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' " ' " ' I ' ' " f ' ' I f I" i 'M ' M i i i urn, i I i ) i i a , !,.,! mimii I nil i ii I m i il I II I i ii I a
: . - : .. . .. .- : -'. , ; . t t --v ; r 1 " i i
I WI .'.' A W I I III II III I I llllllll II
r iv. rr.T- rflnl I I rrrNnr
I I I I B I T i. ". " "'
Iff. Intliulltu
' . .
Italian Headquarters Expects
New Activities From Rein
forced Austro-Germans
'h i " Onb Leading Political Ftiois jniTl a fl 1 1 fl OkT I ft M
j ! :- .(pd$oVT6 -Sendiog Expe-jir 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 II E 2 h 1 1 1 1 J
.r' '"' V, StFlCAVt ATEMEHt , i fl C T 1 Tl A f D A 1T
'-- v
War Department Gives Out Most
Definite Information Yet Im
parted On Extent of United
' States Present Participation
Repulse of Raid Gives Informa
. tion of American Sector In
Lorraine of Which Notice Had
Not Been Given Before
(Associated Press) Amer
ican forces are now occupying
more than eight miles of trenches
in Prance. This is the most def
inite announcement of the extent
of the military participation of
the United States that has as yet
: been issued by the war depart-
merit The statement issued yes
terday does not give the actual
strength of the forces at the front
numerically but leaves this open
tq surmise. It adds that this
frontage is likely to be extended
at any time.
Although the Americans are
occupying this important part in1
the military operations in France
the correspondent of the Paris
.Temps who is with the British
forces writes to his paper that the
Germans persist in their asser
tions that they are unaware 'of
the presence of any American
forces on the Westenrfront. This
'is the report the British are con
stantly receiving from prisoners
who are questioned on the sub
ject of American participation.
They say their officers lead them
to believe that as yet the Ameri
cans are not actively participat
ing in the war.
Announcement of the repulse !
of a German raid revealed to the J
public for the first time yester
' nislfey nw 8ector in Xorrainej
" which is occupied by American I
, I0IXC3.
1 .1 ( 1
i . .It is learned that the plans of
the war department do not call
, . for the formation of any addition-'
" al divisions this year. '
Long Career of John
l.OMHJN. Manh 7 i ssoeiuted
Iies) --John KiilmiMnl. Irish lender
, , aj)t lor aiinot 1 1 o score vi':ir.i a mem
';. m . bur of pHi'li.'imeiit herein his great
- abilities in in I c him a lender, died yes
'i ' h y terday fnlluwin' nn' operation peiform
oj to reiiew intcKtinnl troubles.
Jlthu Kdwanl Kedinond was elected
to the house of commons in 1HSI. Some
of his biographers ny he wps born in
vv m IWJI and other in IKiW. Justin Me
. Cnrtbv has k;i i l he has good reason
. '. i, for believing the latter date to be cor
IHKH lr,wt,
Wondarful Orator
H ml inoii. I was educuled at Trinity
,'.,,;. College where he studied law 'and he
eallnl to the bar but did uot prae
ft' .A elwted to the house of
eommons. in which his father had
lf ' -rved before him, he became a men
, ,)(; her of the Nutioual Party which had1
.' .' ( been formed not long before by Char-I
lit) Stewart Parnell. Krnm tbe time he
. ., first took part iu a debate it was evi
. i dent he had inherited his father's
..'; graceful manner of speaking hilt he
' ' puiiresseil a 'acuity for gvnuioe oli-
' I quence which was not possessed by the i
;' elder Redmond. He hsd a voice of i
strength and volume and a variety of
? . intonation such ns has seldom been
. heard.
i .' Itt 'g Uarecofrnl red
''I tledmond in due time becsme one of
' ". the "whips" of the Irish Nationalist
Pnty and I'Hrnell regarded him as a
'' Useful mnn but did not appreciate him
na a renl lca.b r until the crisis oaaie j
in the Irish Vationcl Party This crisis '
was when the Parnell divorce case
enme on and Gladstone snd liberal I
leaders been me i-onviu I it would be j
impossible to ciiiiv tin.iuyli the ideas
. for home rule if 1'iirnell were to rirtaio ,
J'lS, les'iernup. Keiliiioinl then lincamc
t'araell ' fnreiunt cliaiiipioii In this
fv he iH'i'uiue the Hi it leadi'i of the
w4- of !ii party.
