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I v..
T.u.1i,r' -.. ' . . t.-
? JJr(p??t Riding By State,
Rc$ta(ftan fOa MoDrncysToahe Island; ' No
ReasonSi'Mlvea; ur ynestws Answered la
Washington; Rule Strictly Enforced
, Through rft, mysteriou ruling rial information i,u tha subject, but
of 'lb tnta department, everyone de- 0 n such a ruling 1 it
.rring t book t any eastern steamship frr'" h'vi.0 h7 '" y the wife
,m . ,t ' of a local iron hunt, whose husband
fflce far a passage to Hawaii must .,. tnt)lpd lirr tn mHi, nn hji n,tnrttU.
firs, sccuro a paasport. No reasons are nation papers at once a he wanted to
gireitf.Dor aro any explanations vouch-
sufvd. .Questions are not encouraged.
No passport, no ticket. This is the
ruk; taker it or lenve it.
The. Advertiser ' correspondent a
Washington has tried to get nwnf in
formation o the ruling that n ill throw
light upon It, but beyond the fart that
he baa secured cnn&rtnatlon of it lit!
rka ga nothing. George McK. MeCl'rl
lag, the Washington representative of
the chamber of commerce, meets with
& like lack of success.
(TbW mote or leia secret rule went
Into effect eome time ngo. Word reach
ed "The Advertiser of this or that trav
eller to Hawaii having been delayed
baeaaste of tha aeeeaeity of neenriru a
ts)rtr butMt wn tnken for pranted
that tbia wa our through some bone
head ateamihip eierk. or some bureau. 1
)erll at Waahington who had not been,
told that Hawaii wae In the Union. It
wma hot nntii' yeaterdny that definite
Kont-eata that the mline is official
and being enforred throughout theTnat.
Not tteacaed. Waat
TVvhapa th atraneett thinv about It
all la -that the ndlog ha nt reached
the Weat, or had not up until ten dava'
Tke lateet' atenmera have brought
people to Hawaii from the Kast who
4 to- get- paaaporta and people from
the Weet who. were told that passports
were tt Beeeeaary.
.Ernest O. Walker, The Advertiser's
Washington correspondent, under date
of IVtoTunry IS, writes abomt it ai fol
lowsi . ,"Oa of the most mvsterioua meas
ort of recent years with reference to
Hawaii is the imposition of a passport
reintlation for all passengers from the
mair.letai. Aparetly no written in
atraetiona for it were iasued from the
State department but the instructions
nevertbeleaa are in .force and the-far
that theae seem to be unwritten mnkes
it more difficult to have them revoknrt.
W,t'r-awalrlulTere etate
pnrtment officials are quite apt to re-
TJr-tkere- are u paaaport requirements.
"Bnt one. plan ui uc to journey. -or
voyage to Honolulu, who attempts to I
purchase a steamship ticket learn
very positively that he can not travel
tfcltaet Without a passport. He must I
funrjah a photograph aud a birth certi- I
float, although the latter requirement !
I Often being waived. Reasons for
M 4 1 i . M . .... . r . I
ruM'R uvu a ri-;uiuiioii inio cneei are
not forthcoming.
McKUM. Baffled
. Oenrge lcK. MeCellan. represent
ing the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce,
Haw been probing the status but with
unsatisfactory results. Mr. Flournov,
chief of- ttre pnrrt burewn of tlie
tat department, is very uncommuni
cative to pat the ao mildly and Coun
sellor Polk doea net farniek'nuich light.
A ai milar ragulattioa ia ia forre against
Torto Ble but the instructions there
are written. Howeer one taking a
sea . voyage from New York to New
Orleans need act have n passport.
. "The law that warrants the pass
port system to Hawaii Is not altogether
clear excerpt that it is war time and the
uoyerumeu bns very broad powers
front i various acts of congress which,
urilef Mich exigencies aro liberally cou
atruod. "Home of the best known residents
of Hawaii are now sojourning nn the
maiiklaad among them Ki-dov. Frear,
who apparently must have a passport
to get back hoaie. l"robably Delegate
KaianlanKiio, now understood to be on
his way to Washington, will have to
acquire a passport before he can re
turn to the Islands."
