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March IR, l'Mj
funr hours' r
1". k n I lire",' V
7? vihtT, I
AD Mili Meatiem and om WaoaUeea.
. -
'''' rr. -' '.' -I V ? ' : (
1 .
! iTI . EAl E; -
nr.rrruii.ir; Ail
Verdun -and Vosges Sectors Are.
Likely T Soon Be. Storm Cen-
Fails TolMateriaJize , , .tiMHri 't)i attitnw ot tb . tfaHcd
BELGIAN f ORCES ARE : 'After eU at the White Hoon, yea
U VH': AGAIN REORGANIZED tXt- , (,wi indicated (hat it
vf-i:iv:i''rt1H4U-W j wnk'.ttwiivVBtioa of the Preaident to
Now Occupy Sector In Flanders Eff'jSrrtfK SLK
and Have Day of Hard anjd iaa thiberian situation.
Successful Battlina Ameri- I .ohig f wi,i, h th people m7
H. a . , l H - V
C$UrOIIUOnS neavuy dneiieu
y ' : r ,
WASfUNqTDN, March 19
the absence of the lontr Dromised I
t ' l, a J La Tmr i
and greats, 9vr-?dyertisrd Ger-
' i' . - ' . '.
map ( cnfnsivc , inc Aiiie arc.ine.aama oi.-jiomaiiiuiHta" baa been
i...1..3i J i u- -.. takca by. the BolihevikL " 'c '
thrcatcnJnt to take the initiative
They th)vebeen, 'and are holding
theii' 6wrt , everywhere on' the
Western front ant results of the
past aeverl : .wepks , have been
highly lenqpuracinsf" to them.
Tt is Indicated, that if the Allies
' do Jaujnch great .offensives the
Verdnn and the Vdsges sectors
be the, great storm centers of
the -war. x '.. ,
Y Belgians reorganize
v The; nigian arniy.- has. been
' .Pk!yfr?r8nTO a".d. " i
- ',taki Qtfi. '.X tt-Cct jxtf Fjanderstbat -ba,wa . -ot VaWdn. Tekiu da
i: 'Che first in'eiition of th'i aiiMr-'t,,i'i Hawaii Shinpo aatd
r J Ti U 7 pPe"i that ih Amsrleaa. aqd ;the Japaaeaa
., etl m i tie lUrAivit.r-bea f( ventefday ' ntnlwkr ld arHa.t at IrVutaV and
tijtrionicUrv despatch. Tis;vojn
mumovii baia.inai.ijerniaiiysiorm
triK-ps in the regiotls of Niejwrt,
Dixtnude and, Mefckem attacked
in great force and succeeded in
gaining a foothold at some points
hut that later counters which the
Belgians launched against the
boche were successful and they
were expelled from the positions
which they had gained at all
loints along the line. The fight
ing was hard and bloody and
most of it was hand to hand, artil
lery playing but little part in the
engagement. The enemy suffered
heavily from machine gun and
rifle fire in the charge that gain
ed them temporary control of
some trenches and were again
badly cut up as they retreated,
when driven out.
Air activities are told in the
aiii)iis official reports. At Dun
kirk British naval planes destroy
ed five (jertnan machines last
Thursday and on Sunday brought
down five more, Loudon reported.
On Sunday the Italians de
stroyed five aircraft and on Sat
urday seven, was the official com
munique from Rome,
Berlin oftiaial report claimed the
aliootioK doan of twenty-two Allied air
craft along tie Fraueo-Bel(ian front
lut did not atate the period of time
over which aucceaae had extended.
On American Front
On th American front In the I, tin
evillc aector .heavy artillery fire wa
directed acninat the Americana, eapec
inlly in the trencliea which were taken
by American jand Frcurh troop ami
huvc been retained, and the (ralui ion
solidatcd. The American ' butterie
Ht buck yhell for ahell and the fire
Han well direoted nad effective.
American aviator drove off aevcral
Herman aircraft and hold them buck
from uyain approaching the American
Oaaualtlea Announced
Caaualtiea reported by the war do
partmcDt up to lata yeaterday after
nuou, ull of recent occurrence, number
I lilt, fifty dead and vevunty nine
Of the death, eighteen were killed
in action, eight died of wounda, nine
died through acaident, fourteen of dm
cane and the cauae of ane death had not
been determined.
