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0Ba Dollan
rr. weather bureau,
Mart 7, Irt twnty.
fotir hour' Ralafalt 0. Temp.
M!n. Ma 77.,' Waatber
tleae... i U ,':.'' i. '
' i.
Prie, Hawaiian baala.. 6.00S 1190.11
Iat prariona quota
Uoa . tUO-M
you li i. no:. ",20
k YfJ L J i I I : I U L WPMOf. D C L IL r
r . m i v v x a ir i. an. m v i ,t i aw wp- - t mr . my iLam. s bw m. v-, t. a m. w av.w- m ,ibt aa
:!( .,VV V,IVI,:.IV.,VI a-rfjaw-
Appeal Aflaintt AppoinWicnt of
William Williamson As Trustee
,ot th6 Bishop Estate Beaten In
Circuit Court ol Appeals,
Contention Of JudQeAshford That
Power of Confirmation Lies
With 'Circuit Court and Not
Supreme Court ll Denied
(Associated Press) The cir
cuit court of appeals yesterday!
handed lowi1 aty pihinn sustain- j
ing (he -"right of the Supreme
Court of Hawaii to appoint trus-t
tees to fill vacancies on the board
of the Bishop F.state, denying the
contention of Circuit Judge Ash
ford that the right to appoint has
now devolved upon a circuit court
judge sitting in equity.
The decision, written by Judge
Wolvertoit, says that personal in
terest arising out of pride of opin
ion to have one's choice of tfp
pointment sustained does not nec
essarily entail judicial bias.
Tbi iteciaioa confirm William Wtl-
liamno ia taia position aa tntt of ,
the Bishop Kataia aal vttida tka ap
pointmfiDt of Charjea King, made by j
JnAge Ashford oa July 30, 1916. Mr.
Williaomoo waa aomiaatod by tke meat-.
ten of the board to All the vacancy I
reatt by the illneaa of 8. M. Damon,!
the appointment beinj made
MuninaMoa by the majority
Of the .
judgee of the upifmVao.uH' ' .
' taod ot'AahforA .' -i. r'i-, 'X- -.'
j"' JodK Aihford, before rhom eone
; M.. aandal ci-iints of thf r'ntinn Ka-
"' tm ri,u.1 t, '!.. ... .A-tit.'
e suurei-eeurt to till the taeanay
, claiming that? th right devolved apoa
f hlitf as ' circuit eourt Judge Mlttiag
in equity, r The ttaoset of authority,
he decided, had ben incladed In the
Judiciary Act IfferttVa ' January 1,
ISM. The itatement Xf the court waa
a long one, reviewing, much of the
history of the Bishop Estate and the
Kamehameha Schoola. ' ' J
Umler the authority claimed, Judge
Aahford appointed Charles K. King, ao
nlnmnus of the Kamehameha Befools
of the first elasa of 1891'. The reasons
given why the appointment of Mr.
Williamson waa not regarded by him
as aatisfactory were "that it haa aot
beeu made to appear that he ia ao qual
ified, by length of residence in Hawaii,
or by familiarity aad sympathy with
the history, mannerl, customs, lang
uage, i, teals and aspirations of the Ha
waiian people aa to mark him out as
a nt ami suitable person to ie appoint
ed to au office where he would he au
thorized and expected to exercise a
wide, benevolent aad sympathetic dia
oration with refereneea to the educa
tion of lluwaiiau youth, of either sex,
uad concerning the general scheme,
xysteni and regulation to be adopted
and olHrved duriug their attendance
at the schools in question."
The position on the board has been
belli, pending the decision of the ap
.enl, by Mr. Williamson, under authori
ty of the derision of the supreme
court. The cane has been of most di
rect interest throughout the Islands,
the appointment of Mr. King by Judge
Ashford. on the fact of his Hawaiian
Mood, having stirred the community,
for and against th basis of the ap
(.ointment. The Kamehameha Alumni
have been particularly Interested, Mr.
King being an alumnus and the first
such to be so recognized. Adding to
the interest has beea the fact that the
alumni have been criticising the mau
ngement aad curriculum of the schools
nnd insisting that there should be a
Hawaiian trustee to bring about the
reform they believed necessary.
WASHINGTON, March 8 (Associa
ted Press) McAdoo'a. War Finance
Corporntiou Hill pasaefl the senate yes
terduy. It is still pending la the house.
The two measures differ alightly.
In the conference eomalttee on the
rnilrond bill rate makinfe power -ia (fiv
to the President with a modified
power of review In the Inter 8tate
Commerce Committee.
