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r.,Lj i. l'.'
Food Administrator Will Hold
,: ' Series of Meetings With Cat
;j' ,tle Raisers of -Territory
Official Will Seek To Ascertain
: : - Facts Concerning Industry and
Work Out Plan of Action
" JU meant nf gaining relief ia the
1 meat situatin nf the Territory and
0 guarantee that meat Orient will
"l-ot go aay higher than they art, Food
-Administrator J. F. Child will embark
oh i aeries of rattle raisers' meeting
' in tk various rattle raising renter of
';. the Territory.
' " Work to this end was begna in the
. . ... nine Of the food administration venter
' day. when it wa arranged that federal
' agent would go to all parts of the Ter
.. ritory 4 hold meetings and obtain ron
' itratlah front members nf the rattle
. omen's' .aesoeiatioa which will make
stipulated -price for meat on the boo
' apoa which arale may be fixed to
regulate-th profit of both butchers
: and. mailer. .
' la additioa to the tabulation of sta
, '. ; ist,iea ht -wiH result, it is hoped, in
,' ' reduction of tht prir en of rattle, the
, rood admintatrauas ia planning to ar
, riva at ds&nito understanding of the
'- exact meat status of the Territory. For
this arpee rack rattlemaa will be re
quired to make a complete report of
' all rattle now on hand and of the po
', sihimle far, conservation.
, Warning Unheeded
'A aperUl committee of the territor
v Wfood commission which made a sur
, vey of the meat aituation tine month?
' go -cam to the conclusion that unless
; tevtaiu step were takes to prevent the
slaughter of eewa and heifers, the Ter
' Titery Would, SutTer from a meat short
. n. laoaa in louea wnn ine eonoi
. tidn aa- that the warning of this rora
' auittee, has been heeded neither by the
cattlemen nor me ternionai omcisis
', and that there has been aa onpreee
dented ' His lighter Of these animals bv
'.. ' the fattlemen ia order to gain the full
' ' benefit of the htgb meat prices which
hare preJ-iJel for the past year.
. . . taf .view X these farts, the food ad
ministration will seek to learn ho
, ' many1 of these have been killed and tr
. use this saforatatiea aa a. bams for new
regulation that wUl govern the men
' , ' business for the period of the war. It
.- V ia believed that the relations nf tb
- eaHlemen. te, the Hawaii Meat Co. am)
v'- farts about their ability to fit theli
' , , -eww prtees a affected by this ergani
ration Will teltult from the probe that
la to be aaadtw
- Authority Unquestioned
Th? 'full authority of the food ad
mipist ration to deal with the situatinr
ia. a)ot qaestioaed by tha cattlemen 01
by 'those moet interested in the remedj
:. ' of4itinv eoaditioas. Tbat 4he au
, ihOrtty, rested in Mr. tfhlld is aU that
: ae-'-ineeeeserr te btaee the rattle bus)
nesar on a mora equitable footing
geeerauy cobeeded. rt It hoped, in view
' effhea tarts, that the securing of ia
, ' formation Will lead to a summary ae
' - ,lio oa the part of the food administra
' tion iimllar to the aetion taken in the
, Tegulatlos of tha fish business. Th
fon4 administration has the right t
' ' nUmi retail prices on any commodity
which the war exigency effects. Thf
. '' Tereigt Of rewsrdr out of keeping with
; the geoeral spirit of fairness that U
A '. vreliea upoa to promote the nations'
' power, in the present crisis has beei
itqarged to the ratUemen by tbune whr
. , 4ve mad iavestigations.
Anatrailaa Meat Cheaper
, reply to cables which h ent 0111
'eapoetiag the relative cost of import
. 'n8 meat ia ease of a shortage here
' , Food Administrator Child has receivm1
laformation which shows that Austral
v 4a products eaa be brought here cheap
er taaa those of the mainland at th
i., , preseat tha. The Australian quota
V.lioa received yesterday fur mutton ws
' i ' '-arateea. and. one-half rents per pound
. ' ; Thte, however, is at the mercy of ship
:. ping ' eoadit Ions whih make it mucb
1 mora, di(Jicalt than the bringing of the
, .r W4CHS IM MIHiuiuia, 1 ur Hiur um
; ' fcrepaney between Australian and Am
ri(ap qugtations exists in beef price
- Australia quotes sixteen ceuta for beef
'-landed ia , Honolulu. the t alifornia
. , "price ,J or ,e i. twentv two and one
',' ,'. featfeiati f.'o.'h.' Honolulu.
