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, r i. ;
r S
IfiH.O m il
ilfllCIWlES ARE- .
M&ini&$ SSriultaaeaus Attack With
Bnfisa ItiaM Sftccessfet Attacks
U tJJS-lK). Mafpbi I4(f
ties which havi marked tht
Tlie lust two Vle,c,s are Continuing,
......IT- . -
crncO out m greater ana gTeaicr imt-c i uc viciiiih im m-v"
center o(f cfvilian ,porjiatiun are being kept up, with tha British
' reprisals as ytt continuing-to be directed against objectives oi mili
tjrry importance.
m .'... submarines Unite in attack
...Yesterday tile, Germans followed their Zeppelin raid against
.," tfe 'Yorkshire district of Tuesday night with a combined nubmarine
anf aerial raid against the nortfiesat coast of England, .one of the
' most ffiaftless raids yet attempted. In this eight airplanes swept
ajong. th coast, dropping bombs with villages as targets, twenty
Vpmbe, in all, being exploded without a casualty resulting. Simul
taneously, two or more submarines emerged close to shore and
passed northward, jmellmg the villages. The shells failed to find a
' ' living target. . .
, i vJ the, raid Pef Yorkshire on Tuesday night, three super-Zep
pelins were ngagedj accompanied by a nutnher of raiding airplanes
One Zeppelin bombarded the city of Hull, destroying one house and
, cusing the death of several women from shock.,. No military dam
V 4ige;was'dotte non-werip military objectives sought, Throughout the
country a number of buildings were destroyed by the ruthles ; bom
bardment, kvvi rr i
Yeerda,y , number of,Brittsh raiding squadrons were sent out
. Ute'ti'cfMvtifc .-PP. .qairon reached Freiburg, where
VbefjMtion workwer? ombed. ten tons of explosives being sent
down,'. .wjth large. number of , hits obtained. It is believed that
large damage to the munition works was don. Another raiding
Muadron dropped three tons of bombs on the docks at Bruges.
V bnTnesday the British raided far and wide over the enemy
fine on 'the western front, dropping thirteen tons of bombs in all
on the German ammunition depots, succeeding in blowing o num
iv b-cr of jhese up. .
..:::;.' iU.jWing. tfce.air. fighting yefterday the British lost six planes
, 'M-Judeatroliiffwur, p t)ie enemy.', and driving eight others to
!t'Ui''wnJ' iiaMd,-o'il.oHt..of jcmitrot,
, :?.. , .PARIS. RAJ I 19 GREATEST
vy Lejtils of the raid, against 'axis on Monday night show that it
was miicb' tht greatest air rai yet attempted in the war. Nine
squadrons ot planes, took part, but, only a few of these reached Paris
Four planes were shot down and fifteen German aviators were eithei
tilled or caotnred.
, ;'-;Vrtjlle the "fcrtnan wrc circling Paris, endeavoring to., dodge
'"" through the air barrage, a squadron of French planes from then
bacs ,lt:hind the French lines, flew.to.the hangars from which the
. German raiders had come and propped three tons of lombs upon
these, destroying many of thein.
s"- , A Berlin despatch announces , Qerman claim to having shot
down nineteen Entente machines recently on the Franco-Belgian
. ' !' ' ' ...
Agreement For ExchanfleTo Sb
cure Steel Is Arranged
i i
, TOKIO, Mn-h (Hjiocial In Nipim
Jiii)--Thi iet i nir t 1 1 K mrn ff
Jnmn have agn-ed to turn (iver to tli'
govrrniiMMit lj.00) lum of niii njc.
'fhia, in ttirji, U turnd pvr
Jmrntk to Hip linitnt Ht.tri ia nn
ri"htice for Ami-riran tce and iri.
armnriw nhiiing will Iw ud in,
"trAtft-MUaMr tric an army irn
JtWtrf'and Mijiply ahipii.
Ambiittr Mocria ban tHN authur
itd ,v Wa,hiaKtt)n to tonrludo,. the
rtt"KVn)plng. nfgotiationn a a aoon
... Jk prHtMl hj .tb I'wtwl.MtatM.ROV
rnat. through Anibauailur Morrja.
tht tba Vaited Httmi will mpply
J (pa a with ton of atl.fitr ary to
ftp.qf tb Jpn alilppioy.
