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, Reform 'School Graduate Charge
. edWth TylnpiTo. Blow Up ,.
.-.v. j " ..'.' r-. .
. - : .' c ft - , 'J J-lu,', . . ,-i ..-! (. , .,
: f fourteen Vear-Did Boy Admits
'pausing Blast Wrtll Stolen Ex
plosive, BuiGiv; Nryfleasqn
f ' Eig&t publte scnool .teacnerj M vKe
- V.'' , InBPo, Count, 'narrowly escaped death
.. ' but Monday night whew bv charge
. of dynamite Was exploded undo their
' ; cottage ,, while ..they were asleep, with
;, Intent to murder tneni. , Advices to thin
"'fi''; offset: were' received from' the Oarden
''!,'' Island yesterday'; " '.t -:- ,---v '
if.-.,,' ' . Taev. would-be- murderer, according to
. -, t the , Kauai , authorities, is a , fourteen-
. .r., fear old, Porto Risan youth recently re-
'...leased from the reform school, who had
gone.' to jjCannt,' He' haa been eppre
Vended, bjrvthe. 'police , and Is' said' to
v hats made a ull eoufeimlonof ' his
..; m crime. i:;vi,,i' ', -1"''
. ,:,ght Teacher ,7 V; :
.,v Th lufhert who no narrowly .
. ' eaped death are "Mlsa filancbs Martin.
' ., princfiikl; Mss r'.troa It. IrTottaa, Mia
'-.,,,' Ken Far. too, Miss Norma Costa, Miss
'.-; . Iri- McLean, Mlsa TrTyrtle Harrey,
- Miss Hannah K, .Lee' Jfcwt and. Miss
. j:iu.k.,h:., JSobm. i v ,.".''
, iwrt only, the fatt that tho tese(
TBott(re.ocuphed by the eitfht
young wopiea,; 1 rataed considerably
,. .from the gronnd, that jnred them from
dearth or .aerloua',iojurlej. ' The foree
. - . exploding ."dynamite i ; downward,
j aometUing. evidontlj iiot known to.he
. jl.''lronld-be, murderer. 'V ' ' - ,..
' , ' i,1 The , dyaeTmiW. in ,tW form of stick a,
' - ..waa not enclosed bui was' laid loosely
, oa tte ground .under that teachers eot-
tags, evidently with 'a lighted fuse at
. .. taohad, long: enough, to enable the. mis
ereant to make bis asepe before tie
"'' pioioB.-".. H'; " t?.:; f.V
., . No great amount of damage was done
. ., " to th, eottage,7on arcount of its eteva
tion. from the ground, but what would
. have . happened except ,jfor this - was
' demonstrated by th,e fat that a house
across the road, ocepyled by a Japanese
. famllVj iWaa severely shaken. . , , t .
, The eight teachers, awakened fror4
sleep by the nolie 'of the explosion,
rathed out 'Of the honae )n terror. The
soine 'attracted the ' attention of the
people ia the neighborhood, who eol
lected auickly. . The glrla Were afraid
v to. go . back into heir.. badly ahaksa
eottaje, fearing that another attempt
,.( might be aiadei la t take , their ; lives.
:, alter McBryde took them to bis home
, ia t the Beighborhood aad kept them
, V,hr over might, j,, , ... c" j
iMtw ' . Boy -Oaught t, , . r . : v.. , ,.. .".;"'V.J.'
f i- , ' . Iavastigatioa by the .police the next
day reaultod la the apprebensioa of the
buy., , it was, not until his. arrest tht
it was learned- he was a graduate) f
' the reform school. 1 ': ',
-What was hm motive in attempting
- wholsaaui .-..murder of the Kahaleo
school teachers is. not known, but fit
is beliVd he soght roveng for soma
fanaied wrosg.ort for punishment in-,
flictoe) upon him by one of tba teachers.
In the- aearek. the' following day it
1 was di Hoovered that a territorial .pow
der house had been-entered ad two
sticks o( dyaamlte-with e&M sn4 fuss
had been, stolen. As the. blast sndar
the cottage earns :in two- distinct ex
plosions, it seems apparent - that they
were caused by' the-, two stiakl stolen
from ths powder house. .
The boy s footsteps wertr followed ta
the soft ground. 1 If. mam found 'that
he had gone M piifoapplo field whera
be had' stolon- a workhr'a lunch whish
had been his breakfasf "and tkea h(l
made Is way into a grassy ravine to
sleep. It was in ths ravine that be
was found. He admitted fee bad
stolen the dynamite - and caused tbe
- explosion, but was unable to advans
any reason ror bis action. ,'
- Authorities say that about six years
ago the youth fell from a tree, receiv
ing a 'severe injury to his skull and his
liad.behavior thatled to. his being sent
to the reform school about' two .years
ago was attributed to this Injury.-' ;'';
Lieutenant ' Commander Kilted
and Eleven Injured
51 '
WASHINOTON, Mareb 21 (Asso
elated Press-rOflictal, aunouncciudn
was mad (ion the navy departnisnt
today of the disaster -when as American'
destroyer collided .with a British wsjf
ship- oa. March. Vi: The ptaee .of the
eollisioo waa- not announced. ,
.. Due to the collision, a depth charge
exploded on the de-stroyer and Lieuten
ant iCommauder. RU hard McCaU EUu
ger Jr., was killeili oi eleven others
injured. - . . i . '
,W. '.',
cial) PresideutWJson today, pwt,wM
the heads of six great wMiKesWfl;sud
held the first of M oafcreuoe watch
it ia, planned to hold each week for
the purpose of Breeding up essential
needs of the war,
-r, l .