.. JjsOB ANGELEBj March i:i-r-( Asso-,i
f ated Preas) Lucrrtia Budolph Garfield,
, f t Widow. Of James A. Oarfirld, w ho wai
v amaasinated by uutteaa, while occupy
r lng the preeldency, and mother of Fuel
Controller Garfield, died tcnlav at her
: ' - winter heme here, aued eighty five
; .-yeara.-' . - '
T California Ra-dy
A Boon to
r '
System. BuUkW :
Mild Urer Tonic and Laxative
Fut Kidney and Bladder Remedy
Pemerkrble Blood Cleanser
Ctm Wiiwiii d KUImmJ As is)
It.OOsa-kjrM 0Wtl0
', li - - ,iu i I'luuiaiiuH
otiliw.' BKX U..1KH. Atrut .
Publication of Favorable Mes
sage and Withholding of Cor
rection Stirt ETrokers
So 0 not lit ioa Oa Madera Mining
Cnmpuny speared on the yellow Sheets
that nerc poeted eutaida the offices nf
Honolulu brokerage hoaaea yesterday.
There it a question ' aa to whether it
will ajrain be posted M that sheet and,
imlreil. there ia a strong possibility
there will be no yellow sheet on which
It an hr pouted.
investigation is to be made by the
Honolulu Stock and Road Exchange
relative tn information which was
not given given out by J. Harris Mc
Kopy.ip. secretary of the Madera Com
pany. The committee, which 'will in
vctipac Is composed of J. L, Flem'ng,
William Williamson and William Simp
Error Important
It jrs the omissios of the prefix
reived in the middle Of February that
is nt the base of ark the -pinkia aa to
Madera and the trading ia it. That
prefix belonged before the word sati
factory nnd made all the difference be
tween "satisfactory" aad "nnsatis
That was the beginning but to this
was annpii ino raei taat some twelve
iav later MrKensie received a cor
rertinn tn the message. The sompany.
through him as secretary, had given oat
'he first message but did not giv out
the second, the eerreetion. MoKenzie
s reported aa saying that when he had
received the correction it waa too late
am) he waa expecting almost any dav a
"able which would tell of the run that
" to be made March 1.
Sales Go Forward
Meantime the company had gone on
h rough its broker in selling treasury
itork snn on the etrangtb of the met
snge of February IB,, the oae in which
the prefix "nn" was omitted, there
va good buying. The message telling
if the result of the rnn which wss re
ceiveil on Tuesday; would have meant
the stock would hare bees selling at
ten cents or better yesterday had the
correction been give oat, it ia com
olained, but under.' the circumstances
'he stock waa not quoted. v
Telegram As Soc1t4 J (
On or about Febraair, it the follow
ng rahlegram was reoeived. by the Ma
ters Mining Company r r j
"J. Harris McKaie, ,JUuit for
the first half of this , Month will be
very satisfactory. Will -net clean uji
intil March 1. Values very much im
proved in last two days."
This telegram was considered good
news by broker and Investors alike.
td the "tin" appeared before "satis
faetory" 'ita complexion would have
Ven altered.
Correction Not Tol4
It ia resorted tfanf MeKenaie sayl he
wrote to tha mine and quoted the tele
Tam and after the receipt of hia letter
Mie message correcting was received.
This news it is admitted he did not
'live out, and he rs reported to aa1
elative to ,it that upon its receipt
was too late.
Meantime treasury stork was soM bV
he company thronrh Harry Armltavgi.
