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'- ' - ; . V
Would JLta. Compelled To Decline
Honor If It Were Conferred
Upon Mm, He Skys
did NOT VirrSomzE
treSei)tai(on :o7HTam'e T?
.r Secretary lane Wai Wade Vl
v Without Hi Knowledge "
'I have jw aspiration for the ilov
ernorthip and . would. be oompelled to
decline it west tha honor nfecae4l up
oa,, said Col. C, P. taaket, Sec
rettry of the Territory, last' flight. If
cou section , wkU the anounoemrnt
that a lengthy cablegram, ' signed by
representatives- of the Hawaiian toel
tin, bad gone forward yesterday to
Secretary Lane mi lung that he tie nom
inated as Governor of Hawaii to taa-
ceed Lucius E. Pinkham.
Colonel uhea aayi that he has no
direct Knowledge that any such cable
gram has gone forward, but that he
understands that it has, and if it fiat
it was. without bis knowledge or eon
"With all due respect to the wishes
of those who are interesting them
selves in my behalf in connection with
the governorship, s,nd who are no
doubt actuated by the best of motives,
I wish ft say," said Hceretary Iinhee,
in a rormnl statement, "that if My
itame has been sent on to Washington
jfor the office, as is stated, it wm on-
nuT-nonaca ana without my content.
Doesn't Want Jeb.
"I have no aspirations for the got-.
emorshlp and would be compelled to
decline it were the honor conferred'
upon me, and furthermore, I would
not be loyal to Governor Pinkhtm's
administration, of which I am part,'
were I te lend myself to any move or
action that would stand in the way
of his reappointment or retention in
"I believe that the -present execu
tive enyiys the full confidence of the
Administration and certainly baa
proved himself a friend of Hawaii and
Hawnitana. Far be it from me to lend
mvsclf to his undoing." ,
While the Kesretary of the Terri
tory did not say no, it is believed that
the above statement, or one approxi
mating it. has already been cabled on
to Secretary Lane, on the heels of the
ruble asking for his nomination.
Didn't Bother Witt Plnkbao.
"We have sent on our request to
Secretary Iae tht he awe laukea
as Governor, " aaid Rudolph M. Dun
can, a prominent Hawaiian leader, yes
terday. "We. spoke to,Mr,i laukea,
informally, about H an Saturday,' and
tie. arted Via ' tq talk otr the matUr
with the OoWrnW: before are-took ac
tion. But we have decided '-toVaiaM,
our recommendation, in the name of
the Hawaiian people, witffinit consult
ing anyone but ourselves. We did not
CO back to see Mr. Tauiea nor did we
bother calling on the Governor.
"What we have done is to make
our wishes plain to Secretary I.ne.
Whflt he may do or decide is not for
ns to sny. lie is the man who will
choose the Ocfvernor. not us.
Hawnlians Back laukea
"T have been both surprised and
delighted at the unanimous manner in
which fhe Hawaiian leaders, as rep
resented by the officers of the main
Hawaiian societies, hsve rallied back
of the request upon Washington that
Inuken be named. While a number
signed under the 'understanding that
there will be no publicity given to the
mutter until Washington is heard from,
not one of those asked to sign refused
to do so.
"As Hawaiians we believe that
Colonel Tn uken has demonstrated his
fitness for the high rut position in this
Territory, and as lie is fitted for the
Governorship we want him to be
named for that post."
As yet there has been no statement
from Colonel McCarthy repudiating
the messages sent to Washington on
hi behalf for the position. As treas
urer of the Territory ho does not feel
under the same obligation as the Acc
rete ry, apparently, to go down with
Abe ship hfn the new appointment
Urpcdo strikes.
w. . a
iv? Mtri nihil hit nr
- iiuu nibii urnuL
iertci b! slprein .Court li Now
. 4 filled yAapointees Re
" cently Annbuhced f v
.f ,I the presence of fathering pt
members of the Honolulu Bar Assoc la
tiqn, territorial tad municipal' officials
and eiticons, the oaths of office were,
administered to,. the newjjy appointed'
judges -yeterdsy aseroing la the n-
preme court. About a hundred n 41
if , attended the ceremony. ' ' ; ,
Jhe changes that beearse, effective
are that former Assoejats ' Jbsttee
yames L. Coke becomes chief justW of
the topreme court, succeeding Cttief
Justice A. M. Robertson ' who r-;
airned Jannarr 1 Circaii Judge Ma n
ti B. Kemp bctoiqe asocia,te i net lee
ef the supreme beach; former Ureuit
iudge W. H. Edinga of hfaui teeomt4
eircuH judge here, suceeedlpg Judge
Kemp, and L. I.. Burr becomes circuit
judge at Maui, succeeding Jnijtr d-i"K-.