A good many people think rheuma
tism cannot be ' eilred s Without taking
anooua medb'ine. .Chamberlain s Pain
Balm massaged thoroughly into the skin
has ru red far' iiuwe rheunuitjam than
aay loterual remedy in existence and
I'ives relief quicker. K For salo by a'l
dealers. Hiusou- Hnuth k Km.,, Ltd.,
gents for HawaiL Advt.
"Mi prfhv rn
lii.l liUiUI iu.
Movements of Draftees Restrict-
1 v. rv. ociuif ocinwT. ieca 7
lTllt''!r,,M"p'v tMtrit
placed a too 41 the bo-
tential VlvilUa aoldtata of Hawaii with
1? those who may' be in'tendisg to go
beyon t!M ' jlmiti ; of ht . Territory.
This :'aW 4ppUes'td i PWports whick
re vlseed by Colieetor af Cbstotnt M.
A." frlnkilav r'i('.' f'f 'Lv-'
f Meaapply ing fof the vlsxiag. tt tkeit
passports '' must ' bow t'av permits
signed by 'apt,,; Ooodrng TiaM
bev .draft; oflJcef.' tfdJl suk'pr-
mlS -t nl 1 I W k..a..Uk wml
main untouched by the Collector. Per-
. . ' 7 T :
nuts aut now, also, as skows t ateara
ship ageata bofwra hey wtlb sell tickets
for. passage: on outward. .boaad ateanv
ersi ,-' r.-. ,:.:.. -.'i'H ...;.-,.-. - ft t
i Applicants for ateamskla tickets at
agencies'ar alrsadr being fnformAl
that they mast first fees Csptala FicM,
Yesterday the tatter's office wa be
sieged by prospoftwa ' travoleras , wha
wera itiven the one war) by tka le
leeti s -draft affleer After absckiag ntt
the '. registration - Usts to ascertain, if
thOi asses
wets won them, tb per
mits were srantsl, providing suco; per
son, waa over or and draft age. J '
-rTao draft ofllcs la the Capitoi Build-ia-ia
nam pronging into tb final tls
tail of the selective draft workt aad
bringing it rapidly to a conclusion
Kaady Tot Draft i -m
vf Wa Wm ba In readlaest fo iit
draft 'call whenever it comes," said
Captain Field' yesterday. ,'Our work,
in all departments, haa been thorough
and efficient, and our records aca being
brought to a point where: ws would' Bot
be embarrassed ' bj asr draft 'cpi01
call from "Washington." .; .
'f4, Howevsr, the trmx msdleal travel
ing board will, not, ba back from Its
tour of, Maui- amt Hawaii Until April
13, at which timo Is might b said that
all, !the- registration ., work, Vscluding
that of the. eiylllaoa and national
gusrds, wil be-finished. , .. . r
- MaJ. Charles B. -Cooper i 'Mt B. (LI
medical aid to the draft board baa in
formed Captain, Field from Man! that
sessions are now being bald- In tha bki
town ball at TaUokn, aad; aha rooms
have been conveniently arranged toe
the fthtsicat examination and adequate
clerical -: assistance ' furnished..-: Theea
will be eomnlctejl' in WallukB tol.
f an tha board , will go over, to Lahajaa
to examine- towsa -sixty, asd seventy
mea, and'; leavatomorrosr evenUg' at
about, nine o'clock, fas HUo, r .
, Hext s Monday tha;.i boar,; wilt 1.f6,
from . Hilo tdt 1 Kan! and on "finlsUlng
the work . la , that district win go. tt
Koua and so on around Hawaii and
back to Hilo, via Walmea5 The, board
ie already ahead of its schedule, and
may, complete Its labors befoto April
'19. s J.' (t..;; K'w-.;,.-,', .U."
. ''Much of the, atteiaat argaaisatUu
in 6ur work la due-i to- tha doLar-4-year'
men -we hnva' ln the local
boards', said Captain Field yeterd.ax.
Work'roKothliiitV H;-; ';. .,
. Not ooe of -the chairmen and mem-
bert of the two .local board for this
island, oa tha anedicai axamialng boards
aad medical advisory board, recede a
oent ik pay. ' They are doing their
.work oat vf 'sbelV.. patriotism. Thay
.work daily, front fatly, forepooa Until;
late afternoon, many tbert, fetarn
1 lug to tha offices, .at igh.t,.whare. bag
sessiOBsV have, bean, held, .-.'.,'! ',
, C Vu Cooke'wbo has been, the active
chairman of, the. local Board No, 1
ever ainecr- he was named, ban almost,
deserted, his ides at tha BaijhV.ofj Ha
waii, and ajB b 'eaad. at abaes aay
hour of tho day at the-Ward ioffico-
ihe sanie Is true of Chairman George
eatofr of:oeX&mH No. t. There
also F. J. Lowijey, B; TjTi Purvis, A.