Relative to bis cn section .' with- the
ale there are developments whieh r-
fleet to' hie credit and against the Cora
iany. ; ArmMage claims that under, an
lereement made about the time -the
Company. was. formed he was to have
the broker to sell the treasury
stork. However, he claims, the Werer
sonse Trust Comnaav sold asVout 170,-
000 of the 250,000 shares of Irsssuiw
stock. When he complained of this hie
nya he was told to sell the balance "at
is own discretion." It is some of this
T0.000 or 80.000 shares thnt he sold
ifter the receipt of the February W
Armitage claims shr could have re
'ress in a suit against the company. f
'ie saw fit to brinn it. for commission
n ll of the stork of the treasury
hitb was sold through other brokers
than himself. It is a fact that after
the receipt of the February message he
sold aone of bia own holdings and the
ales he made were for the company.
He did not hear of the correction an,v
nore than did the ..thei brokers, and
f he had known of the mix-up he
would have been more apt to unload
his own stock at higher prices rather
then tn put out more stock from the
Armitage sai'l vestenlnv afternoon
he had orders for several thousand
shares he eould fill at ten cents, but h".
was not Tilling any of these orders 11 a
ler the present circumstances.
The de-naad for explanation started
Tuesday when the report of the Feb-..
rnarr clean up was received.
Tallow Sheet Trading
There is undoubtedly a demand from
apme source to "cut out" trading (n
unliated stocks. There have been un
fortunate developments in several
these unlisted stocks. There was Tip-
perary rirt, not now quoted. v gett
came Mineral Products, now selling uh-
der five cents a share, with soma aa
somment paid ami others still fo Del
paid. And now it is the Madera col-
Glowing Prospect as
The prospectus on the Madera Com
pany waa a glowing one and waa7
signed by some of the more prominent
business men of the financial district,
among them R W. Shingle. It assert
ed fhev hnd a rteveloned mine. It set
forth the reuaoun whv other similar
rotnpuuies did not uccecd and prom
ise-i a management to moid such mis
takes. "
Beidtivve to trailmg m unlisted
stocks on the exihimge one 0 the
Prominent brokers sin. I yesterday he
vhs opKel fo abolishing 'the practise.
rnti!? Defended
Htliple will Iniv sm-h stocks." he
.... '.A t PL. ... 1 . t '
- i' "'Ml lirosers TO-
buy or to sell. Th- b.k, i mrntl do the
vork for t'em. It t li. . is ,lailv trad I
tl'i'l dill fivi'l
t -iiiotstions.
l 11 KS'iwn Miiirkrt
. .r.,u.,7
there wa. often a ditTcrcnce f tat, I error wa . ma le The .e Id ''- ' ' Nature
i -i.i. .Ls.e .in i(..ll, nil L rT I Z. . V . The second phase of iiD restoring the system to a haalthv
lust th, ,' .1 sz'ytf J ,Urri" Me, t eonti.,s nl
sou of h la. k of detini.e k VwlIL- . f iJ . l Y 0 ,h' con,l'"V. nt. and is perfectly safe to take. For
sou n is. a or nirinite Kn.wledge as not giv uut the correct on iu a period sale bv all dealers Heoson Hmith &
.0 pnees. Ho long u. p,ople w.ot 0, n..rljr wo jal. j J
. tj TI A W, I T A N '-- ft A
(Jot Warrant lor
Arrest of Soldiers;
Objects To' Harbar-Shoved
Into Hit 4 Stomach By ; Total
Stranger Jack EdwarrJson
Released ffdnf. Custody When
tviaence rails
Harry T. Mills awore wt a warrant
yesterday for the arrest ef a "Bolster
named Harrjt F. Lea, aa an aftermath
of the affair at the Imperial Bar Thurs
day night whe Jack Edward son was
takea Into enatody by three soldier
acting as secret ervice mea and loeJied
up la a cell at the police station, for
the sight. .
hdwardson, who t business . agent
ror the nauori union or to 1 'aci On,
was taken t tha marshal's office yes
terday morning and held nntil after
noon, when he 'waa released for lack
of evidence t substantiate the charge
mad against him by ths soldiers that
be bad uttered disloyal aad un-Ameri
can sevtimenih. ... , '' '.v -
Mills was sj mixed op in . the af
fair and was taken to tb police sta
tion. as was f. T. O'Keefe, a member
of the sailors' vtiioa. but neither was
detained. Mill haa the anpleasaat x
perienee of having a pistol pointed at
hi stomach;, a proceeding that he did
aoi appear iw return.
