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n r n n a .ati .1 . Aim i ni itt?h
nifio licri' riirrt ' VI
nuo IICIl . Till I II
V .. I i l- '. - l r , . .
Submarines' Will Yet .Bring Eng
land To Her Kneei, Declares
von Tlrpitr,' Hii Views Being
Backed By Krupps1 '
British' jifcflMy On Western Front
Increases While Germans Com
plain That Haig's Long Range
Guns Kill Civilians
NEW YORK, March 17 (A
sociated,V .Press--Germany
still pint its faith for ultimate
victory upon he U-boats and is
being- encouraged in this by Adr
miral von Titpitz apd the Krupp
leaders!, ,' Irt"Vt statement ' which
reached '' Amsterdam ' yesterday
and Was' published in the Tele
graaf, on TJrpitz, the originator
of the' policy of ruthless subma
rine warfare, is quoted as saying;
"If yve'eontinue to carry on the
U-boat warfare against the food
ships of England, we will yet
force that nation to a peace thai
will insure for Germany a naval
base upon the Flemish coast."
While the military leaders are
Continuing to talk of a victorious
peace, others are,, preparing Ger
many for the war that is to come
after the war, when Germany will
find the greater part of the world
ready to enter into a commercial
boycott of Germany and all
things German. The Taglische
Rundschau of Bdrlin, one. of the
organs of the Pan-Germans, .in
its issue 4 of Friday discussing
this, says: . '
"Germany must count upon it
as an accomplished fact that there
will be an economic vwr after .Jilt
war, with a control by. Great Bf
tain and the United States kli
seabourne traffic ' frf ' raw .mate
rials. Germany must accept this
as a certain condition and prepare
to overcome it."
Along the French and Flemish
sections held by the British there
was a decided increase of activ
ities yesterday, with the British
raiding widely and 'generally as
suming the offensive. The Bri
tish big guns were particularly
active, searching out the German
munition depots and shelling
these vigorously.
An official despatch from Ber
lin complains that the British
shells are inflicting a number of
casualties upon civilians, particu
larly along the Ypres-Menin road.
Here, says Berlin, the long range
guns being used are indiscrimi
nately killing civilians as far back
as five miles from the German
w. a. i.
WASHINGTON, March 18 (Offi
cial) Samuel (tampers, president of
the American Federation of. Labor, to
day cabled to EngHih end French labor
leaden and laid in part that " Ameri
can labor will tie glad to meet "the labor
represeBla'Uv'la bf 'Allied eountdea but
refuse to meet 'the representative!' of
labor movements of enemy countries
while they ar fighting against . demo
cracy and the freedom of the' world."
A delegation representing American
labor wijl soon visit England and
France to encourage a ad eooperate in
the furtherance of the cause of labor
aud world peace, .,,
. wvav -
SAN FRANCISCO, March 16 (Offi
cial) ('apt. T. Yamamoto, Japanese
naval attache at Rome, who is enroute
to Tokio, declared here today that
Japanese destroyers are now policing
1 lie Mediterranean thus releasing al
lied destroyers for Atlantic service,
lie Bniil he Iwlieves. the submarine
menace in the Mediterranean has been
elated Press) Announcement was made
tft Amsterdam yesterday that no Dutch
vessels, would be permitted to leave
port . for destinations in the British
Isles nntlT further notice. This la re
ported in despatches received here from
Copenhagen. It Is taken as, a a indite
tioa that the Netherlands fs inclined
et to yield to the demands for its
shipping which were voiced in the !
matam.bv the United States and Great
Britain calling for the turning ever of
a million tens of shipping by tomorrow.
The action appears to contradict reports
that were yesterday sent from Amster
dam that Holland appeared to be pre
paring to yield to thoee demands.
Vsaaell Held In Fort
Anaoaneement was made here yester
day that every Dnteh vessel now in
American porta, with the eieeption o
two, Are to be held. The two eteep-
, MOSCOW,, March 17 (Associated
Preae)-eSoeial Revolutionists of Bus
slav'aS 'petty have not ratified the
Brest-Lltovsk peace treaty and will re
fuse - to abide by the action taken by
the ' AU-Bassian congress oi Soviets
although its delegates were in a hope
less minority at the congress. The
minister of justice has declared that
his party repudiated the action of the
Soviets, would withdraw and would de
vote all of its powers to organising to
resist Germany In its aggressions apf
on Bussia.
