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''' y ' ' . HA WAHAN GAEtT TUESQAV. 'MARCH 5, 1918.SEiqWgEkLY.:. ; .' '
Pit AT All fill
HLLU hi ni tfMruu . Mu uuuj mwuoi oiucna fl vs otKMlff --Ivr '""!!vr"T' r-Brnl4 1 Jhi HUM
lpcrpacd Production and Need
qf fltftir 'Reasons Qjven For
Removal of Restrictions Upon
Use of Fresh Meats
Meatless' Tues'daj1 ' SOlf ! PrY4ls
Biu umer Meatless uais Need
No Longer Be qijsetved Under
Food Administration Orders
'(Assbciafed press) Peg
ulations a;ains4 :he use aftd sale
of pork on" Saturday and for
meatless meals, except on the pre
viously prescribed "meatless
Tuesday" liave been suspended
for the time and until further nn.
j tice through orders issued by the
J food administration yesterday. It
-is i announced these suspensions
re jeniporary pnJy and may be
i re:qred at any time when occa
.' sionnay again seem to require.
" ' ' fnAeased production of meat
has permitted the foofl adminis
tration to make less Stringent the
) reguliionii which it issued for
..thV use' of meat. The further
.L.reasdn for the revision oi the reg
ulations is given that jt is desired
to still further conserve 'he use
' of wheat and it is believed an ex
tended use of meat will make this i
Tjie refutations of the'food ad-
mini$tration called for one meat
' less tnea.1 each' davand orovicted
against 'ihV Mle and Ue of pork
ofi saturaajv t is tffese regula-
r tioos Which are now lifted. At
;thlJanie fcinp U should be recog-
.s.m uui aiiu BineKcq pvtai,
ham and bacon, ire the' most
h 'yeatayBhipped V the Soldiers-in
J'Vance' of any meats and patriotic
' reasons, without any regulations
as to use by the food administra
tipn, will limii the use of those
foods by Jocal citizens.
. More stress fJian ever on J?e
conservation of wheat and of
- iwhelt flour may be expected to
' ! hi laid Ip requests of the food ad
'. 'niirifitratidn soon to come. The
'fteory appears to be to permit the
Use of meat as a food rather than
wheat so much as may be with
pui . endangerjpg the supply and
Interfering with needed shipments
an tjjat a single meatless day
; each wpek may have this effect.
Creation of a marine trans
portation department was also
; . anricjtinced by the food adminis
irViton yesterday. This is to be
fieacfed by C. Doe, president of
tlje North Pacific Steamship Com
.. jpnwho will have direct charge
pf ,' pvprgeas shipments. John
3 Jfcjierof San Francisco, forrner
Jjead'qf the Luckenbach company
m. .wilThave direct charge of coast
' 'wise food shipments.
;AMHTERDAV, March 4 f.sp;
elated 1'reaa) More than WHI.UOO worn-
,.;' (Jrw now employed on t lie German
railayaa, aay the nnnual report of the
f j rritaalari aiinistry of railways. The rr
". fori My that the women huve done
" rrMedBidlr In every branch of wmk,
, , luniF trnrienry nnvm Tailen on tne
vnj auuui inciiij-ini pt-rreni
: peiow mat or men.
:. ' '' '
.AVSTKBDAM, March i -Asso
..cStO Vreaa) -The nutrh nowpnper
. Amaterdawmer pulilirihex h rurloon
lrOwiMK t4 slermun Kniperor surround
lijn hw military rabiuut biinquetin
. r aad riuhlg te the toat "Th Tower
oi Iht. " er hjs head is the word
'1' parpoelea, tbe handle of
Jigure ut i'ocle JSam.
which j a
t It if tafe to SflV that 'linnil,,-rljn,, '
'"Cfllje,' grid1 IHarrhoen Keinedy has sav
'til the live of lilore pi'iipli- snd relieved
t ,'niore itferhitf than any other remedy
.in exlatrm-e. It Is known all dver the
'eivlliaed world for it h xpeeilv cures of
t' Vraiup in the stoinac h. diurrhoen ami
vll 'tnfeetiunl pains. Por -.jit- by M'l
V (toaler. Benson Munili I t'0( 4d.(
'geuti for Hawaii. Ad t.
