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.',."".' '1.
Frank Auguttlriff Has Leg Brok
ert WhlpWaj Outside of TJ
Crowdjehiclr ' . 1
, Only Vletlns ( ' peculiar automobile
fcicidfOt flnKwilU the Oe.hu railway la
frU yesterday' AnfWii at ' ; fdur
o'clock, Frank Auguatis, a Tortugdee,
"ah taie'iito the amr,gkey,ho4ital yes
tardar1 whet, fie wh found, to havf
WmpJonit fr'rtrtr $f banft'latf jhit
bbv'''b ankle. ' '' ' 'r'r . '.
9 irtfrtiiar on' bs way
VdAiW'Wa tfalibt W VWalt collided
VlfA'fhjrdellv'eri Tr-ek V tnV'rttir.pa
4rVotW TlJ wa' 'MWi,vVti
03kd -bU tth.l left leg Wanglng
Ant(flthi !eh)Wded Vtlf wliea: th
otHrti'f'Jua how the fcelderit -eitrrsd
ate', budl'y' mixed, ' noiiHt" fho
mjtf ? 85
'ipnt of 'thb riUptrfk;trot)iar, wW
trait joa, tTrf del VerJT tuslk, yi 'tha J,p.
kneaa driver had just staTUd Jt loto
King ff?et;, yi thf JCaliM feu earn
5 own He trVe.t at a, high rate of speed
n3 dished f'a ;frot M .the' truck,, ,H
I ay the trnfk .aWvr;ttfWntf. Jto
i6id iltti "jf the bti' ly ','iUl Je1 sharp
J . iiif'tor wM ' VnkbWf ; tf7 cBje
trUJing'fcherea. be bus aldewjays.
Fitspatuck save Aneustln waa thrown
to the' groUnd by tbs eolliaidfl. and faus
Wlvfd bin injuries , ,, ,
Qthe;! Va, wltneenes wer esrtajn
AogTistiu 'a leg bad' been broken .by
being Tift by tW front guard 'of the
truck, which (beyaa,id ran Into. tbe
"' !,'-.. "
The polio aerinrd ineHnd to af.tept
tbe ezplanatioa that the bux ha1 eut
in front of the truck, although It had
f),of ling fttfoft' to the left in which
toikaka jcloar1 pamiaie. '
' Titipatrick ' or bia driver were not
booked at the polire station aa It wa
deternilned to wait and see what as
tjon Augyetine wanted to take, if any.
X01 have been twelve tor fif-
tee other pauengera ia the Jlalihi bin
haf aene ,of thm waa hnr beeiden
Augue.Une. The bu wa Kttle ikiured
ani waa able to coptiaae on to Kalihl
after th,e, actydeat -
Hapfaiians At War ,
"jfl T?,jl& W Sot
fjien Sends" "Meotage" To
: Men ThrougtrTheir Mothdri of
StMIWEERLY. - - ...I .,.mm.U...m.n
MWMWMVMWMMft ill no! eliimnir- Pnilrtt.'!vLrt6 1 .irf ! honoIuuTSKTxchange
in ii 1 1 in lit i ii 1 1 1 1 1. 1 , in - ',. i iMii 1 1 it Til ii i.i i in i .ii irnriwir i.iuin ii inn i ,m.i i r . .----
U U UA aVaV Hl UnTimiaLlnl B1 I I llll lllll III W I I lWWftW toll ha I
' i Rill i Til ini nirnpi riiiiu nri iiiniiriiTn nil run in iiiHinrni nu uniniun Tnm1 , ... ,, . ,rg ...
f.H.H' , .. j tajj M. t 7i tw) e :
I I t !
RecentQrde.Mak! Fqre $trin
. gentftule Against Serving Ueji
r )rr Phifqmjiayjf paker
(OoncludoaV rrom rge 1
cd-State senate ia '1908 ' on the Bo
Aialiat ticjeet. He wat elected to the
house of repreeentakitea from YTiaron
ai, the drat Socialist to ait i a that
body; Later he was elected mayor pf
Kfilwankee. . .Siflce .there. , waa a
osjicy in the annate from,.. Wisconsia
eaHjsld by the. fatal aeeldeat to Qena
tor flustipg wkrr- tooting'.t'ipl
Uwgep 'btU-.bee : conaidered . m,"; wirr
ifl tAWMmlilljs.iDd s been .moro
than ever prominently mentioned since
the Wisconsin legislature declined to
give the Governor power to fill the
vacancy by appointment.
Grarmana Bohivw Batter
Gorman intrigues in America through
th. 'cooperation- of vtfc' German lang
tin'go ,proH aea '.vjrtveUy at an end.