Mills falls sUery
Mills mad a atatemeat yesterday in
regard to the affair. He said, in effect
that he went into the Imperial Bar
with tdwnrdsoq and there met O'Keefe.
Conversation started regarding the
union button "ori by rJd ward son 'and
O'Keefe and a ' dissuasion arose, aa to
the relative advantage an "Aaaatieaa
dot na tn oeeomiaf a sailor or remaia
lug on the fan.
According --'te- Mill about eleven
'clock, when ka and Edwardsou had
beea in the saloon mors than aa hour,
three soldiers came ' ia and ona of
them, Lea, railed Mill aside and ask
ed him 'Who Edwaadaoa waa. . Mill
told him but refused to pursue the eon
vertation, . whereupon,' " he ays, the
stranger told him h wna under arrest
Mills asked him who ha was and
where was his authority, upon which
the stranger repUedt "111 show yon my
autaortty," ana palling a gun, inoved
it into Mill' stomaeai.
Mills' atorr to thia extent ia sub
stantiated by Lfeens Inspector Hat
ton, Who was present, but Mills' addi
tional statement that the "soldier rais
ed pistol to Mills' head is denied by
Hatton, who aaya ho himself stepped
in' between aad told; the soldier to pnt
up hi pistol, watab. the nan did. Mills
says the maa told. him, "If you don't
keep your mouth shut 111 blow your
head or."
Told to Beat It
Mill adds that be was bustled to
the nolle statioa aad then told . to set
out, , beat -It. He, refused, saying he
would- tome .or go as he bleated.
0 'Keefe, he says, was also plaeod nnder
arrest but waa likewise told to go.
According to. Mills, Ed ward son had
aot been placed under arrest but was
railed A' the short and ugly word'! by
on of ths soldUr and retorted that be
would ba pleased lo force fh word
down the maa'a throat, out of town.
He Was then searched and put into, a
etl ,wbr, h 4 remained, until yestor-
dsy moraing, when hs was taken to the
marshal' sfttee'aad later released,' ajN
tvr- vifsussM uau uwo riimiiva.
Hutton concludes hi tateme'nt a
"Tb man, Lta, attempted to ebarg
pro-Huuaish sentiment to Mill and
to 'lfidwardson: their friend and ac
quaintances in the Territory feel that
both these men, though past military
age, wouia oe very wining to nght the
Huns, or failing this, to bite them when
any opportunity offered."
The warrant for l.ea has not been
Owing to the fact that I.. Ah Leong,
a Chinese grocer doing business aa
King fltreet, shipped four bags of white
flour to Chow Yuen at Nawiliwili with
out an equal amount of cereril substi
tute, Food Administrator J. F. Child
yesterday causcil the dealer's license fo
be u
peniled. The store was cloned up.
for the first time in th uiemurv
of. the oldest inhabitant, the sidewalk
was' passable iu front of that store.
Order were received from Washing
ten yest'erdav by cable, ordering Cap
lejB' Harold M. Lpomis, V. H. A., who,
for the past year, has been with the
henrlquarters ' staff of the Hawaiian De
partmeot, to the roust defeuse at San
Diego.' Tlis previous statiou was at
Fort Huger. rptain ixioniia 'i T
reedingly pnular iu Honolulu and will
be misseil bv his many friends in both
rmv anl civilian circles.
bny im h storks it wnn to me best to
have onotstious on them a we have
now. Ths matter of the advisability
of anyone investing in surh stocks is
another affair They want them and
tby will buy them, whether we quotr
kern a Vhaagc ur not."
foipe May Sue
, Another broker sav) ,jnstr(ny after
noon that clients of a,is ' wVo bought
treasury stock might sue fo" recover
their money from the company and that
he should refuse to uccrpt one block
he recently bought ami which had not
1 1 yet oven delivered
1 The investigation
I hp invAMti,,,, 11 J ..
whether ),u ,.r... :i.. i .j
in th., ..1....
: " -a- 'n'i. nurinii n was
inadvertently omitted in th sending
nu, , lne origmul. how the
Under Wart Department Orders
. Germans Are Discharged and
Will Be Interred Soon
' 'A nWber aif iallea enemies, who have
beea serving a tnMier In various unit'
of the Hawaiian, department are b.'in;
disposed of under the order of the war
department by . being discharge I m-l
ia some cases held for iarernmen' until
the close of the' war.
