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, MARCH 22,, 1911.
- - - , .
tbi adytmjstr'S ssa-wtmr
GH ARGfe.Vtovl beeliUtaUlJ rfd WJ UUv W rp ! !r&uke ven. iiipen ffourt yesterday by
good fMthorjti ttW ..prciplffescrtwl Fedora. I Jttdge Vawghan fo' eight of the jury-
' there it'nojMjiM eamMlrotnl. ri th case 'against the proprietress
' " the local 6slitnldrtibicajtfsic there Is an orgatiia-i j vi Jhe Occidental Hotel, charged Avith the sale of
ed and weir.dif4cledt movement among the fisher- intoxicants to soldiery was as stinging as it, was
men not to supply.it. '.It has been stated to Tfie ?' unusual. And it was high' time that some such' re-'
Advertiser ,that nomher ol, .sampans have been t buke be-given to the.many amotig those drawn
''wV:krnt;out'oHishtVinRklihiWbor'fnd in other,1 for local jury service who refuse'to 4) guided by
7 places where" they-py paVi" unnoticed and that J comrrionsense and the evidence, but render their
A. there is no real effort being made , to supply the verdicts for political, sentiments,, personal or ul-
, market with deep mmSQ f i tFV.ww"! WT;''
-It has also been reported, tlwt no attempt what: . Itv.ttu parti
ever has' been. made by the twners or lessees of .government produced "witnesse? who swore that
fishinr rights ",tr. work) fhc lraters under their con
trol in tjrdeto-'-fuTniph the market with a supply
of shore fish on Ihofle'difys. when it, has been ad
mittedly ob stormy dgcp sea fishingi.
) It is also reported! n the best of authority, that
the owners and lessees of fish ponds are -systematically
holding bacVtpeir available supplies,' pre
senting one excuse'' aftef another why the mullet
supply, falls daily so far behind the'demand. V ' ,,
: Y have no way of knowing what Verification
or what facts to the contrary are fn the-possession
ithey had purchased intoxicants, from the defend.-
nt4 their evidence corroborating that of .each
6theT. v There was no. rtotk discrepancy In their
testimony than there is almost invariably among
witnesses telling the truth, "' because it is only
among perjurers that testimony absolutely dove
tails'.'' The defense consisted in the testimony of
a number who did not see the defendant sell in
toxicants, purely negative statements.
It. is no wonder, then,;that Judge .Vaughan made
it plain that he does not intend to have' the time
W. S. S.-
of the food administrator,' nor. have" we any way ! of his court wasted by jurymen whef. Will Wt con
of learning what he is attempting in the way of , vict on plain, undisputed evidence. , V hope, that
bringing the fishermen" and 'the fishing companies) the. lesson will not be wasted, With the coming
to time if they are Systematically withholding fish , of the "war prohibition" 6rdef 'nto.'effect . there
from market. We do know that if all reports are J wilj be a number of disloyal, booze peddlers U deai
true, or if even half the reports are only half true, with, and they should be dealt with as we. would
that the fishing companies are bamboozling the ; deal with" any other traitor Syho' would put an
food administrator and through this are swindling' Obstacle in the way of perfecting the training of
. the public. ' '. I our boys in khaki for that, day- when they meet
If there be truth in the reports, and the food I tW Huns.
administrator has the ' means, at his disposal , to
find out definitely, th situation, calls for some
..thing more effective than the holding of more
fruitless conferences with' the fish men. It. calls
'.. for the commandeering of the fishing fleet and the
taking over .of the fishing rights. It calls for some
. plain speech and the, elimination of the grinny
pussyfooting that has marked the whole fish sit
., nation to date, with the stripping of the swaddling
. rom the big stick." ' . .', ' ' ' ' "
And we regret tha't U' t Our candid opinion that
we will get4 nothmg'lof tht necessary, so long as
. we have a gentle temporizer with' a credulous dis
position in..th,c position of food, administrator for
..Hawaii.,. , . '".-, V -;
f jfi .tHe''iticfi';tba
, ' ' Vi affects theGovenior to Tia Ve hs han. into
; everything' wonder at" his recent butting into the
' fish question, which was bad before he meddled
and , Which, has become; partly through, his fussy-
' "duddy muddling, what the Star-Bulletin correctly
describes as deplorable and ridiculous".
' , " Only those who do' not know that the local
- food administrator was foisted upon the' local ter
ritorial food commission arid upon Administrator
; Hoover by Pinichatn wonder at the choice of Child
'. in the first, plate and his, subserviency 'to Pinkham
! , sinqe his appointment. The" territorial food' eom
,; mission did not' Want Child and Voilld not have
selected him jf the Governor had not butted in
- ' and requested Child's appointment a! . local fepre
: sentative of the federal foodyadministration. It is
,-'.';' no particular secret that Child was wished on to
the public by Pinkham, against the better judge
' ment of the members of the territorial commission.
Naturally, the Governor could ho more Veep out
.' ot the fish muddle than he can keep out of all the
' v ether things he knows nothing about but is quite
willing to decide and settle. In his desire to get.
