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h fvn A tfiio ; fin jtm p r aatth afv
:UWi; Ui Y AL1U vuniiiuii
Decision ;Reed Yesterday On Adyke of
: Frear and Wjstijton Hasfen 1
So Adyised By Cables :
Ife Attempt To
M, "Au?i& Finn American Now Udjices
; Directors To Wiihdraw
t; The "unscrambling" of the reorganized Hackfeld & Co. began
yesterday morning when cablegrams were sent to A. F, Humburg,
5a.rL f rancis'co ; Walter F. Frear, Oakland, and A. Mitchell Palmer,
CttStodian of alien enemy property at Washington. These cable
gram, announced the decision of the new directors to bow the
wishe of the office of the custodian, which is that the'present diretf
torate be dissolved and the firm be reestablished on its pre-war basis
in order that reorganization may be perfected along the lines deenv
etjt best by Custodian Palmer.
vbile, the present directors feel confident of the legality of the
reorganization carried through by them and rest assured that their
motive and their loyalty are unquestioned at Washington, they
aiou mvguuc me met mat iiiiougn uic latK 01 ready cornmunica
ttot, their position is not completely understood at Washington and
that now, as a further demonstration of the good faith and4oyalty
that-brought them into the reorganization, tliey should meet' the
dejuresoi Mr. Palmer and rescind" their reorganization plans Jey;
io'fcioj a free hand to carry through the reorganization that rias to
cpme as' he deems fit.
''The purchase of the stock of J. F. Hackfeld, Limited, which
vwth.tt power of attorney for the period of the war over other stock
helid by local German stockholders gave the five new American mem
bers of the directorate control of the company of Hackfeld & Co.,
is to' fa rescinded and all the J. F. Hacjcfeld stock will be placed
iff-. the hands of the Trent Trust Company, the local depository of
tfyf lien. property custodian.
.1:,..Il,wniLbe impossible completely to unscramble the reorganiza
tion v Department heads have been compelled to resign, employes
rattk been replaced by other tmployes, actions have been taken on
tat various matters that have comt out In the ordinary course of
im, business ,an4 various ventures have been carried through oV
jauncnea. jso attempt win De mane -even h it -were possiiJie to
Uljtfo niany of the things that have been done, but the status quo
atttjtwU) be returned to as far as possible.
v. This will place Hackfeld & Co. in the same position it held in
rsarrj to the custodian of enemy property on the day that war
Wafi declared, wjth all the stock of J. F. Hackfeld, Limited, which is
Ortetf practically all by J. F. Hackfeld, in the hands of the cus
toiuXj . This, with other enemy stock, will give the custodian con
trol) pi the company, with the right to vote in any new directors
An indication of what may be done is afforded in the case of
the reorganization of J. F. Hackfeld, Limited, now made public for
the first time. The stock of that corporation was turned in to the
Trent Trust Company and 'voting that stock, the custodian placed
a new board of directors in control, consisting of Richard A. Cooke,
president; Frank C. Atherton, secretary, and Richard H. Trent,
treasurer, the three forming the board. It is a certainty that the
custodian will have strong representation on the Hackfeld & Co.
directorate, if not the majority of the seats.
Announcing the decision of the new directors' to return to the
Status quo ante, Walter F. Dillingham, secretary of the reorganized
directorate and the guiding spirit of the reorganization, made the
following statement:
''W are in receipt of advices from (iovernor Frear, who, at
the request of II. Hackfeld & Co., Ltd., and particularly the new
directors, went to Washington to explain to the Alien Property Cus
todian; the reorganization of Hackfeld & Co. and to obtain from him
ari order authorizing the sale of all of the alien stock to place the
full, control of the company in the hands of American citizens for
alt tirrie, that the department of the Alien Custodian has worked
QU,Kset plan and policy as to the manner in which all corporations,
ali controlled, are to be reorganized and that in order to carry
ou ti'at policy the, custodian requests that the sale and purchase
oi the shares of stock by tbe new directors from J. F. Hackfeld,
Limited, be rescinded in order that the company might be placed,
so far as possible, in the situation it occupied pryjr to the sale.
