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Teutons In Concerted Attack In
Considerable Ust Inflict Htav
last Casualties of Any Enaaac
merit tfpon - AnWrlcan' Forcis
HtavyEngatiements On Other
.. AreericaA Sectors Beportsd:
Unci Sam's Kg 6unt. Inflict
, Damags On Ensms Positions
. jW.Associated Press) What
kinewnted almost to a battle ami
since the Civil War would be so
described, was fought between
the Americans north of Tout on
tb? Lorraine trout and a strong
raiding party of Germans yester-
A . ' . T 1 .1
qay morning, n was mucn wtc
most important engagement in
which American, troops m france
have yet engaged.
Ttio American ratitattv lie ia
! heiyyi while the number of Ger
man ' dead strewn before the
American positions testifies to
tb$eVjtre; Ipsses of the attack
etl.t'wliq were driven back after
hand-to-hand fighting, leaving
thi;ee,, prisoners in American
fend '
djht&i the American dead is a
young captain, one of the Class of
19lof West Point. He died urg-
iflVrliIsS' men . not to eive erround
iiaa.'V, uuiaca - inem wunin inc
'.CQETRtY fails :
, Thfrai was a-comp)ete- fi1
turV the. Germans, being drivca
back ra ront, leaving large num
ber 6 deid and wounded behind
them. '.The object of the attack
was; the capture of a salient ex
tending the American line close
ta' the (jferman trenches.
...Ofl account of the large num
ber p( soldiers struck down by
gas strict orders were issued on
this , front yesterday that every (
tnan must have at all times his
mask and respirator within quick
reach. Six more Americans have
died of the effects of gas, which
the Germans are using regularly
on- this front.
"At another point of he Lor-
il ri .t .
- MUMt limc waa jjicai a-liv-
itv on the part of the American
artillery on Friday. With Amer
kan aviators spotting for them
MoA photographing the results of
, txjefr hte, the artillery concentrat
ed thir shells aeainst certain
yejrman positions wnere uig gun
cnUyUftcements had been located.
JfMty, fllll nail "ai aMiiftti-
and the emplacements were de
- fiflfifial , rlesiiatrhe received
iron) say me ram was con
ducted by specially trained Ger-
ttK raiders and tbe raiding
forces were repulsed with severe
v losses and leaving prisoners be-
, hint ,
" . r J t l ,.r
', afternoon claimed the capture of
' teit!l'American orisoners in the
' . : 4 1. & inn.
front wjiiclj ro,ay or may not refer
' Torimt tncaecmcm.
tnk. to Kua poiitiun in . a aeavr
eouteiArattea'i artillery Are dirUd
aijfciiifr'CeriBtn'bii; eua raplaemai
U rear of tM treDeiea.
; AkpB9"PvTlinjiday eireled high
1 ovrlif anL took many pbotograpba
JHany pomwoaa b trenchei wera com
Tjle'elj- QbHteated.
1 Tha. w
a. eernjana attacked ekst of Chav-
'IcnWtik'tM rane reported. In
a desperate fcahd-to hand encounter the
Ttsrl''wte vljStorous, repulsing tha
Oerma'aV wit bavy loss.
,;tV01il MfeYER ILL
lrBa-E-Hfear George Von Mey.
r f,serioUslt 111 tare from a tumor
if fb- MfeJr.W
utmianu s
, ) ; , a .
LONDON, MirtH 2 (Aaaoriated
lecrauh despatch, whlrh nun ten a
Telpgrtph despatch, whlrh qooten a
offered to Rumania by Count O.erain, the Aactro' Hantfariaa prim min
uter and foreiga minister, inrlmle a demand that ha abdicate hia throne
in favor or hia brother, Trinre William, or that ha abdicate and leare
the choice -of hia aaereenor to a referendum of the Itumaaian people.
