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Wire Between Buda
Severed No Railroad Trains
tt (Asplate4 Ieiij-Labot
' v troubles are again rfe in Austria
' Huoearv and (hi situation fa be
coming highly Critical The strikes
are already wide thread and are
spreading further rapidly. R-e-ports
of these disturbances ire
Wine4 in fhe Gentian news
paper which reached here yes
terday. - O'oce more, say tfcese attfcjes,
the industries of Austria ate se
riously threatened'') Budapest
the strike that has been in prog
ress for several dijys, is now av
surning large proportions. Tele
graphic 9ommUnica(ipg between
Budapest and Vienna., ha, been
suspended sine Thursday.
Railroad communication is also
severed. The railroad Operatives
went out on Tuesday and are stilt
out. Transportation is'al sj, stand
still in many parts pf the Dual
" rearing military measures with
which they vyerf threatened frie
railroad shopmen haye returned
to the shops but t,hey are doing
no work.
Strikes are threatened in munition-making
plants and in some
other industries incipient strjkes
ate in progress ind reported as
extending. - . '
flsrlin 4dmjU Twenty-three Cort-
ducted By Entente in Febru
aryj Damage Serious
' NW YQBK. Karch 18 I Associated
C LSliicd t
Pt0'-'rerrlBed by the mnnf success
' Jul air raid wBleh 'Entente aviator
hav recently mad many residents f
f Oermaa border eltiM ar leaving trrtir
homes foe point la centi'sl SSttt$f
white still others' nfe going to Bwltnef
. Hrnii This information cove from AhV
" aterdam, and. Qeneva bat U derived frotn
J.' German1 noureee.' '
' I bhiary th Entente Avlntore
made ttj thro attack pori eitief
and towns back of t? fTaa Ws,i i
4mtar4ain yerteray. JHe of tbw
kttacka 1 irr niad ' bpon frMa kd
bna e1i 8orbrteki, Vkabbfito,
iJaMa, Loraii, tixbqr, psVa
aad MpKHfl.
Derma a
town real
vania Bai loiiowea xaw attacks ai taa
. a ti.L a u.a
Entente air Wi, 0caf a 1 ffeapatehea
of vMterdsr sir. Monition factories
at Cpbleaa have been destroyed and
ike railway station at Wedburg- badly
damaged;. Kaay resideats of border
elties have already moved iway and
still others are planning to leave for
points well within the Oermaa borders
While still ' others hav some Into
J&witaerUnd keeklhg a safe tefiigo.'
a. a-
.T" "" WABHIKGTON, March IT (Q
ial) To aeearo suffering for the Suf
ferers Of Hub atrocities in stricken
Belgina 4 vo day eampaiga wiH pom
anornna 'tomorrow. It ia country wile
ia artenS aad atgaaitetiona bar boftn
perfested In three thouaaad eommual
It ia axpectad that more than a
bundled thonsand tons of elothiag will
bo secured daring the five days of
tha campaign.
DESiRyp by mm
MEXICO; CITY. March 1 (Associa
ted Press) Travelers from Puerto Mes
jsa tell of aa Important victory won
by government forces uuder Oeneral
Fortuaate tfaycotte over rebels in Feli
aalS, a village near Miaatitlsn, state
el Vara Orua. Hurrounded in the plaaa
of tha town, the 400 rebels vera de
serted by tbeir commander, Cnstulo
Peres, a former federal officer, aad scat
tered with severs losses by Msycotte's
, WAHHINGTpN, March 17 (Offi
rial) The aoyse of reiireHcntatives is
xpactod to vote en Tuesday en the
Administration's War Cororation Bill
wbkh hal already passed the seuate.