At departmeat headquarters yrster
day It waa said that tiader th iliren
tion received here 'from Washington
the department commando had u list
of name of alien fcnemie prepsn-l
and this wa turned over to the I'niteil
State, attorney.' ,The' letter s rut over
the lists carefully hud in some Instances.
where it was found no naturalisation
.papers had ever hern applied for. such
persons ' were Immediately detached
from their commands and will be intern
ed soon.
The promos I to serve tWo pnrposes.
First to weed disloyal men out of the
ranks and second to be able to keep
better watch over' those who are It
Teutonic birth and wbo are not yet
American eittxeaa. :
Major Merriam, chief of staff, did not
disclose the number or tinmen nf aliens
so handled, but said that there were
comparatively few located in the vari
on poet of Oahu IS compared with
men interned oat of cantonment on
the mainland which", of course, were
several times larger. , ,
With regard to' alien, who are not
enemies, and particularly those who
are attending, the 'training camp at
'Vhnfleld Barrack, their cases are be
log handled at Wshigton and it is
Understood they will be given their
chance to graduate and become of
fleers. These are mostly Britishers, who
have sot completed their nsturalir&tion.
One member nf ths' training camp wsf
an alien enemy, and he has alresdv
een dropped from the camp, and dis-
-harred from the army. He will be
New Restrictions To Be Placed
Which Way, Piieyent Secur
, irrfj Bunkers and Supplies
Restrictions will be placed open the
Dutch passenger liners which may call
here during too nqxt Tew weeks, tbe
first to. be .placed 1 under the order
which hare been received from Wash
ington, apparentlyv to .be tbe Ophir
lue to arrite today from the Orient.
While no inforniatson. waa Obtain
able from Collector- of Customs Mai
eolm Franklin, who frankly aaid he wa
nnable to diseuas tbe question at nil,
it ia learned that tbe customs author
tie and probably tome allied bureau,
r.fo subject the 'vessel to tome em
barraasment, possibly in the way of
ens I kmnnlfea from here.
. it -rtrported .wat the authorities
c - -c . . T . .. ...
will wdl ibermit tae vessel receiving
litinker supplls o) ship's supplies here
ana in ,ujoreemeui may even entail
the'naa of the military and naval de
partments. , ,
Ths batch vessels era renorted to
nave "been under suspicion since the
war from one cause or another and re
cently several thousand Tound of am
munition were discovered sboard one
Of the vessels of the line.
Brewer A Co., had no information to
Offer yesterday, merely saying flat
When tbe ships came in it would be
aeen whether they received bunker sup
plies or not.
Collector f ranklin admitted applica
tion had been made to Washington by
the Dutch shipping firm for permit to
have their vessels given supplies here.
However, the Ophir will remain bunker
loss unless a specific order contrary to
tb present derision Is issued, in which
the Ophir, if she is short of sup
plies, may have to remaia here awhile
Is Not, Has Not Been and Will
Not Be An Aspirant
"I am not an aspirant for the gov
er north ip of Hawaii, I have not sough
tb appoiutment and I du not Intend
to dq so." This was what Bicbard H
Tren) had to say yesterday regarding
rumors that his name was being eon
sidered in Washington In connection
with the governorship of toe Territory
A president of the-Trent Trust Com
pany, a trustee of the Bishop hstate
and custodian of enemy property, Mi
Trent has u "man sired job" on hi
hands right nt this time and there i
Httl in the governorship to attract him
from hi business career. Heversl
oaths ago he told The Advertiser hi
would not consider an appointment to
the) governorship of Hawaii and vester
day He reiterated thl.
"Link" MeCandless has now and
ha had the support of Mr. Trent in his
aspirations for the governorship. Hv
reason of his services to the Ienioc ra tu
ps nty ia the Territory and his arknowl
edged ldershiii'of the pnrtv. Mr. Tien
consider MeCandless the logical can
didate and has not hestitated to sny so
A better medicine can not be made
than Chamberlain's Cough Kerned v It
relieve th lungs, opens the secretion-
.11. - . .? 1 . i , . .