A Bolaheviki resolution creates
an army to be composed of both,
sexes te be ..organized to defend the
country. .This resolution does not con
template any defense against Germany
in. the provinces surrendered under the
. ' : Jt ja jl '.';Ml '; J J1 J Ji
Order Worded As One To Affect Here
VALLEJO, March 17 (Associated
Press) The twenty-six saloons and
bars here' closed at four o'clock yes
terday afternoon, in compliance with
the naval department order putting in
to force the five-mile dry cone around
the naval training camp at Mare Island
navy yard.
' The order affects in the same way
It Retired from Field Service
Though Arftious To Serve His
Country- In Prance
WASHINGTON, March 17 (Associ
ated Press) Major Gen. Hugh L. Kcott,
who was. assigned to the command of
the Seventy-eighth Division, National
Army, at Camp Diz, New Jersey, when
he was retired as chief of staff, was
yesterday relieved of this command and
appointed to succeed Major General
Kennedy in command of the camp.
Temporary command of the Seventy
eighth has been given to Brig. Gen. J.
T. Dean.
No reason Is assigned by the war
department or the ebange of General
Heott from a field position. It is re
ported that he is eager to go to France
and that he has passed a splendid phy
sical examination despite the fact that
he has passed the age limit for retire
ment from active service.
a. i.
Committee Named By Governor
Makes Recommendations
SACRAMENTO, March 16 (Associa
ted Press) The labor committee ap
pointed by Governor Stephens to in
vestigate recent lsbor distrubanees and
conditions in California made its report
The report reeommeads that all the
saloons in ths agricultural districts
should bo elosed temporarily, that the
I. W. W. should be suppressed, Mexi
can labor imported to relieve the pres
ent shortage, the mobilisation of high
school boys for agricultural work, the
substitution of women for men at in
door work, and atriet imn
to assure adequate labor to harvest and
protect laurornia s crops.
w. a. .
I.ONIX)N, March 17 (Associated j
Press) Despite the fact thst the past
week has seen general artillery Hctiv ,
ity along the western front end the
British hsve been engaged in some of
the fighting on the Lower Piave in
Italy and in both Palestine and Me ;
sopotamia, the British losses for the.
week ending last night have been com
paratively light.
The casualty lists carry a total of
.15(12 names. Of these the killed or'
died of wounds number H7!V The'
wounded and missing total 2687.
tloss are to be permitted to depart for
special reasons which the government
does not disclose.
The other Dutch merchantmen will
not be permitted to eoal, or if already
eoaled will not be given clearance.
Germany Seises Ships
While the Oerman press continues to
Clamor in protest to the proposed ne
tton of the United States and Greet
Britain, Germany ta proceeding alntfg
still more draatle lines in dealing: with
Sweden and the shipping of that eoua-
said that Germany had taken oa the
eeaa the steamer Princess Ingeborg.
flying the flag of Sweden and engaged
la carrying grain for the relief of the
, German sea. forces are also reported
to have taken a number of Swedish
jirawlers and one other small 'Steamer
off the Skew and to have convoyed
hem to a Oerman port.
terms of the treaty which was ratified.
Applaud But Heed Mot
Although the message to the Russian
people, from President Wilson, deliver
ed through the American consul gene
ral here to the representative of the
Soviets at the All Russian congress,
was received with applause and a reso
lution of appreciation was passed, the
advice of the President of the United
States panned unheeded when the vote
on the German peace treaty was reach
ed, this passing by a large majority.
, President Wilson's message reached
here two days before the vote on the
treaty and was read before the as
sembled delegate.
The Buasian press is commending the
disposition of the United States, refer
ring to the fsct that the United States
shows no inclination to join in any
plan for the dismemberment of Russia.
every , other naval training station tn
the United States, including the Naval
Academy at Annapolis.
The wording of the executive order
under which Vallejo and a number of
other places go dry is the same as the
order signed by the President under
which Oaha will go dry within the
next thirty days.
' J
President Is Expected To Give
Views As To Proposed
Japanese Expedition
WASHINGTON, March 16 (Asso
ciateil Press) There are intimations in
official circles today that President Wil
son may soon make a declaration on
the subject of intervention in Russia.