Itration Coort
By Success
Central American ; Organization
Oitsoives After TefT Years;
motea Unity and Concord '
BAN JOftE, OData ftiea, Uuca
IS (AaaodaUd Pre) Owlnf
U zf4raUon of mrf4 ajfr4
trpOil for 1U tlatadbS'thS Cadttat
AiMrtcan arbitration court aa
eloaM. 4 y " 1 i
' 'Thti taa baw Um atdy arbttra
tlon court aver craatad, so r ar aa
la ktiowa, tbat kaa fnlflUad all that
vaa aafaactad t ft. Dorlaf Its Ufa
it haa worked wondara for Oantrai
America. It baa prarantad two
wart altbar of wtUcfc.wonld hava
tMaa aioat and ' pat. ' kicbty
dlsaauottt. 1 Xt haa areoght Abo4t
eloaar and battat andantaiidiiica
and a Spirit of aatfty anoHf tha
, Oeatral !'Amrtca f eooatria and
promoted a anlty of spirit and of
foTpoaa among thttn.
- It la atUnlnad that tha neceaa
of thla court 'baa aattafactorny
derooDitrated tha poadblUtiea for
arbitration atnoof and batwaen the
aattona of thorl4. " "
.i- .a a. v .
Explorer Will Spend SeVen Years
' ii tioftH taking Airplane and
' Amerldan, Aviator
NEW TOBK, Marh ls--(Aaaoeiated
Preea) Equipped, for a ae'en year atay
in the f roaen aortb aboard 'a ' vessel
which will be a aovalty in oonairnetion,
fcsptsio Baold Amnndsen will leave
Cbristlania this spring pr'sumer on a
north-polar expeitibn. He baa re
turned from a trip to Europe and dis
cusses his plana : freely.
Captain Amnndsen deaeribea the eraft
la which be is ta sail for tha far north
as ejrg shaped m eonatrnetioa. jt la so
dasiffned, ae asd, to avoid the danger
of being ertishefl In the lee which, whew
ft elosss rnnd his ship would raise
it op; out of tha water. We will take
along witi ' Mm aa airplane ' and an
Aaaarleaa aviator who will be able to
a) ale trips from the vessel, when it is
froaan in, in whatever direction may be
desired, ' "
The erploTcr wiU be welt supplied
w1t provisions ami is making prepar
ationa to carry a supply to last seven
years:- By means bf' the airplane he
feipeeta to do a large amount at map
ping and thus to bring bnek tha most
eompleie geographical knowledge of the
polar region Which has ever been under
taken. - -
- - w. a. s.
BELFAST, March 18 (Aaaoeiated
Press) Ber ious riots, prceipita U"by
the Bin a feiners occurred here yester
a n wbieh there were a number in
ured. Trouble arose between the' Binn
"elders a'rrtl the police which abeedily
grew Into rlof proportions. T'he police,
after a hard fought battle dispersed the
erolvd and ni'ade a lar;e nomber of ar-
w. a. a.
VKKINQ, March 14 (Associated
fBy-Qermsn and Austrian (Socialists
ar ettndueting peace propaganda among
the radicals of south China as they
nkve in Bussia, according to the Chi
fciiso rjaws Agency. They are said to
be fomenting opposition to the appoint
ment of the former Premier Tuan Cbi
jul,' to the post of director general of
the yFar Participation Office. Tuan't
appoiatnieot to tbat post was intended
chiefly to atop the criticisms by the
Entente Legation on tbe ground that
tba tbinasa Cabinet, beaded by Premier
Wang Ubi eben had adopted a pro Per
a)aa attitude. Tnan is not enthusiastin
boat b' duties and baa not yet for
mally assumed the poet,
yr. a. a.
MEXICO, CITY, MArch IS (Associa
ted Pteai) The tippreme Court hs de
nied' tbk petition of various foreign
priests to suspend the ordef that tlXy
be depoited from the country under
artisle S3 of tbe constitution.. Tha
caurt kald tost the constitution gives
prasideal power to evoke tbe above1
mentioned 'article when necessary for
tbe public interest.
w. a. a.