AV least thia la the belief of postoffice
department officials, charged with en
forcement 6f the KspioKkge'-'Aet. Thoae
otfiqiab claim to have proceeded vigor
pusly against a goodly number of these
publications. 'or weeks and 'weeks in
the latter part of 1817 and early this
year editors ami ownera of German
language papers were coming in con
Staat procession to WashiagkOn They
were haled before the solicitor of the
dTartment, William l. arnaj-, ao la
niHnv instances they aieareel also be
fore Mr. , Burlcsou, the postpfhve gen-
'In a 'few casa'fni'tmeuta,, wore
brought against editors of such ilapcrs,
(his having been tbe case with one
German newsjjVajier in New Jersey and
yjth. 'another 10 fhila'dctphia. n mori
instances second class ,mil privilegei
ware suspended. But in a conBiderapla
puinbef of ' cases, f he German newspa
pers chanjired their policy entirely. In
deell. eertajo of these newspapers bad
iloue ao before fhe espionage law was
enacted. ' The processes toward the
change were' set in motion with the
declaration of war against Germany.
The Illinois 8taats Zaitung was' a con
spicuous Example tii nils line and has
been goiag ahead (a th' ptatosi good
faith aojl loyalty toward ti govern
rni ut. The "WastUebo Post; of ' kit.
Louis, is another instuuee of the same
fnWeW.' V ' '
giatincUona Xr Bean '
tfillciior ' Lamar " says the present
status of these UerniBs laaguaw pa
pers la on the whole veyr grat-fyiag.
In a good many eases, the papers have
pjigaged new', editors. The business
rui in, who were ovitners of the .proper
lle;, took quick notice of fit was
huppeni'ng aftei1 the declaration pf wr.
They saw the distinction between sen
timeijt before war 'had been declared
and pairiyic, duty afer war had been
declared , .'
Tbe departpieut officjalf haye no.dis
position to drag to view the more vie
foiu). phases of propaganda hat Oer
niaM . Janguage newspapers ' were con
"(lujting. This wp'rk, however, was de
c'1'(1y of a vicious character and' was
Wide spread," ; The German people In
the. United States, explained one of
the department's attorney, are Very
like' those in tbe' fatherland.' They
knept the existing order' o'f things
with little' question and kre steadfast
Wi thdir "support. ' heV bad been' ac
cepting this propaganda, f Ad to' them
through the Gerinah larigflkge papers,
as law and gospel. This propaganda,
however, bas now been absolutely, cut
oft so far as the newspapers are con-i-erued
and 'there are very few Ger
man newspapvrs that are under suapi
i'iejn. ''i ', ' 1
Th Hoeialist, Pacifist ad I. W. V.
papers are at present giving the de
partment much more, trouble iwiaibjy
mure tlinu eer (JeriuitM liuigimgo
uewapapers ckuhmI.' A fww of the Irish
piibiiintituia limu liven decidedly sg
V I f f 1 1 ! ft T Ti
' -To1 IThwarian yeutlis'wh6'r evhig
ttWronlitry 1 ever braitch tf tbo
irrTtiUry tad rtirvsl servu' Prise Ka-
arflanaole, IVtegSte to 'rVashlbgibw for
llkwa'il,' I arnding wdr.f that b51 niay
fca'iaftad upon to serve them 'its ha
a seamed the task of doing 'all' Ik i
fKrWet" at Wasbtngtoa 'W Hawlins
who have offered '' the-me)vs'-'fn the
conimorl cause, lie waufa . Vbem tb
wi'te aad )our out their troubjjaa to
klai and to let him know' wkla aic
keai of rnisf ortnne overtakes tbam."1'' i '
' la order speedily fti get in toacV
with ' the fighting mwa rjf Jlawall,
Prince" Kalaalsnkole 'kaa adopted' the
Jnreet means of fretting his nteenag to
be men In the shoAeet 'poksibl time,
ffe' ban eaplained1 Ma ' prtljact .' t the
ktathera of those who hat vOna t wa,
tkkfna; them to coarey blk massaga -to
thetr'aons wheh they write.'' ' ;'' ' '
' 'It te WMtienttmxl that M this way Wi
Delegnte will In time have complied
kad at hand a complete list of Ha-'
waiiana who arc nerving the color and'
k he ia 'at the seat of adminhrtratioa -ef
twe war he will be ig a position to
rib Maa.V tb,ng for the men that "Would
be iinpoMible for relatives or" others,
- Hir letter convcvldg bis request to
th 1otlirBX Hawam ooldiera and
aailora follttws-
To the-Mothers of Hawaii:
Hawaii is ' responding nobly to
- t "he-call of the nation for soldiers
and sailors. Hawaiian, boy S- are.
aervlng in every branch it rtue
great-military and naval establish
ments. The rare and well being of
these brave Hawaiiana ia a aoaera
f i doep eoncer to the mothers,
fathers, brothers and sistera, .. , J-,.
Ihiriag the period of the, war 1
deem, it my duty to keep in touch
With these Hawaiian sojdiera aa4
sailor;' to aid thefh in their
troubles aad hours of ill nose. .It
. will be impossible for me tp com
tnuaieato direct with each sailor
and soldier. Will thejr mothers
sad fathers, brothers and sisters,
when writing to them, state that if
illness or, misfortuqe overtake (hem
that they communicate with pie' a't
Washington so tkat immediate
ateps can be taken for their re
Later Riepott Ttrnooyti Nevfr light
On Auto Acoiyfsftt .and Clears
Ani0fjices H,
' Another report of the automobile -.
eideiit on the tkhoilcld rotdf near 'Aica
ifi' SbnaaV, aliof ajp:areatly''the authen
tfe report, VetocVei The'Ajriirtiser yes'-l(t-day.
