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: , finite aa'viMslhariitfesidefit tafrslarted order ihajc
M aHuTfrv received yeerday bf0 StaY-BUlietlrftforrt Its
WakhMgtonV AofiMcfl ffti A&clWfej &y
Tn 'Advertiser but was. unable to confirm the afternoon paper.
adMe;'fc$ir the Upartmerttt p.t Vteshjnptflrr werd tlQsed;" ' Jhcre
'h ifo Veafplh, fatfevefttf -tfoutttbi cprfectnes. 6! the nie-iafle, as
if Is merely confirmatory of the advices received by The Advertiser
rasekWprft 1 Wahihqt6n fcot-itsporideht, who WrrjteMat ac
tion undoubtedly would ba taReij to mate, this island dry under ex
ecMtivs 'order."'; - . r- 1 ;,;-.: .
'. :Thr -lonTna "fifths or'ieir follows activity' alonn Keverafllhis
having in view the securing of prohibition br Oahu. The chamber!
oi cpmrnercB leg ott vyim us rrsoiuijon asking ipe rresiaeni to mane
th?1iiaptf,dry,fot thfl period Wtbe'war;, Jhis.was barbed up by
innumerable press clippings from Honolulu, v Then Or. E. S. Goodhue
wentlo Washington and strongly, brttd that, Oaha ti rpaUA.tfry.
George McK, McClellan, reprefentative of the chamber of com
merce, did aft possible to secure ;fay6ra8j6 $ctioh, and now Delegate
Kuhto is in Washington Where he has been1 adding his voice. ,
Following the receipt of the resolution adopted by the chamber
of commerce; t hi Secretary of tyar asked General Wisser for a re
port on the local situation and for recommendations. . "
Hoy broad isthe prohibition established by, the Presidefit will
riot Be. known until fuller details of the order are received here. Cer
tainty the sale of intoxicants by salOonsy whole, saldrs and brewtrjes;
is yioiiiuiico, as was aune uy;ine
"dry zone" within five miles of rulitary encampments. But whether
the having in possession of liqrnr by civilian and others and their
private consumption of it Is aff cted as well as the serving of it to
reiauves ana oona nae guesis except inose wno wear uncie dam s
uniform, to whom it is tabu under all circumstances in a "dry ?one,"
is as vet vncertafri. '
General Wissef 'made his. report to the war de0artment. and
-I h J .!. ' M I l A Al A ! Al A A I
ine Apvcriiser learneo irom -wasningion inai' in mat report ne
recommentfed lhat the island be made bonedrv. - " '
This recommendation has been 'acted utrori, and from the time'
the order goes into f ffect Jhe sale
laDU-wH vanw.'M
' This is real prohibition arjB
H)Mt will -havt hack of it for its
lhmflrfSfoteftfMVfrnmnt. with
Dosal to see that there is no vibration. ' r" : .
Prohibition under cxecutivj
ticipates by only a few month federal prohlWtioh'f or hhe entire Ter
ritQrVr foir.ft tsnow appat'ept that,
, viding bona dry prohibition for all the Islands will be passed, with
out much opposition, tOjgo into effect July T next.'
An AmanriatA Pmi HnJ'rVl
, tornmittee' on Pacifit Island's and
a favbfable reportr6h' the prohibition bill for Hawaii. This report
is taken liere as ihstring the passage of the rneasure in the Senate.
The house committee on territories has already reported favorably
on the bill, and it is confidently expected that it will pass the house
with virtually no opposition. (Delegate Kuhib is on the ground,
working tooth and nail for its passage, and reports that hve been
received here from Washington Indicate that within a short time the
measure will become law.
Interest has centered on thi question when President Wilson's
order declaring the Island of Oahu a dry zone will go into effect, and
General John P. Wisser, head of the Hawaiian department, said last
night that he was unable to throw any light on the matter.
11 have npt yet had any official notification f the order," Gene
ral WisSier said last night. 1
, j V General .Wisser said that if, nj time is 'designated in the order,
"this wfll mean that it is to became effective immediately after it is
received omciallj?.
He said, however, that in orders of the Kind a definite time When
they are to become effective ordinarily is fixed. ,
.AArieW advanced was that When, the full text of President Wil
son's decree is received a date upon which liquor traffic hiust cease
on the Island of , Oahu will be announced, and. after 'tbV order re
ceived,' another, putting it in force at the time designated will be
issiied'by tcbm'mahder of thf HiwaiUAydpartnSint.' iWheh this
happeoqHbpylutt saloons and liquor houses will have to, close.