15, 1918. SEMI WEER t.Y. V
Honolulu' Mermaid Makes Initial
Bow In San.Franclsco
Ruth Wayson Stacker, who now and
then used to write swimming "urT"
for Th Advertiser, is now writing for
the rian Francisco Examiner. Both i
attending the University of California.
Introducing Misa Stacker to the Han
Francisco publie, the Kxamlner of Feb
rnary S ran a two-nslumn "face ent"
of the Honolulu girl and gave her the
following editorial mention:
"Mis Ruth stacker, premiere wo
man swimmer Of tbe swimming center
nf tbe globe, Honolulu, has joined 'The
Examiner' staff and will hereafter be
a regular contributor to its sporting
"Miss Stacker will cover tbe entire
Held of aquatic eports and ber -writings
win ne authoritative a well a inter
estmg nnd Complete. 'The F.xhm
new reporter I a newsnaner woman
well a a swimmer, having had nearlv
as much experience in newspaper offices
s ia the briny deep. - :'
"Ruth Stacker is short dista nee
swimmer, specialising in distance up
to the quarter mile. She till holds one
world record, mde In her flrnt swim
ming competition at the age of fifteen
years. Th record is for the thirty
yard dash, and though Dorothy Burns
. .. . . exponents or speen
J .11 m I r .
in the water have tried
the time still stands at
to lower it.
:17 .IS sec
Miss Stacker announced in her first
contribution on swimming that she
was organizing a San Francisco auxili
ary of the Honolulu O. O. V., and thnt
jrreat interest was being shown in tbe
Coast eity concerning the 440 yard rare
for girl over thirty year of age, an
rvrm waira was nrsi nroaenea oy mil
1.1-t. i i
B. Stout, secretary, at one of the re
cent Honolulu Y. M. C. A. swimming
meeta, and approved by Rudolph .1.
)ii-iu-iii ui tnr nnnoii. :
- TT-
neiow are given excerpts rrom Ntss
"tamer' initial article in tbe tram
iner with reference to Hawaii and Ha
wsiian swimmers:
"Cable advices from Frederick W
Rrubien, president of the A. A. IT.,
were received by William Cnmark to I UIICT UfintCDi?r m
day. nivlnn- sanction to Miss Fannv' nUUVtttltCt IN
Oiirack' exhibition tour of the United
mate as an amateur swimmer. Ac
cording to Mr. I'nmark, arrsneemonts
are Deing made tor n tour of the hnst
arier an engagement in Vancouver on
Angnst .1. In such an event Honolulu
will be sadly disappointed, as they are
fast making plana to engage the Aus
tralian mermaid for their Labor Day
meet in September.
'(Swimming in Honolulu is booming.
regardless of the fnrt thnt T.udv I .an
ger is out of the game, along with
George Cunha ' nnd several others,
T. 1. v . I i... r ,
uuh nanniiaimiKii. i inrenre ume ana
John Keln still uphold the standing
and this team will probably make hard
competition for California s swimmer,
Lane is swimming a close second to
Duke and Kelii is dependable for the
century and furlong.
"There arc at lenst thirty yonfir
girls from the Outrigger Canoe Club
and Palama Settlement in the Islands
who in the next year will be numbered
among the very best. Coach 'Dad
Center of the Outrigger Club is plan
ning to bring a team nf four girls to
San Francisco for the summer meet i
It can be arranged. Center's girls an
under fifteen years of age and all make
the fifty under thirty three seconds.
Such a relay team would lie a feature
at any meet. The xuimming sitnation
certainly looks big for the comiug sea
"George Cunha. the Hawaiian swim
mer at American I.nke. is learning den
tistry. George will be some dentist
when the war is over.
"There is a possibility of haying
Duke Kahanamoku appear here in the
spring with a tenm from the Islands.
That ia. if the draft is not cnlled be
fore the champion leaves to tbe main
land. This will be n big drawing cariW
to any of the meets held here this year.
"Claire Tait, onetime Pacific Count
diving champion, who for the past two
years hns been coaching the Outrigger
Canoe Club swimmers, is chief yeoman
in the navv service stationed at Pearl
Harbor. Tait still holds his position
as roach for the club and with 'Dad'
."enter is getting up a first rlaas aggie
ration. "
JACKSONVILLK. Florida, Febru
ary 27 Jess Willnrd, heavyweight
champion, stated here tonight that
he was ready to falk terms with any
promoter who wanted to schedule him
to light Fred Fulton.