Striking Example!
The suggestion thnt Former (lov
cmor Froar may havo to secure a pass
port te return borne or that the Dele
gate wil have, to atay iu Washington
until, be can produce the proof that he
is an Amencun citizen, is not at all
fuf fetched. At the present time, a
Hbaoltila merohaat i ia in New York :
fraitiag'fp hU mrturali aatioa papers !
tff.lah.cb' bint from Honolulu, in order I
tUaJ he may buy a ticket. He cabled
for , these papers lost week mid hia
wife..aui)ha Distriet -Attnrnev Tl..),
"Jseit jalarat wlth the eable," wautiug 1
in auuw nun n an meant.
Mosea CUgg, the recently iiiMtalle.l
superintendent of the Oneen ' HosoS'-il.
ivas delayed in New York for twelve
duys while he sarojml the proof for
the ptissport olerk of the collector of
the port that he. ought to h gien h
pnaiHKirt. It waa necaasnry for him tn
secure cables from the tniatees'of tle
hospital thai they really wanted him
here and that he was trayoling on
legitimate buainees before he could get
the necessary peispart. They wantwl
his birth certificate, his pliotogrnph.
hin history uud his declaration of loyal
"I lotild net no satisfuetion at all
l iuv riNiiest fur the reason for it
all,!' says Mr.-.Clegg; "Ttold them I
wo AiiK'rioau, minting to travel to
a yei tion of Aaterie.n oa an American
whip that tonched. at im furei; n port.
it, iiotliihit 1 HuTd muile any differeiiie
'l'br- nioiplv wonblu ' answer uie, ex
ee. to Wo- Ihn-t I must get a pusi-por
Mid that J couldn't get a puahport un
lejn Ifi-vu' 1 pnne I mb Dn American
mid Uri'v elimr to Hawaii n UusiiieaN.
" Krtiaiuti'lv Dfx-tor Hiser was in
Vew York and he onched for me. hjtt
irrt tl-t he li:id liimtiii me for (ifteun
Omtl. Uulufol:iH)d
Piliiit Attoiney llnber has no otll
Defartent Puts Strange
8" noma
MaTabal Hmidd.v hui no advteei in
the maftei nor hnt the other federal
court oftUiialn. Apivjirentlv jt i not
yet neremnry to Hrrnre a paieport from
Wmhinpfon. to enable one to travel
from Honolulu to the Coaat, nor to the
other in'.andH. In this connection, the
latent ruling from Vnhln((t6d apply
inji to Hman i of interest. it
ruling in Him esKeU traveling
from one itlnml to unothcr now paaa
out of the tcrntoriiil wntera of the
1 I'niteil States v hen tliev reach the
here mile lirtit. This, "ruling came
when it w:id deridi'd thnt enemy aliens
trnvrlm' on Inter Ulnnd voyngea have
to secure permits from the distriet st'
torney. It was decided thnt inch
aliens were in reality leaving the Unit
p" t"la,r" Bnrt ":,',,,''r," " "irniand
wple; 'onsequently subject to restraint.
Important Cabrcgrams Sec Light
of Day Rather Late Deal
With Waiakea Lease
Oovernor Pinkhnrn yesterday mnde
public the text of n cablegram he hnd
ent to the secretary of the interior on
May 12 lavt, nearly ten months a:o, in
which ho urged the elimination of the
clause in the Organic Act which per
mits twenty-five homesteaders to force
the opening of public land to, home-
.ateada. Hid cable, which has resulted in
rrarrio; wa;
The twentv-five-
petitioner clauee. Organic ,aw,
ge 50, Bevitcd l.awa Hawaii,
litis, hus produced little genuine
huiaeateadiug, but much waste, ex
ploiting, speculating and much
practical transfers to Orientals
through long term labor agree
ments. As a war nMHsure. I urge
the diminution of seventeen lines
of Organic Avt, jiage 50, beginning
with " Whenever twenty 'five per
sons," and ending with "Thereon
shall have been barveated. " I ree-
oinniend pablic lands be placed un
der control eoinmiHHioner of lands
and Oovernor, and no lands be
sold or leased withont the- approval
of the secretary of the iuterior.
said ewntrwl to be forn term of six
cnr or longer if the secretary of
the iiitericr should so order. It is
neoetwnrv action be taken this e
Hion coogrens, as some large leasen
are i Unit to expire, l'lease ac
kri'iw ledge receipt.
