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, : . '. .1. .,; ' .. ; ( ,. . . .,
: ' ''HAWAIIAN - GAZETTE, FRIDAY, MARCH 1, Wl'C.1-SfiMI-WEEniT; ' .A'; 'V V .ii'T.';;f ; V..
Afte Nine Months' Delay By Food
Commission and Governor,
Action, Is Jo Be Taken
Unless Steps Are Taken To In
crease and Conserve Supply,
Danger Will Threaten
With the available supply of mnt
matter of conjecture and the terri
torial governMeat t last prodded into
Apparent reeogaltioa of the urgent nec
essity of action whir will permit of
additional raoliities roc rattening cut
tle : and enlarging herds, aa Insistent
demand kss come into the ofllee of the
local Hatted States food admiaistrator
that Meat prices be Investigated and
After the" facte concerning the meat
situation have been in the hands of the
territorial government nine montha, the
attention of. the Governor and of the
board of egrWoKure and forestry haa
been? called to the report of a apeeial
committee ef the food eoaaiiasion with
requests thai action be taken.
Disquieting -revelations that have
been made by Kben Low of the Vigil
oce. Corps concerning the alleged eon
tool of the cattle and meat business
have possessed the public with alarm
for- the future.
Report OoUocto Dost
' The qoeetion is being pertinently
aaksd, wast was the use of the terri
torial food commission bavins- a com
preaeasive Investigation mads of the
meat sMuatio and recommendations
mads by the Investigating eommlttee,
if the report ires merely to be filed
way ia a pigeonhole to collect dustf
It is knows that while Dr. A. L.
Dean was executive officer of the food
rommimion, Albert Homer, chairman
of the tommittee that made the Investi
gation, called to see the report and it
tort. Doctor Dean two days to and it.
After . T. Child succeeded Doctor
Dean, lr. Horner called again to ex
amine the . report and it took Mr.
Child a week to And it.
And la the meantime, according to
EVea Low, the meat situation has been
going from bnd to worse and prices
have been aviating steadily, while the
important report of the meat investi
gating committee has been mildewing
ln-the office of the food commission.
Oat Step Taken
. At a beginning to a campaign against
' the high prises ef meat the food ad
Ministration took stepa yesterday to
hare the prises of salt and pickled fish
for sale in the meat markets be made
by the pound as fresh fish are now be
ing sold.
In nil of the stalls of the city market
pickled salmon, whieh is sent here from
California, is on sale by the piece. The
fool administration will iasue orders
that this be changed to conform to
methods at the fish counters.
In. the first part of bis exenraina for
th. purpose of tabulating figures for
the food administration, Mr. Low dis
covered that the sale of meat is not
so subject to trading on the part of
the vendors and is much more uniform
than the 6 ah prieea were before the
vision of the government.
FrtOeo Toe BU
'Meat prices, although uniform, Mr.
Low says, appear to be much higher
than1 -Is justified and not in keeping
with the general scales that have been
fixed elsewhere under the price super
Vision of the govrnmnt.
Vail ststistiei as to the number of
aattle slaughtered, prices and commit
aiona all through expenses, and above
all the available supply of beef will
be compiled snd standard prices ap
proximated. The investigation will
Involve a complete probe of the meat
situation throughout the Islands.
Mysterious Aa Usual
Food Administrator J Y. Child said
yesterday Uiat there have been few
developments in the meat situation
which cannot at the present time be
mad public.
A streaaoue effort will be made to
iavc aetion taken by the territorial
authorities upon the report of the rom
mittea of the Territorial Food Com
mission whieh pointed out needed
remedies. Persona who are interested
- J ttie problem said yesterday that in
efficient methods of cattle raising in
Hawaii, aa regards utilization of land
for grafting purposes, are sure sooner
Of' later to place Hawaii in an uncom
fortable predicament. The question of
breed ef cattle that will bring proper
food returns la one that still remains
Unsolved, although the matter ha
bean much Improved,
sfsrw Stock Heeded
' With the exception of the Parker
Ranch? on Hawaii, little attention bar
I in. than past been paid to develoninp
jroo4 meat esttle. Part of this aitua
t Jon is due to the fact that the first
' . Csttte," brought in were designed foi
' beta dairy and beef enttle and wert
arall la,ataiura aad frame. On many
' reaches where dairying was conducted
. along with the meat business it was
fun4 that the mortality among ralver
offset the revenue that could be ob
tained from the milk of the mother
i.fows, and the result was that the dairy
"feature was dropped.