.' into the limelight, Pinkham succeeded in cutting
.,!; . even a more ridiculous figure than usual. He was
. ; trailed around the fishmarket by Mayor Fern, the
' . mayor talking Hawaiian vojubly and Pinkham nod
ding his approval.
';'! "You may all see," Fern would announce to all
. :' the Hawaiians in sight, "that the Governor has de
;. cided to take all his orders from me and I have
' -brought him down here to prove' it". Pinkham
bowed grandly and graciously at the applause.
; "Just let me know1 what you want and I will in
struct the Governor to do it", added Fern, and
there were more imperial bo'ws from the Gov
, ernor to his fajthful, loyal and adoring Hawaiian
subjects- This is practically what has been hap
pening. Occasionally Fern would make his an
: ' nouncemeuts ' in Portuguese but he got it over
with Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese
"- alike, with the Governor all the time swelling up
, .over the very evident signs of his own popularity
r ' ;ith. an jknpressiveness upon the fishmarket hoi
, polloi.'-',' ' , ' ' "' ' ':"
'.f " . Is it any wonder that the'fish shuation is in the
- same deplorable and ridiculous muddle as the land
' ; question, the civic center, question, the. militia
question and every other question upon'! which
. Pinkham has put the blight of his egotistical inter-
( ference? ' ,: -
; Von Hindenburg has invited th foreign
. paper fieri to be present for the curtain raiser of
' the offensive that is to land him in Paris by the
first of the month. Rain checks will be kept handy.
)r W. S.S.X
Wonder if Secretary Baker wished the war to
Ve "three thousand,' miles, away"? when that shell
v, exploded Inside him yesterday?-, -',
y.y---, - W. 8. S. ' -
V", Oahu is about to become "dry"; Kauai is going
- to be. Let's fhake it unanimous, Maui' and Hawaii.
A German Peace : i .
"T HIS Bolsheviki style of peace Seems to be in
A1-' a class of its own. The treaty-" is agreed
upon; the Russians surrender their arms, the con
gress of Soviets almost unanimously ratify the
treaty, -the eifrian prisoners are turned loose, but
the . GerrnahJ keep marching along, . ' capturing
cities, grabbing supplies, hatfging ; and shooting
man styfel'the Kauai paper describes it.
' At CMessa, a city which the Germans now agree
belongs to the Republic of the Ukraine, with which
a peace treaty-Was solemnly"' arranged, four Ger
man,' regiments have!, seized the , government,
grabbed the, supplies of iood arid munitions' and
taken over the banks.' v Where, he.Ukrainian allies
of the tluna.get off. $ :ri$tr 'J i,-. ' , f '',"
Petrogriad, 4he " erstwhflePBoliHeviki'vcapital,
where Trotzky has. just rganiied ,j&is. commune
after betraying Russia to' Germany,' will probably
le occupied today by the German troops, anxious
probably to see the place where the Slav govern
ment agreed upon this pewj style of peace. Later,
the , occupation of Moscow will be effected, where
the peace treaty was ratified.
Berlin appears to be., paying as much attention
lo the Brest-LitovskireatjilwiilTi Russia as it paid
to the treaty guaranteeing the neutrality of TBcl
gium or the guarantees given to the United States
that unarmed passenger ships would not be sunk
without warning. v
If Germany at peace with Russia continues to
march her armies through the country, pillaging,
shooting and carrying on those good, old German
customs, what would Germany )iave done if the
peace treaty had not been signed ?
: W. S. S.
Clearing the Air
ACCORDING to the explanations, there see pis
to be some misunderstanding as to the na
ture of the private schools maintained in connec
tion with the two Lutheran churches of tha Ter
ritory. In neither, it is now stated, are the classes
being instructed with the German language as the
teaching medium, while in one, that in Honolulu,
the school ha evolved until it is today merely One
for the giving of religious instruction twice a week,
principally in,Enlish. The pupils in these two
religious classes are attending the regular schools,
for their secular education, along with all other
However, in view of the tenseness of the situa
tion, which will undoubtedly grow inure and more
tense as the months go by, it would be a matter
of policy if these two schools would eliminate the
German language altogether from their classes,
at least, until the war is over. What Governor
Carter has 'frj0&.tb,e(..'j qeaenal inipr.ssion that
exists and nothiog- hort , of' a : fra"hk -abandonment
of everything German will satisfy public opinion
at this time.
w. s. s.
tee o
of the recpnimenlatiun- ,,f the commit-
on resources ana ioot supply ol the Cali
fornia State council of defense are applicable to
Hawaii! Among them are, that the council devise
mean o bring city labor resources in touch with
country needs, to urge city capital and people to
engage in the production of food, to promote plans
of meeting the livestock situation, to urge conser
vation of food and elimination ,,f waste through
organizations of women, ami to assure the pro
ducer of fair prices.