"It has been suggested by Governor Frear that Mr. Hagens and
Mf; Humburg proceed to Washington for the purpose of conferring
with, the Alien Property Custodian in reorganizing 'along the lines
fijth.he may propose and to that end Mr. Hagens leaves on the
..""lathe meantime the custodian has been advised that in order
tx);carry out hi9 wishes the new'purchasers of stock stand ready to
fgstjn'd1 their purchase and they have so notified Richard Trent,
ftiQrer J. r. Hackfeld, i.imito.l, Rig
(rising thalr willingiiFHa to roneind the
(OffzMt Insofar uh tliey are conccnu'd
aodawajtlng hit action along the sumo
.'.f,f4 gUMtion of the bona flde cffnrtM
o? the nqw management to Aim-rirnnUo
tla foippany hai been raist'il, the action
OCftt Uatodiiaq being prvriimitecl Hole
If Jipin the rule, of the departmi'iit Hmt
all' .reurganlEationi) be left ontireW
witk them.
"fending advieea fmm the riiBtodinii
tVf uaineaa will continue hm at nr
MW'JI1 Old Boaxda
HTk fnt board thnt will fo out,
hajadiny Wk the control to the (ier
mak. stockholder, both aliou and rrni
',J.V-1?. 0. Havens, preaident; J. F.
Bamhorg, A. J. Campbell and II. I..
8otk, vica preaideoti and departmental
witbaienii A. W. T. Bottom ley, treat
wa!a) th holding aorporaiioa, of tla
ahaeea of.M. BVf11J i.Kaekfel4 !
Co. the ' tMlm - vl pfenlJent .
Maager of th eompany hare wai env
Lpowrd, U ot- the HkieU atoeJi.4
That meant that Ur. Hamui hM . I
irg control ao long aa Qeorg Bdiik.L
ytmm nut ia lernwrr. Kadjakl wu
Litpeetad bank oa kvj boat and It waa
aaenuai, if he wtra not to control the
reorganisation It moat b earriftd I .
urcr; W. F. DUlinglium, aecretury; F.
.!. I.owrey, W. F. Frear and O. 1. Wil
cox, directors.
The old board, which will go bark
into control temporarily, until the cud
tod inn effect hi reorganisation, it:
J. K. Hack fold, alien enemy resident
in Germany? president; J. F. Humburg,
.1. K 0. Hugonaund' Gaorg Koxlieh, the
Intter Biilf (UiiifewteH conspirator agninat
the, noutrnlity of tba Uuited Htutes,
vice treaident; IL Hhultze, treasurer;
V. XV. Klebuhn, alien enemy, secretary;
I). I'. It. iMiuberg, .1. C. Iaeuberg anil
August Humburg, dirwtors.
Rcorganlzatloa Hurrtod"
The reori;anizntiiiit effected on Janu
ary 11, prior to t3lo appointment of a
local representative of the custodian of
alien enemy property, waa carried
through 'ia a rush, to save the business
of the Arm, as it waa explained
'J'hruugh the constitution and bylaws
and practically eror since, th (trm was
denied the right1 to One tbe cable or
wtrwleaa for commanlcMiag wirb tb
motnUnd and tha loyal directors, ware
ajnabta to teatn definitely whether Bod
lab waa an his wmy back or nU ' Mr.
Bodiek had- wrlttea that ah and her
husband wolr be ia. Honolulu oa Jau
ary ia. The organliation then, It waa
decided, had to be completed by the
eleventh If it were to be completed
at all.
iM Ia Good Paitn.
Acting in good faith and believing
that their loyal inteations to American
ice th corporation to the possible limit
of the law would be recognised by Mf.
Plaaerr the-, reorganisation waa put
through. prh attorneys aa Jvdge
8tnlfy, U. F. Proaser, Henry Holmes,
Judge Frear, Frank Thompson and oth
ers were consulted and all endorsed
the plana as legal. United Biatee At
torney Huber waa likewise consulted,
ip order that th federal government
Wight be kept apprised of the moves.