'IIEVDOVRNE, Man-h i:i (Aiw(V
t"'; Irei)T-8vau town betarequ
4ikkiwa Miit 'ir.ea wtr .lmiiijl
' ,J i. ayU aUinJv. At Itutnt njae
eraoat were Kilei nun nianr were
njiirM; fully eixteen being hurt at
Irkaatra. alaae. , i .1.' . .
''Amoun the tovena vrhirji were, moat
1tMti Mount Gnreiita, Cardwll and
-' lit prepeftr 'dil( lurgM.
, g-T'- -r . -
'jWABHINOTON, Mwb) U-rAw.!i
ktad,,Prta)r-I' ) Jearnti'l ,r'Mt"',l"v
tnkt!the ttrt Ameriran aeaplane euiiip
jiext Kith ttiB'Ltberty inntura hai.ben
irieil it oflluiklly ami a4:-ep.tAd ).,!
trnvurnnmnt al aatiafaetorv aod romnlv
futf wit a all th toata. U ia annoMiira't
that tha Jatt. minor ilefnit gf tke
litberty Btotor, that regaHia' Ita lu
ferleating feature-, ha been ovi-r onk,
; Paris Raid
mM Press)-Xc, great air activi
hghttiig on trte weatern inrnt tor
vvith raid and counter raid being
r ...... .1.
Envoy Tells of Country's Sor
rows W MII;TI.. Mar.li t t Amo
ciated 1'ii'wi Mmistrr Charli'K J. 'o
piika. ruvov to Uuiiiiiniii. khvk tlmt tar
rountrv i t tin' nti-rry of tlir con(UT
orf. Itiiirwinin t.s In-ill Hulijt'ctt'd t
driiatir pcrwriit inn nn.l aotwithiftniid
ili( the toj ini nf I In- tri'iity of peuRf
tho t.yuinlai i an- Immm' further al
'I'ht Htnto . 1 f .ii r t n i f ri 1 him received
uf tWnt thr Aiiirrii'nn and Allied
aiMtiul aiiaKiniia to Hunianiu have left
Jjuay. H n in a ii i n for Odem-a, with 08 f
conduct into fiifinllv tt'rritnrv. The
Uumaniau kinn hu liet-n interned.
,t -
A.IsTIJU.M. (iennanv, March 1.1
( Ani iiit.wl I'n as) deiiiatah to
the Onilr Vlnl ivh that the Berlin
Taifen ..itunii li-mam a program of
'vprixal for (ii-rmau nien haut iihipi eon
iratd by the Allien. Thin Berlin pa
Uct demand the di-ntruetion of 400
Ernrlinh town liv nirplanea aa a re
priial (or the rnnf iaration by the Allied
Utttions of 4011 (rman iiwtr chant ahiim.
(Anaoviated l'resnj- The t earner Kir
aliaw, iMfrvinn 2 paaeuKrR, nu-nt
ahure in the fo early today on the
NfF England roast. Toga hate been
lent to the reu ui' and the coaat guards
are rigging a InrerhcK Imoy to take
off the piinseiiyi -1 s mi.l rrew. The vea
Hel ImiI on a hhii Iv liottoni and ia iu no
The K.i tmIib vv u u steel acrew ai hoou
er rigged e.sel of 'tiilo (oiib, t,uilt 18!l,
end ia owned l.y the Menluutt and
.Vflirrta' Tian-portiitioii Co, with Bait i
More a her horn.' ,ort Hhf wkl built
at Wilmington, 1'iluwale.
f 5 n k
Cont'nucs vTa;
ii;AJ ii t-f ' ,
Losses For Week Although Be, low
Weekly .AveratfiArj in tJcesA
of, Aft Saw M $lnvthe
First oLThi YW
LONDON Twch, fvA?aocia,t(Ml
rreaa) Elghtean Bfltifn, merehajitatep
were destroyed by. enmy lubpariqa .of
mine laat week, ef ordipt, to, .thf...p
ficinl announcement by tha;,Ad,inialtr
j eiterday, Of ,t heae, fifteea wert of
1HO0 ton or njer, ,
Whila thia ii weltWOow . thjp.. wrakly
average iare ruthlfm.aubmarjttn.
fare nil itarted, a li.ttlf qiore tbaa,
mr "gov tt U, well abovav tha, a,rn-
of the. iaat t wf fh. and akowt thf
largeat loaa of kig abipa. .with, thv
reption nf one week ainea tha 4rat at
ttia year.