W AHH INOTON,. f arch ,-t (Asocia-
( ted Press) Oulek conclusion of the
necotiatipns, tor intervention hiyrri
nto cipertrd to, result fron the Son
clnsinn of a peoee between kusaia and
(jormau a una tqld in the report!
received hist eight fm PetrotrVnd ahd
Boili. y' 4 I t l
The belief prevail here' that the
l iiiied state will permit Japan to act
independently tn thle matter-' ait ha
horn advised by Franee aid Oeriajinr
It itiaf b pdsiHble that-MChrna' lid
Jut-nil will act together or that TVina
will not independently of Japan where
its interest are moat Vitally affected.
Of the readme of Jap to art fa
rac of iieeVuslty J. T.-JveheVi head
of the Kiwi ami YTt-at VY4- .h,!.a
J w ho is considered aa the semi official'
jMnik-rtrtnar for Tb.W ffc I. -
NtRte in a reeent hpih before the
l.wvers Club in NwYork aaid:
"Tlie Br1" Bnaafa, whoae mtj;ht and
trrri'eadirtis ranouree overawed the
world a few yeara afro," he raid.
prosentR today the aaddeat npectac-li'
ii!iiiii'!rii(ion th; world ha ever
eoi-ii. We would fain' hid the Jruth
from thone patriotlo Idikaiaoa hoe
hearts are still with aa. Thia ia, how
ever, Russia' own affair; it ia not
our part to interfere p' the internal
troubles of another sovereign eountry.
" I rauat say, hoover, that the eho
in KnroHnn ' Pusaia ia gradually
sprrndinc to. the Ruaaian ponaeaaiona in
! K"nt "in- Thi caune of the
jrrtiin-f mraRUFw or apxiery on t part
of Japan ; for, Waaae of that tkaoa,
pence in the Far Kaet ia threatened. 'In
the eveut of that peiee being endaa
gefe-i to the detrimertt of ur intereat,'
deth.re.l Count Teraurht. Japan 'a pre
mier, the other flay before the diet,
'the Japanee government Will not lo
itate a moment to-take-proper meoa
ures. ' for Japan htflda herself respon
aihle for the maintenaaeo of peace ia
tbnt part of the world.
Bars Situation ia Delicate
"While the respoaaibVf Statesman ex
pressed on behalf of the 'Japaneee peo
ple their true aentimeat if friendship
and good will for thr Baaeian people,
there runs at the as. tuf)ft. -atreng
undertone in his nlte'raneea, ihti'maring
that it will be well for Snasia to think,
thrice before he ' detiee the eolrttn
agreement to nake no o pa rate pee.
Tes, she has not yet made ay 'aeparate
pence, but he eeema to be tutting
loose' from her agreement with the
Entente power. ...
"What shall we do uuder he tir
cunNtaneeaf The actuation ia wt onee
AkHeoKi snJr nMl;M,'r-kHllllJ
erinet-brw'nettbi ,1eiaail!
JWahflvikJ gover.a.ei.t, -or We-tW 6rn"" WM ot Pft
taken any step that might be eonatroed r m" , htt theT bek
by KuMsia aa a hontHe-anove. (e Allie! ' ... . . '
ha b.-c a exhauating rboir refuurces tu I Th" eomm ot a''r it for
ave Russiu on their aide. That 1a hv , .R " ontioued Mr. Creel, to abowi
Japan ha been extremelv eauUtm w ( ariea'. war progreaa, snd.
her dealing, with the jtuaai. altnatkm. "du.",T1"' rond.tna. The
ThU will explain why the ramof- that hild b prejonted In
Japaneae troop have landed at VTndi
vostoft to wifegnnrd the varnabie a-ar
mati-rials stored thcreju ha tapt -eome
true, fortio tnke such g step 00 the
part of Japan is fraught wMh aerlous
aonequraees. Tt might jeoprdM f h
IU ..1 ..
' "Until the lust ho,e it rone. natilf
Rnmia '
course is definitely
teiy &ttv::z""-y".
mined, caution and best endeavor
ahoiild'bn oar watchword. Caytron,
however, i nyt the last word for Ja
pan. .Hpeaking in behalf of Japan,
Viscount Motono, foreign miaiater, told'
the diet the other day tiiut 'in order to
aeeure Mi lugting peace, we are firmlT
confident that Japan must not recoil
from any sncrifice site may be called
upon to make. ' ' '
VfTUy Jetfen EnUred War
Japan' reason fur entering the war,
Dr. Iyenaga said, were o,uitc different
from those animating the Kuropeaff Al
lie and the I'nited Htute.
