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W.v- fV.;f
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'. ..
i iu i , u lu u i 1 u i iy
Commissioner' imerln Berlin
v. To Administer An New .Eastern
: T e r r 1 1 o ry - Except Poland.
. Which Has Already Been Look
ed After . :'
u r german$;to,move in
,,' . ., " .". '.
Russian Ambassador 'At Wash-
ington . Says Russia Cannot
: Submit lor German.; Terras
Based On, Conquest, Anarchy
, ana uespair v . ... ;
ON DON, Marhv2TV(-W-
ciatd Press). -Germany , is
preparing to takeovenifnmeoiate-
Ijr the 80creigntjf ' Ve Baltic
' frbv tire's cdetl iwav"by';Russra
, in the trdatyiorcetT upon tne boi-
V ?heviki ';;at-8rest.liltpv8k. Ger
man officials' have been seletcy1
and named to.administer the con"
quered dislricts, hile i rortr5 Aas-
"itria a'.Jarge colpoy oi t Germans
will e sent north to -settle in the
sections taken over, , .M
;A Keriin.. announcement, 're
reived here by way;of Amster-
uyn, Maics Liiai vuunt von rvav-
serling has been selected as convl
missioner to take charge of and
administen Lithuania, Courland
and the other eastern territory
taken 'over by Germany, with' the
exception ofrlni which , is be
ing administered - by a Polish
council under Gefnifin supervi
sion., ; " 'i ,
A despatch 'jp . pally Mail',
by way ot S Witzerlandv " tel 'A
colonization pla'ps. "h,e !despatCfli
sav$: - ' ;
"Tht Bavarian Colonization So
ciety, recently formed under gov
ernment auspices, has decided to
send fifty thousand German ;ol
ontsts to take up land to be set
aside' for t)iem in Courland.'
Petfbgrad, despatches confirm
the occupation of Odessa , by i
. German force, four Teutonic regl
incuts being- in possession of the
great' Black Sea port -
The Teutons, ' were given pos
session without a fight and found
enormous quantities of munitions
and other booty which they have
The Nikolayev banks are now
operating rmdet German control.
Another Petrograd report states
that the chief of the Turkish army
has accepted a proposal that the
autonomous government of
Caucasus negotiate a separate
peace with Turkey;
VASIliW.Td;!Warch 19
(Olficial)-Boris BalchmVt'eflF,' the
Russian ambassador, issued
statement yesterday dealing' wltl.
the Russian peac,.syitutiflii,der.
"daring that -yi'tth the help o
America this will' not be allowed
to stand tinalteredV He said in
part: ' ' ' ';
l he Kussian embassy . re-
artirms its deep , conviction )ha!
the Russian people cannot actepl
a German settlsrpcnt . based on
conquest, anarchy "and' despair.
This bitter phase , of; . Kusila,4
crisis is uM'to bC'thb ultimate
outcoipe. A.;lew,Jta,sk,gf naf,t,W)
redemption, arisen Which is c6n
ceivable "only 'with the Allies' di
rect cooperation and direct sup
port. . . " '.'
"To this task the Russian , em
bassy consecrates all its' endea
vors, finding is inspiration, in trie
noble sympathy and assistance
which Americans have ever mani
febted toward Russia." ' '
. . ..i
Anncd Bandits Rob
c, n-ii .
Masked Wen Cqver. Twenty In
tt ployes With Guns, Drive, Them
Into Vaults, Gather., Up Cash
prartJ Make EscaReiV ,
, (Associated . Proas) in broad day.
Ught, in th heart Of the down,
town business ' section of , gan
. rrandsco, t tare masked ' and
Mined bandits walked Into tbs
.Yokohama Sped Bank yesterday,
forced twenty employs at the
'point of their revolvers lnt tha
vaults, locked them in and
' tt trimjiuJ unili ef Um cotin
trf. . Th Tokohaoift Rpel Bnk
to located m Montgomery Btroot,'
In ono of the busiest parte of the .
financial district of the city. Peo
ple pate It la streejna all day long
daring banking noun, fad many.
.' passed .by yesterday prime the
robbera. went cooly about thetr
work.' ' ? . -' . v .