'""wing the reorganization, a weed
AH Previou&ty Issued To Become
. Void Cles Record ol New
: , pnw WBf Be Kept
After today tHe Unltai States mar
shal' office will, umlar regulations re
ceivsd yesterday from Attorney Gen
eral Gregory, take over .complete su
pervision of passes indued for entrance
to waterfront property, the temporary
jurisdiction of the board of harbor com
missioners coming to an end. and the
vwaterfront guards assuming their role
or "ldenr.iXtca.non Innpeetors" only.
AH passes issued bv the board of har.
bor commissioners will become null and
'(Concluded from Pagel)
Aires. Re was notified of his wife's
arrest and the eirenmstanoea surround
ing it and started immediately for the
United States, arriving in time to be
with hi wife when she was arraigned
on January lfl.
Will H. Brooke, the victim of the
shooting, wa fifty years old. He was
a wealthy man and prominent in the
business and social life of the Hen
Joaquin Valley and Southern Califor
nia. He waa a member of the Jon
athan and Country clubs of m Ange
les, us well a of the Masonic, Elks,
and Mystic Hhrine lodges.
aw i
Unitetf'States Marshal To Have
iS.pervisiort of Issuance of
I AH passes Atter Today
l!5-?i. i . i' f deP,rt Loid a aoon a. the instructions of
- - ihbuuiiivu, r v u Home uav
nallxel American being dropped. A
tldge of loyalty to the United States
;, drawn up and every employe waa
required to elgn or explain hv. Prior
4p tbe presentation of this pledge, F.
W. Klebhhn, in charge of the shipping
department; Bertram von Dnmm, head
of the Insurance department, and Carl
thiRbi, manager of Eh ten. A Co., were;
permitted to resign. A few under em
ployes, in whose loyalty there was not
complete faith, were discharged. Iater,
Christian Castladyk, German, manager
f the important branch at Hilo, was
let .out, his place being filled by an
Amerieanrborn Manager.
A owners of twenty-five percent of
the stock of The Pacific Guano and
Fertiliser Company, the Hackfeld di
rector desired to replace A. Falke, the
manager by another. The holders of
.the majority stock voted down this
proposition, however.
VsogMta; Xatnperad
" ReOrgnnlsntion of the many impor
tanr Snbstdlnry ' corporationa was de
layed, due. -to the failure of Washing
ton, to give official recognition to the
new- directorate and' due to the fact
that the . cable and wireless privilege
Was not given back to the firm, thus
ptakiag it practically impossible to re
move doubts, apparently carefully cul
tured by local opponents to the new di
rectors. VkriovS side issues were in
jested fnttf the question, going so fa as
to- make Washington believe that the
arrest of B. H.v Treat on a charge of
atteksl Hswfc & Uepiw W Mr.
Hagens, a ludicrous perversion. ? the
trsth bqt kuflBiilfnv ta compUeawj things
Stuihe xh ot the custodian ia Wash
iartesi.v. v '--im ' i i J, -.. , .
1rV4illei' Jacking" 'vrecogriition Hiera
seUres the new di sectors were forced
to. go alow in , weeding sua auepeoted
employes)" while : this . tlela-y was need
against the directors to. prove their
lack ctf.sincerity iq their. Americanizing
M4 id Hnn
GoveraoK Frear-, who went to Wash
inRton to explajiuad clarify the sit
oattoo, woe .. unable , to i communicate
wish hiei priacipal here to aaplaia to
thcat what, misunderstanding he found
and. whai, the uatodian- desired, while
it wa equally iaapoasibl for the direc
tors here-to reply promptly to what de
layed cable finally cams through
from Washington or ' to advise Mr.
Fmar ot the local aituaiion.
Falling tb Seenne 'any satisfactory
understanding, sad' knowing that the
original .rating of the custodian nns
that he could recognise no after war
reorganisations' except sock as were
carried out ia cooperation with his of
fice the directors have decided to "un
scramble'' aa far a possible and give
the custodian a free hand.
At the same time, the new directors,
in their statements, make it plain that
they continue to believe that they have
anted as loyal Americans, in good faith,
and wholly within th law.
