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4 C . 7 T-C J A - ,-
'. -J I ( I ) ' ! V' I One Wheatles and one J :- lH- ',.'
-:S-.---.",- V.'". ' ' .'. '' V'--' J".?.; , ' 'j
i i i i it, . -a -y .'"...! " .'. ' ' - 1 . ' ' ' '- " ' 1 1 - ' i 1 . " '1. 7 .
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Is; line r?vci In Pccc5 DeiForc r.rrjify Iifuss: Out M tlo
ij FcL.:Tl:l Gzrr.zns Grin ObiecUvcs Despite Tremendous
zc;lUcci cl f'::ns Brng Tanks Into Action and
4 ; : : . . .. :
, '1.'
LONDON, "ifarch 22 (Associated iVesa). 'Aided bytanksand using countless
thou.--.:nd.i of pcat pas shells, the German offensive against the British liner bq- V
'', fore CamLial has been lAunrhed in the greatest attack yet made by 'the Germans at ;.
any period of the war on tl-.e West.' -' .V-:' -V f'.-i'-";-' " " i '?i:-V:;:i,'v-7'
The UritisU front has been penetrated, in --certain sections, bat is holding firmly J
. : ns a -whole, th4 Tommies jrimly hurlir.back the great hosts that 'are being thrust ;
against thcia in" numbers isurpassii! anything yet experienced in the war, the tremen-' .
v. : dous offensive df Verdun; being .overshadowed by the effort now .being attempted in v
,v blood and carnage in I'icardy. - .''' .a v ' : ' .''...'.-: .: -c
(Ks'.ii i-v The battle is ragin; along a front "of .approximately fifty miles, from , (Jroiselle
on the north to the southern limits of the, British lines, at La Fere.y;
- The concentrated drives are' along an' eighteen mile front, extendiug jfrpm Que
;..';;.;.ani.oij the north southward to the riouich.Wooda,'.. with the heaviest drives of alfj
; directed at the two elbows of the salient which inarkfr the net gains made at this V
. v point by General Byng in his last drive lor Gambrai;
iir uui) ituv'v wvjn lit 1
f:(( ;ral Ifaijr, reporting from.Britifth Headquarters fast night, says inat .tne 'it , ;'
'tk v a.-'preceded by a trt rendv;s 1 ombardment of thevBriti '1 'lines bV massed' t.
- .-tack v a.- preceded by a trt rendw-s T omlKirdment
j. side in their duels, The Ger
" f man Used many thousands
pf gas shells and sent oyer a
great .cloud of gas, ' under
. .'cow'bf 'which the infantry at-
, tatkWaj launched, "preceded by t
many tanks. f.,; : v
.. The preliminary bombardment,
which Opened at daWh along the
many mile ' ol battlefront, was
intense and- continuous, both then
front ' and rear positions of the
i British iieing deluged with shells.
The Germans followed this bom
bardment by. charged of specially
trained infantry who "advanced
under a' barrage ind covered by'
a heavy , smoke screen. '- These
troops broke through" th'e.outposts
and succeeded in'1 reachng' some
of the main battle' positions', des
pite ' their , exceptionally . heavy
' josses v-f ': :r ; .
- At no point along the front, re-
ports 'V.General ; Haig i did i the
enemy., jreach any .' of his ..objec
tives, being stopped by the sheer
weight of metal, hurled ii the ad
vancing columns by "cannon,' ma-
chine gun and rifle,' before' which
" entire regiments wilted, dropped
; and disappeared'.' ''.' ;'7
! Hard fignting "was still iij prog
ress along the entire battle frotit
, when the reports Irorri hesldjuaf
urs were filed last night. :l " if
, Reuter' correspondence' from
the British1 front describes the
German attack, as in iremendons
force, against whichf the 'British
are standing firmly qrj heir origi
nal lines excep jn some , of . the
most outsUndingsecyWswbKfe
have been drawn in to' make a
firmer line.'' '''' ;,i -V'" ,
dreat masses of infantry, back
ed by a great weight of artillery,
are being thrown into the; battle,
with the British guns smashing
the on-coming regiments and in
, LONpON, March 22-(Associated fYesss) Bonar', Law, !
'. chancellor of the exchequer and member, of the war council,';
! announced the launching of the great German offensive In an : ,
address in the house of commons yesterday, coupling (the art
. nouncement with the Tfiassuring staLe"mcat that the offensive -'.had
befnt fully expected "d prepared "fof.v;-;" .,V; ''": '
"Our outpost troops have been withdrawn in one portion
' of our Cambrai line which was very lightly held," lie. said,
. "but the battle sojar has gone in our favor... This retirement
'Vin part is nothing more than we. had expected to do. ' .
