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Chamber of Corrrmerice Receives
Message From Ge&r.e McK.
: ; MiC)elfdn4shington ..
' ARMY AUTHOftVtS ' - ;
, . '., y '. '''
Lo6al Liquor People Hope TJ
Save Somtething But Are
" Still Puzzled
; The rJer rigftdifcy President
Wilton making the Island of Oa
hu a dry root" will go into effect
on or about k'pril 7, according to
a cablegram received here yester
day ty the chamber of commerce
from its Washington representa
tive, George McK. McClellan.
Mf. McClellan's me9?age said:
"Prohibition order signed; ef
fective about April 7."
The information contained in
this message, which is regarded
as authoritative, conflicts some
what with one received yesterday
by ' the Star-Bulletin from its
Washington correspondent. He
cabled that the President signed
the order March 2, to become
effective in thirty days. That
would make it effective April 1
which would make the date one
to be remembered as something
more than merely "April Fool's
It is understood that the de
cree is 6 be tamed out by the
war department, from which a
general order definitely fixing the
date will be issued.
Liquor Man in Dark
Following the first, ruport of the de
cree, in which' nh reference wns made
to the time when the order would be
come effective, I'umor dealers of thn
city cabled to Washington asking
when they would have to close and
also askirfg Tof1 other details. No an
swer has been raeived to this me
Mage, though it It possible that an' an
swer haa been sent ,apd has been de
laye 't o.faei ,1J.(osaWo..
"'wiieli fcave' ttoeonW a conimanpltcA re
cently. While liquor men of . the city ean
have little to nay, an they point out
lint they are ai much at sea as the
en ere I public and have not been given
any hint of what the general require
ments irllk tiej tflJnr the new order of
things, ittdwitfii heard yesterday in
dicftte thnx' TnM ' are hoping to Have
something out of what they regard as
the wreck?" '
Things Hoped For
Compensation, foreea i sale to the
government of cogitiiundccred stocks
of gooils, partial refunds of f H.Ural
and territorial tuxes paid for liquor,
and compensation for unexpired li
censes are some of the things to which
liquor men are panning their hopes
now ii ii. I which they trust will lighten
the blow that baa fallen.
Onhu will go dry under wholly new .
conditiwue, diffariug from those that
ulitiiiiied in cities nnd states on the;
mainland where prohibition has become I
effective. While prohibition was
brought ubout iu the cities and states'
tliut are now dry by popular vote, the J
Island of Ouhu is made dry as a war
measure expressed by the. ill of the
President under the powers congress
hi:s given him.
Many Questions ,
As the condition is brought about by
military order and not by statute, the
whole situation bristles with questions
that may or may nut be answered
when the formal order is received here.
It is bolievjed in many quarters that
the order will nut concern itself with
civilians, who . may possess liquor for
their own use or have it shipped in
to them without restraint. I'nder the
new order of things Honolulu will not
eoiue under the provisions of the Webh
Kenyon act, which forbids the trnns
portation of liquor into a prohibition
area. The order, it is held, does not
make Honolulu a prohibition area iu
the ordinary sense of the terms.
Whether the manufacture of beer
anil liquors on Oalui wilt be forbidden
when the ehiuigo goes into effect Is
another detail that will not be ex
plained until all matters iu connection
with the' order are known. It is held
that the (President 's order merely
means au enlargement of the live mile
zone around military encampments,
and the brew.fty.., qiopide lire hopeful
but far from eoiindenV
Kvery shade of feeling from auger
au.l disgust to smiling resignation is
to be found aiuijig liquor men o the
city who realize''now' that the end of
their business is in sight. ('resident
lavid H. Lewis of l.ovejoy and Coin
puny was one of those who smiled
when he was asked yesterday how he
viewed the situation.
Nothing To Bay '
"There's, nothing we can do or say
until we know mora abo6t it," lie said.
' Nothing, , , ,wf," Was the brief
reply of President . (icorge O'Neil, of
W. C. I'eacock mid Company.
' NotUiitlH jtqj sa-y,'' t also said An
thony I', r'erniiiidez, treasurer and mnn
ager of Kosa and Company.
Ht. C. Hnyres, president of the .Ho
nolulu Brewing and Malting Company,
said lust Jllght thai no changes in the
plant hull yet been planned by the
brewing company. He said conditions
would cunt initi a thev are at the
brewery until more definite iiiforuin
lion concerning lYe-sidl'iil' Wilson's or
der is received. 'i " ,'1' "
. ..Illll ...
