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iirin in ni intMun
,V .i i
. . . m ,
Hew Main Bxiildlno that Will Cost
. Ann Hvri : ta ?. ai . aV J . 1 l
: tare Are 3 Included: "
: SMS'CurfcnlrtrtNDENT
a I .. f r- ? 4 Mxv i
motes T, Clfgq Intends To Make
j j Inttitution Equal of Any In '
Country, Ke AtyrUi
.' A new maia bolHlna to cost 1300.000
and wlnga built on tha anil Vtm o
' t 20,oa f.h ir $mo t tb plan
for" tha Qoeea'a Hospital, said Mom
T. CI egg, th saw upriatadnt of the
Institution, yesterdrfy." AVorW'aa OB f
thV tilt f imwmv started, and 'ha
main building will follow a littla Inter.
( J'lans ad apeeifieatioas. are now ba-,
ins drawn fof the' new hospital build
ing, -..Owing ta thaigh ot of m-
' tfriali and ilor ih, jpreient time M
itwv be decided fo1 delay ronta! ruction a
littla, but when' fh' work if fiikl(thfd M
planned Honolulu will have a modern
' hospital second to none io tha United
8 tii te. .. " .
.'l;the meantime tb new surierin
trhden,wUl iti.intc exedntioa. plana
wbe 'wilt-mnchr improve the present
administration of tba institution, ac
cording to plana outlined yesterday W
'Tba Advertiser. There are many handi
cap to work nnder in the present
buildings and administrative arrange
ment, but they will ha taken up and
done away with aa far an possible.
To Stop Noise
"Tha. first thing I am going after is
oise'' Clegg. "There ii a great
deal more nnlne than tier should be ifl
hospital. "ubW carpet for the eoj
, rldors ahleh do not have It at present
hns been ordered, and other mraavre
Till bo token to insure the largest
measure of quiet possible." i
Recent patients at the institution
have complained of the noises which ia
terferad with tbeir rest daily and
niphtlr, ' ona . woman patient having
gone home a few days After an opera
tion because she could not Wp on a-
rnnnt of the many footsteps, bells,
t-TMnjr. and other rtistorrunir,, noi
The large .algns saying. "Keep Ouiet''
have not seemed to have any effect so J
1.. . O 1 -. i -.I , . S
i:ir, mil ouprrjniwinieiii. os;'. is kh
to explain to everybody just what they
rrieaa, and see tint they are observed.
'The bonpital is to be divided into
different working departments with a
single head ove. each, said Clegs, nnl
tht bend of earn department such a
rmrninr. diet, and so1 forth, will be en-
- Mralf i rasponsible fvr the conduct of
bf asiieciai -field. Up to now the
hospital lint been ran as a one-man in
atrtution. he -Mid, when as a matter
..of-faHjr.lt 4a enlarge fat saan to
administer units the department plan
is folio wad. !
Knraes Nseded
At. the present time many of the
complaint of lack of attention eomina
from patient are duo to the fact that
there are not enough pupil nurses to
care for the many private rooms and
wards. The hospital baa been run
ning full, and the force of girl could
not attend to the number assigned to
A few weeks ago there was one pupil
nurse as night nurse on one of the
floors who had tinder her charge each
nicht from fourteen to sixteen patienas.
It is almost a physical impossibility
for on girl to attend to that number
of patients In private rooms, as these
wire, but this girl w on duty night
sfter night from seven p. m. to seven
a. m.
This condition will soon be improved,
as ftuperintendant Clegg said that a
new class of twelve nurses will be
started the first of next mouth.
The pupil nurses' home is bIho to be
improved, in order to give the girls
some form of social life and make tbeir
hospital quRrters morn romfortahle. A
rm-pptinn room, lecture room, and new
dining mom will be added for them at
once. Thev have now no reception
room in which to see frinnds or rein
tives, nor any lecture room in which
fHeir fr"",'nt evening lrture can ke
given. They are iisinir their old din
i'ir room for their studies.
Will Take Time
"To bring about any noticeable im
provement here will rnquire time,"
said riegrr. "and though evervthisg
possible wi'l be done to brinf op the
standard of the institution as it stands
ti'e hosnitil can never be what it ounht
to be until it kas the new buildings..
"These will be planned after ths
most approved hospitals of the enst, nd
will he built with tb rKt kitchens en
the top floor, to avoid all kitchen
noises and smells: The first buildiac
to be pn " will be one of the unUs
which ' :li later form a wing of the
main bi 'M'n T will contain twenty
private rooms, and it I my intention
to rent them for the smallest sum at
which expenses may be covered. It ii
hardly possible to feed and lodge a pnti
ent under three dollar and a half or
four dollars a day, but weyihall trv to
keen as near those figure as possible.
"This hospital i peculiarly a com
ruipitv Institution in that it serves
rrnrtlcnlly the whole public of liono
li'ln end a large proportion of the
TP,i f t oHer Islands and it
should be an institution in which the
community can take real pride and
surh a hospital, and T am sure that in
Hach as hospital, and I nm sure that in
time it can be done."
' V' K'nnev, superintendent of'
. 'iii-a''" will '(.'live in tie Mhuiih Ken
t' :' ' : - for t.fi tin I nit Muni. Mr
1 ' ill t'lnr iiiot of the Valley
' 'Ii ' ' - -' stnv Mini lun'i into
'' I mi. 'it ions pencrnllv. If ho is
'npJiKh his work in time
'I .i,ilnlly return to Honolulu in
" '"He Ken o.a nuturduy uioruin.'