This table earned the approving en
doresnu'Bt of the lurid commissioner,
H. (J. Rivenbnrgh.
A Follow Up
Another cablegram, dated January
-.'! lso saw tlw light of day yesterday
for the Orst time. It deals with the
!ame subject nnl wna signal bv Kood
Adntinistrator Chilil. It was iiddifsaed
to Admiuiatrator lliMicr mid wiib
countersigned bv J. Watt. "Iinestiga
tor food admiuistrntion,' ' ami snid:
Oovernor of Hawaii has urged
department at Washington take ac
tion eaiM- lands so they can be kept
in cultivation. Wuml.eu lease em
ering ix thousand three hundred
acres cane land expires June 1.
MM. If no action tnken inimedi
aelv three t house nd acres sugar
land go out of cultivation from
crop now being harvested. If ul
tivnted will produce fifteen thou
sand tons of sugar 1K0, otherwise
complete loss. They are alloweil to
harvest remaining three thousand
three hundred anres 1!I thereaf
ter sixteen thousand Ave hundred
tons sugar loss annually. Tree you
te eooperate.livjtlV-cif-parftneiit ra'rrv
luf tby Vievefnoi 'a roeounnendn
tion. (Jeorge Rolph knows nit tin
tion. Honiestearfiiig at beet cannot
revive the crop in full in six years
ami experience demonstrates iiever
to preaeat maximum.
M,.iJ.: , .
NKW YORK, February :7-(Aaso
ciated Press) - As a uart of its
plan for rapidly building up Uu Ameri
can luerehant marine with which to
cope with the tieruittli submarine cam
pail'.u, the federal shipping board will
within a month place a training ship j
at Sun F rauciscQ, A niionni.i.iiipo t t
this clt'eet vviis made here yesterday.
The purpose of the training ship' will
e to traiu men to become olticers of
the great fleet (jf merchandise carriers
flint the abinpinv board. ia-Wvlng built
to coiubut Hun r.rightfulniiss uud carrv
' oi'iei. supplies and mulerial for the
iiieii.iiu army and the Allies in Ku
MAKAWAO, Maui, which lies at an e'.sva icn of 1700 ffeet bci the; tea level, has the health
iest looking children in the Valley Island. They are rosy-cheeked, strong and healthy
and among the brightest pupils in the Maui schools. The picture' shows two prrouns of students of
tta government school at Makawao. Above are seen the children of Ahe different grades, while be
low is a select bunch The Advertiser artist succeeded in . getting to pose for a special picture. At
the very bottom of the lower group will be seen t te tops of the' heads of four bashful pupils who
managed to hide their identity.
1 ' ' ' ' " -
NTfl flFFP Rllir.H;
VMS.. w w.
rtTiJopmarly 200 Feet When Hit
oy iwoiorcycie rive uccu
pants Escape Death
Dropping from 15i) to 2M) feet iulo
Kipapu Ouleli in an automobile iu whirl,
they were riding, five persons, nil .lai.
auese. hud a remarkable escape fioni
injury Monday afternoon. The a.ei
dent was caused by a collision t iili a
motorcycle which wus ridden by 1'nla
(ialfin, a Filipiuo, who wus turn
bled to the roadside and received a
compound fracture of his left lee;.
Onouve, owner of the automobile.
.'!.'!!), Hazu-ki, the driver, and the own
er ' three sons were all iu the car :ii
the time of the accident. As it round
eil a bend iu the roH.I, the motor. -v . t .
tomme, towurds HoiHilulu skidded
eighty-three feet and struck the left
front heel of the automobile.