. The bandits acted quickly, tn-'
terlng the ' bank they suddenly
drew tkalr tuns, cotered the
frightened . and astonished em
ployes and forced them into the
Teult Then, sireeplnc the coon
ter cask Into sack, they walked
out and made their escape. -
w. s. t.
Desperate Fight Being Made To
' v Save Alleged Principal In ;
Bomb Outrage
' SAN f BAN CISCO, March 20(AgO
elated Fnle)-MJn - Jnotios of tfa '.dj
trlct attorney, three of the murder
charge gainst Israel Weinberg, ' the
Tlpe3 accomplice .of Thomas Mooocjr
inth. "Preparednoes Ps.'' bomb out
rage, . wr dismiaswd by Judge Griffia
.yesterday. The prosecution had asked
for. continuances, whirr) the court re-
tuesd to (rraut, stating that the cases
must go to triaL On this ruling, the
Diotioa to dismiss thr charges was made
arid allowed.;
. .Weinberg, who is charged witfc bav
ing bo a the taxi driver who carried
MoonrV sod bis wife to the seen of
'he. murder of A number of tbe Prepar
edaess. marchers and some spectators,
haw two, other' charges "ef tfturdet in
the same' eaajejoesdlng gitlnsf him )n
'Judge t)trene' court. A motioii U now
Hmiing in the Suprorae' rouft of Cali
rornia admit Weinberg to ball 01
these charges. . . ' . '
' The, Honolulu Molders Vsion is tak
lag more than s passive interest in the
final outcom. of the: murder charger
against .Thomas Mooney . aud his si
legel seeompliuesr t having - forwatden
'uuda ,to-tba . Tom ' Mooney Molders
Defease (CeissBittee" to be-ttsed in the
tefenae of tbe -flve prisoners involved
At a meeting of the local molders last
night as acknowledgement ef this con
tribution was read, the- letter, earryiug
Mooney 's aignatore, '. being dated
March h. It laid, is part:
"Permit trie to express to you and
your organization my fullest upprevin
lion and sincere - gratitude for your
quick ami generous response to our urg
nt cat! for help in this presNioc hour
of need, under these most trvinir cir
uinstances. "
"March 1 the Supreme Court denied
my appeal for a new trial and pfXrme.l
the sentence that I must hang liv the
neck until dead at 8a u Queutiu Peni
"They did this in spite of the fact
that the President of the United BtateK
demanded a new trial for me.
"lne -defense now has one more
play for Jtmtie.fr, and that is in nn ap
plication to tne Governor for au nu
aonditionai pardon.
"The. defonHe will, begin to prepare
our briefs and within the uext four
weeks file' with the' Governor a formal
application along with, all of the out
standing facts in ihe rase.
"OrgnuUed Labor la Seattle Wanh.
under the auspices of -the ' Molders
I'niou anil tbe Irou Trades and Centra
LA Dor tOiincllH, nelil s mounter mibhh
protest meeting Sunday, Feb. 17th, de
lunndlug our release by Mav 1 or thev
would declare a general strike.
, , ''-Organized Labor has up desire to
cripple the Government in its conduct
of the war, but.it doesn't propone, for.
lue.nUootn1 to let Its lnsaeeut. aMuibesa
be orwbed by enemies of Orgauized
-Miuor is rinn rranetseo.
"If your organization wishes to do
a real service for our cause, call a sini
liar' meeting in your city with the aid
of other . group of Workers. Have
.your organization, wire-, the Presideut
and. the Governor of California, asking
that they take tt uuou themselves to s
eure for us s new trial. " ft
"1 waut to thank you persouull.v
from the very.bohtouj of roy heart for
your uillekj udl liberal .response to our
ckosy tdflli JiosLsg your.4lfora;in this
"ruggle"Vm 'continue uutil ur long
mouths flf incarceration are erowue
with complete vindication of Labor
- - -- w. a. a.
Women often become nervous aud de
spondent. When this is due to const!
put ion it i easily corrected by taking
an occasional dose of Chamberlain '
Tablets. These tablets are cusy to take
aud plesant in effeet. For sale by all
denlors. Benson Smith 'o. Ltd.,
agents for tiawau. Advt.
