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. " V
. v HAWAIIAN GAZETTE. -T";', FRIDAY. MARCH 13. 191ft. -SKMT-WRPKLY. 9 t. f y
. . V ;
Curse of Head of. Russian Reli
gion Officially Curies Extrem
istsBan Read In Churches .
Germ a n 8 Continue ; ; Advance
iThrough Country , While China
lThreatens War On th East
9 ' : ' " " '
I : TOKIO, March 13 (Special
Cabli to HawaB 8hin'po)-jap-laneie
troops have engaged in
Battle with a force of Ruiilan
Marimalists and three Japa
nese are reported killed and
seven ' wounded. The Russian
toss 4a not yet known here.
The engagement took place
at 'Vlagoveshchenik, several
hundred miles north of Harbin,
The) Japanese were a force of
volunteers. No details haw
been received as yet as to the
nvmber of troops engaged.
1 (Associated Press) "Ana
thema against the Bolsheviki has
been pronounced by Doctor Tik
hon patriarch of all Russia and
head of the Russian church. His
curse upon the Bolsheviki was
read in all the churches of Rus
sia, according to . a despatch re
ceived here from Petrograd.
Matters in Kussta are going
from' bad to worse, according to
ad v ides reaching here from Pe
trograd directly and from various
Kurojpean and Asiatic capitals.
With the Germans steadily con
tinuing their march through the
country,:,,t,be, yaripjisj .factiorjs
among the Russians are still quar
reling; talking, forming commit
tees, while meantime they are
menaced on the East, not only by
probabilities of a Japanese inva
sion of Siberia, but by threats pf
active war on the part of the Chi
Petrograd reports that a special
military revolutionary committee
.f seven has been formed in that
city by Trotzky. PresientLen
ine and the adherents of Zion
vieff will form another committee
representing the people's commis
sioners. The advices from Petrograd
add !that typhus is increasing in
that city and has become a seri
m'.'s menace.
The legations of the neutral
nations have decided to remain im
Petrograd instead of following
the example of the Allies' lega
tions and leaving the city.
Hie German hordes thvt have
poured over the border ae stead
ily continuing their advance on
)dessa and Strode, although the
Knssian forces oppoauig them are
otVering strong resiwance.' A des
patch to the sttte department
from United Stages Consul Sum
mers at Moscew indicates that
the Germans i&re rapidly occupy
ing new tesfftory. He says that
the revolutionary government
which is making Mescow its
headquarters is preparing to flee
to a point some distance east if
die German advance continues.
Austria, it is learned here
through despatches from Petro
jjral, is seriousjy alarmed over
the fear that olshevikism will
be. spread through her armies and
the nation by Austrian soldiers
who have Inren prisoners in Rus
sia but wjio have been released
and are tw returning home. So
perturbed is the government that
it h reported to be isolating these
returned ' prisoners to . prevent
their spreading the propaganda of
disaffection and of deftire for
Raided At Point Within Mile of
Border and Brought Some
Plunder Back
March 13 (AMoHateil Prrns) On two
teeton of the Woevre front the Amerl
on irer bny yeeterday carrying out
two attentive raid, both highly sue
remful. , One wan on the Aouth eirle
f the Bt. Mihlel enlient, north of Tout.
The Meond raid was on a oetor from
which there have been no former ref
erence regarding Americans. This waa
OS the Lorraine front eat of Lune
vllle and aouth of Richeeourt.
Hero, following a heavy Dreoaratorr
bombardment of the German linea. the
American! eromed No Man ' Land and
penetrated deeply into the enemy '
line. With the exception of a few
dead bodies, killed by the preliminary
helling, the raider found the poai
tlona evacuated,' the Hermann having
evidently retired rather than face the
1 bombardment. In the duiretita. which
were dynamited by the raider, noma
machine gun were found and taken,
M-wall considerable (tipplle. The
def eae. were dcetroyed before the
Amerleana withdrew to their own linea.
Nearly la Germany
Bioheeourt, which i named to locate
the leeae of this raid, is across the
, German Has in A Inner Lorraine, as the
point . raided is on a nector where the
German defense re 1ob than a mjle
from the German boundary. The
trench line crosses the border into Ger
man territory at a point some thirty
ml lea to the aouth of Richecourt.
"-.The, Americans returned from this
raid, after extending their advance to
within a few minutes' walk of Ger
rnaay, Without a caxunltv.