"ihe- autertnl the war," he contin
ued, "in obedience to the Urma of the
A Japanese Aniance. which ttttDoeed
upon her the duty of making military
operation m common with
her ' el)y
League To Enforce Peac6
-v--. i Mtfv
Win the War First
-, iuas, iur n (Asoeiaifl
io ue nein under tne auspice wr tne
terday by Preeident William ifenrard
jn cai u rornitfr ureaidept 'or.
ine convention is not caned to tnl peace ternu nor to urge au early declarS
nou oi peace, on any Terms Mia may
'""'riinuu ib vi vn -.
fu I Jiurc
we of the eoaveution will be t
rv and endeavor fo' the eh'd of
iStkrMig-: ftyongad even if not
HTQCKT-OV, March 1 -( AeociStod
I'ress) A fatal occiilent maned the
women' uutqiuohile race here yett
(iHy.wbith hail attrncted' a' CroScj frpm
til part of the States. A woman
driver .was, killed, .live
spectator vfete
Traveling at a terrific puce, the car
Which iVes beimj driven by Urs.
VifagHna Inat u tire, (wmved and
dn.hed into the erowd, i-atpaoltiug aa
it went. Mr. Vitaglina wair killed and
live In hf-enawd" ; iit.,nrMl.
AMHTKRDAM, March ( Associated
I'm) A1 uwmvwr of peefle 'iu Berlin
have gone blind ' fhronjb Urinkiag o
newly manufactured ; subeHtnffl far
Wiut! whWh l tji'llfVed id eontaiu
pojwrmdti ' drug, traya1 tha ;tfHiii,i
papers.-' Thirty persons have been'
arrested fbr manufacturing and selling
llll ' CI BUI..
agairii-f too in the 'region of EauteTir
asib ana nt water, Cbaaeqaeittiy, It
the bejfiBla of hoatilitioa, Japaa
agreed wfth far ally to limit her hiiU-tarr-F)d
natal actlvitie td' the Ft
' ea wnierr.
"Japaa did her part allotted to her
lV -hefi Artie with Wotonghweas ffid
fidelity. At one atroke ah desteeyed
h Oefmai power i the far Knot;
hunted out the enemy warakipa of 4he
adjolping Water; eaptored their b,ne
ia the HoTilh Sea; Bpd has ever anee
beep lecitihy t vltfilaot' watch over. the
fwe fpaeV iaf.rh. rurthermore,
he ha anbaeribed o the loan of her
ihfr o? that whleli the .t'ilted ftte.
ha toanoi U (Us Sum f thelAIltaa
i no mtnger eontrb-tlor) off the part
f vTphr,.wb e eoniidcr that her
woatth 1o oalv biSe tenth irMit'luM.
lea paeJf.-. - ' 4 . i .
Japaa will be ready to meet atir emer
gency w4iieh .may ariae; the apeaher
aia, ana enowa erlirt come the Jap
n?f, win 'aerift'ee all t the altar
the enlWa VahnTi
appear, aaaerted t)r
IretlaHisrl'olnV-frtiM ttfrleVcldrW-ftotita-fitairt).
i1it c
' 'ttTroer Jamtrfefl hie wiidliic thnt
rhh CJWnmlttfrmscpviie! wfornaH
ItaT ir'4t"hrrnifii lint, the iutnnt
f 'Dews ceding' -tin Vrted tates
war tMeTaratlona-aaA tjAr tie mh.
Vwi!fT'nbt'.wWitf liotj'to. jabthlnw
tw irt vninneTq ttom1 jrn; kw aaldi
!lf k nMtr-Jisp'emj,,koryoe of
irwhall jv) to oit the wory' mla
t fh-pferB. frrt nfpecullai! to Oor'
(v.Tnt "not.neW'Whethot' lt
Ket!mrt"rJArllt!ricaB pAint of
tN rO fhink-ef rthe1lea-thatwecp
ierw 'WMmoijIileeV tho -dia ffmnb aa
ftaf tkeee're B00i'wooe4 wrea la
WeatBhetfy Fount, 'ft- atrooi.prri
nnt thi tren k Te oxeetrtwii tW
b "tmiirjt.fleid,,of?reH b -the high
fnviw'Bketir! ehtie- ld-rorfelf "n.
