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r ; . iTAWATtAtt hA7trtTEv vRIDAY.i 19,18. -Stift-V.T-EKLY. ,
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Holland, Under Duress From Gennany,
' 'Refuses i Ultimatum ind : President
Decides tb Exercise Sovereign Right
WASHINGTON, March 21 (Associated . Pre.!) With only
one exception vpecined. every Dutch ship in American ports
today will be seized by the United States and put intft, the ietvice o(
the United States government. ! -;T'
The 'British are taking similar action in regard to all Dutch ton
nage now held in British waters. ' " ' ; (
President Wilson last njght issued a proclamation ordering the
seizure by the United States, accompanying the proclamation by
an explanatory statement of the reasons which justified the United
States in -taking the unprecedented action. tV X' ?:?''-1
There are approximately seventy-seven ships' of Dutch registry
in American porta, with an aggregate tonnage of six hundred thou
sand tons. .." . ' ;l f ,.-
Holland on Monday replied to the American ultimatum regard
ing her shipping, the reply being unacceptable by either the United
States or Great Britain, This ultimatum was-the climax of negotia
tions which have been under way for some months, during which
time Holland had rnade two different agreements with the British
and Americans and failed carry out either.: 'This failure was due
to fear of Germany, threats having come to The' Hague from Berlin
which the Dutch government felt itself unable to disregard.
'' " f ' 'MOT A TREE-AGENT i'.. '
It being thus apparent that Holland was not' a free agent, but
was acting under the dictation, of her great military neighbor, Presi
dent Wilson determined to bring the impasse to in end by exercising
the right of America to deal is she thought best witty the snipping
held in the waters under American jurisdiction!
"We do na wrong to Holland," explains "the President, whe
states that the United States fias an "earnest desire to" safeguard tc
the fullest extent ,tbe interests of Holland and of hetj nationals. The
splendid big. liner frtteue Amsterdam, now at New York, will not be
included in theseizure, having salfcd foV the" Vpt Utes under a
guarantee that 'she would be permitted to return to he home pprt.
Holland has alsoi the President points out, sufficient other tonnige
to care for herself and for her colonies. :..,
The following statement was authorized last night by the Presi
dent, It outlines the negotiations that preceded yesterday's procla
mation and gives the facts that justify the seizure of that consider
able; , portion of Holland's ' rier: ' -',4., ... . , , -
' f -u--i.-j.-ui'' Sn.uh.w-. kl 'iimA'F seeure t one hipping is ron-'
chant martnewMch has been t : Umpiated by. the -utrMJt 0 tmmv
up and idle yi American ports for port to Switzerland foodstuffs- mark
r., -!(iV .ilj. edel by that stat. One diffl.mlty
some. ume. The President saw. aftor 4notBer WM( BOwver, raised to
PPF SI DENTS STATEMENT paatpone chartering of Dutch ships
"Fur some months the Unjted WB formatty expressed, it
. . An- wai generally known that the Datcb
States and the Entente Aflies ,nipowneril fearei leat theli afaipa
have been couductnig ncgatia-f nhouid. he .lettroyea y uermsn uoir
. . ,x Jl fines, wn thoueh on an errand qf
tious witn tne iutcn government
wkh.the object of concluding 9
general commeri i.il agrecmcn. A
very v clear alatemrnt of the character
of thorn negotiation wi maile oo
March 12 to the Dutch parliament by
bia ou'ellenry, the miuiter of (fr
igu sffairn of Hiillnii I. ! "',
" A 4eara from the iitateiiiert tbo
iliaeuHaiou proceeiled upon the lesi of
two fnntamBtal iroKjition, nairteryt
That iba United States and the AJIlw
ahould fa-ilitate the importation 8nt
Holland of fowlxtuffs and other torn
moilUiea requirel to maintain tjher
eanoiuir life ami that Holland enooH
restore her merchant marine- to a 'nor
mal roqditioii of activity. i
"It waa the taxk of the negotiator
to derelop a mus-iflc appMratioa of
tbee propositions which would bt ao
reptable to the government roneemoA
Early in January, the neoti4tora
Uliilerstuuilinif WOMB wi
embodied iu a tentative agreement,
which waa submitted to the govern-
menU eoncerne.1 in onler that it ae-
....t.l.l. it niivht be ratified, or, if an- i
m IA an
aentable. a counter i.roi.oal mtgl be .