.; j "The ittack itself and the nature in which it is peing made
ae as we had anticipated and the offensive has been in accord- "
ance with ourxpectations. There was no surprise about it ..
nor about any, feature pf it. 'fy '-l,' lsk-'i -fv;" :"'
"I feel sure that the house and the country generally, will
, not fee any unnecessary alarm. Our Versailles council knew
of this attack1 well in advance and thr country '.need not feel1,
that It has any cause for anxiety over the outcome." ' ' V
. Long lines of ambulances began last night to form at the
London railroad stations, in readiness for the many cases qf
r wounded that are expected to commence arriving at any hour '
"from the great battlefield, which in miles U a. comparatively
short distance from this capital. ; H ; ";'" ;
.'. - ,The British public is calm and confident. ,f Bonar Law's 1
' statement has reassured the people that the German offensive1
has not taken the . British general staff by surprise and that ,
the Germans have not appeared with some new and terrible
weapon of offense. . " f v .. ." .:i-?.Viv'' ; "-;: -Ci- ' h.-
, .I L
. J. . . : v . ,
i Xi ; A study of th oup sbovt win fir fairly sccuru of th mcUoh ortr whlck too Jwartt flgitlngln
tho kXMtott MttU of .th wu 1 now WRlnaV with tba fto of th world, munort doponding upon tb utcomo. Tho
bmtUo Un txtonda alone practically all too British Una km shown and for twolvo bum farther wmtli, to Xa Tart
' tha main battlo is around tho Irregular aagmeDt of tha lino shown on tho map whoro It eurros cloaast to Cambrai. .
Tho Oormana art attackta heavloat at two points, almoit aquHflsUt from Cambrai. on tho nortli wharo tha Una
. tttrnsaMt, Jnat aonth of QnaanV and an tha aouth naa VUlars, Jiu,t about Whara a Una Maactinf tha nP aart and ,
' wart wm cot tha Brltlah front i Tha. llhtlnf la Tory haary alor, 101 that aacttonoftta front markad In th. hairy
41nas. ' Tha attack box la along tha usual Gorman tactics, -tha Of man forcas raptoaantlng a giant pais of Uppers, t'
wtU tha cvttlnf points dlracted so as to nip off tha Brltlah pre action polntlnf at Cambrai. . . .
rJon to known aa tha riaiqnlarat aaUent. Ih town from which tha asms Is gtvan can ba found
on tha map almoat In tha cnte of tha aaction ancloaed In tha WUU curra. ,
.,-, Tha Una af eroaaas la tha lower loft corner of tha map end t'ia tipper left aOrner, elrcUnc Arras, mark whara .
tha Brltlah Una stood, on July X last year, before tha BatUa of t Somma and tha German retirement ,from tna
Orol5a tha town named by General Hal as mark In, the northern .limit of OmoBjnT, U aonth.
east of Arras on the Seneee Blver, In the npper left hand corner of tha mSp. IA Tare, which marks tta sonttern
Umlt af tha drive la not abown. It to where the Trench and Brltlah forces Join, and where the main Entente front
turns to the east. . - '-''y ' ' - ' v
flicting - staggering losses. Pre
ceded by tanks , of, their oWn de
sign, the, 'Germans pressed for
ward ih their" . initial'.'drfye a'ty
succeeded in penetrating the BriJ
tish , front lines; in.a number of
places between the Scarpe and the
Vendekil Rivers. ; -V r '.. V :
''Our counter: measures have
not . devetopsd. yft,'l ' reports the
Beuter eerreepoBdent,r'and it la diffi
cult to dennf the general aituatloa in
tie wltfef5 What U unijo ybtedly tha
grSir lma'ai offenaixt.at irrhleh their
genera ataff haa been boasting. The
nemy 'a apparent purpose now i to
launch his attacks upon the two flanks
of tha Flequieree salient, in the hope
of euttlag this oil." : i
Tbets It nothing haw in the German
tadties nor have they aa yet brought to
bear say new engines of destruction.