Ths Importation of new stock that
would bring this dairy stork up to the
, requirements of beef herds waa prac
tised very sparingly so that the averse
COW .that la alauRhtereri for beef in
Honolulu today has inferior meut iiunl
Itles. it is said.
' . This contributes soniewhut to I lie
Tries of meat here, but Mr. Low be
' , lieves that the martrinn of profit are
, Out Of sll proportion to the cost of put
, tiag meet oa the market sni to war
time regulations. Many of thc- small
framed eows cannot be fattened prop
, erly because of lack of pasture land
' which could have bee- plac-d nt the ilia
, oeal of the cattle raisers by the Oovor
r' n'e P"i us the report of
V the Special committee reroinmended.
Efforts Being Made To Fix Re
sponsibility For Strange Reg
ulation and Get It Rescinded
Steps are being taken without delay
to secure a clearing up of the evident
mix up in regard to any necessity that
is supposed to exist regarding passports
for persona Honolulu-bound from the
Information ia to the eflVt that no
passports are required, but, as in the
rase of the man in jail for something he
eould not be jailed for there he was.
The state department, as the corre
spondent The Advertiser at Wash
ington learned, ia very apt to deny the
necessity, but that it exists is testified
to by those beat in a position to know,
namely the prospective travelers.
Correspondence of the promotion
committee with the state department,
dat l some montha back, explains that
asaenfM for the Orient or Australia
who ni'iv desire to lay over in Honolulu
wvt sec are passports before sailing, as
they cannot be procured either here or
from here. At the promotion commit
tee it is thought that this ruling is the
one that haa been misinterpreted by the
clerks of the passport bureau.
McClsllan Is Queried
Raymond C. Brown, secretary of the
chamber of commerce, recently received
a letter from George McK. MeClellan,
advising him that an intending passen
ger for Honolulu hnd asked his assist
ance towards securing a passport. The
passenger was informed that such
would be necessary. Mr. MeClellan
went to the state department and was
informed that no aurh order had been
issued. He then went to other depart
ment bureaus with the object of run
ning the matter down and, of course,
they knew nothing of the mat'er.
In his letter to Secretary Brown he
ked for cable advices as to the status
if the matter here, on. I was cabled to
as follows:
' Referring to your letter, passports:
Our understanding passports required
nrore leaving mainland passengers
stopping over Hawaii destined to
"rient. No passports required If des
tined Hawaii. Are we correct T"
No answer has been received to this
aa yet, and evidently Mr. MeClellan ia
ndeavnring to pierce the official desire
o cover up and get a definite state
ment one way or the ether.
In all probability the promotion com
mittee or the chamber of commerce will
communicate with Delegate Kuhio by
cable and ask him to straighten out the
matter and have the state department
notify ita passport bureaus, partieular
y the bureau in New York, that the
holding up of Honolulu-hound passen
gers is wrong and unnecessary.
Vnst Be Cleared Up
It i important that what is an evi
dent misunderstanding of conditions be
cleared awy at once, as the promotion
'ommittee is about ready to launch ita
'ampalgn for a big publicity fund. The
hips have been assured through a
blanket license to the T. K. K. aad the
nacific Mnil to engage jn Hawaiian
business, and all that is being waited
for today is k response from the T. K.
K. bead office in Japan that the line
will stand resdv to do ita part.
Secretary Halton has had some inter
esting Correspondence with the ship
ping board and its division of opera
tions at Kan Francisco. He wrote to
Captain Pillsbury of the board, asking
for an explanation of the apparent'
Paradox of the board threatening to
withdraw the President and Governor
Prom the Honolulu run if not better
Patronized, and nt the same time in
"trueting the San Francisco ofllee of
the Matson Navigation Company not to
Mieourasre travel to Hawaii.