Trmporaxy Agreement '
"The negotiatioim becoming pro
longed, the Dutch delegate proponed,
la -order that the nuips wight sooner
be put into remunerative service, that ,
pufc-h tonnage lying idle ia Amemeaa i
waters should, with certaui exaeptiouH, I
be Immediately chartered to the uaiten
Btatee for periods uot'cxi-eeding i
ly iia.rs. ;
"Thin proposal was aecopted by the
Veiled Btatea government and on Janu
ary S3, 1918, the Dutch minister at
Washington handed to the Secretary
of State of the I'nited Htatea a note
expressing the terma of the , temporary
chartering aijroenient nn.l bia govern-
went acceptance mereoi. Bi Dutch Not Tree Agents
meat provided, among ether thing, "Thnt the event to which I hvf
I'int lOU.Otm tona of Dutch bi.inB ar)uded hud ,rved to demonstrate con
'rbmild, at the discretion of the Uaited fiUgiVely that wa have beea attempting
R'etes, be employed partly in the ser to 'negotiate where tbe essential ba l
vice of Belgian relief aud partly- liirjfo, mn agreement, namely, the meet in
Hwiteerland, on safe conduct te (tt.e, of ftflfl vi i(l tttJllBUt( ev, w(re a,
"''nace, anl that for each ship sent te agreenient concluded there is lackin
HnJUid is the scrvic of IWIgian relier tnlt p,wer of iadepemleot aetiou whui
li eorteanoading veeael should leave alone oun assure performance.
Jioiiaail ror rue i niw.i anaiu. i
darmaai Tbreata Made
' "Two Dutch ship in thtf'tTnitel
8ttes ports with cergoes of foodstuffs
Here to' proceed to Holland, similar
tonnnpe being d.. utrlu-d iu exibao'fe
f'om Holland to the 1'uited State for
rhnrter. as in the case of o her Iittk
rilps lying in the United States ports.
The agreement wim explicitly tempo-
rr" In chnractcr mid, be'ng des'gne I
to ui'et iui inline. Hn'e .t nation, yromit
ii6r''riueiu:c "f of the es-ene
rM h .. (.-n.. lt nt oii' di
closed., However, that i' was unwirHn,
of nitald, t" carrv out this chrteKnn
cement which it bud itM-lf pr'ifios l.
The first dc-lr of tint Uulte tfUt.a
i i , . ..
. t"
.; I l
merry and though not traversing 'any
Of the ao-called danger aoaea pro
claimed by the German pvernmenU
Bun Safeguard Ko OuarsutM
""That thii fear waa not wholly
jitattfied haa unhappily boen thowa by
the reeant act of the Gorman govern
ment in ainkinK the RpaniiH ahtp Bar
dinero, outside the danger. on, when
earrying a eargo of grain for tiwitaer
land and after the ubmarioa ' ora
Biaader had aarertained tbU fae by
a inspection of the ahip'a papara..
"la reHMvt of Belgian relief, ) the
Dutch government expreaae4 Ha pres
ent inability to comply with ha agree
ment on the ground that the German
government had givea Hollaad tOj tin
denttand that it would forcibly 'pre
eot the departure from Tloliluad e the
eorrespon.hng ship, which;' under" the
apreement, were to leave coincidental!)
for the I'nited Htstei. The iMteh gov
eminent even felt iteelf unable te e
euro the two rargoea of f oodatnffa Whirl
under the agreement it waa permitted
to tteeure, ainee here again the Germar.
government intervened and threaten
to deatroy the equivalent Ihiteh ton
"nWh under the agreement, ' wa
to Wave Holland for tke United State
Patient Outworn 1''
"Nearly two montba have elajietn1
ainee the making of the temporary ebar
tering agreement and tbe proposed gen
eral agreement hua lain even' louirC
wjtj,out reply on tbe part of Holland
Meanwhile the German threat hav.
RrowD more violent, with a view tof pre
vent any permanent agreement nl o
forcing Holland te violate any tempo
rary agreement. -'
"Ob March ". through Great Britain
a flnal pi.'i oh: I, expiring oa ' thr
eighteenth, i "v m'. mi' ted tb Hollani
A reply baa bceu rm-eived which, whlb
ia itself unucceptaU, m'ght und
for farther uegotjatioua.'
h tniB not lB entieisin or tnr
Dutch goveriiment. I profoundly ym
pathiz-e with the difllcurty of her poi
tion under the menace of a military
power which hus, in every way, demon
strated its disaluiu of neutral right.
