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Theater Crowds In Londc
wjCAN AkojjspD 'Bmtmtl lEPllif , , ifjnf hm
f V
.e-, T i - , i
n Flanders ..Prove
tine Campaign
LONDON. March'9 (AssHi
ated Press) (Jreat activity
was reported yesterday from four
of the main fronts of the world's
battlefield,, while reports of fine
weather lead officials here to th
opinion that the much advertise!
Clertnan offensive on the west it
about to begin. The Teutons ha vie
already launched their attack
against the Italians, while the
Macedonian front, inactive fqi
nearly two years, is again blazing
with artillery. !
Jf yesterday marks the begin
rung of von Hindenburg's spring
drive, the first round, is to be sei
down as a German failure, the
satisfaction this news brings tc
the British being augmented by
a-"report of another success by
General AJJenby in Palestine.
i Against the British in Flandetu
the Germans launched a stronp
attack. o' the Ypres- sectiod
along a front of more than a mile
This -blow came with little pre'
liminary warning and the ( ier
mans : succeeded in forcing thi
British o give ground and a ban
don Hum' of their first and sej
ottd line position.'-' The' (irmat.i
success was short lived, however,
as .in a succession of counter at
tacks, carried through with fury
the Tommies not only regaineT
all the ground they had lost but
drove forward and captured manjr
(positions in the original German
line; The losses on both sidtl
were heavy. Last night the (Jer4-1
mans, ion thuir part, were counter
attacking with strong reinforce
Throughout the battle tlicrte
was great aerial activity alonf,
the whole British front, with nil
mefons air battles. I lie lerniait
Buffered heavily, li.iving ten ('
their machines shot tloun an'
destroyed and ten others drive
out of action disabled. The Brj
tish lost only three, which las'
night were xsted as missing, t
There was heavy artillery inp
throughout yesterday on the 'ei
dun front, with the French gut
answering the German batteries
shell for shell. Along the genera
front occupied by the French anc
Americans the m it v was pro
jbfMinccd, but there were no bat
tle' ;
Th reports front Macedonia
Jell of general activity, with nil
merous raids and counter raid
n which Greek troops took ?
prominent part against the Bui
t On- the Italian front the Aus-tro-German.s
have launched a
heavy offensive with fresh divi
sions brought in from the KuS
Man and Rumanian fronts. The
center of the 6fTensie is directed
a gamut the Piave lines.-wlierp
Jjritibh .troops are helping thip.
Italian guard the- approaches to
Venice.! The fighting has been
heajw-y. but undecisive.
General AHenby, from bis head
quarters at Jerusalem, reports the
biggest ' advance nude by his
troops since the occupation of the
;ity. This viitoiy was gained by
the regiments astride of the Jeru-
Advancqin rap
MEW YOJIK, Mares &-(Assncinttd extf, and ,t,M io fiul .IfcrvUgn to
Press) Lnndoa waaaraia raided hy .'Iwir a . '' Jt " fifit4 : W
Germs n airplanes a, Thursday night hear tne Women mm' rIHnjt init dis
ml despatches yesterday placed the trortedlr foe taedn cildrH, aod others
casualties as elevta killed and forty 1 breaming, HaV thqir table bail ieeh
all injured, womfi asJ children hmng killed in . IhM' krmL Bom a ar the
lmWil among th rnuntr. Many fhillrcn we hroasht out were dead,
hiiunot wore wwUl and it i" feared Ftramm S4tck BclT"; i "
(hat whon the dehria baa beta rlearnl Chtr flfeiViea Vi'rt at worVaa qniek
awav a number fotbw bo Ilea will ,v MMMriHH.j ht't few minut.
be found beneath the rulnj of mhat th wholelplaes Ilk Tsrnaee
were o re.ently comfortable home, in n,p homh fanin SnH iiploded, yet
ome instance, and poor tenement nM mnM tnn te"fee.l twr l t-ame
houwn in otheri. ' aprn tw httbj eliiMivn atahdJnff ab
The Rreate.t damage from thi lt ute4r OiitotteheJ. ' Tb' Wert erj
wax in the Northwestern .ert.on ing m th fright, 'and ' I ''toi hold of
where over large area window fm niRnagt-.t to ot them out.