It is known that the United States
Iiuh been doubtful of the need of inter
vention by Japan. Some officials fear
that such action might bring together
the various Bussian factions to com
hat the Japanese, even if the Japanese
were supported by the armies of the
Entente and the United States.
Hpenking in the Japanese diet today,
Premier Viscount Terauchi made an ex
plicit denial of the report that Japan
rue troops have already been despatch
ed to Siberia, it is reported iu mesaages
reaching London.
A Tientsin despatch today says that
the Japaneee embassy at Peking is in
formed that during the disturbances
at Itlugovoetchenk on the Zeya river.
Amur province, three Japanese were
kill.- 1 und seven wounded. The Japan
ese nere endeavoring to defend their
property, which was being seised by
the Uoldheviki.
w a. a -
WASHINGTON, March 16 (Offi
cial) "More than 18,000,000 subscrib
ers" is the goal set by the United
States for the third great Liberty Loan,
the campaign for which is soheduled to
start April 6.
Subscribers to the first loan number
ed 4,000,000 and the second issue was
contributed to by about 11,000,000
To thousand newspapers published
in foreign languages have requested
they be furnished with posters and
supplements inu-an intensive advertis
ing campaign for the third issue of
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, March 16(Offlcial)
The department of argriculture to
dny repented that 42,170,000 acres of
winter wheat hns been planted in the
I'nited Ststes. which Is the largest in
the hixtorv of the Union.
W. 8. 8.
eiHted Press) The
March 16 (Asso-
navy department
announced today that three deaths have
occurred from accidents during the
last few days.
f. . i . . . .
Opinion Follows Tour With United
States Attorney and City t , .
j . Fire Chief , ,!', j-
Only One Lone Guard and Fire
..Starting There Might Blot
Out Entire Waterfront
' United States Marshal J. J. Smlddy
has made a report to the department of
justice at Washington containing par
ueuiars on wnico ne liases tbe opinion
that the Honolulu waterfront Is fat
from adequately guarded, that the Ho
uolulu police department is not pre
pared to cope witll anything in the na
ture of an outbreak on one of the
piers, and that a guard in burden which
now rests largely on the military should
be taken over by privnte interests.
This summing up of the situation if
Ihe result of a tour of the waterfront
whieh was made by I'nited States At
torney Huber, Fire Chief Thurston and
jlmtelf a week sgo.
Oil Tank Menace
One of the most serimis faults in
the guarding of property by the own
era, in the opinion of Mnrxhal Hraiddy,
is in the vicinity of the oil tanks
which he regards as the most serious
ause of concern, containing as they
lo, the possibility of the lightning like
tpread of conflagration over the water
front, when a stream of burning oil
anight blot out the shipping in the her
aor and the piers and terfront facil
ities. This potent source of destruction
w guarded only by a lone watchman,
Recording to the official report.
There are other Instances of hegleet
m the part of owners of waterfront
Property which are covered at length
in the report that has gone forward tc
the department of justice. The santf
laxities have been made the subject of
communications which were received
yesterday morning by ninny of the of
trading property owners. '
These property owners are urged t
respond' ill the matter of guards as -a
means of releasing the military gnard
Upon which new rests the burden 'of
Sroteerion. la this contention Marsha'
middy rests hie ease with the attt
tade of the secretary of war which hat
just been expressed in official common!
eatiens. This refers tt requests thai
have been received by the war depart
ment for action in placing military
guards as a detail around induatria'
Soldiers Not Policemen
In this question the war department
contends that "the soldier in trsiuMp
who has offered hia, life pot the dernsr
of eountry should not ae.eri.fice .liis ef
feetiveness "by performing police duty
in the protection ef property , back ol
the line." ;
This work is the duty of the cstizem
at home, tbe war department contends
' ' The theater of operations for armei'
soldiers is the battlefield of Europe,'
the communication of the war depart
ment proceeds. " Each civilian should
aid his eountry by acting as a guan
T'or the detecting and prevention of in
'rigue, deceit and all the familim
tenlthy operations of tbe enemy in out
'nirist. Each soldier unnecessarily de
aiiicd as a guard in thia eountry aid)
'nd abets the enemy in Europe."
The wnr department takee the ground
hat "the man who has been give the
opportunity to fight the energy in
franco should not be called bach not
Sdd in this country for any purpose
other than the necessary military train
ng, " i.nd goes on to say that the dan
,'er that comes from within should be
met from within.