Kind Ferdinand, who U a llohcniollem, haa beet dlraoanced by Ger
many a a traitor in leading hit people in war against Kaiser Wilhelm
the hpad of the house of Hohenzollern, Prine William, brother of the
Rumanian King, ia a pronounced pro German. I la left Bamania on its
dwlaratioa of war and allied himself on the side of the Central Powers.
In an official note from Jnssy, the provisional capital of Bamania,
promulgate! oa Tuesday, the Rumanian government annonncee that it
in forced to enter into peace negotiation, but ia ia not willing to agree
to peace on aay term as has been stated
Court Martial Is
For Medical
AV .VS1IINO TO N, March 3 (Associa
ted lrsns) -Coort martial has been or
dered for Maj. Philip B. Connelly nnd
I.ieut. Walter H. Kirfcpatrick of the
I'nitcd Htstes Medical Corps following
an investigation which has been eon
ducted by the war department into the
facts and circumstaneee preceding ami
surrounding the death of Private Al
bert Hestwood at Fort Doniphan.
They are charged with not giviu him
proper medical care.
The investigation of Private Hest
wood's denth was precipitated by the
cnarges wdicb were made by isenntor
Chamberlain that in manr ways the :
conduct of the war had fallen down
and in connection with which he read
letters from relatives of the dend sol
dier. These letters asserted that Hest-.
wood haoWMported siek and was sent
bark to hia sompany without the at
tenVion which he required when suffer
ing' from meaingitia. 1 It was said that
Is Caught By Cane Conveyor and
So Seriously Injured That
He Dies in Hospital
Throwa up against a bar of iron by
tbe cane unloading machinery at tha
Honolulu Plantation Company mill yes
terday snornings ILaruku Takisaki, a
Japanese assistant engineer was so
badly hurt that.' he died a few hour
. -i . . . . -
iarer at me yoeen s noepuai. ,
. Which Tahisaju waa. Wearing"
caught in the conveyor of the cane nn
loading machinery. He waa polled
from an operating platform before he
could above over the throttle at which
ha waa standing and stop the unload- I
er power.
The conveyor carried him up to tha '
roof of the shed of the uiiloader where
his limbs struck a piece of angle iron,
and both his feet and legs were badly
When Dr. W. H. Cooper arrived at
the mill be cut off oue of the feet of
tbe Injured man with no other tool ,
than a. pair of scissors, as it waa bang,
ing by atrips of brained flesh. The
Japanese was then hurried to tha I
Queen's Hospital where it was decided
to postpone operation on tbe other limb
te give tha man time partly to revive,
This he never did and hei died at noon.
Takisaki was employed at tbe Aiea
mill only a short time ago. after he had
returned from a long visit in Japan,
Ha waa about twenty-seven years of
age and marriad.
s . ..
Board Lenient With Many Erring ,
No direct nllugation of slackerisin '
haa been made against any of the draft
-delinquents on Oaliu who failed to call 1
for their questionnaire blanks, and wu connection wmi tne rruinlulnnt wiu
have boon rounded up by the police aud I of the lute ljueeii 1-iliuokaluni. Indict
brougllt before the bourds. I monta of conspiracy that were niadfe
The hoards acknowledge that the at gainst them were dropped when a de
dresaea as recorded iu the original rcg- I niurrer to these charges was sustained
istration were often faulty and for by Circuit Judge William 1L Heen.
this reason many of the questionnaires I At the time this demurrer was .sus
failed to reach' the registTanta. The ' tJned about a month ago, City At
board are lenient with the Island men , toruey A. M. Hrown stated that new
aud axe giving them a chnnce to carry I charges eliminating the defects dl
out their registration requirements. closed by the demurrer to the faulty
The boards have been dealing with indictment would be inude against the
a nunibqr of young men who have mar- I throe. t
ried since Mav is. IS 1 7. In many inr
stances, although they hud asked to be
classified in 4A, they have leeu brought
Up to Class 1. It has been brought to
the attention of the boards that a cor
tain board iu New York, upon which
former Iresident Taft and other proin
lnentmen are members, has ruled that
these men can be placed in the de
ferred classification lists, and not
brought up to Class 1. It is further
saiif that, this rulyig was observed up
ou" instructions from the secretary of
The local draft office, has received no
such instructions, ami will continue to
treat the men who huve married since
May 1H, 11)17, according to instriv t.ions
now ou band from General frowdcr.