Mine JaMrr It th ltMty re
nrda abow that one hnV4rrl' and fit
teen veaacht of MOO tia and - nref
have beeav vuak, with- forty merckae.
men of amaller tvmnage and twenty
th" nhlaa aeafta.'
The losnea reported ia the -laat ten
weeki are:
OtM Vaster Fiahng
IfMMK 1n Craft
Week Tona Tom
Kortvfifth IA 3 4
Fort v xixthi fl i t
Fortvaeenth 0 8 0
Forty eighth 9 1
Forty-ninth 1ft 5 4
Fiftieth 1. IS .1
Fifty-rtrat 13 3 1
Fifty aeeond 14 4 7
Fifty-third 12 fl 0
Fiftytfonrth . (eon
rent)c . .n . .. 13. 3 1
Amerlcaa Crw Praiaad
High praiae. f or the hroien,aiid-dar-'
ing of tha crew, of aa Ataerieaa da
irtreyer wal offleiarly oiee4 yaaterjay.
A epokeaaav forth Britiak adnatraJty,
U aa addraaa Jn tha boa mt eoauaona
expreaaad profound appreelatloa .f tbjt
work al tti deatroyer Parker 'a crew
in rescuing offleera and erear of tha
Britiih. ateamar Gleaart. Caatle iuiuV
in February. A member of parliameat
alao ipoko of tha remarkable keyoiiai
and aeamapsbip jdiaplayed ia taking off
mi nine aarvirora or tne unking imp.
TT r ;
Charles Page Bryan Had Varied
CareerQf Fifteen, Tcaf In .
Country's Service
WAHHINfiTON, Mur.h l:t (AasooJ
Ued Preaa) ('harle Page BryB
'oruirr ainlMkHaailer to Japan died he
oday of heart failure, r'ormany yeari .
he wan eonueeted with the diplomats
service of the t'nited Htatra.
Charles Cage Bryan wan ' bora ati .
'liirago nearly sixty two years age
He moved to Colorado nnd waa adtni)
ed to the bar of that state and enter
ng on the praetiae of hia profeaaiok
lie whs a member of tint OahaMoVi
louw of repreaontativea and aerved (hi
the staff of the governor of. Cakiaaut
eforc euteriug the iliplomalie. aerviei
f tle eon 11 try.
Mr. BrtMii wrved hih rountrv iu
nuiatier of iliffenmt couutTM-a iueludin
ilhiua, lliuitl. riwitKerhind. Irtagajl.
tielgiuin ond Jxpau. He wai niipiatt'
o Relgiiini when he was called t
'eaM" Hriihsels ami liei iiine AmbaMwdf
0 .lapun. Me anniimed hia duties fcl
Tokio in .lauuiiry, I1HJ. and aerAetf ue
il NoM-mlter of that year. Ho wa
leioriiteil li the Kmpeior of Japin
with the i'.iikI 1 (i r. I mi of thii rising
His 1 1 ( In in h 1 1 1- enner rttemlod ovej
1 K'riol of lirteen yearn.
ciaUd l'rH) The annate yaakyda
adwpttxl the rojMirt. of tha. tveufarcuae
4-uiuinitlee mi the AdmimiitxfttOB.iil
roid Cunt 1 ol Rill, which proviaaa far
the routiuuaUon of. guveiamant, eon
.ti-tft and operation of the railmada far
ia period of twenty nee aioMh ftfT
the eoncluaion of the war, ,fia&are--f
eepting the bill ia ita enatiraaiaB fete
aa. agreed upoa iu flkafereAay .ihekra
ate voU'd to eliniiunte a clauae-.whiah
removed the riglit of the ladividu'
StHtes tn tai i-oniBioe. awria while
thev wei-e under federal euntrol. 1
The lull as amended now goa to the
house for MiihI artinn.