WASHINGTON. Match 8 (Associa
ted Press) Kflis Island, in Ne York
harbor, with ts eitanalve buildings,
which for year baa been used for the
many thousand of immigrant who
Hocked into taa oiiva otatea, every
month, has hecj. turned 0Vr te th army
Uud uaty, to be ruted aa a hospirn lor
oomided soldiers and sailors who may
bu brought home from Franca.
Two Rock Island
; : nr-. JD .
Government Deterrmned Repula
tions Against liquor and Ad
' vice Shall Be Observed Will
Thus Be Indicated
aociated Preiia) Huxpcniion of I
two government official! at Bock
Ulaad la hemg Mrioumy conmJ
ered. Such auapennion would b
aa official indication on the part
of the government to enforce
atrlctly and to the letter the pro
vision! of the Prctiilcntial proc
lamatioa establishing dry aone
and the aale of liquor to soldiers
in uniform as well as the abolish
ing of vice condition alout and
in the Vicinity of eriny and navy
training camp.
It la understood the complaint
against the offlrinU wlio may be
suspended arises in connection
with the passage of liquor into
the dry aonea.
Fifteen Millions Provided
Welfare of Soldiers
WASHINGTON, March 8-(Asocia-
0 the! I ICMr i iuvibivii I VI mc ruin
rtmnmafr n m-jkll Ilia nn f nr t nf
A mi n ..Ml.,. kila nn 1uv in tha
"cave's aeutera" which the United
State 4a-atatmahinr i a namber of
frearh jities and towna Is toatalaed,
fa a mnmive which iwaa yeaterdar In
Uvea bf Keuator Mlllef ot lljaneaota.
" The policy of the royemment has
bea salnet the granting of a general
leave which would permit the soldier
to go where he willa in France and
would probably lead most of them to
Paris. Instead there has already been
opened one leave center and other! are
to be established. In these centers the
municipal anthoritiea will cooperate
with officials from the United Htates in
providing for the welfare of the men.
The bill of Representative Miller pro
vides for such renters and at the same
time will furnish faeilitiea for recrea
tion such as baseball and athletic, fields
and other amusement places. Fifteen
million dollars is appropriated.
WASHINGTON, March 7 (Associa
ted Press)- I'nder the auspices of the
administration, an army of five million
children is tr be formed to help feed
the Nation and thus to help feed the
The formation of the " I'nited Htates
Garden Aruiv" is announced, to consist
of live million children supplying their
own families with vegetables.
Herretary of the Interior Lane is to
ijryanie the garden army in cities aud
villages aud Hecretary of Agriculture
Houston to organize it in the country.
WASHINGTON, March 8 (Associa
ted Press) Declaring that the exten
sive investigation which the railroad
wage commission has made into the cost
of living hna produced "some aaton
ifbing results". Secretary Lane yester
day made it knowu that the work if
the commission was concluded. The rec
ommendations of the commission said
the secretary, are now beiug formulut.-d
and will be announced probably late
this month. The investigation has cov
eral all features of the increased cost
of living in all sections of the United
rTot for food
L()NIM)N, March 8 (Associated
Press) Serious food shortage con
tinues in the northern Neutral coun
tries. Despatches from Cnpeuhugen re
ceived last night said that iu Chris
tiauia the situation hud become so
acute thut serious food riots were
PALM BKACH, Florida, March 8-
l (Associated,. Press) Edwajrd Htotes
Lbury unuounces that he will present the
department of navy with a submarine
chaser. The craft was built for bis
son, Hnsign Stotesbury
Nine Wan Suddenly Leap From
Shell Hole Where They Had
Hidden Nearly Twenty-four
Hours and Make Sprint Into
March UMnved Associated Press)
A iiHnatinjin1 sprint aero No Mnn's
Ij:rd; ttithia ( lain iht of the forces
ia the front line trenches tof both the
Am-r)enn and Oermnn forces in tho
Taul sector of the Lorraine front, took
place this itiominu, during a lull in thu
firing. Nine Ameriesns took ptirt in
the affair, which, so far as known, is
without S parallel in the history nf the
Oa Tueeday nijrht a pntrol nf eight
men with ne officer wss despatched
Into No Man's Land. - Following the
aendiug ouf of the patrol there was1
general activity along the Hun front,
with- flare constantly in the air and
murk fir I nil. The pntrol failed to re
tarn and' the members were posted as
"mtaeittf the fear being general that
the Americas nan been captured.