Hut, since coerciou doe in- fact exist,
no alternative is left to ua but to ac
complish through the exercise of our
indihpiitiil.lv right aa sovereign tbat
e liicn is so reasonable that, ia other
ciisuHiHtauceit, w could b confident
of M-coiuplishing it by agreement.
HoVAfid Not Stripped ,
"Hieps are accordingly being taken
t pat it (ittr service Dutch snipping
(Vint, within our tsrritorial jnrisilM-tiua.
"This action on tiur wf a4 the
i - I i
Lenroot , Leads . F6r '; ptpublitan
jyorwnatfon. Berger Ryna ,
,At. Strong in Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE,' March eA(Aocia
ted , Pre) Nearly eompfcste Ntura
from the senatorial primary shew tbe
voters have tnl aint t-Vnlltt
and 'bare dofeated bia . candidate for
the Republics nosainatioa by a fairly
decisive majority. . --
. trl,r return from the' primary' show
ed i.eareut, in tb lead over Thompson,
the latter beins rernirrtlr.d us Ihe l.a
Follette eanttidate. Thi majority ha
ocen stea.juy austaiued ia t be , later
return sd It seem apparent at an
aartjf boar thi ' morning ' that lenroot
rannflt be beaten.
Brcri; the Socialist 'csndidate, the
first Nocl.Hvt t sit' in the eoagres of
'ha I'nited States, recently, iu.Urted
'or aH.'gnd treasonable, tteraneea and
the circulation of alleged treasonable
oamnhlet and' magaxlnev ran atrong
Id Milwaukee where hi vote wa much
larger, proportionately than in tbe eat
lying diatrlet. ,
Joseph, E. Davi secured the Demo
cratic nomination by a large majority.
r. m. e.
WASHINGTON, ' March 81 fAo
eiated Prera) Indication that the see
nnd selective draft ia close at band sri
multiplying. It' wa learned yester hsr
'tret Provost Marshal General Orowde
win Within the next few dnVa call for
the' tnermetiAn of draft eligible, fo;
technical position.'
' r ' .4'ft''7,'4
WA8HIW0TOW; -March 20 Favor
bl 'report On, tbe Overman BiH, the
neatu- whiah was the answer of, thr
idministratiou to the-bill endorsed b
he seae-te committee ws.mHitary af
'air, creating a war cabinet and a di
ec tor of purchases, wa presented X
enate juiliciary i committee today, is.
'.ice ting that, the administration 'bil
rill become a law in preference to th
itber tneasure . which Wilkon has let
t be known have hot his approval -.'Much
of- the newspaper comment' ha
teen highly favorable to the Chamber
tain BilL the military committee
neaaur , which Senator-Chamberlait
'athered. The measure permit t tht
'reeideat to -appoint' the war-. cabin.
tad. tbjb purchasing dopartmeut hV
tannot provide that he must uo ao
lence If the measure had hi diaap
oroval it would be praetiaalty inopera
The Overman Bill greatly ineraase
he power of the President to makt
appointment and is designed to enabli
him to "cut red tape" and to aecurc
coordination in practically his own way
w. u. m. .t
WASHlkoTON. March 2iAaeieia'
ted Press) Representative Sander of
Louisiana has introduced a rteasune n
the house wbioh, if it shall become law
promises to be far reaching in effect.
It i tbe proposal of Handera to ere
tte "free tones " about American port
where raw materials can be importe.
free for tbe purpose of manufaetute -ii
and export from those zones. . Th im
oorts must be manufactured In the aonr
nto which they come sad mast spec
fieally be intended for immediate ex
i wirt.
timilar action which is being takea b
overnments associated with US, leave
o Holland ample tonnage for her ilo
nestic and colonial need. --Wa bvt
iiformiMl tbe Dutch government (tost
ter colonial trade will e facilitate'
ind that she may at one scad h'p
'rom Holland to secure the bread 'eer
als which her people requirei Th ae
ihipe will be freely bunkered and wi'l
'ie immune from detention on our part
Seep Proper Faith
"The liuer 'New Amsterdam,' which
ante within our jurisdiction under a
ngreemeut for her return, wilii of
-ourse, be permitted at one to re'.uri
o Holland. Not only that, but., she
fill be authorised te sajry bock svith
. ler the two cargoes of foodstuff which
iolland would have secured under the
emporary chartering agreement had
ot (HM-many prevente'L
- -"Aaiirl) rompeuantion will be pa'il
' o the Dutch owuers of tbe ship which
, "ill bo put to our sorvice, aad suitable
rovisioH will be mad to meet the pos
ibility of ships being lost through
Miemv action.