Developments In., Cast Salt) To
indicate Operations On Scale
Larger Thai First Supposed;
Marshal Smlddy On ' Trail of
Musical Oriental '
Development yesterday la the In
vestigntihit 6f pnstoJRee theft covet
ing; the past year gate indications of
Involving operation ot larger . ep
than was at first anticipated and. of in
cluding sale of other' precious -terisls
than platinum, aeeordink to
I'nited Btates Marshal J J. Bmlddy.
Information came io ,ih atteatiea
f Marshal Rmiddy, he aald, . which
bring into the caM a aayiterlou Chi
ese whose action at ,nlgat in the
vicinity of the postofllee during eev
cral months past would do Justine (t
a movie serial. This man is aabl to
have whistled an eery melody in the
dead of night which baa caused Won
der many a time, and with which Barry
Melim is believed te bar bee in
some way connected. ... t
Marshal Hmlddy referred to thla new
ehnrneter ns "the whiatlingi. China
man", but the fact that he spent three
liours yesterday on this feature of the
government's case , indicated tliat he
does not regard the matter wholly a
a joke. Added to this pew. complica
tion came evidence of a new nature,
which Marshal Wmiddy declined. toidia.
cuss any further than admitting that
fhe authorities are hot aatianed, with
the facts that have been -.atready ttry.
en. He snid (hat he has received atate
ments to the effect that Melim naabeen
seen in conversation at. flight With ih
Chinese whose actions have ' gives aa
aspect of melodrama to the. case. '.'
How much of this neW eviderrce -will
be introduced this afternoon when the
case comes up .before United ,8tatee
Commisainner Oeorge 8. Curry, ie not
known. Melim and Cnnha w?re allow
d to plead before thn eonunlssionar
when they were first arrested and band
was fixed at that time, whict was fur
nished by both of the aeeused. Counsel
for the defendants will seek to have-
the case dismissed on ground that the
evidence does not warrant a .eaae I vi
against them on the eWge of eu1l7D,;eyth,,B,
from thg ma.la. . 'v L 'wno
Bids .Will Be Opened Monday For
Erection of Great Concrete
Buildino At Ford Island 0,
With the opening qf bids on Monday
for the construction of concrete
hangars for the army' And nay avia
tion Hold at ford Islaud, l'csrl Har
bor, preparations for the aerial defease
of the Hawaiian Islands will be com
menced. . , j
The bases for the hangars are said
to have been placed already and the
bids now call for the eoastrurtion of
the huge buildings wnfch are to house
the warships of the air and to provide
shops for the repair and development
of machinery necessary for the air
planes. The use of concrete for the con
struction of these hnge buildings makes
them permanent in character, and at
the aviation work her ia emphusirwd,
building unit Will be added. It is
proposed to make the Ford Island one
of the greatest stations in the I'uited
i-tuies, and aoon Ford Island mnv be
come na well known as North Island
as n aviation base.
The aviation work to be devrlotwd
here is for offense and defense and not
piutieiilarly for training. This will en
able the war and navy departments to
keep surveillance ever operations
nround the neighboring islands as welt
;ts on this island.'
Seaplane flights Were resumed oyer
the city yesterday by Major Harold M.
Cli.rk, 1'. H. A., atar an interval of a
week while the pilot was visiting Ha
waii and Maul, seeking' "landing"
places in the harbors of Hilo and Ka
bului for the conclusion of flights to
those . Islands. It ia expected these
will be undertaken ia a short time.
His flight yeaterday was to abon' s
(1000-foot elevation, and after a viil
over the city and far to aoaward mi l
i s fur to the, cast atfKaimuki and li-i-ninnd
Head thH' major returned to his
Li.se near Petri Harbor.
. . ii
"FrauleVn Murray Sought By
Custom, Agents hj. Reference
To Seaman's Certificate Is
sued To Him Drops Out of Styht
Whew is ".Fraulein" Murray, other
wise Known locally, as Frank Murray
or Henry McCann, who waa released pf)l irp CCARPUIMft
by United States Attorney 8. C. U-, ULC SMRCMINQ
her and United Htatea Marshal J. J. BUT NO TRACE FOUND
Bmiddv, because it was believed he . , .