Of the officer dead, l.iaut. John Nor
n i mi waa killed in aotlqn, Lieut. Andre
Carl Ortmayer accidentally killed,
Capt. Jamea E. Miller waa killed In ac-
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J .. ! S V.- f t . ; il '
Lewis i Says Wilson May Soon
-,' Kakft Announcement Wash-,
ingtotv Denies Francis Is En
; Route- To Japan As Despatch
Fromjokio Says
1 wAMOfoa-rVm, March iUMwtii
ted tri) No aeeret diplomacy . will
be rited by the leited Statea ia
deling,wHk the Russian aituatioa tad
n rSiftnleiTtifts whirh nv rta ' in
BWiIHru, . ihiiii inn RVBaVlOTr ' IS
thare ia to be no cr.t diplomacy em
fployad Id-tbia matter. All I.-. to be la
'the4ir a.J perfetly open ao far a
I tbia aouatry ia eonrerued. "
Aatbaaaador Tranei. baa eonfirmed
the dMnatrhea that Ioa Trntckv heada
lne aaapawoea tiui. iea irottay head
th. ..i f uo ,Li that
v-.Uokpatrhea frotti Tokio reeived yea
trday 'aaioV' that Ainbaaaoilar Fraaela
the Japaaeae. AailmiKadnr and French
aad.Britnh diplomatic' repreaentatWe
were- axprded at Heoul yeatvrday to
route ta Jepaa.' v
' Tha Jateat . report which the atata
departmeat haa had from Pranria ward
(dated fraan VoJugda where he apparent'
. tjr' roteodod to remain. It ta believed
by the atata; department, oftieiala aaid,
I that, the report of hi expected arrival
' aj Heoul ta a inundcr-lan.liiyc;. It ia
b)tved he ia atill at Vologda in the
bseae'of advice to (he contrary.
-?.;-''. -. , '.,
. If uch iatiireat' lino recently attached
t the ,-hetn boot of the Amxriran
hia, civeu hy Jbf Aa-oteiated, Jrea
amlnuiaadort. The laat information of
w facial Bar l(. ,':;:
fater Tokio -danpatchee to the Ha
waii Shinpo aiit that Japa-had vigor
ously proteated againat the detention
of the Japaneae ambaaaador and hail
demanded hi reeae forthwith and
the Japaneae were muah stirred over
hi reported detention There baa come
no denial to the Japaneae paper here
of the cable that told of the detention
of Francis. On the other band no in
formatloa aa to hia whereabout! bad
been received from Waahlngton until
laat night. The firat meaaage from him
of which any mention haa beea mnde
in despatches to Honolulu ainee the ca
blegram from Toklb waa the oae in
which he ia reported to have told of
Trotaky heading the "commune."
W. S. B.
, i. . t
Treaties Exacted By Germany!
From Russia and Rumania i
Will Not Be Recognized j
LONDON, March 19 ( AHsociated j
I'resx) Strong couilenination of the po i
liti.ul crimes which Germany ha coin !
milted against Ruaaia and Rumania is
contuiueil in a Htatement which wuh j
yestertlav issued by the luter Allied j
Supreme War ('ouncil. The exaction of
(iermany against those two unfortu I
nate countries, the despoiling of Hub j
sin of a large portion of its territory
mid the demand upon Riimnniu lire !
not to tie luierated. I
The KtHtemeut any the treaties lie- I
tween (ierjiiuiiy aud Ruaaia niul lie
Ihwii Oeriniiiiv and Rumania will not '
lie recognized us Mndilig treuties so fur
hn the Allies ure concerned. I
Kighting muitt go on. We mean to
continue the tight to finish once nud
for all time the policy of plunder uml
to CHtnlilish n reign of peace and or
gauizeil justice to all of the nation of
the world, the amull a well as the !
great, the weuk aa well as the strong. 1
was to lie free .from interference by
,1.1'iiuhiiv and Switzerland allege that
WASHINGTON, March 10 (Associa 'the sinking of the vessel and the de
ted I'ress) Naal men express little structimi of it cargo wa in violation
confidence in any of the plan for " mi of this Hgrnement aud the law of na
ainkable ship." They are doubtful of tions, a breach of the good faith that
the possibility of making ships uiisiuk
able except at such great cost that it i
would make it unprofitable financially
and only at a great expense of time.
Secretary Dnniela ia having carefully
examined by expert every theory thnt
i presented. As vet they have agreed
that none ia feasible.
The IihmiI board, it is said, disap
proves of the buoyancy box plan.
i,1,! !,"
1', of raiding and bombing open
reprisal for such' enemy acts.
t r
Labor Troubles, Dissatisfaction
With . Price and German
Propaganda Blamed
NEW YORK, March 19 ( As
sociated Praaa) The Cuban sugar
crop tbia year will be unusually
abort, dna) to weather condlttona,
a labor abortage and the diaaat
iaf action at the price fixed by the
International commission, a dia
aatlafactloa agitated and enlarged
upon by agenta of Oermany. Tbia
la the news brought here by B.