IniprcsiriTc Ccremotiy . .
' Wearing their robes of ofliee, the new
arVpoihtees to the supreme beneh, eutet J
cq the room nrcompaoiea by Aaaocilta,
fJustlee Bajph V. Quartet. , Under,, , a
great Ahirle)in flhi draped tin the will
behind the bench the oath was fcrst d
ministered to Justice CgVe by 'Associate
Justice Queries who thf?n administered
tie Path to Juijgi' Kemp..' .'..' ;. f ,;
Judge Quaries then gave, the seat sf
chief juatice to Judge Coke who ad
ministered the osths to the other two'
circuit judges. After the ceremony an
address welcoming the, .p'pointees, .to
their new posts was delivered by Attor
ney John W. Cathcert, prenideat if the
par aseof latinr, and followtn'g h other
hjort addresses were aiafle by Unltel
States Attorney H. C. Hubef, Associate
Justice QUarles, former Uhif JOsHee
Robertsoa and Attorneys C.IC Olson,
Joseph Lightfoot, George A. Davis,
Robert Breekons and W. O. Kmjth.
Witt bold-fost .
In -tee, .course ef his address Asao
ciate Justice Quarlns referred to the,
fact, his term of office expires ia about
a-, week,, ou Match 25. He said, hoar
ever, that be will continue to serve un
tH the vacancy is filled. He had Wet
asked to do this, he said, by Attorney
general Gregory and said he' had writ
ten to that official saying he would eem
ply with the request.
No Indication has been Riven hdw
soon the aipointmrfnt of a successor to.
Jnstiee Queries will be made. AmsnfV
other names that have been suggested
are Judge J. J. Banks, deputy United
Ktates district attorney, Circuit Judge
C. W. Ash'ford, Circuit Judge WilHaro
H. lleen and Attorney William Pittasaa,
who is ' brother of Senator Key Pitt
ma a of Nevada.' None of theft has
made any personal application to Wash
ingion, lot nu pmoe.
t 'v i .ii -w. a. m.
ill bllhULtOLUlO
City TaVes-- firiind Temporary
injunction tnaeo ana uoes
Ahead Despite Appeal
Verdun and Vosges Sectors Are
ukely soon To Be Storm Cen
ters of West Front
(Concluded from, Pais 1) U til
tion or has ben ethttfred, and LisdR,
John (i. 1C4ly died at the result of tin
aeeinNent. t . ,
The list nt woiindeil officers includwl
Mtj. John W. powner, Capt. Harry B.
Whitney. Lleute. Blake H. Cooler. Her-
bett 1. Jones, DotsVd rt Malschlim,
Fttak M. Mitchell, Wsrren A. Saniom,
Joha R. (Iraham snd Oeorye H. Pen
AxtMrlctm Doubt "Drive"
Much f the weekly offirinl report of
Judge Signs Decree Awarding 1
W. Nawahine 51900 To Be
Paid By Goo Wan Hoy
UAmWnV bis last official ttt as 'circuit
, jidgslUuJge Konl tUprttf decree
yesterday. morniM) , awarding judge
meat of over tl!M)) in favor of 8. W.
Nawahie tgain-t fion Wnn TTor, 1a the
long drawn out suit, in equity filed
against the liitt.r. The sultwt.jone
to establish an, I foreclose a mortgao
alleged to have Ihou Kiven to Nawahie
by (loo Wan llov lo secure a loan of
$1700 made in liur.
The claim and defense of Goo Wan
IV- ; a . . . . .. .. ' . 1 " '
war aeparimeoi on Tne war strua- hav waa that l... h.i .,, k....i k.
tlon is iven over to the failure of the mpney in question, hut that the sum
"German offensive" to materialise bad been deposited with him and a
viuri says irans SKepiicism on tne SUD-
jee4 fit the threatened "great German
xilTenaivf" is voiced bv American
sources or military Information abroad.
large part of it withdrawn or paid out
for the benefit of the plaintiff, and
that Nawahie a- indebted to the de
fendant in the sum of over $1100 upon
It declare! that Germany's threat of 1 a note alleged to have I men indorsed
vffeasive this apriiu no longer i
presses the Americas fighters.