waa either an escaped patient from a
New Jersey insane asylum, the son of
rich parents, only twenty year ttf
Thlt is a question tliht a deputy of
the customs service would like to have
answered so he can have another inter
view with Murray and so he can take
Up a seaman rertihYnte which was ta-
Blood Thirsty Savage Is Fright
ened Away By Screams of
. Girl and Child Is Saved
Man Was Apparently Afraid
Alarm fVould Be . Given and
Contemplated Bloody Crime
A Filipino waa detected yesterday
In the act of attempting to take tha
life of a nine months old child for art-
sued to the stranger a few days after parent ly no other reason than to stop
arriving in Honolulu, since when he it from giving an alarm.' Search for
naa neen something or a mystery to. tha man was started at once and con
the authorities, perhaps excepting the tiuued throughout tb day and last
two federal officers. I night for the ma a who had baen seen
Becnra Seaman's Oertlflrat , loitering around the neighborhood of
Murray is the youth of middle LUiha and Wyllia Streets , sine last
Weight prize fighter build, Auwtriaa Saturday morning. .....
feature and Bolshevik, curly, alack j ...Bereams of a Htwaljan ;rl wh dls
and bunchy hair, who arrived here on ) covered the Filipino in the' act ot
the steamer (lovernor ns a ateerage 1, raising a lawn sickle to nrtirdei the
passenger. He attracted the attention child Was all that deterred him from
of A. K. Carter, the waterfront oteJ''earrylng out his Intentions, it i be-
live, wno Kepi truck or nun until nr- heve.l by the police and Mr. and Mrs.
ray admitted to the detective that h
Was twenty three years of age, and
not twenty, as he made affidavit to
when he was securing a certificate a
a American seaman from the customs
Carter turned Murrnv over to ,tha
federal authorities for investigation as
John J. Myers, parent of the child
who live nt '.'a.'i'i UMha Utreet.
When discovered by, the Hawaiian
girl, who at the time alone at
the Myers' home excepting for the
Child, the Filipino had dropped the
baby which he waa hoJdinji .with one
hand while in the other was grsped
it Was suspected he wn-. a draft vad- tha,. upheld sickle, with, which ha was
er. rapers lounn in ins ixiggagev aq; I j.re.i.aruig. to strike thn hild
vif-rn luitiie ov .iiurritv o iiucnions
and inscriptions upon his suitcase In
dicated he was from Hmth Orange,
New Jersey, which he ii.inutted, it ia
v i ' ,BerS h lwd r'd the -baby
, The New Jersey authontle. fn. '.front room, wherfc.U had i been
kviiiiii Wliiin it-u nil ii, ai in niuvii fc
torncy Huber and Marshal Sroiddy
both are reported to hnve said that It
waa believed Murrnv was an cscaoed
patient from an insnne asylum . Tha pfW. ,. house. The Srl dikd.ln the
afterward, it : was asserted be wa hnaMtfaw been engaged Tn th kitchen
""j , ' 1 Which the Film no had avoided anter
Imitted was not the right . i,,. v .,; , -
son nf very prominent par i a '. trl h.. 4 ik. vtu.
ents who lived in New Jersey and p,B0 mmtU hii ew, rutoing toward
that it was not desired to cause them the Mtttm ,elow xfewa Height. wher
or their offspring embarrassment so h, di .are( Police aasistanee was
the right name nas withh.ld. As an 1 in5n)ediatB,y t6ei,10n(1 for but wiri-
expiauauou ot mis n was sain ids y,, tne, Myt TJenv9aiiBg fim
roung man was to be put in the draft who vuted with any weapon which
114 &tbbd Housa
-V.'At k time the , Filipino wa about
thirty feet from the front door of the
Myer',aome and in tha mddla of tha
left asleep. Previou to .this the. Fili
piao. had- evidently . gone " through the
house and rolibed tt of some cutlerv,
which was later found hidden In bush
; a i i mi , v . L
Oobiicttttg Stories
Still, later, the federal authorities
are said to have asserted the real rea
son Murray was released, as was done
after the "escaped insane patient
they could find, took up the pursuit of
the burglar and attempted murderer.
A squad of detectives war sent out
from the police xtatioji who started
a search through the bushes lining the
stream, but without .capture of the
Hi. I for the erectiou ot a new con
crete building to enlarge the Territorial
Normal school are to be opened ucx.
week by Henry W, JCiunev, siiperinten
dent of public, iustructlnu. The id rue
ture 's to cost in the neighborhood of
:!.( n M and will be paid for by the
appropriation of $.'in,(00 for the pur
jioxc made by the legislature last yeui.
The new building will contain twelve
rooms and will he similar in type to
the one constructed recently on the
grounds of Kaahumauu school. It will
provide for about 000 pupil and will
be Used to relieved the congestion of the
main building.
