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Is Qfiifetly-Med
Article In Saturday Tvenihg Post
Falling .lowo" of the Hekfeld r
rgauizntUta (! hi ba th nott
imyaHaat aunourfaat of he wrok
t tk sugar imloilfT ia aarticalar incl
the bnoiaeM orW a( tb Territory in
geneial. Jn thia anaaertioa it may b
anid that romparativplr little haa Iopu
know a of (he (iIkim ( euto)an of
any irj-rty. Tbf moat eluridatin
article oa the anbjeet to reach here ia j
that written by David lwrenre in the
iaana of the tarday Kveaiarf Poat of
AJarch 2, It ia aearly taj jm inj
length and rontidrra the anbjeet in ita;
fraryiax a)ieta. KapeclaUr doea it 1
aiaje cUar tb Bxcakaude oi the worK !
that A, Mitchell Palmer haa before
"Ha aaarrly bulda the fund a aad thm
propextiaa ir Uuat," aava tbia article.
The proeeaa ia ta6 fold, it aaya. "Firat
i iraeni duai&s;' tka war Germany 'n
' gttin tk aligbiUat baoafit roaa the
irapery of her aabjacta in tbia oua
ryi aad, aecoad, to- kap tbia prtxMir
Xmet, i tbt at tba ae eaierB
Aaiariea will b able, to gie m aa
eouat af bee traaaeabip a bT demand a
ainAikaf aaooaating fia Garmaay. "
Uniqna BitoMlea .
It would appear likely tiie reorgani
aatiaji her aeeaiad t t ha eeatediao to
b-ia contra enUoa of tba bxtttt policy.
Then. toov the idea of a aaaa incorpor
ating bimaalf, ia a mtnuHf oa the atajn
land toouh not ao here, 1 ia a unique
proposition, even bre, however, that
an irxkividual alia eaawy akould ba a
daaoaatia ooruttratioa. It ia cotened
here it war the holdinfta of the ilonws
It eorporanou, J. r. rfaaaraia to.,
Ltd., that waa Uiapoaad of and not tha
boldinga of the alien enemy, aboae
koek ia that rorony waa retaiard
ateaeb bewg tha harata of the holir
inga of the domestic corporation that
a baa gad.
Aa to tba adviaability of keeping
jiroparty iataet, Mr. Lawrence
Two Diffaraat Policlea
Thouaanda of lawyer", nflicera and ax
part aaaployea of truat eoaapaniea
ttcaugiioutUia l aitad KtaUa who vol
unteered their aerTirea are keeping thia
)oerty- intac t aad athaiaiatering it
vilbou niuauaation. Huch. 4jenaea
of oeration as are incurred are trawM
by Caate Ham. England paya U au oi
tba inawwa, of the eatataa aiui propf
ertiea, but the I'uited Statea baa not
yet been diaposed to do an, thoagb ob
VMMaaldr it ia a 4(fitmiate tfaat axpeoaa.
- Iaa 't it going toe far to ba. ao geaer
oua with the eneniyt That a two
po4nta a view oa tbia wUUia, our. own
government and among thoaa in o
;reaa who have given any tboiigbt ,V
tkya. aaAjtict. Oae avhaol argUaa tAat
(erayan iutereats in the l oited, Walaa
onght to be Aiiieriraiiixed a ay way ad
that m, atroiir blow oouM ba dealt to
tha Kaiaei; than to make it impoaaible
for'Oeraiaiiy to get a foothold ,inaua
truilly ia tbia coun.tr agajn. AkV tbvaa
fniun above property baa hen; taaMM
over have been connected directly ur
indirectly with i'onianiea ia Central
and Mouth America and tbve praet
opra,Uon of the Trading With tba
Viiriay Act doultb'na iU in outav
-ajea break (lei many 'a hold on tSoutb
American trade. 'FhH who hrlieve tba
afcraagulation uf (niian aouaaieree in
bhJa heaaiatibepu should lv aiajta. perwa
a,t.aw iu fuvor of hitting the, repea
Mentutivea of the Kniaer wherever chev
raiae their Leul.