1 be review conclude that the enemy
br Nawahie.
The court held that as the legal title
to one of the properties alleaed .to
win not lake the pffensive unless forced J have been offered an security fpr, the
to do so bv the turn of military or po
litical events.
, It ia now believed that the fresh Ger
man divisions reported sent from the
.east to the West and hurried up to the
line are to be used for defensive pur
potes only, snd that their movement
wwa arvi vniTj n enriv imrnnive.
W. . I.
Secretary Daniels Says Subma
rine Campaign Is Surely
Beaten Hurries Destroyers
Two ini'dical advisory boards for
KHiiai hiuI Maui have been named by
the selective draft officer herr to han
. die al) caites of medical examination ap
' "t-Kls 'from1 Yocal boards. Thoy are cora
" io-.-d"aroll0ws: 1
KaiiHi Dr. Albert II. Waterliouse,
Koloa; Dr. J. Af. Kuhua, Kuuliu; Dr. K.
M Youne, l.ihne.
The Majil Medical Advisory Bonnl
him jurisdii'tion over all the islands of
Muni fouki't.r,,, .including Molukai. It
will irtr-o hauillc all appeals from the
iihtioinil (junrd.
The Army Trs,vcjiug .Medical Board,
e(ifnKied of thfee iiriuy surgeons, with
Mi j. (Thnrles B. Goover, M. R. C, of
the selective djaft, aboard, is now ou
Maui, having finished Kauai last week.
They lieya'ti work on Sunday at Wai
1 uk u and will then go to Hana.
W. a. j.
WAHHINUTON, March 18 (Offi
cial ) French war croesus hHve been
rmiferreil upon the United Htates Sol
diers who, with Kreurli forces, reveut
Jy participuteil in the rapture of a
iiiiinl.er of .Gunlinu trenches aouthejist
of l.iuiei ille. The Americans have re
tained these t re in-lies and have suc
ceeded iu consolidating their gains.
The test ease in wliich I.. L. Wc
Candiess has , sought to Hiave aban
doned the city's frontage 4ax method
of pnylng for public Improvementa
through court action took a new turn
yesterday when the city treasurer ad
vertlsed the property 'of Mr. Mc.Canrt
less on Beretania Street (or sale for
non-payment of the frontage tax.
The elty attorney, baa proceeded in
the matter oa the 'grounds, thst the
temporary injunction granted by the
circuit court at the beginning of the
case is rendered null, now thst the ap
plication for a permanent injunction
te r os train the city iron proceeding
with tha collodion of., the frontage tnx
on hit property baa been denied. The
act thai the case has been appealed
to the supreme court does not con
tinue in fore the, old temporary iu
juuctiop, . Assistant, City Attorney
Cristy said yeeteethxy.
Tie MiCndJtss property on Bere
tania Street wis 'advertised for sale
at public a,urtion last October wben
t(l Ofst apnlication for injunction
was rnsde The eireuit court ordered
the decree sustaining the demurrer of
the .city entered March 7 and It was
Bigned last ( Saturday.
The danger -that a reversal of the
circuit court by the supreme court
may render the purchase of the prop
eaty tt auction v6id is likely to cause
a lack of bidders, but the ,eity Is au
thorized to bid Jt it at the upset price,
whioh will be about $500, and this
is likely t;o take place unless the Mc
Candloss side lean prevent it. The
sale is advertised for Saturday .
The property in question has a seventy-two
foot frontage on Beretania
street and haa a valne of about $5,000.
nt earns rental of $2S per month, under
a present lease. The actual taxes
against it are $391 plus one percent
a month and aeveral other matters of
interest in default that have aocumu
lated. W. . .
A. B- Bhierloh jtutQionbUe stlesmau,
slepped oujt the Toung Oot,el one day
recently just in time to catch a younn
Vc.r in the jict uf jaakiQg away with '
the Red Cross bo R uvrr(es attached
to the steering post of hi automobile, I
accordiuK to his staUnient in the ju- !
venilo court yesterday. After he had
recovered the box 1e turned the. youth
over to a pulicemau. Two Ixiy will le
givo a lieariug by Judge Uecu touior- (
row moruing. ,
DOVKR, March 18 (AssoMated
I'isws) The Delaware senate today
ratified the federal prohibition amend
nient, mukiug the uiuth state to take
NEW TOtK, March 18 (Official)
In the United States navy there are
oqi to be enrolled a million men and
more caa be enrolled as they are need
ed. ' The ueed will come with new ships
as fast as they are put into commis
sion. Speaking- hore today Hcerntary Dan
iels forecast the winnini; of the war
against I'russianism and aid the Hun
campaign of submarine ruthleasness
waa aurely beaten. In part the secre
tary of navy said:
"We shall soon have a in ill ion men
ia our navy. Great as has been the
growth la the past year we can get
more as. they are nee.de, I.