were broken. , Th,, w hot the ta-t T remember
The raid wai Wfll timed, by the of lt for 'almoet 'lmmetlatelr I faint
enemy ror tne raining a. reran arrive.i
JnM in aeaaoii meet th erowda.that
were leaving the theatre, v conaeioua. r-
fnur planwi got through the line of ..0l(l mM 0f concrete, weigh
air d.ofene and three wre driven pff ill)it rtoBW tBk( ihMt M( , toI
nfter iinroccenaful efforta to penetrate ht1 fa Ilea' clown ight a ktaup of
eho.e linee. ! lMtT woifienA' Three of ' them were
A letter recently reeeived here from kP(, ootrtghl, I think, tint ttt fourth
The Awociated IVei torreepon lent at WB onr jB0(nI tn, w aerMni
lvndoa in describing a re. eut raid in(( out (4 , j, , ,rteK. FW of q-"iyB:-.J,
, j tried to get "her out, but we eoufclnt
Raid Vividly Dwrtltod m5, m atdnvwofk Vudg an inch,
The murdVroui ' work of a German although 'we tried t lever It up wltii
linilanc raider bv whoae bomb many all kind f 'thing.
women and children were rruahed or
home. I to death in a ' recent raid on
Non-Ion i vividly deecribed in an in
terv lew by one of the victim in the
Onily ("hrenicle. It ia auch torie a
hi that have ronaed the Briton to
rim wrath and the demand for ren-
seance. The narrator, a man, had
akn refuge in a ahelter with many
ither, inciudnig a number of women
md children.
"We had aearce'y got the lat of
he people in when tie bomb fell,"
M the man. -All of them bad been
t calm you cold wrah op U then.
The children pwrticularly were fine.
They were ringing -TbV Bull Dog
Bwil' and 'Wiy Down in Tennef
M. ftiMi infl Toonnr kiikiim werr
a - - .ai -
relling until mwt of them tumble.1 off
to .leep in their mother' arm. or
mi the piles of paper etrewn about the
j rr
Then' Cornea Oraeh I
"Then me the e.pbwion. There
was . short, .harp hissing eon?,!, which ,
1 suppose It mde in it descent, whioh
even ia the Wneeitient ' we eotold hear
juife distinctly,' Wd eame the ermrh,
vorse than anything I nave ever heari.
( think most of us down there were
itunned for a moment er two, and the
vir seemed full of flying pieces of
oncrete. Fortunately I wss ju.t out
ide two big iron doors at the time,
o I escaped toe worst or it, but I
hink it must have 'been at tbaV-f"n
ny hand was injured. .
1 l-'rngments were
forking up the
Ten Thousand Sugar Plantation .
Workers Walk Out
PAN Jl'AN, Porto Biro, March 8
Associated Press') A strike among
tugar plnotatioa laborers occurred to
'ay when 10,0(l0 men quit work in the
ane fields. Three centrals are closed
is results.
The laborers nHcrt that tlicr have
Aowa Ured of waiting for action by
be labor officials in arhiugton to
'etrmie if a general trike wm to be
-The laborer are dimntisfied with
wages and hours of labor.
IjONDON, March X ( Associated
Pres An Kn-hnnge Telegrsih de-
Ttch mmv thMt Ihe FiiniisV, ffovern-
ment has sske-l the Kaiser to appoint
lis sou, Priuce Oscar, kin oi If'in
'Prince Oscar is the fifth child and
ion of Ksiaer Willielm. He was born
u m making I,,.., now about thirty
veara eld.. In 1914 he married inor-1
ranetkally, or outside of royalty,
viiutets Uasscwitr, and bus ton
6t- 1. ,. .