A. Potter, JrM praaldent of the
Finance and Trading Corpora
tion, who haa Juat returned from
Cuba. Mr- F otter - made a thor
ough inrestigation of the Cuban
situation for the American gov
ernment t'
W. S. 8.
Switzerland Demands Indemnity
From Germany
BKIWE, March lHAociated
Press i Switzerland has sent a note to
Germany protesting against and de
manding indemnity for the sinking of
the Spanish steamer Surdinero vyhieh
at the time of it destruction waa un
der cluirter to the Swiss government.
The nute of ' protast rails attention
to the fuct that the vessel was flying
a nentrul flag, waa chartered by one
neutral to another neutral and waa
currving grain from the United State
tt. a neutral nation. It wa the under
standing, it ia asserted that thia cargo
Switzerland expeeiea rrom Oermany
w. s. s.
r.VUlS, March IS (Asoeiated
I'ress I Sixteen persons were killed
ami many Injured today in an explo
siun in a factory at La Cour Neuve.
f -
- VV. ( fi - ' " M , r a f?i ' V-
v 1 ",t ... - t U?: V
V-.' V h it f v. I
ii ti
ii Aialn'r hiefforts Wperaiuida) Atoatro-GerrnanB f fom theif practiae
dtieaback of tHe line and ia asking the Allies to forego raids in
j ja ja ja ja
Women Urge Food Conservation
WASHINGTON, March 18 (Official ) Easter this year ia to be " egg
les " if the plans of patriotic women lie re are observed elsewhere aa they
will be ft the nation' capitol. These womcu say that an "eggleaa" Easter
won I.I mean the aaving of at least UO.tioo.tioo eggs. They consider that in
war times the ens torn of colored egg, egg rolling and similar practices,
should be foregone and a waste, usuully cousequent upon those customs, he
eliminated Mr. Herbert C. Hoover, w ife of the food adminiatrator, and a
number of other prominent women are back of the movement.
There, will be no annual Enster egg rolling on the White House lawn
this year, it lias been announced. Long established aud pretty as ha been
the custom, much as it baa pleased the children of the city, it has been given
up iu order that the waste of uiauy eggs may be prevented. ,
Each year, for many 'years, the children have journeyed to the White
House each Eastertide for the egg rolling, and to the little folk it has been
one of the events of their early lics. Thousand always gather to watch
the little ones in their gay attire. But this year is war year and there will
be no egg rolling.
It is pointed out that the custom of boiling hard and coloring egg with
, lye- or by painting occasion a great waste. That in many instance the
eggs are not eaten but aerve merely as playthings for children. The food
value of the eggs, when every effort is being made to conserve meat and
wheat, must be considered. The saving of f)ve million dozen eggs would
aid greatly in the conservation campaign.
i w. a a.
Jt J Ji w J J Jt J JS
Ac5 Are Called Unparalleled Brutality
WASHINGTON, March lkV-(Oflieinl
nentrul shipping by the Germans is to be protested by the Norwegiau shipping
association lien-, it was aunouueed yesterday.
The Norwegian association asserts
were attacked and destroyed by a German cruiser. They were destroyed with
nut warning.
Other instances are cited by the association and will be made a part of the
protest. It is asserted that onarnied
l.y Teuton I limits ami that illaiy men have been killed lu such attacks.
The uets are called "of unparalleled brutality.''
NEW YORK, March 18 (Of
flcial I - - Capt. Kaold Amundsen,
iliscoveiei of the south pole, whi.
recently arrived here after a
trip to Europe uud who ia now
planning n seven year trip to po
lar regions, urges all tjle Norwe
gians who are in thia' country,
whether naturalized citizens or
m.t, to rally around the Aug of
the Tinted States and to give
their aid to the Allies in the War
against autocracy. 1
- i
... i .... . a
) Wanton destruction of uuarmed
that last October thirteen neutral vessels
neutral ships have been ruthlessly shelled
March IS (Associated I'ress) In
vestigntion is being made on the An
criran front of evidence pointing to In
possibility that a spy is operating wih
in i ue Anit-ricHu noes ou vne join set
to r.
Last night a sentry saw flashes of
light in a window of a house facing the
enemy line. He immediately fired at
the window and a quick aearcb of the
house was made but without result.
Previously Important telephone wires
wittiiu the American lines were cut.
t;; i ;;
Condemns Them Wherever and
By Whom ftlade His Secretary
of State Asserts
If He Is Unable To End Terrible
War He Would M Least MUh f
gate Its Horrors
ROME. Marcli 1') (Associated Tress)- I'ope Benedict is earn
estly striving to induce the belligerents to cease the bombing
of open cities through aerial raids upon them thereby killing scores ,(
and maiming hundreds of noncdmbatants. The announcement of this
was made in a statement issued yesterday by the Papal secretary ol
state, Monseignor Cerreti. He said: -, ' ,
V ," ?'The holy father condemns and always has condemned socb J f
raids no matter where the outrages occurred nor by whom they were v.
committed. It is a cruel and an inhuman policy and its use in c
ixed warfare is to be deplored." J-' .