The force of the collision turned the
automobile tonurds the edge of the
pali aud before it could be stopped il
.-nihlied through the guard fence and
came to a stop fur down inside Kipupa
The police say that the rider of the
moturcyrle wus on the wrong side of
the road and that although he could
see the automobile for one hundrrd
f.-et before the collision he was uniibl.
to stop his vehicle and avert the u. i
(ialfin vvjien t'hrown from his motor
eh-le had hi.i leg'brokeu in two places
just above the kuee. lie was taken
to the emergency hospital for treatment
mid afterwards removed to tin- (Queen's
; 4. I
lioveinment whool exr.niinanons for
second term of the 1!17 1D1S vear
will be held from March 21 to 28
Ins piupusi principals and teachers are
requested to rend carefully pages 51
"'t of the Curse of Study, an I especial
K tin- revisions relating thereto, pub
linked in ltllrt and 11)17.
The .lutes for the second term exam
aeiions are as follows:
March 21, 1918 (irade VIH His
ton, !i;iill 11:0(1; Ornile VIII Spelling
I2:::u I :IMI.
Mi i. h 2'. ltllH Crude 1 1 1 (',
position and I iteratui-e. 11:1X1-11:110.
Maich 2"). 1II1S (irade VIII drum
mar, !':0(l 1 1:00.
Much 2fi. 10IS (irade VIII Arith
luetic, '.1:00 1 1 ::to.
March 27, 11118 tirade VIII y
Kiene Vol Sauitution. t:00 1 :O0.
March 2H, l',l 18 Crude VIII Ceo
graphy. H:00 11 :00.
Kveiv fnmilv should be provided with
( hambei laiu ' I'uiu Balm at all tiuiea.
Sprains may be cured in much less time
when promptly treated. I.ainii back,
lame shoulder puius in the side mid
chest and rhriiniatie puius are some of
the diseases for which it is especiallv
valiwihle. 'Pry this liniment and becouie
acquainted with i! qualities u,( v,.
will i.ewr wish to be Wilb,i: n f,,,
sale bv all dealers. B.mim.ii Siiith
Ltd., uncut- f
ugcuN for Hawaii. Adv :
Mi xC-
;,'. r:' ,'. . ;...::, rtf'1 .!
1 I "-II i rrr i ii i ii 'I 1 1 - - -.v.f - ,
. , , , ' i ' ' aa. I sj in I i ' i- V
-1 I ,'
.Hill I. I. , ... 1
Students of St. nlmuis College were"
treated to an excellently arranged pn
triotie program last Thursday after
noon in the college auditorium, the or
casiou being the tinnunl observation of
Wash.r.gton s birthday. The big hall
was siniplv decoruted with national
. .dot-. Above the stage wus n porttait
..t Ih . ." Father of Jlis Country."
1 he program w us
I. .-oat. h uud was a
carried out with
very intcrcftini:
oie. Music vv us rendered by the eel
I-;e ol
d ii ting
" Mv
Mil g bl
an I Fr
MI'.-e I '
hestra. Hrother Francis con
A tableau entitled " I'ncle
received a v arm reception
Dreum of the I'. S. A.'' wv.i
a quartet composed of Henry
A Ivin sil , a, Ruben Cockett,
nk Almeida. This song r.'
he exploits of Alueiieaii uim;
beoiuiiiuif of the. Republic. ii
I v an American Mihlier
. h. u- in t-ViiiiiT." In the ' ' ! .it
v i ii tlue ' ' t he v oiees of t he
) . I. i d.-d well.
' Ic I
Ii ii i ' in a i'
l ii" ml x a i
appeured in a r.'i-i
ta;;e. It was "Th-
' ' The Stlir Span. -led
ed by ATv in Silva.
i I st of a pplause ! ml
tiid of the reception
II unebei g i n i on 1
i in bin . ' '
of I lie da v ' opeoc I
playing and ' h
meiiea." It ci-iM-d
ani'led Manuel . ' '
at b
i'Ii t
i In... I
' ill' 'I'1
in." . a .