The known independence of spirit of
finlanderi tends to discredit belief,
that the people themselves are seeking
a Teuton monarch ami especially one
of the llohrnullern dvnaatv
-. ,
WASHINGTON. March 9 (Assoeiat
d I're) Tightening of the money
nurket in thi country ha bad the
fact of raining the rate of interest to
e charge. I the A Hie on advances
isde by this country as well as increa
ng interest rate for thr home borrow
vr. Aniiouuceiueut wa made by the
reasury depurtuicnt today that tve
sercent will be charged ami in explana
tou it was said higher ratea were bo
tag paid on ths tituHiiry certificate of
salem-N'alili iui n.yd, who advanc
ed a 1 CI fT n ,1 t!iihlnn.nii1 fr.tit
. , , . .,
id a rjciiui 1. 1 inrt-e tunes, seizing
liumeroib Mruiii; I loitils 111
mountain (kfvn-.fs nf the Turco
Gerinan army and capturing
numerous tiri-.,,n,rs and many
' I 'nji ' " !.' o's t v I
M.ptli. Nal.l u ,s some twe COLDS CAUSE HEADACHES
ty-five miles l(th ,.t Jerusalem LAXATIVE 'BROMd'JjUINIlfi''re
aild about half way between that moves the cause. Used the world over
Ctty and the v illag e ( N.tzareth. ' ' cold in one day. The nlsjna-
now -in tbc II... I.. I..,m..u rail- H U , ('H,,V
J.nul. lined I) tl.e I A k IS M KM
"a,, r 'ClNti V.IJ . si U,U1S, (j S A.
m,nfo wit.' th fata of mV
hsn, HnA Mrm. of which onlv then did
"All the time the flame were get
ting fiercer and ' coming nearer hnid
nearer, and t length one great hurt"
o( flame hnif Kmoke drove tta rlgltt
away, aetting light to our clothe,' 'art.1
we roubt Dot get near the woman
again. One Of the men Waa alight from
head to foot, and we had to roll ' hihi
in the water, which waa tinkle deep
before we"oolt put -oat the flames. '
Horrible Wlthla Wia 1
., ,T, , r- ...
' U ' "taf' -"'f 1'J- there,
? ""m m. Maatfea of .tuff
M. dow. mk'n "r,'e ',
J0""' M ' S. "m h FPX: "m
r:.rl22. IfiilJ X" ".
..t 1:x2 ij ' !ll 1 " . ' 1
Ml U l I If tl lI T Lririi lO ltl m W V I rum
L-J ..W..A.ll.lii U A s, A B.
' c "
J Kv HwiY i run
.VJr.V&fth mX?J
M '"M !,,h tW:? Vtt,a mtt
One wdmnn wA
,,iV aZZ - i 1 i A"
"it took nve men to lift p one
Tt lun,P ' wh!fjLHy
W0. teg.- Bhe wa. d4d, prtl
tbn,'nkg.?."!? ftm
Uon' "?"-- , .
1 ' ( ' M1 . jCT?1 '
3SfpEf! 1$' NOT, coop
PTOTKHOlIw, March 9 ( Assoc i at
ed Pre) Minister of Agriculture Ie
terson says that the outlook tbrouylioit
Sweden during the spring month nn!
until the early crops are available fni
food tuffa and tot fodder is most die
Custodian of Alien-Enemy Prop
erty Makes Such Recom
mendation To Congress
WASlllXflTON. March ( Assorint
ed frees I Property belonging to the
German gnvernmeiit in iliriiictiow with
I property 'owned hv imlividual Herman
nnnl.l lw m mwtion aiiil
fc hi )i(l(r ;f , rtK.OIIllu(,h
" ... i
ion' of the . UHtodmn of enemy pro
Prt.v shnll carry the weight that I
expected. Ilia recommendation eoine
in connetio,n with waterfront right'
the spe'iH(' inst.-ini-e being the Hoho
ken ilncks of a oernian ulCHnmhip lim
in 'which the Kaier, Hi-rliinsnn-TIol
wegg and other boi-lcs the fiermitn
governinciit were interested Iw-fore the
war. I
The ilock hi qiH'Kt ion hm- urgept
requireil for shiiinj! piirpo'Hesi at thf--time
an-l 1'alinet i iil in thi! ' teri
ninny which lie gave in MuKirt of hi-
P1"" '"''ire Hie eiHte coinmittee im
pI0prisiouH vesferdav.