Startling Sprint
This morning, in broad daylight, the
officer and his eight men suddenly
emerged from a shell hole, close to the
German lines, nnd streaked it ncross
tho-intervening space to the American
trenches, the men dodging other shell
holes aad hurdling obstacles. They
reached tbe Amrricaa trenches In
aafcty. " y.
8o unexpected was the appearnnce of
these men and so nnuaiial wns their ap
pearance, springing out of the earth,
that not a hot waa fired from" the
German trenches, while the missing pa
trol members were greeted by cheers
when fhe last one tumbled to safety.
The officer explained that he and his
men had been caught by the German
flares and had sought shelter in the
shall hole until the heavy firing would
die down. This did tiot happen for two
hours after daylight, after the patrol
bad spent ' thirty-elx hours in their
With . rrwtca JU14ra
Aa lAmeTlea if colonel was w ith
French raldera-ht the' Irralne seatioc
whea. they capture -several (rarmaoa,
laaBjig,tben .aeejnant:,rthla part
OI swMr l muf.
are1' working in aetlve eiooperatioa and
have repulsed; nupioee of raids with
heavy losses to the etiemy.
Those Exempted For Physical
Defects Will Be In Group B
WASHINGTON, Mae.li 8 (Associ
ate. I Press) Physical disability will
not necessarily exempt registrants. Re
vised instructions huve been sent out
to the various medical advisory boards
which will require a large amount of
reclassification aud this the boards are
directed to at once undertake. The
new classification will be in accordance
with physical condition.
The new regulations provide for the
placing of those who would previously
have beeu exempted in group B aud
will make them acceptable for service
under certain conditions. Following
cure of auy remedial defect, the regia
trant becomes subject to the draft and
pending such rule remains in the class
jt' those temporarily uufit.
WASHINGTON, March 8 (Associat
ed Press) Asserting that the state
incuts made by Marconi since his ar
riwil in this country have been prac
tically churges of graft against all
Italian officials who have been in an
wnv conneci(i wiin me purcuascw mano
.- J l .1
r'or Italy in the United Htates, r ran
cisco (natron, a member of the Italian
Mission which visited the United
States some mouths ago, has cabled to
Marconi and. asked for more specific
The cable of the commissioner says
the statements of Marconi impute a
wide spread dishonesty and
stantiatiou or modification i
that huIi
WASHINGTON, Murch 7 - (Associa
ted Press) -Fred Dubois, ex senator
of Idaho, was nominated today as a
civilian member of the board of ord
nance aud fortification.
AMSTERDAM, March 7 (Asso
ciated Press) Tbe dynastic question in
Kuiuania is an internal one, to be set
tled by the Rumanians, was the asser
tion of Baron von Dem Bussce Haddeii,
under secretary of foreign affairs, in
replying to another speaker in the
reichstag regarding the future of the
throne iu Rumania.
THEY'RE Off for France! Here is a picture showing a part of the deck of an Atlantic liner now
, being used for transport purposes just before she sailed for France. This is the way the Amer
ican Contingent Is moving forward
g , : - m
1 . I '. . I - "-.. ' ,..'i--4Bcn.1 x J- Si '.A
?:':' '' ')''
WASHINGTON, March ( Associated Press) In the movement of troupe
to France and of nujrpllcs for the men in the treuches aud those that are con
tinually replaning in the training camps thoae who go forward for actual light
ing, the .shipping board i" meeting all requirements. This was leiimed from n
high authority yesterday.
Ocean transportation requirements of the army are being fully met by the
shipping board. Vesaeis for transport of troops are constantly Available as re
quired to meet the demands uf the schedule for departures that has been ar
ranged. Supplies are also moving ou schedule.
The problem of' moving troops to Frattee was considered one of the most
difficult solution connected with the participation of the l uited Htates. To
solve it has occasioned denial at home and for the Allies but the shipping lioiird
is winning commendation from all departments upon the manner in which it
is meeting the situation.
It is known, though not otlii ially announced, that recently the demunds on
the shipping board haVe been the greatest of any period since the United States
became a belligerent. '
December Record Shows More
Lost To Germany Than Can
Be Replaced In Month
WASHINGTON, March 8 (Associu
ted Press) According to information
renching here, chiefly in reports from
the various government! of the mini
her of Teuton submarines destroyed,
there were more undersea craft lost to
Germany in the month of December
thaa that country can possibly replace
a month. lr this way, it is claimed.
progress is lieing mane nguinsi ine sun
murine campaign. The losses to the
shipping of the Allies are smaller than
n the curly weeks ot the unrestricted
submarining policy owing to the patrol
lin' done by the fleets of the Allies
and tin- I'uited States, especially the
I'nited States and lirent Hrftsin, and
so long as Germany is unable to in
crease its submarine fleet probability
of anv increasing success for the reu
tons is remote.