Six Booked At Station For Using
"Shooting flah" at Wianae Kt six
rather well known Honolulu ynuDR rneji
booked at the Honolulu polire station
yesterday on a oaarge of .violating the
law. '
W. M. Perry, a police ofneae at W
nnaffiwas tbe arresting officer, and he
told the booking seretaat that tbe six
sportsmeu had bech discovered gather
infr up fi'b from the waters near his
vltinge after t"he.T,liid net off a eluise
ol rVypftmite in the sea BenrCy. ,
The half dor.en flshermen' protestml
violently SRS-inst being booked, and nt
the same' time said they did not know
they were violating the law, so the
police stiy.
TIioho uhm-jed with dvnumiting the
-h wr-e 11. !VriHiVrttf .t,- Woolawcy,
K. . Ke-f, V. ffnkerrOUIf.' Ander-
nn vO. 1". Wlltde ;
' Win W of tab Itilled 'by' The dvna-1
' mite ws "stored st,-the (Tewsiian, Kloe
trie storage plant last night; W be used
at the district court hearing today..
i1 lit i
ii i .
cacuuuvc uiucr esuuiisuniy a
of intoxicants will be absolutely
-s ,
it is prohibition that wilt prohibit,
enforcement an the power of trie
the Lm ten State flrmv at its riis
order for the Island of Oahu an
the bL nqw Wore congress pro-
vtrHai al(f: that hr -rnate
Porto- Rico ordered on Saturday
CltlCAtfo; Fobrua .11 lbun
(lied I Faher, xtar pitcher of t lie worlil
rhumpion WUiU Hnx, ii mlonii nn unto,
nidliilf. 11k will be without it until
' spring. It hsrf oot been stolen but.
L worse thita ihat, ,tt ik 'brld under a
lrM .""'WlriIt Ulf between ('an
cade and Dubuque, Jadiana, and the
piti'hr rays U will be there until the
bird wmrbla awetly in the gentle
HprinKt.imp. I'aber's brother tried to
drive the ear to Chicago, but did not
get verv far. Now It 'a snowed under.
K,. :'
rv II Dentil hoi laid'its hand on
Jniiu' I,. SuUirwR Wiuiivnl f l ie ruin at
hiH farm here. Th day after the t'onn
er ehnmtdna w buried, "0louel
Corn,;' hia fu.rnrite hrer dronpad
4ad in hid jtull 'and the next day
l(nother ennatanf tMinaMtt, 'a bull
dopf ieaU) by Tnh' HulUvan of
fymbiule, . VoMl.s (Had. To com
rvWta tha liat, the ttnff h,ro'i mw and
two collie dogs, In whioh ke-4iad taken
great pride, died last sight.
taw1.6l!EKt;rtmey Draistic and
Provides Heavy Penalties For
Violation of Any Regulation
Pnrtrwlgated Under "its Pro
visions hf authority under which Pienident
baa aigned an executive order making
the Inland of Onhu a "dry xono" 1b
htftlued nnder the Selective D aft Act
Sf,,lat year. The law i extremely
rairtie ip its penal provininnK, viola
tions of the ipTininne of the act Itself
f'ny r(ttilnt(ona that may be
kindt lindar ita authority beinf; punihh
blft ny heavy fine or imprisonmont.
SteptlO J2 of the Selective Draft Act
, TJiH.tlia PreldenVof the united
' 1tvea M oorBrder lo-ctiief of
;.',tarwmy. Is utborUftd to make
neli regulation goranUog the pro
ai)iti of aloobjollc liquors in ot
. near military campi and to the of
ticv nd .enlirtad .mea of the
.fanny saa may from time to time
m flom necaaaary or MylMbU: Pro
V Nrltio, J. That no aeraoo, corpora
tion," . partnership ot association
ahaUlMU, supply or have in hit or
piiantaslon any lntoxicaUn or
I SpfUSotis Uno st may military
'ttAtlon, cAntonmant, camp, fort,
post) nfllcera' or enlisted men's
, lab, irliich Is beinc nsad at the
i ttme. 'or military purposas under
i ' this act, Vnt the secretary of war
atar,ttsk rarulations permitting
' the tala of intoxicating liquors for
medicinal purpose it shall be
unlawful to sail any Intoxloatlng
i liquor. Including beer, aie or wine,
1 to, r4iy o ID car or member of the mll
'.,itry forces while in uniform, ex
. ept as herein pro Tided. Any per
. aon,W corporation, . partnership or
aMoeiaUon violating the provisions
'Of tfcia section or the refulilons
, made, thereunder shall, unless oth
! ,rwl4 punishable under the Arti
vet of War. be deemed guilty of a
snisdatrMMLnor and be punished by a
fine of not more thin 11000 or lm-
Cnment of not more than
ft months, or both.