E'fnmpaignvotbeap and atapid and
gnt.fiwtrprtjIttfetsodaneB are you
. .Wf.JSv.vlUlWlm ;t .innir Vm i
Mff,VnBnQti:r(ais ,-.
c'efTke ttverroeri. is telliwaTvon e--
fVtnft wnirtuawaferrthian
1 iaroA" lend fhrHkt a ihe
lomo mriD'aii u"itittiDt4iiid
ltM Wleavf4ro4U-ohb 'goaaip.
iT'i'v'Diag-vcinai ir iau tnrag,
fmit'trtto.qa'-t yultf . i
nI'TaaiBt to flfecratory vttWitr. Bait-
et-'a 4naemoiiyri)OT.,;ti,a ,1ai eatigat'
Wajornntiattoo-ilit. bel (aid the pub
lie oppf)d te aoitaUer tbe matter
then presented a new.
"We Had given it out about one
hundred time,- before,.'' be added,
and tt bad Hoe printed wither in
0Bllc.u?M!r" Irisido. of the.
vriwit ts admiajetmtion determined
to overcome. A Houth American inri
tmfmr, ho aid. showed a picture aome
time a to of the three guupion whq
were executed bt Wng Wing, sad. .in
aiuded wn h picture labeled tbo Ucrv
eT,,, ef. Ne.w Xor.k taki.n ?k
lew York (Mate taking tir.k
death hmise door, in order
k reuse money for tbe Stale.
had to meet the German earn-
psifrn ha asserted, M because even in
Sfesito the bought up the priDeipal
opera. Ttiev own paper tfter paper
mrxtro and in ruain. in Kuasia, and
10 rtwcdeii. At every point you will
fad -the Uormana are iu control of the
most powerful papers. The education
al 'work dime in behalf of the United
mate ia bearing fruit. I fool that the
flnVHI Herman prisoners in Buaaia
aa never lie brought into active uae
Without ' the most demoralizing infiu
nee upon the German army, nor can
the Kierman teoop on tho eastern front
n brought back to tbe western front
without an impairment of morale be-i
eanse thev huie been taucht the troth
thrVltigh the educational work done In
Of5i(.ul for. a uational convention
jesgaet 'Baftire t'eaue waa ianued ye
ft ef: ihat etganfcrAtion. t
tne Tnlted BUtes make H clear that
t ft seeorwl imt nn tbe contrary tbe
lend to the United States piaaible
ititg .i,ainiit Ciermauy and ui that
jjrarniaiij - ut, ate far the-erarld
nii uii wr io eurorce peace. " Tho
I'KKI'dlA, Italy, March 4 (As
sociated Press; The American Rod
toq1 wo.k fu,r rcfuoii. wbyh iu Np
vember was concentrated nt the trnna
lrtion..eut,..., and lb,- larger vitiea,
i-Xuudiug into thy suialWr towns and
stilUgn where hundreds of wanderer
h)ve4.eeii .eHleil. in,,v of them with
drrt adeiiiMtte elothiiig or bedding. At
Lligaano rtiw- were badlv in need of
verythiiig except food, when the Red
Cross representatives arrived '. Tlielr
U,.plir hd renrbed there ,n a.lvaue
wr Tnem nun the diHtribution
was made
ly the l ontessa Vannieetli
tern of cbaritv.
and the am-
rfiiae f the ..-lot lung or women, pur
chaired hy the Red (', lu Ro,,, d
Wt of lt.ee on- It When (he refugee
WOmcu aw tbes,- garment,' IseV iutlili
ed up down .,,,.1 ,.n,,.,e,i heT
han.ls, and ,-ricd "Vim I.'Ainericu "
thirsty Propaganda
LONDOK, March 4 (Aaaoclatod
rreM) Obaracterlalng the Ger
man war oMcy ha laf amom and
blttaTlrMsaiiii, the ratherland
Party In its policies Herr Vogobarr,
aa IndowaadmV BooUust aaonioor
created great- fwxor M JMAXf
near the cloea of tko rotebsUf -ton
and Defora -its tdJourpmen to
Bikatkr 1 VEU Unrnage mU tbo
pootf ttolant tbst baa efl hoard
la that legiidstivs body In recent
days. l,Hs'-.;.i. --:-1 'V-i-'
rV aro trtNUitrwod to km
the troUi, 7 shouted VogCherr.