Reports From Coble'ntz Say City
' Was. Thrown Into, Panic '
lOXfifjty,'.,erpl 20-;(Aiiooiatd
rri)rhe prt4 raid carried out
by a sombioni Britluk sad French air
r:::""-" :7..or "" .?!aost that win b. npi,
Entente's promnt resiionse to the fler-l
man raid upon Paris the previous eight.
was- a greater aai more effective raid
thak- that Of the greatest Oerraan ef.
fort, according to a report brought yes
terdny to The Hitgu by a neutral
traveller, wb was in th Rheinlsh eltv
whes the Allied bombs were falling:
Tlie raiders, .who wore under orders
T diiwt teir.ies so far as pes
snow vgarnsri na munition works and
railroad yards, practically. dstroyel
the -former' and brought about great
material a a mage otnetwise. The list of
dead front the bombs was fifty, while
any sunureos were wousried. v
Tanks Are Ooming'V . '.:
The greatest' consternttton prevailed
thrshghout the city, the factory whlstH
giving tne Shtrm or the approach of
the raiders. A panic-followed sad
asany were injured in attempting to
reach the bombproof s. .. .
''The 'Americans aretwomluir ' was
tbe shout of, the startled Inhabitants,
the 'majority being convinced that it
was-Americas ranters who were born-
barlingv the . place.
British flyers Busy
Speaking in the house . of commons
yesterday, t lan MacPhersoa said that
ten airplanes only had beep Inst by
ijjb oriws out vi -.hi mgnia into oer
man territory. He said that a ton of
bombs was .dropped on Mannheim re
eently,. ,
Tbe tremendous battle for air su
premnipy on the Western front which
began more' than a week ago is still
in progress, -with the Allies deter
minedly driving the German aviators to
flight of, shooting them. down.
. , is omciany announrea that on
fctrnday: V British afiator destroyed
eighteen' German mac Bine's and cieht
others were- forced to dosend, unable
to rontinue the Ight against the Brit-
00. ,T
Ccnstroctdd Sof
Examination , of Captured . Ma
. chines ) Indicates L ax k o f
Spruce and Llnerf, Are Far
' Below Standard 'Of American
- Aircraft: :;!;:V.' i
WAJaHrkaTON' MsrcV 0 (Offi
cial) German airplanes ,esptnret ,-oa
the western- bsttlefroat and brought
to thi country to b studied by air
plane experts, have been found to be
ouiposed of . 'materials wich inferior
o those that go lnto'tb. manufacture
jf American plaaes aad. which srei the
tiindard requirements for our alr ersft.
The inferiority -of the materials in
dicate that the German seemingly
laclf spruce- and linen, which are con
sidered - absolutely essential for tbe
coustructloa of . reliable ' planes. The
German machiaes, hay; wing beams
. omposed of ' this ploees glued aad
nailed together, wbexess Aaserieas
planes have solid beams of . the finest
and toughest sprue.. ''
The wing of the Gsrman machine
have been found to be covered with
fiber cloth instead of the line without
hiih bo airplane is considered ef
standard quality.' '
-.jr. a, m.
I 1NCOLV, Nebrsskn, March 20
l ANhociated Pres)-,WUliam Jeaning
Hrynn celpbroted bisfifty-thlrd birth
lay yehterday by; addressing a mam
meeting at th opening of the campaigfe
in Nebraska to seeuse ratification of
rhe const itutional amemdmest' providing
ror national proniottien.-' i .-..; v,
WASHINGTON, Mrch 10 (Assoela
ted Press) The, war department an
nounces the following casualties for the
....... V. n . . .
k ittapti Phliipe OoliiasAiUed in action;
I. taut.' George t. Middleditch, killed by
accident; two' private killed in action.
three killed aceldentalty, three died of
wounds, twelve of disease, two wound
ed severely and eight slightly.
w. Bt a. - -
w. g. a.
WAHII1NGTON, Msrcb 19--( Aio. i
tiled Press) Missouri and Nebraska
have carried off the honor for takiug
the laiKCHt uuinlter of War, Thrift- and
Xuvings stumps to date. Missouri leads
hi the total sum realised, with Sd.niJ,.
HHO, which is 8 5 per capita. Nebrns
ku lends in ix-r capita.- purchases, with
4.3 for ea'b inhabitant 'of the State.