Hut there ia another school, lliljch
unm idwajialin, which seeka to une the
vary policy ot restraint now axareiaed
ly 1'ucle Haw as an argument to win
tha maawa of Germs uv to the progaa.ni
of demneratization sought by the Bn
tante. Thoe who hold, tbia vtew,
JBiaaK whom at preaont ia Preaident
lbViaaoa himself, believo, tha property
fiMttkfc fcA Ka it a r u f 1 1 1 1 v rdBaMiuA mk m
iaiaivliy act to the German paople. Tor
it haa been the cjy uf Aauawiea t,hat
tbia ia aat a battle againat tha Gertn n
paopje but agaiaat tha miliitariwtio laV
f wboaa thev liava tbua fa,i been
naabia to aid tbaaiaalvee. Tlaa Vnited
Htatea ia aot making a aebfiab cam
aign far peivata property, toa acquiai
tioa of wbicb u$ course cauld. ba juati
ial by tba Htiidenburg bypoariay of
miKturv aaeeiatity" or "tha fortune
af war," ao glibly offered by the Get
inaa foreign ofUc.
Coagraea itself, which created tba pP-
fica of Alien Property Cuato.Uau and
delwgateil powers to the Preaideat to
taka pwer eivewiy property ms flecijet
aHiatataiy hkh of tltrae two polvciea
it will adopt. I'ntil then Mr. Palawr'a
job il to enforce the present law aad
administer as carefully aa possible tba
biggeet trnst company ia the worUL
, :
Pabb advices from Paria state that
Minister of Proviaioas Boret bba a
nounred that further saataitttioaa en.
tha" aa of pastry, confectionary aud
ithe foods reujulriag augar are about
i ba Ada effai'tiive. AU, paatry, caa
4jr, ra4iail fruita and f"'Ji biauiUa,
will, be aotirsl pxoJubitJ. ,Tlv broad
aJJoaa to restaurants ia alsd to b
,'PuaJtAf I'ul"'1'' place ar caUiutf
aUfljlr lo the fact that Americans
are rationing themselves voluntarily to
help furniah auiiplies fur Franca and
ara urging tha Irene h people to follow
heir MsaapU.
-Tv 1 1 1 1
''! ' i. . - . ' ' . ,. i .. " 1 1 1 . 'V.1. "1'.:' ".'''! .'"U i. t T ''VV1 :
. .Mr HK it :S. fi. si- f-.yy rvAi'.ii- .
GoVerrihitnt'Repoft ShowrWherc
Supplies yVfere In August
of Last Year
Bufar Total Tor Auguat 31. 1917.
Final Figure from Preliminary Food
Purvey .Iaeiied.
WASHINGTON. D. '.. February t'5
j There were about 1,500,000.000 pound
(f comoierrial aiicar atockn on hand au.j
u"t 31,
1!17. roipared to 2,00n.0f0,000
poumls on the aame date in 1HH, a-t-ordiag
to the' first War Emergency
I'o"l Survey, figurea for which are is
sued bv the l'nitetl .states Department
of Agriculture. I-arge deore:is.M were
reporteil by mills and refioerua nud by
atorage warebousea, although atiwka in
tbe hands of wholesale grtH'ers ami all
large users of sugar showed increase
in 1917.
Increased Par Capita, Couatunption
The retnriut ia.ticate tlitthe amount
of siigiir rtinsuiHiid ia 19-17'Kaa iilout
XH.:i pounds per capita, whentaa the av
erage nniiiml consumption for the five
year peruol endiag in IIH whs H4.7
pounds per r ii pita. Tha evident incrense
i eonriuuption, su.vs the. department, is
due in part to the increased manufnc
ture for ejpoit of coinmndities like
coadenned milk, niul to an increase in
population, coutiled nith an inereaaeil
consumption by individilola, and to an
(ncreue in consumer's stoeks.
WUera Sugar Was Haiti
Of the lotul sttM-ks of sugar report
ed. more than :V:n milliun woods or
forty-one percent was held by sugar
bad simp milN il refiaerura. Whore
sale Kr"','r lnM about t!K5 aniltion
pon IK ts or I.VX pen-eat aad storage
warboiuas iibout 2i7 millioa pounds,
or 15.H peneiit. Hetuil dealer rime
next with nbont 1.14 aiiHion pounds,
er 1U4 M'ncnt of the total.
Ne York reporteil the largest
stocks. nt"-iit --t million pounds, fo
Jowed in oidei l.v Califoraia and
LonisiniiH, both of which held over 1H0
milHon pounds. Ii tails of th sit ur
survey mnv lie found in Circular I Mi,
Office of the .secretarv, I'nited State
Department uf Agriculture.