"tbo fatherland Party is going
aiiaad in tbo puraoit u it) blood
triimy pTpaa4i. '".ira tt tbo
eroasmaoBa ta-ol4 ofjodyiand
aott t tb mffltuy ataiWlatch u
oorattlDsf an rnf ajnnijr. orali woUcv
and pomtntf that policy in th face
of oil tbo oppooMhaa wbieb w sro
marine eatnes Madrid While
,Elf;qt!0B 4a Held
".TfArHUtrHl , rrea
nfrtlfW4..H 5M("1ln4.(P carry
grain rrpm .tb .gw.el . Bastes,, for use
in that eountrv. toi if . deipatchc
Tnicn .wefcejve.in perne ind in
airjann jeuertuy ijrremessagea
anW the beVs.wae. having a ..strong ef
fect in pnUcal .cjrcle,(iine;-and the
SPt ' .tskgn be," iV.ipeoJi. pontra.
vention ot diet i nee aaMrtki(VS and
agreement on the part of.tieraaSny jaot
V Jnterrere .wtth sac b shipments.
In 8 pain the new came during tbe
holding of a national election which
waja 'ptedipitatid--hy the division in the
govotnmnt; upon the . policy wbteb
iahonid'beSiranel(aaia raaulti.of the
MtpleHVir4aisrAiwri f .fwusik hipa
by Oermaalv. i Another insianee of
Hnn duplicity coming during the poll,
log of the vote. is believed to have
Swung many voter and to Imve had a
great rffect in tjia-dwiding -of 4bo lee
tin . -
The Kwiss frontier were closed at
midnight last night. The food situa
tion ia serious and reserve stock of
grain are very. low. tefport frotri fien
vn eoid. For this, reason the lone-of
the grain that w at expected, to. be ,ae;
u e I tbougli the charter on tho Hpan
iah vessel which was aunk la aroused
additional indignation.. . , . .
'j i,- ., ,, ,, in,,
WAIIJGTt), Itf'arch .4 Aiso
routed Pre) Consul Oenural Rfcinner
baa reported from Loudon by cable aa
"I ia,ye recently rcyeiveJ a com
munication from the cuu,tfol(;r of ni
port rewti'ictmnH atatinr that ati Amer
lead grmds detained iinder bond vf. to
January 1 inny be released to be hand
od over to the Lou3on chamber of com
merce for disposal on the following
i' Importer to receive eot of good
plue ten percent aa eqaivalent for pro
fr' aind storage clurr pes. ana , sum re
ceived from the aate 6t the good ex
ceeding - this amount to be. -banded by
London uioniUer to ahaJltabie ninds. ....
"Importer have the option of ac
cepting this arrangftmerit ' or kaeping
iMi'teroJi tejr o.deire."
CLASS daV c(LtEbroVF
NOBTHAMPTOIT, Maiiia.huaett
juarcn i i ABso-ciatea :.i res j Tne
senior las at finqtli Ppllege voted to
day, JH2 to l2S,. to jAva np eomriience-
net festivities het
go the uauel '"Henioj
pxamntict" a
,war economy . meASuip.
A message waa read at the eiaia
meetine from I'rtrsident Wtlllan A;
Keilapa,. sayipg. that if tbe clna took
that step he wonld Uso cancel hi in
auguration ceremenr, which was sot
for Compaencemeuf, Wee
r'- : : -'ii'1 i
KtW YORK March (Aaso
eiiited Preasi) Much improved al
though not entirely recovered and
st)l amowttut wdnk tfrem hi e
vnre -illness and .fm' tbe'-opora-t4o
rusultlpg , fim tt-former
Proaidpat Uopsevolt will he per
ml tied to laavethe hopitl to
day. ....
(lira to bi llual duilas-fur sav
ers i duy to eoina at least. -
. M rkl aw Stam. AfTat
fi J Sub-
R00SEVELJJ0.iAVE., , ;
Lieutenart! Is monfl Ttiose Kill
ed FHdav! British ReDU1se
; Several German Raids
y8HIlS:QTciN,1 'vtfe 'JUfi'saoels-tedfprinij-tfivo
Americans kjllefl, n
cbding ieut Hexnjd Eaditf,v severe
IX ltWhanded!,andi four slightly, wound
ed are rte-.eaeualtlfs rfported j Ges
crat Perihinff to the war Acnkrtmunt
i" tern report yeirerday. These rasu
i - .e , - -
altar1 occurred oa Friday ia the tight
isa north of Tour, : in
Bsrliit reporta claim the American
suffered heavily and loaf a docen men
' prisoner! k' raid whiick ' Germhn
a . j, , . . .