'Tbla' fhrWa an' entirely new
aspect on tbe affair and completely
clears M'ar'Bankh'eaa"aad! Lieutenant
Martin of th" suggeKiou. .made in the
first r'cpbrt 'that tey loft ak Injured
woman on the road without doing what
they should for her.
' The major' Tjsf,' driven by soldier
chanffeur, was-proceeding at a moderate
rate toward chofleld , whey a rapidr
driven rsi" inet It on a carve, going so
rapidly that; U' rWld "not be tor'ned td
clear. The result Was a bub aollisio'n,
whifh caused, thp chauffeur of the ap
proaching cjr, n, Which, were Mrs. Har
ris " and some others, to ' fose control,
his car pluiigThg" Intd a bank.
Major Bunk bead 'a oar" was stopped
and" the officers Immediately took step
Tr rorider assistariee: One went to Ales
far H. B. Cooper, Cha other stayed
betiind . td render whatever first aid
tnVfrht be necessary. Before the plantn.
tloU 'phrsician arrived, aa 'artny medi
cal otHner' cams Bp and -made the in
inred woman aa comfortable as possi
ble' and 'advised, getting her to a hos
pital st one1, where her broken "bones
might be seU Major Bankhead ofTereJ
to bring the womaa inra Honolulu, the
offer .being denlid.' the dMvar of th
other 'car stating ."that ha 'w amid drive
in biinself -,.Tia driver accepted
all the blame fo? the aoeUeut '
Poor telephotia aoanOtUoa with 8cho:
field and the adeeptaase of a'report ae
enred from' the'Queerfs Hospital and
ther soyrees Were frntooatikle far the
report appearing fn this 'paper yesteri
dsv, a 'report which, it now 'appears,
did ah injustice tp the army officers in
volved. . ..,',.
WASHINGTON, March 12 (Assoc!
ated Press) iTa-o Anverieen minjiig en
gineers, George Toyle and E. J. Pur
cell are reported ip desiia'fhos received
from Peking td hv boeri' kaptured by
ChliiM, ba.ndiWVvn)r'ZhWe:;''
' The state department has cabled to
the Chinese authorities, to eudoavor to
secure 'he release of tbe' two Americans.
'")'- ' ''' tf"1 ' .
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March li
(Aaswiated iTeMk )oe dead, one se
riously iajured, sd ,He 'slightly in
jured was the Masualty Jist from the
aviatioa oantp yesterday.,
" Uevl. "ap'McjUeAvell ,wa Instautly
kiUod, (,det, .lpeah'Warellfl.ll.wns
VioiiHly in jii re, I and Cadet IViiiberton
slightly injured in the uirnlaue colli
iou reported.
neereiary ot war Baker, in a
atatement issued IVbrry gs, e
Tfiidln(t the Hqaor regulations In
aooet, say offlelallyt
', (Considerable confusion has aria
en .concerning the purpose aad
meaning of the new regulations H
nniler r-ection 12 of the draft act
in regard to the sale, gift, and
serving of liquor to soldiers in
Tnp purpos of these regula
tions Is to facilitate the detection
Pf cotirlctton of bootleggers who
have been furnishing liquor to sol
ftlers outsifle he tones surround
ing the camps.'
" Tierctofore' jifts of liquor to
oldrer 'nts(de' inich zones dlf)
hf violate either the law or the
rgulatioaa thereunder. Much llq
nor lws' being furwiahed soldiers
b baotleggeea wbo operated ont
W aalooa, In wlhsrs, in rooms In
hstMs rooming houses, and othee
se!rst plnee.- It was almost int'
poaslble to prove sales in such
eases and waay lawbreakers es
caped , proseeutipn, because the
only ofteriee that the law or the
regulations covered was the- sal
of , liquor to .soldiers.
TJa icguUtio do not relax In
any ,way the grip which the gov
ernment hns on the aitnation, but,
on the contrary, greatly strength
f this grip. It will now be pos
siftlj) to convict the vast majority
of. bootleggers who are found
handing liquor to soldiers with
out having to prove a sale. The
exceptina as to (he private homes
niittdde nmon docs not give anv
liberty of action which did not
'"'".y, .''' befru these new
t'cgiilations were promulgated and
moreover ripe not allow any sub
terfove ' which would H violate
either the letter or the spirit of
tte law.
.,,fhia exception is abused, I
lnal nht. of course, hesitate to
recommend to the President the
further extension of the regulations.