Public ncresiiity for the iirDi.ertv nil-'
"", f',,', "f direct governmental intere.i
in the pioperty by C.crmaiiy cnterinl in
to his
coiiiuieuiuiiMiiis in mis in
mm nunns ..,--
' '' ' '
WASIIINOTOK. March .-f.eeoelf-
ted Press )-Tom 'loughs to farmrrs aitd
others the immediatt need fur whom Is
not pressing in the military orgapizs-
tlons are authiricd in a senate' bill
adopted by the house with (leueral
Crowder approving.
' ' '
CHK'i(i. MHri.h n (ssocltrl
Pre l -The National Party cduventiini
ha oramcd u ii, the v uriuiis comuaif
tee on resolutions and platform are
engaged in their work. David C.
Coats, once Lieutenant (iovernor of
Colorado h lie U I rhxi'-'isii of
'e coincntinn aud will head the ua
tional ciunuiittee.
WASHINGTON. March s (Aso.-iat
Pre. I A residution
was intro-1uecl
in the seunie tolav i, aseertaia b
wn"' '"I't'ontv Kno.l Ailniinistraloi
lloovei aKc. I,, i l,,.!, ,, tomatoe for
the army a in I na at fixed prices
Senator Hoi ah and Heed accuse lino
ver of mil x i in ii in price flxi u'
Returned Delegate From Best
Litovsk. Siys Treaty Sign
. . ed Und,er Compulsion
Entire Polish' Brioade In Service
of Austria., Revolts. De
serts Main Body
W ASIimOtOV, March t -I .Woci
ed rn'sa) Pence between Ruia and
flermnny mnT he expected to be short
lived for the perce tienty f'gnei
nndor compulsion pnd wa by no means
witisfnctnrr to tbi Kuslnn pence dele
gate. This Is the etntlini: aertion
tnade'tiy M, AKixleff, one of the holshe
yisf peace delejnte to the Rret-I.ito
vsk conference' " upon hi return ti
Petrograd a wa told in despatch
nhieh Vere teeelvcd from there ln4'
light. He commented epec(nfljr 6n the
mrrcnrlef of the F4itcrn rnncaus sec
tion.' which ttit Trenty provides shall he
-estored to TArtfey and sold this1 suV
fnder was made under such rlrcunj
itanre that It 'was probably ' itnpoa
lble it could Ver be recovered anii'
made a part of great Russian re
public. 71e-ld tTadar' Oomfn'slon
The retumed' delegate regretted that
be and th other deletfa'tes were conk
pelled to yield to terms that must be
unsatisfactory to the proletariat but
1th their e0untry incapable of resuni
ing hontilitles and with the demand of
the Germans increasing with each dn
of delay there was nothing else that
-ould be done, lie said.
Trotsky Resigns
In an address which he delivered a
meeting, of the Maximalist Party b
Petrograd last night and during wliic
e sought to exp'ain the reason a
he Brest ! jtovsk delegate for sigp
hg the peace agreement and submittirf'
the treaty for ratification by the RuV
dan proletariat I.eon Trotr.ky annoufi
"ed ho had resigned a commissary f
,'orfign affairs in the Bolshevi.it go
Delight In EerUn
Berlin's setisfection in the pen;c
treaty la Indicated in a Wolff lkate;',
-htrh w received at The Uague and
'hich aaid: "We hiive acquired j
lirect and a free route to Afghanistan
rd Persin through Bussia." To till'
"h Perlin newspaper attach a tremcn
doua importance.