''There is and ean be no doubt the
Afjiea will win this war. The spirit
that.it being shows, the determination
displayed, makes this clear."
j : Daniels said be ' has . informed the
ibemtstra of the' house' of rtnresenta-
U uBvai' 4inmittpe f bfett the Teu
ton suomariDe campsjgo uriujj sure
Jy Itealtn and Its menaoe will be found
to have been greatly lessened next
- Great efforts ire being made by the
United States government, Daniels
continued, to complete destroyers iu
large numbers and in as short a period
as is compatible with their construc
tion. The government recognizes in
large fleets of Vssaels of that type its
surest defense in the warfare agaiuxt
the U-boats.
r. a. aV-rT-
loan was at the time of suit in another
person not made a party to the action,
the court was not m n position to con
sider whether the defendant promised
to or dpi execute a mortgage on the
same and as to the home property, of
the defendant the plaintiff had tot
established the burden of proof.
The court further holds thst. th,
money was in fact borrowed by the de
fendant ami wm not a deposit and
that the defendant had not rcpafd to
plaintiff the sums claimed to have been
repaid. The court denies that counter
claim set upon lv (oo Wan Hoy and
holds that the plea made by Nawa
hie that the endorsement te the note
in question is a forgery appeals strong
jy to tne, mind ot the court and
counter-claim is therefore denied.
Nawahie. was represented by At tor'
ey . Peterson and Ooo Wn .Jloy by
the firm of Ligh'foot k l,ightfoot.
Belated to this care i the charge, of
perjury against Ooo Wan tlo novr
being tried before Judge William 1L
Been., This Is but one of a, series ,qf ,
crtnuuai, catrgea that nave, oeen
brought against defendant.
Attorney . B.' W. Itrm-kons qualified
at an expert ia handwriting in the
ease yesterday and testified that 'l
his ojiiaion 4 wo signatures on legal
documents that ttgure in the case -had
been forged.; It is probable that this
case will be 'concluded today.
History of Famous Litigation
Which Resulted In the Nam
ing of Receiver
Honolulu Oil Company ' status is told
in an article which appeared in the
J.os Aiipelen Times of March when
Hint paper told of the snnoutarpment
of the appointment of (.rata Helm as
reeier tor the company.
With the exception of the fsct the
article docx not make clear the noiut
that not oil of the IiiikIh of the com
pany are affected by the litigation it
appears to cover the situation pretty
clnarly. The nrticle is here reproduced:
Word was received at the Federal
Building ycMterd.iy thut I'nited Htates
District .ludge Frank R. Kudkin, lof
Washington, has appointed Orttt Helm,
.who wan formerly in charge of the field
division of the Inml ottiee in this city,
as receiver of the Honolulu Oil 1 fim
Brief History
The Honolulu Oil Company it a
$2,(MMI,(0(I corporation, with headquor
tors in son Francisco, Ihjrt went into
Jha husineiia of prospecting for oil in
Keru County, originally, to sscure fuel
to be used on stennmrs in the llnwaiisn
trade. The hind imolved in the Case
consists of llt.O acres of .land ia the
richest section of the Kern County field.
Tne government in seeking to recover
the area, claiming that it had bocn
withdrawn from all forms of public en
try, by President Tuft, Heptember 1T7,
,Wlieu the case was heard in, thie
city, some weeks ao, before. Judge
Budkin, the Htutement was made, iu
eourt by Willis Mih,. then chief coiin
' sel of the Honolulu oil Company, and
not disputed tiy Henry l May, who
rt and the ' 'Vrr"nt,l the pnernment at , the
S tl
Participation of United States In
Great Conflict To Be Ftttinfl
ly Commemorated
HowH.Uu, March !. 101.