To .Pctx'ruiitic whether or ot the in
terHH-l revenue ortl.-c ikhv ue:eeit treus
wry certific.ufvH in paymeat of income
tax- nnd whether or not the Territory
is in the twelfth federal reawrve. dis
tsirt ami in the continental United
ntqtes under the provisions of tbe law,
Co. How nr. I Hnthnwav ha addreaaed
a cQiniminii -lit ion to I oinmiwsioner 1).
' Roie
lit Wuliini;tou. Thia action
waa, taken after several individual
aougbt to make payment in treasury
ff Hrtwsii is not in the renerve liajik
district, it is said the collector cannot
accept these cert ilicates because they
must be deposited only with federal re
serve banks. There is no rtaarve bank
in Hawaii and due to skipping costs
and hies of time, it woubi be imprac
tiealile to semi certificates collected
liir to au Kraiicisco, Pending a ria
ciou fnun Washington the collector
fhoM" ,i,ut Hawaii is not iu tbe fivlaral
reserve .list rut umler the federal re
serve bnuk ad and that under the act
it, is not a part of the continental Unit
ed Htates.
President Flaming of James F. Mor
gan Co., Ltd.. scut a communication to
the board of supervisor yesterday,
registering the objectious of his fine
tu the Alewu linptovepient Piattu-t
pinna, particularly as regard a atorm
draju. Uc objected to the plan a nitwit
being of benefit tu the Morgan con,
ara,, although Ii stutad that, the firm
iUa not w ish to block the project aa a
0uvee tbe cause. Used the world orvet
ta ur a coU in oxu day. Tba aigee
ture oi U. W, GROVK ia en each box.
Manufactured by the PARIS MEDI
CINE CO., St. Louis, U. S A.
WOiitffilllL i
HAVANA, Febraary 9 When aa
amicable agreeraeat aa to tba price to,
be paid for X'uba'a sugar crop af tha
current season was 'reached, after pro
longed negotiations, o4 the cent met
providing for the disposal of 2,500,004
loag ton of tbo crop to the Interna,
tional Sugar Committee, acting for tha
I'nited Htates and the Allies, 'was
filially closed, the. jiatt lenient 'waa wel
comed with relief by thoxe elements in
Cuba who were concerned for the main
tenance unimpaired of faelinga of real
confidence and friendship toward the
I'nited Htates on the part of tbe Cuban
people. It was felt that tbe terms
agreed upon were, on the whole, fairly
considerate of Cuba 'a intereate and
that the outcome in general waa dis
tinctly calculated to atraagthaa tjie
moral position of the United - State
aud to discredit the iaSucnoea which
were working to atir up Uiatruat aod
ill feeling among the more impreaaion
able part of tbe Cubuu pojiulation.
Delays UnfortaMta
It is unfortunate, therefore, that re
cent developments in connection with
the sugar agreement have been aurb aa
to undo, in a degree, the good impres
sion this made, aud that a spirit of
doubt aud unrest is again beginning to
be manifest, especially among tboae
whose mturesiH are closely bound up
with the sugar industry.
Tu,t this ia tk ran is due to two
inufes, the slowness in taking delivery
j of the Culm n crop at a time when
I great need of it exists in the United
; Ktntex and in Kurope, an. I the failure
prompt Iv to I'omplc'e the arrange
ments I .r the loan of $tf)0,0O0fUOJ)
proiiiise.l the Cuban producers to, a
si"t them in financing their crop dur
ing the period to the end of Novem
ber, I !M H. covered by the contract.
According tu the terms of tbe agree
ment by which the sale waa made, de-
liverv of not less than two percent of
the Lnunoruon of two thirds of the
whole sol. I on account of the Lai ted
Htates was to be taken in Uecember,
and the balance in approximately eiu,ul
montlilv shipineiits from January to
November, inclusive, while of the "00,-,
Odd tons bought on account of the Brit
ish Koyal ( onimisKion on Hugar Supjily
for sliipinent to Kurope, delivery of
:io,immi ,-,(i,ii(Mi tons was to be taken,
not later than 'January 15, 50,000 tone
not later than .laiuuuy .11, aud the
l.uUince thereafter at the rate ef 80,.
000 to 1(111,(1(1(1 tons monthly.