Travel Not Encouraged
A replv came from C. W. Cook, as
istant director of operations, who
vrote, in part: " Kxcept that I and not
Captain Illlsbury was the one who in
formed the Matson Navigation Com
anv, your understanding is substan
tially eorroct. At this time ws are
operating ships to take care of neces
sities, and the shipment of non-easen-"inls
or frivolous traveling is not en
'ouraged. For the benefit, however, of
'hose who are ohlinl to travel, I may
ay te you that the steomera of the
Toyo Risen Kaisha and the Pacific
Mail Company are now authorized to
nrry passengers between Han Fran
cisco ami Honolulu. These ships, to
gether with the facilities afforded by
hoNe of the OccHiiic Company, the
China Mail nml the Mntxon Navigation
jOwaiiv. should be ample."
This information was supplemented
by rt letter from the shipping board at
Washington, explaining that this privi
'ege referred to both outward sad
homeward vnvages, the foreign liners
being given the right to carry, in addi
tion to pnssengers, "perishable freights
inch aa pineapples, I. ananas and other
light perishable eariro."
' ' Frivolous Travel ' '
" I'nder these circumstances, " wrote
Tohn A. Donald, one of the coronvssicn
! "I n.t thnt the people of Hawaii
will feel that the shipping board has
heir interests in vu w and that by the
above arrangements they will perceive
'hat their requirement have not been
altogether neglecterl. ' '
This is eminentlv satisfactory, al
thougU- it cannot be seen by the ordi
nary obscrer of events why travel to
Hawaii by fhose able to come and es
cape the rigois n . I the dangers of s
fuelless, lianeroiis seaHon on the main
land in ships that have been running
el most empty should be termed "friv
olous truvel" bv Mr. Cook. It can not
vw retarded "frivolous" for the
very young, the very old, the infirm or
t v.i anil tht is the
greater part of the "tourist" business
Hawaii ever expecte.l to do this season.
A good many people think rheums
tisiu cannot be cured without taking
nauseous medicine. Chamberlain's Pain
Halm massaged thoroughly into theakiu
has cure. I fur moc rheumatism thau
any internal remedy in existence and
gives lehet quicker. Fur sale by all
dealer. licniou Smith Jk 'o., Ltd.,
agent for I III a 1 1 A I v t.
Controversy In Company Comes
To. Head and Manager Is
Discharged By President
Capital Stock of Latter, Concern
To Be Greatly Increased
and Changes Made
The discharge of Bumner B. Paxson
from the official staff of the Bchnman
Carriage Company, of which he was
vice-president and. manager, a reorgan
isation of the Boyal Hawaiian Oarage
Company; with which Paxson is to be
come identified, the filing of a suit
against Paxson, and the prospect of
legal entanglement, over aa automobile
agency, involving a Honolulu banking
house, were eveats-'that stirred Hono
lulu's automobile world yestsrdsy.
Rumors of trouble among the officers
of the Bchumaa company have be? n the
subject of gossip among automobile
men of the city for some time and
these were confirmed yesterday when
it was announced that Paxson no long
er was An offleer of the company.
Schuman Explains
"I discharged Paxson because his
methods- -of running the business and
mine did not agree." This was the
terse way in which President Q. 8ehu-
man of the company answered when he
was acted about the controversy. He
was unwilling to give details of an
other angle of the trouble which, ac.
eordlag te reports related to aa over
drawn aeeouat in the company's office.
Presldeat Bchnmaa stated, however,
that questions concerning ' the . over
drawn account were a part bf the trou
Paxson last night confirmed reports
that he had left the Schnman com
pany, saying hs had been intending to
quit the company for some time and
He offered the eomsvent that President
Schnman knew of' this.
PaxVon CKves Seasons
"The original trouble dates back aev
eral months when I refused to dis
charge tin American bookkeeper of the
company and fill his place with ar
Alien enemy," he asserted. He said thai
he had disposed of practically all of
his holdings in the Bchuman company
And that the ' it against him, filed by
the fjehuman company, probably refer
ed tq the eoatroyersy over the draw
jng account. 1 !