One hundred thousand Chinese regu
lar troops will be sent to the west
front in France, according to Cof Tank
Trhi and Commander T. C. Mo, Chi
n cue officers who passed through Hono
lulu yesterday who have been military
and naval attaches, respectively, in
France with the French armies. They
are en route to lekinv'. They say the
tdans for the use of the Chinese army
have been worked out by the French
general staff.
One oftlcer is reported to hnve suid
that 40,000 of these troops will be en
gineers. He said that already there
are (13,000 laborers from China in
Frauce engaged on military work.
the. attorney general may be earried
out. and la place of these passes will
be permits bearing the official United
State seal, a photograph of the bear
er, and full information concerning his
employes i ni business uposv water
frMI property.
" pegiflatios more st riot than ever
before 111 become operative with ref
erne to the passing of ships' crews,
teamster' and chauffeurs, longshore
men,, lightermen, commercial represen
tatives sod all other persona.
Photon On Passes
Unde the , detailed instructions re
ceived by Marshal Hmiddy the employ,
era of all person having business on
waterfront property will be required
to keep a record of their employes to
whom passes are issued, and another
record will be kept in the office of the
United Btate marshal, each, record
bearing a photograph of the bearer of
the pass, the. United .States seal, and
signatures and vouchers of the bearer
of the pass, his employ, and the United
States marshal.
Upon Information furnished the of
fice of tbe attorney general at Wash
ington, Marshal J. J. Hmiddy received
ten thousand' pass forms, all numbered
consecutively, and each number being
printed In triplicate for proper record
ing. To all owner and operators of each
waterfront facility the marshal will
distribute these triplicate passes, which
are to be prepared by them for "each
of their office, agents, and employe
gaged U or-.about tbete respective
waterfroat faalUHea,"' which are then
to b returned t the United States mar.
shal. Each of these waterfront passes
must bo signed by tbe proposed holder
of the pas) his employer and the Uni
ted States marshal and "must have
securely affixed to tb pass ia the space
provided therefor a photograph of the
prnposedbolder of such pass not larger
than one and one-half inches square."
Strict Keculationa
The regulations stipulate that the
cost of the three photographs must be
borne by the holder of. the pass or his
employer without any rule that binds
the employer to . furnish the photo
graphs. Of the thre; passes the United
States marshal retains one which is
filed in his office, another is returned
to the employer, and the other is kept
by the bearer. 'Strict regulations nre
imposed upon the 'Hdenticution in
spectors" relntlng to trusting to mem
ory inHtead of insisting upon seeing
the pass.
A further regulation of the new in
structions is td the effect that the hold
er of tho pass shall b entitled to en
ter only the particular wharf, pier,
dock, or other waterfront facility men
tioned in his pass. The regulations go
on to atipulate that "the description
in the waterfront pas of the wharf,
pier, dock or other waterfront facility
fur which nui'h pas is issued must be
accurate and definite, In order that its
use may be limited to the particular
premises therein described. "
The new rules are an elaboration and
supplementary explanation of Kegula
tion Thirteen of th proclamation of
the President issued November Ifl. This
establixhed a barred cone about the
waterfront facilities covered by in
structions which were enforceable by
the United States marshal. It Is es
pecially noted in the instructions r
ceived yestotday that the United
States niarhu shall have discretion
in the ease of all persons for whom
passes are applied, and that in no case
shall passes be issued'to German alien
Detailed Information
The passes are printed on yellow
cards about four and a quarter by two
and a half Inches. The face of the
pass contains information as to the
name, residence, nationality, and occu
pation of the hearer. It also contains
the number of the pass, the nnmc of
the port, the name ot the employer and
his location, the signature of the mar
shal and the date issued. The bnck
of the pass contains the signature of
the holder and of tbe employer.
The pass will be issued under the
following conditions. 1. It is revoe
able at uay time. 2. It will be tnken
up if offered by any pereo.i than the
one to whom it is issued and the per
Hon who presents it will be arrested
if any fraud is. discovered, .'t. It is
not good for the baggage eni loNiiie
4. it does not relieve the holder from
examination of packages that are til
ing removed from or carried into the
Word wus recejved here yesterday of
the death in Canton, China, of Mis
Friink N. Ooubleduy, wife of the Unr
den Citv publisher. The death of Mis.