Gill, owner of the Indinnnpolis cluh of '
the American Association, will have a j
conference with l.arrv l.aioie. MrOill j
Is trying to land the veteran to take I
the place of Manager .lack Hendricks. I
Dm i ion juojtuii auuN
A score of 'British' subjects will leavej
sometime thia week for Canada to en
list in the Canadian force, and per
inits have been granted bv Caotain II.
Gooding Field, selective irraft officer,
permitting them to leave the Territory
for thia purpose. Among, those so far
examined yesterday and announced in
condition to accept service are Charlei
J. Hirnie, Miner William
JoIlD Kc.lt t ,
I'lnun.. li . U... I. .. t I
Gorman, John Munro Robertson an I
William 0. Walker. They ar allowed
to leave Hawaii on the understand' ng
that thev will keep in touch with the
draft office through the local British,
Mermaids. Makes Four-forty In
six and Three Flat
(Associated Pre) Mall advice
received her yeaterday from Mel
bourne, Australia, brought the news
that Miss Fanny Duraek, the world's
champion woman swimmer, who
will visit America shortly, brok
the world's women' record in th
440 yard distance when she swam
in the Australasia championships
meet at Melbourne on February Id.
Miss Durach swam the distance
in tlx minute and three second,
flat, beating her former record of
six minute and three and two-fifth
seconds by two fifth "of a second.
She won every championship on the
woman's program of tbe meet.
NKW YORK, Febrnnrv SI Three
nf the biggest stars in th major
I . i ! I I anw ....
. the bovs are holding . 1,K K
Alexander arso demands a bonus of
Mi,iMHl for signing with the Oub. Lee
4 n crma tra.Url tn. iU O ' f i t
, ,,v the Yankees, is being panned to a
fare thee well by St. Louis fns he
oium he is backward about aicninir i
contract with the Browns eajling for
n salary of approximately $m0. Thia
is it n:t of more than IflOOO from the
liino'inr MSiree TttrmtvmA with b.AnL
. .' v.. .,,
vn rerinrs Is lh T..U.. .j i...
I year with the Browns, who carried ever
. the Yankee contract.
Rojiei Hornsby, star shortstop nf the
rt i inns iaruinais, demnni!s a aalary
"f rlO.COO. year. Horasbv was the
tirst hi ldout of the year. At the cloi
or the last senson he informed tbe
Management of tbe Cardinals that be
wti.UI not play in 191 unless he re
ceivei! the increaae.
1 NEW YORK, March 4 The Amer
tran game biid in its relation to th
rood and meat shortage brought about
by the war is under discussion here to
dny at the fourth national conference
of the American (lame Protective As
Game birds such aa quail, grouse land
woodcock were declared by speakers
to oe oangerously near the-point of ex
tinetion in thia country. The conven
tion will decide what reeommeadatioa
. i. .. '
u any, u snouia malt 10 tbe govern
ment irepardiug th preservation of
these birds in the national endeavor
to conserve the use Of meat.
1 --
ary 20 A. F. Wilson, '18, captain of
nranroni i niversity s track team, re
reived word from the navy dxpart
ment here today to report for tbe
Naval lleserve lit Sun Pedro on March
20. Wilson .joined the Navil Reserve
last yen. He was to be graduated
frorfl the university this year and an
attempt will be made to secure him a
furlough uutil his graduation. This
will enoble Wilson to try for a com
mission on the Stanford R. O. T. C.
Wilson is one of Stanford's r.tar track
men and his absence is expected to af
fect the college's chances this track
.SVN KK AN CISCO, February 21
Phil (tlis, who was one of the fore
most .jockeys ut Kuieryv ille before the
lire ami who hml won fame previous
ly by his riding on Kustern tracks, suc
cumbed to a long illness Monday at
Kedwood City. Otis was injured in a
race ut Knieryville and quit riding, go
ing on the stage, where he made a suo
cs through his singing voice. He ba
I for several yeara been manager of tbe
pruressioiiai singers' department of the
Jerome II. Hemic k Music Co. He was
thirty eig'it years old. He la survived
by his mother ami n brother, who live
in New York.