C. B
Everybody Is Asked To Stand At
Attention For Two Minutes
When Whistle Blows
A Baldwin, Ltd. ..7TD
iwsr at Co. -N
A. T. Coates Also Breaks Adrift
At KabAiliu-rBoth Vessels
To Go On Orydock
Drifting da to the beach at Kahu
lui, after a mooring line was broken
I iv the rough wind and sea prevailing
there last week, the schooner Albert
Meyers put In here yesterday morning
with badly battered rudder and part
of h'er keel damaged.
H)ie was .ashore only a short time
when the was pulled off bv a tug but
lon enough to cause sufficient damage
to require that she go on the drydoi k
In spite of the damage to the vessel,
the Albert Meyers was aide to reach
port unassisted yesterday morning.
The A. f, Coates, which arrived here
about the aame time, also went adrift
through the breaking of mooring lines
at Kahulul, but was picked up before
she got ashore.
Like the Albert Meyers, the A. F.
Coates Ot "aUjo to go on the dry dock.
Both these vtesejs axe to sail from here
for Manila, .where they are to get a
cargo of copra at seventy five dollars
a ton, according to water-front rspoit.
Three Japanese 'Arrested lor s-
Efforts by nwnibers of tlie iletective
staff and motorcycle police in search
ing garages and blacksmith shops yes
torday led to the fliullng. of purls of
automobiles which have , been missing
for the past two freaks and the appre
hensioii of three Japanese, Naliiete
Unitthi, Hailiucbi Kajibico aud V. Va
mamoto, who have been booked for )
vestigation as it is tusported they nre
responsible for receut bold .aatuinobile
Following up an unsucressful search
of lust Huntlay of tle main thorougli
fares, as well as some of the . byroads,
the police were detailed to attempt to
find the missing cart withip the city
At about the MUM tune yesterday
morning.. ltsrtiye Keller, and Motor
cycle Officer Fej-ry ilaoQvtred clues in
two different parts of the City .which
pointed the way to the bejtitquurtor of
he automobile thieves, located in Mo
iliili near the baijebtllinark. .
Beside the parts of three autumn
biles stolen recently, the property '
(ieorge Kluegel, John i4xnu and W.
T. Livingston, stoleji toiessoris fi,,m
otlior curs were a lap fouiKl iu the Mo
iliili reiide.vous, the loht being esti
mated as totalling 10.0(H),
The storeroom of the auto thieves,
cousistiug of u twp row cottage, was
(iiled with tires, spot lights, auto rugs,
aud hundreds of automobile parts. One
of the Japanese was dissembling the
Kluegel ear when arrested.
hearing, that the Honolulu Oil Combanv
had wou its case at every stage of the
litigation. It nas also stated at that
time that the patents had beef actu
ally granted to the company, but had
een held up ly the interference of
.rresidrnt Wilson, lumself, who insisted
that the iBse should be hcai'4 by the
Courts. At that time an anulication
was made for the appointment of a re
ceiver, and the hearing on that bill was
held in this city and Han Francisco,
there "being over 700 exhibits in the
, The -record shows that the Honolulu
Oil Company won its contention its to
its right to patent to the land before
the land office at Visalia, before the
Ucneral Land (mice at Washington:, be
fore the secretary of the interior, and
before the law board connected with
f-tbe interior department. Secretary
i-ane was tirmly ot toe opinion that the
company was entitled to the land un
der the law, it is nserted by the con
cern attorneys, aud it was only at
rthe direct,, requeet of, President .Wjlatn
that he again admitted the issues to
bis lew board, and for a second tisse
that board reported in favor of the Ho
nolulu Gil Company. Then it was that
the ease was sept hack to tqe courts,
and the appointment of a receiver fol
tows, whose duty it will be to conserve
.the assets of the corporation, take cars
or ine property, and conduct it as a
growing concern, awaiting the outcome
of tha iuial litigation.
At the hearing in this city and Kan
Francisco, the Honolulu Oil Company
was represented by A. I. MaCormick
of Iam Angeles, aud by Morrison, Dunn
&. Brobeck, of $an Francisco.
w. s. a.
Ariril is s date that marks one of
the most mtnentous.events In the his
tory of the I'nited States. It Is thji
year the first snniverssry of the enst
ing off of isolation and the complete
entry of the Nation into world affairs
j through its participation lo the Strug
gle. tQtt must effectually erusb l'rus-
sia autocracy. In view of these
farts it has been detountaed that the
anniversary shall be fittingly observed
ana pians arc going forward rapidly
for such observance. Home of these
plans hsve been told but they hnve
been and will be still further added
, At a meeting held yesterday mnrn
Uig the entertainment committee of the
v.fcsuiber of commerce determined to
tsk he territorial and county govern
ments ro cooporate in tne observance
f th day.