The year 1918 is going to lie a crucial period in
American history, for unless we Unh produce and
save beyond the limits of any previous year, the
outcome of the war niay not he so satisfactory as
every patriotic citizen would have it. . . ,V
Tom Ye, th Korraa by whtt", wm
Mnght iy A. B. fthlrrlob in th act
of itMling ft Rmt CroM libs from a
ntomobiU but Haturdaj', wa rflonwd
by-tbf JHTiil court,, . . , ; .
A hnnrh warrant wa'a Untied rntr
day by -Circuit Jndg William H. Hon
for tk arrnt of Jo raclifo, ho fail
ed to obey aaummooa to appear in
eourt in dlvorea eaae.' . '
r Benjaml Rouaa, or Honolulu, hnn en
tlated in tho. engineer eorpaj William
Hoek. the navy, holomon WillianM, the
entaRaeiaeera, foreatry dWinion, and
Glen I. Card, the infantry, v
j-yTrJiauactorfl of rlee flour will be
undertaken on a large scale by Walk
r'arica thill, In rdef that local mer
akaata and baker will have a supply
of 4hi flour Jubdtitute for their use.
f Vfyf.floms ,er filed - vesterdav to
pftitf.ih of Delegate Kukio in whirh
aiia eeeKing to reopen aa old action to
brentf the I.iliuokalani trust. The ez-
eeptiana.ware filed by Col, Curtis lau-
I Notica waa filed wit k the rireuit
elerk yesterday that aervle ha bean
obtained on Mrs. George T, Straub in
California in 4he divoree.. suit filed
against ker by her huabaml. Doctor
Btraab.v ',.;.. .
Tkree 'youths' 'alleired to be members
of a band of tor thieves,, who were
rounded up by Probation Officer Joe
yal la a hut at ..Kakaako at two
o'clock, yesrday morning were com
mitted to the Boys' Industrial Reboot
yesterday- by Judge WllMsm H. Heea.
The agricultural bill now before con
gress -eamea aa fteea ' appropriating
2500 for extension .work. Thiaampunt
will pay-fo an extension agent who
wilt work with the' county .agents of
the food commission and with F. 0.
Krausa, the present experiment station
xtensioa agent. -, . -.
Maul interests" have purchased the
stoek in Ithe Haiku Fruit and Packing
Compnay, which waa owned by the Ha
waliaa Pineapple Company, according
to an announcement made yesterday,
la all, 9079 share were purchased at
$23.90 a share, the entire considcratioa
totaling 4231,514.60. '-
The -opening session of the territorial
tax equalization board waa held this
week- ia the office of '- the territorial
treasurer, Col.' C 3, McCarthy. Those
present,' besides the treasurer, weret
Charles T. wilder of the first division;;
J. H. Kunewa of the second, O. T.
Kbipman of the third and J.. K. Farley
of tha fourth, ' '
,.A complete' butchering outfit, a ranee
cow tbat waa tied to' a tree npar Cast
acr and another range cow' alaughtered
nearby are-.the evidence "aarajnst John
Mark and K 'Seiny, whdare charccd
with cattle stealing by Police Officer
MeAngus of. Wahiawa. Marks ia said
ia. nave wiieaiiT servea one Term on a
eharjfa 6f cattle stealing. ' -
Francia Brown and William "Wells,
boHl fftwtxlulu hovs.' are now rennrted
io' W ia . Jraaee, 'where, tey are both
taking shiru kn driving Uie car Of the
major of .the ambMlauce. vit to which
thf i iaro.atfachcd.' It waa supposed for
dk , v h i ! tlait'thrse boys Wera in Italy,
fimi Jliut ; romore yand n Bijpr .Noble
lieved that all ar in Franee',1 : '.
' (superintendent of Publie Instruction
Henry-V. Kionoy said yenterdsy that
Gorman ia being taught at the MeKin
ley High- Hehool and that the course
will be continued aa no complaints have
beea made regarding it. ' Superintend
ent Kinney said that schools oa the
mainland in general have,not ceased, to
give instruction in German as "it is held
to be a modern language, of value to
pupils. ; , i
Nearly all civilian' registrants have
beea examined by1 the tw medical ex
amining boards for the Honolulu dis
trict, and Board No. 1 i aow examining
members of the national guard. Board
No. S recently inducted three men into
military service at the request of the
army, and are now -enlisted with the
engineers. They are John M. Byrne,
James Y. McFcggar and Albert D.
Mitchell. 1
When Frank W. Brook, or Company
Cv.FiiKt Infantry, escaped from the
guard house and rode to town on a
bicycle which he had picked up for the
occasion, he had no better luek than
to pick out plain elothea man Moon of
the police lepartment for a likely pur
chaser for the bicycle. Moon took him
In char?? snd booked him for stealing
that bicycle.
Important businesa will be transacted
at the regular meeting of Olive Branch
Bebekah Lodge No. 2, LO.O. F., on
Thursdav evenin.T, after which there
Will be "Military Whist" on the roof
parri.ru. Friends are iojmed. .JNQ re
freshments will be served,' it being the
intention of the members of .the lodge
to dispense with same during tha war,
Daneing will bo indulged in after the
avhiat game. , - , r
Tha third Liberty Loan committee
will .have headquarters of its own in
tha office formerly' occupied by' C ft.