6) '" '
"' '' ' ' '
. UfB,, in uniform are absolutely
barred from purchasing honor or beting
Served with same, even in homes where
peraona, may, serve liquors to boua fid
quests. , ,
,. The reaidential order making Oahn
'ft ' dry one" specifically directs that
tiiembers or military uuits cannot be
treated,, no matter iu what homes they
inky ba. ''This follows, the general army
regulations previously Issued, and am
plified by General piddle recenGy. Iiu
stead of 'relaxing , the ban . upon Dies
In uniform, seepciug liquor, General
Biddle's OrW Is even mora stringent
tbsa Jhe first publisherders. 1
i j Ta, ajfajiy regujatfon forbidding th
ilr gift of intoxicating liquor to
aAeer orf m4' in un'iferrn was not
motlifled, according to Senintary of
War Baker, by the recent, order of
Maj. Gan.'Jbhu Bfddlk, acting ehief
of staff, wxcept to' the extnt that per
son with i a prohibited area are jier
rnltted to serve liquor to members of
their Tartiilies; and bona tide guests ia
their' hmesex4ent men in uniform.
"Geaeral Biddle's order 'could not
change the prohibition against the
sals or gift of "liquor 'to mem' in uni
form,' Secretary of War Bak er said.
"That ia atatttoryC
"The only' purpose of General Bid
die's order Was to Teetore to "persons
living WitMa 'prohibited areas the right
to serve Uqoor ia their own homes t
bona fide guests, if they o desire."
Under th original order the aale.ot
liquor to officers and enlisted men is
uniform waa prohibited only outside
of the dry' aooee, and bootleggers and
unscrupuiou' tiqupr dealers were en
abled to eva9er' the law.
No Order BacalTtd.'
"N d Orders' front' Washi ngton' concern
ing the "dry Oabu" order have yet
lieeu recelvad at department headquar
ters, it was 'said yestetriay.
Concerning v,,the provisions of the
"home" feature of the liquor orders
for soues, Maj.-Gen. Frederick 8.
Htrou(r; foraveriy commander of the
Hawaiian Department, and now in
command of Camp Kearjiy, Ban Diego,
says the lid had not in any way been,
lifted. General Btroug up to the end
of February' had received aa order
from Washington wbiob would permit
the serving of.liqnor to soldiers or
officers who ar bona fide guests at a
"If. suf.h jan order conies," said.
General Btraag, shall enforce It re.
ligiouajy, but so far ao siwh order has
been received and the, instructions of
the authorities and tbe military police
with referenda, Jo drinking regulation
is the same V as it has' beeu. They
shall remain the am until contrary
orders are received from the war de
partment, , We are gping ahead on, the
same basis , at . hef qra. Besides, there
is a municipal ordinance in Sab Diego
that prohibit the giving of liquors td
aoldiera:' ' . '
' It ws pointeii out' by General
Strong that Attorney Genera) Gregory
lias ruled thaf giving liquor to sol
diers Is an" much a yiotstion of tbe
cougressiona) act' covering this phas
of army ,lfe a'U' selling it to them.
" I consider5 it a patriotic 'duty of
the. people not to servo liquors in
ther houses b so)iners, " said General
Strong. "We'nrtCaJ war, and if a
call comes for a soldier to perform bis
duty and he is not able he has com
mitted an offense."
' ' " : ,. f .ei.
CHICAGO, March 12 - (Aaswiated
1'iess) KvaugeUst Billy Sunday in
tends to gtt to I'laoco and visit the
Ameiicati training camp's, the trenches
and the " leave ", towns where the
Americiini go to' iifijyy thfvr rest
perioila after their spell III the trenches.
He did not give a definite, date of in
tcuiU'd departure.
ITdical Bflard Announces Ust of
' ..TfansTetred Draftees to
v. 'fi Eiamjned Hers
. Bjxty four V the draft -delipquents
wjq, have., failed to report for ! medical
akanvnauOB at the time apeeified have
peen roandad up by A. E. Carter, the
watetfront detective, since the names
it toe. 'delinquents have been' given to
tha' I
, ' Joa,j busy," or failure to receive
th.f' notification cards have been the
fteusea jrlvafi by most Of the delin
bnent1, says Carter. He ys that afler
the' dclinqfients nre . whowa a cltfgsc
from ti)t' drift law which make them
liable 'to Imprisonment for one year,
and Induction into the military service
Immediately, the "too biiky " ones find
tHka report for tbe eiaminationa at
6nc. -r4
' He etl-afes that he has found about
forty kerOefit of the delinquents whose
harhes1 bv been given to him to lo
cate. ' '
'Notic i given bvthe medrcal ad
riaory board to the draftees registered
rWewfiera that some of their names
1 , ! . . - I
oeen Transferred here for phys
ical examination.
, The following x-rsona are required to
report for the physical examination to
day at four o'clock at the cottage, on
Richard Street on the ground of the
4rmy and Navy y. M. C:, A.:,
Kauai. County- Manuel Adolpho, Or
'dy NO.. J82B; Ksmon C. Telieiawo, No.
Ii rraak .floopii, Ne. 23tw; Pemaika
anl Kawelo, No. IM4I; fjego Iborda,
lo, 08;' AntoUc Msdeiro, '6W.1; Mar
eelo tagqn, No. llfil; Pedro Susaa, No.