V -in ., -
i;. -n.'-io.
s,,,,,. V,
o .1 avd tin li.-sti i
. ei Kricdi ic b
n 1 1 y 's Flag
. Kirrft (.rude
ng the l'lag
le H.
and - ig - Washington . . .
. .... Second tirade
Heaiililnl Flag in the
. . . . . . ' tlo!;au
I I i I low niug of Wash
Third Crude
H'es-. Washiugloti 's I .un.l
The I la ' does By
. . . .... Fourth (ir.i.b.
The Most
V. .,r I .
K- I'ntion-
Sollu - tinti
. i tn t ion
' v- I it ', I'.
Hlne .Sixth tirade
Wall 'I he Ke;'; it Student
Hecil a! ion 'I he mericall Fin.
. . 1. Kiitynnnn
Sin';; Mv Hreain ..! the l S. A ....
lu'citetioii 'll.r ::.r spangled le
ner . Silva
I "' "it. " ' f ' I Soedei uiii'i
T;. ',),..,,- I'll. 1 1 S'llllllllV
le.-;t atb roli.n.l.r. . . (i. Hi ' -
Flli'.le Feath.T () n VcKilib'V
i a " i i I., the s. I.. C. OivlieMra.
i an hour
Keoni l.iilii worked
n "The Swordlish
up to the teacher.
he best scrapper of
i side is shaped like
an swim as fast as
its tnib more t Un n
with. The sword
ic south side of the
its face, which is
it eais with. It
mil swim like iimv
. ci h i s . om ;
Then he I
I il
ho i etol
sc. Ilish
Ih. in all The i
a t..:pcdo and
u aiisl.ii. . Il
its s iv o 1 1 1 to s
i in
has no scabbard.
The tail is on t
lish. The point ..a
its sw old . is what
p.lllli- II1"' a tin1''
othct lish."
I I h
'ih... '.
ii I VI,, i
l.ruurv 2d - i Ass..
ll'iti Ii .t. i
nk fllli a . : : i
il II.
.1 I
1 . , 1918. -SEMI -WEEKLY.
, , ,
i essay contest at ,
Many Striving For foeclals 'Offer
" ed By W. E. Miles
On Friduv afternoon nt four o'clock
essays must be handed in to Broth-
.lohn, moderator of tbe Literary
Society, in the William K. Miles' Essay
('oniest ope to high school members
oft St. 1 .011 is College.
I'apers are being turned in dailv and
the competition is exceedingly keen
in some quurters. The favorites, as
far as school gossip has it, are Robert
'.,,,, I ailrj Vincent Chun, members
of the class of '10 in the scientific
course. Ih an affair of -this nature
there is. however, no telling .what liter
ary luminary will arise for first honors.
Money prices of Ave, three and two
dollars were originally offered for Srst,
se ond and third places, respectively,
wiih the winner having the ehoice of a
un cial instead of the money. ThbJ has
: ll been ehnuged so thnt only medals
are up as prir.es.
Some Red Tape Here
Kmil A. Berndt, manager of W. W.
! -.loiid k Co., aud an alumnus of the
eolleae, has been added to the general
-.tiifT of liiial critics, which was former
ly composed of Brother Henry, presi
dent of the college, aud vViiliam ..
M iles, t he donor. '
He fore the essays reach the supreme
i ill. until of the contest they must puss
thi..iii;h a lower court, under the juris
.lotion of preliminary .judges Brnllutrs
V 'olph, Louis and Robert, who are to
select the ten best papers. This done,
the process of elimination will be con
tinued bv Iti Other Henry and Messrs.
Miles and Berndt until first, second and
third men are found.
, A report of Attorney Ceovge A.