Jvrwa . oireoiea against , a. aecior OI
imericatt trenches TioTthwest pf Seichy-
freyj'.-f -r'
Several raids kgaJnat various British
sectors -o -tho r'rnnco-Belzium front
jf-srw undertaken by t Oermamr on
8atnidy,nlght Vt of Which were sue
eeasfnlly repulsed. London ' reports in
sodm rtnsUnraa tbe . fighting at close
hand-war severe and that the enemy
pit.auiea ana wonndea - behind them
6n a!wyWijV,f
Commander- At Aviabon ' Camp
' and four Are Injured
FO&T WORTH, Tewaa, Uareb 4
( Associated . Preasl General Hoaro.
eoramonder of the British flying corps
or .canaaa ts tne united states which
baa. a 'training camp for British avia
tors established at Camp Taliaferro.
near iore, was severely injured yester
day when the machine in which he was
flytng ram into collision with another
Hia injuries are serious but are ot
sereaearUy fatal.
The accident to General Honre was
one of several which occurred at the
ehmp.ySaterday. . In these one mecbsn
io waa killed and three lieutenant sef -fefed
danftvu, injuries. t
- -
ltttWrK Leg
NEW VOfeK, March 4 (AMoeUted
Pres)-A man of Polish descent with
a -ork lg ha- been passed s It for,.
ilitarr -eervice by the exemption board
of Division 173, nt Elm-hunt, L.I. In
civil life be is a chauffeur. A he. la.
Snmarried and has no dependents lie
as baen -placed in Clms A, whirh
make him liable for service with the'
rb eall from that district. . ,
F-.ttThi man . is iu perfect health."
Sfttd Dr. A. C. Combes, tbe phvaician
mere be of the board, who declined to.l
to tU UedicirAdvieorv BoaVd He
n ...u.j si. !L"T':
H well- suited .for, many branches of
army worn and probably will be cJaaa
axl as a noncombataat." . .
"Does that mean that he will he
selected a a elerk in some capacity!"
the doctor was asked. .. .. .
"Not necessarily,!'. ai.i the pJbysi
iaa. "There are ma of lino of work
that a man .who has only, one kn cu da
uiiuc;army. it aoe not take a man
With two lens to peel potatoes in an
army Kitchen, and 1 do not see whv
Such a man should be tAken for that
work when one who. cannot no into the
(igrjt can d,Q.that work just as. well."
LONDON. Mareh 4 f A5ociated
Preas) Even under the. .hottest .fire
from German guns, reading of books or
raagatines servos to pass may a cheer
less hot! r for the men in the duironts
and at billets behind the British lines
n.JVanotf, declares H. A. L. Fisher, the
British Jdjnister of Education. ,
There Waa 8 irood deal of eonsnraB-'
tiort of light literature in tbe trenches
and- some serious stodv behind them.
he'-eaid. ' Cveh during tho progress of st
oniTie reaping- was parried on. .He had
knon en8S'in whK h Kent and Mil
ton had been Invoked as a sedative
wkilh under the neairy firo, Jl so tanny
hour were necessarily spent in modern
warfare in dull existence under ground;
ntearable but for the edncatinaaJ
irnium or lire Would l almost
srtae of 'pript,
LONDON." March 8 (k
Prens Oommandet Arthur Asqultk,
son of the former British Prime Minis
ter, haa beea awarded the medal of
the- Oietinsiiished nervine ntr f
tbe third time in three month. The
last award is for bravery at tho front
hi Ueeember, when the commasdet,
acting n brigadier-generul, was rath
er Boverclv wounded vrbile recouoolter
ii S (lermaa poaition. He is oue df
only seven British ofticer to posse
the JJietihsHTbhed' Merviee ttrder 'witb-
i?rttrar. r .
PUQ tfjNTMENT 1. guarant lo
cuW blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding PILES in 6 to J4 days or
rP0"7. rlttrided. ManHfactturt y
thci'ARlS MLDlCINKCO .Rt.Louia
U. S. A.
-Hull of Amertoln '-1 Schooner Is
wasnea Asnore on sou'n I
s Pacific Island ' !i" s 1
' i '. , , , . .