On this subject he ssid that a detail
f the Behuman company's business
'he importation and sale of mules, had
Seen carried on under an agreement
under which he was to receive a cer
ain percentage of the sales as a com
mission. He had never received thir
ommisalon, he asserted. ,
The suit that was filed in the circuit
-ourt yesterday afternoon by the Bchu
-nan company against Paxson is based
in the allegation that he is Indebted
o the eompsnv to the extent of ap
-coximstely 2000. Whether of n5
'his will be followed by other actions
Sas not been disclosed.
Boyai Oarage Chaogea
President F. W. Macfarlane of the
Boyal Hawaiian Oarage company eon
firmed last night the report that Pax
son would become an official of that
company and said also that important
changes are to be acted upon this morn
ing at a meeting of the directors of the
Royal Hawaiian Oarage company.
Under the reorganization Paxson, the
president said, ia to become a joint
manager of the Royal Hawaiian Gar
ige company with George 8. Wells, who
heretofore has been manager of the
"ompany. Another change in the com
pany will be an extensive increaae.In
'he capitalization. It was first report
d thnt this increase would amount to
"75.000, but President Macfarlane of
'he company said the increase probably
vould be in excess of this amount. He
vas unwilling to say what the increase
would be.
Other questions that may take the
"ontroversy into court have to do with
the agency for the Chevrolet car. Pax
on said last night that this agency
vas originally held by C. W. Bpitx,
automobile man of Kauai. Some months
n o a plan to organize a new automo
bile company under the name of the
Hawaiian Auto Sales Company to han
dle the Chevrolet car was proposed,
''rdt and ftchuman were to be at the
head of this company and Paxson wsr
nterested in it.
Company Never Formed
According to Paxson, arrangements
to form this company were eoneluded
witi a mutual agreement, after which
Bchuman went to the mainland to ar
ange details about the agency. Upon
his return after a number of Chevrolet
ars had been ordered in the name of
he new company, Paxson asserts, Bchu
man refused to niu.n the papers of in
corporation, with the result that th'
omnany never was formally organized
Within the past several months a
number of shipments of Chevrolet
"ars have arrived with drafts at
tached addressed to the Hawaii
in Auto Sales company, the or
Tanization which never was formed.
These shipments have been accepted
by Scbumsn who has paid all the
In doing this. I'axson asserts, Bchu
nan has violated a territorial statute
by. conducting the business of the com
pany whieh not only has no chartef
o ooernte in the Territory, but which
in fact does not eint. In this connec
tion it is ntiestinned also whether the
bank through which the drafts passed
was within its rights in accepting pay
ment from K.-human and thus releas
ing to hi in cars that had been shipped
to the non existent company.
A fight for 'he anency of the ear Is
another possible outcome of the situation.
Whole Floor - Is Rocking and
Seething, Avalanches Roar
Down Sides and Activity of
Volcano Is Steadily Increasing
HXLO, rabtuary 28 (Special
to The ' Advertiser) The whole
floor around the now obliterated
pit of HsJetrtacmsn in the crater
of Kllauea,. U rocking and seeth
ing, while aew flow of lava la
pouring across the crater and the
former flows are Increasing In
vorojua, y ..
The fast house and scientific
station art threatened with de
struction by the new flow and by
to trembling of the crust under
the terrific gas pressure. Earth
quake are frequent and are ex
pected te Increase In violence.
Yesterday they eaaaed a great
avalanche on the west wall of
Kllanca, thousands of tons of
rock and lava dashing down the
steep , declivity with a thunder
ous roar.
The south flow Is still advanc
ing and steadily covering new
areas of the crater floor. The
lava of that flow la still following
th Una toward the old parking
station which, Ilk the automobile
road Into th era tor, Is covered
many feet deep with black lava.
It Is believed here that the
crater Itself will overflow down
the, slop of th mountain through
a broach In th west wall This
flow, It la conjectured, may fol
low th old 1820 flow toward
Kau. Th' avalanche which oc
curred yesterday was near th
spot where th 1820 flow broke
over th wall of th main crater
and poured down to th sea .on
th Kau shore. This was gener
ally tn th direction of th present
counTy road from th Volcan
House to th XapapaU Ranch.