ZaxUer Balding
The first raid of the day was car
ried put north of Toul, on a sector
which has seen considerable raiding
activity of late. This ilaxh was pre
coded by bombardment from Ameri
can gnns, which, however, did not clear
out the Oermans, many of whom were
caught by the raiders in their dug
out. There were a number of trench
duels as the dugouts were being cleared
and the occupants being taken pris
oner or hilled. Quantities of supplies
were taken and the dugout and de
fease points destroyed. There were no
American casualties.
During the raid, mnchine gunners in
the American trenches covered the
raiding party and cut off the other
Gorman trenches by a machine gun
curtain of fire.
WASHINGTON, March 12 Casunl
tiea reported' from Franr,e to the war
department and .gives out today iu
f hid jigh.t (kUJejf la actson. -and one
wdonded, deatha of disease, two
front tindeterminexl causes, two severe
ly wounded. Captain Btejler and twen
ty soldiers were reported slightly in
jured. It was stated at the war department
that a number of the Anrican troow
will train with the British in Plunder.
WAHHINOTON March 12 fAsso
eiated Press) That the navy depart
ment's conduct Of the war is not uch
as to justify adverse criticinm was the
gist of a report to the house this after
noon by the naval affairs committee.
China is hovering on the vere
of war with the Bolsheviki, ac
cording to advices from Harbin.
These say that the Chinese troop
corfimander at Harbin lias warn
ed' the Bolshevik leader that any
invasion of Chinese territory will
Lbc looked upon as an act of war
;tnd measures will be taken ac
A semi-official statement from
Chinese military authorities at
Harbin says that the Chinese
troops in Manchuria have with
drawn somewhat before the Bol
sheviki forces. It is added that
the accuracy of the Bolshev ik lire
indicates that the Russians are
being aided in their operations
by former (ierman prisoners.
Manchuria is in a state of con
fusion similar to that which pre
vails throughout Russia. The
Bolsheviki agitation is spreading.
Workmen are refusing to con
tinue their occupations and are
also refusing to join the Seminoff
or Cossack forces.
The question of whether or not
Japan will send an expedition to
Siberia has not yet been definitely
decided, according to a message
from Tokio. This says that For
eign Minister Motono and Pre
mier Terauchi have made official
statements that no decision has
yet been reached. A statement to
this effect was made to the house
of representatives yesterday by
Terauchi. while Motono told the
diet that n request had come '.vernments of Allied countries with
from the Allies for such an exne- ' ,he '"emp"" 'rom draft
,, . 'of shipyard workers In the Allied coun-
dition. tries.
Fighting Leader Who Called J.
Chamberlain a Liar Has
Succeeded Redmond
. . . LdNDOV, March (A ssoclated
the const it uiincv of East Mayo in the
house of common, was yesterday un
animously elected as chairman of. the
Nationalist Party, to succeed the late
John Redmond.
Th new Nationalist leader has long
been prominent in Irish polities, hav
ing occupied a seat in the commons
Continuously since 1880, with the ex
ception Of two years. He was first
elected, from Tipperary, representing
that county from 1880 to 188.1. In
1885' ho was elected from hi present
constituency, that of East Mavo. and
'has Bat for this county since.
Liurmg the Boer War, Dillon was
ejeetod from the commons and sus
pended for so'nie time by a vote of
248 to forty eight, his offense consist
ing in calling OoKeph Chamberlain, the
colonial' secretary, "j damned liar",
and, jrefufclng to withdraw the expres
sion. This was until then an unheard
of offense in the house of commons.
The epithet and the suspension that
followed was i a political sensation.
. Chamberlain had made reference to
a number of Boers who were Aghting
on the. British side, when Dillon in
ierruptod, saying: "But they are trai
tor. .The colonist secretary retort
ed' with: -"The honorable gentleman
la good judge of traitors." The
speaker refused to compel Chamberlain
to "Withdraw his remark, whereupon,
Dillon said: "I will tell the right hon
orable member that he is a damned
: Dillon, sinco the outbreak of the
present war, has followed Redmond as
a supporter of the war policy of the
government and as an opponent of the
Sinn Fein movement. He ha visited
America at different times and spok
en in the cause of Ireland and Home
. -
Sun Yat Servs Partisans Suc
ceeding In Revolution Against
the Pekingese
TOKIO. Japan, March 1-' (Hpe ial
Cable to Nippu Jiji) While little at
tention, is given to the Chinese itua
tion, a !the,' Russian-Siberian problem
is uppeiryosVanl.ha. minds of the Japa
nese, Ke revolutionary situation in th.