The burnt hulkof, Jjt , three masted
Americft schooruw, washed ashore In
the ' Bpnth .'PaeUa, ' kasi again 1-; started
the report; that, a iperman j rnidrr is
plyiBg WiersoBViera watora. '.XA'allikm
Wood.ide, BSn Prknicaeo shipowner, re
eeiyed a eablegrain teUls,6f flading
inc wreca ana ne teaTortt being m'1
t Identifv-.the wmmI. - iVufSIi a.
pressed that'the wreckage may be that
Of the Bertka Hlher-, srlkeh Joft an
rraneiaeo for Welllngten a Koretnber
I- jdysfto.aioally reuirea sabent
, Woodaido received the lollowlng ines-.
V'Wrceksgw rtHi.MJb nsh.M
betwtea JPhwpA), d. AhafcianJ.
Tbreo tnastfd 4netiabpUerfliira-t-t
to WatprUn. -Ji'o,aigii M .Ufa. One
twenty -Bva' foot-koefoiihd.. Am en
deavoring io sftcertthr hraad?.'?. - .
A eecd' taeege tpr thai' tk only
mark of idetiMficatien on iU era ft was
rho manufacturer name, . WUllam B.
Hiliit, 7 Federal Wreetr fJoeton, " on
tho steering ; wheel. front that mark
It is exacted tko-nao Vretlm- will be
MinrUilii.,?V '-:: .'.
Ths iJUolkear aad bet Manila, which
also sailed from San Francisco, are
tho only two- boat.' repotted overdue
in San FroocUeo. ,th kttlk -CSnld not
bk that at kvleiim 'at tho, German
raider fieeajdle, 'for -both the A. B.
Johnson u. ther B;- 1. Bbade- wrecks
have basn aceowfetod 'for. - '
Tho -Bertha) j-Bwlbesr- wan ,reoen.tly
sold to H, F,. Sullivan' by tbo Pacific
tnup)rsjmjrny. r e r Visr
The German have 'own minea
around the Offlhi Of Bvdne Harbor.
cording to Captain L, A; Waters, mas
tor of tbe . auxillarv aahoonar 1
Merced, which arrived la San Franc. CO
reeektly.. w- M;,'-. i t' i '.ni.' ."
fifty miles off Svdner" antranch I .a
Mefefd rawalpagaida tof ia jrnine, It
was bob shaped with only the peak ap
pearing above WaUr.; It scraped along
the Mkooner's bilce., bat tlld not ex
plode, v , . .. ttt J- Ai..-. .
Captain Waters took the position of
the mine and reported.nt . when he arrived-
in Sydney, pttrtf 'Imat was
sent put- and foaadvth.tfmias, as well
as three pthera ia that neighborhood.
Captain .Waters, atld b waa told b
the authorities ' I-' Sydney ' that tbe
niar tba) baM laldbyjiwtttfal aailirig
veafU.-rHa sai)i-.tw;-,''-;- t -,
tbe.-ahoqoet was fHUd with ease
ojWtbat is, tnaxiMaer'fos. -AiutrnUan
automebllea,, and..Jia4. -r Ue' . mine got
mors ia. t wt-w11j an iraar
w wmntMwo)iiqxaaTi happened';
La Merced waa built at .thfl ,8pbert
aon ywx--iniBnipk -lot Andrew Ma-,
bony and was soul bcora xotnnletion to
the. StriUtd -Oil Ouppanyx. .This was"
aerMmaen .UaptaAOv Waters is
w,ii kaoMm ilo'ihiaTcoaat tie wa
um m icoes. - jh was
-the ifaaatlsn, under re
WV W'tf? ' tho.: 4OVOrgm.t,
P'O'M- VS wwlWflMgh Jtrlotiimi
4pr, inquiry.
Fire in tbe United. Htates army trans
pott Pix. eoal. bunkers,, at Fort Maaon
doca February 24 gave the Han Frao
ciaro Aieboata a tiuaie while thnv
fought tbo W,oJUring, eoal, which had
been barnjn intermittently for Ave which it was expectcd the publi
days. , Th) flame werrst .discover-1 . . . . . ,
ed w hije the Dix W8 a day from nort.
Passengers and etew battled , the fire
injo port and it was under control un
til the fresh .outbreak, pf yesterday
called tj apotljcT .jgbt, , ,'
- Th blaxe -w s pohflued, to th, bunk'
or in the gteflrasblp and some stores
of .fiqyr and Sugar.. In ihe, kbld near
them. '."''" .i; .
After (be tH? d .mqo,red aldler
from the,r'esidinvvplqnra4 jg fight
tbe buVipdal Afld.fcier'bafldjae,, . .