'-'e he will not I'oine back uelil
'liii'd:iv inpiuMg Masiaa Kea,
Itl 1917 $667,718
Officers Are Re-elected and Re-
lILtk. k. i ak . t tt i . i . ti
pwi ri "suomiueo ai
' ' 'Annual Meeting 1
Hat enrjiinirs oi the MeBrrde Sugar
Company for the year ending Decem
ber 81, 1IU7, amounUd to 46717,718.26,
according to reports presented to ehara
bolder f eaterdav at ths annual -meet
inguof. the- company. The officer and
directors of tb company were reelect
d at the meeting, which was held In
tha fflee of Alexander and BaMwIa
Tha offieers are: President. J. P. Cooke!
first vie, president, H. O. DiUingham;
second vlee president, H. M. von Holti
treasurer, j. Waterhonse: aecrctar.
tha Oul d;-audior. D. B. Murdoch:
manager, T, A. Alexander; directorate.
SeV. Cooke, H. M. von Holt, E. W..T.
PnrVI, H, O. DilHnghami C. R. Ham
way, Fred Harrison and .T. Water-
bouso. Alexander aifa Baldwin ire
sgento of the company.
Traaataref't Beport
Acorn-ding to the treasurer's fetiort
'the net receipts for sii.ar for tha yer
were ..no, i I whlcl) with sunUry
earaing bring the total receipt ,to
i!,initf,'ipj.a, Kxpenilitdres In thoyear
Rotated al,n4 1.74S.10. One of the
item, of expetirlitnre I income P tax,
amvnnfing 10 tiu,4.z, r -
i SneldAd in the company' asset are:
.Permanent improvements, M.19H 46.05;
"rowing crops. SIS.sa.l.SS; supplies
ipttJGi.; investments, ''.97,400.118!
nilni' tjlectric Company stock, $261.
500. , ' ;
'The company hns outstanding sioek
valued at iS.24!i.004. of which 12.619:
:6C4 ia common stock and 600,000 is
'nreterred stock. Outstanding hpnd
amount to i,S!M,i;o.
Vr&9 la Hoary
f'la tne refort of the mnnager lt is
stated, that tho 11)17 crou was heavy
and ran over estimate, making 17,50.1
coae. 'ix ts expimneii that tha eom
lanjr'a trs.o.Hportntion facilitio ware
taxed, dne to the fact that ostside
rdaaters increased their planted areas
TJi company began grinding with
the" 1918 crop Percmber 17 au4 up t
.'Ji middle or rebruary had raanufa
tured 3800 tons of sugar. It i report'
d that the fields thus far harvested
have fallen below estimate' in cane and
sugar and the year's output may fall
inelow 0,uuu tons.
Five hundred acres of cane planted
for tho 1019 crop is free of insect pests
inrt is growing rapidly. It is planned
'n plant (50 auron in 11)18 fur the 1020
During the summer of 1 ! 1 7 ell dc
partmeuts of the mill and boiling house
received complete overhauling and
thjftf installations centered in the boil
)iig houMp where new euuipment was
Effectf of Bonus
. 'On the subject of bonuses the man
ager' report says that though the
bonus paid waa high, it resulted in
f f Wer. mtJn" leaving the plnntntiot than
In the preceding yew and loss time wiu
lost by laborers, IxMuiers for 1918. the
report say, are not equal to last ycarV
ogs, though the company has mofe
cane, under lrruratiiia contracts am!
good gauge of cutters.
Unusually favorable weather, the re
port say prevailed through the year
aa the raina were well distributed am
were accompanied by no severe storms
ami the reservoirs were well filled, save
for a short time in the fall.
With the other report was one mil
mitted by Hupurintendent A. Menefog
lio of tha Kaum Klectriu ( ompany o-.
the physical condition of the tlectrU
company' property.
Tavares Tells Jidge He Failed To
Take Examination For Fear He
Would Be Taken At Once
Hergio Tavares, the first msn sub
jert to draft lio has 1uimi haled inti
rourt for failure to uonie up to tin
e-'iilntions of the registration board
di'udvd guilty in federal court, yester
day, to u churge that ho fnilud to pre
ent himself for medical examination
in Hilo. Tavares said he waa ufrni'
that If ho presented himself be wouli
be taken at one without an opportun
itv to settle his affairs and mnke pro
vision for his family. He snid if In
had known that lie would be givei
time to adjust his affair he would hnv
complied with the regulations.
- On account of the ftt'-t that this wii
the first ense under this heading am
that precedents in the treatment o
cases of the kind are lucking, Judgr
Poiudexter placed the man under bon,
of 500 and released him for thirty
lav pending the, imposing of senteni-t'
Thre otlier mVn will lie triiul t,u aim
ilar charges during the next week whil
th trial jury is in session, each l'iri
proceeded in upon information, the liiv
classifying draft evasion as a ni'sdc
nienuor. The three men have beei
lroii)jht from Hilo and Maui by Depot'
Cnited States Marshal Hilva. The ot),
er throe are charged with fuilure I"
riinirmnn Samuel Kiiulinue has mini
allotrnent of the recent nppropi i;il i".
of 11)011 niuile by the board of super
visors for the si-IiooIh of Kii't llnnnii
of which amount L'3(K) hh for jniiit"'
servicu a 1, '1 cure of school union, Is mi,'
l.ril)0 was for furniture and lint ores t',o
the diffeiont whools. In the allutinent
for janitor sitrvice Hilo lli;li Si-honl
gets ;,.li, Hilo l'uion group 1M)() un.l
irtlier Kust-Hawaii schools set f 1,100.