VICTORIA.HritiHh Columbia, Febsu
arv 25 (Associated Press) Miss Dil
I -. lr ttia nftt-.il AiiMtrulinn iwiminiir
will appear here in exhibition swims on
August S instead of at Vancouver n
originally announced. William Un
mack, an official of the Pacific. Athlntv
Association who ia in churgs of Visa
Purauk'a itinerary, has announced tb ,t
this will be Miss Durack's only appear,
auee la British Columbia.
rnce ur reace
. .. .
Bwlln authority, rh tarma of peace
Corps Officers
.1 . . ... ...
i ne occasion tor tnis failure to give
tae sick man attention waa the lack
of hospital accommodations and crowd
ed conditions.
Before the senate committee emlain
ing luck of hospital accommodations at
some of the campa and eantonments
Furgeon General Oorgaa aaid that at
Camp Doniphan it was found necessary
to Temporarily abandon hosortal con
traction work in order to complete liv
ing quartern, as there was equally s
shortage in barracks accommodations.
Later, he said the hospital building
work was taken np and carried forward
once more
bat that for a time there
unsatisfactory accommoda
hsd been
tions for the sick at that camp.
It was following the reading of this
letter that Secretary Baker announced
that any officer of the medical corps
found guilty of maltreating pr failure
to properly treat soldiers, would, upon
conviction,' be subjected to the most
ever renasiea.
Charge of Subornation of Per
jury Preferred By
Grand Jury
(Joo Wan Hoy, who has figured in a
series of criminal charges of perjury
that grew out of an equity rase that
was tried two years ago, was indicted
on a new charge of subornation of per
llurv veterdav bv the rrand iurv. Ths
' ... ' ' ' -
Iii the latest charge it is alleged that
on the occasion of the equity trial
held in the circuit court before Judge
C. W. Ashford in March of 1916, God
Wan Uoy injured one of the defend
ants, John (irac-e, to testify falsely.
The suit in question was one filed to
foreclose a mortgage by W. O. Let
versus John Grace, Opiopio Grace, Goo
Wan Hoy, and MaJie Goo Wan Hoy.
Serious charges are muile in three
indictments returned against two Ha-
waiian youths, David Ilema and He ma
Liiiii, who it is alleged on the night
of February 27 made a desperate as'
saiilt on Mrs. Karl Koclars and hei
two youug brothers, Martin W. Condon
and Kdward John Condon.
It is alleged that the- wotnaa
tbe two young boys were walking along
a loueiv roH'l in the southern part ot
the city when the two Hawaiian youths
set upon them and after kuockingjdown
the two boys tried to drag the woman
into the shrubbery at the roadskle.
Ka h of the youths is charged with
assault with intent to commit rape in
addition to charges of assault and bat
tery in connection with the alleged at
tack made on the two young boys.
n another indictment returned Tee-
lay Yee Hai is charged with em-
ler.r.lemeut. It is alleged that he made
wuy with i:iti owned by F'ong San
I'ing on January '.'4.
Reports that new charge wera to
be made against ' I'rtncesn " Theresa
Wilcox ffcdlircau. "Rev." Ham Karaa-
knin an. I James Kealoha by the grand
jury proved unfounded. The three
re yet to answur charges of forgery
WASHINflTON, March 2 (Associa
ted Press)- Fifty vessels comoleted
within the year from the Hog Island
' shipyard is the promise made the gov
ernment by the vice president of the
American hhipbuilding corporation.
I He Iisscb his couditiun for the launch
ing of fifty vessels in 1918 upon a con
tinuance of at least the present supply
of labor.