W, a. a,
Id DU.lt tU LUdl
PAUIH. Vsrrh EO Assi-'iatod
Press) Tbe French SabmSrine Dianv
ha been given op a lost. It lis not
been heard of or a' long tints.
f- w.-sv a
rt a s
Iiifen6ir ftfaterials
Billion Three Hundred and twen
?w1' ty-seven Million Dol
lars Is Total
VWAftHIJMTON, Msrrh 20 (Auutei-
ted tihil On billion thro. knadrd
tM(J twesty 'seves million iollsri the
ppropriated - hj
eongrese for the nary,
if the naval ap
propriation bill pssnes si it was rep;r.
ed out yesterday by the nnval commit
tee of the konse.
- This amount is more thnn double the
amount of any pruvlous apprnprtstion
for the. navy eight hu mired million
dollars lsrgrr than the next largest na
val appropriation. Die lull provi.les
funds for the- earryinu out of the
aavy ' ' lhre yeir ship building pro-grain.'-'.-'-.
Secretary Daniels Inst night ex
pressed, himself - completely satisfies
with the bill a If bow sfflnds.
Of (he bags total, 1Hm,ooo,(mK) Is ap
proprlatoa'.for .IsxBavy ' part in the
great aviationprogram of the United
State. This.. amount is twice as much
aswas rteinaltr broroHed. the nuent
neceasity of the JNation orgaoiEing and
equipping a great sir tieet icing sow
gsiy i
w, a. s
Treasury Report Shows' That
1 Huge Sum Is Required
- : ' For War
: WASHINGTON, Manh "ft (Asss
elated Press) Gfght billion, six' hun
dred,and fifty million didlars will be
needed to meet the expense of 'the
government' before June 30, according
to an announcement made yesterday by
tbe treasury department.
Tjub amount, howver, will ineluds
'he redemption of thro tuition, one
hundred and, fifty million dollars worth
of tceasiirv certificates that have bees
or-will be issued before the end of the
jjeriod,: mentioned.
The figures given by the treasury de
part men t Indicate the probable amount
oferbe next liberty Ioan, subscriptions
te which are to open April (t. From
them It may- be deduced that the Liber
ty Losn called for will amount to four
and a half billion dollars.
- The figures i announced by the' tree
dry department unexpectedly show that
the' expense of eondncting the wsr Is
mounting greatly over the Nation's
ravenoesr the four, and a half billion
dollars which Tt is expeSfed will be the
sixe of the Liberty Loan being the dif
.foresee' between the revenue and ex
penditure, ft'"7'i--i'-1r ?'!.'- s
w. . a.
CAMBRIDGE, Vanaauhuaetts, Marr.li
20 (Associated Piess) Gen,.. Leonard
Wood i one of the highest ia rank in
the t urteo states army; his son, lui
Wood Leonard, is of the lowest rank
General Wood ' son was enrolled yes
terdsy ss a private in the regular arm
and while his father is directing the
opersttoos of thoussnds of men, he. wil
be learning the manual of arms and
sweeping tne company "street."
W. 1.
WASHINGTON, March 20 (Ofll
oial) The American Bed Cross an
pounced yesterduy that 1 02,07 -i French
refugees from the occupisil portions of
France hod been repatriated and many
other war sufferers given assistance by
its organization during the mosth of
February. Relief work i now being
conducted in niiicty-even French
town. ' "7i
.. s. a.
. - "
WASHINGTON. March 20 (Otticial I
The tar department issued an order
to draft oltifiaU yesterdsy hat per
mits must be issued to all farmers aetu
ally plautiue and cultivating crops to
unable them to llnisli their necessary
work, even thou.'li the farmer be in
cluded Hnionu thorte called to the Col
ors in the next draft.
socisted PreitN) - Facts about jxditical
aspirations of I hi- V.ant Indians were
brought out toduy in testimony : in tbe
Hindu conspiracy cuse. Tarkranuth
D8 one of the di femlaiit. il said to
huv sent message to President Wilson
about the eHtabliKliiiiont of a "proyi
sioual governiiicnt " in India and a mes
sage protesting against the arrest of
Halandrunath (ilione, one of those iu
1 dieted
Ghose, who was arrested in New
. ,0 v" ,,e,'B 0,, '
Opecial commission of three of the
Indian Nationalist party, representing
several million nieuibeis, the com mis
siou declaring itself us wishing to as-
sure the cooperation of it r-eoide
thr aims of the United
ia war.