Whole City to Pause
, ,A distinct pause for two minutes In
all .of the affairs of Oabn, business
and social, is the most striking feature
f the plans fnT the observance of the
IJrst anniversary 0f the entry of the
country into the world , war., Thit is
to be just before ten o'clock in the
pMfning. The big whistle of the Ha
waiian Electric Company it to givt
the signal. Other whist lea of tha city
and la the harbor are not asked to
1 Plant. Co.
Ilnlku Nn'sr Co
thiw- Arritl. ('
Hum ( i, in I A gugsr Co.
Hun- rtiixHr Co
IIoih'Uhii Hug V
II.ihhii Kuk. .
Hntcuinxm Hug. Plant
Ksbiiku Plsnt. Ce
KeLsliH Migt. Co
Kol.,n Huo. c.
rMcllrylte rlim. Co., I.tll
I lllllil Hue. o. . ,
ulna Mug Co. I.td
I hielllen Ml ; Co
I'lisnliaii Mnir Plant. Co,.!
I'nclllc sua. Mill i 'Atlrl
I 'sin Hunt I ii
IVp.M-keo Mils. Co
Pioneer Mill Co
Haa Csrlos Milllnf iv. ..
V'nlnlii Airn-tl. On. . ..
Wnllnku Hug- Co
r.s.lsn lev. Co.. Ltd. ...
1st Issne Asaesa T Pit.
2il issue t'sM Up i...
Ualku F A I'. l.. I'Cd..
Malkn K. A P. t:o., Com..
Ils Con. Ur. 7 A
Ilii Con. lt U
Hat Coo. y. I'M.
Mswsllan Klectrlc (Ml.
Haw I'luespple Co. .
liou. 11. M. Ltd
Hon lias In. I.tll. ..
Hon. It T 1.. . .
anter I si a nil H N. Co.
Mut. Tel C.
lllllil Ii A I,. Co
I'alinni Unhlir Co . ,
HeUiiis IMikIIujis. I'd.
Kama iturL pA ....
Tsnjouf Olaa Bubbee
ia .
eial) Hecreta'ry of War Baker is
greatly gratified at the splondid prog
ress which ha saw at the American
uwHtion caiup In France which he has
visited. Cottimentiag on hit visit to
the camp the secretary said:
"If I said what I think about what
I have seen it would sound like boast
ing. Therefore I will say no more
than that I am exceedingly pleased
with the results I have seen demon
The aviation camp visited by Hc
retary Baker was the largest of thuso
which the T'nited Htates has estab
lished In France. When he arrived
there were fifty machines iu the nir,
souring and darting about, many of the
aviators performing difficult evolutions.
Returning to Hawaii froiu a m"iou
to the mainland of tha Honolulu chum
ber of commerce regarding the oil sup
ply of the lslauds, L. M- Juild an
uouueed yesterday that, to far as the
ret-onimeiidutious of the Standard Oil
Co. are an indication, , Hawaii will
come first iu priority on the Pacific
The tftnudard Oil Co., In charge of
the fuel department of the federal oil
and shipping boards, hat submitted s
list of twelve stations ou this side
having demands upon the oil supply of
California and Texas, including the
Panama Canal. J'artly on account of
the importance of the Hawaiian sugar
output and partly beejihae of the naviil
base he;e, tho Islands jH pmlmldy
have first rights, according tu state
ments made by Mr. Jdjd.
l'rior cUtiips upon' the oil In the Is
lands, according to the Jisj. JJe rttaud
ard Oil has sent tp the" Washington of
flees, show railroads to have thst
- - w- a. .a, . -
Ttventy-two Filipinos Accused As
Stackers Waive examina
tion andAretiourid Over
A better niediciue 'c,an not be in
1 1 1 ii ehamlsnrluin 's Cough Remedy. It
relieves the lungs, opens the secret ious,
aids cxpectoraUoll and; astists N-Htuie
iu restoring the system, to a henlthv
eoiiditiou. Kesides, it contains no op
utes and is perfectly safe to take. For
sale l.v all dealers, Benson, Hinitli
Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. A, h t.
Twentv-lwo Filipinos, charged
cmisJou or the regulations of the se
lective draft in Hawaii, were given a
preliminary hearing yesterday after
noon before FuHed States Commission
er Curry, following a rouud up ot the
alleged draff evaders in Honolulu.