Desky on Merchant Street, , where the
great volume of businesa entailed by.
a. Liberty Loan campaign will be cen
tralised. The loan, campaign will open
on .April 0. Ouy Bottolph haa been
LMiM8!0-, 1"' sercnry, - aa R.
Htever, ' whose excellent iwork aa
secretary of the first and aeeond loans
would have made him valuable, win dc
JinVb((, Hart,'forner represents
ttvr'b Cbarlea A. Btoaeham Company
ofyHisi York waa arralguej in the
circuit court before' Judge William ll.
Heea yesterday ' afternoon "oa aix
charges of embeaxlemegt and foacery
returned against him in a grand jury
indictment. Hart, recently aen
tencel to serve three year on a charge
of em4exzlement -and took an appeal in
the case. Two of the six new charges
are emberr.lement. two a're forgery anil
two are charges of passing forged
documents. v :
moves the cauaa. Uaed tha world over
to eur a cold in on day, Tha signa
ture of B. W. GROVE ia oa each box.
Manufactured ty tb TARIS MEDI
C1NB CO., St. Lpuia. U. P A.
" Bea Lyon of Wailukd la a Honolu)q
visitor,, . . - ..'. !..--, M '.(
A. O. Wilkes, a mainland oilman,
leff yesterday for Han Francisco after
a busihesa trip to Hawaii. , '-t. -; ;',f
Mfe. 0. H. and. Mlsa Butk Reatoa
were departing passenger an til Lur
line yesterday afternoon. . ..' ';:"
W, TP. Rawlins left for Kallaa yester
day to attend t ome legal buetne
at th eoonfy aeat of Kona, ' : v
' Mai. Robinson was one .'of the
regular army officers who left for' the
mainland yesterday on the'Lnrline; ' " ,
: Mr. Katharine, Lloyd, 21M North
King rttreet, waa operated upon at the
Queen 'a Hospital yesterday afternoon.
F W. Russell and Mrs. Russell have
returned from a trip -to the uolcano
and are again at their apartmants at
the Courtlanil. ',- . - , -. , -i--Mrs.
John Maxam and BTaitel Masm,
wbo have bee viaitlnt on-fnV'tJdkst
for tb past four months, are 'elVected
to return to Honolulu oa the Maaoa.
Maj. C. C. Bankhead and Mai. J. D.
Burnett were edepai ting passenger oa
the steamer Lurlifie yesterday for the
mainland where, they have beea traas
ferred." - ; v, , ;.- -, .:'.;,,,
Mr. Emmelina Majoon accompanied
by Misa Makes Magoon and Mre. Altte
Magooa left for Kona yesterdar In tha
Kilauea for aa outing at the. MagoonJ
place ia pouin ivona. , v j. - .
Joseph Sheedy," assistant superintend
ent of the Heattle Shipbuilding and
Dock, uonstructioa Company of Heattle,
Washington, left yesterday for aa
Francisco on the Larline.v. . i - "''
.' O.- T. Scett, pasaeager ageat of! the
Inter Island Navigation- - Company, it
aow on vacation from hia usual duties.
He likely will make a trip to theXCoaat
fcefore he retarn to work. ..
Mr. E. J.J Wynae. Mr. Ella Wynne,
and amall son, Robert, returned yester
day oa the Mauna Kea from a three
weeks' visit to Hilo and the Volcano.
They are guests at the RoaelawB. '
SamuCl F. Nott, who has beea seri
ously ill at the Queen Hospital the
past two ' weeka, ia now reported ia
much' improved, ' It la expected that he
will be able to be out, and about in a
week or' o.:: ''.'V.:-. ..; , ',
Mr. and Mr. William H. Hoogs, Jr.,
of J3X6 Oahu Avenue, , Manoa, wel
corned at their home yeaterday the ar
rival of a bob, who ha "been named
.WilUara Henry. IIL . V it '
Attorney William Lymer, who rrtura-
ed Naturday from a trip to the. F.astern
cities, aava that it will bo easy to find
a market ia -the States for shark leather
and oil just as soon as this proposed
industry it developed here.-' -. 4
Mr. and Mrs.'" William "P. Roth,, and
son William, were departing passenger
oa the -Lurline yesterday for Haa Fran
cisco. 'Roth iathe manager of the Mat
son Navigation Company. , He aad hi
wife, who is a, daughter of the lat
Captaia Matson,. have been -rating
friend .and relative here' for ieveral
w.oe.lja,-.',. ti ,' i" v
: Knnt Hswnll rMr.- and Ilrav J.U.' Me-Kvo.-r.
Wc ml Mrs. H. D, I davenport,
alios A. Jsrchojr. Mrs. V. 1. Winter, Mr.
aud Mrs. J. M. Oarrla, Mrs. W. K. Ptcb'.
Mrs. A. J. McCnnneL Miss K. Cold. . Mrs.