Ixl Patriot
r renii of ; m i . I . pmuie means he
- le to "itiiI di.l deote his time
ami all of t'uitiH, ,, the utTuir
f nis ennnt'v. Al'ihV) i, rdmil borne
rulr, yi t his loyalty to Gn at Britain
Sen Ltrses Are Little Changed
From Preceding Week Lend
ing Encouragement
I WASHINGTON. March 7-fAwin
ted I'lMul On the ItnHiin front nl
on the Western front as well tlirrp itrt
ri"nrel indimtinn that utr'inp Tontnti
otTpnpijVO mny be expneteil nt any
Ionfntrki' received from the Itilinn
(ifl'ce trrijr rniid tbrre were
numeroun indirntiotta whieh inintw1 to
r new Anntro-Oerman offensive on
large rle. It h been k no the
nemy x hrinping up from the roar
tnr.'c bodies of freh trnoMi for nome
time pnnt hnt weather condition linve
?ueh thnt a tron(j onenaive oy
either Hide hi been impractiriitile
K""niv reinforecmentii ere cuminp
up, thee deptrhe anhl. ther" rui he
ecn important redipoition of foopr
.er.r mnde. nnd in other wnyn prepar
atinnn are evident.
Italian refugee who have reitehnd
nfety nithin the Italian lines nay that
mny Austrian soldiers nre desertinp
and seeking refuge in the mountnins
On Wast Front
On the Western front the Germans
nre eot'lnniott to strengthen their
forces with men drawn from the north.
In his weoVljt statement on war con
ditions issued yesterday in London.
General Maurice aald that the Ger
mans were continuing the increase of
divisions on the Western front. They
now havo sixteen more divisions than
the Allies, he snld, but each division
Is numerically smaller than those of
the Allies sy that the man power of
the latter is still believed to be well
in the nircndaiit.
So Losses
Reports from the British admiralty
on the submarine manare yesterday
were brighter than !they huve been in
the recent weekly reporta showing lit
tle from the last report in the
maritime losses for the week. There
were twelve vessels of more than IftOO
tons and six smaller craft with no
fishing vessels destroyed.
In the house of commons, however.
Hir Kdwurd Carson took occasion to
criticise the admiralty and called tle
dismissal of Jellicoe a "national
ealfmity' at the 'same time bitterly at
tacVkng Oeddea. . . . . . . i
rXBT LAWTON, Okliilioma, March 7
(Associated Press i Lieutenant
Charles Pmily, of San lioir, nnd fien
tenant Frank Whitney, of New Jersey
aviators in the ser ice. were instantly
killed here yesterday. The two aviator
were (lying at a great altitude, one. as
pilot ami one iih nbserxer, when th
gasoline tank of llieir inuehine explod
el, the ociidert being noted from thi
ground. The inm-liinc, rape(l in
flames, irnslied to the i;riiiiiid.
Redmond Is Ended
was never in any way seriously ques
When the time of war came bis OH
swerving loyalty to the empire lost hint
some friends and followers in Ireland
From all pints of the world have
come messages of condolence, to the
family of the deceased gieat Irish lead
or. His political enemies join with his
persona friends iu thin. The 'king and
the premier both expressed the deep
est regret ami theii recnguit ion that his
death is as mm h of a loss to the em
pire as it is to Ireland.
PATION. Wo'iien often become ni'ivoiiM and lie
spondent. When thin is due to consti
pation it l- ihmIv corrected by taking
an iiecahionnl dose of Chamberlain's
Tablets. These tablets are easy to take
rn I plcaiifMit in ulTwi. Yr sal hy, bJ)
dealfts. BeiUM. Hili)li (JoV'ttf.
agents for (It'.nuii. Aif t( ,
, , -
L i; A
Ii v' rf ' 'I I; . AiTiwdbSdUUr vAjirC.8CS HUpB ffHlrf'tl ' "
ii " I- 1 iicaiy fiiin veil"
' ;tca! Povttrs Will Be Signed
II if
I I f I. - 1
BoUhevlkl cabinet of wbo Lenin
LONIX3N. March 7 ( Associated
almost certain rnptur by- the advancing German arrole
which have alreaily crossed the line front Ksthonia into the
Province of IVtrograd, the meaibnrs .of the Bolkheviki
ahinet are leaving Petregrad for Moa(ow, which will be
lee 'n red the new capital of Russia, 1he evacuation of the
it is well umler wn.V, having beea in progress since Tties
!ay. The inhabitants are leaving by the thousnads, carry
n g their valuables. The hanks have packed up their ae
urities ami shipping these under heavy guard to Moacow
ml o'her interior points. . , , v;.