W AXH INtlTON, March lH-(Aaap
ciattnl I'reaai I'reaidrirt UooMiera, aij
the Ainerii au Federation of I.abM, Mat
a me-M-uige today on behalf of th Aa(
riean Alliance for Labor ttoiooerlMy
to the Kwahihii Nov let eongreaa at Moa.
cow, epreming the aympathy Of Al
erjean Inbor with the KaHafcftjti aid
their atruggle to safeguard the. free
dom or tue people.
I The Congress nf Kn ietn h been
! postponed until TLiirsday, lutrprdiarf to
3limi'tiw reiiurts.
I - ...
( Women often become nervous and da
sinn,lent When this is due to COIllti-
pation 11 is ciuvilv coirauUd b) 4akia J
an occasional dna- of ChjMnb,rTaip'a
Tublcts. Thec taldeta art' W..t tah,
ami iitaiaut in effect . For Nla by all
dealers. n,-n,,,r. Hinith f Co., Ltd.,
ayeiito lui lluwnii. - Advt.
- : . r le il-.
Retiinl F6f 5ht
HuncMThotftaWtTpnt of Grain
ping For the Allies Without Re
striction On Ganger Zone Use
THE HAPUB, Jarrh 1 A as
eiafrn lewX-WllllBgiieaa on the pirt
Qf thc,t;nlteri,ptMtuv.ta ippply H-l ami
wsitJa a. kdadaed -. ihouaMd toni addi
tional ii. grata, was told . to the Htalri-t
of the Matherianda ,fcy, Foreign Mima
rer VsMiiion. bu. fc "midail - there arr
aonwilitioaa attaehed. wkWb the govern
went of Tha, Xetrwlaad ,' coasidet
ing. ,. .. . ,
In eMhainge , far the- hnmlred thi)
sand tuna of graia the., United Btatea
aaki that Holland ahall iiamed.arely
fsiniakot ka,.t:atd HUtaa and thf
AJIiaa.haif.a. rnillioa tone of ihipping.
.Under the preant arienvnt bete eon
Holland and tha Allies it is provided
ht tha.abifka which ,lf ollaad fawniahaa
shai) hot. be. aaed ia the daagex aont.
This aTuementr tb.'foreiga miuiater
inJuV the Allie now. seek to cancel aod
khe.r deaire..a new agreement undar
which the Dutch vessel aan be naed
where, they may ha eooaideted - neeei
sary and ' eaeential ifreiiieetive. ojf
whether, aueh use. would or would noli
"arr thesa into the danger none.
It ia thia fif rwioaat, in -connection with
the ofTer of,rrin.)y tha Uaited Xtataa
wkiehi hie aaya., the-government ia co
tideriag. . v -. v-
t s,. ri s i
Captain Secures .Warrants Fqr
Arrest For. Mutiny of Russians
Who SoiiQht To Oust Hlrri
NORFOLK Virginia. March 14-r-(
AsKoHated - Prase) Effort to pour
tnlaheviki potirles in Oieeation ir
ihip on the) high aeaa has tended forty
nine Buaaiaa awilora in serious tremble.
The eaptara called upin Collector Ham-
mil ton of this port and obtained forty
nine mutiny warrant! against the sail
ors.' ' 11
The alleged "efforts of the marine Buf .
dteriki arera told by tha captain af
Omsk which put into thia port.. He
aid the forty-nine eonspiratora bad
-rgnd.and' attempted to take charge of
h aiiip nod to dioee.hini. Ue maa-,
gad to hold his men . in, ebevh until ne
csnthe-1 pert- Atid thou immediately do
nanded tUeir arreatt
Ooriye,nlion Pl?ns To 0rQanij,e
Seven tWndred Thousand
'- ' - -.... .. -.