M. (W, C K. Wrlitbt, Mrs. ' A, H. B..
Judrt. Miss A. K. iudrt, Mr, and 'Mrs.
ftsorve H. Beck. Mr. and Mrs. R. damp--turn.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Rmuwll, Mr. and
Mrs. I.. K. Armstruna, Ah China Ik, Chock
1 1 or, Mls B. Trend, Miss 0. Gross a,
Mrs., KswsKhlnis. Miss A. Keaaa, Mrs..
0. rleott. J. 1-srklu. A. 1. Kasnn. P. K.
ailltert. Mrs. C. T. Kstsds. Mrs. rnjl
ksmL Mrs. Tsnslie, Otto Heine. H. Brund
bk. Mr. and Mrs. N. Hste snd rhlld. Mr.,
and Mrs. B. Lrnisn and child.' 8. Yame
uinto. Mr. snd Mrs. T. K. liore. Mrs, H,
K. flure. Mr. snd Mrs. M. Hssa. C. R.
BostwV-k. K. II. anstln. Mr. snd 'Mrs.
J R. Jslt, Miss C. U. Curtis. Miss It. U
lAwreace.. Mrs. Jainea Johnson. Miss Holt,
TV. Hllmsn. J. Usiuey, Mrs. I.
I, . 4illliert, Miss K. II. Kins'. . Ml- H.
PiMlon. Mr. snd Mrs. K. K. Conant. Mr,
and Mrs. W. II. Noyes, I. W. Copelln, H.
II. Kenton. Miss 11 Alsns. J. J. Curie,
1. lt Mllllusn. M. V. Burke, J. B.Wla
stsnlef. Mr. snd Mrs. T. Msehlda .snd
twe ehlldren. Kred Frioen, V. Kekldo. T.
Msjiiius. T. Ksuds. Mrs. 8. B. "Webb. Mrs..
V. K. RliH-kner, Alwchl. T. Hnmlds, . B.
Hhlrsno, Mrs. W. H. Csnario. Mrs, K, R.
Brown and two children. Mrs. J. -.(T.
Wynne. Mrs. K. Wynne, Msster Wynne.
H. Oksno T. MlyssskL . ' '..
Knun Msul A. llonao. I. I. Ilnrd. I.
Kuktiys. Mrs. Knrosawa, Kobaysshl. Ko
bsysxhl, . O. Osakl. R. Rasakl.. O.-ilsnto-kl.
T. Ksnenho. Oksmura, F. MschWIs,
Miss Lilly Chi, M. K on ns. F. 1. I, 8.
Vsmsknls. Mrs. Hsklklbsrs. Mrs. Tokuua-
as. Mr. Alfred Nseole snd child.
By Ktr, Klnsu from Kausl. Msrch SO
K. II. Cameron. It. B. Anderson. (.'. A.
litre. K. A. KnurtMeii. Mrs. B. - lUipktns
snd i-hlld. Mrs. T. Ishll, It. Matthews. Mrs.
A. K. IVterx, Miss 8. BnllTen, T. Hlrose,
M. Kiirosntnt. Mr. snd Mrs. Ilsyasbl and
i-lillil. A Homer. Chsrles Orsy. A. M.
IMoufT. MIhm M. Womt. Mr. sud Mrs. H.
KiiIhiIs snd twe children. H. Mliura, T. ,
Ixiniil, c. Clilust. K. okuuo, .11. Vaiuauaka.
W. S. B. r-
By str. I.urllne for Hsu Fraaclcn, March
lllMUs Maude Arnintroiur, Miss Ann
Burndt. Col. snd Mrs. V. C. Holies and
four children; Mrs. M. P. BsUsy, -Ma, U.
C. Rsnkhead. Msj. J. II. Burueit Mrs.
Bi Bailey. MIm luliel Baker. I. P. Chris
ty. Mr. and Mrs. I). W. Csuipbell. Mr.
snd Mrs. C. H. Tisvldsnn. Mr. snd -Mrs.
J. T. Krowet. MIm M. Foley. MsL L. L.
()reg. K. Usrnlnli. Miss Belle Garnish,
Mrs. Jsmes llayden. Ms). W, E. HoUt
dsy. Krsnk II outer. Mrs. B. P. Ksne,
Msi. R. M. Lyons. Mrs. R. M. Lyons and
son. Mrs. I.. Msddea sod child. U. A.
MrOeriuutt. Msj. sud Mrs. P. Msncbes
ter sud rhlld. Mrs. Albert Msy, MsL. R.
il. l'-k. Mr. snd Mrs. Wllllsiq P. Roth.
Uaxter WUIIsin H. Roth, J. Ilaryey Rsy
moiwl. Ms.' K, Rotiluson. Ut."3ib 'Bstt
ilolph, Mrs. John Kmidolib"tiV ti(s'k
dreu. Mrs. II. II. Hellion. MIsst.Rutb Ben
ton. MIm K. IttzKH, Thoiuss Hniltb, Jo-'
Hph Hheeily. M(ns V. Hmlth, Miss M.