. Wlral the President h:iw done in the
f ae'tf, ter places where troops an
ih paining or stationed, in conformity
fita tbe powers given him bv congress
fj :c:,i.tu .t?. -n .... .
14 I III oil'miill piuiviul'ui
of 'be (Ji'tary of war concerning the
prder establishing a 5 mile "dry
aon-aV,.a-nd regulating moral conditions
roud military eani)S issued by the
Vnesident. i ..Thi ststement follows:
, , 1. Under authority of Hectiou 11' ot
the ftct.',' A authorise the President to
tnereaso temporarily the military es
tablisaaient of the t'nited Htates, " tin
following .feculati-uus were estublishn
by tie President :
" No pnon, whether actint; imlivid
nally or as an officer, member, ucut
representative or.eeiploye ut a corpora
tipn, partnership or association, or H'
Uu axenl..,rcproentativc or employe of
fin rao-i". iauai,i hiihh, in or wiiniii nvt
miles of any military vamp, except
hereinafter provided, sell or barter, di
rectlv or indirectly, either alone
with any other article, nny aleohulii
liiiuor. iiicludinc beer, ale, or wine, t
any person, or give or serve nny sur.l
alcoholic liquor to any person, except
that this prohibition aliment servini
or giviug sicuholia liquor shnll not ap
ply to the serving of wiues or liquor
iu n private home to members of t h
fiimily- or to bona lide quests therein
other tliau officers or members of the
military forces; and no person, wheth
er acting individually or as a member
officer, . agent, representative or em
ploye of. any corporation, partnership
or association, or as un r-nent, repre
ncntative, or employe of an indiviilun'
snail send) ship, transmit, or transport
in nny mauuer, or cause to he shipped
transmitted, or transported in any man
ner, unv alcoholic liquors, including
beer, ale pr wine, to any place within
IW c iiiilao uf auv militnrv cnmp. except
for the'ase In his home as hereinbefore
" PROVIDED, that where theexistin
limits of.np incorporated city or town
are withitf five miles of a military
auip. LM prnhibitioii upon the sine
bartur, gift, service, sending, shipment
trniipnlissiou or transportation of itl
"oholic liquors imposed by this reuls
iou sbnU.Dot apply to suy part of the
niorporated city or town distant mon
hn- oMa'bnlf 'xnlle from said camp.1'
t!. - rler.iithoxlty of 8etion 1H o
'be aqme act the keeping or setting up
of. houses Vft f: fame, brothels, oi
tiawdy bouaes-.within flve miles of any
miUttiry ekm, station, fort, post, can
'uumtivt, irajoirtg'or nwbiliaatiou place
beinij used for military purposes by
the l.'nited States, is prohibited.
. i-
(Itturles J. Smith, charged as a de
nerWr from the machine un compHnv
f --tne Hrst ialaotry. ,wbo was brought
Huimlulu front Ililo on the Vlauuh
ftea Haturdaymosingeia said to have
smd, a-wealthy widow while he nns
reiidenit nf the Hig Island and knon
M Oeorg AHtta.
trmith is said to bayu left llouolulii
asun employe of Norwood, the hypno
rtsli nml t lu.ve liiud Jlito sp well he
raawini'4 ithuan, ..Tueii. it whs he met
ht widow il in stall, iltMcribtul as the
forkjter wifo of country suloon niun,
and Who 1 -rrpnted to be worth from
$.'IO,00.itO 4O,000.
A desetlpt.ion of Hmith sent to Hilo
resulted l'"AJlen "r. being recognized
as the. niav wanted by .the annv author
ities uad he as tsken iute custody by
Deputy .Hheriff Henry Martin, who
'brought the prisoner to Honolulu.
Whole Bed of Kilauea Wracked
By Titanic Forces and Steadily
Rising - Earthquake Throwf
Measuring Instruments Out of
Japanese arid Portuguese Sight-
seers wrap China Dolls and
Statuette! of the Virgin In
Black Viscid Lavas
HILO. March a KiUoefc stiH
oontlnues to rise, with fresh lara
flews rnaklng their glowing way
towards Kilauea ikl and the Vol
cano tlonse iedge. The gas pres
aura continues to force , un the
main floor of tbe crater, which
la pereeptiblT rising.