NKW VORK, Maruh 14 (Aeaoetat
d l'res Three thousand , liithua
liana, ia coiiveotioa here, representing
uauy centers of population throughout
he l-iiist and Middle Wet, adopteil .a
esolution yestenlav, pledging their
ullest support to the government in
ha war. The resolution praised Prnai
krnt Wilson for hia " untiring lalwr far
he liberation of small and oppreaseil
The convention formed n permanent
Lithuanian association and launched ,11
campaign for the wgaiiixing ol tin
even hundred thousand Lithuanians in
he United Mtatea. It. is planned to
i'nrm a soviet in each ouo of the larger
..1 " ' 1 1 "
FUeprt Fqr, 4 Week, Shows Im
provement: In Conditions.
WAHH IN'tlTON, March 14 ( Assord
ated 1'ress) The number of deaths re
ported in tha evrmv eantanmenta during
he wee oudiog Uaruh shows a moat
ntisfactory apcrrae, giving au.be.tau
fctai backing to ttia report of the army
medical . uerpa that Ute health roadi
itiona we.now.aatiafactorjr, with meuin
gltia rapidly decKuiag. .
The deaths of last week include. I
siity one regvlara, Jfty four men of
the Natiouat Ariy aid forty two Na
tlonal loarilaanen.
. - -
a.t .. m rT";
LONDON, March 11 -r (Aasoc'mted
Press) I'hilip . Glaaelwooh, forpierly a
Unionist member of -parliament fa
Bouth. Mancheater, and a, major in th
Cheshire Yeomanry, ha been killed iu
action iu Palestine. Baron Blythawood.
axflieutenant, gqvarnor of Oueruaey Al
derney, died tolay.
NKW YORK, March 1.V ( Associntci!
Vresa) (.Joloncl Hooaevelt waa adised
today that hia aan Archibald, who is
acaptiun, hna been woendod in Fiance
by ihrapnel, hia Jcg belag broken.
TOKJO, March H fHpeela' to Vit'ti
Jiji) The Japanese freighter Dniten
Maru, owued, by. the Hhiehoypkq Coin
na"" r.c eltr, haa been iibiirirliMid
In, the Mediterranean, according to the
advieei received here today. The erec
ia reported aafe on Italian ibores.
1 1 11 1 ' . . I
. . .' I
niCHfltlD IVERS..LEhDW(i ,
tiMi&Sitii Itiltitttift of; Ct
BtWer & Co. Expires Frbm Heart
BtlurfeEajIy Last NigKt-E rid Came
Wittt 'Staftlirtg SuddennessWas
Prominent In Financial and Plants
atic n Circles
r Ktoaurw trara, Yice-presidant and aacratary of Briwaa ft Co., one of tha
teat arUarynowu and prpmlnent citUeBi' of tha Territory, died at bis
hama, htanoa Soad, ahortiy before eight o'clock Last night, of heart failure,
t. Karwa of iUs datQ,.whick waa telephoned to hia doeest friiuda and busi
aaa aaopiata, eam,aa.a tromaodotta abock, no prellmiaary warnlngi of P
eaUng, dliaoluttoo. harlng bean glran. Ka waa at hia office yaaterday
atptohig aad apoka ol not. faallng in hi usual heajth and. after tha noon
hour, he telephooad to Bra war t Oa. that ha waa, not feeling well and would
not ha down that afternoon.
i.,vta aa. effort to ahake 08 hia indisposition, ha took hia car and drore
hinmaolf. to WalklkL apeading a abort tin at tha beach. At n.a o'clock ha
' decided to take to hia bad. bia heart twlngea banging certain Amount of
ewffBTlng, and hl - phyaloUna, Dr. 0. B. Wood and Dr. a. O. Mllnor, being
CUe4 in.i -They advised him to rest aa tha beat way of relieving hi lllnesa.
x m Anok aerea a'ciock hav doxed off, atatlng that ha, fait na further pain,
and hia doeie waa tha approach of death, which oama.ahortly before I'cbt
o'clock, lira. Iran waa with him throughout hia Laat hours, .. ..
M arraagamaBU hare -aa yet been completed for tha funeral.