NEW YORK, February 27 August
Kieekhnifer, new three cushion billiard
champion, was defeated by George
Moore, u former titleholder. here last
night in the interstate three eusliiou
,jjar, tournl
,.,., , ,
anient. The score was
ty the to fifty.
, . nL, .... ...
niiT ry riMP r nnk
(AMP R1LKY, Kaunas, February 27
-- Alec Komeuuv the lighting cook
of Fort Kilev, M. O. T. C, knocked
out .lack Daily, heavyweight of Camp
FuiiMtou, here in the third rouud of a
ten round bout. Daily, Bob McAUis
ter's coming i-huiup, wa completely
-. . . ,
CHICVGO, February 21 Dave Dan
forth, niti'hei for the White Hoi. iun-
u,l his HI'S i-oiifraet l.or ,!. u
' ' '
IOS ANGELKfl, February 27 Jim-
my Dundee of Oakland beat George
Adams here last uight, by tb best h
I got wa a draw.
- I
Onlya: Brief Record Given To
f vUliV
Start Off;
There are" maay, things that never
happened in Honolulu In tb sport lln(
and a few example are given here:
The rhampionship series between the
St. Ixinls, Winner of the first, and the
Braves.'wlanerabfbe second serin
of the Tactic 'Amateur Baseball I-egfl
Inst year. ' ' ' v ' - (
tween the Hillside ami tha Riverside
club of 4be, Pane League of the O.
O. lkir ,, ..
The mUchry- advertised 440 yard
swimming rare -for girl over thirty
yeara of age. , ' ,
The championship series bet wee Pu
naho,' wner, of the, first, and the
Rmma Knights,- Winners of the aecond
serlea of this yekr' Midget Basketball
League,. ' ""V .
Johuat fiehlclf catching aa ulua him
self. John B, Rno , being entitled to a
brass button.
Duk Kahanamoku knitting a war
sweeter JToiNoriuan Ros.
The baseball ilohble header! sched
uled for-the laet twA Sundays at Mo
iliili Field.
Castle &Cooke,
auoAB faotobs, BHiPPOra a a
Ew Plantation Company if
WaUuku -Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Comjitny
Wabiawa, Water Company, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Worka, of St. Louis .
Babcoek A Wilcox Company
Green ' Fuel Eeouomlaer Com
t'bas. C. Moor A Co., Bngineera
It is a matter of national im
portance that everyone ahall
save all we can. Start a aav
ingt bank account, or invest it
in war bonds. Every pay-day
take a portion of your earnings
and add it to , your savings.
You will be astounded with
the rapidity of its growth.
0 tsn nr.pcisiTs
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
.frqru Montreal to Liverpool,
Ixi'udoo'and lirasgow via tbe
and 8t Lawrenc Route
. ' i f rin ' '
the alaska -British Columbia
, - O0A87 lESVlOE
By tbe popular Princes"
Btenmers from Vancouver. i
Victoria or Seattle. . ''
For falf Infirrmaiiou apply to
Theo. E Dayies & Co. Ltd
Gen '1 Agenta, Cuaadian-PaciUe Ry. Co.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ew Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Hugar Co., Ltd.
Fultou Iroa WurKs of tit. Louts
Hlake Steam i'uiups
Wustera (.U-ntrlfugula
Habeock I Wilcox Hollers
Oreeu's Fuul Kconoinixor
Marsh Ntenm Pumps
Matsou Nvigatiou Co.
Plauters' Line 8hiipiiig Co.
Kobala Hugar Co.
chiuery of every description made tit
Issnod Tuesday and Frldaya
(Kntered at the Poatufflre of Honolulu
I. tl., a eocnnd-elaw matter ) -SUBSCRIPTION
Par Tear aa.Ou
Par Tear (foreign) a. 00
Payl)Jo tavrlaby ik la 'au.
OHABI.F.S S. OaVAJm : i ai...-
i.ii ,
n.v ...
':s;.:v'f'v'';v.v.w;-'ti'vV?'-', -v.:'

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