The I'nited States has lived p to
its part of this agreement, having tok
en . loin cry of the, fyJ amount of ap
pioiiiiiiatolv IM.OOl) tows thus provided
for t February 1. At the same time
shipment, in the I'nited States have
fallen fur below those of correspAUiiV
iug dates in previous years, while, the
Koyal Commission, ttt the beat tabu
lation, has failed to rouie auywhere
near taking its proportion, ahipsient
to Kurope having amounted to only
I,tli7 long toas.
Certain linuVial interesta in Cuba
huve taken art antug of the oppor
tunity thus offered to start a quiet
propaganda, dnected to creating ill the
winds 1. 1 the producers a lieliof thut
the apparent slowness in taktiug'de
liiurv oi then sugurs in the fare of
the present pieAjng nved of tkvui fore
casts 3t, ,,loW,.r Jeliveriea later on
Uiol that the taking of the full 2.500.-
0i)ti tons conducted for ia dpubtful.-to
say iii.thiug uf the surplus of the
crop, on which the agreement gives an
"Vnt propanda ha been piven
udded efr,., t bv the unexplained de-
lay iu arranging the loan, upon which
the prodiocis are depending for the
fiuaaoial aul. abaolutely neceaaary to
carry tbqm oyer tba period' whilf they
$!t awiteogi raturna roni tba aal of
their .fro Iit tjditij to the uneef
taiaty, caeafied bjr tba lela,T. Itself, a
belief I appeaf ing that the ale w raova
qient of tbe crop will cause the; aum
of SIOO.000000 U. be altogether too
small for the purpose proposed.
With agch a feeling prevalent, it is
easily to be seen that . opportunity
would be offered to ajieculaters con
trolling large ' rasji reaoureea of pur
ehkning tbe arepa of timid er disgrutr
ed producere at low pricea and holding
them to sell later at the price eatlv
bsho.1 by the ooatract. Taab thay fouh
ilo thia without iacumng as; penalty
ander the teraia provid aaly aitaioatj
the aaie ot sugar f axpart at -lest
than tha stipuiatad priee.
Might Hare Beam Avoi(H4
Had it beea maJe to provide that
sale by a producer to any other party
at a price less than that fixed by the
contract would, automatically establish
thia lower priee for ajl suggra yet te
be delivered, this partieuhir dangea
would have bean avoided ; but at The
saoie time arrangements would , then
have bad to be, perfected for financing
those producers whose need of funds
was imperative and who must obtain
them or suffer real distress.
Fortunately, there appears to be rea
son to believe that the authorities at
Washington will have the beofft of
good advice, in tb present situation
from Mr. Morgan, the , special xepre
sentative of tbe United States here,
who has shown by his conduct sinie his
appojutnieat that he. understands the
people with .whom he has to deal and
is anxioaa to usaist tharu. in every way
consistent with hia mission. On, this
ground frieniis of bot,h countriea are
basing their hop' that the aituaiiou
w.ill. be tq handled as to disappoint
. ,no"e wno nave atarieo) ine propaga.u.
oan selfish purposes, and to
avoid any' aetton which- will further
lessen the confidence of tbe producers
and so tend to teaaea production aud
to alienate friendship from the United
States in Cube.. (Facta About Sugar.)
I Food Ailminiatrauoa roaay isauea aa
tappeul to the iieople of the I'nited
Ktaiea te eoalne their aoaaumptioa of
randy to tboae- kinds that recutita only
small quantities of augar. Tbe appeal
deaigtlatea , four",' groups of , eandisa
which contsia. qtiaipuia amount of
augar nnd which tba pjubbxaj well aa
candy manufacturers and confection
ers, pre, abed) to. gvw pteftrence te.
The ftrat jtfoupv .injcl-udes ehoeolato
nouted candies without. ad frrfit cen
ters and unposted candies such a
n ou gatiues aad Turkish pastes. Hard
boiled candies, such as lemon drops,
stick candies, froit tablets, peanut
bars, peanut brittle aad gltae nuts,
aud molaaees eaadies form tbe second
group. The third includes ata as tim al
io aad popcorn confections, and the
fourth, gum drops, :jUiee and jelly
boa as. j .