It. I warn' waa Hftythraa yeaxa old, having been born in Baa Franclaca
a tmei-SU, t8BJV. : Bia father waa Ki shard Jaera, ana of tha early successful
Tnatrhawta of tha OaUfomlk city. Ha waa a brother of Mra. W. O. Irwin and
ton ale-of Man Tatapletoa Crocker of Baa Iraociaco. .
v lCr.i Irera earn to- Hawaii from Baa rraaciaoft. in 1690. whan he waa
' twwnty-Ta yaara old and for alght year waa employed aa aocouataut aud
wfloo expert for a number of tha ragar corporatlona, Including the Hutchin
aon Plantatioav Hakalaa and Ookala. In 18Sr9, on, the nomination of . B. M.
Iaawnti thaa uinlatar of Baanoa, aa waa, appointed, Collector. Genera .of
Oaurtoma,. anrrwertlag- tha Wa. r. B. McStaokac. Tbla poaltlon ha occupied
only a flw montha, howawar, resigning to ante Sprackela Bank.
' aV tw yaaralaav ha became associated with tha firm of William Q.
Irwin at Oov af whlck bia brother-in-law, tha lata W. o. Irwin of. Baa Fran
eiaoa. waa tha.- eontroillng mamaer. air. Ivan became aacratary of thia
eoupaay and. retain ed that Important position until tha merging of the W.
Irwia Oo bonlnaaa with that of a Brawor Co, of which corporation,
following tha amalgamation, he became vioe-prealdaat and aacratary, holding
these potdtiona until hia death.
. On September 24, 1901, Mr. Irara married Miss Oartruda Scott, daugh
ter of .Prof, and. Mr. M- M. Scott of Honoluin. .,
t - Mr. Iran, waa actively aaaodated wltk big bualaaaa In. Hawaii for many
yaara and waa on aliha eolld man, commercially and. aodally, of tha com
atarjityj Ha neyer aought elective offloa but haa bean appointed to many
political poattlona, of. trust, at his death being president of tha territorial
board of lmirdgration and a member of tha territorial food commiuaion. He
baa taken a landing and guiding part In many of tha tocal charities and had
bean active la promoting patriotic aid community projects.
Lieutenant Sauerbeck Is Put On
Stand For Defense In Hindu
Conspiracy Case
aoriated Press) Lieutenant Pauerbeek,
navigating officer of the German gun
boat (ieier that sought Vef nge at Hono
lulu in 1914, waa on the wjtneas stand
today in the Hindu conspiracy ease.
Hauerberk testified that the Han Fran
"isco consulate sent him to Los A
gelea to investigate tie reports that
aubmarinei were being built at the
Craig ahipvnnls for the British gov
ernment. He found, he said, that tbts
waa not so. He deniea meeting the
Hindu conspirators. He met Fred Jeb
wn, promoter of the Maverick expedi
tion, here and at Los Angeles.
Sauerbeck teatiliej that he left TTo-
nlnlu with a lieutenant, hoth being ill
and see Ving to recuperate,
Hauorbcck and Lieutenant
"era two officers of the Qeier anid to
have broken their parole to the navnl
nuthoritics. They hud slipped away to
Csliforniii in October or curly in Nov- ,
ember, 1014. 1
The to ofticorx nnd two seamen of
h (leier made their way to Califor
nia on the Kor'a. The sailora were sent
Siiclc to Honolulu and the officers were
paroled in Nan Francisco.
In 1917, when the gunboat Geier was
set afire during the tense days prior to
the entrance of the I'uited fitatei iu
to the war, the naval authorities in 8ui
Franciaco found that the two officers
had apparently broken their parole,
and a search was niaile for them. They
wece supposed to have escaped to New
Attorney General's
Three, Gets $80 Job
(WASHINGTON, March Uf Asso
ciated Frees) Miss Jane Gregory,
daughter of the attorney general, has
applied to the food administration fur
an $80 a month job, giving na refer
euces Cel. K. M. House aud the attor
ney general himself.
In reapqnse to a perfunctory question
by the employment clerk. Miss Gregory
uid she had three dopeudenti.