.Of the appropriation for furniture and
fixtures, Hilo High gets 150, Hilo
Union Mi-liool gnoup, fiOO and other
Kaut liuwuii school $830.
President WJIspn'i Proclamatlpn
Atolliihlrirjr i&lf of Mo(:
wows. - VM f " pyillUII TP"
thrgb tmil.b:rfh, tad roeelyd
yesterday by tha Hawaiian easrtmeat
Indicate that Apr!) 10 vill be tha day
oa which Pridnt'1VUMa's order ban
ning liquor from tha Island of Oaba
will become effeotrvet h ..f
Aecordiag to tb jiotice sent to tb
Hawaiian Department hr Adiutant
Qenaral ktcOaia th order Itaoif disoet
(bat it shall go into exTaot thirty day
after publicatioa by. general order or
by bulletin of the war department. The
order u publithed yastordw .in Wash
Jngtoo in Ballet in 11, and thirty day
after this publication would b AprV
io. . . t
JTxt of Order ,
The text of President Wilson' ordar
aa transmitted to tba Hawaiian Depart
ment by Adjutant Ueaeral MoUaU is a
follow: .
' 'Wisser, Honolulu.
" Bulletin 11, March 11, 1918, pub
liahe folluwins.exMutive ordnri
of an act of congresa approved May 18,
autharlaing tba president of tho
United, bUtea "to make auoh regvla'
tion governing the prohibition of' ale
hoaie liquors in or near nitlitaryeampa
and to tne offleer and enlisted men. of
4h army aa be may from time to timie
doom necessary or advisable' the tol-
'wing, regulation are established for
tke lalaad of Uahu, Territory of Ha
waii, and shall become and be efleetivja
at the end of thirty day after tbe puh)
Hoation thereof by general order, qr
rmlleun of the war department.
" 'Within the Island of Oahu, Te
rltorv. of Hawaii, alcoholic liquors, la
eludmg beer, ale and wina, eit her alone
or. with -any other article shall not. bje
sold, bartered or seryed. or knowutgl
transfajrred, or banded over from one
fxrsoB to another and to any nlacf
withifl aaid island shall not knowingl
be sor b caused to be sent, shippet),
transmitted, carried or u an sported,
eept -that this regulation shall, not at
ply. to the' giving or serving of such 1
nnora in a pnvata home to member
the family and bona fide guest othnr
than memoara or tae nuiuary lorces, or
to the eending, --shipping,. transmitUng,
-arrvinor mt transDortina of such liouoaa
toa private home for us aa aforesaid,
or to (A nocks or wharves or sal taf
and for transhipment in original puck
Bg6s and' junder. original billing. o
point of -places outside of said island
or- to tbe sale of auch liquor by regis
tered pkarmaelot ,to rrgulaxly licensed
phyaioian , or-rmy or aav .. burgeon
r tnsdical Use or tb ths) administraUon
of sncb hpgor by ocAnoVor th (liroeti
of. sneh physieian or. army or oavy
snrgeens, or to th porabasar ratentian
and nan of. wina for sacramental pur
poses by chaplain of th Army. or. navy
ot vx reguiariy oraaraeo- numtn .na
dir th? .rulaa ut tbaay reapoctivofuroh
. . '"M'CAJN
Charles L. Hopkins,
r T 4 I'fe. fn tll.1T
Answers Last Call
Mr. Hopkins '.dith removes a graci
ous and kindly presence ftotn th Judi
ciary building wker b had long ben
a familiar figure! Few ntep. achieve
the degree of respect and affection tht
nas accorded to hire by all who knaw
him. A courtly, dignified figure, re
miniscent of tie great day of tbe
past, he practised a simple courtesy
that, stamped a. lofty character and
won quiet confidence; Hi friends canje
from every walk. In life and all lovd
and respeeted hjoj.
It is probable that no oive with
a n equal knawjedg or old Hawaiian,
laws, laaguage. euatomo and usages sur
vivo him in tbe Territory, He was born
at Koolauloa. aixgt.r-favir year ago and,
being of an .ambitious, turn, while ke
was acquisiag his education in tbe
ouldic school, he trained bimself as
ticcially io Kknowledg of English snd
with it made a e.loqe study of H
uii and. Ha waiia.ua from tbe esrliekt
Wins Eocojoiitlon
His talent won, early recogiiition and
:n .1SS3 ha was made chief cb'rk to W.
'. Parke, who wa then marsjial of the
kingdom. Soon after this he' Tiecame
lepiitv BUUrshjU and Jh'en.masiaJ fit . the
'innom. ittrousn all ta irreat pari of )
of the! reig Ot KatakHia he remnlnod
i fjjvpred. intimatp of, tbjft ,m,qna,rcji 6fi
if tp' the kins' death, as mitrshal in
January of 1861, he proclaimed tbe ac
cession of (jpeeui J.iHuokalanl.