Inconvenience May Beeult
It is the contention of Mr. Kmidd
in this respect that private Individual.'
ire evading their responsibility and he
believes that if steps are not taken b)
them at once iustruotioaa may be re
ijeivcd from Washington which nun
greatly inconvenience them.
Mr. Hmiddy haH no power to enforci
waterfront guarding, on account of th
fact thnt specific rules have not yet
been formulated by the wan depart
ment. The general rule which havt
been given out, however, are, in thf
opinion of the l uited Htates marshal
Kiifticlcnt to dictate the procedure al
Honolulu. He regards the late com
munication from the war department
as an answer to the queries, which hr
sent to them a week ago as to tho Ho1
nolulu situation.
W. a. a.
WASHINGTON, March 16 (Assoc!
ated Tress) An order made public
today at the navy department 'ctliiug
for a naval court of-, inquiry, reveals
the fact that Inrt month an American
liner shot at an American letro.vSr is
the war zone, thinking that it 'was -a
submarine. On the destroyer one inai.
was killed and three hurt.
w 8. B.
WASHINGTON, March 17 (Abho
(dated 1'retiiO--Additional credits were
placed nt the dinposnl of the Belgian
government yesterday by the trosnn
department, the n mount so se aside be
lng eleven million dollars. Thia brings
the total Amcrii'un loans to Belgium
to 204,000,000.
W. 8. 8-
A better medicine enn uot be nindc
than (Ihamberluiu ' Cough Remody. It
relieves the lungs, opens tbe secretions,
aids expectoration and assists Nature
in restoring the system to a heulthy
condition. Hcsiiles, it contains no oii
ates and is perfectly safe to take, for
sule by nil dealer. Benson Smith t
Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii Advt.
Executive Orders of the Presi
dent Make Clear the Course
Likely To Be Pursued
Cader the authority of an emeutive
J'rder, Issued by the President on Feb
ruary, Sfl,. it lies within the power of
the, alien property cuetodian to liquidate
the business p( Harkfeld (V and die
pose of it if such action may be thought
necessary to protect the business as a
going concern.
In view of the recent order to the
Trent Trust Company to disincorporate
the J. P. Hnckfeld, Limited, which re
moves the American corporation which
held the stock in Hackfeld k Co. and
'brows the stock directly into the hands
)f the alien property custodian, It la
Arrowing to be more and more the local
belief that the stock of Hnckfeld C.
now held by nlien enemies, being the
najorlty of the stock, will be placed
m sale to American bnyers. The presv
nt directorate had acquired a major
ity of the stock from the J. F. Hack
feld corporation, which transactions
have now been cancelled. Now the
me stock will be disposed of, to the
ame or other buyers, if the local sup
position proves true,
tnmmary of Orders
The Official Bulletin, of March 2, just
-eceived, publishes an authorized sum
wary of the President 's executive ftrder.
ssned bv A. Mitchell Palmer, which
Atplains the new rules and regulations,
This summary is:
"The executive order mode by the
President, prescribing rules snd regula.
"tons respecting the exercise of the pow
ers of the alien property enstodian, was
wade in pursuance of the trading-witft-'he-enemy
act approved October 6.(1917:
he purpose of the new rules .aneY reg
ulations is to provide for necessary de
'aila of operation of the office . '"
Powers of Custodian y
"Under these regulntions, the aliea
nroperty custodian will bo abfcj to de
tiend, receive, and administer as a trust
-state any interests which- any enemy
nas in property Jn the United Btates.
oth tangible', and intangible. , Where
he 1 property!. Is IncnpnMe of physical
1eliverji-or immediate conversion into
noneTl the alien property custodian will
beable to step into the- shoes of the
Le-nemy and exercise sll the rights and
lowers with respect thereto which the
nemv eould exercise if no state of war
"The alien property custodian will be
'ble also to make terms for the eoUee
'Ion of enemy money and the delivery
if -enemy property, granting time, In
1gence. or accepting security for the
tame. The new executive order also
reatly facilitates the administration of
Pthe property in the alien property ens-
'oman s hands. Means are provided
'or the payment of expense of admin
'strntion out of the income of the en--my
property, and the alien property
ustodisn will have the power to fxer
ie any right, power, or authority,
iver corporate stock or "beheflclal tn-
'erests of the enemy in American cor
porations whirh the enemy himself
might exercise if no state of war exist
d. lven Voting Powers
"For instance, notices issued by the
orporstion will be served upon ths
lien property custodian, who will be
','iven tbe voting power of the stock
nd the right to receive subseriptions,
-iphts, dividends and other pay
ments on account thereof. The custo
dian is given the specific power to nom
nate managers of corporations and to
sell commodities or other tangible prop
erty which may be perishable or which
in the preservation thereof may involve
expense. He may also dispose of any
,'oing businesses whenever such sale
hall be deemed necessary to protect
hc business or prevent waste. These
xnles may be made publicly or private
'y. I'nder the new rules depositaries
will account for money received by
'hem at stated periods, not less fre
inently than quarter yearly, and all
money will be paid by depositaries di
ed1 to the alieh property custodian,
lin will deposit the some in the treas
ury of the I'nited Btates.