"It is our earnest desire to lafeguord
o the fullvst extent the interests o
'"Hand ami of her nationals, by exer
ising iu this crisis our' aduiitteii rigb
0 control all property within our ter
"We do no wrong to Holland. Th
unifier in which we proposed to xer
-ise this right and our proposal mail)
o Holland concurrently therewith, cn
ot, I believe, fail to evidence to Hoi
'and the sincerity of our friendship to
ward her.
- - w. a. a.
A better medicine can not J made
than Chamberlain' Cough Bmedy. It
relieves the Iuuk", opens the secretions,
nds expectoration and assist Nature
n rmtoring th system to a healthy
ou. lit ion. lVsides, it coutain no opi
nes and is perfectly safe to take. For
ule by all di-nlers, Beuaoa,' Smith A
Co Ltd., amenta for Us,wii,-TAut.
i t ,ji
. a null m v m t
kY I'lllrJI' llAlil
Tells Diplomat TV Send Trained
Officers To Investigate &t4 ' '
" Offer. fs Accepted
Desires Aid' Irt Organizing Yolun
! ' tee Army, and lo RehabUl-' '
' tatirrd Raitroads ' ' v ! ;
l ' .' , , , .
' MOSCO", i M.irch ' Si (Associated
Pres)-v-Saaia want the friencialiip of
the Eatente Alties but especially Bu
si want tb aid' and assistance' of the
tnlte!;.flta.te 'in tb effort wieh it
will make te rehabibtate itateff oaee the
war with Oerraaay i rehlly at aa end.
I.eon ' Tr'oxkjr "ought to mak 1 tbeee
point rletif yerfentay. ' ' - .,
Replylhg to fnqulrie from the
tente Allies concerning the per sis test
report 'that Russia' "had armed tletf
anda of German, formerly prisoaers
of war of Russia in Siberia and that
these armed force are new threatening
tb Siberia railway, Trotsky Mid: ' : '
lartto XaWsilgatloa , . ! '
"Send trained officer and Investigate
fjor yeursslve. I wilt give yon a train
and fford jro ev(ry facility to make
a thoreagbinVetigatio.'
Thi offer waa promptly accepted and
Capt. William B. Webster of the Red
Cross sod1 Capt. W. L.'Hick of the
'tritiah wtilUary. mission have left for
Irkutsk and ether . points on tb SJ
erlon railway. ' '
German propaganda ia held responsi
ile for the reports aad for their spread
in the claim mde by the BokdieyUt
iresav These paper say th purpose of
he .propaganda i te diecPedit . ; the
viets nd to, encourage Jspnneaa ia
erventioa'and. tbe sending of m'X
leditionaryi force by that country into
MberW.?, ' ' '- : :
Americas Aid Wanted '. '
' Trotzky haa asked the American mil
itary missioa tb send him- tea trained
officer to assist' him, ' as inspector, is
the 'organising and training f a
volunteer army.- ''.-.'' ': '
.'He all asked that AmerieaixperU
'a transportation be sent to assist in
th .reorganising ef the railroad ;aad
the reestvbUahment of a real railway
lerviee;" h 1 ';.','" ' ,' " '' ',
Stelationi rnchanged ' ; ' , v
Ruaeia'a relations with the Entente
Power re unchanged,' according to
tatement by M. Kteserin. the Bomb
uiki ' foreign ' minister. He ' declare
however'tliat the relatioa being estab
'iahd with the United Btatas ire more
and mor; friendly. ' He comment 4 that
Presidents WilsoaV" message. t. I the
Russian tpeotda showed i that . Ameriea
will not'-take an. aggressive , stand
against Ruasi,-' - - -
t :
Aero Club of America Urges Vast
Appropriation Tp Make Sure ol
' Air' CQnlrol'Far ;Hie FIJnIterJ
States and the Allies- v .