Released fierrrran Prisoners "Or
ganize Bolshtvikt Ambassa-
dor Safe tn Manchuria
"LONDON,,- afarch ' SO (Assoeta-r
tod Press) Th atttmttou of. -the V
apaaoae roatdent In asten ;
r berta Is becoming p'rseejlona, ' a-
oMUng to s Touo despatch To
celved hero yosterdsy. gated MareB-'
17. . This report state that the J-1',
panose sobjecU ar being boycotted"
by th Romdans and that in many 7
dlstrtcti their Uvea sj la jeopsrdt I
TOKIO, March JO-lftpeltsi Cable f
Hawaii Shlspo) Ambassador t'ehlda.
'wh with Ambaesador Francis wss.tV
porfWT tS hat been held at Irkutsk by
tne nuasiaa Maximalists, While -en
desvoriag t escape from Russia over
the Trass Siberian railroad,' sad who
was expected tn reach fWnl vestflrday,
is, "how safe jt Chnnttshnnj, lJ M"
rhuris. No. Information has been re
eeived .regnrdiqg ..-the, American ,and
French smhssssdors, who wefo bejrrrved
to be ' leaving Rsssia with , MsciViut
UnhUliV... ,. , . ' 7i
Mtnsttoa Worse ' ' t"
. Reports coining out of Hiberia.lSdT
rstf a frif state of disorder aad
art accentuated hostility toward ithe
Kntente, particularlv spsn. Msoy
Germans, formerly prisoners in the, 1m
tern man t camp, are now ssaoe.iated
with the Bolshevik! and ere tralalna
the Russians for military operations
against tne Japanese. - '; j.,v
Thw Mikado ha returned to this eapl
tal frpnl Hsyama and the genre have
been- summoned to meet him la confer
ence today oa the Siberian situation.
Ship rot Amarlca .
It was offle.ially anuonneed yesterday
that the. Japanese government he sons
pleted arrangement to furniab the
United States with shippine to th
tent of: 190,000 ton 4, to. be chartered
to the Amerieaa governmeat. Jni axw
change, Japan will be permitted to. tut
port 300,000 trint of steel 'for- skip4'
building. ; ' '-';i-.
t'WASBIaQ.TON, Mareh . lOWrhe,
military Intervention of Japsalnj Si
beria end 'Manchuria loomed 0 nearer
todaybut it can be asserted, With' good
authority jthat ther has yat boms tie
setual movement of tieope by tb;To
lo war office, although there art soma
thiag'-Uks 600,000 Japanw , soldiers
mooinaea, rnousanos or tsen in ivo-
-ea end the lower peninsula of Man
ishtirie "that can be promptly utilized
Before -the. tirder is actually, given
tor' the' movement of Jaosneso treonl
lit l expeejd that, JapaS.ill furnish
hef eoolligornta ; with Swuranre
that it la the purpose of Japan 'to In
terveae' in Siberia only -f of, the, iputx
nose of safeguarding "the peaee.off the
f ar cast snd th larger miutry: in-
snd not f or sny purposs of -OBqfaf1
or aggression sgarnst Liberia or agsusn
Russia. ..' '..'..,,,.' "....' .- ''. W-.TV;
There sppeara' to' be .eonttdenble
-oafusion ia some' mind regarding (he
-eal stats c the' Siberian' problem 'a
ffecting the Interests of ' tke' Allies
mil the desire or vspaa. to. safeguard
'lies. k- ?;-.. . r '
Final Arreemmxt Soon '' 'r
The', diplomatie ' sscBaage between
span aad Uie entente rowers request
'ng the hUberlsn and Maaekurian exce
lition have progressed to the point
vhere r i beHeved that fhSrO will
oon be a final decision and av definite
'nnouneement to the world regarding
'hp plans and scope ef the rhilitsry
-ction to be tsken by. Japaai 'No final
lecision has yet been . reached, in I the
en He of siiruinflr sf document oj agree
ments dealing with the matter but it
' understood that the -' negotiation
dsve reached the ' polat .Vrherof there
vill e definite guarantees- as1 to! the
nurposs of Japaa'to withdraw from
Liberia when the menace calling forth
lie expediti-n shall have been cohsirt
red removed, i '. ' '
The negotiations bav been conduct
l lictween Japan and Enslaad, which
liss a tresfv of offensive end, defensive
sllinnre - with ' Japan regarding! the
nnintcnaVic of the status- 4ue and
he preservstinu .Of peaeo ia the Far
.sHt. It i not understood that Japan
hus vet asked the Amerloau gotefa)-
ment for permission to undertake, th
ibenun project or that' Official -of
his government feel that-l is in any
way. necessary ror toe jspane gov
crnmcut to sek sneh permission.