"Three ditpejidrnU!" gasped the
clerk incredulously.
"Oh, yes," she replied, "I've adopt
ed and aru supporting three Belgian
children. ' '
Misa Gregory got the job.
Ted Moon, whose vuitiiyi -arU rend
"Australia's premier cross eoun'ry
jockey", ia nptavrse li tcll nii of a
little experience ho bail in Amnrics
While on) Ida wuy from Chicago he
stopped off to view the Grnnd ('nn- on
In order, to do so it required at raddling
a, dpnkey and sticking, on for fniir'een
miles. Aud do yoii know, what hu'
penedf Ted Moon waa thrown. The
ilpnk'ey toaaed Australia's champ on
rider nud tlum followed it oti by klcl
ing him. The bova in Australia hi
have iiuate u Inuvh on Mi.on when Ii
gets liui.
-,:f. w' 4W'vmi-U'
Agreement Reached $ettje$ Fish
ing and Bait Questions. At
Least For War Period
OTTAWA, Ontario, March 14 (A
sociateit Press --The long Htamlini; Huh
eries dispute between tho United
tit at os a ii If Canada has been settled, al
least for the icrio.l of the war, by 1 1
adoption liv the ('auailian goveriimeot
of the agreement entered into hy the
reiresentut.i ves of the twe governments
Umler thin ngrcement, the fishing hout
of both 11 Ht ions may freely enter the
pods of cai-h country ilirixt from the
fishini; IiiiiiKh I'oi the discharge of their
The fisheries dispute bus been the
cnue of frenuriit cluHhes lxtween
I Washington nnd 'Ittnwn, due mainly to
'the, seizure of American flvhiug craft
ciiti(ht within the three mile Canadian
j I i m-lt liv the Canadiau fish patrol i i(t
ters. I lie
unailians liaw had more
u control over the finhiiiu;
or le .( of
banks of Newfoundland tlirouah the
fa. t that 1I10 bait fieldH were all with
in the Ciiniidinn territorial waters.
WIm ii, many yenrs ugn, thu right was
dciui' l Canadian fishuiK IhjiiU tQ enter
A 11 1 1 1 a 11 ports for thu disposal of lish,
this right liein retained for the bone
lit of the American li -heriiuu, the
( 'iitiadiao ocninn nt refused lo po,r
mit Ainem hii sliips to buy bait in Can
a lia 11 ports, 01 enter the Cauudiiiu liJM
The result of tins dispute Iihs been
tj k.-ep diiHii the amount of fish
broiiiilit into AincricHii ports, with it
ciinseo,iieiit iucrcHHe in tho price, aud
to restrict I lie profits to I'm- Canadian
fishermen through restricting their
market. Moth nations will benefit
through the new agreement.
WASH lN(Tf'N, March 14 (Assoei
nteil Presiti Three army officers have
bciMi found guilty at a rourtuiartiai of
n -ceiifiuL' gratuities in connection with
their work of inspecting and purenas
imr hiwsea for the use of the goveru
nient, although the gifts, which were
Christinas presents from the ranchers
with whom tho o Hirers had been doing
business, were of no considerable vahu.
Cnptain Henry Onsev was sentenced
to be reprimanded and Lieutenants H.
1.. Ragsdale and O. 0. Alexander were
sentenced to be admonished.
LONDON, March 13 f Associated
Press) Concerning the doubt in some
ftuarters over the intervention of Jap-
an in Hiberia. the Morning Telegraph
declares Hint Japan hus been a British
ally for twelve years and haa all the
time shown herself to be an honorable
and trustworthy associate
ii . ip ii i i
fiKu4 ! Ma Ionia mu& UuUvt tflect
l.AXATIVK BROMQ QriNIN w)ll befuurd
ttertkaa ordiaaviy Qutain. Doe uol nir
a. i uuaucaaj. MWC 1 ) 1 aa Pl - -
'-ii.tiei. alwrc la only une ' iirt'titu
. I I . ,.. .'Ml l I
tit "Hoi Seek 'To Break i Through
and . Precipitate . Any i Decisive
Offensive EngagemBntsi But
Teutons Are Kepi In Alarm
Splepdio) Result! Are. Obtained In
Carrying , Out . Series i of En-oaoeinenLT--rGerrnan$
' Repuls-
. ed By, French In Champagne
EW.-YORK. March 14 (As
sociated Press) Omstant
harrassitig of the Gerrnari lihes is
the evident jxjlicy of the Allies.