Chinese republic is fast becoming se
Ro tired of the revolution i r'eng
Kuo chong, president Of China, that he
now threaten to resign.
The revolutionary movement lauuch
I by lr. Bun Yat Son, the famous
i hinesu leader, is fast spreading in nil
the southern provinces. The revolu
tionnry forces are reported from all
I ts tot the affected province as
iinkly gaining ground.
I 'resident Keng first determined to
prove hi superiority over the south
bv sending an armv i cruh the revo
lutiou. At the head of the 10,00(1
tiiMipH Feng left Peking for Hankow,
Im! before he had gone far he wii-.
i'1'lied to return to the capital owing
to I he resignation of Premier Wang.
Peng akod Wang to reconsider the
irignation, but the latter insisted that
t l.e accepted without further delay.
failing in the first plan, Keng asked
the xoiith to compromise, hii effort to
rem i an understanding whereby the
ict oliitinn might be ended. This, how
ihit, wuh rejected by the revolution
i-Ih. and r'eng soon found himself til
nioM helpless in iloaling with the sit
llll t Mill.
Meanwhile the revolutionary forces
are . lining strength day after day, the
n-Milt of which ha now finullv cause I
I'Vn to announce his intention to re
si)Mi the presidency.
It is bulioved in Tokio that Feng's
tin. 'ill might materialize, in the near
tut arc unles the northern loader
unite in giving feng every possible
tii Mrt in 8jiiliMj the southern revo
hit lonist. ' ' '
Murou U. Hsyublii, Japiin'a minister
o ( liiuaj who was in Tokio on a vaca
ti hurriedly left last 'night for 1'e
n'ii'4 The sudden departure from the
I'jtt of Hurou Hayashi is generally re
curded ii H an unquestionable proof thnt
the situation in China i buco'uing
KKKN.CH 10 BT, Mareh"t2-(Associated
1'rflHsJ An American steamer,
an n (ierman put into American serv
ice, arrived here today with bridge
smashed and a shefl hole in her f'tnnel.
The vessel encountered n submarine,
which opened up its deck guns, but the
American steamer put .on speed and
''i'" -. . . i
MANILA, March 12 ( Associated
l'resitl - 'Snilors of inter island vessels
in the 1'hilippines have gone on strike
for higher wagea.
WASHINGTON, March 12 (Assoei-
ut'"1 l'res) Negotiation are being ex.
i lu iiuu, Itv thai I'mtail fifutnu r .1 t.
Attempted Hun Surprise Turned
Into a Trap For Them Flee
'leaving Dead and Wdunded
LONDON, March 13 (Ajwocla
ted FTwss) Aa attempted snnprls
"raid by the Oernuun against a sec
tor of tho western front beld by
PortncoMt troop resulted In tho
table being turned and tho raid
er caught til a deadly trap.
Tho approach of the raiding par
ty vu djetocted and a number of
machlna gun wore trained oa tho
pactjr Try the Portuguese, who wait
d until the Oermans had nearly
reached their line before they
opened Are. The withering blast
of ballets caught the Huns and cut
their line to pieces. Wavering a
moment whether to dish Into close
quarter or fail back, the Oermans
finally broke and ran.
The Portuguese swept the fleeing
detachment, which wis almost
wiped out. The course oyer which
the Oermajia retreated waa dotted
wlth their dead and wounded,
whom they abandoned.
The affair waa fought out near
Former Manager of Pioneer Mill
Company Kills Himself In Lib
rary of Club In San Francisco
SAN TBANCI8CO, March 13 (As
sociated Press) I,oni Rnrkhausen,
formerly manager of Pioneer Mill Com
pany on Maui, Hawaii, mid later man
ager of the Calamba Sonr Kstate in
the Philippines, is dcml here by hi
own band.
Mr. Rarkh ausen nliot himnelf through
the head in the library of the Trans
portation Club in the Pnlnre Hotel and
died soon afterward. II m mini that he.
had shot himself once previously,
while he was in an institution con
valescing from nn illacs.
Mr. Bnrkhausen had been writing let
ters just before he killed himself.