ATlQ. Women often beronie nervous and de
Snonileht When tbls Is due to eonsti
patibk it is easily corrected by taking
aa occasional dose of Chamberlain
TKese tablets are easy to takl
and pleasant in efeet. r'or sale by all
dealers. Benson Smith
agents for Hawaii. AdH.
nnnnrnnTi MrnfuK
bUU X u Li U..
'V j.iV4av'- .. 1ar i- -.r A
Press PfaetieaRy Unanimous1 For
Expedition To Siberia But
Actvltcs Oautidn'
China Settles its Differences and
Is Ready To Help; No Ac
tion Decided Upon
TO Kid, Mareh 17 (Official) fs
press of Japan ia almost ananlmounW
In favor of Intervention ia 81berla!'p
is realised, however, that the-aituatlon
is an extremely delicate one wiYbou
the cooperation of the United tysiwj.
If the espadition la nndertalcti' Jipi
an will need financial and othr' ll T
the way of supplies and perhaps ttinnfr
tions from tha United SUtaa.W 'n'
t.eadera of tha various political bar
tics advocate great eaution Stiff trjr
the necessity of thoronghrr edHvlneirlft
the world of the honesty of tl'niotivol
of Japan before arming foY S eipCtl
tion of invasion. .
North and Booth CHina Ifevfl eompna
ed their differences in via of tne' evfr
ous situation which eemfotifs ta"f
public by reason of tha ehavcS Jet-ts
coming from the ratlfleaUtf tf tli
BrestMtovak treaty. It fa,'TpW)po1d
that ChinaShall Join with Ap
a HiberlaS expedition if ono'thdJt M
undertakes Vad anite with Jhptii It
whatever Jsoarse of eanduet may ae
determined and the Indications now tH
that Chinrf-may do thla.
ToVlA, ': -flrfa-rrlT fifsoeiated
PrestfTPretnlSr JbrnueM aWTForelgn
MinreW'Ohoto in discussing the Si
beria ' ait'tat(b$ . with parliament on
Hku'rdny asscrthd that aa yet no de
cision hsfea''rached bj tkf jovqra-
"The Constitnoaliat party, on of
the1 larWH'tn the ' ffiet beta a eonfetf-
f the Tore of it fof tse v
pesfMt f tb -MbarW VxpeaittonS'tfl
dits tint, TW aHoVOtiiy fcoterf tBi
immediate m6biliMtion1iaiva'oef h&
p'tit the party on re6r4 f pdn W nfef
manent policv. it 'w8 TaJtre(t' ?- fi?
Tferilt-frbfn' Bnasia
assert that the VermiftiarV sMhig 49
dfganise twe' 'nmyl,bTr)l' -'attiohtn
iohner . Meor'TOstrerri Vhtf'ShavJ
Ijccn aar'rendfrM tM id
President Allows Some Agents
FivA Cents a Ton On CoU
WASHINGTON, March 17 ipfl
eial) PnVident- Wilson haa issued h
proclamstion which requires all oai
jobbers, brokers and wholesalers to ob
tain licenses before April 1. . '
Under the President's proclamation
agents who do not actually handle tba
coal are limited to a profit' of Mva eeuta
a ton. Other agents, those who do han
dle tbe commodity itKelf to a irektet
or less extent ire illowed slightly high
er commissions put the proflls of' tn'a
middlemen are closely 'ftmWodT- 1X1
All rebates and au doubW cqmrnia
sions are strictly prohibited' nnijfef ybt
terms of the proclamation.
w. a. a.