Hinllh. Charles Weight, F. K. Williams,
Mr. A. 11. Wilkes. ' ;
II y Htr. Msima Kes for Labalna and Hllo.
Mnrrh '.'0-C. A. Itoliinsnu. Harry CTKlsel.
Cbnrles TIioiush. I'. Montsans Cnnke, Mr.
sud Mr. l-'r.v. He v. J. Brudel. Bishop A.
W. Leonsnl. Or. A. W. HsrrU, Or. C.
Ktereux. Mrs. J. A. Myers. Mr. I.I! y
Xlsk. Mrx. Willis. Mrs. Iiesn Pbllllps. Mr.
snd Mrs. W. K. Waterman, A. W. T. Bot
toiuler. (I. Uorinaii. H, llsusoks. Js'k
VVcdnv. J. K. Iliiniion. C. I.. Hull. V. I.
I. owrey WIIIIhiii K. Illlwe, lion Kluner, T.
II. I.rnn.' II. O. McllliiHU. Isvld CsllilMU,
.Mix. K. Kon-bsi-k. Mrs. M. R. Frellss, ',
Hprcller. Ml I.. Kiilffen. Mrs. I'etees. K.
II. AuS.Hn. XV. K Klrnteu. I M. t'lsbel.
J ii n W. Hcrisxt rtmi, Bmther Mxtw,'W,
M. Ileluecke. Mrs., Aanea Aclill and
iliiiiKlitei'. ('. K. WrUilit, I eor Bailey.
W. !. Hi'Iiiiiiimiiii. Mrs, Andrws O. 8eu
tl. II H. Hons. Mr. and Mrs. K. J.
It,-il. MImk Irene Wwlebniise. J. B. !
Ina. K. I'Mi k. H. W. I'srk. M, ' Vasmmt'el
bis. V. C. Hun. V. Tersds. II.' Osakl. K.
Morliiiuto snd dHiitfhter, H. Moku"tA, Fred
t'orrea. K. Hi-nll. . . .
II V Htr. KIiihii for KhusI. Msci-Ii 'J -Mr.
WIIIIhiii I'iihII, snd InfsuC l.ln Fook
Wuiis. X. IliuifuJI. Juiues A. Olbb, F. K-
Public Instruction Kianev to United
Watea District Attorney R C. Huber.
It is charged that the teacher had act
bad example to pupila by refusing to
show, proper respect to the Flag aad
by letbe avts, (Misa Heuer left tha
College 4,Jlawll,-Wker. ka taaght,
unaer nre on eaargea f ; disloyalty
soma aioatb ago. - . t. . .
' (Superintendent " Kinney . said that
when he aaaumed hia dntiea permission
had beea given by the school board to
eoaduet a private school ia Oermaa at
IJhus. Last fall the school waa com
pelled to alter the medium of instrue
troa from Germaa to Kngliah, the ao
perintendent aaid, and thia waa dona.
Besides taking tha matter up With the
district attorney, Superintendent Kla
aey. aaid he was proeeedinn- aloaar aa-
ather lino had that he had. writtea an
rAmericaa af German, antecedent ask
ing kirn to. act ia tha matter. He ex
pressed the view that no person gailty
of acta charged' against Mia Heaer
ahould be permitted to teach children
of the Territory.' - , ,,) v -
. Complaint regarding . the. " Llhue
school 'were first. maAe 'with other
against, the German Lutheran school
here and were voiced by George K.
Carter, president of tho Hawaiian Vig
ilance Corps. A reply waa made to the
attack by Rev., Arthur Hoermana, paa'
tor of tho Germaa Lutheran church, aa'
givea ia Tho Advertiser yeaterday; t
Weekly Averaoe of ZHtvi Wofti.i
I ' . . T . M . 1 1 l .1. . - 1
wun. laung.
tliss II:cr:Gots'::';;A-;:
Lihoe - In Dutcli i
h Accuted ef Setting Bad Exam-
pie To Pupils By Lack of Res-
pect For Flag Superintendent
Kinney To Take Actiolrf
Queetion' regirdlng the'' cloning ?if
the Oerma'n I.ntheran acbool' ht Lihiia.
due to ailea-ed aet of distovalt of aitb bor aad value of building par- -
o? it teacher, Mis Mart Heuer, have nw.aaoea wmbib fa pav eveB-ay
been ' referred jy Superintendent of t period arid, while tho total i Under the"'
IluKlIa , laatsusl.-. I . ST. It . I I . . - u f . . . ' v . . . . ....
ihV thfBaaanlnV 'WdaAat-- if I'M'
Ipontlnd bile-raiM: JanecW Yhf (i ' f
cor.iES up r.ioriDAY
1 . Vi. ' j- a m it - u'llutw, vi luaitviisia) fLUtl imU9VVm
ir oalrjthe i director. ,yf tha ,tio. prWomi which played a Import-'
""',JVormrf..lb, ;Hrt 1b' tke boildTirg.irort !oJa4i
0f fi? reS?:t f jBVM- ore T.ot ..nch imJorta.t faetora.