Jan is bound by- h( treaty with
Kntflund to 'consult- freely wiihithe
.British , eqveyBjt. regarding J ay
nrnspectlv fjllltary taovmnt to Ak
Far F.ast, and has a' done- ao.-rThr
in vc lieen informal , -disnussions and
icban(rt of t views between Lo'Von,
'Vshinrton and - Psris regarding' tho
Tdioct. us a result' of whieb;tit is v
let-stood, the .Japanese government has
Seen made aware already that .'the Al
lies favor such action being takes bt
'npan as will e;uard the Far tost fro"1
tl'" threatened , German aseaace, ; s,nd
i'l uive , the .expedition .their moral
-o'l'uort i;th belief that when Ms
"( ksvorbeen nerved Japan! will
'ithdraw from Russian soilT"
Important OonsitUratton .
Tlie situation is one of verv mainr
mliiHrv and fioliticat consideration
ml theao-ore Interwoven closely With
'lie generel war, situation. Some of
ii"'' conlterstion ar!
First Tte Gurqian ,- 4ri toward
?fieew Snd the Siberian Katlway
tlireuteus nnt only Japan aad Caiua.
b well as British, and FrneY posses
sions in Asia including - India, . but
fsilure to be prepared fully to meet
this menace might ultimately enable
German forces to reedi tflberis the
bnck door to the Pacific coast ef the
United States.
Second Tbe matter is entitled to
be so handled ss 'not to Sosble the
Germans to set up the contention, for
propaganda use in Russia, that Jpn,
wtta vas support ox ins juatsnto row-
Spanish1 Cabioet
guns Again;
It's a Habit
LONDON, March I'O (Associated
Press) The entire Hpsaish cabinet,
headed by Marquis d Alhneemaa, has
again resigned, according so despatch .
from Renter! r" j ( '',
r This' it the ssennd time Vitnia.xcV
few days thst the cabinet has'xeaigned. ',
ft 'resigned tea day ago' following the '
ejwiess-ajkd ungi Aifoao acptei
ihe; rlrnattoa ot the'membeVa,. Imt
almost '-immediately naked Um til
windrow thatu- and - remain ts - tifilce. 1
To tkW tae m0rs f, th-eWet
psssatod, bat ' they have ' agais) pit
aiadsa ressaco frrsi tHelr iwliUcal ep
poaes't;'' " .v .-".
Marquis d 'Alhucems Is' yery ' pr
Osfum. ia his attitude, which' has
caused wide dissatisfaction throughout
tt counrry ami la largely rSspsnalbl
lot -ata failure to keep s grip oa. the
sever meat.
larrsdownev Urge r, It Before
f JFrrin .pebate.YetterdayvJ
fhOTStOK - Mareh , 20 V Associated
Pre) Lstd 'Barmood-Banner,-' , the
house Of, Vrd;yetertsy,-brought' the
ma,tte 'of. a,- leagii f ,atrnmv, ta s
Ctre ,the peace; ofHta worM as a Yart
of tho.tfter-war nlan of the British
OOte'ia.jry "terort parliament yesterday,
moving tse. anopttos or a resolution
that such will be fhe program of Great
.' Lord. I'aimdowne, who has been fo'ro-
maet.in urgtag the formation of such
a league, spoke in support of the reso
lution. -He said tbst there were, two
essentials to the success of any such
a pian; one, tast tne league most in
elude. -all the important Posrera. and!
second,- that th league must be capable
or enioretag it decisions, upon a-eeairl-
tvwar.. astroMS .