The appeal declares that the pub
lic can find sufficiently varied satis
faction far it sweet teotb among these
'groups, while St ..that jaque tDe sugar
"an be saved and., extreme restrlctioA
.of the candy industry can be avoided,
I 1 1 1 , . r ' .
l " 1
r sUmpi a The ATraaf aalee ba-
fort noon today tby,WlU b rtady for
doUvtry tOmOlTOW. i
I I ERE re ihown tractors
JL l'iit yrotk on the Wailuku
planUtion. ' Thn upper -picture
lioWa Jctfty-fivt horsepower
caterpillar hauling 'cane , can
over temporary track "while
below seventy horsepower
caterpillar is shown drawing a
Chain harrow through one of
the Upper field.
Hakalau Suffers From Storm' But
.Fortunately' No Ussl:;'
Occasioned To Sugar , '
Instead of blowing itself ont as ex
peeed by the weather sharps, the bi,
wind storm of Friday last continued
all that night ami all yesterday, said
tbe Hilo Tribune of last Saturday.
In fart the wind seemed to increase
t force during tbs morning hours,
and the sea worked up to even greater
There was almost a tidal wave In
the Wailubu River at three-thirty p.
m.; a sanipaa was wrecked - at the
entrance to the Wailoa River; the
tracks of the Hawaii Consolidated
Railway were badly washed out) tbe
aeaward ead of the Hakalau mill waa
stove in; lighterage work in the bay
waa auapended for the day, and one
Japanese endeavoring to salve the
wrecked sampan was thrown on tha
reeks aad hia hip brohen.
The wavaa came rolling in over the
reef aad piled up high oa the beach.
In- (wto places the water washed out
the tracks of tbe railroad and at Moo
beat) Park the spray was dashed onto
the. park. Down at tbe point where
.1.. . lh. f.,ir,.
Z.:a '"il' . a..7,"Li
I n wavrn wssbvii uui 1.110
aad the a dug iutu earth and sand,
removing everything from under the,
tiea anil leaving the in nud tbe rails
swinging in the air. Huge rocks were
tossed aside and tke ruin was com
plete. .
Gapgs, of men were quickly put to
work, and they effected temporary re
pairs, that runs into the Hilo depot.
Tha spur track, which is not used
mu,ch now a days, will be repaired lat
er. Manager John Ross of Hakalau plan
tation reported last night thut dam
age waa done to his mill, which it lo
cated at the foot of Hakalau Gulch
in a peculiarly expo.-:. I position. The
waves came almost na high, he said,
as they did a couple of years ago,
when a similar storm raged along tbe
coastline. They smashed tbe aeaward
end of the mill ami broke down the
walls, beaidea flooding a limited extent
of the factory floor.
No migur waa damaged, and the only
injury done waa to the exposed end ef
the mill building. Ueair work waa
immediately started aud in a day or ao
everything will assume its normal as
pect. .- ...
According to the' Continental press,
Austria's production of raw sugar dur
ing the 11117 campaign amounted to
9:10.000 metric tons, or about 200,000
tons less than in 1910. Hungary's out
put m placed ut 1 .'10.000 tons, ns
against I'ltO.OOO tons iu 1010.
Prices are higher iu Hunjjiry than in
, A movement to send a carload of
sugar to France has been started among
tbe children of New Mexico with the
approval of the Federal Food Admin
istrator, fur that state. Ia order to
save the necessary amount, boys and
girls of the state are pledging them
selves to honey uud molusses instead
of sugar.
Severdt WctilnleVAtS Cause
Shipping for war Purposes jnat Has uenuqea the
ry' of:Avaffablli O-aft ' '
Rhipmeata of sugar , are. far lifhiad
those made ap' t ha Jtrio f
year ago; hl'MWaMWrtjaV'''
to the eanse for he diffareoe he a
of whkrh It adlet. Mpiakie; a'adall
of which enter largely. '" . . ?.'Z
Thus far title' yeaf tber !f"
abipped leas than- Sft.OOe ta of Sugar
while up, to aad Ibclodiag Mareh ! 13
more than Id,6oq ion , i beea
shipped. As liMle,er aVrr Will g'd
out In the next. wee? JbeM &fm afer
a, fair eomfariaon 4tu) . tha ahiatnen's
are not far flout. ;BS,800 toa behind
tboae of iMt.eeav i ','..,.,' - '
, Shortage of erep aitp'ilaa lit part
the snjallet, elpafj. There are not
so tnany.,taaa ta p- shipped a bust
year and it ia to, be eipacted th ship
menta i would . be . paoportiaaataly hs.