Military stores an 1 suiplies aiy beiog removed or de
troye I. Tremendous confusion exists, the outward bound
rains bring anahle to handle i.wi e than a small fraction
if the people elamering. for paaHage. Thovsandw kr free--ng
in automobile, in carriages and many on foot. . L-
The yorernmmit baa isntesl an aunoancemeot declaring
Mowow theM-apHa.1 rand nrmouneing
Calgarlan Goes" Down Not Far
From Spot Where Tuscan! a
SankLosses Not Large
LONpONs March 7 (AssoelateJ j
Press (-"-Intercepted by a Gorman : sub-1
marine the British steamer Calgtrian
has gone to the bottom within a few I
miles of where the Tusrania sank. More j
ihnn'JWIO survivors are being eared fort
in Ireland where only a short time since ;
American soldiers were given every at j
tent ion. The conditions aa reported are1
very similar except that one vessel was
carrying American troops and the other
vessel was westward bound and only j
a little way out from port. Knrly todsv
two officers and
fort v - si x men ,wei
I of four
into flal-
r til r-
listed as lost
Reports from aurvivors tell
torncdmts havlnir hna cut 1
garian. Thev aay the steamer still r -
.......... K'
reached her hull and that upon the!
spproach of destroyer patrols two morel
were lauuchiHl nnd reached their mark
but the steamer stjll reumiucd oflon't
and it was sometime later before she
The survivors from the vessel were
picked up by patrol vessels and take',
to an Irish tort just as were most of
the survivors from the Tuscaauv
The Calgarian was a fine, newly built
steamer constructed for the. AUan, lino.
She was .ViS feet in length, seventy
fet beam and. had a registration of
17)!., tons. ,
Despatches from Ireland told of Ine
arrival of more than ,r00 survivors of
the disaster, wet, cold and suffering
rrestlv from cxoure. The patrol ves
sels stood by until after the steamer
sank. Some of those rescued suffered
injuries from the exdosions of the tor
pedoes. E
Carries Nearly 400000 Passen
gers, Not One jnjured
T is source of pride with fhe ofli
eials and operating department forile
01 ine imniiu onsoiiiiRien nsllway,
t Kilo, thnt not a single passenger was
injured on their jine in 1917, ajthouh
icarly 400.(100 passengers were carried.
This was msde known at the annual
meeting of the company vesterday nf
ternoou at the Tlawuiian Trust .Com
(f the company's employes during
He same period only one fatality ol
"urred. a ninti being killed bv a falliojr
sling of lumber. ,'
The reptal shows that .1P9.505 41ns
sengers were carried on the trains of
tbe company dnring Itt 1 7, this bfiag an
Increase of ."."., 1 4 uer 19IH. fTotal
revenue of the company iimonntcd to
t5t5.7.".'i.il. while the operating ea-
peases rcaiihed .'UN,4-.'1 .54. The gross
income from all operations wns ?27.-
:i:il.:t7 while the net profit for, 11)171
was e'".'!'.,.
A tots! of 20!5.4!() tons of freiuht was
earfied during the year.'(
(Associated Press) The crew ,of aa
American steamer, the Armenia,
formerly a (iernian merchant vvs
eel. arrived at this port today and
rnwirttf.l tliur t lU Armun:. mftm l.nul.,.
' I ' ...w..-m Hiivt M.'
been submarine, I us beached on the.
Knglish coast. The survivors said tht
a torpedo dumaged tbe steamer in thl
Knglish Chuniiel on 1), -comber fi, thnt
the vemcl rnritiwe.1 her voyage, goinu;
tn a tlfvdovk, and was aguin subniarin '
cd 014 February V.
Q MR , RV.TnRPPnnF5 . t-ronr rirniSBmeoi: rrrn ; n p cp A Tl n M
and, Trotiky wis bf'rti kdlljr recogciied
Press) Piecing from
be ii tree ori'.
the Bolsheviki are
, nf tnr.ji.jaia oeiore-iner win 'consent to tne loss ! e
. tfreeJeei won throuelk 4hi revolution.' v ' " ' !t -
tha Petrograd will..