According .to a report ou the twenty
firvt annual account of the trustees of
the Kishap Museum trust filed with the
circuit rlork yesterday the assets of the
institution on October -, 1 V 1 7 , wcie
i;i77,17l.71. . Receipts of $50,4:17.71,
with cshIi on hand. $10,781.70, amouut
to $01,12111.47, , Expenditures amounted
to ."ii.lU)ll.0,. leaving, cash on hand.
$ti(iU.tJJ,. The , raport is verified by a iug depaitiuent, waa going to arrest
statemiMit of Biab,op Co. Iu the re men lianta who violatod tha law against
port the trustees charge themselves obstructing, the sidewalk, but hi first
with $(ll,21.47 and sk to be allowed effort toward rlenning up the city was
$.14 ,000. HH. ne board la composed of blocked when City Attorney Brown
r.. f . nisiinp, Aiueri r. Judd, Henry entered nolle prusequis 111 the case ot
his lint arrests.
atory was given out, was that Murrayj PUjino b,in g ' effected, , However, a
was not of age, and therefore not a.-rtptiH' o( the . man wa. secured
Murray wis given his freedom with
Out tb knowledge of ' the cosfoms
staff, members, of which were anxious
to question the New Jersey youth
again to make him prove his identity
and age before allowing him to re
tain, control Of the seaman's certifi
cate, i
Drop out of Sight
. But Murray has disappeared ami no
trace of him haa been found since last
Buoday. How he was able to leave
the island, if he has left, is another
mystery, as every one who appears to
be of draft age haa to ceeure special
permission from the selective draft
officer )o do so.
All tboee who have had any commu
nication with Murray feel certain that
he i not insane, and most of them
assert besides that he appears to be
exceptionally ,syell informed about
everythiag except seamanship, which he
has sworn1 was his profession.
While only about twelve' dollars was
found in the effects of Murray when
he was first booked for investigation
he seemed before that to have had
pleuty of money, and had, iu fact, tried
to get Jack Kdwardson, the secretary
of the Sailors' Union, to get him on a
ship for which be is said to have
offered a large sum of money.
Mup-ay claimed to have been only
thsee weeks coming here from .New
Jeraev. Due to hi evident education,
his familiarity with Bouth Orange,
New Jersey, his knowledge that there
was a man of the name by which he
passes who had escaped from an insane
asylum in -that State, his own rational
utterances, and the evidence that he
was supplied with funds from some
source, Murray is growing to be Inure
of a mystery than ever to Hounlulans
who have had reason to investigate
iiuu erbaps, again, excepting the two
federal officers who it is presumed
agreed to release him from detention.
The belief is growing ia police ami
customs circle that Murray is reutly
the sou of. " influential parents", but
uot uuder tb draft age, aud that be
ia masquerading as the escaped asylum
patient until he gets an opportunity,
if he haa not already, done so, to e
aiie irointhe United States and the
second dtaftf ' ,
AH iflfiSStT
I.. Ah l.eong, the Chinese merchant
who geta free storage room from the
city by aanexvugiefost of the sidewalk
hihc in f ron tArfr his store while the
police turn their blind side toward
l him, was a little more liberal tu himself
yesterday than usual even. He hud
grabbed so much of the sidewalk thiit
tlidc was hardly more than room
for peopbi to squeeze by in single lile.
It was announced recently Hi at A.
K. Vierru, head of the street clean-
Holmes and J. M. Ddtvsett.
which was given to all the police f
the Tslahd, 'with special instructions to
the mounted officer to be on the look
out for the desperado last night, as
it was thought he might attempt un
der the cover of the darkness to re
turn to his town quarters.
The attack on the Meyers' child snd
the robbing of the house comes as the
aftermath of a aerie of visits the
same Filipino had made this week with
another Filipino companion to. the
All of these visits, usually between
the hours of tea and eleven in the
morning, were made under the pretense
of wanting to buy plant or get laun
dry work to da. Only one of the men
has been ia tb custom of coming up to
the house, the other remaining in the
street outside. But on the visit .venter
day morning only oae of them was seen
by the Hawaiian girl.
On Wednesday morning the same
Filipino who threatened the life of the
Meyers baby yesterday called at the
house, when be wa told tu remain
away by the girl who was again alone
at the time.
After every viit of the Filipino
something of valu was missed, but
mostly pluuts, Which were found with
the cutlery secreted in the bushes near
the home, whieh it is presumed the
theives intended to carry away after
night had come.
Following the departure of Mrs.