Halemanmaii, the
famous fire pit of
ties. hns. to all In
the Volcano of Kil-i
ents end pu 'pores, ceased to exist.
It ins thuugh some titanic, hand bar!
reached down to its lowest depths in
the bowels of the enrth, mid deliberate
ly pulled 4t inside out like a alove.
In the place of the former pit--upoa
whose rim people were wont to oongra
gate to wonder at the fiery pldqrs
beneath, there is now n confused mass
t jumbled ernes and saw tootheC
eights, illuminated st Lglrt!.liy thf
avagn. uneerthlv ejlare east 'upwards
from I'olated pools :rml siniaoDS 'Qhan
nels of fountsining l;is.
Axeeeslble But Hot 1 ' '
One may now mnl e nn alntAst cent
dete circuit on the line of the original
rim or the pit aim vet see nothing
nit tremendously nptilted benches' be.-
vond whose frowniii); mid rapidly di
ntegrntir ' precipices, nil that is lefst
if the lake presumnlilv mny be fdunil
The fnmous wall vnllev hnve vanished
for they hnve been filled by torrent
ipon torrent of lavn until they bit
iow level with, or lusher than the
im. mid the bivn which hns Ailed
hese niters is smonitli :ind trenchproue
n the extreme for it is cracking and
''oundcrinu. nnd ever and anon suddnr
streams of lnvnavell out from nndeT its
urface end run swiftly, adding a new
aver of Insecure skin.
Trying To See
Only on the southeast sid" nre t lis
'jrent crags absent, and it was herp
'hut. yesterday. I mlide innnv atlempts
'o reach a poiqt from which the lahie
might perchance be yisiblc. 1 won my
way, foot by foot, oyer new and glisten
ing blai k flows w)iose innumerable
rneks ami cevices plowed viciously
nniler bv feet, and sent up blasts of
withering heitt. Many times I told iv
sidf that success lay just ahead. U('
then, slowly, reeVhot lax n "toes"
would coinnieiice to ooy.e from the bank
n front, and ominous ernelvine; sotim's
is of linen Hheets being ripped up the
middle, would sound the signal for n
'lurried re rent.
After an hour or so tif 'this,.! su
ceded -in ln'comin" renv'ei ed 'h1
he thin" mim impossible. I a'xo km i n
ed the interestin knowledge that hut
lava, in eon junction with hob nailer1
hoots, is the finest blister producer on
Mirth. Mot to'lav. I crossed the new Iv
lillcd north valley. Cwith a camera in
niv hand, ami my heart in mv nioutlO
ami climbed the slippery face of a
e;rcat crag, expecting to nee the usual
spectacle of the streaming lava lake.
At my feet appeared a small round
pond probnbtv twenty feet rierefs
with a small fountain spinning l'ele'n
hair in its center.
That Was All
And tlmt mm all -for the la'e li :t-!
;niilied, and in its place appeared a:'
irregular j . :i ' i-u u wjh crowdeil doijie
mil spatter ium'm w hose sides ieae.l
ind pi-lsed a-- though with the hea
l.reat lii ml' of vine iiiielcan benst. and
1 returned d i sa ppointed and plentifullv
idorni'd with spikes of splintery lavs
Portlier al"ii; the trnil. under the
vest wall of the pit. or rather, under
lint i-- left il. a low cone wjth an
ipen inou'li lienved and hissed. cou('k
ng no i lots and gouts of glowing melt
-end here d-o the whole floor was
nlieg. and puffs of blue yn shot
'amine; from eveiy crevice. The fumes
'nun this point round to the south
ere 'li'dc and n"'oentini but it wftf
here that ore wished to linger for a
ni dity ( limine indeed is in progress,
'"he whole of the southwest wall of the
it is rising bodily, in fact, the Ann'
f the main crater for 150 yards back
'nun the rim of llnlemiiiinvu is liecoui
'im uh'irplv elevated, and it is obvioii'
'hat the lava column extends beyond
he aiea ( the pit Hserf. The old
oiilhw est 1 1 iatigulation station np
mars to be at the ape of this move
iieut for it is fully twenty feet above
is level of h week ago rwhile the liin
U either side of it is rising 'lu irregn
'nr domes from ten to fifteen feet iu
height. The floor on . the north and
lortheast. sides nUo is rising, the
mncim iit extending buck to the tif
'here postn: cards are scorched, nnd
liin' the truil slmi'st as fur as' the
' l.itt !e Heir.'ar ' ' cone.