I62fl Yasohachl Hakuma, Np. ; Ber
a?do Tkffwto. '2M:' "V y'
! VMauf''Potinty- IlnVsiitau frujlmoto,
No't4 Eddie 'Gemin, Nd. .ifttttJi i Cyrllo
Manapbang, No. 7:t; BVoichl Sasaki,
Nd.' T, Arthur Snyder, No. ftllS. I
Hawaii County- Kn I.enng Wing,
No. tni.
Marnlaad Leo A. (ierot No. '41.
Friends or employers of these men
win assist ih the draft ff they all at
tention to then examinations.
Iltiantian. MarekJJL WIS, ..
Ui a, jnf i i ,,
' PHKTNG, Cliiaa, March 11 (Associ
atdfl' iPres)-J-iJn',)fespoinse to ari' official
rnquifr from ;Yki, China today signi
fied1 her 'Indention, of cooperating with
Japan for tbf jrotertion' of allied in
terests I o tkraa ' If f ;Tat. '
"Tbe i Chinese' war bureau has request
ed that arraignments be made for tbe
aadia 'of Xwd Hdi visions or Chinese
troop for 'fluty .la'lforthe'ra Manchuria,
Japsa ta bear the expense' of the ex
peditioft peaaine-riidmpWlioB of
rangemsnia rvrxna proposed American
loaa, tp intna,
' I.- 7,-, .-,
t(-1 ij ,. ji i,y.,,t!if 'i
1 i,nv Q 'IQ jq jj
1 ,1
DENVER, Marek (Associated
Press jTwelva ' Colorado ,t coal mines
have closed as a teatUt of the price
redactions announced by Foer Control
ler Gaicid. More' than 500 operatives
are idle. The production of these mines
was 2500 tons daily.
The operators insist they must op.
erste at a loss if they should continue
under the prices Gi fuel administrator
has announced. ' '
.V t ,t ;
L."'L.',MCailcs;, wKblpat' a fight in
thp circuit, court , to ipjft'tris payment
of frontage tax os -pTopcrty on Here
tenia Htreet which he owns, is to take
f.be case to the supreme court. He has
filed an 'appeal ' frprrl the decision of
Circuit Judge p. B. KCrap in which a
demurrer of theV-ity is austsined. Steps
were taken recently by the city to sell
the property for the tax due.
HTOCKHOI.M, March 11 ( Associat
ed Press) Despatches received here to
day announce that sanguinary engngc
meata have been fought between strong
bodies of the. Finnish. White Guards ami
the Russian Keds. '
Long List of Cases Awaits Sen
ate's Confirmation of Presi
dent's Nominations
Though President Wilson's sppoint.i
ment of Circuit Judge H. B. Kemp to fill
the vacancy on the supreme bench and 1
that of Justice .lames Coke to he chief
justiceship, with the se eral other judi- .
einl appointment, m some weeks old,
and the juilicinr inmmittee of the
senate has returned a favorable report
on the appointment, no action to con
firm them has yet In en taken in the
upper house, with the result that the
Territory remains without an acting su-
prenie court, as Iiiih leen the ease since
January 1 when Chief Justice A. O.
M. Robertson resineil.
In the meantime the calendar of the
court is growing more and more formid
able in the nuinlier ninl variety of cases
held up for actum In all there are
two motions and twenty -eight ease
pending nn the Mm. h calendar. They
are as follows:
Edgar T. Andersmi vs. Hawaiian
Drvd'iug Co. Taxation of defendant's
bill of costs.
Alfred N. Hayselden vs
Liru'oln et nl. Tnxntiou
ant's bill of costs.
Territory of Hawaii vs.
man et al. Keserw.l questions
circuit court, fifth circuit.
Territory of Hawaii vs. Hermogo
Exceptions from cir
In hi second serious accident of the
last fort night in Visits to the crater
of the Vol. atip on Hawaii, W. A. Hhry
er, a lietruit writer for commercial
publications, lost his life, Sunday, when
the strerug gear of his automobile
broke on his way to Halemeamsu,
fliri,! M-niittu o.v.t t, Hlirv,
sn.l fell down the elope of the crater j
ami onlv narrowly escape.il falling into
the red hot lna.
On the iMca-Mon of his last visit to
the Volcano Mr. Khrysr was aecom
panied by Mrs. Shryer and his six
year old son, Paul. Mrs. Shryer re
eeived a broken arm in the accident,
which occurred at Twenty-one Miles on
the road, and the Japanese maid iu
Mr. Shryer is well known In Ho
nohilu where he hns addressed the Ad
Club and several other organisations.
tr r
William B.
of defend-
John Waia-
Honolulu Skating '
l.rror to circuit
a Wn4ite of
1sV I,.
. '. - I'A'Lt'TrWv
Nervousness and ne ; pains vftcu
oome from weak kidney. . Many a per
son a bo worries over, tfiflo and is trou
bled with neuralgia, raaumatiu paiua
and backache, wQiddj fii 'quick relief
through a good kidney .remedy. If ydu
have nervous attacks, with headaches,
backaches, dixxy pHs aad sharp,
skootiug pains, try Doaa's Backache
Kidney Pills. They are ur the relief
of weak kidneys and have brought
quick benefit iu thousands of such
vases. 1
"When Your Back is Lame - Remem
ber (he Name." (.Don't simply ask for
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Doan"l Backache Kidney Pills and take
no other). Doas's Backache Kidney
Pills are Hold by all druggist and store
keepers, or will be nilillod on receipt of
price by the HolliKter Drug Co., or
Benson Smith & Co., agents for the
Hawaiian Islands. ( Advertisement )
mm Alcantnrn.
euit court, first
Wong Wong
Rink, Ltd., et
court, first circuit.