I.ouis Barkhausen was for nine years
manager of Pioneer Mill Company on
Maui, after having been for several
years head foreman. He was regnrded
as one of the foremost practical sugar
experts of the Territory.
He left .-Hawaii in. 4100 aatl went to
the mainland, where1 he remained for
about three years.- There he we en
gaged as manager of the Calambn
Sugar Kstate in the Philippines, ami
arrived in Honolulu in August, 1911'
for a brief visit en route to th Far
The Cnlambn proposition did not
work out with the success that was ex
pected of it, and waj .obliged to shut
down. Becently attempts have been
made on the mninlund to raise more
cnpitnl to finance It so that it could
rcNuine operatiou.
LONDON, Miirch KJ ( Ascociute.l
I'riMsi l.ee .Smith, member from
,ortlinin ton, gne notice 111 the hoime
of common yeterilay that he pro
posed to liring ii' toil.iy the question of
lupmicsf intervention in .Siberia, to
I'reM.i for n statement from the govern
incut of it position in the matter.
It in expected tlnil Foreign Secretary
Balfour will replv for the government.
STOCKHOLM. March 12 (Aso
eiated Pre) According to report re
eeixeil here from Finland the revolu
tion an l HoIhIi'-v i k i agitation have been
followed by an orgy of aHsasinatiili.
The RuMhinn "red guards" are killing
many member of the elurgy and final!
landed clae.
VANCOPVF.R, March 13 (Asso
elated Pre i Dispatches from Daw
son City. Almkn. tell of news being re
ceived tlie' from Vilhjalmur htefan
son, the noted Arctic explorer. Htef
aiiHNon mude llcix hcl Island, in the fat
north, reaching that point over the ice
nfter liin bout, the Polar Bear, ground
e.l at Haitir Island Inst fall. At Her
schel Island he became seriously ill, but
ha now recovered. He expects to make
a new expedition in pril and will not
start for tin- oot-ide world until late
next fall.
Kveiv fit in I v lniuld be provided with
( 'haml'i'i In i ii ' I'miii Itiilin ut all times
Hrn i ii n iiuiv l c cured in much loh time
when .i i mi 1 1 treiiti d. Lame back,
lame shoulder pain in the iil and
i hct and i h i'ii in h 1 ir I'ltius are Home of
the diseaiet t'.n wlm-h it i eHpeciull
valuiil'le. 'I'm lli' liiiiinent and Le.-on e
i ii" i nt ed '" h it- ipi'il-ties mil v-u
will uevei winh to be without it. l'or
ile ' .ill de:..- -. HeiiKi.ii S"i'tli &
Co., Ltd., ugent for Hawaii. Advt.
British Aviators Drop Bombs
On German
Enemy Aviators Raid Coast of
Yorkshire Air Battles Many
With Germans Losinrj Large
Number of Air Crafts
, LONDON, Hareh 13 (Associated
threes) British air squadrons raided ov-'
or Germany last night, while a oVrnan
rniding fleet bombed a section of the
Yorkshire coast. Nn reports of what,
casualties may have been inflicted by '
the German bombers have as yet been '
reeeived, nor of what damage, if any,
was Inflicted upon the raiding squadron.
The British raids were highly success
ful, all the objectives being reached and
the flyers reaching their home base
without the loss of a machine. One
squadron was sent out against Coblena,
where a ton of high explosive was
dropped upon the ammunition depot
and the railroad station. A number of
fires were noted by the raiders.
Many Place Bombed
Another squadron bombed the ammu
nition dumps at Aulnoye, where five
hundred bombs were dropped, while
hangars and railroad stations at a num
ber of other points behind the German
line were visited and showered with
A few enemy machines were eticouot
red by the raiders and there were e
eral air battles, in none of which the
Missouri Senator Seeks To Be
smirch Food Head
WAHHINOTON, March 12 (Ae
eiated Pre) Benator Reed of Mlaais
sippi this afternoon launched another
violent attack on the Hoover food ad
ministration, charging in hi eenate
speech that the administration has
scandalously misused the funde at it
disposal. He declared thnt there ha
been gross extravagance on every hand
and demanded that Hoover make an ao
counting. Fie urged that the senati
turn down an item of 11,250,000 now in
the urgent deficiency bill as an appro
priation for the food bureau.