Tbia might . aconut .o , twenty per
cent of the ahortaga . , .
Knowlwlge that tha priee , is . staple
haa bad ,ten4ey to. delay grtad
ing and aumber,af tha faetorlea ht,ve
started or will atart later ihaa' asuat.
Where the eaaa. auffereeV'taia draught
tba desira I Uecare aU the aubse
(ueut growth poasible iawd this mhy
bring an inc.rea. ia!actal prodw
tioa over eatiaaataaV - iloaiutvncb.of tM
shortage ef ebipenaata- this accounta for
is more. UfflnH;.W 'flpreUheegh
the preiSeMBt ls;.Hresa4 sSa made
no dUtarpneav In ahiptaets-,bn4 would
only Bare iditeu to- tha amoant on hand
that valta blppUK.fcUitiea.
Bog Waita lmet'
There ih ;W, geoaod' apd awaiting
shipment about 33,000 tons ef augur.
These figures are - obtained from the
shipping bear rpratntatie'bre aad
for the flrtt time th rarioua ageariea
have reported ho-caucb so gar, there
was ewaitieg shipment at the first- of.
tha month. Ia Vtittni, te these gg.
ores U. 3.000 temi, there 1 the. gtiai
since the first ef-the, soa1h'" that mbjt
lie figured. . Thia U-im apite . f ' the
beat efforte, of 4h ahlpplng heard aad
a direct reauit f tba war. ,u ' ,. i
Beeause af. ssaailer -eaaatereaatt
iog from drought aodiueae' and1 other
eiusea,-, there b a,, Mluetasea tht year
ta givev oufc tha eatiouLtea, f oa, tbe aaatv
lag stop, v Moati ef ,Ua, Mtistatet 'ara
eJbtalaabla ttom tbf Mated teprt af
tha varloua. eempabUe 1 prsaanttd : at
their, aaauar MMtibga but iboaa 'eoaa
pamea svhicb havena suih eenoxta-. ar'
not ao rapidly . ebtaiaajbie. '.,'lAW a -suit
of thia it, U iavp.fattfbia ta vrfat
the Hat ef aetiauttea ,dy. IsiuAde aud
for the Territory tm ,to JaUrJk ,1,
i gortameatu
Oina Sugar CL, Ltd, . .
Waiake JaUtt Co, .....
Hilo Sugar Co. .........
Hawaii TbliU Co- Xtd ..
Ononae Bugax Co.
Pepaekea tdJgax- CaV. . .
Hoooiou Sugar. Co.
Hohalaiu-, VWiatioD, Co.
Laupajtoehe 'Sugar '
Kavwibl Sugar, tfav, Ui
Hamakua Mill Co.
PaaubsAt Sugar Cs. .w. .
. . , . .
Hoaotau HugariCa.
T a - d.. s . -1 ,
raoiw nwgar Otlll ..,..
Niulii Mill and Plantation.
Halawa Plsatation . .'
Kohala Sugar Co. ........
-W ..
union miii io.
Mill and Plantation.
Dwvelormieiit'Cou Ltd
Hurtbinsoa Hug. PtsxtUtian Co.
Hawaiian Agricultural' Co
Pioneer Mill to., Ltd ......
Oiowalu Co.
WaUuku Huaip Co. ...
Ha wall ah Cotn.1 and Ckigat to. 1.
Maui AgrieaUuvai Ca 2,rt2
Kaeiebu PtanUttoa CaW Ltd-
JVitiu.o sugar tjo.-.....,
1 : it .. i '.; 1 1
Honolulu, Plantation. Co.
Onhu Sugar Co., Ltd . . , .
Kwa Plan tat Wsy Co.,
Apokaa Sugar GoLM.
Waiattne Cov
Waialua Agricultural t'a, Ltd. .
Kahuhu Plantation Co, ,.
Uie PJanUtton ,
Koolau AgrlcnHutal Co., Ltd...
Walraanalo Sugar Co
, . 22.804
Ljhue Plantation Co.,' Ltd 3,8$)
Orove Farm plantation ........ 225
Kolo Sugar Company, The .. . 1,707
McBrydeeSugar'-Ca., Ltd .- 2,730
Hawaiian Sugar Co -v. 3,3
Oay e Bobi,ns6n"', 1,279
Walaiea Sugaa Mall Go, The . . . Dd
Kekaha Buga Cv, tba 4,84
Kxtate V. (navlat. t. 38s
KUaivju Sugai Plaaratioa Co... 403
Makae Sugar Co. 1,202
Total .