Meyers from the house yesterday morn
ing about ten o'clock, the girl put the
baby to slefp , ia the front bedroom,
from whiili there i a entrance from
the front laaai, as (lap to the parlor
and dininc, room, all of which rooms
were entcicd hy th Filipino. From the
dining room he oarried aniiy cutglnss
dishes from the ailUdioard ami hid them
The i i-1 continued her wink in the
kitchen until she heard the cries of the
uhild, wheu she went to , I he bedroom to
quiet it. Upon entering tha bedroom
she failed to find the child and walk
ed toth front lanai door where she
arrived just in time to cheek the Fili
pi no's murderous intentions by her
kc renins.
Qnild Badly Frightened
Whin the girl picked the child up
lifter it win dropped by, the Filipino it
was blue nnd stlff, . probubly from
fright, iiiul she thought it was dead,
nhich added tu the volume and hor
ror she put into her screams to summon
the iiid of the neighbors, and ciciitiiiil
ly police HKKistance.
The weapon with which Urn Filipino
intended to murder the child was one
he had concealed in hi clothing, and
which the girl believes ws a new one
on account of the brightness of the
Meyers, tha father of the child, is a
radio employ of th Pearl Haibor
uavul station. .
A ratlin Society will give a farewell
social tonight iu, honor of, Jose ( iiu.li
do Almeida, oue of its.. members, who
is leaving shortly to join the Hritish
troops iu Franca. Mr, Almeida re
eently received letter from lus broth
era, who joined the. Bra.ilianleet nt
the Portuguese islaads of Cape Verde,
the,. Brazilian ship being now engaged
iu patrolling in the Atlantic.
G. W. Schuman and Eric Burgess
Quarrel and Latter Says He
Will File Suit For Slander
An aftermath of alien enemy com
plications which are i1 to have been
connected with the withdrawal from
the Kchiiman Carriage Co. of its man
ager H. H. I'nxson and Kric W. Hnr
geas brought on a tiit yesterday be
tween Hurgcss nnd U, W. Hchuman, sec
retary of the concern, which carried
he details of the entire affair into the
hands of federal authorities snd will
be the basis m an action for slander
in the circuit court.
The grounds for the interiew with
I'nited Stntes Attorney H. C. Huber,
following a iimrrei which tooi plnce
ln the Schuman building yesterday
morning, were assertions alleged to
hnve been mnde by young Kchumnn
with regard to what he cnlled per
sedition of alien enemies by tlurgess.
Bchnmsn's nlleoed references, in the
conrne of the disturbance to Burgess'
connection with the national guard will
result in n slander suit which will be
entered within two dnys, nreordin" to
a statement bv Ruiyess.
Will Fil Suit
Burgess said last night that the al
lien would he taken by him st once
in as effort to recover damages for the
references winch Schuman had made to
him and to his loyalty. He also admit
ted that the ease had been made the
subject of nu investigation by the ua
tionnl guard officers jind that the stnte
ment of thee officers' will probaldv be
made a i. art of the case.
According to the statements of per
sons who witnessed the quarrel, Bur
gess had come fiom the Hoyal Hawaiian
(arage, where he has been employed
since leaving the Schuman Carriage
Co.. to the I.. I', (leorge bicycle shop,
Which is in the Hchnmnn building,
where he encountered the secretary of
the Schuman company.
"Say. you better nuit this talk nbout
lien enemies." Schuman is said to
have culled out. "You are not abid
tng by the instructions of the President
of the United States when you refuse
to lea e us n lone. ' '
Th in w ii followed I iv rniHrkn from
Burgee to the frVrt that he hm done
nothing nf the nature charged and that
the rules of the I'resident were neu
frailty rules before the wnr.
SlackerUm Charged
At this point. Hurgess will contend
iu his action, Schuman launched upon
him u tirade, charging that Burgess hud
been remiss in his duties toward the
government iu his service in the nation
a I guard which implied that he was
chargeable as a slacker. This. Burgess
explained to I'nited States Attorney
Huber yesterday afternoon, referred to
the time when all married men were
discharged from the national guard,
prior to the time when Burgess was re
enlisted and also registered fur the
selective draft.
The complaint of Burgess will charge
that public statements casting doubt
upon a man's faithfulness to the Na
tional Guard constitute iu time or war
a slander, under the laws of the Terri
tory. I'nited States Attoinev II ulier de
clined to tske nctiou upon the state
ments made by Burgess, on the ground
that the remarks complained of did
not constitute sedition but were rath
er slander, not actionable under the
federal laws. He ,advised Burgess to
carry the, case tp.thc territorial courts
oh a ( barge of slander This a.K ice
8ngcss "says he Intends to follow.
iTnaoliilu. Vkrea f. 101R.