GUADALAJARA, Wexicp, March
(Associated Press) Kuraged because
they could not produce th,e, amounlt p(
mouejr be demanded, Jose 01 rPl'
Qaruia, rebol leader his ' raglny Is
reportel to have' ordered tha slaligbiejf
of thirty of the leading resident Of
the village of AIibhoIo, dirBlric of
Oueramaro, state of Guanajuato. -
This followed a similar raid npon
Penjamo, the cutting
the cutting of communlca-
tious bV rail between
n.i. altw"!
city1' and
Mexico Uity for day
of Morelia, capital '
rt, the surrounding
of Wdneaaf
sack of Tenatltlau1.
four days and tbe sack of Tapal
The increaHing boldness, and extent
of (Jarcia's depreatious have, tauas
me imiprnj guvvruiunn iv rvsuM
five eampaiguing tn this part 6:
country. General Manuel M. DWyVt?
whose operations, against MnuU Pe
Iaex tn the1 Tarn pIco M regloi" Sis
brought him into national prominance.
has been placed In charge of tAtf tam
palgn against Oaeja-
NEW YORK," March IT (Official)
Announcement is made br the di
rector of railroads of fbis division that
90,7Ka rarloada of food stuffs and other
supplies bave been eolteeteiT at Atlantic
ports for shipments to the Allies. Tbe
total is more than a million tona and
consists largely of meats, flout, grain
ami canned foods. Other fraighta of a.
similar character are coming from the
west as fast as ships art ready to ana-
ds them. 1
. a. . -
LONDON, March 18 ( Associated
Press It Is authoritatively denied in
a Renter despatch ffost Cautftohatien
that Germany has sent aa ultimatum to
I Denmark demanding the liberation' of
ine crew or me lormer cpauisn atoamar
Igita Mendi.
ettie of leadera on jprlday n ' whlcl
if ' reaffirmed fb positloi wbieh ft
former) took 4'ovmmi fabbill4
tfbo of tbe forcl of JapaS f6r,'tte puf-
'MEr,V' 1TY :
McAoo AsfcsVTor-'Workers To
Take Jobs Where Government
e6fliTTiem and Move As They
. WAflUNOTON. Xareh 17-(Offl-
cis) ilseretary MaAdoe, writing ta
Ram set Oompers,, ptesldent of the Amer
ican Federation; '''taioA said sub-
vThe OPDOTiiinltV Is now presented
to labor to render patriotic sertc by
es'hs of the- laborers steeling tha kind
of etntfloyment in whlK they ar fcot
eede4 ty th Kstlorn-aod; to moft t
fhMi 'prace'a wtrsra thHf services maf
boat' -tgrlnOy erlulrl.J ,r
r? H,R It,4 part's" iT-fflMcian
muer(tmiberf In 'k speech 'wire!
te' tferlered 'aertddsf iald--that "the
VwUirt'be; .iii(:ht to a vKtortoni en
t4 ttthla proiftm' lmerlcatf labof
''"tioSnpers Scored' paclBst and all of-
fa' ih twins wfilel wreVkrr,ar te
rt tbriSbVhtr tn'iti ffbHa7and 'fr
lavtt(mt"'' r iv
''The feteat labor leadef reiterated kl
sta'tement that AmeHHlfl labor will ioi
WTe'bi':HTnt'i it 'in labor' convention
8f (rohfereHee?; wltck Ufa i
() If rfVeVritattvee 6f 'fcM rbni n
emf 'eotWrieVNTte- "aaiJ thlf ainwered
tbrfrtticUta'-irbfch hsl r!wltcd from
M fket 'thst'theTJnUea'tltnfes WKa
ao rrpreseoieq st ne lowrerence w,
wnsaeld 1if Lbndottin'FKbrnaW.
defe'nAc,! e$6r(a 'ot Ubor
agardstr)in''?iaHm pfbphgafiila ind fr6
(Hrman flTo(t1'wftliia''it bfgittiitatioB
rnnta.-'' el" . " " f
nnni ia
-fodil AdtniniHiritor Hoover vesterdav
u(S. aYppeaj t armerji ojf il(e
market tMlj lbest t ipeedily aa poa-
idi ta as to iwrwn or adMUkte sbi
majta wthk" lnir. v.J!wt.