After Stockholders' Meeting Bur-
v den of Report Is Likely To
''?:a?X Become Known c
., t'ntil the meeting of the atoekholdera
of rioBcer Mill Compaay meet aad eoa
aiiler the : committee report on the
charge of disloyalty which were made
against V. Weinxheimer at the annual
meeting of the company, It ia .unlikely
that anything definite upon' the report
of tha committee wil. be made publie..
Tbia meeting wtjl be belli Monday.
.ii, nus rar oaiy
company ha
ooataqto of
gating committee. Tho directors of tho
epunany are not diseussing it until the
atoekholdera meet aad the committee
which investigated was through when it
rendered ita report, to the directors "
8 far as van: bo learned tha eaae
will be presetted to the,tockhoJdr at
the meeting and aot before.' v It ia aaid
if i unlikely" that eeple of tho report
will be tent them -preliminary to the
meeting. , ' ..'-', V 1 .
V It ia therefore probable that. Monday
will' determine whether or not L. Weinx
heimer U to remain with tho Pioneer
Mill Company. It i also probable that
fqllowiag tha meeting the burden Of the
committee' report will bo known.
All three of the Japanese arrested
Monday on - charge of malieloa oo
veraion and anapectod of ' numerous
theft of automobilea and aotomobile
parta may . attempt to escape serious
punishment . by claiming they are all
miaora, although , it ia . asserted they
have admitted their guilt to the police.
Tha three, Nablete Oniahi, 8adalehl
Kajihlro and N. Tamamoto, all claim
to be rider nineteen year of age, and
the latter maiatain ho ia only fifteen
year old.-' ,. -,
" A unique claim, made by M) youth
aa extenuation for their operations, be
lieved to have extended over at least
twelve months, ia that 'they took the
automobilea apart so they could becatne
STnert . mee.hmnirs. , : - , .' . 1
( Throe,, charge have been lodgedJ
againat each of the Japanese,' baaed
oh each of th two automobilea hd one
motoreysj disco re red in a aottaga near
the Moiliilt baaeban pM..' '
i 'Aaong those who have, indentlfied
parte of tho loot found ' ara A. H.
Morse,. W. IL. Mclneray, ; A. Barba,
(JoorgarT, Xluegel .and P. M. Nielson,
fVonViaf koni the motorcycle' .waa at ateo.
,.. Onlshi.tlstims that none of the' parts
of tho atolea automobilea or motorcycle
wort aold and that he eaa reassemble
them . and return the mauhkoe intact
to their owners. ' .
, .-n w. . ,.r-U .. .
VWantori ,alaughte.f goat if by bunt
era on the island of Kahoolawe, in viola
tion of the regulation of the ationl
fool administration, haa been th'isub
jeet of proceedings on the part 'Of Hood
Administrator Child, "raldgt Mwasah
Crane, a raneher at l'ukoo, Molokai
Tho liability on the part of Crane to
a fine of a.000 or impriaonment of two
years under the rule forbiddings de
struction of food is said by Mr. Child
to be hanging over the head ,of the
hunter.. . ' '
Craae ia ordered to show cause why
the penalty should not be imposed ow
ing to the shooting of the Boat by the
party of Honolulu huntera invited there
Ilk'lisiilMou. I'. II. Ilray. Hearse Ham- I lv Crane is found to hn heen in.
ohrej'. C. A. Itli-e. K. Hvlisclsuer. snd son. I1.i,1i . . ai.,vam,..iln ,.
Mm. Keliinoi. M. Oksim, K. Tiiksumrs. II. , markamaaahip grtme
vssii. K. iiKxbits. V. Kawssskl, F. 4, 1 and that the gnata ware moat of, them
l.j-oiu. Mrs. Usui or! Kelllnol. . I left where they fell. , '
bia- record 'of
la eldao enough' lo show tha tho weef-4 :
ly average elowjy je ellmbing, Jo thf ( J ,
past -week a total of twenty ix per--,.j,.
mlt for work to cost a3O,O09 were 1V "-: -
uro -of , the preceding weakv when flie i r' '"
toeorda for several months were paad ;'.
and -whet Ifteea permit "were issued'
for work to coat 80,M8. --JJ-- -.
With sine waVVIng day it tho month- .' V
left, It is fslrly ' well eaanred that that
100JM0-markt wjll be" passed by matf A' . "
gin' of aom thousanda. " la February" '
the total permit .ran up to UltflW.Vl'
whiah included oao 100,000 piece of .
Work.-v ' ?'.':" ii"-'.