Polish Brif?d Revolts
Dissatisfied with the term of the
featy with the I'Urnine. it is report jd
that an entire Poltah brigade in tne
nB'ri'.n service ha revolted and ha
deserted the main body. This brignd
is reported td hove gone somewhere
nto ilexerehjs and is apparently act
l"eTie'ei tr nd 'tailing no or
der from the" Austrian government "r
military commanders,
Hrrlenio Jteslgtia
Resignation of Knsign KrylenVo and
ighting by the Russian forces in som,e
tions vn reported yesterday tin
Petrograd despatches. The commander
n chief of the Russian armies is report
d to hsve stepped out because of tbc
differences between the delegates jo
he workmen1 council and the people
'n the question of the ratification it
he trenty. at , the convention which Is
0 ip held at Jloscow.
Other Petrograd report said Kiev
Sad hot been taken from the Russian
evolutionary force by the Teutons in
ad been reported tm that the Rus
inn It ii 1 captured .Tamlulrg. '
Orders MiMt all uorker in Hibena
hall mnliili.e for service at the froijt
'pre reported from Hnrtiin. The df
(patch said these were Bolshevist orders
ut did md indicate whether it was
ptended to meet possible invasion of
iberin by .Inpnn ard r1iina or was dc
igned for other purpose.
W ASlllNtiTrtN, March 9 (Assoc i a
ed Press i Fuel Aijministrator (1V
"eld has announced a' redueiion of tliiV
-t cent a ton in the retail irie )
inthracife coul. to take effect April' I
,nd to remain in effect until Septein
her 1. .The anqoupci;nient of the fuit'
administration also outline n serie
'if rcguliition covering the distributor
f anthracite during the spring and
dimmer months.
UminHL. t'r UlrsCO ur 1
WASHINOTON. March P (Assnei
'ed Pre) Government control of n)l
telegrafTh. telephone, eable s,nd wire
ess svstein aird companies is providnd
'n a bill whieb Senator Sheppard of
Teias yesterday hitfoduced In the up
"er btrnse. It la proposed the control
shall continue during the period of the
Hur and hi bill wai referred to the
committee of military affairs.
Opposition to the bill on the grounds
hat these companies, at home, are uot
ssentiril to th conduct of the war as
ire the rnilioads is expected to develop
WASHINGTON, March s f.Vssoein
ted PrcsM Provost. OenemI Crowdet
ha notified governor of states that
gtudeiit of agricultural colleges win
were placed bv their local exeiiintii..
boards in Class V may enlist in the
'iliuiterniiisteis reserve corps.
lUKfH, Ntarch S-i-7 Associated Press)
.) ,! . Pirli"Tinir. president of rum
pagnie (leneriilo Ti u nsut hint i.pie, died
bile toduy.
Surrender of Parts of Armenia
That Had Been Rescued From
Moslem' Rule i Reported Pe
gejpte'By the, Pope ,'
WxaamaToirMatci (a-
aotta iTs); An mciat , des
patch from Home,' made public by
the Italian embassy, amy a that the
74ttca' Circle t greatly arowxl
oyer certain eectlons of the yeace
treaty forced' npon fcussfs. by the
delegates of the Central Powers at
Brert L5torlt,' authentic copies of
whlcn haVe Just reached Home.
Que article In the treaty In par
ticular Is said to tt particularly ob
noxious to' ttit Pom: ' This Is the
article pledging trust to do ell
within, Ite power to hsve the Tnrk-1-.
Anatolian DOUDdartss restored,
tbne snrrendflrtng tck U Turkey
those, ejection of Armenia reclaim
ed f'ora Mohammedsji rule by the
Esti adrsncs.
Before) the 8Ur Invasion hd
esrhed fiolut where the Armen
ians erM seelt, efetT In flisht,
scores) of tbom-ndi of the Armen
ian frrr,n maftcreA W
te Trrt vt lnsUncej nn'Ter
th learrhlp of Oer"ins, 'Survi
vor:, e-f jte mitetnrtlc massacres
,TM th, AuHn Unee. behind
-fr. e been snccorsd end
mt-tat. for the nst two year.