Continuing Monseignor Cerreti says that the Austro-Gertnana i . t,
have claimed that such raids seriously weaken the morale of their . ; '
enemies in the home cities. The Allies have insisted in making such . ' '' '
raids in reprisal for those made by
Further speaking for the rope, his secretary of state says; ?.
"The holy father is .studying means to alleviate the sufferings
this great and frightful war is entafline; He hones that if he Cannot ' ..;".' ,
end this awful war at least he may
horrors." .-. '
Despatcrtes.eceivedVfrom Paris
X 'v;rnent-aTrr
lariy rcmsais carricu uui iiruugw air raiui, wuitiiaitr piouutiivc vi .
no military benefit and which result in death an gauffering to so
nianv noncombatants, including women and children,-. '-V , ' " v - . s '
This is not because the Allies
the unnecessary and murderous German raids against London and - .
I'aris, great air fleets of France and
Hown over score of German cities
arrying out raids against munition
is icit nowever, mat. u uerniany
of the rules of warfare and continues to carry out the raids against '' .'.
I'rt nch and British civilian centers
liate in kind and in degree.
An important debate on this subject, based on inquiries of the , 1
intention of the government regarding reprisals for the recent large
raid against Paris, appears to be in prospect. This has revived the .
discussion of securing some agreement with Germany, many Ijeliev- , ' , ;
ing that this may yet'be done. The desired agreement will be to , r '
make open towns not in the fighting zone immune from air attack. - . '
Recognizes Hospitality Shown
His Representatives and
Decorates Five
NEW YORK, March l( Associated
I'ress) In recognition of the courtesies
extended to the various Japanese mis
sinus which have recently visited the
Eastern State, the Japanese Emperor
has conferied decorations upon five
Americans, according to an nnnouJice
merit mnde nt the Japanese consulate
general here yeaterday. Ex-Mayor
Mitchel of thia city ha been awarded
the Third Order of the Rising Sun.
with cordon. Judge Elbett Gary, heud
of the Steel Trust, who ha been a fore
most advocate of an understanding be
tween the I'nited States and Japan, has
been named for the Order of thp Sacred
Treasure, the highest decoration an
noii need Ex Mayor Curley of Boston
uill receive the Third Order of the Kis
ing Sun; Mayor Burdick of Newport
be given the Third Order of the
Sucre. I Treasure, and Or. Morton I'rince
will be decorated, the order being not
.1. -signaled aa yet.
W. 8. S.
WASHINGTON, March lH -(.ssoci
ate. I I'ress) Maj. Gen. Peyton C.
March, chief of Btaff, has approved
plans for the - detail of staff ofticers
to France, so that thoae now at home
will be systematically exchanged for
those with experience at the front, and
the system will ultimately prov nlc a
general staff entirely of officers trained
the Austro-Germans. v .
find the means of limiting its y'
. - X. 4 '. ' s'.
REPRISALS ' ,. . T ' ';
last night' Miid: .,'. :r-J J- 'Ji
are unable to respond fat kind to . i
Great Britain having repeatedly,
during the past several tnonth in
works and military objects. It ,
persists in ner repeated violations
the Allies will be forced to reta- '
' .',.''
Teuton Holdings In This Country
Hundred Fold Greater Than
American In Germany
ciated Press) sLit tie alarm la felt
here at the report that Oermany may
be preparing to take property of dti-
xens of the United States la that eoua-
try for it ia conservatively tat (mated
that German holding ia the United
Statea are a hundred fold greater than
are holding of American eitisen ia
Germany. ' , .
The report of Germany' Inteatioato
take American property came ia dee
patchea from London which eeidl
Indication that t German officlale
may be preparing to eels American .
property ia Germany are developiaf .
The Germaa foreign office haa directed
the Spaniaa sad Bwiaa- embaaaie to
transmit notification t the United
Statea that measure agatnat American
property, proportionate to aetlon
against German property in the United
state, will be taken by the German
Hitherto, the Germaa foreign office
says, Oermany ha reetrieted ber meaa
ore to thoae "absolutely neeeaaary to
prevent enemy property- in Oermany
from being taken out during the war
probably for the purpoe of benefiting
our enemiea."
Hearteat Holders
The International Harveater Com
pany. Standard Oil Company, National
Cash Register Company and American
Radiator Company have the largest in
terest in Germany of Amerlean Indi
viduals or corporation. The Standard
oil Compauy ta known to bat been
withdrawing ita holdinga and lntereete
for some time.
The I'uitrd Statea baa a great advan
tage over Germany in dealing with tbe
property of citiaeo of the enemy coea
try. '

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