Doubleday occurred on February :'l
while she aud her husbaud were en
Caged in a Ked Cross mission. Thev
(Missed through Honolulu early in .Inn
Private Walker of Twenty-fifth
Infantry Confesses Stab
bing of Sailor
Gruelling exnminntion of only half an
hour by the city detective staff was all
that needed yesterday afternoon
to make James Walker, a private in
Company M, Twenty fifth Infantry,
confess thnt it was he who fatally
stabbed K. V. MeCall, a flremaa third
class of the I'enrl Harbor station, last
Friday niht, near the corner of Kukui
and River Streets.
Walker's confession i followed one
previously made by llerschell Andrews,
private Company M, Twenty fifth In
fantry, who admitted yesterday he was
the companion of the knife wielder
when the attack was made on Mc.Call.
Police Officer David Kupa Kaluhuo
kalani is credited at the police station
with giving the lirst important clue to
the city detective staff which led tc
the discovery of Andrews, nnd the ar
rest of Wslk'er which followed at 8cho
field Hnrracks.
Self defense and the ncensation that
he hnd beclt insulted by McCnll and his
companions. Krnnk llnley and C. A.
Sullivan, was the only justification
Walker made for his crime when mak
ing his confession, or rather admis
sions, to the detectives yesterday even
ing. He claimed he hnd been called a
"nigger" by the sailors and that he
used the knife been use there wo a
' crowd of them. ' '
Walker showed no fear of punishment
for his crime and whistled defiantly a he
was beintf taken under a doublet guard
to the Oahu prison nfter be had been
questioned at the police station by De
tectives McDuftie aud Kellett and
County Attorney A. M. Brown.
Companion Gives Name
Walker was arrested yesterday after
noon about three o'clock at Schofield
Barracks, after his name had been se
cured from Private Andrews, who i
in the company stationed near Fort
Armstrong. He was brought to town
at once, arriving here about half past
four. At five o'clock he was on hi
way to the Oahu prison where he will
be held for trial by the Territory on a
char "h of first degree murder.
Walker's lirst admission to the de
teetives yesterday was that he was in
Honolulu Friday night and that he
heard a "colored soldier had had some
trouble with sailors." .Also that he
noticed two mm looking over all the
soldiers when tbe midnight train left
for Schofield on Friday night, by which
he returned to his quarters. On the
following day, Saturday, fed ' said. h
vmuiv w iiunuiuiu biiu rcniiMiica snui
that evening.
As it was not generally known to
the other soldiers on the train leaving
for Schofield Barracks that a search
was ting made for a negro suspected
of committing the attack on the sailor
the detectives then found it easy to
pin him down until he admitted be was
the man wotited.
Keen Officer Helps
The nrrest of Walker primarily re
sulted from trte keenness of Officer
Kaluhuokalani, generally known as
"Kupn." Kupn told McDuftie of hav
Ing seen a negro soldier (n uniform call
another negro in civilian clothes from
an automobile at Nuuanu Avenue and
Beretanin Street and thflt they both
walked up Nuunnu toward Kukui Street
not long before the stabbing occurred.
Kupn was certain he could recognise
the negro who wa in ciyilinn clothes
if he saw him again, and so the de
tectives and the police officer went to
the enmp of the neurit company near
Fort Armstrong, where the negro com
panion of Walker was identified.
After Andrews had been pointed out
by Kupn he wns placed in custody and
held us n witness. It took little ques
tioning to get him to admit that he
was nearby when the stabbing happen
e.l. As soon .is he gave the name of
Walker and his company, Schofield
Barracks was notified and Wulker's ar
rest followed.
As the officers in command of the
negro company now on gunrd here hud
advised the soldiers to tell whatever
they knew of the crime, it is believed
Andrews would hnve confessed event
Uttlly to Iwing an eye witness, even if
he had not been so readily identified
by Kupu.