Mw of ta Al-.-i1ans .tolled the
Knsaian fore ni have Heen f-bt
it" to e.'.i, n Armenia. , JfT",
mder the, Bolsheyst peve ter".
the) Armenlfns, are t hdd
eV to thsr Tva, with cert
end probable torture as their
Addresses and. Next of Kin of
Killed, and i Wounded Will
, Be .Told fnstead
WAKHINUTON, March (Assoc is
ed Press) Addresses and the name of
lext of kin of oldter are to be used
as meUns of identification instead of
'icution of the regiment in the an
louncing of u h casualties as may oc
ur to the American expeditionary
'orce. These order were yesterday
saned by the chief of staff. It in un
Vl'stood that the purpose of the order
s to prevent the diwlosinu to the. en
my of the identity of the American
mits wbiih are on the AVhting front.
pespntchee from American headquar
er yesterday said . indication were
ieen that the fermsn are. planning:
iome eort of a surprise for the Amctiean
'orces on the, front northwest of Toul.
Tlie Germans in thi sector have don
bled. jtheir camouflage constructions
'Wparatpry, it is belieted, to launrhinu
n attack in force arjitinst the Ameri
nu punitions.
Americans had a chance to show
heir mettle Thursday nijjht in a hand
'o hand encounter witli a (ieruian pa
Pive Anieric.ins out patrolling the
idvanee position eioninitered a German
atiol of ten. The (lennans. outnum
icring their foes two to one, charged
he Americans, who saved their fire for
lose rro;o, and then grapvled with
heir foes. The (leriniins in the face of
he lieree attack of the Americans fled
precipitately, leaving behind two dead
and two prisoners.
The Americans escaped unscratclied.
;i ! s 1 -l : :
W ASH IXUTON, March (I (Asso. iut
d I're-si Orders pridiildt in the sale
it inliivjrniits wiihin ones of Jive
li'cs eacii oi' cilit separate and dis
in, t establishiiieiits where there are
io,v vaval tunning cninp were i
ued v by Secretary of Navy Daniel
lesterday. The orders are to be effe,
ive irresjiectivc of whether there urc
iueirporatcd cities or to us within the
liy zone estfiblislied.
fte retfry Uaniels has ben wugiug a
uusiatent warfare against the sales o'
iquor to suitors of the navy and hu
letermined that only ubsoluic prohibi
ion within a r.one period can produce
he results which are desired.
LONDON. March --( Associate.!
're s) Kritish casualties for the firs
iveek in March were proportionately
onallei than in February which was
hp lightest month tor casualties which
he forces of (inat Hritain had c
icrieiiced in a long period. Report 1
ssiie.l by the wur ollice yesterday tell
if sity three olhcers uud t!2H men were
1 1 1 I in action or died of wounds dli'
UK I lie week wln,"h i-uded on Thurs
luy night and 179 ollicers and 217,') men
"re wounded or are inissiug Til's
;ii s a toinl of casualties for the week
if l.'IMK wllil
is less tlm n a fifth of
the 1'eliriinry , usiiulties, lM,84d
W HHlN(STON, March H - (Associn
ted 1'ressi- Kc.iiijfuuiwiti'io of thf W'r
cimiicil has been effected. General
Vnri-h, chief of staff, replaces Oeiicrnl
I :, J.er Hl'ss a ml Oeiieml O.'e'hhls.
pinrVei ma i, i general, and Slelliiius
im-iu added.
M lUltLLUN 5
.') V "r--s
5 mmio 1 AiiriuiTiro
I lll I IVI VI llUI Is. I LU
.1 i -HI' ' "VT't .