Sampn'Owners Accept Hunch of
Seers of Portents and Bolt For
Open Water For They Are Sure
Now of Big Catches
Let all the street cars run ipiictlv
as possible, and let the ehun h scwons
put rags around the bell clapper", au.l
the newslioys mustn't go yelling around
the streets as they have been wont to
do and all steamships are i eiiie--tc I to
make as little commotion as posxil.lc in
entering Honolulu harbor, for nil the
goose boue prophets au.l ull tin- seers
of proteuts declare that ll-li aie oing
to be biting from this time on and the
fish murket is goiug tfl liae li-.li in it.
The entire fleet of Jupiiin e lidiing
boats bolted for the sei yesterday
morning, upon the usNuiaucc of their
wise men that fair wuaihei I li-dun
weather has arrived. The li-h men at
the market reported that onU imtv
five baskets of fish came into p.. it if.
terday, but gleefully put ni.e then
shogi boards in nut ieipat inn of la rye
busiuesa either today or Iuiiioiioh and
from then on.
Mayor Kern, following a . ..u l. i ... e
with the Oovernor ve-d . t.I.h , .in
iiounced that his appeal on lUh piois
will have to await the nt a ii i . . I Mi.
I'hild from Hilo.
Kbeu Low announced estii,l:, that
demands for a cluing. in the li-.li pn. c-.
of the food a.lmiuist i at I. a I I ..-.
acceded to by Mr. Child and Ilia' the
revisions in the scale will I., ma le .a.
the blackboards. The changes, he I,
are of minor importance an. I oi 1
slims, calling for the lowi-tiug ..I i...n
prices and the elevating of torn ..II.. i
which the fishermen who op. iai. . I .-,
to shore suy will llffor.l llnan a I . a.l.l
The demands were base, I op..n lie p.. -ent
supply of cerium -p. n I. .
differ from the aluin.liii.e ..! il..-. u-i
ill past records w In. h to a I ' l a -
of the administration 's Ii . -
. .
Noguuii, a Japanese, un- air. -I I
yesterday afternoon on a clung of a
iug threatening language to an. .the
Japanese. He is accused ot i. IIim- if.,
compluiiiant that he would local, hi
llock and kill him and thai the . ..m
plainant and his wife situ lil-e u ".l..g
uud cat ' '.
Negotiations Practically Com
pleted To Transfer To Valley
Isle People, Says Arthur Bice
Harold Rice, D. C. Lindsay, An-!
trinn Ta.immmm AtnlaikA Aha 1
tunc IdVdlca dllU UlllCIS HI C
Purchasers of Majority Stock
N. gntiHtions are practicallv com
pleted for the transfer Of the Ha
ua.ian I 'i ncaiipie Company's control
l olilmirs in the Haiku Fruit snd '
T'ru k i up Company to Maui interests for 1
Arthur II. Hies, nf the James Morgan
Con.paiiN, which has handled the details
nf t he l.iy sale.
Hinold Rice, Mani rancher and capi
taint; I). C. Undsay, cashier of the
K M h u I iii National Hank, and Antone
Tnnres. manager of the Maui Pineap
ple Companyanting for themselves and
. ther Maui investors, are the acknowl
i.'ge.l purchasers of the Hawaiian Pine
apple Company's controlling stock in
the Main pine packing company.
The Hawaiian Pineapple Coninny
sceral enrs ngo acquired the control
ot the M.iui company by the purchase
of slightly more than half the preferred
stock of 1 "iii.fmo and a majority of the
common stork of $200,000.
The minority stork of the Haiku
Pncking Company is widely held on
Maui, and this sale comes as a result nf
the desire of the Maui people to regain
ownership of a company which wns
originally controlled by the Millli resi
" The deal fur the sule of the Hawa
iian 1'iucnpplc Company' majority
holdings in the Haiku Friiit and Pack
ing Company is practically com
pleted," snid Arthur Bice last night,
when he was questioned about the ru
mored sale. "Th deal is virtually
closed," he added for further confirm
ation. He ml vn need the information that
bis brother. Harold Rice, Lindsay nnd
T.avares were not only actiug for them
selves but for other iuteresta.
However, he did not verify "street"
talk that the Maui Agricultural Coai
mny was heavily interested in the pur
eh.isc of the big block of preferred and
common stock iu the Haiku company.
He ijualilied reference to this rumor
w it h the expression:
"You know that Haiku stock is
widely scattered on Maui," leaving it
to inference that all the Maui stock
holders were interested in the deal.
Hale of the majority of the stock to
the Maui interests by the Hawaiian
Pineapple Company puts an end to .a
recent report that the Armour Packing
Company would purchase the control of
the Haiku Fruit and Packing Company
with the view of entering the pineapple
industry lice as rivals of I.ibby, Mc
Neil 4 I.ibby.