Under This Measure
soiutisl Prf'aa; Severe punish
ment for those guilty of ilestrey
ing war materials or conspiring
to do as, foe Hampering the man
ufacture ef wnr materials or cou
spiring to do is trovidei in a
bill whiejj passed the house yes
terday .bat there is s provision in
the bill ' which specifically ex
c I mice strikers from the provisions
of the bill so fr as hainpvriug or
conspiring to hamper war indus
tries nre concerned.
With this amendment from its
original form an a sop to Uilmr the
bill Was passed. It is very si mi
:t to one thnt li'is already pnsscd
the senate and the conference
( J cominittee will have no didiculty
j j in cnjifblnitig the provisions of the
U, fwot ' "t ' ' ft i ' . ( .
' " - . ' .
1 ' '
Even His Ovvh &afe 'Cart No
Longer Stand "For Conduct
of Its One Time Idol
,.,,.,'., .... ' . , ,
MAIHUOJT, Waeonai, March f
(Associated Press) By a Vote oJlb3 tp
22 the assembly went on record at an
early hour yesterdn.v morning as- con-
demning Robert t.aFollette, senator
from Wisconsin nnd one nf the ehlef
obstructiunists iii fhe senate to the
war meusures of the country
Ac.tion by the assembly, which con
firms the action, previously taken came
at tne end or a protracted session which
had lasted through he night, at times
stormy and again so dragging that I
members droused off in .their, chairs. I
During the session mnnv nf (he mem ;
bcrs sent out for sandwiches and other 1
light I inn-lies. j
The assembly of tins state copsis's
of one hundred members so tbat a clear j
maturity ef the body , diacj-eiited I -a
Follettc, in the course which he has
been pursuing to the discredit of the
. The resolut.ioa.coudftmjis.sud rebukes
I.ai'rete i ( strong , aad.i anmlstak
itg itainiK
ATLANTIC rOHT, Hareh T-(Ass.i
eiated Press) Captain 8a,t0 Vamajnoto,
f the Jaimneaei navy, until reiieiitlv
nnvnl attache at ths Jafulue embas'y
at Koine, who aj-rived In Ainnrisa yes
terday, says tjiat.tlje euUluarme hitna
tiun in tbe Mediterranean, to ssilUate
which tJui ,apancjni, francb aiivi Jtalisn
deatroyer . fleets ar eo)i'orating, is
much more serious than America real
Uea. The, Oar maas ntroqjr ,'bases
at Pola nnd 'iwm, n the , Ailrintlc,
from which submarines brought over
laud from (tMnaiiyi r-s operating,
wlii Is the Austrian submarines'. rr a
cousiilerabte :menas ia bhsuisWwes
WAHHINOTON. March 7 (Asso
ciated Press ---Appiioatious for pirtici
pation in the issue of half a billion of
dollars in treusury certificates closed
yesterday. . The issue was heavilf over
suhaerihed, and Philadelphia was the
only city, of hnpoi fence where 't-he sub
si riptiuns did not tweed the allotment
n m w mi 1 1 1111
amain it uimsesn
PKKINO. March. Ji Asuciated
Press) Adm'rr.l Chen IMidkuun a
nt-saiiiiatcd in Cannon yeslerjav. Hi
rs-issin cimped and the motive for
the murder bus not bceu learned.
" .i I
Ji4 bf jreat art'njikhbWtB cBtTy!