Without execution the mcs waived pre
liminary fKuiuiuatiou,. Bill" Uu'y mere
bound over to the federal grand jury
These cases will lie handled by As
sistant I'nitod Htates Attorney .1. .1.
Hanks and will be pritt-fedod with tin
dir a direct charge instead of by in
formation ; as has bueu the case with
four other moo accused of various !
grees of infringement on the law. In
the few detached cases nlreuJv hsudleil,
Judge Banks cvnsiderud that Ike tril
jury could uiuke the findings but when
such a large body of men is in ipies
Hon he believes the matter should go
tu thu gruud jury iu order to elicit the
full cause of the evasions.
Judge Banks lined the prisoners up
iu chairs at the federal building.mi l
gave them a w preliminary lecture,
through an interpreter, on the nature
of their offense and the justice of the
goveruuient 's stand iu. hunting down ail
men who fail to come up to require
ments in the matter of draft. Coin
iiiissiouer Curry placed them under
Ixiiid of 'J.'iO each for their appearance
before the federal grand jury in April.
"How many of you men arc willing
to enter, the army iff the Tinted
Stillest" asked Judge Banks of the
prisoners. F.veiy iiihii raised his hand,
although they expressed the genei'il
sentiment that (hey would much pil
fer to go lo the Philippines.
On their failure to give bond. tlie
were sent back to the city pr 1011 until
their hearing. Three of the men are
charged with failure to register and
the rest with failuru to return their
ipiest lounaires.
T yv g
SAI.KM, MassuchuHetts, Felirunrv
-7 Nathniiiel Hauthorne's house of
the seven guides, reiiowueil mm most
of the i:nglish speaking world, was tu
day converted into a soup kitchen.
Join , in the signal; the one big whistle
Is sufficient. Then the Hawaiian Band
la to play the "8tar Spangled Banner"
aud very one in the city it asked to
stan1 at tttention, silent, for two
minutes, men tnd boys with heads
. pther bands of the Island ire to be
asked to play tt the tame hour end
Oeoe.ral Wlsser will . be asked to have
11 of the military bands db to. Plan
tations will be atked to" have whistles
blown tt the hour of ten also, ao that
the silent tribute, the two miuutet for
reflection and thought of the aignifl
rance of, the day, will be observed by
plantation workers and employes alto.
Hera ia Honolulu the Rapid Transit
Company will be atked to have all its
street cars some to a atop aad remain
halted for two minutes. Anto drivers
are alto asked to halt their cart at
the signal ,, , V
Patriotic Daeoittlona VT
Tha committee asks that flags be
flown everywhere 77. over business
houses and at homes; over schools,
and , upon autot.
Then, to show his patriotism, it is
hoped that everybody'' , will use his
loose change to buy at least one thrift
Stamp, whlcj alone would bring in
about 13,000, from, the estimated
population of 60,000 available for that
P TTbrUt .Atairtpe, will be on hand,
for the 'Boy rVouts will be on duty,
with their iands full of stamps, and
will orea f vefybody to contribute.
The chamber of .commerce office will
send requests to tU members asking
them to . pott notices in their places
01 busineaa, atklug that at ten o'clock
r.H employes stop busisess and stand
at attention just ras, though a fyaaA
were pjacylng the National Anthem In
ihi'ir vicinitj. , ,
TVs day also marks the opening of
raccpaiga for thp third liberty
Loan, Bectetary XfcAdoo hsving an
nojuced that day for. the stsrt.'
w. s. . .
Oruma Ogpma an eight or nine year
old Japanese boy,, was struck by an
automobile ytstetilty evening about five
o'clock n,w tUar corner of King street
and Kamebameha oad and received
minor bruises tbout the busd. which
were dressed tt the emergency hospital.
i'he tutomobile was driven by M. T.
Costa Of the Bethej Htrcct Wand, who
was rat on) ing from Fort ihtfter. He
says the boy was .running after s town
bound King fcitxeet ear when he sud
denly ataad, Before Costa could stop
his automobile it struck aud knocked
flw key (lew a
llisvh Walk I II. 6.
Hsuiakna Uttct tWt., os. .
flaw. I 'on. II r- S
Haw. Irr. I'o., 6s
Hew. Tar. 4 Umt. 1900 ;
Hsw Ter. Pub. Imp.
Haw. Ter. Put, Imp. i
(series 1H13-1913)
Hsw. Tsrr'l 8Vb .......