-4 .
WASHINGTON. March 1 (Associa
ted Press I Japan has nfhciully inform
ed the I'uited States that Americans
going to Japan must have passport
viseo nv Japanese diplomatic or conr
sulur officials.
(Tablets). Druggists relund money, id
it failr to cure. The signature of
W GPOVE Is on each box. Man
uiaOiircd by the PARIS li;tHCXNft
CO.. SC J,o".ia. U. 8. A.
' i " L-i '
April 6 Is Set For Date of Open
ing But Amount of Issue and
Rate of Interest-Only Intimat
ed and Not Announced
WASHINGTON, .March 8 (Assoc!-
nted Press)'-Cmpairos for the not
T,lhertv Loa.4 WlW Open on April 6
This was annetihced by the department
of the treasury' last evening. It was
also stated thai farther legislation will
have to be raised before the bono
are issued.
Nothing i sniil in this announce
ment of the amount of the issue or
the rate of Interest which the bonds
are to Dear, lasse details cannot D?
positively given until the new legis
.anon has Deed secured.
Tbe treasury department has indicat
ed, however', that tha i sue will be
above three billion six hundred millions
of dollars, the balance authorised by
the legislation already passed but has
not told bow much more is desired. If
has si so Indicated the rate of interost
ill be four and one-half percent.
It. is understood the necessary -legis
lation is to be introduced within the
next few days, probably early next
week and it is expected tbe measure
will be given right of Wny in both
While the announcement does not
say when tha loan will close it is not
expected the period of the campaign
ill vary, materially from those of the
previous loans.
Chief Returns, Praises Men and
Criticises Too Strict Cen
. sorship of News
WASHINGTON, March S (Associa
ted Press) Numbers of changes ia the
personnel of the general ataff are ex
pected to be 'Announced following the
return here of General March, Jhe new
chief of staff who reached an Amer
ican port yesterday. Among these
changes it is understood that Genera!
Biddle will speedily be'relieved as act
ing chief of staff and will be assigned
to an important command in Europe. 1
On his, arrival yesterday General
March took occasion to warmly praise
the American contingent in France, He
described the troops as so well trained
that they are now ready to handle
hemdv8 " e-lth entire credit to the
United States."
The new chief of staff found causa
for criticism in some of the censor
ship rules in operation and termed cer
tain features lamentable. He indicated
that he might advocate regulation,
which will be considerably less strin
Highest California Tribunal De
cides Against Bomber
HAN FRANCISCO, March 2 (Asso
ciated Press) Unless an appeal be
granted by a federal court or clemen
cy be exercised by Governor Stephen
ir President Wilson, Thomas J. Moon
ly will hang. His appeal to the statf
supreme court has been denied, and t
tew trial refused, tbe higher court
Inding no revnible error upon whicr
to set aside the verdict, i v daeisioa
Mooney was convioted of otplieit
n the preparedness day pa.ade bom I
explosion of July 82, 19J0. Thorough
investigations have been mi le of thi
affair and of the trial and la) or organ.
(cations have left no stone uk arned te
secure a reversal of tbe verdict.
Mooney, v. hen' told of the decision
said it was no surprise to him. Oover
nor Stephens declined to comment.
It is understood efforts will be madr
o secure a postponement of execution
of sentence frora the President tr V
cannot be obtained from the governor
Twenty-four Tins Valued A4
$5000 Taken In Raid
Twenty-four tins of opium valued
at pretty close to five thousand dollart
were found by United States Marsha'
J. J. Kiniddv, yesterday afternoon, it
a store near the Quran's Hospital. Tin
man who put it there waa discovered hid
ing in a garret on Mnunakeu Street an
hour later, nnd through him the owne
of the stuff was placed under arrest
All three of the Chinese connectet'
with the opium were pluced under ar
rest under federal warrants. Mrs. H
Ah Mana, who runs the grocery store
in which the omum was found, Im
idicuted l.ce Humit who said... that he
received the stuff from I-ee Pot.