.'-.All stateMnstitutlorrs-.fcre tq. bo, rerrmvsd
to Moscow or ojoer, mienor cwies ueyonn, reataoi invn- fnet'tftat tkere ..win ,ee, a Ametican
slon. The departmentp,o)( thf government, re leedjf es- aar4intion An serf etpeditien , ii
tnblishel at Moscow . ..;;.'.v, '-'J , ttntiMiUI tl' . .Tke rearw for
Knsiga KrylenXo, who, hi .now reported. o itifl "be in sth Ira expedition Vf lt grave todey
chief command of the Bolsbeviki Red Guards, hfta Jrnt : taan fot some time past, the continued
wireies lueasago.to.OeperaJ nQfman and o the eommander fighting" in RasSla aanV'the manifest
of the Anstrlan army, of Invasion, eomj)lainlig that the hoatUVtv t ;tht ,Krsiaee to the celt
invading forces are continuing to. advance and. to. attack ; inAattM' ofr,U latest Brest-Mtovsk
Russian troops wherever? encountered, ; contrary to the peace agreement makng the necessity
terms of the peace agreement enUred into;. He asks If the fr ik sifading . t the Traas
order agreed upon ro cra1 hostilities , has act,ijallx been Ribfrlan J sft pressing, , ,
given to the Teuton trjop cornnikadera. ; " . , ijfmaela, ttmntit j ,,-'. v ,
Toreiga Ministeh Trotr,ky,annBncliig-. the eradiation I . America Ambassador; Francis, t
f Petregratl in tbo fate of the Oefmatv drive,-states that YaloHavJtwMiaueJ n ainniHeeat stabs-
prepamt. If need be, to rhtfeat as far
... H, mil ,,,y;i, ' n.l vL.j
German Prison Camps
Lays EEnvoy Low
NtW YORK, febmnrv 2-iJarl)es VT.
drlrsfd.' formerly Ameriran Ambassador',
to Cormaay, s reported hi physi-.
clan to la as recovermg. tapbJly jfrom
the effects of a serious , eperation to
relieve a aaaal abscess which wa4 per
formed last Wednesday. He is at his,
apartment in the Bit Corjtou Hotel
w;ii, i... i- - ...ii-.
recoverej from an operation, for appeii-
licitia, coustnntlv at bis botlsldo. Dr.
Lo M. Kuril of No. IS.Knst Kortyr
eighth Hlrect, performed the operation
and is the attending physklan. : Mr,
OurnnI wajt ejwratetl ujn flit au in
fection of, tbe siaxs between tmi right
eye and the, nostril, wh'cji is bolleved
to.havp boe aggravated, by. his artivi
tes in Gorman priawn eaips before tbe
United States entr the ,war,, . The
immediate causa- of the. operation was
a severe olit, from which Mr. tlerafJ
Imm-h suffering for some tiina an j
wlili li made tbe oprratiou ecetry
Pr. Uur.l sail that Ur. .(iutarl 6i,l
been sHuTerag from, tke lueciioa jTpr
pinny year and thot it had TCachesl a
stage where aa operation, was ln6hite
I'., nereosary.. Immealiately . follawjng
the operation It was feared the! tbf
patient would not survive. Dr, . Htiri)
said today 'thn crisis, huil pSe4 lnM
thnt Mr. Gerard wns now well ontie
way to recoverj-.
i. Mrs. IVrard'i physiuiaus tried to
.,ri.VBi ni0il iec not t0 aUeu(J 'j,,
husbnad personally, owiug to. ir
weakened condition as the result, ftf
I her own opejution, but the advice
. Kn waited, lis she hus insisted no
beinu at the bedside ennstantlv
1 Hnce, 'her hunnd weiiti under the
I WASHINGTON', March 7 ( Associat
ed Press ) Where sugar refiners maie
any , special allownuces to distributors
the iaiter must in tliuir. turn make
' nijnilar allowmu-es iu aiiles to th sou
sumer. This the food administration
announced yesterday..
The purposu of fixuig sugar , prij-es is
..w. .f...4, iu, nioifjAi3( me jyaraes iMA
also to help the oousumer. In. .fixing
wlinle-uile aud retail prices (he at.ni(ia
(ration has considered, the t&nttar fit
priUts. Any allowance invade bv tbe
refiner to the distributor would increase
the .pnflt of the latter Unless such al
lowance Ve extended 'brj frbtn'i hjm to
tne consumer,
, '. A,i.Si'K)AM, March 7 (Aaaoei
Oil Press) Runimila niu.tt cede back to
Hulguria that part of Dobrudja whkb
she took in the last Balkan war and
ban since hi bl. This is a provision in
the preliminary tonus, of peace wiih
are reportei) to have boeu agreed t.bv
Hlimania. ' ; ,'
In the tialktin war Rumania slipped
In and seized a strip of land south of
its thei border, and this is the .terri
tory which 'ntust be ' V-ejqd bacK(' , Hul
gitriai .