'. I'm is as master of the accounts of
I Virginiu R. Isenberg and K. (I. Duisen
i berg, guardians of Atexaader H. and
, I'o lolf A. Iseuberg, shown that the
' I'letisaiiton Hotel, one of the iroperties
, of the lsen)erg estate, nn at a net
loss of trtOtW through the period since
the last annual report. It is stated
j thtil this net loss has been charged to
the minors though Viriniti Iseuberg.
. one of the guardians hss a life in
Here-. in the hotel property. Iu tke
report of the i;uardia us, reviewed l)i
' 1 he master, dhey are charged with
i s..i:;s.ni nsk to be allowed ..8,
, In. the master's rcort the court's
; ..Mention is called to nil item of f!7.VI
winch, was cabled to Man Francisco as
p; r of the purchase price of an nu
loinol.ile for the minors. The allow
nice or disallowance of this item is
left to the conrt In the report.
v vSHINUTON. February 20 i As
sic- at. id I'resn) Attorney (ieiicnil lire
'.'"" lodav oHicially fixed the week be
vniniiiv March 4 for the reKistratiou
and tinker i.rintiilg of (ierouin alien
ei omies iu Hawaii.
.- ..
Uoik on a new e.'tO.tKK) public school
W lioahu. description of which was
! e i about ten days ago in The Ad
i wrtisvr. is to I started withia a few
.'ii- IVclLjiiiiiHiv wink that is being
' ' .iiri-ti of feinovitig half of the
"' -t nclur.. to mn loom for the
Older Persons. Miglit
Do As Well By
Inutating This Girl
Rosaline Corrca Says Just
What She Is Doing
For Country
In a terse, cnarise war, with wends
that convey just what she means, Rpa
nline Torrea. (irnde VITf. Central (iram
uu'c ri hool. tells m this mnnthr's Kdncs
tional Ri'vien what she thinks of fond
i.nserviii ion and lie. I Cross work.
"I inn trviun to cuneervo food, bv
CTtin; foods thai are grown in Hawaii,
. i ... i,v . !, i onough. I am also
trying to save money to help tbe Rod
li.aa. instead ot buying riblions and
"'er hin..s ".essprr; and by- wear-
iut out an arti.le entirely.
"I am helping the Red Cross by eon
tributing money, by knitting wnah
rags and by going down to tbe Red
Cross rooms at the Palace to roll ban
dages. I " m not .loine anything in garden
Ing, just at present, but I Intend to
"t am exi.ressing my loyalty by
praising my Country in every way and
not contradicting her.
j "I intend to make a garAen and con
trjbate more to the Red Croaa.'-
I',,- : . I ... y
The fulleuinn pieces of furtiltori
have been made in the school nhrnif
on Maui and plnewl in the teaeheta'
cottages. R. V. Hnwmsn. voeation'
instrevtor in the allej- Island, reportt
the items anil costs:
4 7 tables t-ft. square...
32 tables 1H in. bv 21 in.
88 beds
15 food safes
8 -ill-ease a
1 00
82 W
iS AC'
Cost to county
unto-risU . .
The- above furniture lias practically
all beeu. placed in the cottages. Be
sides this there were sixty chairs. plae
e.1 in tbe cuttnires. Theae were not
made ia tbe schools but were some as-,
seaibly hall chairs thnt hud. beea die
earde4 by the Puis Bciool.
The large tablee were made of North
west stained dnrk oak or walnut. All
other pieces were made of rodwood
stained dark oak or walnut. i'
It is gratifying to add that this work
has beeu well done, and that tht
articles are both sigbtly and service
able. They reflect great eredit on tht
Mrtut tie hool shop.
The following news items are fTOsa.
the pnpera of the outsWI islandsi
Miss Annie (Tiling, of the faeulf v
of the Kamehameba III fvehearl, baha
na, was recently operated tifktn for ap
1eu. Ileitis, at the Pioneer plantation
hospital. She. Is eaavaleaeing nicety j
I r. I.. Ll latterson, of the tuberou
Intiis Imreau, has beea on Kaaai assist
ing the five physrclaaa here ia start
ing a card system for keeping record
nf the health of th School children.
lie returneil to Hoaatulu last week.