In 1812 be wa elected to'the levisla
ore as a noble from the tla,nd ' of
innu under tre terms or the eonstitu
'ion thjt M1 been imp-; ed on Kiui
"liiksna bv the reform cabinet of
'HS7. He sat through this aeiaian of
'he legislator, the last that was held
wider the monarchy. ,
fter the pessing of rovalty he serv
"1 for a term as nolice iustice of "
"lulu snrt Inter his tiliwits we' ea'bvl
otii ul'iv bv the lecislatore. in whiidi
"'ed as t"ternete. It was short
after t.errjf pnal . Ifpverftment ha1
ce'i estnblishml thnt h rsll..,'
., t-e "' he hld the time of his
'..sth thst ht Hawaiian interpreter in
'h circuit- court. - JCA
T" o o h'S iovs. Jnmes HonVins er'1
"-:i"cis TTorV'InW. r serving the colors
'aviii" erfWed in California some tii.
't"i. .Tumes Honkins le now soinu hctv
;,'i' on the blnMv fields of PrU-A c
'riliin to nn'nrmstion that he fn
ilv hns rcently received. The other
son is still 'in a training camp in the
St-'te. 7
Two other sns thaj gurv4ve h4m are
Manlev Hopkins. Territorial aijdjt.or.
nnd Charles A. K. Hopkins, wio ia in
the realty business. Thre. dauhtjw,
nre Mrs. Joseph tal, Mrs'.' Fdlen Vick
try and Miss Angela Uopkln.' ' '
UTisunderttanding A$ To True
Watura of Protect Cleared Up
and Sentiment Veer Quickly ,
V W'fefliaimons Vote 'she tfiU Boud of
TrideAgwvK rls hsifHy aadVsemh to
tha territtftlat fair, after hearing enthu
laafi talk by George H. Angaa, ehair.
inan, hni Harold Rice, Maul's fair eom
taistoner, lt Friday. ' 1
Th3 (a tba third body of representa
tive, island business men to give ttnqualf
fted tupport to the big agrienrtral and
Jlyettoeki .anow in June. The Honolulu
CbiunasW f Commerce recently approV
M tkd 'btorprise ant offered iU op
HrfctiOtl, ah4 Immediately afterWard the
Maui Ckambar of Oommer took im-
ilat action. It is understood tba Hono-
lultl Ok amber intends to name s apoelal
committeej to work closely -with (hit
Uit commission and give' active assist
ant Im ry way possible. , Thi eom
mlvte amy be announced within the
next day .or two.
- Chairman Angus, who returned from
Hilo, yesterday morning, laid that ap
parent ly- misiniderstanding had de
velooed .Among many peopla ok th
Rig lalaad to the purpose and- value
I tbr frtir, many overlooking M aeri
pas ' baatnet . a an educational and
market-aroative fsctor for island pro
direer .and Consumers. Publia aentl
meJxt. ,uickly veered however, whe the
true aetura f the fair was explained.
L To tha. members of tha Hilo Board
r irao r.. Angus declared that the
soleYarpo ptthe show i to assist in
mkina tha territory self-supporting,
thambr easing the burden' Hie remaind
t f ,th tiintry is carrying. I wijl
idom6r than nit other thin to teaeb
th asWrple the fcgrirnttural powibUitia
or t fteie nrna. k. . .
') Harold JUce nnkn rnther franklr-nn
ItSo'Wvoek phase of the aub.feet. "In
he-'an(is most of the cattle ranch os
ersj rotten 4ke Post Herald quota'
him ma nhaf These (fae easr.-he
lmprovdi tby will pfodnee, joattfe
welahiagf pounds lnttead-of.tr.
"Th.'' fair will educate the Movie
'tl tlrfWr'wf.-tisin mar and betUrl
un .. . V. will .. L.
'visr . - 7 lvf.v itmu JUfJ i gst .ww I
'hn rnuViW la irt ssfk'sa rl.ii..ins '
'hen sfalfk are .in a bad war. I
- "I remarsbr on Kauai several veWial
ri;vapivv.iftr would 10 114X4941
fVi ''nrtrrckm4 lrn f.nf ,sb aha
tho. ii"irestion thnt thev ehanne
hefvf r)-(tvof. cane from Lahalna ho 1
Tellw.CiledoriBk .They would not jr'
to the other ilapds and see -f or thorti
ilvt ,iiUt.;gfadnTly thi was .tfun,
nA how. Yellpw .tjaledonii is on of our
iest Muw Vdrietles. widely grovtnA rf
";W, hat.j:in this war, and If
v dgq'fr.get fcuy4 w ar licked )
reHdy, . "V. ffluatj, go after iicas;lfi
Siiti f ooeVtuffa. nd improving every
nereased Theefr i)4ht. we ejin educote
Jhe, p0p'e. I . pepevfi that In vears t
'"ome ciieraen fVbri';A)sx.iiMa. New
ealarid.iand othfV jaraee will rome ko
Hawaii th. get. XVf tMringhbred cat-
T1 Aireaoy i nave oroer tor Dera
shirn hog tp bp shipped to Australia.
Still, some pennle import thi breed of
nig f roaa th Coaat.' J ' i " '.
"W.e will makafrtbe., Hawaiian Ts)
and, the,. best, ia th, world for eattle,
w Ve fro of. disease- that play
hawoe with them elswhere."