Two Fires In Different Parts of
the City Call Out Depart
ment For Fast Runs
Despite efforts made by the firemen
and oearby neighbors to extinguish it,
fire, believed "to have been started
from a stovs in the kitchen, completely
destroyed the home of T. Isocaki, Tenth
Avenue and Kflohana Road, Palolo
Valley, yesterday afternoon. No one
was at home at the time of the Are
rr.or.aki ia away, on one of the other
slunds on business and his wife and
child had left flip house for a visit.
When the Are started, about a quar
tor after four o'clock, no one saw it
until after it hd,fained good headway
After the house) was about half de
ttroyed, a Japanese living In the vlcitf
ity turned in aa alarm, but by the time
the engines reached the fire there was
scarcely anything for the firemen to
save. The damage done by lire and
water is estimated nt between seven
and eight hundred dollars.
About eight o'clock last night anoth
sr fire started on Hiver Street, below
Beretaniu. Its origin was in a wood
hed in whieh much ukulele material
had been stored by a Japanese named
H. Tumurn, and had it not been for
the quick responae of the 6remen the
whole block would probably have been
George J. Campbell, a rancher, of Ka
ili Street, is said to be the dwner of
the block. He ia also on one of the
other islunds, having left T. Nakamura.
f 117H Maunkea Street, in charge of
'.he place during his absence.
Jack Huberts, assistant lirjuor in
pector, sent in the alarm of the second
(ire shortly after eight o'clock. Only
t few moments elapsed before the fire
men were fighting the flames. The
lanmee done by water and fire is esti
mated nt about two hundred and fifty
Factional fights continue among' the
congregation of Kawaiahao Church, the
-erination and retirement of Rev.
'lenry I'urker, having seemingly
brought no cesantion to the church war.
"n Tuesduy night eleven members of
he congregation walked out from a
neeting at the church.
The meeting had been called by the
HoWaiinn Kvangelical Association to
J i sen sn the getting together of the op
osiug factious! J. K. Nakila and ten
ithers, who asserted that the nieetinp
hnd uot been properly called, left the
meeting. "
With reference to the split in the
hurch and the two factions of the
Christ inn Kndeavor. the following reso
1 n t ion wns adopted after Nakila and
his adherents quit :
"Thnt the two Christian Kndeavor
organizations, which have formed the
opposing bodies in the factional fibt,
4usi"nd for two or three months their
usual separate meetings on Huudsy even
ing, and join each Hunday in a united
service of prayer and inapirstion under
the leadership of the committee of the
evangelical association,"
No action haa yet been taken toward
the appointment of a successor to Rev.
Henry Talker, a pastor.
You Insure
Not Your Health?
"" "
Routs Sickness and Disease
The reconstructive system rebuilding qualities possessed by B. B. C. are the
reasons for the remarkable results attained by B H. C. In the cases of soorea
of testimonials published from prominent and respected people of Honolulu.
B. B. C. strengthens the system anil enables the body to throw off Inflrml
tls, aliments and dtaeaee. B. H C. la a boon to stomach sufferers. Htops
tkat forming; of era, belching- up of wind, food and water; creates an appe
tite, and Is a ajentl laxatlva; cures constipation, rheumatism, liver trouble
and bilious condition. Fine kidney and bladder ramedy does away with
those dssy spells, sick headaches, nlarht sweats, nervous spells, aleeplese
nlfh'.s, cures malnutrition and Is a arrest blood builder and cleanser: brings
the body to normal weight by turning the fond you eat Into new blood, flesh
and muscle Instead of passing through aa undigested waste matter, poison
ing the system tn Ita journsy. B H C. contains no alcohol to Irritate not any
poisonous druaja to harm the system scientifically compounded of roots and
herbs. For anaamto children and old people. It la a marvelous strength and
body bl llder. fJarrtee all srcssislsles wast Matter mm tmtmmm the
body with tmm hoalth, vlgar aad
Demonstrated and explained at corner King afreet, opposite fish market,
every day from to i:0. If your druggist, dealer or plantation store la
out of It. aend money order to me and I'll ship It to you. No rata In prloe
11.00 per bottle; apeclal this waek. for 10. 00. Address Ben Bruns, Honolulu.