The following sehoals entered aad
have tiled papers in the Maui children's
composition eoatest which was ar
ranged to precede "food drive" week
and rlosad . last Fi-iday: Olowalu,
Kihei. l.anait -UaleksJui, Kaanae, Iu
tiUilii, Hana, Spreckelaville, Keulnm.
Makawao, Hamakuapoke. Haiku, Ka
uichaiuelut III, Wailuku, Puunene, Paia
Maui High, Wailaku Catholic. Ijhsiat
Catholic, Win. Sl Mary Alexander l'ar
lortaire, I'rimarv and grammar grader
of Maui High, I.shniualuua, Mauiiuob
A very large number of papers caiai
in, so many, iu fact, that all have no
vet been gone over. Tbe results wil
probably bo ready to announce nex
week. 1
l'. 1. l.ufkiu, upen iavitatibn, ad
Iresscd the pupils of Wailnku scIuki
Friday on the subject df the new thrif
stamps. He took up with him card
mil stamps, but, much to his surprise
lid not have enough. About thirty
five accounts were opeued with th
In his talk Mr. I.afkin emphasize.'
the fact that the Bank of Mam wishe
to i mirage thrift, by means of th
stamps, iu all schools. Stamps mav b
obtained at any bank or post 0 (bee unti
enough have been procured when i
war certificate will be issued. Mir
l.ufkin stated that'if any school teach
er is interested, his bauk or its brand.
es will make aueb the tiank s agent
for the purrtMU' of opening account
.villi pupils or others. '
The idea of the bunkt explained Mr
(.iifkin. is to eacournge thrift amou
ihe children, aad be said he wouk'
ike to see every papil'ili the schoolr
if Maui, in position so to do, take
the stamps. - .
l l-.M I'lllrt, JVIgruary 27 (s... i
li-.i l i. i-Twi) oujire Aniericuti youths
raf their-liven t' tkrir yuntrjr.y's
teidav, meeting death b tlittir while
lea i n t nn tn fly preparatory to going
to the American battlerent in Fuio'ie.
The two who werw killed ser Wll
linos Weissinger. of Burna Vista. Miss
issippi and W C. Htorey, of Freepurt,
New ork.
The aeropluhea of the two student
ailat. is collided ill tbe air mid both
fell to the ground and were killed.
i'iij it S ! ' ' '
!' Ill fl if,"" " fe3
Throughout till tduciational Insti
tutions of Hawaii They Are BuV
ing Thrift and Savings Stamp 3
Orntifying reports of tfie feaults of
the campaign for the. sale of Thrift and
Vr stamps to the students of the vnri
oas private schools, of the Territory
are now- commencing to come in to the
I'linaaoii Academy is nowr given a
laseitic atinti f one hiiiulrifL' percent,
s everv stn.tut ill the cJflffge has a
hrift card and has be .ght staaaps to
.id tbe .r,vernnent iu carrying; on the
ar agniast (iermany.
: Interest smug the four classes, of
he I'unsJlon Academy was nrutssed . by
itartlsg a cnnietitioH to aa which
sH would first get a one huarired
lerceat standins;. The honor was first
aken by the senior clnss, bnf tbe soph
inerrs, freshaien and piniors soon ae
nred a like standine,, in the ordr
A similar campaign was started Mon
lay for the sale of War Suvinj Cer
itMatos, This campaign is to be Con
isued tkrotiKhout tbe year. I.. C. llow
aad has In-en placed in charge of this
ass.aign nt Iuaabau.
Like th college, the p.epsrntory
hol nt Fannhon hns attsiaed a one
inn ire. I pcrceat rating, because srery
na. of the younger pupils nUo has
ought a Thrift or WUr caving Stani)i.
Uporta Oratlfiag
Credit for the success of the stamp
ampaign in the Pnnahon preparatory
bcool is given to Mrs. .Stuart Johnson,
' . ho has been in charge of the one kun
red werrent snla, and who in now on-
' ouraging all thfl pupils to rontlnae the
oad work of saving.