The opium ia the. higb grade 'ebsv
en" brand of drug and is the kame
brand and grude as waa round neai lue
island of Niilieu several veeka ago.
That it is a part Of the same consign
ment of the. drug as that which was
fiiund by the United States marshal
and probably came tq the Island In tbe
same manner is the belief expressed by
. Marshal. Wuiiddy yesterday.
!-L'-J ! -. In ) i i i i I
,IN' CONTRACTING A r t ,cc iKitnceHid
General Crusi, Retired, tiabia
To Court Martial and Manu
f acturersV Aacht' Placed under
Arrest Fr Abttmg ; J; .
CHICAOQ, March I y (Associated
Press) Ofllcials of tb federal gov
eminent late yesterday afternoon raid
ed tha- offleee and. toVor tb boOkt
ana papers or iienry JJppffrt, a prom
Insnt manufacturers agent. Mor than
two thousand documents were ' seite
and Llppert was af ttre ssrrre iin
placed under arrest.
Lippert 1 ia accused of. aiding and
-abetting Brig. -Gen. Thomas Cruse, re
tired, lor securing and receiving money
for securing contract for goed con
tracted tor. by the government fot
army purposes. .
Crns serVed in the quartermaster '
department until January 1 whea he
was retired. '" -j-
He la liable to eoart asartiaJ foe the
offenses charged,
. .
Jandits Open, fire On American
Cavajry Durlnp Paley and ,
Sutter Consequences
MARFA, Texas, Mrll (Associ
ated Press) -Twelve Mexicans were
killed and several woandsi! yesterday
by soldiers of the United States car,
airy on duty in patrolling tha- herd sr.
in the- course -or a parley between
the American troop and tha Mexioan.
bandit tb latter'' opened llr upon th
Americana, This brougbt the order,
from tha-' commandiag office to ftt
and this' .the 'American -soldiers did!
with telling effect. The rent of tha
baadit party laid down their arms and,
begged for their lives.
Captain Thomaa was ia .command of
the Americans and waa talking with
the bandit leader when the Mexican
began tbe attack. . '
There were no casualties . in killed
or wounded among the Americans.
Precautions Taken To
Catastrophe Similar To
wciated Press) Stringent reguUtionl
oreclude the possibility af a exptosm
it this port similar to tb recent Haiti
'ax disaster, according to a statement
ibtained from the Philadelphia marlj
ime exchange. It was learned that reel
immendationa in, a report issued." by
'he British government eomplsaio ia,
"anada to prevent a recurrence of eoiu
litions which permitted thecataatropbt
fhcre have been in effect here for some
time. i
A collision of explosive-laden ships
it the busiest point in the Delaware
River where the stream is comparative
ly narrow, would wreck both Philadelr
phia and her Jersey neighbor, Camdera
The loss of life would be appalling!
With these facta in mind port officials
said they had made it impossible for a
steamer to load or anchor with a cargo
of any dangerous kind near the mai
waterfront of the city. S
Ships are not permitted to load eve
diells within tbe city limits while T
V. T. and other dangerous explosivor
ire placed aboard ships at isolated pier
'ar from human habitations, Aeaordinf
'o officials of a leading powder- com
iany most of the high explosives menu,
'act u red in the Delaware Valley rf
shinned from Vow York and Canadlai
. . . . i
GKNEVA, March 2 (Aaeoeiatod
Press) Growing distrust of the Ger
nans by the Austrian la show in
lewspaper artiolea published in tbr
irntz Taggeblatt, copies of wbch
have reached here. These article raisv
i cry of alarm at the . Gcrjnaiiixing
f the eastern Adriatic, especially mt
' Polo Fiinme which ar to become Get
man submarine bases.
Distrust is shown and the danger of
ultimate consequences to Austria, told-
1. - - , . t
WiASIFJNGTON, Mrch at(Aasoeia
'ed Press) In mouoy the cost to tbf
United States is sUadlly mounting.