1 .1 BII-S'US'XIS1l"tS' ' -.. , i;v,l i 1
iiu uuui iLUULLUinrln ui.ninr'i rir
i . . ..-v. .v. .: ii in i ni i . in
Results ti) Year's cirripaign of
Replacemertt Told Ih Report ,
' ; of Ship' Controller'''
, v-.t i 'id 'A ,
Capacity of British Yards Great
ly Increased and This Year
Will Produce More
NKW YORK, March D ( Associated
Press by .Mail from 'London) Tqe
Hrltish net loss is shipping of siiteen
hundred tone end over durinjt the ycaf
t1 T was five Kaadred ani) ninety elgit
ships. The total net loss in tonnsjje has
not been officially aaaouneed. ' '
These figure were (rlven ,D''
house ef commons by Sir Joseph Paton.
Maelay, the sbippinc eontrollcr of the
cabinet, In an offiriil statement cove
in? the submarine elrufttioe. '
Through ' submarines, mines and
wreckage due to natursl causes, seven
hundred and ninety-eight ships of ait
teen hundred font And over, to offset
which there were completed and launch
ed from British yards, ships of the sanle
tonnage to the' number nf two hundred.
The shipping controller stated the'
the ship eapseltT of tho British yer
has been vastly increased; while tie
fldriptioe of the stndsrdir.ed tvpe Jf
hin is eertnln'' to lnerlie' nrof-.ctldJ
I of tonne" largely. The output for thin
i year will be considerably greater than
met or met vest. WhlR th slow Ut
iristent rnneking of submarine aetjy
itie i certain to reduce the number ef
sinkings. t
n i o U i dm j'l l,a. t -
Explanation, found ; Why. ' Thirty
Thousand Ptrsons At Home
Were Disappointed
WAtiHINOTON. Mirch 9 (Asof)
ated Press) Many as anxiously Waited
letter will never reach the intended
recipient "bnck home.'' Eipianatlor
of w hy some expected' letters have nt
been received caa be fouud in 1 the
announcement of I large lose of ma5i
which oeeurred late in Jantinry. AVhdn
the Andania earik off the coast' of Ire
laud it 1iad aboard thirty' thousand lei.
'ef from ike boys' at ihe frdnt ,to'tb
folk at, homr None of those letter
will ever Je received tWhiH W1H pi'
an eiplanation for, which thousands of
mother, fathers, wives aad aweet
hearts have waited.
The Andania was bound, (9r N'ortli
Vmerien and was carrying a lirge homj
nail sheii she met a submarine am1
as sunk. This mail went down with
the steamer,
Three-fifths of Bumper. Harvest
Found Tt) Have Had to Be' '
Unfit For Food
, j ., . ,,
WAHIMNCITON, March (Associa)
d I'res)- A rejiort oil the ninAunt o
rrain held throughout the criiinf (
uied y the departmeut of agriculture
ester, lay. indicates tuat ouly aoo.i
hree fifths of the rcord corn crop o
last year is fit for marketing as food
The rest is o soft that it 1 not mef
haniliealde and u arge part of I
lias already 1mhti fed to hogs as foddet
A 'large quantity of wheat ia ye1
'icld iu the hand of the. formers, tli
figures showing that the amount th't
kept from market is ten million bushel
renter than the amount ia farmers
bauds on March I flf litf year.
I'VHI's. March -( Asswiated, jireaa
-Tlsc chamber of deputies, following r
debate yesterday voted its eonfldenc
n the government'by a
The debate ants over a TsolptirB Q'
onfidence in regrtt'd t6 the lianrfllbg' o'
be Jlido I'aslis sane and the aenteni
rif 'd"ath passed hy h eoilrt upon thi
arehtraitor. '
Assoc;nteil Pre's1! --The soldiers' sn,'
Milors' civil rigli's bill w, signed Jo
lav bv.the Presidrnf , ,
Thi ,lill prevents the attnclijnenf,' o'
..ropertv under eerrelh ivofloitlpns wher.
i debtor or the hend of ie faijly v
iu the military or nava'servii;,e or thi
onntrv. bars foreclosure Jroceedin'5t
nii b-r iiiortgagvs uou the. homes o'
sii di men 'and" in a 'nlimher of wnv
rentes a moretorinin during the peri'"'
.v'.en tie ruissihle defendant muy Ih'
awav fighting.