Antone rYrniiinle Jr., vs. Hot'iedade
l.usitnna BenehciMitc de Hawaii, a cor
poration. F.rror to circuit court, sec
ond circuit.
Iu the inntlci of the contempt of
Goo Wan llov. A p pen I from circuit
judge, first circuit.
Nina Berteliiiiiun ct nl vs. Joseph K.
Cockett et al. Appeal from circuit
judge, first circuit.
M. F. Hcott et al vs. K. N. Pilipo et
al and C. K. Ai. Appeal from circuit
judge, first circuit.
Public 1'tilities Commission vs. Tn
ter Island HI earn Navigation Co., Ltd.
Appeal from circuit judge,. first circuit.
' C. B. bwight vs. S. Icbiyama et al.
Exceptions from circuit court, first cir
Philomenu Silverliorn, admintetra
trix, etc., vs. Pacific Mutual Life In
surance Company of California, a cor
poration. Kxccptioiis from circuit
Court, first circuit.
Catherine Macliado vs. T. Mitaniura.
Exceptions frtun circuit court, first cir
cuit. Lucy K. Peabody et al vs. Luika
Paakau. Appeal from district magis
trate of South Kouu.
, Yim Fat vs. Patrick Gleasop. Ea
efcprions from circuit court, -Brat cir
Kaahanui vs. David Kaohi. Excep
tions from circuit court, first circuit.
In the matter of the assessment of
taxes of the Waiakea Mill Co. ApM-al
from tax appeal court, fourth circuit.
Territory of Hawaii vs. Alfred Fer
Dander.. Exceptions from circuit court,
second circuit.
In the matter of the assessment of
taxes of the Union Mill Co. Appeal
from tax appeal court, third circuit.
In the matter of the petition of Mor
ria Rosenbledt, trustee for Eva MeClel
lau et al, to register title to an uu
divided 3 7 i nt crest in certain laud in
Honolulu. Reserved questions from
the (ami court.
County of Maui vs. Mary do Rego et
al. Error to circuit court, second cir
Jose V. Maciel vs. John W. Kalua.
Exceptions frum circuit court, scion. I
The llenilrie & Holthoff Munulin tur
ing & Supply Co. vs. Clinton A. I'cd
crick et al. Kxceptioua from circuit
court, firHt circuit.
Anus M. W. Peterson vs. Harry Pe
terson. Error to district magistrate of
David K. Kahaulelio vs. Beke llnhi
et al. Exceptions from circuit court,
second circuit.
Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., trustee
uuder the will and of the estate of
Robert W. Holt, deceased s. Rosa
lia Kahalaoaka Holt et al. Appeal
from circuit judge, first circuit.
(ioo Wan llov vs. Mrs. Rose Me
Keugue et al. Exceptions (ruin circuit
court, first circuit.
Nettie L. Scott vs. Esther . Pilipo
et al. Error to circuit court, first cir
cuit. Mary Maxwell Brown , John Wal
ker. Appeal from circuit ju.lgc, first
Hannah Makninai vs. Solomon K.
l.ulnkeu ct al. Reserved questions from
circuit judge, fourth circuit.
: 1 " v
LONDON, March 12 ( Associated
Pre) Cnptnin Willlnm Redmond, son
of John Redmond, Announced last eve
ning he would stand 'for his father '
seat in parliament. Doctor White, a
prominent Sinn Feuier will opKse him.
The ashes of John Redmond, Irish Na
ti'niinlist lender, were deposited In the
family vault at. Wexford, H0.0O0 people
attending the final ceremonies which
clbsed the cureer of one of the greatest
of Irish pntrint.
PARIS, March il (Associated
Press) Cnited States Secretary of
War Baker arrived here today, and
was received by (icnerals Pershing and
Bliss, and severs I Frerwh pfficers, rep
resenting respectively ' Ambassador
Sharp siul Premier Clemenceau of
France. -
Alei A Bsldwla, lAi. ..
V. Hrswer at Cm. . ....,
K I'lsutn Vv
lislku Sugar Co?
Hsm AkixU Co. . .1..
Haw A a. f. .... ,
Mn . Mua ' I S
Hiinokaji ans, v'r . .....
Itonoiuu Hum. C'd
Hut. hln,n Miis:. Plant.
Kahukn Itani. -
Kcksds snj in .
Klisl HUM. C
M Bi vl,. Una. Co. ,
llshn Sua I'fiw, c . .
ulna t.M en.-, XH '
iiitiMiit-s Sns. t'o. .