Qartenburg aai' athera have been, at
work. t. .', ', ' '. . -v - .'
Over at tha medical examining rooms
vary pbysloiaa ,ls .giving . his .science
and . taleot, free t the goveranibati.
giving up theif Wn valuable .hours to
the .aarvica. of th4egittrtroa. yt. U
Hoogs er, woo aided Captain Field in
the work, of, eatablisbin'g the medical
Lboarla, has, no,whif tCiT over to tha
soiutia anamper.. an;is jut'Taarg os
the , permit, aeetton. . Mr.. ' Oartenburg
ts a)o now at the senate chamber, and
is tnokinC' aftnr nnaaflnnAfelrkM. '' Ym.
I tenia j. he spent faw hours , at' Oabu
rriwi,, mupg out qaesuonnaire Dianas
f.9r .about twerity -mea held there. ' '
i'Ud'gaf Henriques waa sworn: In as. a
spoeia). officer' with ioltee powers, has
donate tha use of ha aulomebtle, and
la. hiding la. rotinding' up- dcllqqBentn.
There Bra many moteT-'As a matthr of
fact nose 6f them U B "dollar-a year''
wao, as H hay do, not even receive a dol
lar, a- year1 a pa They receive ab
solutely nothlngj. and ahcmWor a 'ma
of kicks, snd, protests and. sometimes
misdirected criticism, just 1 because of
their natrlOtism." .7
j; : Dr, 6. K. Wall was reaterday- notninet.
of, ta" .wiTwoor an specianst in
mconscientIous.oi4es .
' will be given work
oiated Press) VTbUa 'eaaseientioua
objoctors" Where they are shown to
be absolutely to earnest and not philan
deVing, may escape actual fighting they
M, still ta ha iilllluJ ' .L..' 1
"v"-"Twvrne government..
i I-By aa wxocutiva'oraer issued yester
day draft a ofiiners are -instructed that
"conscientious objections", to war
will excuse the objector from actual
military services la the fighting army
but that such objoctors, when drawn,
will be assigned to other branches of
the service, such as medical work and
the quartermaster's service.
. i w. . tv
Ths food adtnlnistration Issued a
notice yesterday prohibiting, the export
of any rice front tha QawaUaq Islands
without a permit untlt further notice.
" ""
:. J ' . 1 m
Ophir awr;0ran e Reaulsitloned
r: ; By United States and Mayaf ',
uuaros Placed On Board '
F. 4-io aUlUatioa, but not for
onfiseatlony as an official puts it,'tli4
Dutch lieamers Oranje and Ophir. now
la Honelula bhrbor, were taken poaH
sessio of by tha nkval authorities yd-'
torday morning, as was predicted b'
the AdveitUer fdllowing the receipt
t' wUeleee masaages outlining the gov
arraent's intentiok to take over the'
hlpptog 6f Holland la the territorial,
poassssloa of the United Htates. '
t(Tba steamer Ophlr, which has been In
Ptt si see a week ago mat Thursday,
Mnri whlok shs, has been hold hers
I fea-W - kA aaa email i mmm A . I ,11
By .the refusal to, grant a coalina li
sense, was tha first to be taken posses
sie of, by the Vnied States govern
meat l Honolul,!.. ; ,,,
Formal requisition of the vessel,
whether., temporary or permanent, to all
appearances consisted of the establish
ing Of naval guards on the vessel to act
lu conjunction with the custom in
spectors who have been detailed on
th ship for the past seven days. '
Dutch Ooneot Present
Tha Holland government was repre
sented at the taking over of the Ophir
by -VL it. von Holt, the 1 hitch consul
in HonoluW, sad both the American
navy and customs department by Lieu;
tenant Crosby of Honolulu, and Lieut.'
Oorasaander Ncott of Pearl Harbor, and
Collector Malcolm Fraakliq and Cus
tom Inspector Gilbert McNicoll, Pres
ent aa-representatives of the abipown'
ere of the Ophir were James W. Rob
ertson, of C Brewer Company, agents
af the- Dutch line, and Captuiu Mees
bog, master of the vessel. 4 ' ,
" follow) sg , ths requisition of the
Ophir the was boarded by sailors and
petty officers from the 1'enrl Uarboj:
Barracks,, and gangway, engine and
deck guards established, shortly after
ten o'clock..'