Hoover Mia la-part; "yneia Bam
Is gbting-y fcls-life in' thil tfa
Tha necessities of "the Allies art pips
urgent. We mnat f urolsB ' tbeM wit'
surHelent' whest for their bakery loot
for onr Allies and thcif totdiert hat
only bakery bread,. Home baking, aa
w ..anow ii, is unxnqwu to inem.
therefpte? bring1 to market ill of 'your
wheat except that which is needed for
seeding . purposes. This is a war Call
aad it demands a patriotic answet from
sack and every farmer of oqr gloricms
tand for he eontiflded freedom ' 'bt
which we are fighting and sending our
boys 'to France."
Diyen from Series, at Treaebes
They Win Them Back;
IfBW YVIK, March 18 (Asoiated
Press) Attacks ia force by German
raiiTing parties upon French positions
jrjrp (epoed te official communique
iasned from Paris last evening, for a
timo the tternjsns iippear to have won
Meoessft but i tM eTid, tky wre
drivsa from the footholds which they
had secured and finally repulsed with
t&a. t ' ).,. :
' 1h the Besonvaiix sector large forces
oft fhs enemy succeeded in penetrating
the French lines and succeeded in tak
iai a aeries bf tranches. 'Falling bdek
ahd seruring reiaforce'hienrk the Verlirs
(ttaeed with great vigor. Up Into the
trenches from which they bad recently
been driven they" charged. At tbe
point of the bnyonot they savagely
throve out tba -enemy. Tbe bocbes
wore overwhelmed by tha force of this
counter attack and turned and fled in
disorder. The loaa on both sides was
wrgn but the German casualties were
vary heavy.
OeTmouy needs retufoTcemeuts in
Finland. Its forces art meeting an op
position far mora aerloas than they ex
paeted. AR'lterdam advices say this
announcement Via'madi in Berlin. "It
aald lie' Hed Guht'is trl Finland were
Hitting up a serious retlstanco to the
Ifltnyiy advance and were increasing
n 1 tiubibef. ' GerhdiB ' reiafdreements
tare 'bow Jound to 10 oee.bnf and are
fd b deapatdied ftrrtbwith.
AM8TKRQAM, Marcb 17 (Omeial)
Deapatehea from Itarlia y that the
Oermans found fifteen Russian far
ship ID tbe harbor of Odessa when
thejr oecujiied tha city.
Ajttt$!?da? Ilnh 1 -(Associated
Press) -"'fcJsisV Pavl.
noat, newspaper Una and ' bumorist,
died here yesterday.
stantlklltt 'Mett"arar teWed W bn
cut "sKli'and '' du yafilaata and "tor
maujf" jplia? ''yarnienfoTa.
S&'dt are" trek V and 'they tire itaeres.fl.ng
ishi (uv war prorrwnn. .
HnoVrf:' ti Meri and Calls
-ti il D m km
i 11 Air.
lillUL Dl
Cohtents Are Not Made Public But
Government . Hopes It rjas '
Solved. Qipputtif 9
ultiiXaTuu Will expire
. asmaawasaa 4
No Confirmation of Alleged Yield
r. t 1 . ..
uig is Announcea oy
, Washington Officials
, WASniNQTON. , March' 18 (Asao-
einfej rrcits) -With the period withia
which Iha Netherlands warn required
'"ahncrbneo ' ifs decision " relative to
supplying 'it million totta of shipping
tO' tba'fnHea 'fetatee and Great Brl
Ula 'Bxpirihg'' today, counter proposi
tions - weT-D(jreta yesterday by the
gfrvemme'n't of that country which have
ot Vet1 beetf made public. Whether
toW effrfrtrill De satisfactory , whath
f'tha'wiU1 prolong negotiations fur
thef br' whether- the United States and
(treat Britain will tak over the ship-'
pln(J' id-'bort'a was proposed by tbe
joit trltlrHnfuVn Vtll develop today.