The Haiku Fruit and Pncklug Com
pany, Ltd., wns incorporated October
.'1, I90:i, with capitalization of $200,
000, since when V. V Baldwin ha
been the president and manager. Th
capital was increased from $'200,000 ta
.!50.n(IO hy the issuance of $150,000
worfh of preferred stork at $20 per
share on April .10, 19 H. Its assets are
given in the last maiiua) of Hawaiian
Securities as $52.1,19!.KX.
This same authority gives the land
owned by the company as 450 acres and
the, leu seal land as .'I oil acres. The, pack
for 191ft was casas and for 1917
nbout 25,000 rasa.
Knocked to the ground by the hand
le of a motorcycle as he was getting
off a King Btreet car Cupt. Bamucl
Thompson, night watchman at the Pa
cific Fertiliser Plant, received several
bad cuts aud bruises last night about
six o'clock, anil W. A. Wood, rider of
the motorcycle, a bud cut over the
right eye.
Wood, who is employe. I at Pearl
Harbor, told the police that when he
saw the night watchman wn the ruu
-ing board of the car he presumed on
account of Thompson's apparent age
he was not going ft get off until the
ear was brought to a stop on the
switch , near the fertilizer works, and
so started to go on past.
' As Wood did so. he ssvs. Captain
tliompsou stepped from the . Hj, with
his back to the approaching motor
cycle, and he was unable to swerve
far enough away to keep the hfAdle
bur from striking the night watchman.
Captain Thompson's account of the
ii. . i. lent agrees with tins excepting
that he asser's the street car had
stopped when he stepped to the ground.
The night watchman's injuries at
tended at the emergent v hospital af
ter whieh he wns removed to his home,
consisted of a puncture wound of the
left wrist, incised wound on right
Iihii.I and abrnsiuu of rigta shoulder
and generul shock.
II. .11. .lulu. MiiiiIi
li-ii i ..a i ill
' 1 - ' ' s I .i.."l
Mlii.lul l'l-itilu.ls
vi . .i 1 1 1 1 ii I ii Kilo.' . .
M'.lllllllll lllllKlllllll
M.i.l.iH MllllliK
I ' S I
i W'.iiIjiuh ItliiKh'tin l'M
... ,ai. tK. . Cupels i'
VI In. nil I'i.mIii. i .SKI I.
I Sin. Ue.
II .!. Vl.i.l.TH
..ia n;;o .vm.
M .ii ii 1 1n ii King,
MBircAirrfLa 1
Alei. ft ftalawta, Ltd. ..
u. B rawer C.
i:ri Plant. '
Haiku iHn. Co. , ,'
llnw. Arct ttn.
Maw. C. A . tl
Ilsw. Hn. Co. .
lloadksa n$. S .
llnnoass) ftiut. Ce. 1
Ilatrhtaissa mi. VlanL .
Kahiika i'lanV ,
Kcks .$; II. J
KiS.st Bnrar Co
MeHryiie Co.. Ltd. .
Us ho miR. Co
I Una Him. Co.. Ltd
iiimne .- V. 't-
I'sauhau Hu. Plant, tt. .
Ili.-lnV - K. MUt
l'sla Plaat. Co
I'eieeke Hi. Co
I'lmieer Mill Cn
Han Carlo stilling (to, ..
VVnls Ins Axn-tl. Co. , ...
'iallit.ii Hun. Co
Kmlau Dev. ., Ltd . . .
In tmt Amh( 1$ I'd.
2n4 Isaua Up ....
rtnlku r. V. CO- PM
Itsika K. P. Co.. Com..
Haw. Con. Rt. 7'r A
flaw. Con Mr. (K.. It
Ilsw. Cuii. Itv. Com. ...
HasraHaa Klectrte Do. ...
Ilsw. lfftesPde Cn
Hon. R. M C.. Mil....
Hun. las Co.. Ltd
lion R. T. A I. Co.
Inter Islsud H. N. rn. ...
Mm". Tet. Co
i in h u K. A I., rn,
I'shana Hnlilwr to
Si-lsma )lnlto. 111. ...
Ham o Pd)
Tanjoac Olaa Rubber ...
Beech Watt 1. D. ofc.
Haraahua Mtci Co., d..
Haw. Con. Hi Vt
lis. Irr. I'o. its .
Haw. Tr. ', Kef. UK
Haw Tel. Puh. lasna.
Haw. Ter. rnh. imp. 4
(series lflli-'91 .......