'jiw Vests Power
"These rules and regulations do nut,
if course, give any powers to the alien
property custodian whieh were not al
eailv vested in him by law and by exe
utive order under the authority of
the trading with-the-enemy act, but
hey more clearly define his powers in
respect to detailed operations of his
iftice aud greatly facilitate the trans
action of business between the public
ml the office of tho alien property
WAH1UNOTOX, March 16 (Offl
cinl) The war tra te board has de
creed the rexumptinn of pork shipments
'0 Canada .ami shipments previously
ordered are to be permitted to South
in. I Central American states, West In
lies and West Africa in accordance
with the policy of the Tutted Htntei
o permit exports with friendly nations
-'lying mi America for such supplies
wherever poxsibie in view of war iieeew
.ities and America's duty to the Al
- W. 8 S -
CHICAGO, March Ifi -(Official) -Two
Chinese farming colonies, occupy
inn I wo siUnre miles or land, nre
two siUnre mile
niK estalilisheil in Wisconsin.
will be harvested on the isluir,
with tools ami seed houses fur
I'OHT WORTH. Texas. March, 1
i A xsiiciate.il Press) Cadet Jos.'pli
I.anngan of Dallas, Texas, was killed
today by a fall at Hicks Field.
New NationalistLead-
er Would Bring Con
troversy Back To
ENNISK1LLEN, Ireland, March
IT (Associated Press) Whtle
John E. Redmond, late leader
of the Irish Nationalists, turn
ed bis activities for Home Bale
for Ireland Into bringing about the
creation of the Irish Convention,
In which he had hoped to dsvlse a
system of government for the isl
and satisfactory to the radically
opposite elements in the Irish peo
ple, his successor, John Dillon, will
total the fight for Home Rule back
to .Westminster and will demand
that the Irish question be settled
at London.
This la the deduction drawn from
the first public statement as leader
of the Nationalists, which he sent
out ia response to the congratula
tions which have been showering In
upon him.
His first task as leader of tki
advocates of Irish Home Bale, be
says, will be to tell England that
she most quit talking about the
creation of a league of nations to
enforce world's peace and guaran
tee the rights of small nation ail ties
unless she first frees Ireland. - '
w. a. a.
Report That Offers Are To Come
From Germany Heard In
London and Washington
WASHINGTON, Mnrch 16 (Asso
ciated Press) Developments here and
in I.rndon daring the last forty-eight
hours have caused some credence to be
yivrn reports that Oormany is putting
out definite peace feelers.
Inferences that Germany may have
made a peace pffcr to the Allies coin
cide with an undercurrent of discussion
in diplomatic circles.
It is believed thnt Germany's peace
offer' contains terms disadvantageous to
Russia.. This supposition is strength
ened by the statement of a&A Robert
Cecil in I-ondon yesterday that the
Allies would not eonsider a peace at the
expense of Bussia, and that no sueji
proposals would be listened to. This,
feoapled with the . vet) Htodenbarg" an
nouncement . that the Oerman offensive
would continue, in view of the unre
sponsive attitude of the Allies toward
Germany's peace intentions.
All of these occurrences strengthen
the belief that some sort of under
ground peace feelers have been out for
some time.
W. I. I.
Before Leaving Odessa Order
Massacre of. Officers
JAH8Y, March 17 (Associated
Cress) Orders for the massacre of all
nflicers of the capitalist and Bourgeoisie
ianses before the Bolaheviki boarded
ti'iimers to go from Odessa to Kehus
'npiil were issued. They also made ile
iiaiuls that the population pay over to
them twenty million rubles.