'tesphtchea 'fromvTha Hague yester
dnj jid that after an all night cabinet
met ting ike'govemment had cabled a
rtly ti Lbbdoh'to tha lol at ultimatum
rejativa' fo nfch'shlnpintt in tha ports
etflhoMe f ou'tltrlei.' Tha contents of thla
tttesmgo WKMtdf divulged by the Dutch
?ov?nimeni i was officially stated and
he1' gbvernoienf believed that it was
etlh i solution to tb shipping
Some announcement will b
ofiteially made todsV or it may ba that
action will bi talen which wilt ladleate
tfi "posittoa ''which Uho TJhlted States
stiq tj rent' VrNsuit ate assuming rela
tlvi to' the'lEOuntcr' proposition;
WASHINGTON. March 17 fOnl-
eial) OflSclnr tfonfirmatloa W lacking
td tha teport " that Holland has he
qbieseej t tha demands' of (he United
States and Great 'fftain for the use of
i miltinb tons bf Uf ltpptng: (H"tbs
uDrtiarlne" dan ter gone pot bifred to
ttt hpe'rhtlonVl! This (hlpptilg la' now In
ofts ihaf ar? easily aecessibm.'
'There; 1 also fib official ednfirmation
f the Mfoii' thai President Wflson U
rj,r jsii ffraa
lis eonnlr' Ward'ba'axpeditibhary
forte' 4dlnfrtnl ?apau inta Bibferfa. r
Make Search of Island For Cars
Lopg Missing But Report, Coni
' pljte Lack of Succe
Search by the motorcycle police yea
terdxy and also a week ago) Sunday
of all the principal roads' and 'many of
fW by-roads, i fail4 to revel two
Ford automobiles which' have been
missing from ten days to two weeks,
'The two automobiles known to bay
been missing this long are the proper
ty of George Kluegel and John Ifaxim,
respectively. Thje KluegeJ ear, No.
2533, was stolen one evening about ten
days ago while the owner was at work
in his office at Theo. Pnyies Com
pany. Tbe police were netinetf short
ly after tba theft of the car, bdt Jo
trace of it fcaa since been found. "
The officers bave been aotited io
look out for tbe missing ear. aa wall as
th aCaxim ear which waa stolen be
fore,' but none of them baa reported
seeing it.
Four motorcycle officers in two aji
tomombiles were eeci(llly 'assigned
yesterday to scour the Island and to
visit every likely hiding' place.' Tbay
reported Inte yesterday afternoon thai
tbe Island bad been searched on both
sides, from the Waimea bridge to Boob-
lulu, without sueeess. A search "maa
also made along the Koko Head road,
but proved just as fruitless.
Now tbe police believe (he ear may
have been taken apart and tolI1ia
pieces, or drlveh' over' son) gtifen dp
e or tbe valleys on a road seldom
WA8HmQTON, March 17 (Qffi
riap Puly tha president's signature
Is bow needed to make the Daylight
Saving Bill a law. ' .r
Thl measure is considered highly
valuable In the speeding up' of 4he
country 's production of 'waf' riec east
ties siuee the nation's day will start
an hour ehrlier' from the day wMrto
the law becomes operative had thlv
condition will Inst until the first Bitil
day ' of' October ' when the clocks will
be turned back an hour throughout tbe
'Sppnsora for the measure have, noted
many Important conservation whlh
will result froYn the measure WhlA in
clude a saving of .40,1)00,000 ' la he
nation t lighting expenses. ' .
' Vsblets). Druggists refund money ii
falls to cure. Th .signature of
V. GUpVI? is on each bo. Man-
i'(j tur4 by tV yARI ''piIff
CO.. St L"U. U. 8. A.
Tfl QUID ntfiAi nQ
I ' . i. ' -- ' 1 ' , m- v.
