea ef fntleat noestble nrotectior,
fee tbeae fryiag machlaea Is, of eonrae,
of very great mowMtat, Naturally tie
agent nnd attorneys, on tbe outeiiic,
tf impatiett, posalbly over-impntlett
at delays Imt, as the story poes, tie
lelayw ia tbis instance bSVe outrun tlje
arainary bastaess requirements for
mreful procedure.,
1 "it eaVeuld 'be aaid, perhaps, that in
Tarriee have ffenefaHr indicated that
tbe aircraft production beard was get
ting along fairly well with its irrelt
taaka of reistag-aa army af. flyer anjd
urirviuiag-BiB4e I or ritgnt.
WASHINGTON, February 12 Re
eaentative XMoed of Virginia, rep re
renting the Admrnrst ration on the houst
floor this aftertaoon ia opposing th
to-called " alien slacker" bril. declnr
id that tbe aett draft is not likely t
tome before JJay or June. The atate
oent a made .to reassure members
who feared that foreigners might net
"e subject to .the next call unless con
jreaaioiial, aciioa was taken at oucr
WASHINGTON, February 28 (As
WciateJ Pseas) Director General o!
Bailroawla McAdeo yesterday issuexl
negulations psovUling for the rigid cos
-roil of aiumr ahipineiita in tbe navi
iable wtt,ers of tbe United Btatea and
of tbe provisioning and haniUing of
munition ships. Every possible percaa
tlon is to be tnkeu to prevent a repet
tion In ta American port of tbe Iluli
fax diaaater.
Col fee tors of rastorns in the various
ports are to be instructed to enforce
tannery regulations. , .
UEV YORK, Vebruary 15 Bear A4
nMral Bradley D. Fiske, I. H. N.. re
tired, baa been elected president of tbe
Array and Navy Club here by the
governors of that organisation, it was
announced today, rne club baa a mem
bershtp of 2,800 all officers In the two
jOJTDON, February EflAasm intd.l
Preae) Almerie Pa net. one of the now
neers has decided to take the title of
Baron Queenborough.
Almerlc Hujti Pajet mi'rried "rfi Am
ericaa girl, bliss Vvuline WhiOn-v
daughter of tbe late WilHoin C. Wbit
nev. once eecreiary of tbe navy. II i
wife now becomes the Baroness Queeii'
borough. Paget lived for many years
In tbe United Htstes. engaging in ranch
life and fanning in the Northwest nnd
afterward lived in New York City.
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wiajoritx'Listed As Casualties In
( Wednesday's fighting Are Not
senousiy Anectea, says rarts
Both Sides Are Testing Out ach
Other's Defences Berlin Air
Cfrlmi for Day Are Big
P ARIS, February 28 -(Associated
Press) Two more
Americans listed among the a
ualties from the Clerrrian gas' at
tack on the Lorraine front on
'Wednesday died at the' first aid
station yesterda, malting five
deaths in all from gat fallowing
that action. .Altogether sixty
Americans are numbeml amotig
the s victims, but the tnajority
of them are not badly, affected. .
There were infantry faids all
along the Western front during
the past twenty-four hours, the
British aqd French carrying out
a series at widely separated
points, while the Germans also
threw raiding parties against both
the French and British trenches.
Two German raids in force
were attempted against the
French, one on the Chcmin des
Dames sector, close to that por
tion wherevAmericans are employ
ed, and another at Butte de Mes
nil. Both raids were repulsed. ,
An attack by a large raiding
party was launched at St. Qtien
tin by the Germans, the British
meeting it with a heavv fire and
driving the Teutons back before
they had reached the front line.
Berlin wireless1 reports inter
cepted here claim that yesterday
the Germans brought down fif
teen Fntente aiqilanes and two
v-aptive balloons. No reports from
either British or French head
quarters have been received to
justify this claim.
Berlin also reports having cap
tured two regiments of Russians,
whose retre;t north of Dorpat
had been cut off. Dorpat is in
I.ivonia, about a hundred miles
south of tbe Gulf of Finland.
Cherokee, Battered In Gale, Went
Down Off Delaware Cape
WAHIII.N'trTON, February SJa (As
ici iatcil I'roHs) The navy tug Chero
kee fotiinlcrcil ami went lown off the
Delaware Cape yeatenlny and thirty
aien of her crew are believeil to have
been lost. 1
The tug wns attempting to round tbe
cape in a gale, which swept tbe water
over her iu great tlooils, -drowning her
eugines and making her helpleia. As
nhe'fell into the trough of the sea she
was swept under and battered.
The boatswain ami amo mouthers of
the crew who managed to launch one
of the rafts were saved, being the sole
survivor from tbe vessel.
WASHINGTON, February 28 (Aa
sociatad 1'ress) Frank WeUa ef Kan
sas City, well known leader of organ
ised labor, has been upolnted to reu
rcHcnt labor on the public national
poliey board. He will have as one of
his fellow members former President
Taft, who was appointed to represent
The public national poliey bon.nl bl
been erented for the purpose jtl arous
ing all classes of people to the necessity
of winning the war and for the porpoa.
of coordinating effort nlou'j: thut Irue
AM NT KM) A M, Febnmrv 20-feao-ciutcd
Press) Prince Adalbert of Prus
sia, third son of the German F.mperir,
is the uiithor of a new book Citit1"d
"With M Uiittalion in tie Font I li
Trenches." It deals with bin ripnri
ene.eH as cesaninnder of Oernan eiatirtS
on the count of Flanders near Ze-brugge.

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