U)Mt)X, Marsa, it"( Asaoinvted
IVhs) - An official turkjsh eopmill
ret-ejved by way of Amsterdam, n
iiounces u Tureo (Iernian vlctorr
Pulestine. the claim being that tael
nrmm nave nnen attacked and forced
t' "ithdraw fi oin . Kejar, one of tbe
viMi! (. recently opcniiicft tf- (ieUeral
gill isV feated : '
NKATTIK. March fl - (Associated
i retsi (lie Hansen, real estate dealer,
ns v stcrdHV elitcted to Succeed Hiratn
C. iill as mayor of the cit jr. '
ni iui ui Liin i ium
jNlWN, ( v Marcfc . . Associated
rtrn)4ttb orjpwiiMn o th; In
va44nt) of Wberla '-try i VapaJlesn e'k
pedilMn Is" w bilng ynieed by, on
L ,1a t A r u,RL&l . Ixllnna ' t
Jirn, whilst 1 bajM(cwte n accepUd
: sient. iestewsj, .undoubtedly sneiMng
I wjTn, its 0MWy of frsf)rieiit wfitaoa
Ud -AirteHen denartmtmt nf state.
Ue.eeiato;,tiiaf thrsnHM states does
pot aemre any terntortal conquest at
j he expf fi T"asla. either la Siberia
'ir eisewWrv Jle eaid tliet he feirl al
readjr eent rec.ommeodatum to Wash
ington that' the. United States skoald
reedgnu .tot. tfveftwent which the
people of Huaaia should rnoose for ,hem-
,XT,t f. . ? i . .ft
L. Closiag pU statement, the AmcViean
cow soviet wowM refuse to ratify the
traabr for i separate peace.. Thin
ireston'' frew , aa -envoy. which yrse
tlcsllv. ameonts o a- Lea upon, the
ingtaiatnr ,aewrt)iy not to ratify .a
I tt-stv efert ista- W ik ecre.lird
dekfgaea .stithet aiwembly, one of
whom waa'the, forelrr minister, is re-
imraeo mw n taaictusoa ot rne oentorai
Bd: political-eenditien in Bussia.
vr wm. -ivn smwwH r,- .
A-.ileui;flepck'froi. Tokio ears
that at e diplemetlf conference at fhe
JTsnaniuu ewnital .na Ifnailjiv Ihe le.i)
t fevjkal partv presented the
decision of hie artv that it wns oncos-
ed . ifli the rwnving of any hodv of .lop
hneae troops Into Eestern Piberia ex
eqpt la tie event of the aitnntlnn there
dewrloping- more- seri6ol than ' at
WAS&IKfJTOrV, MarvV f?-f a4-uv
ted Prosa)-It in aathoritstively stat-
e7ieretgu I tie t mted states lias sent
ne vommnniewtions to Japan upon the
proposed Japanese mjlitary expedition
e rMberi. , ,
t' At', Mn regarding the Riberian
roleet '. will hi sent Ihroufch Englnad,
hrtragH ahtcb eource all oWciril In
formatioli ia being ; reeeNed. Japan
ahderstsnti that the,' kited States Is
Hvitig Monght to the raprsl effit .on
Kuasla of such a mooteatouS action!
Japsn .understands that this eotiulry'
wqnia teei thai tt must be apparent
that Such a atop Is absolutely feces
sswy, before it -Is. taken.
.taper) nnderstsnds the fricttdlvj attl
tnde aaI disposition of the United
States and her irssons for not tpkluc
part In the exchanges with Tokio, and
knows that the United Ktntes ctedits
her with tf TttsinteTested purpose in
planning; telrnyy tpnajto BM ria.
. WAHHINOTON, March fl -(Aasoci
ated Press) :.The federal trade cojnmis
ion . today issued a complaint against
"ears. ..Roebuck. , Co., of Chjcago,
fbargiag that t4iis, house advertised su
liar ikt Ihree to feur en(e under mark
et. prices, ao the aeaditioa thst otbor
gtoeerine.be furcJtaaed by the buyer
U-iSacke aaioiuitt at, sush prices, ns
.wnaW(rbesiflcjetit y ,fiks the firm
a proAX.oa JAa totibiuid sale.
. , AnWe front an. lifornml, .dlncuruipin of
.juawiiJoAs ia connection with tbe enn
yc or vtew on tue,u,f at llilo, Tnc
daj afternoon's uiceUng of tbe lur'
W bftard tuis ilavoed only to rwutiii.'