Saw Knife Bought
Andrews says he nnd Walker visit
ed several Chinese stores before Walk
er found a knife which suited him an:)
"hich was purchased ut the corner of
Kukui Street and Nuunnu Avenue. He
claims that Walker guve him no de
tails of his reason for looking for the
sailors and that he was not with him
when there was nny previous trouble,
or when Walker thinks ho was in
sulted. Andrews' statements regarding the
crime are given below :
"I was standing at Beretauia nnd
Nuuanu Streets when Walker drove
up in an automobile and nfter dismiss
ing it Hked me to follow him. 1 was
in ciyilinn clothes, as my uniform was
wet, and I hail left it at the Siren
boarding house to dry and had borrow
ed a suit from the proprietor.
"Walker diil not say whut he wanted
of me, but insisted thnt I accompany
him. We walked up Nnnanii Street
and he went into several stores to
buy a knife. When we reached Kukui
Street Walker found what he
wanted in a Chinese store on the cur
ner. (Andrews identified the knife in
the possession of the police as the
one which Walker probably pur
"We then walked down Kukui Stieet
towards liiver and at the corner vv e
met three sailors. I heard Walker
say something to them but could not
distinguish what it was I saw Walker
strike n blow but tl u-ht he hnd used
his list until I saw the knife in his
hiinds. I then run uwav."
A telephone report from Schofield
Hnrracks says that a bloodstained
blouse wus found in Walker's posses
sioil when his effect were searched
- ' I r i fa
Honnlnla, "March , 1!Ufc.
"John R. Macauley, 8M Queen
Street," whose name was included In
the list of Honolulu youth pnbltirned
a being delinquent ia fiUiag out tbeir
questionnaire, is ant John B Macau
lay Jr., formerly of 814 Green. Street,
who is now a lieutenant in the United
States naval reserve And on duty
aboard a troop ship in tbe Atlantic.
However, through lack of some sys
tem of checking off registrant who
have entered the nation's service a
volunteers, it is very likely the same
man is meant in the list given out by
Local Board No. I.
But that the list is- in' error wss
made evident by Capt John B. Moe
aulay, port pilot, yesterday when he
waa shown th published Dst. He took
step at oace to rectify the mistake
and told how young Maeaulay bad
gotten into the naval service a. soon
a possible. This was not generally
known here, as the eaptain explains he
ad not said much about it beeause
In did not want aoyoae to tkiak be
was boasting because bis boy was do
ing his duty.
Lieutenant Maeautay wa first as
sistant engineer of the Associated Oil
tanker Herring when wr waa declared
against Germany. He was at sea when
the registration date same, but regis
tered as soon as bis. ship touched t
Linton, Oregon. Toung Maeautay gave
his Honolulu address and bis card was
issued here.
Later Lieutenant Macanlay applied
in San Francisco for enlistment ia the
United States Navy. As his registra
tion card was here he eould sot be. tak.
en . into the service Immediately... al
though he bad left tbe Associated
Oil boat end ws -very aaxfour to do
so. He wrote to bis father of bis pre
dicament, aad Captain Macaulay went
Lto Capt. H. Gooding Field, he selective
nrart omcer, who dictated and Bled
this wireless:
"Present this Ferry Building, San
Francisco. May join navy. Ifo draft
vet ia Hawaii. Beleased from this dis
trict " ..
Vry shortly sfter this Lieutenant
Macanlay took his examination for' a
rating a a naval marine engineer fend
waa given a commission for tbe rank,
he now holds. Two week .later be
wa ordered to New fork and font
weeks ago he wrote to Honolulu . that
he had been assigned to ship, and
wss soon to lesve on bis first voyage
across tbe Atlantic.
Lieutenant Maeaulay, who ia now
about thirty, years- of age,; is well
known here. At various times he; was
Sloeeun. -record s4d Wa 'aeOemH
are no mom or ' suc .," at . bis
father emphasised yesterday.
' - 1 : '.m '..Mi
That part of the estate of the late
Queen Liliuokalani which is included
in the Liliuokalani trust, including real
and personal pVoperty, is valued at
183,0t8, according, to the sixth annual
accounting the trust filed yesterday
in the eironit court by the trustees, W,
C Smith, Col: a P. Iaukea and A. O.