Their tanks are modelled closely after
those employed by the, British; their
gas shells are not new and there haa
beoo nothing of the element of sarpriae
in their offensive. . ; -;
BeUaa On Mass Attack. ' , '-A;'- -Von
Hindenburg. apparantly, , Is ' re
Mug on the gMit l&M W infantry he
reemploying to break through the Brit
ish lines, regardless of the tremeadoua
loss of Ufa that this makes certain in
the attacking ranks. ' . .
All report from the British front be
speak the confidence of the command
era that they will hold their positions
in the main and take aueh toll of the
Germans as wiU mark the attack as a
seeond and more costly Verdun. ,' '
Kalaar Aanouneamant ; ;.,!'
That thla is the great German offn
sive was made certain yesterday morn
ing when an- Amsterdam despatch for
warded a Statement telegraphed by the
Kaiser yesterday morning to the Bhen
ish provincial council. The German
overlord aaldt '"We are at a decisive
moment- one of .the greatest momenta
in oerman nistory." .
. Tha Berlin aanouneemeote last night
regarding the battle were laconic, the
official stiiemeet 4eing merely ' "Be
tween Cambrai and La Fere our force
have penetrated the British positions."
Americans VJith Pershing Believe Great f
Drills Only teutonic Forlorn Hope
Forced Upon Army By German People
':. f-J : :-''' -' f'---U ' f-''v V V
' WASHINGTON, March ! 22 (Associated Presa)-r-Offlcial dee patches re
ceived from American Headquarters in France, state that the American observ
ers there are convinced that the great Dawe now raging aiong ue grwor
part of the British front la the genuine main offensive ot the Germane, doubts
it the coming of which had begun to ereep into the'minds -of the. military
General Pershing and his army
are tensely holding themselves for any
emergency aad are awaiting developmente on the lino held by the armies
under General Haig." . . -';? ' ' V'A '':'t : ' W: '
The mlUtary observers St the front agree that all the1 military circum
stances are against the euecesa of von Hindeoburg'e drive, which can hardly
succeed unless the Teuton atrategUta have something In reserve which is not
M Vet apparent. ' y'f' - " - "'' -v,,v ' - '
- They think that possibly the internal pressure being brought to bear upon
thf German government by the German people, in thefr anxiety for either a
decisive victory or for aa early peace, haa forced the miUtary party, into at
tempting what they believe to be a forlorn hope. ' . r
NEW VOBK, March 8a-7(AasocUted
Press) Indictments under the Espion
age Act were returned by the federal
grand jury here yesterday against Prof.
Hcott Nearing and the America Social
ist Society.
. Professor Nearing is n Well known
author on socialistic and economic sub
elty here. He was removed because of
political economy in Columbia Univer
sity here. He was reoved because of
tha sentiments which he expressed rel
ative to the participation pf the United
Statea In the world war. ' f
The American Socialist Satiety was
indicted for the publication and die
tribatloa and circulation of the pamph
jet entitled "The Great Madness."
ddioc LfiD mm e
iiifio or ripur
iiio olh rium
WASHINGTON, March 22 ( Asso
ciated Press)-Twe dollars and a half
a bushel for wheat Instead of two dol
lars a bushel la the guaranteed piiee
for wheat provided by the Agricultural
Appropriation Bill a which passed the
senate yesterday. 'The fixing ot the
wheat price is contained in an amend
ment offered by Senator Gore and
which was embodied in the bill when
the vote was taken oa final passage.
Gore, and 1 other ' supporters of the
amendment, urged the price of two dol
lar a bushel wa not sufficient to war
rant the farmera of the country in in
creasing the acreage planted in whnat
to the extent required to meet the
needs of the United States and its
British and French- Victorious;
Ostend Bombarded and
Heligoland Is Raided
UlNDON, - March 8S-( Associated
Press) A . naval engagement off Dun
kirk, bombardment of Qatead by Brit
ish monitors and tha bombing ef Hell
goland were outstanding features of the
war newa or yesterday. . .v
In the navel enfrasement Ave Brit
ish and French destroyers which were
engaged "in the patrol of the British
Channel had a aneeeasful encounter
with a German , fleet aad sank two of
the enemy destroyers and two torpedo
boats. Only one British destroyer was
seriously damaged, the Manley,. which
was successfully kept afloat and
reaxhad port last evening.
I Official1 b communique issued ' last
. . . . . i ' m ..it . . .
nigni ' una ei ownoeraing bi vw
tend by British monitors which are
reported to have occasioned consider
able damage aad an attack on Heligo
land by British air exaft which oeca
nioimu grave alarm to tee enemy.
w. a. a. -
WASHINGTON, -March fit (Aaao
riated Press) France lost three vessels
an a result of encounters with,, German
submarines during tne weel enainj
Manh 1. One - of these i' was of rflfor.
thau l'WO tona registry and two were
vemelii of smaller types, the French
minUter of marine reported at Paris
w. a. a.