Flows Continuing
The great lava flows over, the rim
f the pit are continuing daily, the
-.t reams winking to the southeast and
.until, and giudunlly drivinr back the
'ii'.les ol .In ih iii-se who toil nwav at
hi ii k i ii ; " spin iuiens " the lifelong day.
Tl'i s are a cniioiiH crowd --pn-M'ssed
nl n ui;iin:i Im imlieildinv china
-linl doj's ami i-hina babies, in little
nnddilH'.s of rinidlv cooling lava
Then- is soinei Ii ing incmigruoiis too iu
the sight of plaster casts at. the Virgin
and the Nawour. standing with their
feet in the pasty black mss. Hut. nil
the same, there in a special guardian
nngel for Kar Knsterners, since i iplor
ing parlies ol Japanese blissfully net
forth over the hot lata, (knowing
nothing of the lessons mnl warnings ot
its foioinlioii- and its sonndsi and -et
nnai with i! -.il'cU. One id 1 1,. -si
Honolulu , Wholflft Produce Market
isavto At Ttri
Waoieeab Otuy. , UAXf?Plt$
fsland Kiiltn Hi. . .
I'-KCs, seh'ct. dnx. .
.0 16 .
.5 Dusks, Sloa. lb .
-.68 Ducks, IVkin. lb
.".V. '14 PueataV Hawaiian, do.en.
.' Ml '. 1
l'gCS. N. I. do..
r us. llncK. ilo,. . .
Youni rn(ttcrs, lb.
Kenus, strin r, (recii
Bcnns, xlrin.' wax
Oft to -.07
Menus. I.nnii in pod
.l"i to J8.
POO to 10.00
Benn, Maui Rcil . . .
Den ii, wmsll v hite
Pens, dry island . . .
Meets, do.en belies
Carrots, ilo.cn belies.
. :.!... .tB
2. CO. to 3.00 ,
2.50 to U.OQ
t. 7.60
. :46 to M '
Cnbbnc, ml
Corn, sued l"0 enrs
Rice, .Iiip. Heed, cwt
Bnne.nfts, Chinese, bch.
HnnanHs, e.obkiii, lich
Figs, HKl
(Irnpes, Isabelle. lb. .
. . t . JifAlM ' Papainn, lb.
.08 fe .00 'Strawberries
Cattle aud sheep are not BOtrgfct
,'Bid for on a dressed weight 'feasia.-.
M tr4iruttdn. Ih.
.. ,15 to 4 Pork, lb. .
.14 Kips, lh. ...
.ljOoat, white
dressed, lb,
dressed, lb
No. 1.
No. i
lb. .
, lb.
The following nre prices on ffed I.
Torn, Ig. yel. ton .02.00
Corn, Cracked, ton 93.00
Bran, ton 52.50 t- M.0Q
Rarley, ton A8.00
feterateh Food, ton .. ..rVy 92.64
days, perhaps tomorrow, a erneotb ur.
face will bend and collapse air4 thon.
a small handfist of white ash will
blow sway on the wind std the pop':
'stlon of this island will bsv d.imin
fshed. i .
Road Burled Deeply :i--i
The automobile terminal sind . the
ihelter house adjoining it. are buriod
twenty feet deep: the trail Oenp if to
the former rim of the pit. nresr Hf
somcwtlere under a steep- hill leuirtc
towards the lake, and no sane irtau .will
attempt the ascent as yet. The ait
of the familiar wooden tripod . or.'4' A
frame" is occupied by a. tall black
cone whose summit glows and ;h!eas
snd slings torrents of lav irl 11 .di
rections. The east rest house and N
geodetic survey station twar' by .are
threatened with destrurtWia and the
bench below it. from which the espcrj
mental work of last year was conduct
ed Is now sixty feet above the rlu of
the pit. The great central rags or
islands loom throrrgh .the smoke, ihigh
against the sky. Bnd-a maeiifleeut
steeple, with smooth sides like Aeryatt
tie sugar loaf looks down fully eighty
feet upon the remnant of lak -tape&U).
Oriaii ApproSches " . - i' v
Yesterday morniBg : a hea.v-earth
qgakn shook the district Snd thMw
the seismographs oat- of paj;-;?h
enrth tilt steadily rontinues; HalsinaO
mnu is becoming utterty 'skokedt. a
great criHis period is rapidly approach
ing nnd conditions are ripe for well-i-invthiug
the mind ran imagise.." for
theae arc times when odly .a trained
olcunologist can predict with reason
able certainty. '
But as a spectacle for the luysnan-
'othing could possibly compare with
! ' ; it tn it hns now bosom the
reutest thrill of a life time, and its
nemorv can never be forgotten.