.1 Three hours later virtually the earns
action - was taken In requisitioning the
steamer Orange when she arrived from
Ban FrBneleoo and waa docked at tnav
naval ' Slip, although this vessel had
been" allowed to aait from Han Fraa-.
aiacai after , the: .Holland government
had been notified, of the 1CM) ,000,000
tonserN shipping which she must sup.
ply io the war purposes of the Allies,
f Officers of tha Oranje showed no
surprise who they ware informed of
the taking over of too Ophir, as they
had evidently left Ban Frunisco fully
expeetUg tha United States to take
tber, action which, came to focus in
the ship selsores yesterday.
Qfflcsra Myxtlfled ; ,
r. joinivw, iaT- wero not oniy sur
priseq-qui, myMiijea wnen iney learnea
hat the same action was to be taken
with the Oraajc,v f or after this ship
ha4 r acM held -is), Sasv Francisco for
Bye dBya . following her set .sailing data,
March "ty tha had been1' giveo special
permieslen to sail by ; Washington au
thprity telegraphed; to the collector in
aa -Franaisoov.-.,.;;
paseearttrs, ,when - it became known,
that they wcr, te have, an additional
-delay, :hre, although .there was appar
ieatlf h eeling' af hsrfe dUappoiutmcnt
tor ;BU nal. te so eer taia taey were
trav.eUiag, ondar -special permlssio n "
sr. so 'to speak,, aa Amerioan govern
ment aajte conduct permit. ' ,
Aa oa tho Ophir,. a, aary, ''guard was
established ok the Oranje,. at the engine
room, doere, the, gangway,' ana on the
decks, ; This.' was also .supported by the
ueoal ,arhjy gufai at the eotranoe to
the natal; pVra, wherje no one, was al
lowed to approach .who bad not the nec
essary jiewit;?,
After the, fcsiMl examination the pns
sedgora aar members of the crew cre
aUowedjta lca,vo the shipand upon pre
sentation' af .passports- tha ponHeiigi-rs
and orcweofvthe other Holland ship, tho
OpeiYf Vere ajlowto exchange visits
with .their aoaatrymen oa the Oranie.
'This faa ceot esy extended the Hol-
laaacrj-wuusa.. ovarsteppca somenbat
the present waterfront regulations, but
a; considered m just infractioa per
nutted-by -those in authority and in
charge of the naval pier. -,
0raai Ka mu
0u ,to; the permitting of the clear
ate of the Oranje in Ban Francisco
and the license granted her for -con I, it
is anticipated that special orders grunt
lag hef release and permission to con
tinue'.do to tbe Orient will be received
here 'soon',, perhaps, today.
It la hclievod that she is one of two
Holland, ships which were' granted sail
ing' permission' after the ship ultimatum
wsa. given to Holland over a week ao,
as previously, reported by the Asso
ciated Presav ( (
Front information gained from Coot.
W, Ai Beyer; master of the vessel, it
appears tha Dutsh sonsul in San Fran
eica appealed to the Holland ambns
sailer, in 'WashingtoD to secure the re
lease ;of the' Oranje on the representa
tion that many of tha 00 passengers
booked to depart oa the vessel for Ba
tavla "Were Holland government officinlg
who were being transferred to the
Dutch bland possessions.' '
Five dars later, after all the passen
gers had been- turned back from the
vessel to their hotels In Han Francisco,
and soma had taken steps to secure per
assent apartments, in anticipation of
a long delay, the telegraphed permis
sion for the- vessel to sail waa received,
and aha left (here on March 14.
A motion for 'a new trial was Hied
with the 'circuit clerk "yesterday in
the ease of Mrs. Alice K. Mucfarlune
versus C. B, Ripley, A. Reynolds and
L. E, Davie, architects, against whom,
a verdict of damages In the sum of
$5700 wss returned last Saturday in
cover BB5.000 whiek K. v,
had been obliged to expend In cor
I rectlng faults in construction in her
resideaco on Penaaeola Street, plans for
which ere drawn by the architects.
ED Dili
T i
While German Figure! Are Great
,-. OL Exarjgerated MceSsity
''ir - of Building Is Seen ; -
'VrXSHINOTON, D. C., ' Wrih Si
(Asidciatwa' iVenvi-JVurrs of. the
Btltisijaamiralty,' made public b'y'he
Hrntslr embAmiy,1 prove that the Oer
agaa slain of hiiire tonAaa-s anak b'v
subvrin; are greatly oaaggerated.
1l,heuVrf show nt the sons, time,
hdAever, a'serloun lmi in world tUip
pisg due to the V boat campaign and
the necessity of stimulating Ship pro
due tion. in Allied and oeotral Coun
tries. , "." . '-f: '
TbM figures, made publlrf for . the
first time, give in detaU the' ton a age
sunk,, and the tonnage J)uih) since the
great war began. ', .::
' The figures cover a period from the
time the war began up to Jaa. ) last,
and cover both Allied and neutral ship-i-
'. . 1
uThey.show that from, enemy action
and marine risks during this period
Allied and Central shipping lost "II,
827,582" gross tons, while the ' sbip
ysrd outside those of the- Central
Powers, tarned fi,fiO(l,275 tons.. : : V
' The .memorandum given' out by the
British embassy says that the figures
are made public because, .' without
stimulating the enemy, since they die
count .enemy cblinis. they will Impress
thepabU the necessity of anited
actios)' la 'making good . the losses.