, .
eiated Press) The war department aa
nounced today that orders have been
issued for a new movement of draft
nen to the training camp.
The latest order call for 95,000 men
o be sent to the camps during a per--od
beginning March 29 and continuing
for five days.
The call includes the troops of every
tate except Iowa and Minnesota, and
includes both men remaining from ths
first draft and those liable to call in
the second. '
BPKNOS AYRE8, Argentine Repub
lic. March 12 ( Associated Press)
It is reported here that Count von Lux
'nirg, the German minister to the Ar
gentine, ha escaped confinement and
led to Chile.
Von I.uxburg was arrested after the
evolution through the United States
ecret service and diplomatic channel
Hinl he had counseled the sinking of
Sroeutitie ships and has acted as tier
manv' propaganda agent to work the
purposes of Berlin in Month America.
Public sentiment rose high against him.
It is persistently reported in Ban
1 1 .-i ko, Chile, that Count von Luxburg
lias found refuge in that city.
iated Press) An army order which
-nukes sweeping changes and reductions
of rank among many high officers of the
army was issued today. Thi order re
'ieve of command, as physically unfit
for overseas service, aeven major-generals
and one brigadier. They revert
to their rank in the regular army.
Major-Gcneral Mann, Department of
the Knst, and Blatehford, at Panama,
are reduced to brigadiers, with the same
commands. Mejor-Geueral Barry re
tains his rank and is assigned to the
Central department.
WASHINGTON, March 12 (Asso
ciated Press) General Biddle, rereutly
nctiiiL! chief of staff, will probably be
appointed in command of the Ameri
can troops in England, it was learned
It was announced that Gen. William
s. 0 raves will be acting assistant chief
of staff.
WASHINGTON, March 12 (Aso
eiated Press) Secretary of the Treu
in y McAdoo hns extended credit for
15,(1(1(1.000 to Cuba to ait in wur
WASHINGTON, March 12 (Asso
eiated Press) An additional fjaOO.OOO
000 was loaned the British government
today by the I'. H. treasury department
City on the Rh'ne
British nrTered. The raider returned
without the loss of a machine. -Many
All Battles
There hss been much aerial activity
along the whole front. On Friday, say
an official announcement, thirteen Ger
man machines were hot down and oth
ers were forced bnck disabled. Three
German balloon were also put out of
action, without the loss of a British
Yesterday three flritish plane failed
to return, but they sold themselves
dearly, the known German losses for
the day including ten airplane shot
down and seven forced back disabled.
On, the Italian front, Home reports
Ave enemy machine destroyed by gun
Brought Huns To Term
Threats of reprisal for the nsnsual
imprisonment being inflicted by the
Germans upon flritish Lieutenants
rVhalts and tVookey, the two airmen
taken prisoner after they had flown
eiver the Germnn lines dropping propa
ganda pamphlet and sentenced for this
offense, have had their effect and the
two British airmen have been released
from their special prison and put on
the basil of other prisoner of war.
Th British, it i reported, notified
Berli that they had seleeted two im
portant German prisoner upon whom
they would inflict reprisals unless the
British prisoner were immediately gdy
en proper consideration.
A report sent out from Berlin yester
day stated that the British are bom
bardlet Camhrai with long range guns.
Baby Is Struck By
Bullet Fired
At An Automobile
Child Only Slightly Wounded But
Has ' Narrow Escape From
Death Identity of Person
Who Shot Is Not Known;
Police Puzzled
Fired by some person with aa evi
dent mania against automobile, from
behind the billboards on the Kalihl
ide of the cane fields on King Street,
a bullet grazed the face of the infant
child of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hough,
held in the arms of its mother, a they
were riding through the Palama dis
trict in an automobile Sunday evening.
The bullet passed through the blanket
in which the child was wrapped, tear
ing the covering from about ita head
by the foroe of the shot. The face of
the baby waa covered with blood from
the shallow seam cut along ita face just
above the left ear. The mother scream
ed with fright and, waa threatened with
hysterics, so- eertain waa she the ehild
had been killed.
Hough had heard the report like
flie discharge of a gun and as Mrs.
Hough first screamed he turned to hit
wife half jocularly inquiring, a he
did not know what had actually hap
pened, if she had been shot. She re
sponded, 'no, the baby."