.lwi-i,' l.f-e
Hahlp Arivir:e Raw Rflfirptarv nf
, . . ......
interior Will COme TO
SPP For HimSPlf
Kumklin C. l.nne. rretsrv 'of .
. -1. ...
interior, is to pay a vls.t to Honolulu
is the news conveyed in a cable nies
ik.i . .. A ni.,.(
, . . , . ,
Kuhio yesterday by Attorney rrank
iiiompsou. i ne cable wines uoes nni
indicate when the secretary will come
Is us follows: I
"l.nne says he will make no .recom
mendations on land matters until he
visits Islands."
This message was sent jn rpply to
ommiinirationa of Attorney ThoqapNQii
oertsinin to land meters and' to
bill introduced in rojagrdSs some time
ago, the purpowot iraJ)h is td abotHh
the " ttVenty-flve petitiqpers
of the Organic ,Ac,C ' ,
Various conjectutss, igive b
been, oflfer-
r w oioBr.pun.s
. v... m. .si - ""1
..ring to .sit Ha.,. J, mm , (
o'.r., .. m,,vwi wo ""'
u connection with . ljk. Tr.frltorv'
inn.i problem until r6, secretary has
ninoe a persena, MvoaugAuon ure ni
I I It i"'"",'- "
"r . r. , v""4""
'..null parrv mil neenr,iT visireu rue
Islands ha vo urged tnev secretary to
make a persoaal investigation.
It is fairly evidemt that in rnning
d the Territory Seeretar)- I.ane will
not confine -bis acVivltiPs to s study
f the land question, tt is thought
that a number f - mirltnrr qnewtons
may engage his attention ss wsll ns
the alien situation. One sugvestion
made in that h will look into tbe re
ut renraanir.ation of the HackfeM
linn, which has not vet received formal
approval fnnnr Washington.
The qnvstion of the "Governorship is
another question is ' which Mecretar.v
1 .line may be iterated. I
A better medicine can not'rie made
than Chamberlain's Coogh Remedy. It
relieves the Inngs, opens the secretion"-,
aids expectoration and Assists Mature
in restoring the system to a heulthy
i iiuditlou. Besides) U contains no opl
ates Snd is perfwetiy' sf)fe to take IVr
sale by all dealers. Henson Hoiith t
t o., l.t.l., agents for Hawaii. Adt.
w?l' , S i
Jdarch 1st, 1918
TurheVa; Hi.
.4i tn .50
..10 to 'Jit
.no tn .n
Rice, Haw. Heed
. ..O.'i to Ofl
.OH to .16
3.00 tn .1.60
1.00 to l it
t'oaiiais Ir. Ih.
Oseen Peppers, lie II
innnn peioers. chili
Potatoes, Is. Irish
Potatoes, Mweet, ca t. . . .
Potatoes. Sweet, red, rwt.
'Tarn, bunch
. . .07 to .OB
40 to .61)
..024 to .02M
SO to J!)
Iaro, et
JiiumtMrs, dnen
Pumpkins, lb
Unea, HK)
Pineapples, cwi
lire weight. They are slaughtered end
Hogs, up to 150 lbs IK to .10.
.1 7 j to .19
.24 to .25
ench .
.80 to
, b, Bonolulu: ;
Oats.too 81.00 to 82.011
, "heat; ton 97.60
' Middling, ton 07.50
, Hay, wheat 52.00 t 64.nft
.rTay, Alfalfa ........ 7.00 to 48.00
Voluntary Saving On Wheat Will
Make New Law. For
War Unnecessary
New York, is .the neck of the funnel
through which America annually pours
if si vast surplus of grain into the lap
or E-uropo. rne members or toe ifeer
York Produce Kxcbnnge, are the keep
erl of the gates through which this
stream Is perpetually flowing and are
therefore able to comprehend the full
significance of the recent announce
ment of the food executive of the
IVeueh commission in Washington, that
ngland, France aiul Italy will neod
CMO.OOO.OOO bushels of grain "to meet
t&e sonditions .to be faced before the
next harvest.'? ' I
'; Bj- reason of the Closing of some of
the ocean lanes of commerce and the
shortage of ships, the greater part of
this supply most b furnished by the
l nited Mates and I anada, and mostv
in the form .of wheat and wheat flout.