;ihe.rsoiurh was not brougbt to a
1$ft'TCr I '. 4: ' J '. ' i - "A i'i ' r'
"WASHINGTON. March 19-lfOfflckl)
,TJj .chairman, of : the . United Btste
sratniug -f ampr rommianon nas preseai-
esni report to the wsr department. It
iaya ia. part: ?
, !'. There kr now - no orkanisixl vice
ikatrmt -oxisttng within fvo' miles of,
soy mrmj ssionotenr-or-wavau. sration.
where soldier or sailors, ar is train1
ag.f The-'.flvo-arihf sons which hss been
estbUshod around military; camps ha
I ltmuiatd' twenty-five herotofore reco
iaod aefyegatrnV ditrku,-. witk the
totsisA. and statoiutkorltie eooperst-
lUg-wUh . sailitsry, S0tkoritiestto
majalsUUie'f'ftMdom-.of .these sones
ers, is sh'rkua oa . policy of con
'juest ia-Etra'. Aia. v . . . .
Third Wihatever. is done must also
he so open and above board and hand
led 'With Suck definite aad1 precise as-
surasees s not to incur the animosity
of tbe Busslsns., who have been allies
of the Entente- or msko it appear thst
the Entente cbntemplstes the same ag-
iressisns ia t.astera Kuasia that Oar
inv has uadortaksa - in European
Bnssis. V
Greet care must bo taken, in the
opinion of Entente statesmen, to keep
the skirts, of -the silted power clean
who have Aesveoneed the . invasion of
the aeutraUty of , Belrium and con
tended that Berlls delfborately plais-
nod tne war .as 'a-mesne for conquest
snsVrSrartd i domination.; .Jvery '- effort
is belaar snade-ta'aeiratlve tka attemni
thst-" Germany .Would msks1 to,' uttlire
'be Jspsirese-jtrobd .'movement into Hi
berla . ft - a aroomseang-- against -. ths
I'nifed Ktates and the Entente nations
by the weJlUBOwrvslaUtei sd subtle
..L.J. -i n.-t: .
It is aot the. intention of the En
ente that Gerntan agent shall be giv
rn the excuse for trying tq make thr
Russian believe, it is Japan ' par pose
to seii and hold all' of Eastern Ml
beria, or assailing the moral position
of the Entente' in the eyes of the
world. ,'.
Joint Expedition Impossible
If the Entente -England, France
tatysnd the United Ststes were in
position to furnish troops to enter Hi
beria shoulder to shoulder with the
.tapsmcse, thev; would undoubtedly de
,o. Bvt'thjs -ft Impossible, since it is
'their best milltlirt view thst these ns-
f Ions houtd focus their strength -on tbe
wvsaeta freut 'aud :ok - to Japan to
afsguasil Nher own Ss 'well s tb
nooled .uttitittf 4ntaresta la the East
Tk AmericSn jgoseramtftfe , want to
concestrst 4b, throwing the full fprce
of iu miliary .pua or . oa-the western
iron i.
strong military 'power allied with the
Kfatente standing between the stead
ilv sdvancine; German battle front and
Russia and the Far -East and' the Pei
Ac across which lies the United fttstes
Germany, has set forgot tn thnt
Japan drove Germany from her only
internationally reaognlaen sphere of in
Buenea in the Oirent by capturing
Kiho-l hsit and has been largely in
ftrumentui ill saaahstting away Ger
iiiany's islands iu the I'scific. Rus
siu's collapse hss placed Germnny in
a' position, in a war calculated to run
several year Jot, to assume martial
control over Kuasia, snd later to strike
at Auancouria ana ,Atao t;nau, as weu
a China and 'apaav both of which de
clared war on. Russia. '
From deveopment': her today it i
eridsnt IbaV th larger military as
pect of the altuallon pre shoving into
th back ground at secondary consider
ations the proteotion of tb stores sad
military snpplise at Vied I vent ok snd
siong in i rwns-nioenaa auway.