UUo Oas Co.. I.U., 0..
Honukss Hut. Wfc--Hn.
(Iss i'o., Ltd, Ot .
Ksusl IIt. tV. On
Man oa 1. I ). b
Mcltrvde H.i Co., its . . .
Mm. Tel. S '
Isbn It. A I.. 1 0 ..
(Nihil Mhic. Co.. ,
Olaa Max. Co.,
rsctftc (Jus no r. Oo.
baa Carlos atilUaa. 4 .Uut
tjr -
tm . i ;
44 .
,5 i-
IriO f
,190 v; ,
Olss, a. O.UVi.
Ola. 3. Q.ViVi. ,
. January C,9ia ,
tS analysts beeta (ao advtess.
Partty . , . ,
98 Cent. (Ter Baw.t aars
Uar. 6, 1918.
New York
w, a. a.
sTf M v
RAM FKANOIWIO, Msrcfc' It 4iaM
eUU4 Prsssst roiowtea ace tha epeataa
Ml eloalna- amstatlona ef IUDU M etht
etocae tt Ikt Ma Trttolsos stautet ssv .
MawtlUn )ui4ir', .
ItasehuvMHt fcujtsr Co. ..
4aliu Sufar no
Olaa (suawr Co
t loonies Siujair Co
Vaanhaa Bursr Co. . . . .
1 Wooluki tnl , .
Knaels Copper
Hwwnltitv Inwetsttow .
': h
I (Bm
( iitiiy;YK pm STOCKS r
Qnotatloaa ssj the fpUowtac Mew 'Terk
trb aioatJa aus .wuNiesseal ta aVta
tlser by attesNihaai A Ce.. are:
HU 4ure
Huiuia Copper
lrota Mumma
Jim ilutler
Jerome Verde .
Mjinili .
M-tilweat (Ml. common W . .
JaVuttier Leda
Hay Ilerenles
Km-M Kula
Ilex Coua.
Ktchaueud . Copter . r.
Sliver Kins (.'una
Ttinoiiab Hxteiwlon
Krr Lake .
Ilecla .
OrssaiHi but
Psrtsc-tlou Tise ami
Keep Fit ' For the
Daily Struggle
You cant afford to be laid w with
sore, aching kidneys in these das of
high prices. Home occupations bring
kidney troubles; almost any work
make weak kidneys worse. If you
fuel tirsd all the Uuic, hud suffer be
vidua with lajne back, sharp point,
di..y spell, beada'bes and diHordered
kidney action, use Down's Backache
Kiilnoy'lls. It may save an attack of
rheumatism, dropsy, heart t rouble or
llright's disease. Doan's huve helped
thouaands bask to health.
" Whea Xoor Uauk is I. awe - licuimii
her the Name." (Dim't simply ask for
a kidney remedy ask diatiiutly for
Doan's feackafthe Kidney 1'ilU and take
no other). Doan's Backache Kidney
I'ills are sold by all druggists and sore
keepers, or will be availed ou rsocipt of
priee by the llollister Drug Co., or
HciiHon - Smith A Co., agentn for the
liansiiau lslauds. ( AdvurtisemeutJ
s!f Lift
, 67
, Am
Honolulu. Uan-h 18. 1918.
Hon. Con OU 1
KnseU Caippet . ', j,
Mlaeral IVauts .
Vloiiulsln KtiaK . ,
M'lMniia DluKliam
Madura M lulus
Mont a ns.
Al.E ... - ;.
2Tc; Msdera. 7000. Uc;
mm. mm
WASHINfJTON, March fl) (Associa
ted 1'i-ess) Tww Americans training
(or service la tk aviatiou cprpa net
death yeaeriUiy. One of tit caspuUiet
occurred at Han Diego, CaJifoTulaand
the other at Fort Worth, Teaaa..
While Salph T. Himpaosv of l'asadea,
was flying at, a jgreat height f torn ,tht
training school near Kan Diego, hit sua
ehiae suddenly collapsed and fell, trash
ing to the grouad. Uis death waa la
tuu taneous. , ,
The Fort Worth announcement 'told
of the death of Cadet f.llis B. VTatta.
r ,,
A decree of separation was Ranted
to Mrs. Klsie flollinger from her ku
band, John Ilullingnr yesterday ta 4ht
circuit court befort Jv4k4 UUtnt H.
Keen. The wife Is awarded alimony ia
the sum of $'M a month.

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