-These ' (losstyt, the rmbnnsy' ' figures
her, .'do not appr.mch toe extent af
the German elniins. -, V' -
The memorandum adds that with a
tbnnage Of 2,fHli,0iH) 0f enemy ships
taken- Aver, added to the output, the
net loan of world shipping, exclusive
of the" Central Powers, wns only
2.63.V97. The memorandum of the
admiralty appealed to tha- British to
speed, up efforts in ship production and
gave Warning that the recent falling off
in British production must not continue.
' . W. n. a. , . : -
rir,Villi ,.t t I t '
ActKit) Talch To Close Up AffairV,
of J. F. Hackfeld Company,
' ;;;L1mijteda At Meeting "
Action providing , for the dlslncor
poration of 'J. F., Hackfeld Company,
limited,- was taken at a meeting held
in. the office of the Trent Trust Come
pany, yesterday aftemooo,. at tended by
the7bfflcers and direetort of the Hack
feld j.oqmpany,! ; named on March 4,
Bichard; Cooke,, Frank C- Atherton
and Bjohard H. Trent and also Charles
O. Helsejr, Jr., and Irwin H.' Beadle.
The procedure, will follow 'the usual
court formula and. will probably extend
over a period of 'several months.
J, F. Hackfeld Company, Limited,
ws the corporation formed bv J. F.
Hackfeld for ' the .purpose of holding
his stofk In H. Hackfeld k Company
:fir wittPAHVunTcn
ui uuii in 111 iuilu
bfhar (Hawaiian holdings. It w as 8AN FRANCISCO, March tt ,(Offl
stock of this company chiefly, 1 cial) Jauan'ia to Have a hn.rn with
which was emploved for the attempted
renrganuation of H. Hackfeld k Com
panyv the plan which did not meet the
approval of A. Mitehel Palmer, cus
todian of enemy property.
Still Control Shares -
Whilo the disincorporation of tlie
holding company Is in progress it would
appear the directors of the company
would have the power, if they deemed
best to exercise it, of disposing of the
H. Hackfeld A Com nan v shares hut
tMs appears just what the custodian
dexires shall nut be done. Meanwhile
the directors of the hol&ini company
h:ve Uie custody and control of the H.
Hackfeld A Company stock and can
vote tlioxe sbarea at any meeting of
H. Hackfeld k Company called for
further reorganization, that company
having been restored to Us former
status by the return of the stock pur
chuxod by the proposed reorganizes.
It hi possible that the Utter company
may lx reorganized at any time or on
the other hand such reocaniatiofl may
await the dininettrpofatioh of ' J. F.
Hackfeld Coinpanv, Umlted. In the
latter event, the H. Hackfeld k Com
pany slmros would revert to J. F. Hack
feld. M.rs. Julia Hegler, Misa Marv
Hackfeld, Oeors; Kodick and J. F. C.
naens. Cnm such reversion the cus
todian of enemy property would take
over and control the shares of the first
three named.
Several Ways Open
There ia therefore the possibility
of a reorganization, of H. Hackfeld A
Company before the dissolution of the
holding company with tha. directors
practically, representing the custodian,
a temporary reorganization , to be fol
lowed Inter by a mors full reorganiza
tion and with the contingency possible,
but less probable, of a disposal of the
H,.Haskfeldj shares and consequent re
organization Vu stHI ether lines. Thus
fur, however, the indications have been
that it -is the intention of the custo
dian tg hold and exercise control,
through the stock in the foasession of
the holding company, of. H. Hackfeld
& Cuinpany.
w. a. a.
WARIIIXOTQN, March 22 (Akho
ciuted Press) Approval tp the Hail
road Control Bill as passed by both
Iioiim'x after an agreement and com
promise had been reached upon its
terms by the conference committee, was
today K'ven by President WiUuu nnd
th" nn axiire becomes a law.
While th bill as YiaaUf passed and
approved differed somewhat from the
original fnrin in which it was present
ed on the request of MtAdoo, it is said
to irenernlly meet the desifya of the ad
mi uint ration. The President's power
huh somewhat curtailed for rate muk
inj,' ami the control period nfter ths war
uu.-i shortened by three months.