The wheat erop, even based upon the
most optimistic predictions, promises to
be a sruirt .one. and although Ameriaa
is a wnil of pLentr fortunatelv re mot
ed from danger of food fumine, a striet
economy In -the U!s qf wheat products
will hare to , lie practised if we am
to fulfil the obligation imposed nuoi
Us sad. whieh, ww glailly .assume, ef
msina!ning ( the full extent of onr
r-Miltv .the' streegtb of, our fighting
Out of the abundance of the coon
rrnn there would, be), nn difticiilty In
supplying the entire grain shortage ef
our elhes, but i. urope is but slow ly
lesrning th pe of eorn as human
food. Their mills are not adapted to
grinding it for that purpose, and the
people are. qt accustomed to its usr.
Vo-oover for n army ration which is
fullv on'' lialf is the form of bread
'"r" i" not c" sdapted.
WUh our enormously vatied foqd
supph there will be no hardship in
I greatly enlarging the consumption ef
1 corn products, and the conserving of an
v(lume of wheat. Kumptunrv leg
illation which is now pending in WhsIi
, jnj(ton n, befn fromBlJ ,hi(l cn)
in viewj but while legislation waits en
I '"'"rressioaal discussion, the New York
! Produce Exehaage urges an immediate
V(llllIlUrv mov(ent Za the part of all
people to make such legislation un
Ho far as it is possible there should
1 a substitution on ell tables of both
thf rich and the poor iu the public
inning rooms of hotels and restaurant
and In. the-homes of the people, of tbe
food products of corn. oats. rve. bsrlev
find rice, in place ef the products of
w aeqt: , , .
fbts,, might coqvenisntly take Ike
foTnf of the elimination of wheat bread
from -the breakfast UW the natien.
usrii ine end r the war. its i,lr h.
ing takfp Jy corn-been J or rsthor cora
products and .l, rf, which thre
1 s.1 abuBflaorenpply, snd whioh fur
?lih It erent wWty of wholesome an.!
I. srreptaple break foot - fowls,
Thew ar millroaa of ocoi.le in th
rnilHd RtiUi who are earnestly seek
inpr rrpportnnltv for doing their bit
tossara tne. irtpnlng of the war. Flat
mg am brnxul Ter breakfast mav not
i ,k. ii. t.
, an act of saerlAee or service eontrihn
I rocT to winning tee-war in Europe. II
is. however, .a very definite and effec
live form of jierviee to that end, and
if the propaganda can be spread wid
i r . .. .
en 'i mr rnouea to ennsi the coopers
I ien of a great mass of the neoule
ill help miirbtly to solve the crushin
problem which is now facing the fond
administrator of the t'nited States. Wo
-re perm;ted to quote these words
Ii."" his lips:
"If we continue our normal rnte
1 r . r
. . r.,- . ni nni o i nrcnnsTurrs until the end I wno nave gone over at their qwji ex
ol' this vear ottr allies will be reduce.! pense and are operating in ciiB''Ci tiou
to .fifty-eight nercent of their food re I with the Aineriiftn Tund for Fieich
iniirtimeiita. We must give them an I Wounded and the American Bed truss,
"ther twenty five percent or the war are trying to help the 'p'I' f3sS and
Iv. tost. That means thst we must , childrea fall that are left,) in fourteen
-nl th'-m an additional hundred mil villages keep alive by helpintr tkem-
i "n hunhcls if whent over our normal
Moments- We Must lo It. eren If we
tae it off our own tshles.
" t best the loaf ef our iilliet will
' .' s, n"Ivll.iTi lonf, and evv num e we
1 '' sd ' to i ennti ilmri . n u their
-'lenxlh and constMii. v iu the war.''
List ' Air ' Nutritive
Digesttbli Flesh and a
Great airrr.Q
There seems tn be rerrX'sl of interest
in the growing of domestic rabbits for
food purposes. , ,v n "sj ( '
Dr. A. H. Heath, of New York, is
credited srith the following state
ment ,rtnrdiiigttie vaiie !:o rabbit
meat in the human diotary:.
"There should be hftnifted of thou
sands of dollars worth of rabbit meat
shipped to our hospitals' ufcs WUaitari
tuns. Kor digestjbihr., nd nutritive
value there is no meat comparable with
that of the rabbit. Boef gives fifty
Use percent of nutrients, inuttospisty
flve percent, pork seventy -five- percent,
and chicken fifty percent, while rab
bit ment yields eighty-three ijnrrcent of
digestible nutrient far superior to any '
other niests ohtamslile. KatiMt meat
should be prescribed for fever patients,
kged and feeble persons, Cotisrfirfptlvee
sbd anemic patients." f '
A rabtdt grower who visiteil us re-
cent I y said: Belgium harm are very
prolific under ordinary 'conditions. One
doe will raise from thirty to forty
young each year. The cost of rais-
ng a rabbit to good eating age on a
farm would be about twenty-five cents.
la the city it would cost more.- They
will eat anything you Iced, them. I
like to reel tliem oats eoaaeu over
Bight, boiled in the morning, stirring
in some alfalfa meal, corn chop, ami
bran while hot. I also feed hay, ear
rots, 'turnips, beets, Irttncs, dandelions,
plantain, wild lettuce, a,ud horsq weeds.