Estimates of the expeusa. entailej. ajt
the present time which have been eont
ied in the treausry dopartrpant p)QCf
be figures at nearly, a billion pf doj
lara a month. '. ',
WA8H1NGTQN, JTtlrsh .--'(.Aoriai
ted Press) the Amerlcap jjerchart
marine has been Increased by SW ves
sels In the last six month. .Matty of
these have been built. Id, 'the United
Mates. Other were Interned ships'.
, - . n ,, .I, -
AMimqtrMM-. ffbrji(iryrbB(AsaOi
cintwd Prssl 8ii' uiifrtofC VbWJav
entered , ladHatr, In , Guiwy ' 4)rJjt
the war, awordihif ta ofllcial Hgu(rv
qnotod. by VororU. '. ' V '
' - ' ' ; "-: h ?''. -v' . .- ' KK-i i!?.-:i iii-:Ci':
unuersianamg' uui
" Sttrrcndcf
LONDON, March 2 (Associated Press) Japan haa een ik
ed or will be askpd jounediatcly to protect the interests oi
the Entente Allies' in Siberia. 'Ylils the Lomfon Maif ''aysl9:th
general understands. , It adds that the move may be cpnsidef ed
lostitc'-'but Is "made advisable by the new frorrt Petrfgrit4 Vl&V
yestcrtfay ' told of ""Vhe departure- of 'Entente embassies but dia riot
nen tiori th ' dafe-' Despatches from Vologda last night . taty ibt
American and Japanese ambassadors arrived there' onyThtlsday
after an uneventful trip from Pttrograi."- The Amerrcan 'paffy
deluded Arnbasdor Francis, members of hts legation, Re4 Cross
workers and other United States' 'ctyitfens; r-- v '
While the Mail says nothing of the possibility of th., United
States joining Japan for the protection of its. own interests and
.hose of the co-belligerents of America" there ' were md,'rcationf Ihat
uch action will be' taken in despatches from' Washington which
said:' ' v " ".' ' -'V. 1
President WUyn devofe all lut time yesterday to the' exclu
sion of all othjer business,', fo "a siudy o( t!)e suggestion, thit Amer
ica unite witti.' Jfjpiui 'ia sending a jomt military' expediiion tp
Siberia,. Those in touch with the situation believe a' decision wUl
soon be fortcoming and! will result id sote arrangemht f'priep
ent .supplies now in Vladivostok and control of the trani-Siheruri
railroad from fallinfr into trie hands' of the, CerrAahs.
Secretary Lansinir discussed
voy from Great Britain to the United. .States, the proposal for
Japanese-Amjiricanj expedition, "to .Sibetjia. - ' ,
The cabinet also considered American participation In sttcty
an expedition! , The consensus o'f opinion is thit Japan is better
equipped to proceed alone in such' ah undertaking'. .' It' is unJer
stood that any move ot Japan to
win ee wen suppprtea.
Peace necotiatiotis . at Brest
broken for Petrogjt?ad advices, of last night said that measages'hli
been received from he Russian peace' delefjkfei 'asking Yikat J
special train be sent to meet them
lion of a definite break, v . .
From the fact' that. AUstroiHungary' ts joinirtgiisji therwarWt?
with the Bolsheviki in accordance
P j Ukrainians', this i. furthef indicated. This announc.e4ne .
L'carni! f(r$t froni Berhh in a despatch -which said the AuslHi
anan anvance naa Degun in ine
the Central Powers was to assist
in Besserabia.
l ater messap-e from Vienna.
that ten thousand Russian troops hadl laid: down.t.netp.;arJii,ftd;;
vere surrendering the rolling stock of the railro rbt,' mn-
nition. i ' ; " 1 Vi,''
Semi-official despatches from Pettograd 6aid UtejisssTv
forces had stopped the Germans in several places and, wer tyJ
ing the approaches to other objectives. V :' ', ;
Earlier Petrograd despatches indicated a further advance by
the Germans on the Russian front. They had now advanced, tbir--ty
niles beyond Polotzk. '-
Preparation for the evacuation of Petrograd in the face of the
German advance has begun. Removal of the military population
valuables arid gold is under way.