19l&EMl - WEjJt.Y
Noted Leader f r :
Irish Uses "
Clear Language
"Tay Pay" O'Connor Says Irer
lanifs Self Interests Demand
Tiat Her Sons Give Ttf (lie Al
lies Full Support In Crushlrig
Prussian Tyranny'
(Official) ' "Tty 1 Pay 1 " o 'Coftnor,
the noted Irish leader, arrived here
yesterday. In a statement regard
ing the war situation and the part
to be played in it by British M4
Americans, he said:
"It la better that the war.ajlould
last for more than two yea rat more
than Ka it shoald end i y. ,wy
but In a conclusive victory for the
Allies. Kither our generation, most
crush Pruasina militarism or we will
leave that task to coming genera
tions, j
"Moreover, Ireland's self-interests
demand t but we support . the
cause of the Allies. Could we ex
pect Germany to favor the prin
ciples of small nations In view of
here invasion snd her butchery of
oeigium 1
w. a. a.
i-' ' . I. , . t, i ii-r Vi'H
Supreme Court Fixes BonrJ 'At
Seventy-five Hundred Dollars
" On Each of Two Chafgcfsf r
' '"' -Of'- -l
8AN FRANCISCO, March 22 (As
sociated Press) Israel Weinberg, who
is still under indictment on two charges
of murder in connection With the bomb
explosion st the time of the "Prepar
edness Day" parade, is to be admitted
ta bail, this was directed by the su
preme court yesterday. . f ,
All but two of the indictments
against Weinberg have been dismissed
but he is to be tried under tha remain-
a : 1 ' . .
ling two indictments.
granting the motion of the attor
neys for Weinberg the court fixed the
amount of bail bond as 67500 oa eaeh
Indictment, or 15,000. It is provided
the judge of the court in which the
trial of the two charges is pending must
approve the sufficiency of the bond and
the sureties. 1 -'
a. a,
" t 1 r i i 1 1 a.
Ml'llf. 2?
First Cargo From
Reaches Port and More Is
Already, Ori the Way V
I the United Sfato fn-the wm,l n of
I. . ..... . r
.-um rsun vtaiaprs oere say
Already 0,000 bales of wool arrived
here on a British steamer and it is
known that other steamers have loaded
at Australian ports and are even now
on the way here.
Great Britain haa ordered that 19,000
onios snail do released to the govern
inent of Japan and 25,000 bales to pri
1 va,e Jsimue.-te enterprises uuder the
! distribution plan which has been ar
, rii,1KC.l,
Japanese veasels will beuin to carry
this wool front "Australia to Jupan next
w. 8.
1'? V
PARIS, March 22 (Associated Press)
Krauce aud Germany have at length
reached a definite agreement for the ex
change of prisoners of war where such
prisoners havt- respectively passed the
age of forty-eight years.
Under1 tho terms of the agreement
reached only private soldiers are to be
exchanged and repatriated. No ofliccr
are to be repatriated but these will tro
to Hwitzorland, when they have puss
ed tho minimum' age of forty eight
year and thorv be interned for the pe
riod of the war.
W. a. B. -
WASHINGTON, .March 22 (Asso
ciated Press) By a vote of ."!(!! to 2
the house of representatives today
passed the War Corporation Finance
This measure is designs,! to enable
the government to assist in the financ
ing of corporations engaged 111 the
manufacture of wur necessities or to
be incorporated to conduct such man
ufucturing enterprises. In urging the
necessity for the passage of the meas
ure Secretary of Treasury M.-Adoo
pointed out that there were and would
be instances whers a company, essen
tial to meeting the needs of 'the gov
ernment, might be unable to command
surticient funds to complete the work
desired with the expedition which the
government desired. There would be
other instances where greatly enlarged
plants were desirable.
The measure has been considerably
changed since its introduction and the
powers proposed to be entrusted to the
directors of the corporation consider
ably curtailed and divided, in part,
with the members of the federal re
serve bunking board.
Promotion CommittcBlTt v.Ask
Chamber or Commerce To ,
Ratep Big Amount 5 ;
Permission of Japanese Govern
ment for Boats To: Servo
Islands Changes Situation
The advertising of HeWafc1 it i big
scale on the mainland! ea proposed in
B resolution recently adopted by 'th
Chamber of commerce, Is to ba begun
as soon as possible if, as is expected,
the chamber follows eot reeommeada
tlons that will be made to It by -the
promotion committee. ; ;
It was feared for a time that tha plaa
to- advertise tha Islands expensively
would hsve to be , dropped, be
cause of Isek of passenger ac
commodations to sn$t from, d&e
mainland. But the receipt- Wednes
day by Cattle k Cooke, agenta for the
Toyo Risen Kaisha, of cabled advices
to the effect that the 'Japanese govern
ment hsd put the stamp, of Hi approval
apon vessels of the Una mentioned car
rying passengers to aad front Hawaii
changed the entire situation. ,
Hawaii now hat all the passenger
accommodations It could reasonably
ask for and there sppears-to be nothing
to hinder tourists from coming to the
Islands. The thing to do now is to ad
vertise the fact. And that la what the
promotion committee propoeet to do on
big scale. ..':' "
Knot Balsa Money - V '',
, The first essential ia to raise aa ad
vertising fund. The chamber of - com
merce approved the plan to seenra by
subscription a fund of not to exceed
150,000 for this purpose. .The work of
raising the fund was left in abeyance
pending determination of what pas
senger accommodations would Ije avail
able. Under the' new conditions created
by the action of the JapaaosS govern
ment in granting permission for. the
Toyo Klsen Kaisha boats to carry pas
sengers ta .and from Honolulu the pro
motion committee feels that tha time- ia
ripe for' immediate action. . ...
s The ' promotion eommittee ' will hold
a meeting' this )af teraoon at which
formal action will andoubtedly be taken
to 'urge the ""chamber of 'commerce to
start the gathering of a big advertising
fund. ;.. '; ; i--'v' v -.-j ;.:'.,.