M. Robertson. i
In te report tbe trustees charge,
themselves with $29,472 and ask to be
allowed 128,677.
NEW YOB; i ebrary 21CarU
Morris baa finally decided that he was
never intended lor an illustrious pugil
istic career. He) announced today that
he will retire to the seclusion of his
ranch. He is reported to be the own
er of a ranah- pear Los Angeles.
Th shortage of flak in the Honolulu
market continued yesterday When only
tw o 'fishing boats returned with catches
which, could be placed on sale at tks
market. These brought only ten bas
kets which totaled 883' pounds. In ad
dition to this about 200 pounds of mul
let were available from the ponds, all
-of which waa disposed of in the early
hours of tbe market.
Tho flshermen contend thnt unfavor
able weatber condition still prevail
and that tbe job ot catching fish i
well nigh a bopeless one:
i '
Col. Howard Hathaway, collector of
fnteraat revenue, ieawaed yesterday
through- advises received from Wash
ington that 'bis nomination by Presi
dent Wilson for the position had been
confirmed! by the-senate,
M. G. Santos has. bees nominated, post
master at Lihue, ICauai. by President
WiUon, according to advises received
yesterday; faom Washington.
Uiinolulu, Maria H. 1018
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2nd Issue Paid TJO
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Hawaiian Klectrtc Ue. ...
Haw. I'liwspole C
Hon. B. A U Co., Ltd...
Hon. ! Co., Ltd. ..
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Inter Islsnd H. N. Co.
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Oabu Hog. Co., n
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Pre 1 To Unwind, are... the
closing quotation of BCockS
lora saarsef yesterooy,
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Colo. Fuel A lruu
Crmllile1 HtCel
cutur Bugar Cane
Kite Common
Oeoerwl Mectric
Osneral Motors (new) .
) t Northern, Bfd. .
Kentlei-fttt CoiiMir
luteriuttooal Nteket . .
loalusttiai Aloobol : . . .
Ihlgh Valley Kallroad .
New York Central' . ...
Bar Consnltilated
Heasllng Conuuo
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Huutbern I'selflc
Teswa Oil i
l ulled Htstes Hul.ber .,
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Western I'alou
Westlngboase ' . ........
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QaaliUeawoB tb fotlowtai New Sora
eorto stock, a wirelessed ta Tho Adver
tiMr by uMiMm ue., sy:.
TOOK f f
Hun. I 'on. Oil ,S 75 4.1)11 :i.W)
Knsels Coii.er ) ,V23 .V-I7S B -5
Mineral Hrwtilrta ... ft'l M (i
Moiiutalo Kino U .14 - .14
M inis na RlngTuiui .. .Jfl :t Xt)
Mailers Mlulug . ... .M .W ti
Mlut-rals, 490, 5e; Kugsls, :VM. S.Uu.
,"!' ' c "! Tar-
B1 Iiedge . I.8TU
Caledonia M.
Kiuma Cnpiter St.
llurrars (Hi
from Blossom 4H
Jim Butten ,J
Jerome Verde ;B4
Msfshw (A
M4dwt Oil. coiuuion 1.07'
Mother lxle . '
lUf llert lUes 4-'TH
Bes-iie Kills Ut
lies Cons 11
Kn-bmond' C.opiier 12tA
IHIivc King 'tu. J.Tfi
Touitpsb Kiteualon 1-tWK'
Tuolumne .
,WUItrt o6lA
Ksre Lake 5JM
(rswtu (iold (MsJ'
MtltlHslng k-SIW
BAN KBANCINliO, sUsch . t (A-o
cUted Prom) rollbWtnc ar tb opening
an closlbr ,uotsofc, r eegar' aast ehr
we Bum rescue suraac yea-
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B.11. i,i
llaw'n f'om't .
lUwallau Hugar Co. .
Ilonoks Huirac
IthtetilusM; Hagar C6. .
Onbii Hugar Co. . . .
Oiaa' Huimr 'o.'
Oaoiu ttugar Oo. . ..
I'Saiiliaii Hugar CO. . . .
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Kugels Copper
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