The Russian council of the people's commissaries has decided
-o return to reirograa-
Exchange despatches from
vance of the German armies in
Germans Would Inflict Dea'h
PeroVy Rn Two Soclalli
' AMSIERDAt, March 1 AJaolat
'bd PtaBs)-Blgium 1 again shocked
'Sv Oerman ruthlessncss. Condemned to
LdiaU , bv a Qerman court martial, on
pi-hartcea of esploneKA. two' Belgian so
jtm ben placed la. jail awaiting exe
cution or the deaf a, penalty.
- Pteter Troeletea, DuUh. soeUUat, ba
appealed' tq ilarr. Suhaldemann, BocUl
1st leader at Hr)ln, tp Ue bia influence
tojrevqb tbelr death.
NEW TOHK, March I (Associated
Press) The British iteamer Tiberla
haa been, submarined aodYsunh. acoord
ing, to, advices which reached the own
ars bera. yegterday. The member of
the crew haa been rescued,
' Tlie Tlbrla wa a veeeel of 3145
ton neb. She was returning to the
United fcrtates when aunlc.
, Kvery fawiily should ie provided with
Chamberlain's Fain Balm at all times.
Sprains-uiay be ourat in mucb less time
when promptly treated- Larue bark,
laine, shpuldpr alns in the side and j
fftpet rjd rbeuiuiitl pains are some of
tbV d'aoaSeW tor whli'U it I especially)
valuable. 'Try Ihis liniment and beooiue.
acxuainted wtts it qualities and you
will hftX'f to. be without if, i
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without if. For
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Hawaii.- .Advt.
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with. Lord Readmp-. Snecial ent
iorestau tne oermans in siDerii
- Litovsk appear ito .have bel
and this was taken as an mdic
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with peace terms promises madf
unrainc. i nc prorninq.T;!,;
the Ukraine against its ttetnisti
'.,.'.. ."tk ' S
cotiArmdd tlifi ctoort iiiA k
indicate that tbe ad-
Russia has
been resumed.
Action Insures One UirtteiQrfjarK
izatiori p ty Ulanrli ;
Hil.rt, llareb t8jlal thd
AdvertUer) Member of h ttlita ted
Cross have-' onanini6usy pprdve4 f
the action of the eiecutiva-oaaltit
that the Hilo chapter tnerje-'teirhjta;
Ukwnllan chapter, with. fcdqbtMr
at Honolulu, thus bringing tttfl vxuna
brnnrW t the-Red s'Mr lllMiaa
Into on organisation. ThVtftsjlalfcii,
of." V ' saegtrvjf. onmlV t snMi
about two week e ago; wi aubniUt4
to the membur for Uiaas'
W A8Hi NGlEONi Marvb fc-4 AaV-'
ted Press) Investigation of th"aink,
ing of the cutter MeQullneb daet. JuSa'
ba been closed Tin VcpdrttwV wi,
rettdewl restcrday, pjasee.ih. WJO it
the crew of the rtoverar ad !tor
nienda te 'rew of tha- avftnr " ' ' C
"mHes hiivt '.C
DENVEEi March --,(Aa;i;U
1'reaa) Nin miners ar reported .4
hov: bow kjUed In Eu Ahfqhfo,
HSrott) County, New Meiteo.' The-lo?
cation I : slsHon'on:-tll-rktt',W
railroad, between hare: Mdrl&ir R,
Teia. : .' k l
LONDON, - March' "1 -tAirtt4-PrssV-John
Be4iidftd,.tbaoir?ia '
parliams i' fca'S 'iloolrt6h andt
tie. ; Hfj Wdlt4dr V'rtdbtiali Mtl.
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