' Li
A better inediciiie can not be inudc
I then t'haml cruiiii 'h Oouph Henmdy. It
' retiexe the lungs, opens the ecrcti"iiJ,
aid expecturatiou and assist Nat tc
iu restoring the system to a )mut)iv
eoiiilitioii. IjiiHidi'H, it contains i no opi
ates and is piffeeth Hh'ft ) tilK .' I'o
sale bv all denlnrs. HeiMon Hmith A
Co., Ltd , ujjents for Haw ail.- Advt.
iiiuu n u wm l ur-
cintnln ci ii ft inn
Great pntajn
Plans Vanishps
LONDON, Marh (AbhocI
ated Press) Japan is itrgcl
to take immediate action looking
to teie invation of Eastern Siberia
in a .statement issued yesterday
by LortJ Robert Cecil, minister of
the blockade, . whose atttjttide. is
most ' direct of any that ,ha$ been
disclosed by, any. governmental
official of any of the Entente
A J lies.
' Lord Robert Cecil insists that
only Japan is in a position to un
dertake .this matter and tq .carry
It through satisfactorily. If de
clares the Allies have faith in
Japan and its ability,. to act .how
with promptitude, and. . decision.
As ground for the faith of the
Allies' in its Qrtental, co-fkJligcr-f.nt,
he . said that from, the begin
ning oT the war Japan has. been
faithful, to its every obligation to
he" AlJiej. : . , .
. News despatches frm. Harbin,
-ee'eived aLTiefttsin, said it was
ndiotted that Japan would wcl-
:r-nie crxipcration of 'the Chinese
wrses in. cane the Siberian elc-
litiin is determined upon as now
eetus evident.
' V 1 1; j" - ' 1 r . .
i TQKIO, March 8-r-.(Spfcial,tp
ilawaji Jjhinpo) Japan,, is-.iully
Housed to the seriousness. of, the
situation in Kussia and in Siberia.
uch ojjposition as thcrxt was to
he sending of aa expedititm into
jbcria has disappeared. A strong
jjrotest i to be sent to the Bol
sheviki government on the. re
potted detention' of' Vtscount
Uchida in Irkutsk and the, em
jXtror has cut short his -spring
vacation and is to hurry back, to
i'tkio for; important ooufcrences
ni the subject of sending an ex-
pedition intii! Siberiia, . r .
livery political party and far-
.ion ! is now .inclined toward tlic
nimtvliutc mobilizatiott of tlie
iorce of Japan with the purrisc
if sending armies to Siberia. The
pposition e.xpfescd a day or two
gr has conilL'tely disappeared,
t'lit iuciion of the expedition is
c;i.p seriously iconsiflered by blie
Coders , of all of the parties, 'The
cported. detention of Vtsomint
Uchida, the Japanese ambassador,
tas helped to bring about this rc
ult, and has unified sentiment.
It is learqed the guvernmcrrtv is
0 send1 vigorous prutentsito tlie
Bolshevist go-ernment at ihe
ratment of its representative
ind demands that his detention
hall end at once.
T.rhejjmpcror has been enjoying
1 vacation at Hayanta but it is
warned be ha determined. to re
urh' to Toki6 forthwith and a
conference with tlie Qcuros ( sen
ators) has been arranged' for him
at w'hich the Siberian situation is
o be gone over' fully.
, . i iv-r-;
1.(JNUN. Jtari n t --' f Asaoi'1 a ' e I
t'resal The common vesterlHt 'reach
c(J am ajiraciiio.iit M 'he wir creTits l
tl)e, Vted,' th) 1iil announced s
ail li uud red liiilHiiir i-oulld. TVt
cVedits will litin ,thf toVil rre't'
voti'if ''sill're (.' eOliinielii eiiieiit Sfi'l'lie
war up to nearly llnrlv Use liilli.'ii

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