Jlrish Vc
n Currv
as Thor Pr:d6S,;-
Three Thousand et Th.ra Marfeh
In St- Patrick's' Day Parade;
Many Resolutions -of Loyalty
To'Amerlca Are-Adopted' "J-
'; -"' "-' '-'
ITBW tOaK. MsjrcU iT (04
eiaAa Mat. 'ratnek'a Iay- thU
yoar fan on fnnday thf Irtab an
Irish -Amarlca ax csebraud the day
la. aomo tmtaaoan, Raturday ;
While In other iiurtaaoaa tbsy wiU
6oorr4 tt tomotws. k '
Modgoacwt lotalty U thf Unit- "
dtutea and to America' war pra
graat baya ftmrlcad tha various ,
moetlnga and! biqt eta that worn
bald ' thror.gh.mt th "tJtaoa xaaT
ilght foil owing thsr parade whicb -vara
kM ta tba nio, I tbeta
paradea many patrlotlo - banners
and Wacard; wor Wrled T" '
Xfnl orthO most atrtklnf featnro
of taa Kaw Tdrk 43ity gv ratrieh'a '
Day yafada trad tha appoaranco U
Una, aaazchliig totothat,' of turn
thousand Irish woasaa oaoh of
vDoa proudly bora a aetvioa tag
carried at net ahaiUdar:-' ' ' '
Kaaolutloni of loyalty Wart ao
ttaataatlcally adoptod la taa rratv
aiaeo.aaaj tnanbora of dtaar CttUa.
-.--r: , rtf---
- ' r ,t.
Evacuation' 1 of Pitrpsrad CoBhi
piete and All flanrqad scr:
LOtDpN, ' IfareVle .tAodt4
Press) Patrograd haa ba evacuated
and th siatof the Kussian govern
ment la alroay. transferred Hf Moi
eow A tauter Agency despaten which
wss aatea sursuay, - y1 uo,ou
In' transmission' and, not received' her
until: yesterday, quoted official -communications'
la aaylng that the evacua
tion .of Petrograd was omplta.l All
paseeager -traia 'aervie into, and from
tb fqrmer capital 'city- has-been dis
continued. '-"It" Impossible, thsi'efore
for th ooDulac to anov out althonch
th r 1:'W4fAhy
doair: " Viuiut- nuiroau- .tr asporta
tion, this la a practicat Inipoaaibikty.
' Th commlsuries hav permitted th
reappear anesr of tha' BoorgeoUi' nws-
papar tn puoucation os - wnien naa
been- UDOrseed sin tse tb German hf
fensiv wa ommend.V-v s, .
Occupation of NikolayeV a well a
Odessa 1 toid In A BeaUr despatch
from Petrograd.' ' ' '''. - -
Cob Henry Aadersan,, chairman of
th American Bed; Oroa mission to
Brfmdnla and. his party ai thirty have
arrived "safely "fn Moaeosr aa la toM
by deepatqlrea from th bear 'capital. .
Th eaagrea of sovteta, whieh ratl
tad th peaca treaty last week cloned
its work ton Saturday" aad adjourned.
Befor adidurdment it approved the
removal of th eapiUi. ta Mtfseptr WfA
voted to eieet a new eentrns governing
JUNHAIT, Alaska fVaroh Mrs.
Grace V. "Bishop, wife br former Uni
ted States Marshal Blahob. Is the first
Woman 'to ill' fof tha' Alaska legisla
ture. Her name, along itt a com
plete 'nU-macbinoM &mqeratt tiek
t, i on 1 her today, baying peep
presented Wthe clerk1 just 'a few mfn
nta ItofOra tit tlm fot fling aiplrod.
Qa tbia ticket WllUajb MaloweV ia tha
candidate for eongressionaj 4 elegata,
opposing pslegtte Carlei A.' Rubier,
Jbo is the reguar pemotfratle caadi
te. B. Harrison, labor secretary, ia
(he ticket 'a caudidata'fof ibe senate.
LONDON, March !( Associated
Press) Tbe RuUaniaa oil fields ar b
ing worked hard by tb Oermans and
Anstrlans in order td iaorega th pro
daetioa whieh is much heded by the
OcAtral Powers, says th Sri'glneerin.
A eonsiderabl proportion of the nor
mal peae odtput hM 'beed reached
from soine of the old concerns which
are being worked under their d man
agement. The wells df 'thdJpanondktfl
Oil Fields Cinppiy.pi upudfA-Am)
erican Companies ara being worked un
der Austrian of Oermaa tnaaagement.