They are keeping the enetny con
stantly employed and on tha alert
for their attacks hut at the, same
time are not ' seeking to hrcak
through and thus to precipitate
any decisive defensive engage
ment on the part of the. Teutons.
This olicy was very much in evi
dence yesterday the Allies con
ducting minor raids on several
sectors and with a satisfactory
legrce of success, inflicting a
considerable damage in killed,
wounded and prisoners, in ma
chine guns taken and in emplace
ments destroyed.
In the Champagne sector, uf
icfal Paris reports said, the tier
mans launched an attack in mn
iiderahle force. It was met with
t concentrated lire of artillery,
machine guns ami rifles and the
j;rcy lines, terribly shattered,
turned and fled leaving large
numbers W dead and'itwounded
behind, and mowed dWn And
lecimated during their contjnued
retreat to their old positions.
In the American sectors the ar
tillery fire was the heaviest. The
Vntericans are carrying out .great
irtillery engagements and have
'orced the (lermans to evacuate
rheir front lines of trenches oppo
site those sectors.
Ajnericut Raids
American shells mi l American raid
ing parties sro dninij much Iiiivim- to
tl" Gormen lines with iilmnt nn Inset,
"o pay for it, lu-i-urdiiiu to nfHuitri state
ments authorized yesterdny.
Tuesday iiiL'ht and today Americin
gjjnnnrs turned loose llieir shells and
obliterated at least five uroupr of g"S
rojoctors prepared for iittack and wi h
the men to handle, them. The flrst
croii(i was well behind the eneiiiv linis.
l-'ircs ei-e observecl end a number of
explosions took place lifter the Amer
VtMiN Iih'I pliieed their hits. ,
Anierienn artillery lire in the To'il
seotiim has been (roster dujrinjr t'o
Inst forty eiuht hours than ut any previ
ous time. Tuesday night smitlier series
of raids were made by the. Americans
and they again penetrated the Germ- n
w-oiid line, killing u number of tie
On the Chcmiu ilea Pnines seeior.
VmHrican patrols captured the crew of
a Gexmnn raiding ail plane which had
falU-n at Claiinccy.
The .war department niinouncomect
of cjisuiiHics in Krniice was: Hix kil'el,
three died of wounds, seven of a"i"ejS",
two icveraiy wouudod and seven slight
ly . waaudeat
Paleatina Victory
In the Woutaee stern theater the com
bined British-Indian troop score! an
other, long advance on the t'qasla) c
pr in Palestine.' Here, along a brend
front of eleven miles they pushed for
ward three miles rapturing guns, stun s
and provisions as well os taking pris
oner!, The Turco-Genyan forces seem
ed appreaching a stal of domorulira
lion. Odessa la Taken
In offeat uf these succoeses the Tei
tons have taken Odessa and here they
have aeiaed lare Qiiin'ti'lea of sto-es
whiiih are readily available tQ the Cen
tral Powers both by land and by sen.
Announcement of the tnking of Ode -i
with a vast plunder wits made anil con
firmed Inst night.
Of especial importance is the oiei
ing up of the grnt grain belt vhi.li
is Inu'k of Odessa, the Russian Hindi
Hea port,
NORFOLK, Virginia, March r: -
Associated Frcss) M. J.. McKaiioh
ton, flying in a seaplane, fell today
300 feet and was drowned in ' the wa
ters of Hampton Roads. Another uvia
tor in the plane was uninjured..
WAHHDJOTON, March lit A.,.ei
ate4 (H'l'Ssi -The uu. y depart ni t oi
ii.iiimi'.I t i-jt nn - I. .ti ut a
''Il 'in I'Iihi 1 nn A iiici i. ii ii guai. Id. p
iitcit Lillcd tliite suilurs.

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