Lives of Soldiers and Sailors In
sured For Vast Total
ciiited Press ) -- A nnoiincemout was
made today that I nclc Sam now runs
the nut inn ' largest insurance com
pany. More than twelve billions worth of
insurance has been written on the lives
of American soldiers ami sailors and
The applications for insurance have
reuched nearly l,"oo.oo. ,The amount
written is nunc than three times that
carried by the largest insurance, com
puny in the country.
OVSTKK MAY. Mnich H (Associa
ted Press i Colonel Roosevelt return
ed 'to his Oyster Hu v home last night
much iuipioed and looking almost like
After a few d;ivs rest here it is the
intent-inn of the Colonel to resume his
speechiiiiiking engagement within the
next few days
FORT WORTH. Texas, March 7
(Associated Pi ess i- Hurtou Hurlboit
of the Rovul l iving 'oips, a cadet, was
iustantly killed todnv while attempting
a IhimIiiw. An instructor witn linn, was
... '
on vessels supplied by the Shipping Board.
" " t . I
Vessel Is Not Harmed But Cap
tain Is Forced To Throw
His Cargo Into Sea
MADRID, March 8 (Associated
Press) Modification of Germany's
submarine policy against Spanish ship
ping is found in the treatment which
was accorded to the Spanish steamer
Villaniieva which reached port success
fully after an experience with a Ger
I inn n submarine.
I liifTering from the deliberate sinking
i of Spanish vessels a few weeks since,
' the Teuton I' Boat fired no torpedoes
i : 1 1 1 I permitted the vessel to go on its
wn after compelling the officers nnd
' cicw to throw most of the cargo into
; (lie sea.
I The commander of the submarine de
I clnreil a large part of the freight with
1 winch the Spanish steamer wus loaded
i to be contraband and ordered it de
! st ro ed.
Price of Steel Stabilized But Ma
terials Entering Are Not
WASHINGTON, March 7 (Associa
teil 1'ress) The steel manufacturers
the country today asked the govern
ment to fix the prices of all products
entering into the manufacture of steel.
I'licv say that unless this is done the
price of steel cannot bo stabilized, as
they me unable now to control the
prices paid for their raw materials.
l.oNDON. March 7 (Associated
Pros Continued indications today
are that the Germans are preparing to
launch their heralded western offensive,
a part of which will be at the sections
uow held by Anierjjtan troops.
official announcements today tell of
enemy artillery activity south of St.
Calient in, and in the neighborhood ot
II. .i Grenier. There is also much ac
luity west of Cambrai and southeast
of Yprcs.
Raids on Verdun have been repulsed
today by the French.
The Germans have captured Jain
burg east of Narva, ou tbe Southeast
The Turco German offensive rer-v.ly
organized in the Black Hea territory
is continuing beyond Trebizoud, says a
Russian Agency despatch.
Exceptions On Salens of Substit
utes Revoked By Hoover
sociated Press) More wheat
must yet be saved for export, de
clares the federal food adminis
trator, in an announcement yes
terday. While the volunt.irv con
servation of the American people
has done much, the recent en
forcement of wheat consc rvnti.in
rules has acoaplished n great deal
more, but not enough.
The order yVsterdny, therefore,
revokes all the exceptions hereto
4 ore allowed . ho Hierule calling
for the purchase, of qal molti'ti
of flour substitutes with every
purchase v of " flour... Refooftaw
'iTiere will be no except tons w
this vole whatever.
Custodian of Enemy Property
Wants Powers Defined
WASHINGTON, March S ( Assoc i
ated Press) Outlines of h;s plans for
the handling of the euemy property
which comes into bis hands as rusto
dian of alien enemy property were gi
en to congress yesterday by A. Mit
chell Palmer.
Authority to take over and ad minis
tcr the property of alien enemies was
conferred by the last session of con
uress and under the provisions of the
measure A. Mitchell Palmer was ap
pointed custodian. Thus far his efforts
have been chiefly directed to prevent
ing oerinaiiv Trom oeneiuting truin
the investment of its citizens in this
country and to preserving the proper
tics intact.