Bemdt Makes Statement
Emll Berndt, chairman of the promo
tion eommittee, ' issued the following
statement yestertayr".'" i
"Since it, has been definitely' estab
lished that passenger trsffrlc, both to
and from tha Ctoest,' will be permitted
on all vessels of. the Teyo Kiscn Kai
sha line, the promotion oommittef un
doubtedly will take, steps ' at its' lint
meeting to Inform the audit and financt
committee of tha chamber that tha time
is opportune to secure the, subscriptions
for a special advertising Campaign' for
tourists contemplated in the resolution
passed at .-a,, membership meeting of
the. chamber recently.
"This probable action by the promo-"
tion eommittee at Hits meeting this sf
ternoon wiJI be besed on the telegraph
ic advice reeeWed yesterday afternOoii
by Castle 'Cooke; Ltd., the Toy
Kisen Kaisha r .local agency, makihg
plain the situation thai all vessels of
this Una calling at this port will eater
to passenger. trafflsandeT ! the permit
(rrantd,,then y aqr U. 8. Shipping
Board, and' approved by tha Imperial
Japanese government. This will af
ford Hawaii a.bntoot unlimited accom
modations' with, do luxe service fot
those who desire it.
BitnaUon. Is Chaaged
"The report: current that the promo
tion committee was not. yet In a posi
tion to advise the audit and finance
committee of the chamber to proceed
In the matter of seeurlnir further sub
scriptions, aad that probably the whole
matter weuw be dropped for the time
being, was biased on non-receipt of de
finite information . that the Japanese
Imperial government would permit all
the Toyo Kisen Kaisha passenger boatt
to enter the local field. The whole
matter turned about face upon the sud
den receipt yesterday of the telegraphuJ
advices granting this unlimited permit.
"Immediate steps will be inaugurated
to attain benefits, front this arrange
ment by iatensive advertising on tha
mainland in the tourist centers. The
great draw-back i,TLae past to travel
has been the.' guarantee of return
passaga tha mainland. This' under
the new arrangement ef affairs will no
longer be a hiadranse.
"That much good will result from
this special consideration la foreseen
by the Toyo Kisen Kaisha Itself In that
it has taken up its option on the rooms
of Hawaii Promotion Committee, where
it wilt establish full fledged office en
June 1." . - p
ir- W. - .
'WAHftiNATON,. March, 22 (Ase
ciated Press) Chairman Uurley of
the shipping board bus recommended
the construction of ten new vessols,
each of a registry of 15,000 tons. He,
says the dealgns for these vessels have
already been started.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding PILES in 6 to 14 dsys or
money refunded. Mauulscturccl by
the PARIS MItpiCINB CO., St. Louis.
I 0
t ' : t .i ii r . .
g"o I ' . H'lilnni.' Merck ,n. ltlt
, - , '
-..' -i , n ii i is .. ,
Aiot A ftsmwts; Ltd.'
urewer te. ia
' j' '
81 l:,
Iisssujnus. ....,..,1JOO
Haw. Agn-tl, t'o. . ......I
Haw. '. . ro.fu,..,.
tn , ... '
Haw. Hiic'.M'bv 1,1., I ia
HiMMiksa Busj. !o. I . .....I C4
Monmnn mis!.' vfl I w
Hntrhlns d( Pleat. . 84
Kabuks Plhttt Co.- . .... i
v . ..
Kvuna t. Va.ttl B
Kolos Hst. 'o UTS
t ne .
M. Hry.l Has. Co I t'i
mill tola, In so
oha Hun. ra., Ud fl
unions Hug. ( no
r-n(tis awe. fnnt. Co..
VOi-iHr Hnasr MIU 10
Psta Plant, rn. ' 100
Pspackso Hnssr Co i',
IMoveer Mill Co i SO
Han CsrhM Mllllaa Co.. M
Wslslna Aa-rctK "o 1,25
Rnrlsu I)fT. t'o.. Ltd. ..-..'..V,
1st I Miic Assess TO Fd.. ....
itiut Ikmip fald lp .... 8
Hulks. K. V. Co,. Phi. . 9
Hnlkn r. A P, 'o '.. 1H
Hw. run. K. T', A
Hsw. 'rm. K. a B S
HsW. Ton. Hf. Cow. ..... tW
. ... .V
. J .1 1
. .