C. C. Kennedy, John ' T, Moir and
m an v other prominent business men of
the Big Island, promised the fair their
"Hiy personal interest and coopers
I be agricultural committee of the
fir is to meet at h.eadaMrier. room
104. Hawaiian Trust building, at eivh'
'clock, this mnrninrr. The fo'mmer.'in)
committee will meet. Thursday mora
ini' at n o'clock, the dog show com
mittee frldnv mornina; a"d livestock
committee at one o'eleok friday after
4ve. ,
' i i ,
Miss Catherine fjrajiam, from Hnntn
Clara, California, arrived in tbe Ma
una Loa Thursday, says last Tuesday's
flar Ion Joland . of Uhne, Kauai, en
route to Kolon, where she will teach in
one of. the publiu schools. So munv
good teachers have come to the Inland
lit graduates of tb Normal School at
San Jose that parent always feol Hint
far anv one to coma front tint section
is considered a very good introduction.
Miss Ornliam went wikiwiki to the
ceue of huf labor, . axl was ready to
hanahana by tbe tune the clock struck
nine. An industrious kumukiila, all
right. She's maikai.
Banks Notified New
Issue of Mm
San Krancisco, March' IS, li) 18.
Hnnk of Hawaii, Honolulu.
New issue Treasury Certiacttc,
dated March 1!0, due June 1H. In I
terost four and otie half (lercnt.
Demoninktioua, five hundred to
one hundred thousand dollars.
Kxempt from taxation. Will be ,
accepteii in payment of third
Liberty Loan subscriptions. Pay-, :
nient muy be uuids by credit." ,
('utile sulisi riptiouWaot later tli;ni
Murcli Notify other bunks ,
in 1 1 n nii.
Han Van,'iM, ,,.
The iiliove cable messnge from the
l iidi nil Id hit vn P-unk of S:in Kr: n
i'i''o w na recie l jQes'jurJiij by
A. Lewis, vice president and niuni
gi-r of the Hank of Hawaii, iui
', "I'cing iinotlier issue of Uni'ml
States treiuuiry corti(iruti. The
triii'S are siuiilnr to th Issue, which
whs a n iivuui'e.l u few weeks ago.
IS) . . a,
Buff and Blue Colors Hold High
Revef Around Volcano ' '
,, , oLKilauea v,. 'w
TeJIIn of 'tbi-'week e,na, Vlajt of a
paVty ef Pnnahmi prufensor nd, stu
dents to the Volesdo of KHane the
Post Herad snys:
" Headed by Ronald Hijjgina, a Jolly
bunch of students anil young teachers
from 1'iiiiahoii College left Honolulu
Hatuntny niter noon tor Hilo and tbe
voles no tv, wn ,i,nrh thirty strong,
nn minus the cheerful adjective, sta
gere 'lo vn the gtinsnlaitk at Kahlo
Wharf niindny morning, after on of
the roughest fin ever mada between
Oebu and this island.
"TU hand it to the Mauaa Kea,'
said I.sra Urann, one of tba bunch
'She ean put It all over a sobma
rin.' 'You mean all under m aalima
rino,' corrected one of tbe other ehapa
'That boat, the kfauna Kea, would
lust naturally poke her not.' ander
neath any submarine that float. - W
rolled right along on the bottom of the
"In spite of the roufh trip the boys
had a lot or fun, and they Were a fi
as racehorses Sunday Wiornlng when
they started to the volcano. Several
of them were seen in th Hilo Prag
rtore weighing tbemselve. Go de
dared he lost thirty pounds oa th trip
and was glad of it.
, " 'They're all right now.' said Mr
Higgina, who managed th part, f i'
w stormy passage, but thnt wa
the weatherman 's fault. Anyway
we're all lad we came, and wa'r go
lag back the same wav wa earn over
It's a splendid trip for a bunch of
topnpMtess, and we just had to see ths
volcano. '
"J.oughinr; and shouting gibes at
each other, the boys packed. thmlv'
dnto.. antomobrtea and set out,, foe tb-
volcano. a short time after the Maunr
K arrived. The hunh wa mad,
at Darmont Htanley, Lorrin Ajidrawf
Robert Mott Hmith, Dixon Hitobeoek
Fred Peterson, Everett Holme), Frer1
Hium. Kwei Chew, Kverton. PnMtdetter
Tom. Rlnalehurst, Ralph -Jieali Denn
ithin)rton, H. Ii
Wlthtngton, H. 11. I.sqnieas, Clanem
Diuio V.wrm Prana niin.Piu 4inA
' - - --- j - --
eV Bertrman. J. ijlrn. A. B. Ham
Ho, E. Aekerman, Oliver Xmeraon, lta
Oocker. Hanford Wood,'1" Abra
Garner. Cedrie BnldwiA. Bon aid Hie
sjla. Joseph Smyth.. Charles .Anther
'anil, Raymond Scndder, Ke-,too-fane.
C. Jones. Oeors'e' Bakeit.JSdwais'
Pleyr and Riehad Rimontop,
f. VThe whole erowri -left o he Mali
i a -Ka yesterday aftetnoon." , .
- S - .
'in. n.i ..v..i -
gli-tnfd raom Ite JULaui few of la
. The department of education ha
asked teaobera of the schools to ASeis
a far a practicable in th wprk of a
semblyinj; field glasses for the navw
Public school pupils ar aeked to earts
th information home to their parent
in regard to Bed Cross work, the u
parlnient has sent, oat advise that
ia essential to giv th. number anr
names of th children pledged to d
Red Crou work, enumerating the aamt
,py - grade, belor certificatee can tj
awarded and permission given to un
Play a apoeiai Kd.Uaa banner.