Hi1o Disgusted With Child
Paper MakesMany Charges
The Daily Post Herald of Hilo hns taken the measure of J. F. Child, focd
pdmihlftrator, and concludes that he won't do. Hilo merchants, the Post
Herald says, are utterlv disgusted with the lack of system and fairness exhibit
ed by the food administration in Honolulu. Here is the Post-Herald's story,
head lines and all:
0ex oe0 04X oex
oex oex oex oex
Local merchants are utterly disgust
ed with the lack of aystem and firm
nogs exhibited by the food adminietru
"ion in Honolulu. With the arrival here
'ast Thursday of John Wstt, represen
tative of Mr. Child, the food adminis
rator appointed by Governor I'inkhnin,
".his feeling crystalized into open pro
teats against the methods pursued by
the head of the conservation work in
'he' Territory. Among the other charges
thsii are being brought against Mr.
Child in various more or less Influential
piarters are the following:
1. He larks initiative.
2. He lacks system.
.1. He lacks that force of character
hot is urgently needed in an executive
entrusted with such a vitally important
task as that assigned to him by Mr.
4. He Iirs failed to keep all mer
'hants instructed aa to the demands of
'lr rrfo-'t ith the result that
hile some concerns are carrying out
'lis "suggestions" others have gone
ibout their business with their eyes
blinded or ignored the requirements of I
.he food situation entirely.
5. He has stultified hia own office
snd the office of Herbert C. Hoover,
fexleral controller of the food situation,
by issuing rules which he afterwards
declared "do not apply here." This
tharge has to do with the rules anent
selling more than five pounds of sugar
in town or ten pounds in the country.
6. He has attempted to dodge re
sponsibility by the eppointment of a
vast number of coinmittoes, charged
with overlapping duties and clothed
with conflicting powers.
7. He has failed to answer letters
and questions sent him concerning the
carrying out of certain of his Instruc
tions, thereby causing additional con
fusion ami misunderstanding in the al
epdy sadly muddled situation.
8. He has overlooked or ignored the
iced for systematizing his department
mil has left his uwn representatives
-oniidetely in th dark regarding some
'H1(!A(W). Fuoruury i Doc Krone
oday closed with Knowy Baker, the
ustrian boxing promoter to take a
Uring of boxers to the Antipodes in
'une. Krone has signed with Hnowy
for his heavyweight "Masked Mar
vel," to take part in five bouts. Also
for Spike Kellv for five bouts ami a
ban turn and a lightweight. Krone will
vve for Australia with his string in
(leorge t'hiHingworth, a brother of
'hnrles (Jhilltngworth, the assistant
ounty attorney, is to be the new as
istant licence inspector, who will sue
eed Jack Roberts, on March 1. '
W. II. Hut ton. the license inspector,
ava that this bus been practically
agreed upon by the liquor Iieeuse coin
nissioners. 1'ntil recently voting Ohillingwortlt
'ins been employed us the driver of a
Vliverv truck for the Htnudurd Oil
'oinpmiv. but for the pajd three week
he hits been acting as voluntary uud
unpaid license inspector at nights, it'
order to lenrn the character aul detail
of the inHiection work.
The retiring assistant license iuspect
or hus been employed by the liquor
onunissioners for the past two yVats.
chinery of every description made t'
Your Life!
vltnllty mt roath.
of the moves which he has asked mer
chants to put into force.
The movement against Child has not
gone so far as yet to bring the Terri
torirl or federal government into the
matter, but it is understood that steps
aro in contemplation to take the whole
matter rp to the highest authorities in
an effort to bring order out of chaog.