Outlook XmproTOd' '.. - ; v;"
Builder report that many of.tke 'dif- '. V ,
ficultieo that arose i a connection with' ,
the hipplrfg ahortago, eausiajf delayed 'i
dellverie and . hampering, work,", have .
beea aolyed in ome mensorO and thai "
better assurance sn ,aoW be trlveaf'.
that materiala ordered on the mainland 1
will arrive1 at apeelltd. limawi Last; .,
year , if ,waa common ; experience , fo ''
buildfra to have their" operation dec
lared monthf after deliveriea of matef-'''-iala.ad
beea promised. A aetnblaaeo'of J
avatom nt least haa beea broucht abonf"' -
In tho shipping' situation; howevet, and'
though In some- case more delay may1"
oerttr, fairly regular deliveriea, '' ft
aaid. -may :fif bittrTi oa. ' ' "i
, Tho variety of tho Improvement wort' .
tljat ia la progTesa indicate Improved':
buisinesa .conditions ta all lines.' WhUaV -the
.large proportion of permits 'belnf'
takes oot are-for dwellings, 'many jiew"
tt&r and eommereial atrueturaa, of alf .
kinds, factories and itorage plaata, aa
well tiew work belag done by iaatl- '
tntion of Varioaa aorts, ahow that eoa
ditlous Ja all lines, are undergoing bet
terment. ' : '' " 1 ' " ' V-
vjor la Koodod . -. ; "
It I known that a large amount of
building wDrWla being held Up by tje "
government 'ar appeal la which builder
were naked . to defer all anneceaewry
work until after tho war and. tho pres
ent expansion ,' therefore repreoeat ',:,
stesdy gTOwth of the community. Prob
ably all of the work for which permit
have recently been issued, may. bo re
garded a absolutely necessary and opt- .
aide of the eoplw I the -appeal. ;"("' '
Higo-eest of materiala and trantpovt-
ior ii u generally aceepiea now.tnat
coat may aot drop lower la. tha firoat
ent generation and, as haa beea stated,
the transportation, problems 'are beieg ,
met.- . ' ', ... ",., ,. ' ,
Btracturei Under Way - . ..
'-; Iaeluded lo. the' new work 'fee which -permits
were issued In tho last- week
are-: Dwelling for' G. Wat son oa tho
Wlkikl aide ,of Saratoga Boed near
Kalakaua Avenue, to aoat, '$ 2200r "addi
tion to dwelliag for Belle Y. Jono oa
the Peninaul at Pearl Oity. tor ooat,
500; dwelling for Mrs. Auialia Mertef
oa woat KOpiolani, to ooat 050; ef
vanta quartera for- H. .Kiaaok' tho'
mauka aide of Luaalilo, to ooat 750!
dwelling- for Mr. Josephiaa Oaoha. oo
the makai aide of Hsbert Btroot, lo
cost 828j eannery workera' build-
ing and office -. hulldiag for - the
Hawaii Preserving compaay , oa tho
Ewa aid of Iwilei, to coat 13,
700? dwelling for Jaelntboj Cor
rota, on the Ewa aide of . Emmclutk
I.aiic. to coat $700; dwelling for J. B.
Guard, oa the mauka-Kwa aorner of
School and Waikahalulu Lane, to ooat
105O( dwelling for H. Kato, at Waia
leo. to cost 00; dwelliag for tha Annie
8. Parke Eatate on west Nuuanu. to cost
1V83; store and dwelling for B. Kar
wamura at Wiph, to cost 500 reo
orda' building for the O. B: r'raiWajf
company at the -depot' ground to :ot
SOO; two cottages for M. C Lum 'oh"
tho Cantoa Tract oa Nuuanu Street,' to'
cost 42400, and warehouse sd garage
for C. lahii, on tho. mauka side of
Jforfh King Btroet t eoet'flSO. ,AV''-
"v' ". . .'. ' w. . a. e-r-: "'' . -f.
'Joseph E. ihihoedy, formerly, with the
later Islaad Htearn Navigatioa Com
pany and boor assistant manager ,of fe
large shipping plant ia the Bound city
left for the maioland la the 1 Lurline
yeaterday.-, Before . leaving, '- ko: Mid
that there are four groat planUwork,
ing day and night ia Heattle taming
out ships for th United Htatoa govOtn?
ment. , . ,,; .;'y., '
Of the four plaata thre are iarqlbf
out ship at the rata of One" hMnontb,
while the (ourth ia. expected, to eoo
atruct aevemteen tkl year, ' - --jfc -'
Bheedy added-'that although' it'Kas
not been, definitely, aanouaeVl .nymr
Oua reports are circulating ia tho north
west regarding" the establishment I of
.direct steantfhip line botwoea BohttU
.anu Hawaii. Ho thlaka. however, thai
s the . government is taking over large
establishment of the direct route Would
be Impracticable, '
A hotter medicine can pot be ouvto
tkaa Chanibtrlain'e Cough Bontedy.tlt
relieves .tho lungs, oyeaa tho oecretiona,
aida eapeetoratioa And assists Nature
in restoring" the system t a" healthy
condition. . Besides it eontaiaa ho Opi
ates and is perfectly safe to ako." For
sal by all Mealers. - Benson Spilth- A
,Co, lid., agenta for Hawaii , Ad vt.
''..-. - - ,"?. . .v.-'-.-sw-;fM;ain :.i.:
''.; ,!'"'. 'i '1'..-..-.(,J,-
w- u 4; ':',i: .: .A'rW',f"t i'Vev
..V; T v ' i ' . ' '' ! iR
.' :.
r. - '

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