Viub OKlVtft BACK
-.111111 llUUi "UIIIIUJ.
iinm :
Big Effort ;. To "Keep:
: :iiope oiuerraan v
Entente May Force tfic
Fighting Back Jo
German Soil
WASH I NGTON. March 20-V-',
(Associated PregsCeK'.V::
rnany's much talked of spring' oi :
pensive, which was to have,
Isftmght the conquering troop' of.
vorv Hirulenbttrg to ,Pam be for
the end of tfiemorith, is German i. "
bluff, . spread throughout ' the
world for the twofold purpose of.
keeping; up the morale of the ifjie'r-
man people through a critical
food period and of. so impressincr
the Allies that they would pre
pare for a defensive campaign and
jay no plans for a resumption of .
the offensive that gaVe therrt the
yictory during the ' spring and .
tummer of 1917-""Uv .-r ''-,.
' This is the opinion of Ameri- ''
an observers, whot are now con- '
rinced that the German general
itaff has abandoned its plans for,'
lreat offensive if it ever actual-. '
Jy entertained the project. ' .',
" litis opinion il expressed olh-
ciglly by the war department 'in
rts weekly review . of the' F-ur-1; .
fiean situation. This reyieyy mad -
public yesterv Vteaj
tion to the German talk of a drive .
ni nrr in ihni-
DLurr id ur
French or BritisvthatfcMhil.the
hostile preparatidns' for; a' western
front .offensive, have, not -slacken,
fd; it .j becoming ftiore evident
that the erietn f will- launch iii .5rK ) ''
ferrslve .only i compelled, to. ;by. .
tbcxigebtiea; of the t strategic r
situation", vf?:', ''i'i H'' '''.?:
. It iavlbcHcyett ereihatKejVi''
lies, on the other band, may take, .-.
, . - -...r.tut
the offensive., on , a rand .scalc.v. .
The Allied -War Cou ncjV ,w hr , ; .
he plans of the general campaign
iow are all mapped out In coordi- - V'
natjon, for,' all" ihfronts hasv a;" ' T'
oower'over alf the arrhies oppos- ; ',
itii, ftej Central Povveys .that Js; ;
not fully known but sufficient to
!'" l 'i. " : ! ' -V ... "''T''-'.''tll'
,en7?-,-t. .arry out a .-wide. . . .j ,
general offensive t such be deci' ; V.' '.
ed upon,
. . It may be, in the. opinion of ot: ;,
servers here, that, already .the
preparations are advanced for tv :
series of simultaneous' blows
against the German line on the
west, at Verdun and along the
Vosges front, where any" decided , 1
victory will bring the fighting on o;
to German soil, and- in ttAy, .
where a concentration may clear
H e Italian territory and reopen
tht way q Trieste. , v;,
Praaa Agsnt Bnsy ; .
Copeshsge'a 'despatches of yesterday ' :
which state that the' German general
itaff hst notified seutral prVHi eorre
liout eid. tar t t j. y, will 1..- fll om' at
the German front to observe the oit
lng of the Oermaa drive, are r gnrde l
Sa the earrytng on of the German at
tempt to' bluff, by Udioaliug that She
bffenalva Ik about to 0ien. The neutral
correspondent have been notified,, any
the Copenhagen message, to leave iur.
the sreae of the expected battle 'pa '
Wednesday, today.' " ' i- 1 '. . v -
Fisnch Ouna Busy . . : '
Psris despatches state that artillery
progress by the French on the Verdun
front was sattsfsetory today.-; --.V
Severe struggles took place along lit '
Belgian front Momlsy and yesterdav
before the Germsns were exuslled from
the points where . they had gaiiel a
footing. ' '...' . ;
The American eSnstil at OdosHi, Jslist -
A. Ray.iis ssfe at Boscuff, followlag the
departurs from the rity when fbe Ton-
tns nearsd it. .
ated PreM President yWiuK'S, YtosiK- . , ,
it ft)
' ,1. , .
' -V ..
r tl
-. -i t 1 j
. .3 n
k -a. :
': f;':r
' ---'. ;,- .
V -H.il
S ii'jli'
': .
' ti i!i
" C
', -i.V,-. .
i-HI '('',
ll'X. '
i i ,
'i -.l'
3 !

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