The enrollment at Camp 10, Puunene
hs.fallea.down to uch an extent tha
it will probably become a one roon
school neat term. . This ia on accoun
of so many Bpanlards , having left fo
tbe Coast.
rluperyjmng Principal Raymond wil
leave oa Saturday for Molokai for
tour of the aehooia. . lie will be ar
oompanied i by - Vocational Instructo
Bowman and Mra. Bowman.
R. A. Wadswortb x.resses niucl
satisfaction with the way the school
hav taken hold of the Thrift Stamp:
There is a great deal of sicknes
among tha children, ia; most of the die
triets of tbe island, whooping cough be
iug the principal ailment.
About fifteen male teachers of th
itttdnd 'hre subject to the select iv
draft, as the result of which there i
some concern as to the situation i
soma of th schools in case thev ar
drawn by tbe war,
School Notes
The government schools will close th
present term of the school year on Kri
day afternoon, March t for tbe Eate
vac ation. They wl!l reopen on Muuduy
April 8,
Mr. Nettie L. Scott, principal of tin
llolualoa School in Kona, says a recent
Hilo paper, ha filed a demand on the
Couuty of Hawaii for t-GVO on account
of certain land that was purchuaed ii
October, 19,17, for school purposes
There is no dispute over the matter, bui
.ertuin detail have to tie arranged i,
iiuuertiou with the deal in Honolulu
U'fore the monev eau be paid.
It is thought that a number of public
;,-hool of Hilo will send exhibits to
he big Territorial Pair in Honolulu
next June, say a Big Island paper.
Seven huudred dollar will be needed
according to Cbairmau Kauhune of tin
I, oar, I of supervisors of the Island ol
Hawaii, to repair ami place iu proper
-oiiditiou some, water rluuies hi,.1
trough at the Hilo I'uiou School
fliii-h were damaged by (he rceii
heavy rains.
The position occupied by the pupil
it' the various schools of Kuuai, par
'ipiiting iu the trnrdeu contest i
I'ollows; Lihue, first; Knpun, seciiul.
WuiiiiHA, third; AniihoUi, fourth; Miik-i
well, fifth; Haualei, sirth; Knlalir"
eventh; Kolon eighth: Wailun, uiutli
'iieiiu, tenth; K.iuui (traiiunar, eleven
h, u ud ll 'iu inuulu, twelfth.
II ('. (lilbert, oue of tho teachers o'
ie Hilo Hoarding S.hool, receive. I
ws recently tlit he iu I Imkui drale l
I Iiti returned to lys Imme ,iu Qreu,
nhere ho will enter a trniuing camp.
Fcminm o Aeich Til
Registrar of Vital fctatlttlct, In
Interview, Points Out What
May Be Dona -
The question of registering birth,
marriage and deatba i i ry im
portant one and mor partienlarly ah
i that of recording th birth Of thil-
Iren as soon after It aomoa Into th
world as posaibav. -. .. .
In late years the territorial bureau of
vital statistics of th board of health
ibs made )' res I stride ia baviag eltl-
cena and other residents of tha Terri
tory see the absolute oeeUv of. res-
ordlng, particularly, th birth of their
e nor en.
Wshintun, I). C, has of lata taken
.n active iattrest in tha vital UU-
lc of thi Territory and oa of iU
gent, it. v. i.appin, bat bea la Ko-
tolulu for some weeks patt eheekieg
up tne iocsi records.. , ..- .
It teems to me," said MrstkL He
ter Imon, reentrar-seneral of. Vital
.a ; . . i . . . . . , '
nwiisiira, in uiscusaiaE- snia
rtnrday, "thnt principals sd Uach
r in tbe public and tirivat cbool
it tae islands can b of material ,aid
no assistance to thi bur, or
ng the children attending school ta aa-
eriain rrom ther parent wMImw w
lot (hair births have hea reaitrd
ml by reporting to thi dvrtmoi
r any of iU district aata. .... i
aft Questions la Point i
Cases have ansea, of lat eapeelal
atnee Question of thi . mllitarr
draft have cropped un, that ahoft the
psoiute . necessity of recording thf
tru or cbiuireii. And. men. thr are
many reasons, other than thia, wh th
a a mnierial and vital. 4eeaaltr.!
Hr. J. S. B. Pratt, president of the
erntorial board of health, has aikat!
n Advertuer to contlnije toe assist
nee thia paper has rendered bia depart
nent in tli particular. .,
"Yo'ir dnily column of vit,l aU tit
les. I And, has been of gneat valne and
saistanee to tb board, -of hjsalth.4'
doctor Pratt said yealardiy MTour
-eaaer cannot fail to ramembor; whr
'hiUeen bless their homeK thatthaf
must be rogistersd. .-, . '.. . ,. I
! "In the ease ol deaths' wis aave a
feater check on the public Kfl burial
"ned ""der tb law. withOat
eemetery or other permit nd la thai
division or our work we have, therefor
DUt itwe trouble. f ' l i
. ' "W have had frequent troubt with
th. recording of marriaea.r Thelaw
eqnire that person perfomiagTjthi
marnag ervice shsll fl) uev tehon
mmedisiely, b(t tlioriB;- -hAv Mj
ase where these do not' OOm In tia,
li wrrf iui WOUIDI BllWItva,'.