I'asulian Has. ltsBL
Pucltlc Km. Mill
1'nln llsutn. Cw , ....
l'l'litM-kcn Una. Co. . ..
rioneer MUI Cv
Kim CsrliM Mllrina Co. '
Vislnlus Asri'tl. i'o. ..
Mslluku rHis. Cu. . ...
Kd.lsii Itrl. Co, Ltd. ...
1st Issae Assssa n Pi.
sua issue raut Up ....
Haiku t V. Co, .
Halkn f P. .. Jmn .
Haw. Con Hv 7'fc A ...
Ilsw. I'ou. Kj 9rr B....
Ilii w ( 'mi. kr, I oiu. . . .
Hswsllsn Rlactrlc V. ...
Hhw. l'hiosMile Co
lion H M, Co.
lion Hns Co.. I. tit
Itou. II T A
Inter Islanl H
Mut Tel. In
Onliu It ,V I. l'. ..
PiiUhuk KuIiIiit Co.
Seluinu I MimIIiixs. I'll.
Hauir IMP'S); Pdl ....
Tsnjong Olsk Ruhber
i. i
I.. Co.
V. Co
I Hi
1M 11
ST. I.Ol'IS, March 12 (Associated
Press Fred Fulton, of Rochester,
Minnesota, knocked out Tom (dwell in
the first part of the eighth round of
their tight here lust night. Fulton whs
griKg.v m the first round, when the
fight hud all the appearance- of event
uxlly terminating iu Cowell's tavor
Cowell had the best of the nroiii I
during three rounds, but could not
stand the juu e and finally u.i , num, ,
out in the eighth.
The Sun Fimiciseo Knuiiiiuci f
March '', under the cnptioii. -'We all
know Fulton, but who is llaip.-r ",
inns the following account of a llyhl
in' which Fulton was a'so n loi -inns.
CHATTAN(H)GA, Tennessee, Mai.h
I Fred Fulton of Rochester, Minneio
ta, knocked out Jim Itarpet ot Kun
sas City here tonight in the eionl
ton iiI of a scheduled eight miiu.t bout
Harper wns knocked tliroui;rf the ropes
bv a right upporcut to the chin mil
was unconscious for suvciul niinutcs
Ernest J. Morgan ;
Talks of B.B.C.
When an up to-date energetic local
business man expresses an opinion on a
live and vital issue it is always of in
terest to any community. Therefore
when Mr. E. J. Morgan, manager of the
Honolulu Drug Co., 1024 Fort Street,
the store with the yellow front, talked
of B. B. C, it attracted more than. or
dinary attention. Said Mr. Morgan:
We carry the B. Bf C, medicine and out
of :'firi6aity,' as ojir' siorKAat thf fjrst
ta aelt it befoya Wd -advertlt bere.
T have watched, tbe; increasing deanaad
for It. Our sales of B B..C are sim
ply Immense. We' Sa never"iandld
a preparation across 'our counters that
sold ao wejl and seented to give suck
genera! satisfaction. , .
People bnv it as a Bpring and Fall
tonic and blood purifier, that to my
knowledge,, never used, a proprietary
remedy in their lite ami are so well
satisfied 'they recommend it to their
friends who In turn Come in and get it.
Said .pen, Bruns, the B. B. C. man:
That I Mie record wherever B. B. C. is
introduced. 'It gives tnore then satis
faction. I have never yet heard a com
plaint agajnst B- B. C. It contains no
alcohol pr poisonous drugs to harm the
system. .Composed 'of 1 roots and herbs,
it is scientifically compounded and pre
pared wijh great care. While B. B. C.
is principally a stomach medicine and
does wonderful Work in cases of gns
and wind. in stomach, lack of ap)etlte,
palpitation of the heart, duress sftr
eating ana Indigestion. It is a marvel
oiia kidney tad), bladder remedy. B. B.
C. cures constipation, biliousness and
rheumatism and Is a remarkable blood
cleanser.' B."B. C. is a reconstructive
tonic and guilds dp, producing strength,
vitality anj energy tn a surprisjng de
?ree in case's of. anaemic ruadowu,
dopey abd' tired conditions. Case ail
i"g for yeataowe their restored health
to this unusual preparation. Its rami
fications through the system are such
thst it root ont sickness and disease,
ii ml it especially beneficial iu ner
vous troubles, A continued use of it
drives out worm and anything of a
parasitical nature and removes the ac
cumulated waste matter that c)of;s the
interior machinery of the body. B. B.
C. can only help yoiij it can not hurm
you. Anvoneean Use it with impunity.
I'ae B. B. O. faithfully and it brings
results. B. B. C is not a luirncle inedi
cine, but rt floes testore health. There
fore don't exriajft brie 'bottle to cure up
mi ailment you hare had for some time.
P'ersist in its use auj it always brings
success. I'ain always glad to explain
B. B. C. to yQU at nvy flune, corner King
Street, opp.,jiah Market, from ! a. m.
to i! p. m.. and how, to get the euros.
Mr. 3. f. Ecliardt. residence tr,l Wai
nklmile Street,' clerk at Matson Wharf,
ailing over 8 years with kidney trouble,
now cured by, use of tike IJ B. C. niedi
cine. nr
All druggista, plantation stores and
dealers have it, or send money order to
me and III ship. Address Ben Bruns,
Honolulu. T pay charges on all t5 or
dcrs and over. Advertisement.