Irasiness, ,, , , .,, ,,
. R ,W. filk-r, nupvruittfttdcMt of 4V'
II.vaaJl.C'ona(iti(Ut,eii Kailroad at, llilo
.tuaded, tbb meeting and eipbiinec1
aim coinpapy 'a poaitiou it) connection
vitb , t)ie Cin eyor, systejii. After tbe
territory, bad built part of the aysten
't ,', .tympteted by the railway, com-aaj-,.
wben, he-.Terrllorv, lacked f nnd
) prooee4 with the work. Iater ith
ah alprepriatloh, that was made the
Territory, took ovT the system. What
-iitee tbe'' company mM be reiju-ed tc
ev tor she nse of the ytcn Is betni?
"tMetnlnfl fcy.'Uir"'barbV boanli .JTo-
rrccimoa wa"reacasil Tuesday.
rACO OINTJafEKT i foarntetd to
Vbr4 bliafl, bleWllflg, 1tcb!p Or pro
tmrttnt PltttS In 6 to 14 dva o
money refunded Maunfaetuicil I.
tt.e T ARtS Wi:iiClKK CO.,' i ..ul
U. B. A, ,
CONVif!ATfO' ;
MajMty Art 'Opo'setTTb Merger
''BulEfty-prtelJeleaates Leave
f Convention, and Go .Over To
. Natipnaf Parly; ... '
Other Delegate's" Are Retried To
BS Ready TO FoHow Example
' 0f Bolters and New Organiza
- tion Is Waiting
GUICAgO. March -(Associated
Tress) Following a
refusal on tlie nart of the tn.tior-
j ity of the delegates to he nation
'al convention of the Prohihition
Party to merge the party with
the recently organized National
Party, the convention broke tip in
disorder, witli fiftv-one delegates
bolting and marching oyer to the
National Party convention. The
bolbers were led by their conven
tion chairman, James II. Fcrriss,
who had been one of the leaders
for the proposed amalgamation.
It was intimated lat night that
at Jeast a hundred others of the
Prohibition delegates would fol
low the example of the bolters
and "reuse to remain longer with
their own -party. Among those
who will probably bolt is Natioii
al x Committee Chairman Hint
shaw. .
The National Party convention
organized early yesterday, but did
.npliUhiMfUkS, . the convention ad
j&ufh'rny Mjawait the Action of
the .ProhibUirin delegates on the
resolution before their convention
to merge the two parties.
The Prohibitionists debated the
mqrgjng resolution lung and bit
terly, linally voting it down and
tiubstituting another rc-olutiott
under which the Prohibition
Party pledged it-clf to cooperate
with the Nationals in the further
ance of certain aims, common to
both jmrtics.
'A resolution was aonptcd lo re
tain the name and organization of
Tfo1iilition Party and to continue
their activities in the interest of
national prohibition as a 'distinct
national organization. A com
mittee was named and empower
ed to cisiperate with the National
Party in furthering the election
of state and national legislators
favoring the platforms oi both
Chairman Ferries warned the
delegates of the danger that con
fronted the party in such a course
and in the impractical desire to
only partially merge with the new
party that had adopted a plat
form to include all that the Pro
hibitionists have been contending
tor. The majority of the dele
gates refused to accept his advice
and repeatedly overrode his nil-.
WAHHINOTOI:, March (Associ
ated lreas)-Hnnk Re id, editor of the
CblCajrrj Mock Journal, testifying be
tore flie senate" aK'rlcultuml counuittuo
today regarding the food shortajrc, ai I
he believed that eventually government
on-nershlj of the pucking indiulriei
would be . nefessurv.
. "T bclieVe that "Wilson's 'blind side'
i-i tkst turacil tonard fminiii(." In
said, "and tbaf the farmnii and the
packets 'r'e dietatlng prices."
WASH INUTON, March 7 - ( Aiwo
eiatod I'rcssV - Tacit agreement Hrt)
reportml to have been mitdi.' to bring-'
bout ' (he "juassae of thn n.liuinisi re
H6a Vrfir f'liiam.e Curimrat'on Milt.
The weusuTe wUl not be in the form
nriifinalK' nriiiNei by Kc-retnrv of
,j i.,,r, ,,, n aill'l I If T ITIirr-
ully meet the Mi'slies of the 11 Imiuirtro-
I r An y ,1 r V f 1. 1.... I...I I ...

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