Totala . i . 77.086V
Consul General l." Merei, repreaenta'
live here far Japan, 'b aot ta be trans
ferred to ra .marMoa daolal of a
rumor to tbia ehTect. bslng made yester
day, by Vic Consul TV ImL
1 fBB3 Wm. H aa IIW Saw
JA 1 1 Ur LA5 1 YtAK
jfut Chfcf J .theftfemand For
Dealers Enrolled Members
Food Administration
AaMiouaeemeat was made at the of
fice of tbe food administration yester
day, that on account of the difficulty of
securing wheat flour substitutes, rye;
flour aad rye meal will be considered
Wheat flour substitutes until March .11.
It ia announced to all bakers that be
fore the first of April rye floor must
dlaajppear from use as a wheat flour
food Administrator Child hns an
nounced a eaapaign among retailers
and wholesalers for the signing of n
food pledge which will enroll all of the
baalier or rood in the Territory as
, members , of the food administration"?
Upon their promise to confine them
aeive ta reasonable profits as a proof
of their patriotism.
Tbe certificate of membership is
large poster, printed in colors, which is
to -be displayed pronnucntly in the win
dowl of all stores as a sign to the pub
lie. -The plan is in accordance with a.
ImII.. . : ik.i i- 1,.: .. 1 )
oiiuii.i .au, mm .n ..r...( ....,.
OB throughout the Htates. '
'' Tvaveliag men representing the va
rious ' wholesalers are to be made part
Jtt the' campaign ia the spreading of
tbe information through outlying dis
tricts aad ha agents of the food admin
istrator In the distribution of the pos
ter i tbe groeers in other parts of the
Tba whole thing is announced as a
voluntary patriotic move on the part
of food distributers and as a guarantee
that they will aarry out the spirit of
the adminiatration so far aa they can
oVa ao-, to tbe elimination of the use of
any ioJ-n araompolaloB. Mr. Child aa
aeuaaeay la a. poster sent to all these
cnetebaats, that this is the ideal demrj
eratie method of accomplishing the re
auita desired.
The seeond phase of tbe war savings
stamp campaign of the Japanese war
earing committee will be begun March
IL'waea K. Yamamoto, chairman of
tbl comtniftee, will make atrenuuua
efforts to realise the full fruita of hi
first campaign of education.
.vHrtiai mMnmA Hriv will nonnist itartlv
lof hi it ' Jananese maae meetiuir which
it to be held in tbe Asehi Theater when
free motion pictures will be shown and
the editors of Japanese papers will
in ska addresses urging full partlcipa
tlon of the Japanese in the war saving
plan of the United States. The pic
tures hare been donated by tbe Hono
lulu Consolidated Amusement cowtpnny.
...... .. i
CHICAGO, March 7 (Associated $
Press) With more than 100 prohibi
tion djelegatea wbe have bolted from
their own convention, the new Na
tional party today adopted aa ita lead
ing plamka national prohibition and na
tioa witle equal auffrage. A committee
ftf aba Prohibition party ia now en
deavoring to arrange cooHirution be
tween the two wrganixatioim.
WASHjlNOTtkN,' March H-(Associated
Press) -1 A Japanese military and
industrial commission, beuded by Lieu
tenant General K. Chikushi, of the Jap
anese army, ta expected to reach here
an Wednesday.
I vSttgar aavlnga at hotels, clubs, res
taurant aad other public eating places
la taa- state f tmio were 30 percent
larger ia the month of December, 1017,
tana ia tbe month of November, ac
cording to a report made to the Uni
ted Statea Food Administration by R.
H. Harsson, the Food Administration 'a
hotel representative in that state. The
total saying of sugar for the month ia
reported by Mr. Harmon to have been
181,405. pounds.
. . .
A better medicine can not be majle
than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
relieves the lungs, opens the secretions,
aid expectoration and assists Nature
i' restoring the system to a healtbv
etuditiba, Besides, it contain no opi
ate and Is perf eetly safe to take. For
sale by all dealer. Henson Smith t
Co., l-id., ageuta fur Hawaii. AdvU
;'V. '

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