MADB1D, March 21-7-(Aseoctated
Press) Antonio Maura, ex-premler and
CouHervative leader, was instructed to
day by tha king to form a new aab-
German. Said To Have Already j
Secured Econorr.!s Ccr.trcl h
West .While Ferrer Fricc-crs- :
of War Are In Russian Soviets
JoVWlth Bolshevik! Cn' r.'inchu-.
rlan Border In r.ctbiri C,:r .
Russians,- Price 9! r.uL!e Is
Being Forced Up " : 'v
W'ASHINGTOtf, : March 22 ''
(Associated Prcs)--Econ-
omic control of 'Western Siberia
by the' Germans w reported In ,
despatches receive from Harbin
last 'right. - This message ; said ;
that former German prisoners of
war were memDers 01 me soyieis
and that the Germans had already
secured eebnomid control of most
of Western Siberia , " ' ' - v
, The'prospect of Japanese Inter- ;
vention Irl' Siberia has served to.
greatly increase the ciirrent value'
of, the roble for banks have .been;
compelled to buy them and they
are reported to have been- "cor
nered m japan. . .. . v . ; .
Along the Mahchurian front Bol-.
shevlst propagandists have, had
the effect. 'of seriously alienating
the loyalty of Chintse troops who '
are," accoru'n t . tl ose Har1i:t
sUeviki aiiU . i i t - -
bcry of ether i.. .
Mrs arrival Of Jh'j I'ailey, sec re- (
tary of the American embassy at Pe
trograd, la "reported from Harbin,' while
Peking1 despatchea told of the arrival
ot the Japanese and Chinese ambaaea
dora and number of Americans who
had left Pctrograd hurriedly In ad
vance ef the ratification of the BrCht-.
Litovsk treaty, . '.'.(''i'i-'--Qermaos
Push Oa..- V, .
Oerman. forces' are indicated to be
pushing oa in their almost unresisted
advance into Hassia.'- (Jonnrming ,tae
press reports 'of Wednesday en the Im
minence f the fall of Petroprad came
official despatches yesterday from B. G.
Tredwell, United Btatea consul at Pa
trograd, which aaid he axpeeted the oe-.
eupatiad of ithe' former capital would',
be an accomplished fact within a week.
There were indications that the uer- -maa
eommissioa 'might be in control
Within n few daya. , 1
Berlia despatches told of the occupa
tion of Kherson, in the Ukraine. ; -.
Aaeertioae that Ambassador r renew
is urging Bussiaaa to make a stead
against Teuton aggression and prom
ises United Btatea aid earn from Mos
cow. ' Toe despatch aaiat - yy-
Trancls Urges Reeiatance
BtatemenU which have reached her
from C. B.. Ambassador Francis, now '
at Vologda, Interior Bussla, ahow that
there is apparent some indication or s .
eryttalliamtion of . Busaisa reeling
agalaat the Germana. ' 4 " .' ' "
. Buasia will .. eventually become a
Qerman province, and "The Bussiana
wiU loah their liberty If they submit to
peace forced by the Central row
ers", la a statement sent aero from
The Bussiana from' Vologda aay that
Fraaeia haa pledged; American help to
aay government la Bussla that will
resist Oerman invasion. Ue has urged
the Bussiana to forget their political
differences and not to abandon Bussla'
to the Germans until, they are compell
ed to do ao by oree, ;V .-V ,
BtimeAU TTarea4oMA' " ' ' '
It ia learaed v here that .. Germany
threatens to-impose, heavier tertna an
Bumania unless. . Bnmanla asreea to
Maokensen, acting for the German gov
ernment, la attempting to dictate ,
hew Bumanian cabinet. i . - . .
Hews has been 'received here that
the American Bed Cross miaslon to Bn
manla is safe la Moscow. U 1a
WAHntNOTOW. March 11-irOfB-'
eial) Provost Marshal General Crow
der la preparing a call for 60.000 men
who are to be Trained for positions in
the - army which "require a technical
knowledge " and . who . are to ; receive
special training te meat the require
menta. Thla .training will be given
largely la the colleges throughout tha
country during the aommer, . l i c,-
' '',

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