The Holsheviki forces boarded ships
und departed soon after the arrivul
if Herman forces in Odessa.
WABHINGTOIf, . Mareh 17 (Asso
ciated Press) The Daylight Saving
Kill is now before the President for his
dgnuture, the house voting yesterday
to adopt the amendment of the senate
and obviating the neeessity of referring
the bill to a conference.
Advocates of the measure nre cun
ti lent that the President will sign the
bill promptly and that it will go into
effect as a law by the first of May.
- - w. a. s. . -
sPMKANK, Washington, March 7--
(Associated Press) The " Red Cross
war pig," through tbe sale snd res. Ic
of.t'.jO already has been . realized nt
('oiiihjII and Pasco Washington, is to be
lirougiit tn npoaane to ne auctioned on
here for the benefit OI the local chn
The porker whieh weighs about :I0
pounds, also probably will be taken to
other towns in the Inland Empire for
the same purpose. It chsnged hands
thirty times in a few minutes at Con
lull, its home.
W. 8. a.
KI. I'ASO, Texas, March IB -(Asso
ciHteit Tress) Beports from Torrcou
siiv thnt a revolutionary force has cap
tured Duraugo City. It is believe I
that this is an army recruited and com
mantled by Gen. "Pancho" Villa.
Begins Inspection Tour In Fryice
by walking Around Port Where
American Engineers Have
Been Busy , ' '
Americans Hear That Neto Army
Group Under voe Ganavltz Has
Taken Over German Sectors
Facing Them ' " "
CIAL, France. March 17
(Associated Press) Secretary of
War Raker began his. official in
spection of the American posi
tions in France yesterdaystating
his tour at the port where yV'rrier-
ican transports are disembarking
American troops. This port has
now become, to all intents and
purposes, an American port, with
American port officials in ftftl
In order to handle the vast traf-.
fie which has been brought about
through the port becorning tlve
main base of supplies for the
American army in France,, Amer
ican engineers have been busy for
months constructing new docs,
laying out a vast warehouse sys
tem and installing railroad, termi
nals, all of which were inspected
by the secretary. That he might
visit all points improved, by : the
Americans along the waterfront,
the secretary made the three-mile
circuit of the docks on foot.
"I am frank to admit," he Mid
to'the Associated Press after he .
had concluded hit inspection, JJ"
-that ' I did not ntjrtn thagnP l'r
tude of the task that our army
engineers have had to 'carry' but
here, nor the immensity pi tbe en- .
nijiic nmv w.uq uy a lUl'vWWtl
has shown me we luye undertak
en. 1 m satisfied, thoroughly sat
isfied,, rwith what-1 hveeen to
day." . . - 1 -i ii.-i-
The - secretary will be taken
over the rebotlt Aineritan fall
road, in American cars'hatiled by
an American enfemeC a c ro s s
France to the American front,' in
specting en route the supply ,de
pots, the base campji".the hospi
tals and the recreation a, leave
canters. Then he will make the
rounds of the various sectors at
the front held by the American -J
troops. . . ,. ' .
The trip is to be strictly a bust-
iiess trip, he declared yesterday,
-uid he requested hii aH official ' "
linners be omitted.
An official German announce- f
ment, made known yesterday, ,f.
ays that a new army group has 7
leen formed on the French front,
with the units under the com
mand of General von Gallavitz. '"
This new group yil take over at ''
least a portipii, of the German
front heretofore held by the rmy
group under Jqunt Alhrecht. ,:
The German announcement ".
does not give the . boundaries -of
the sectors to-be thus taken ttvf,( ii,1
but it is regarded as probable tfhat ' 1
von Gallavitz will be in command
of the lines facing the Americans.
COrKNHAOKN, March 111- TAsmo
(iatel TrrHH') A wild, riot was rcii
itiited in the lower bouin of tho All
tin Hungarian parliament today, c
lordinn to report reaching hero, vhn
Deputy Soukop, a Crech, made a peech
ri'portini; improper handling of food t
I'm ue, Hnhemia. A ru(b aud tumble
m uffle eimuod between the Cr-n hf unl
the Cerniana. Several were iujured nml
it wan neeeitiMiry to adjourn the wi-iiuii
before the tumult could be utilli'd.
' 1
m , ;
lev '
" V
.1 '

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