" "A.y
linn tnm i o.. mij. v...
IIODOhaa ua U
llnil. lias Co.. Mil., OS
Ksiml Hy. '.. Ms
Msmsi I. I. .
M. BrViS fl.-.C IU ..
Mat. Tel..
ih.hu n. A I.. V.. .
I Mil n Hua. ttv . .-
Olaa Hun. Co.. rt
HsrlOc ttuaao . Co..
Han Carlos Millin,
lax l
101 vj
1 . r.
I . .
lis) ,
36 .
1 a
i .
a ya
L'loner. TO. .11.00:' Onome, n B, tOM;
Kwl, PR). :M).0f; Oaha. , 8, 33 W. , - .
Boaso aL, .
rtoneer, 'Ji fclt.Wk. fM Av,.
mmti . .
I'ssiiliau ilivldciul noteil on this abant
ns mld imi the 1.1th' inat. rs not paid. -C.
Brewer ft .Co... saeits, hT revolved word
Hist tliia corporatlim hs enstieadeil aalrl
lcmls for the itute dwltisv . . - . ,
jaaaarr S t , t ' .'
88 aaalyd bMta (m adrteaa). ...
Mrt(iB. (To Baw.l Bacara .k... t.008
- ECBitn-tnoTTiorr : .
1. t iV 'iv1..t,-to,
.NEW YORK. Men-h ' (AssocUtcsl
Presal Tolls win r taa atMaln aud
eleatna ejueuttoaa of stocks lau tU hew
Tor market yetertay. -'
AHierlcaa Htiasr
Amertean Heel .
AsSM-lnieil utl
Alaska 4i.4l .
Anwricnn lsiaiotic .
Aniert-an Tel. A Tet. .
American H metier . ...
Amerfesn Hterl Kdry 81.
Anwnntla Cop
Atchison ttallwajr , ...
IWI.lwtn IM-omotlve .
Ilnlllraore A- Ohio . ...
Hethlehem Htevl ,"B'
Callfofula IVtriJeuui .
iVnrral Inlher
Csaadlaa I's. m.-
C. VI Ht. I'm ol
lolo. Fuel ii I ruu . ...
Cruellile Hteel . ...
('nil Hnar Caue . ...
Krte ft'oiumon
I General Kleetrlc
Uenoral Molors Inww)
tirest Northern. Pfd. .
Kennwsilt Cumwr . ...
Interuatlonal Ntekel . .
Industrial Aleooss . ...
Lelilyh Vsllcr Kaflniad
New York Central . . .
Hs.r Consollilated . ...
Hesfllnir niuiMiin
Hetinltlie Inm common .
HoiMtiern I'aclie . ....
Tela KM
I'nltml Ktates Kulilter .
I'aloa Pacltte . .......
1 lilted Htatrn Hteel . .
Ct.li . J Bltf
Wesfwra ,1'ubn .. .... . t fefi
Westlniiftoiise 'llu
Ilia, t Ki dividend. . t UiMiuoted.
Qnautloiu th follawtnc. Hw Tra
curb stocks, as wirelessed to Tha A'
tlsvr by atoaeham A Co., aret . -
. t )
14.1 .
" '
81 ii
1.11 ''
vjuit 121 J '
Illat tlire
Kiuiua Copper . . . .
I nun Nlossnui .
ItnHvr .
4irom Voisle . . .
Midwest , Ml. ciiii.i:..
Moltwr IaxW .
May Herclii.
Hem-lie Kllli.
Iter, Ciuis
Ittclllllolld l'oIlc.'
Kilter Kill I oils. .
Tonopah i:tcusloo
Kerr Lake .
I lesson (lol.l . . . .
1 nt 4
.01 .
. IH
J 00
.Hay ixi4
.4 .
.47 .
IM "
.u '.
2 o-l
i on ,
4 Kt'
H.VN PKANCiartt. March o-lAsso-clatad
Pram) Kolluwlng era th opaulna
and closlna quotatkvas of angar ana atbot
Mocks la th Ban franclsco saarkot
Haw a Cisn'l
IliiwSltsn Houur Co . .
Ilonokaa Htiaar
Hilleliluson Rilcsr I n. .
1 mho Hugnr ch.
Idas HiiKar Co
Oimniea Hussr Ctt. . . .
I'aauliaii Hiuur Co. . , .
Honolulu ()U ,.
Knsels I'niincT
Honolulu Plantation .
Hid. t Kl-tUrWead.
. ..; . I Jttpct
40 1
3 10
J Unquoted.
.18 '
l '

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