New district are bein tried, the first
belig jh oltflsld's belonging 'to the
Bumaman atata.
The Oermaa military authorities have
taken the unexplojted part of ' the,
gelds in hand and hav formed a aya
dicate With Oermaa eanlUL Two Ger
man companies a( airoajly aupplyiog
esfineers ana mueriav
Tba raw oil produced is delivered to
the military authorities and by them
distributed to different reflniag ton
earns of the eountry.
- In order to facilitate tba delivery of
petroleum to th uanuba and to relieve
w(k(rQBi tpe Bew plD, , Jrom pioestl
the railways front; transport ta una
to Constant harbor if big diverted
'to touch at Giurglu.
3 lllEl: itT LIT
Terrific Artillery Fire
, Mnounped iiy
W (Aaaoeiated '.PrtI.jtrjl
hwri nH ?eftW
by the American forces ta totd
in the official reports of last riiht
front the nierican' front itndf 'the
fVfjortV fndicae1 jVon tordajr
the America ns in ' the'-. sector
Northeast 'of . ioiaf experienced
the most, severe engagement that
our forces. Ijaye gs yej been called
upon to sustain. In this engage
ment they have ben successful
is indicated the casualties have
been heavy ; but 'petmission lias
hot yet been given to announce
the losses.
Fditowine'a terrific bombard-
ment, heavy and long sustained,
in preparatiqn i for the attack
large forces of the enemy crossed
No Man's Land t the extremt
right wine of the American sec-toi-
Northeast of tbul. the raids
were apparently undertaken for
the purpose of securing informa
tion as to the strength of the
American positions. So well di
rected' and effective was the Am
erican fire that only a few of the
enemy succeeded in effecting an
entrance to' the; American trench
es. The enemy loss was large.'
In the sector to the southeast .
6f Lunevillrpn Ayednesday night
an American patrol in No Majns
Lanri met German patrolTejr
opened , a harassing fire jnd the
enemy, fled. Some pf them wre
observe to becirfyffiij pn theiif
backs some bf thejr comrade?, eyi-,
denifyv either r very seriously
wounded or killed. '
In this sector the American
troops, in conjunction with the
French, are still occupying thp
sector of enemy trenches which
they jointly captured. This posi
tion they are holding despite an
other terrific effort on the part of
the German artillery to drive
them" out.
American aerial observers in
the rear fines have organized a
squadron and are now under the
command of a, French captain.
War crosses were yest,ery
conferred by the French upon A
number of American soldiers who
have shown distinguished bravery
in recent engagements.
The casualties announced by
the War department yesterday
were forty-nine, eight deaths
from disease, one from accident,
one severely wounded and thirty
nine slightly wounded. In the
latter number is included Lieut.
Harold Hirsh.
r V-
WAHUJOfqiif; Maryj, a-pcl-at4
fress) Army legislation the
Selective Draft Is, deemed deceesary
to facilitate the next draft and upon
which it ia In part "waiting and tba
Administration War I'orpOratrbo Bill
ara thjlef matters ' of legislation
awaiting action by 'congress this we'.
' Secretary MeAdoo announced that ti
will tour th1 South, Middle-West" and
the East in the interests of th thlr
Liberty Loan campaign.
WASHINOTOKf, March 17 (fifl
elal) An additipnal loan of tll,S0(),
000 has been made in the abap of
credits by the United 8ttea to P.
glum, , lliia makes tha total wfiio'h
Belgium 'bas received from the United
States f 104,600,00(1.
The totr (oknd apd advanced in
Credits to the Atlle has beep 40,
000,000. 1 ts, g, g.. (
LONDON, March lSfAsioclated
Press) Orjoial ao)iree U Austria, giV
oat tbe Information that Qetmaa tm"y
, oftUers, have been (nvlted f.rganla
J the new Ukraiu Army1'.
1 -!. .

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