"X-Hive the Whsl.'ith(oyitU
an help as a good flesj 'amA-thii-'wi
e appreciat by te, lervtm'oirt.Mu
. iealarly in ' thing . parent : thrthis
t&eir children th
births.'' ' "
' Why ' should birth xaafl 'dea-tha tat
egiarered," U th title of ha iatef
-as 'Jsi i
Sting pamphlet pbjibefl ratiy
' he. American 1 Medinal Association
.hiopiro. The iaUoduction ia thi
lamtihlet say: . . 1
"Proper registration of births am'
leaths is of great importance to th
dolt member of any community,' Ne)t
,niy are even reaora necessary- ro
he accurate study of disease and it
revention, but they ar also of th
tmost importance- in all : qutiiin
-elating to berwdity, legitimacy, pro
rty rights had" .identity. No ehi'
bor lew i of - vain, -unless it rosti
... - . M I lL f . .; '
tin m ynbciu vs inns r)(UiirilUB aw
irtb certificate, by -which the eht
nd thetnsrnt can tie required at anr
iine to produc poaitlv prtof of tie
ire of the ehild. dLawa regulating thj.
ge of consent , cannot, be rigidly aa.
.ne.L so loi" 5s tb question of thi
age of the girl depend on th statb
. - - M .. , . . ., . 1
cum uEvresiea pvrsons rarner xnsp
'ii uinciui Biaie recurus.
'awa Ia Only few ttut
"la praeiieally all other civilized ne
ions, nropar repistration of birth I
accepted a a matter of course. Euro
pean look with astonishment upon the
American people, when they lean, th
here are at present only eleven Amer
can states, and th District of Colum
Ma, which ba'v any adequate birfl
egistration. .These atete r: Maine
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maseaehua
tta, Cennecticut, Sbode Island, Ni-
Vork, Pennsylvania, i Maryland, Miehji
-an and Minnesota. I
"Resolutions adopted by the Ocnera'
'ederntion of Wlomen' Club at Bti
Vaac.ico reogmixd th fact thai
rotier registration of births is absp
lutely essential for uie effective oiiera
'ion of th Children' Bureau whil
was eatatiiuthed by tbe redsral Uov
ernment in 1B14, and of which Mis
'uha J.athrop of Chicago is tbe CW.f
r.quaiiy iraiiortwat. (a tbe piwpf
-euMstrntion ofviitatba. No civlll
community boaldUow a human beinj
to a and b buried without a proi
'ftictal record having beea nsV of th
fact, nueb reeoada Bra indisponmol
in determining, death rate, proportion
.f deatbs and dbirtha. duration of lrf
rates of life insuraac, etc., and in
'ireventing and deteoting srime.
"in preparing legislative bill on
-nost suuioe!, the Arat Question fr
-onsiderntion is the drafting of tHcJ
i. ill. in this east, fprtufintely it
'is) necesaary, a a model bill on this
Mil, met lis been in vxi"tanrc for som
tune. i he text 01 this hill appear
on pae 13 of thi pamphlet. It wa
'rsftad in 1007, patterned after th
Pennsylvania law, which has provqri
in us i enective.
"Thi bill ha since been endorsed
by tho Censu Department of the Um
'd States Government, the American
Medical Assoeiatios, the American Pub
lie Health Association, the American
statistical Association, the Committ
on I niforpi Law of the American Br
ssoeiation, the Anicrcan Association
for the Study and Prevention of In
fimt Mortality, the general oncers
the American reiteration of Labor an
the Nutional Conservation Congress,
well ns by n ii mu roil s local and stnt
iissociations aud other public health
bodies, it can, therefor, be said to
represent the combined Judgment of
nil those interested in securing bet
ter vital statistics legislation and regit
tint i, oi for the United State as well
aa the knowledge aud experieuce of
f .A L Sl.il i.. AIJ. 1. idA.i .
WWCU ISJI ficu. VI 1MUO III bi- ,
ivnvu muib nu wuui t
Handlet. Tbenv
A number of evhool iot of tb Wat-
dowaward path,1 and atathy r
or si. ar destined to anend a term ia '
mis (wiiinnuarx,. exsi vw.uww ie.
MM of 1iks. Kauasi M 4at TuadavFa
Issue. They are all Quit yeonr. a ad to
th.t f.t tk m. tmt ilK.vtW tnl..
They raag n ag from fosirteia . -
ilUdn kill tn m,a bMr(n &
tendency tq crime whjeh i aad to obi
serve, . ,.- r 'it. .
We omit the name . of tha boys. '
hoping they 'Will a! lorry further
dlffieulty. It la a sad thins; wheb.
bad reputation become attached to a
.boy. it I hoped the boy will e .
tii error ef their way, a ad not agala
sjffend. i
Three or four of them decided tbey
-wasted aa auto rid. At lsat one of ,
hem knew how to drlv. They Irst
real to Danutv MiarieT rtnMll'i
, and pushed hi- Chevrolet out of
tba ihiid. Tha baftarv WJ bmum. :
moved from th maehia, however, and '
t would t rua. so thsy abaailaned it. .