SAN rMIASC'tSCri. Msuli IJ IAsi.
clslsd Press) follow Ins ar the oruUs
sad sloslOf qootsliooa of snsar and othei
K.-ks p the Han Vrsnctsco market yes
IIhw'ii Coiu'l
lliiwailiui Suicai- Co
llotioksa Niikha' . . .
llnlelilnson Miucmi C
i mini Muasr Co.
I Hull aumr Co . .
t ittouieii . HuRar ( ',,. .
raiinhaii t4uirar Ci. .
II lulu I1U . .
I ' iinels ( 'oiiiwr . . . .
Honolulu Plantation
I :il'-S
i in
l.'i 1NI
Did. f Kl dlvtdsud. J I uquolmt.
1 1
:l ii::iv
l."i (Ml
ttsacb Walk I. I. tSii..
llamsklia Dltrh "B a..l
Haw. ..n Ky. So; JTVii
flaw I i-r Co, n- TO
Haw. Ter. H(. lat 101
Haw Ter. W, I'uh imps. 100
Haw. Tr I'uh. lino. at,
Iserlra HH J 'fll.'li IlOtrU
Raw. Tcrr'l V B8HI
inu. t hp i i... i ut., mi,, .i
Honokas Hug. C., H
lion, lias Co.. Mil. &s .100.
K 11111(1 II v l.. (Is
alanofl liii. I). '.Wr ... 1WH
Mciirriie roix. l o., os ... in
Mut. Tel. 5s 1111
Oabu II a I.. Co.. ., 1S
"ah Mils i n.. mr -r iw
(Has Mux. Co., tt Vi
Partflc Onaao k T. Oe., Ss IOO
Kan Carlos aiUllna, t . 1M
ii I'Iiioh. to, '-"n, 4.jO; Oabu, SO,
Janaarr 1, .61
M aaalaia Sawta ta a4 views.
aa Cent. (Far Haw ) fUurara ...
Mar. O. 1U1K. .
New York
Honulula,; Msreti it. ira.
lion. Con. Oil
' atiMiMa
KuKehr ('fHer . ...
Mluernl Pnalm-ts .
Mounisla- KUuk , .,
Moniaua Bluirbaui .
Madera Minlus . :',
4 CU
Knaela. XtO. 4.UO;- IU. Klu. 1400. Pie j
Madera. 15.1UU. l.V; Uontaua blnbsui, 300,
iouq, auc. i . j, .
KrTW -TtHK.- Man-U 12 (Associated
Press) Following, are the orBing aad
closlna quotatloas of stocks kBsr ,sw
i hi. turn raw yvwwiriay.
Aaierlcao Muimr . . . .
American Beet . ...
Aaa4irlated -ou 1
Alaska Hold
AraMieaa IrfMMnOtlrr
Ameitesu 1'4. 4 'A'4.
American ftmerter . .
tmediwu Weei Kdrf.
iiat'oiMla t'oiper . .
At.'tiNs.a Kallwaf . .
Haldwta LyeonxXlve
HaltlmM-e te kfc .- .
Hetule.lie.ii Htecl "If
carHnrnla Petrnlenin
Cvntral I.estlier
Cannillau Pailtlc
C. M. Ht.-lHull
Vtiw Find tr Iron
Cnw-lla'e Rreel i
Cnlia Hugar ( sue
m eemmoa .
lieueral Elet'trlc
(iwaeral Motors inewt
Oseat NorthrrU. 1'fil ,
Keiimx-ott fnptier . ,.....
tnttsrsMttMiaU Ntefcel -. .
luiliiHtiial Alcohol . ,..,,...
ttrlgh Valley, Bsllrosd .
.New Tors Central -. -(
1 ifwusriTiiMis
It CuiiHtdldsfoVif V J. . . J(.
ni'siimr ctnmmoo .
HihAUc Iron cvuinvux -. r
Knnthern I'artac' . JJ,
SlsdrtmaeV'. . ;..j..
Tcsas Oil .
Ctttted Ksates ituliher
nlon PavloV
Pnltvst tttakea Htl
Western I ' nlu .
W ealnahoia . ...
Bid. t Ex dividend. I U
' 1-
Quoutloaa aa the foilewinii New fork
irl stooks, as wlrstsnsa U The Advsr-
User ky a
Itoaeasns k Oo ar
lllj." I.eilue
Punua Copper
Irotii Itlossoni
Jtill Mllllei-
.ti-iimie fetile ; ....
Mars .
Midwest OH. eouimoll
Mother i.miv . .,
Ita.l HerclUea
ltM'ii Kids .
Hex Cons.
Itlehmoiid t'opiter . ..
Hllver Klim Cuns . .
Tnnopsh iKstenslon .
Tiioluiniie ........
Kerr Lake
i rcsson Ould
... sm
. . ,4T .
. . . .2.
.. ilS
. . . Wl
i.ao -
ta .!

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