To curry out the great duties of his
ollice I'ustodian Palmer finds legisla
tion is required. His present powers
are to take over aud administer. He
is asking further legislation to clearly
deliuc the powers which it? deems it
necessary to exercise and under such
new legislation as is proposed ho may
disintegrate business establishments by
selling to Americau interests. Through
this, when the war ends, many great
companies that were formerly Gerniuu
. I business houses would be American
of ..... . .. . .... I l
wane ine priK'wui ui me nine wouiti
be kept intact instead of the invest
incut in its original form.
It is understood the legislation he
seeks will bo embodied in the urgent de
licicucv bill which is to provide sufti
cieut appropriations for the conduct of
the ollice.
WASHINGTON, March s ( Asso. nit
ed I'ressi American soldiers, both iu
r'rnn.'f and in the camps and canton
incnts are not now suffering from an
insullii iciicy of clothing as was com
plained late lust year and on (lie sub
jet of which a large amount of testi
uioii was deduced before the iucsti
guttnu of the conduct of the war made
lv the senate committee on inilitarv
affairs, resulting iu the pending In IN
for a war cabinet and a purchasing de
partuicnt to unify the woik of se uriuy
supplies aud equipment, (iiurterinaster
General Goethals issued a statement
v ester. lav in which he said the most
urgent needs had been met and all ot
the I'nited States forces were now adc
qnalcl clothed.
It is further uuununced thut a
boa i d
ma k c
lias been appointed
a study of clotbiug
w hi. h will
Message Is Unofficial and Says
Japanese Ambassador, Vis
count Uchida, Is Also Held By
Orders of Russians
Workmen's Council Urges Ratifi
cation of Treaty Which Gives
So Much To Kaiser But Some
Peace Delegates Oppose
( Associated Press) Am
bassador Francis of the United
States and Ambassador Uchida of
Japan are detained by the Bolshe
viki at Irkutsk under orders of the
iyilslieviki. This is the informa
tion contained in unofficial des
patches which were received in
Japanese circles from Tokio late
last nijrht . Details as to the rea
sons or excuses assigned by the
Rolsheviki are not given. If the
report shall be verified it is taken
1 IT - . 1
j to most senousiy complicate ine
situation and it is admitted it
may expedite the sending of a,
Japanese expedition into $t)erui.
Petrogrjrd deapatcbe 4jdicate
vrfth'v advor"sVntirrletU betnjf "cT. e
freely exprs'9ed?nTiel3evirTrr;
leaders are generally advising the
adoption of the treaty despite all
it gives away but some of the
'leaders and even some of the
peace delegates advise serious
consideration and some even op
pose yielding.
O ffi c i a i announcement was
made from Berlin in despatches
received at Amsterdam of the
signing of a peace treaty with
I- inland and of the making of a
supplementary treaty on trade
and shipping conditions, indicat
ing the Germans are pushing for
ward with all that remains of
their Miftcl-Europa plans.
j Urge Kauncauon
peace ratification
urged by the
committee of the Soldiers'
and Workmen's Council, which haa is
sued a new appeal to the people, even
though recognizing that Germany ia
preparing to exploit Russia for her own
interests, according to Petrograi re
ports. The committee says that it recog
nizes that the German peace terms ar
those of "political bandits," but never
theless calls upon the delegate to the
Moscow congress to vote for the ratifi
cation of the peace treaty. Thia In
formation is contained in the Ixevestia,
a Molsheviki organ. "Thia i advised
because peace affords the social revo
lution an absolutely necessary respite."
Delegate Oppose
M. Prokovsky, one of the pear lead
ers of the Mrest Litovsk delegation, ad
dressing tho delegates of the Soldiers'
and Workmen's Couucil at Moscow,
took another view. He begged those ia
sympathy with the democratic revolu
tion not to deceive themselves. He
asserted thut the new frontiers out
line. I by Gerjnany constitute an "iron
nog around revolutionary Russia."
He declared also that Germany is in
tending to crush Russia through
economic demands.
TOKIO, March 7 (Special To Ha
waii Shinpo) Seven oflicera of the Ya
l.uta Iron works have committed sui
cide and 117 officers and employes have
I i arrested because of the recent dis
covery of alleged unlawful acta con
nected with dealings in iron by tho
ROM V., March 8 (Associated Press
Cardinal Dominie Heraflul, prefeet of
thu congregation of propaganda, died
yestcrduy. t ordinal Scrafinl, who waa
I titular Archbishop of Seleucia, waa ap
I pointed to the coUege of cardinals ia
nil tie was Italian, sixty seven year
; V

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