.Firab'osts.-. Pfos ip . 4lUva And
pavtd pcattvcll r'aposded to (he alarm.
'..The boatt romaOAsi) slnsgiiide. pf the
Pix all 8ftrnotl.a.nijtfln eVent
the Uia!l.i'kjidl;! aaiaipaskv. .Jbato
flama.- Aj. t . V,. ' Ivy f, i '
Hevraluoadtoaa; of , ebaL ifloiir
and ktfgir werbirriicy. Tlie Vransport
was not .badlf - damaned.. thUjlre beinir
Hept in ti ".f ) banker.
J).NJM)JifcJFbniar-rV- fAasoeiated
Pf.eaf-r-Tbe (Irpth ia announced .the
fev.. Frejleriek .Jimnun,) DM of the
leading English &rakpearia sAoUirs.
When only iwftntj yeaja, ipl b recited
the ,iip4e of. Uftmlct .froi. memory.
IJe attracted epjiajdrsbW atteqtwon, a
few year sgo bir.,a tark t,semipna
on A variety of. .tubjeets, every word
and phase qf binh was- UHcn from
rihakeapca .works, y
ABERDEEN, ek-otlanQS'.rle'bruarv Id
-Aiaoniatod irs) iiuring a vloleut
gait aA Bosbesmty, ar hern' Oerman
line waa washed arrwinat ,tv nia, ,)
jexplodud, killing atwaa and injuring
- .NKW VQftK, Faiuuaitr g2ia.mv
Butwell, one ht be,t bnpwa Jorkav
m the iiirf was pUu,! j fiats X bv
hi exemption board' today. Hu will
probubly be one of tb first men -called
from bi district.
In 'Facry of Demands For Fur
ther Concessions and Fear of
. Still Greater Reauirements
SlavDf ieqajaro. Sign
Trotsky Is Not Returning to Pe
trogratf With Otber Delegates
and His Resignation As For
eign Minister Is Expected
t- ONDON, March (Asso
MJf dated Press) Gerrnart mili
tary operations -in greater fcussia
have ceased. Russian peace dele
gates at Brest-Litovsk " have
agreed to Germany's peace erms.
Apparently this does not ' affect
the operations of AustroHungary
in cooperation with the Ukrainian
forces in the protection of the
interests of the latter in Beserabia
for' reports tell of the continued
advances 1 and successes of the
Austro-Hungarian forces. ;
Military operations in greater
Russia ceased with the signing of
the' peace treaty was the message
which ' was received last night
from Berlin.
Confirmation of the signing of
the treaty or at least of agreement
to the terms of Germany came in
a message from Petrograd.- This
message said that fearing further
argument would result only in
harder terms for Russia, in the
demands for other and further
cdhcessions, the j Russian ') peace
dejegatloh at Brest-Tilo vsr yield
ed t6 what seemEd, to itiem the
frievitable and agreed to accept
the lpekce terms of Germany and
td'sign the peace jpact or agree
Already the demands of Ger
many had been materially in
creased. The new demands in
cluded the session to Turkey of
tht regions of Karaband, Kari
and Battoum ahd " to these de
mands also the delegates have
' Reports from Poland to Am
sterdam said that Trotsky was
hot returning to Petrograd with
the other Russian delegates and
it was anticipated his resignation
would be sent in and he might
hot face the storm of indignation
cation oi inc peace terms ana tne
concessions granted by Russia
will create.
Some idea of the tremendous
amount of booty which Germany
has taken in its campaign in Rus
sia since the armistice ended is
given in an official report which
was issued in Berlin yesterday.
This report claims the making
prisoners of more than 6$00 offi
cers and more than 50,000 men
and the capture of 2400 field piecet
ahd 5000 machine guns. Besides
this it is claimed they seized 800
locomotives and a thousand rail
road trains, many of them loaded
with munitions, food and other
Indicating that the agreement
between Russia and Germany will
in no wise affect the action of
Austria came despatches from
Vienna which said that in Padolia
the Austrian- forces had reached
Lachowics, Pruskurow and Lip
tanka. When they occupied Cho
tim the staffs of two Russian
army corps surrendered and three
divisions of infantry surrendered.
Three hundred guns, large sup
plies of munitions and food were
also taken.
The forlrH of ICV.-v in the' kiuine
La bi',u liberated as a result riPthe co
operation between
Austria und tin
I'kraiiiiun fun-en.

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