' Reports from other schools, both in
loaelula and-front the outride Island
ebnoU rre jas ?s gratifying, nad show
imilar interest.
Flans for the sale bf tha Thrift and
Var Stamps at tha St. l.ovis: College
re now being maiTp. A part of the
Inn is to attempt to interest every
todent in St. I.oois CoHefe tyateaia
ically to invest all he ran. spare ia
be government' investments, brother
.outs is in cearge or mis rotnnaiga.
v Merle I.. Copaland of the Mid-Faeiflo
aatitnte is handliag tbe sal of tbe
..tamps in the. Kawaiahao Seminary and
S Mills School and good sales are re
parted with larger ones promised for tha
. From Sacred Heart School, I-akaina,
iaui. cosaes a rrtruent for aH the litera
ure securable regarding tha stamps
nd.a hearty endorsement of the plan
a iatereat children la learning, tha
labit of savlug. Tbia request: and,ea
,'oxsameut waa written by. Father Bruno
, lenr priiKiyaJ the school,
lpkm Wanted
., . i
Similar iuterest is mnnifented-- la a
nvport from tbe Sacred Heart doavent
if Honolulu, wliicjc asks that a speaker,
asaitiar with th stamp i-ampaigB' be
teat to the convect to address tha
itudoata regarding tbe nacd and advan
age of buyiofr tka stamNt. This it to
tart off the eampaiga.
' -Another report from Maul, from the
Catbolis Bvhool la UTailukn, says thnt
thai, sale of- thw atamaa- was started
there over a month iagb aad Ibat the
pupils latereated are beiag kept up' by
weekly reminders. "Tbe boys da-tha
rest," sava the pTipcipal of the school.
The sale of the staiapst "wae started
in the Valley Hchaion conducted by
Vlias Louisa l.uews, on February 4 and
ip u February 1 87.25 worth of the
taaiie bad beea takaM by tbei students,
vti range in age frosa five to thirteen
tears old. She writes 'that a number
f tbe pupils rn tbia school are earning
money themasjvra which they ara in
vesting in tke stamps.
Hhe adds that "their interest is kept
itiraulated by example in mental
irithmetie. and by kepin1 before
hem the totni amount already, sold."
There aro only sixty children in the,
ichool, which makes their rcseit shew
ing a good one.
Mrs. J. K.' Oannon of Ijahaltia also
epi.rts that the ehildrea of her school
isve tke cards for the. Thrift Stamps,
.hick they are now buying.
Vill Take Matter; Up' With New
York Headquarters -
Hera use .1000 aerea- of sugnr cano
and at Waiakea, Hilo, will pass frpm
the control of the plaatation there on
futie 1, 11M, and tbe rop o( rntoou
cuae now growing might go tn wnate,
ud becanae Haaaii's sugar enne out
nit would lie lowered and there is ne
essity for conserving every, poutid of
near po-aib'e for wur ne)s. the Bi
vaiian Vigilaace Corps. of tbr Ameri
an Defense fVeletX' pkaspd.n resolu
tion at ita noon meeting; 1 j'estenltiv,
uthoriaing the executive committee to
aka tbe martbfup'intm'erliately wit
'he sottlety beadiuartiTa in Now Yruk.
The method of settlement, it was ex
dained, is not up to the society, biit
he New York headquarter is usk. d
o get publicity n.ud t,hu. aid in rev ii
'ng speedy action in Washington. It
vas further exi.Jained by Tresidiut
eorge R. Carter that action was leant.
" either here or in the uatiooul iiii-i-tal.
In addition to the 3000 acres men
tioned thiwc are 500 acres more nliicb
uie not uroduoUig nt the present time.
I'KKINil, I'ebrimry Sk ( Associuled
Pi) hin Nun Hsuiu baa iieen ap
iminted aeting premier in the pliicu of
Wang Chin Chan, who ia on a leave
of ahteuce, It W understood that Wang
is out of sympathy w ith the Pre?! lont'a
military policy.

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