Hnw. I'lneenpk CO. 4.lU tj
rt-m. B. A U. Co.. Ltd. .A 10 14
Hon. (iss c.. Ltd; 120
II 1. T. . . . . . m
Inler I.Umd 8. M. Co, ... 1HO mi
Mill. Tel. It. . . . ; t- xO
Usba It. A V. Co. 1140
rininr nnnwr t ix , .... r
HeliHiu-1lnilaas. Pdw . . V1,
Hsnw (SUBf, pit.) 10
Tsaun Ubk Hubber Co. BBW
Peach Walk' I. T. ..'.,
nausea s net ' csw as , , . ,
Hsw. Con. Ry. B ......J TIH
nmw, ire iov ns ........ 7V
Haw. Ter. 4 Me. 190B. . 101
Haw. Ter. 4 Pub. Imps. 100
Usw. Tc. Pyb. .Imn. 4c
tsnrln WIS 11)1S ,. .,..100
H""T,,!!!','1' -j,J aavi.
rrira iisa -r i,ii tn .
Hoaukaa Rn. C. fc 02 Mi
non. us co.. L,tu.. aa ... too
Kaaat Hy. Co., Os Kt'H
sisniMl 1. it. Ott ........loi v
Mutj Tel. 8s. i ............ 10
Oabs R. A h. C. 0 - Amti
" ". "i ... !
Olss Hn. Co., a 08.
Pacific (luann A F. Co s 10ft
Hso Carlos Milling, B .. 104
It. II. A M. Co., 10. 1500; Wafalua. 100,
SO. 10. 8, 14.8THV Pasahao, too, 14.17,;
O. R. A L. Co.. W. 14.00. j , ,
Kwa. J5. M.n Oeho, !9, 8. B. 40, BA0.;.''.,
aVUAR iUOTAT10M8 v . .
' analysla mss. no sdrlces).:, ,t ' .
' Parity .- v,vy-. f .
W Cent.-(For Haw.) flnrars ..... A0t
JBtBBKBt tiVOTAtlOIia . . - ..
f. .Ataav-aa, jU. - : - ".
nlnirapare ...................... j,.-40 R1 ;
New Verk ,...i..tt 43.00 ' ,
:I,7-YC3K'SICr-S I
!- n ii .i ui i ii,. , i i ra
NHW-'TORK. March t Amoctat.-t
PrHa-FolkwiM are i tho- paJns; ami
crnslna; quotations ot Stocks la Uw New
Yec market yeacesuarw ":! - . ,.
Aoserlcao Bua,...wv.
Atneri-sn - I1m '
-"" e a,t area,!
Aasprh-an-' LeeonuiHrs yt , K,,A
Miuriii-Hu. m ......
towkis Bintsr ; .........I
loi H
ao -ni'i
eo .
sratniiis rreei t arj,
Asmrenita CfiHpr
Atrblsoai Raliwajr ,
Pttlflwtn Lncnnotlv
fJslHsvors -Mbli -. r,.4.,yv
Colo. Poet A tros ..t.
I'mr-UU Mlul ...
.Cnbe Hasar Cans'. ........
General . Klevtric . -,
OesMsal Unlaws, (new) ... .,,
rt Northwn. rta, .., ....
hnncoo4t 'Capper , ,-,.'.,.
International . Klekel,. , .....
Inirnstrint ' Alcohol
Uhlh Valleit KsJlroa4 ... ...
New tors Central .
i-iiuwu(7 irtn voinuioa
Catted, , Rtsts,"i'ofcbi'
t nloa . Pseltlc .
Vnltad cUatse Meek .
risn .. T8
ur vi V . M---.-1.
-"" ej- , rr fBBslIX-n AIWH1I1
c.r.mlnm m.I.IL... . .. . . ,
stueks- l th satsvs market rw.
Hsw'n Cem'l
Hawaiian Hucar Co. .
Honokaa Huaar-. . ...
Hutchinson Hugar Cs,
(kshn Huaas Cw ;
Olsa Hasar Co. . ....
Oaaawat Ha car Co. .V
PaaubaN HuKsr Co.
Honolute Mt ,tj4,,.
bals Coi'pe ,
iiuuolulu I'hialatloa .
a -
(Ubb LuUii
WA8iiW0W)-.'f JpeWU- iAa . 1
'esi" 4S ,
' av( uZ , , , '
....... a -a-. ,.-',';
'V.Y.: ' '.
....... 4.50 ', 4.00 .. .
o . .MV. . ...
erican built ordnanea of U latest typo '
and kaTips caliber ten Inch, twelve
Inch and fourteen Inch rifles, are la ''
sarWes oa ,hs aecter af. the arost front -held
by tha Americas army and on the
Itallaa front." The 'geas.si' belief baa v
beeb that' vrp. f es . Awerkajt heavy V
guss were Il, Europe. . , . , , .; -.
The aruns sent to Itahr tnehide a am.
bor of fodrteen Inch rifles both ot
forty five and fifty caliber Beporta
from Italy aay the results - achieved
by the heavy American ordnance al
ready have elicited expressions ot ad-,
miration from ' Italian gvaners.
Ia aiblitlou to heavr naval ordaaiisa
Oeneral IVrshihg bss received a Bum-,
ber of reserve twelve inch rifles de A i;
signed original! for Installation In, the '
coast dafeaaa W.',aa Vta4. ' BUtaa.e,.i;iV:.
iS- .!
'. "Of. 1
V , I

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