They then tried to get into, th voa
Uamm Zoung garage, but failed, Ther
sra wrii, io xa garage or m. svaai
o which Aha lock, waa fastened, took ,
ear out. and drova it aboak tUrtv ,
VVJien Mr. Kahlbaum had Oaeaaloa
o aa the car nst mornlne. b aotieea
hat the staple- rail t tha croaadv u
tle noticed mad oa th aeats, . A llttl
further AVAsnlnatlnai ftknwAH that .lhsi ',
iute number had, beea tilaaterad over -
with mud. '...-k'.' ' ....'.. .-..''i1. '
The boy were later arretted, by ha '.
ffleer, and wars) Aad,thaominal auat
f ten dollar, their will brobablv aot .
tcape o easily if eaugbt ia further
teDredationsj T ' . - . v a ' .
r ;
.' i '
A .actable!.: Imntevement ' hat beea
.mad oa tb. .ground of th' InaiaVea.
j rvaMW'' f . iirai a-i w Hi:aa . iiv
n av sasati tvnl '' m '. w ' mrklaBi Baa
ehool wa nmoved , .last fall . waa
overed with a den growth of guava
rowth kalP beta eut down cad burard.
fie jprroun ia ; wy .veljaad ihea
,'sciocen ny a neag or aiuiaeua' wiu r .
ne ot the moat, attraetiva school yar.la ;
.h the IsUsa. -The bEhool bt under tha
i mrieni. ieaaersnii-.ox m iss jieoeeea
tphenberc; iflTbera- r fit feupilr an-.'
.' ChUdreuVof tha iino.trhloa tlohool
, re very puy ollectipr canceled poet-
, W v rfas iss -'VU't'Ss0
MaL '.-Tftf ' stamb -ar sot't'Be4
;Vpa hednoat,e,rswhere'lkey t inr)-
.A .-.. m :j...iu. -..I,;;!. ....
1 r- r " r'vvnvvH
,rci tfie du -.Hd ia,; toloring th
tkmp vr. MM . to BHrlam ter care
or MglaaV hJUrtsl. s how thia'
lay . iedostry tart4 ta. no; yet know a
tor -juat, nrn, important It 4 bat th
At,-femuia -thati, tha ahudraa olleet)
ia )ha, stamp a we9 ocapied, and,
Sap tatarb lev hpid thougbt-f ot athera
-oea Into' tha wwrh i It. ia said that .
, 000. trtamps riU keep a Btlglaa, htH
Tin .Hilo Bleb Sohoo proudly ' rwi--
, d th fart thaiv. tha, teacher and
itiri ,m -sim asusieuoa. wave pi-'
hiUtsl.iboot, oa-evath. of. all th
Var .Nsylng Stamp ' bought ia . HlUi'
4 I..... - .L.l t .I....I '.
The- Penior Declamatiea 0ntvt, at..
h HUo, High f rhool held Tb 1, was
m by Krnest Bilva. The prUe waB-
U.I Wat- BavjUg Stamp.1 Crea Muir
ntt ' itiak' AAdtAhlil. nvlsAA -hasAk1a uvamtft
Tbe HiW ;-':Hlrt. Whotl Wi. dated
aa .lust irtea reeetved. Bad. to felat
he High Cort,.of IJvlnyg has hit tha
New a waUon,wMe Unadmitted la a
;rcefu iittl paMrraph, which pointt
at that the abel i msJ1er thsa usual
hi tjma, owlyg to ! aipeeeald H.;
Hookena Scbpol, of which Thomae
r. Haa.e, ia jnripeipal ii on of, the1 many:
mallar achool on thi Island that bav
one excellent , work, ta the Red' Croaa
lemberabip, Drive whrci aa juaft.
lood. One stndept, Mfmei Katl
ecured alt the.member-le-liet4
II tha iHtntrlKaeinnaaea-aku) o.-....
d for herself a 9 priie. Thi U tjolt
. vw.m iu. wMr 4,iviv art "1 aa ssv ;
herself. Th member wr
Tho. N. taae, M. C. D M11. K.
tlkUl' ll.lsuu timmikt u xr..t.
Mr, Annie Akau. K. AovairL X. Kat
ta, Mra. Mary Kiwaha. Bamaoa Among,
Katie- M. TCaaL' Arthl AkL Mrt, Joe
Xaai, Mf. Apa-Wm: Noaaaa tUt
Kose Li-4 XLaniklng,
those beat sjuaHfted to apeak with au
thority tbe- eubjeet. - i -..-
' 'It If oaneelalir recommended that
yyery effort T made ta eewre'tbe. eo-
oneraiio or etyte ra4eratoa, weta 'a
etiib, pubUa- MhHegi ; labor or
Sanlsatlqu. lochl biatdf t trad and
nalneaal men U ' AaaaelMI uuT a&J wiu
iimilar bodies, - , - t ;t
tIanit'wf th faet;that a pereoa
Al, mM MWm.ilL w. jvbyjrtciaa
rrom a law 'requiring registration af
birth and death, and that meet f tha
labor f alia oa th physician, tha ac
tivity: aad promineae of the madleal
profession In assuring th ptatrge f
Ch4s.wc hsj. Kyeared the impi-flfla
i the "publl mind that the isteaaure
we ia, vm k o paraonal ibaaelt
t physician and. are of aa partUnlar
Utereat to th general publl,) That
tbi ia aot tha aaa will 1 en by een
IderUg th, imHrtno.,oOvlta'l 't.
tUtioa iegialatloo to tbe pubhe and It
relation to. all th important event of
life. ',' '. '.' I ,. ,.... .
"Publl Interest, la thia quefioti
should not be allowed to subside puff
adequata Mawa hav been paaaed In
yry ,tat requiring .the proper regis
tration of birth and, death, and mak
lag at li a Uating a record f th
most important ayena of indlvMu!
etlstenoe a, ia mad of blooded htret.
ewa, dog and eata. Th i-f
ueh matter ibowa by nnr ieriea
Simwm aa a aourr OT eyer n1iBa we
er to Kuropeno -isitAea and refloat
ao eredit oa our elvlUiatioa."

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