Tbe best way for a beginner to
start Is with a pair of trio or of good
pedigreed stock, which can be bought
for nve dollars a pair at three months
of age. 1 wonld not advise, -putcbaa-
ing stock under that age; it is better
to buy stock at the breeding age. '
Rabbits are cleaner and easier to
raise nnd hsndle than , chickens, -j Thy
require only feed and water twice each
dav. You can feed before daylight
nnd after dark, as they . will eat ia
the dark as well as In the day. The
yeung require no attention, it the
mother gives them the procr care.
Use the self -cleaning hutch and' they
will take vnryi'little of ijionr -trine.
Ib Hawaii, rabbits and Helginn baree
will eat algaroba branches, leaves and
rods with relish. They will alho eat
a hsole and klu. This esables one
U raise them here with very little
Sreim They sometiains get sealiby ear
ne to tbe mites but these, can be
rapidly controlled by the use of sulphur
T 1 " n a;ss;mn .s
The present high price of butter com
bined wth tho patriotic necessity of '
reducing our consumption of this food
Drnll ts the inlrtiSfiortl 'iu' order ht
those who nre fighting our battles .
cross the. oean mav have the neces
sary sustenance io ensure inr-in o wim
stand the terrific pressure, being
brought to bear a-gainst thoin. 'It is
one thing 'to be thoronghly in earnest.
is- wanting to cqiom-iso.m , tli con-
tiimptien of butter nnd it is not at ll
easy .to. voreoine -tlis' hnbits -erf a life
time in regard to dhe. thickness., with
which one spreu.ls butter on his bread.
ror the past six months relitr-senta-
tives of the I'. H. KxiMiriiaent Uion
have tried out a plan advoeule.l by tho
l. W. C. A., namely, the mcorptirution
into every pound of stare butter pur
chased a pint of cow or goat milk. This
mixture is put into a rfnian tin cburn
likfl affair and agitated nittjl the entire
product ia a homogeneous mass, quito
resembling pure butter In everything
except color, the mixture of.tthr milk
and butter making the resulting prod
uet lighter in color than the ordinary
butter. It is probable that tkeaddi
tion of artificial, butter c(ilvaing,ltS'Oulil
enable one to restore the accustomed
olor f tbe prnirant. This, resulting
numpeusd is used uu the taUle. exactly
as is butter aud is spread just a thick
as butter ordinarily is sprrad. witb the
result -that one-half tlif, butter, auto
matieally saved without' one unnkitig
further iu reganl to the 'matter nor
overcoming any of the habits iu re
gard. to what he eats butter on or how
thick be spreads' it.-' i A. " 1
The numerous changes iu our accus
tomed eioJe ef life and various ecouo
ujiss we are. called upon to practise for
uatriytie reaxon all oiubiq.o fiyke it
essential that tbe actual putting into
affect .our desired luibuoinies and ad
just mirat do 4 hem shall take si little of
lutir. tnue aud iwergy a possible iu
nr Uv t)iat we. ma be free f.sr" tU con
structive' .energies aecescaiy to the
winning of the war.
Any wbe daslre to obtain further
data regarding the ruUiug o,nk and
Uutts' Se eeable 4be saving in ttuUor
to be automaticallT- nte'de? aru 'fttvited
to coruinonicat with the ;V. H. Kxpcri
men t ft tat ion for further Ue'tailsi .
It may 4e said that ihU meusure is
primarily advocated for-.honwt use.as tt
is not U areordance with the pur food
regulations .for dealers bp jout; ainix
ture of this hlud.On the inurlti und
sell it as butter.
-I -
Over in northern Vuiuce the Hin.th
f , College relief unit, a moon of .'w.oi.ieu
selves until the wsr is over. Thev nro
not trying to rebuild oW to do anything
that the aggressor! sinusal be responsi
ble for, but simply lo.etaia for our
ally, France, soms seiublnace of )oms
snd gardens. Around it Jtoyi hive
been collected about fifty pounds of
r rn r rn n rnrn

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