Hnid one merchant in talking over the
whole situation:
"The conditions .as they exist now
are impossible. For instance, take a
man thnt I know of here in town. He
does a large, grocery business and is a
good American n substantial man and
a patriotic m::n, willing to pocket any
loss in reason for the good of his coun
try without a growl. But this is what
happened the other day: First let me
say that this merchant haa never re
ceived any instructions from the food
administration. He hag been going it
blinil on what he has seen in the newg
pnpers and what other firms, in gome
eases his rivals for business, have told
him. Now in comes a customer of old
standing and good. He oaks Mr. Mer
chant for five hags of flour and wants
other things. Mr. Merchant says, going
by the card, 'I can not sell you flour
unless you buy an equal quantity of
some substitute. The government has
asked us to follow this rule and we are
doing so.' The customer, who is not as
pntriotic as he might be, says: 'Very
well, I shall go to another fellow.' He
does. Now conies in the russedness of
the holc situation. Instead of the
'other fellow' udopting the plan urged
by the food admiuistrntion he stands
willing tn sell any amount of flour
asked for without insisting upon the
purchase of an equal amount of substi
tutes. The rehiilt is that the patriotic
merchant gets it right in the neck. He
loses a a. lie, which is bad, but what is
worse he stands a very fair chance of
losing that customer, who says, and
rightly from his point of view, 'I'll go
where I con get the goods I want and
am willint; to pav for.' "
LONDON, February 10 'Associated
Press) An excellent "potato butter"
hus been produced which can be made
by liny household for ten cents a pound,
the ministry of food announces after
Following is the recipe Peel the po
tatoes and boil or steam till they full
to pieces, rub through a sieve into a
wnrm basin. To every 14 ounces of
mashed potato add two ounces of but
ter or margarine and one teaspoon f til
it stilt Kt i r witli the Imrlc nf a wood-
eu spoou till the whole is quite smooth.
I It is claimed this butter will keep
for a considerable time if wrapped in
grease proof paper.
Willie Meehun of Han Francisco, coast
hea vvw eight champion, tonight defeat
ted Kd PetroaRoy of the marine corps
in a four round bout. Meehun out
pointed Petroskity all the way and got
the uniiitiui'itiH ilecikiou of the judges.
I He ill prolinlily be matched here
Initli Jumes Diircev, local champion.
Santa Clara Beats Stanford
PALO ALTO, California, February fi
- A ninth inning rally, in which five
reus were made, carried the Hants
(lnra I'niversity baseball team tn a
Kl to S victory over the Htanford Uni
versity nine here this afternoon. Hcores:
R. H. F..
Santa Clara 10 1.1 (I
Stanford 8 H n
Biittevies llerg. Fowler, Lew and
D.irce: Lifur, Harvey and Campbell.
Ths B. B. C Man, who haa mads all
Honolulu talk by the cure made by
the wonderful 8. aVC. Medicine. .
Picture of els) ,
Bre. Benjamin,
Inventor ef B. B. C,
. must be on every
v a package. ,
Cwa Plantation Company
Wailako Agricultural CO., VUL . ,
Apokaa Sogae -Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
Wablawa Water Company, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works, of St. Louis
BabCock ft WlIoox Company
Oreea's Fuel Eeouomiser Comaaay
Chas. C. Moore A Co., Engineers
I had never aartd. iVoola aev ex
have been ttocesafnl,Thos. F.
Ryan. ;
You can obtain Thrift Stamps and
War Barings Stamps at this Bank.
Merchant and Tort Bts Honolulu
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrence Route
By the popular Princess" '
Hteamars from Vancouver,
Victoria or Seattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Oenl Agents, Canadian-Pacific Ry. Co
5 Commissioa Met cbint; s
Sugar Factors
Cwa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co, Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd. ' ,
Fultoa Iron Works of SU Louis
Hlaks Steam Pumps -Western
Babcock ft Wilttos Boilers
Green 's Fuel Eeoaoraiaer
Marsh Bt cam Pump '
Matson Navigation Cot . v
Planters' Line Shipping do;! ,
Kohala Sugar Co.
Iswud Tuesdays and Trldaya
j (Katered at the PostoJBce of Honolulu,
I T. H., as aeennd-dass mattes.)
1 For Year t&oo
, Par Yeax (foreign) 940
! Payablo Invariably U Mvaoeo.
Castle &Cooke,
' "
t.-'.. t.-V';.

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