Narrow as was the child's escape
from death, the gunshot injury waa not
Hough reported the firing of the shot
to the police, but after an investiga
tion made by Patrolman M. C. Men
denis, he reported that he had been un
able to find any one in the neighbor
hood who had heard the shot.
It is reported that this is the sec
ond time in two weeks that a shot
ha been fired at automobiles in tint
same vicinity, A week ago last Sun
day another antomobile passing thi
spot had its top punctured by a bullet
which paased through it, while moving
along King Street. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Hough's baby is a
grandchild of K. 8. Robinson, the Polk
Hub ted directory man.
WASHINGTON, March 13 (Asso
eiated Press) A new and a reduced
scale of profits to be allowed govern
ment contractors working on the per
centa :c over cost basis has been work
ed out by the war industry board and
will be applied to all future contract
during this war. The new scale is one
percent more favorable, from the gov
eminent standpoint, than the scale first
put' into effect at the declaration of
It is estimated that there will be ap
proiimately three hundred million dol
lnrs worth of construction work carried
out this year for the war department
under the war industries board, to
which this new profit scale will apply.
LONDON, March 13 ( Associated
Piei--Another German war loan is
to be floated soon, according to the
Copenhagen correspondent of the Kx
I change Telegraph. The call thi time
; will be for fifteen billion mark (at
in. mini rate of exchange approximate Iv
t.lr.i,IMi(),H(M)V If this loan is sueees
full) floated it will bring the German
war debt to one hundn-d nnd twentv
i four billion mark, aiiiiroximatelv 28.
nary J I Hilly Madden, for almost
li; ll a century known to sporting men
in tlii country, died here to'ught in
a hoapitul.
iTHOUSAi lllf
Secretary Baker Was In Midst of
txcuement and Wat Hustler
Into Wine Cellar Wiih General
Bliss For Safety '
Between Eighty and Ninety
Manes Took Part In Raid Four
Being Shot Down Affair
Bloodiest of All Hun Attempts
DARIS, March 13 (Associa-
ted Press) One of the mot
deadly air raids yet carried out'
by the aerial forces of Germany
against a civilian population was
directed against this city on Mon
day night, beginning at nine
o'clock and lasting until mid
night, with the French anti-aircraft
defenses vigorously engag
ed. Estimates of the military au-
thorities are that between seven
ty and ninety machines were em
ployed by the Germans, four of
which were shot down.
The property damage was
large and the death roll amount
to an even hundred persons, prac
tically all civilians and-including
many women and children. The
majority of the dead were'hdt
killed directly by the bombs OOT
by falling buildings, but were'ldf
focated in a panic which drov
many thousands to attempt fo
jam into the entrances of the Me
tropolitan Railway, 'the 'iin'der-
?roun4 system. In thefe jamssixV''; 7 '
ty-slx ptfciX;
women and chudreiy. , ; x J ',; , ',
The number of iniurrr! wi
nine hundred and seventy-nire, 1'
many of whom it is feared will
die. 1 .'!'
Secretary of War Baker, who is
naking an official visit, to France,
tnd Major-General Tasker ' H.
Bliss, the American representa
tive on the supreme war council,
ivent through the raid. When
the German planes were first
lighted and the battle between
he raiders and the anti-aircraft
juns opened up, the secretary
ind General Bliss were in confer
nce in the rooms of the secretary
at his hotel.
The heavy -firing and the gen
eral excitement failed to disturb
lie Americans, who proceeded
vith their conference, despite the
lrgings of the hotel management
that they seek shelter under
ground. When many of the raid
ing machines eluded the city de
fenses, however, and reports came
in of the dropping of bombs in
the suburbs, the management in
sisted that his distinguished
guests move to a place of safety.
This they were persuaded t"tjb .
and the conference was finished
across a pine table in the hotel
wine vaults, safe underground;
One raider was shot down in
flames early during the raid, th.e
machine crashing in the suburbs.
The crew escaped death and' th
members of it were captured.
Three other raiders were shdt
down before midnight, there, be
ing no snrvivors from these ma
chines. The air barraee orevent-
j i -
ed a majority of the raiders from
reaching the city. It was at first
estimated that sixtv marhine
representing seven squadrons,
were taking part in the raid, this
estimate being later raised to nine
squadrons, or between eighty and
i.inety planes.
A number of buildings were de
stroyed by the raiders, but no
military damage was inflicted,
nor are any public or, historic
buildings among those damaged.
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