-.,,,. l. f ...
NEW TORK, March 20 (Official)
Three billions of 'dolbjr ' ia - the 'sum
recommended to 0BgTs by the A en
Club of America to carry out the avia
tion program of jha . United State sc
at to insure Control o tke air to thi'
country and the- Alii, l The reeom
mendation is made in a statement wliich
has been issued by the director of the
club. i
The prevlou appropriation waa 400,
000,000, which was considered large at
the time, but the statement urge that
America should triple, the. manufacture
it airplane and tb training Of avia
'era with tbe view of gaining and main
aiuiug for the AlEe unquestionable
uperiority in the air over Germy,
Russia' withdrawal - from tb,''
-a cited aa ena reason of necessity fo
the United State to increase iu ort
F.i perU have prepared "h-report in
great detail which haa bean aentt fo gov
ommeut official. ' '
iated Praas) Th navy department b
,irepariag n bill for introduction inU
ougres which wili provide for the pro
notion ef staff officers on other ground
ban mere seniority,' It is expected tb'
ill will be introduced within the nex
ew day.
W. I. S.
Keynote Speech tn Californi:
Rings True Patriotism
VISALIA, Californi. . Mar ;h
20 -r- (Official) " Labor stands
squarely behiad Preaideat Wil
son ' war program ' ' declared H.
II. McCarthy, president of the
California Building Tradea Vaion
in hi keynote speech at the open
ing of the annual convention of
the Union here. "There cannot
be, there must not he- nnt there
is no euca thing a losing tbl
vr With Uerinnuy.''
,w.1t i . jl
fj . ... n . it,
llUii IlLL liU Hhlb.hh V M ! VK s
Yards :oe
Secretary of War On Inspection
of American Front Comes In
- Close , Contact '.With "Actual
- Fightina ContliUons None. Are.
,:' .re4j.'rt;').u,y . i-"- I
WASHINGTON, Marsh 81 (Ansoeia
te4 tress') Vhen k) German she); burst
withjn. forty Jyard of tb antemobila
ia which h waa Uttiaa. Secretary ef
I War' Baker, yesterday, cam into un
comfortably close touch with war con
dition aa they ae oh the flgbting front
about the trenches which are now
hnpied by Unttcit State sold isrjn,-,jC"
innately neuter. -tke. tcrtarv -nor any
of tbe party with hint were injured by
thr explosion of the hell in nch close
proximity but tky had an experience
which wilt forever linger in their niess
ory, The Mean 'of the secretary of
war and other-member of hi party
waa told in despatehoa from tb Amer
ica front reivd )st night
' These despatches clearly show that
the eertry of war i "now learning
at frat hand' and front- actual experience
what conditions th American are
facing and I learning of hi own per
rohal knowledge how they are equip
ped, how they. have been trained and
what offset the training ha bad upon
them. He, was engaged ia making a
personal inspection1 of one of the sec
tors' occupied by the, American forces
when the shell fell to close to him.
Hew 0a Tried '.(' ,
German aviator on Tuesday night
and yesterday triad, out a new gas
against the America in trenches in
th Toul sector. , The experiment wa?
not a auecesa for the Americans quickly
had their gas masks' on and suffered no
U result. A Teuton plane lle4 ever
he American trenches on Tuesday plght
-tnd again yesterday moruing dropping
ribber balls. of about eighteen Inches
.1iameW.ioto-the treaehes aa it soared
ftbov thent. These ball were flller1
with, a liquid which, when it reahe
tko-air by reason ot the bursting af
th rubber ease, generated a "mustard
gas,'! No serious effects resulted. .
Aj&erican Caaualtlea
- - America enmiajtie .reported by thr
war department numbered thirty seven.
Lieut. Frederick O. Klakring wa
wounded in action, three private were
killed and, two' died of tieir wound
while tve were severely wounded anC
seventeen . slightly. Another aoldl
d led from an accident end eights from
disease ';.
Minority " Leader Uses Plair
r Words m Reichstag ' ".
LONDON", . March tl-MAaocited
Press) Open revolt against the type
if peee which Oermany is giving to
Rnaaia wa voiced in the relchstag by
Hugo Haaae, Socialist minority lessler,
according to a Jteuter deapatchl re
celved last night. ' . V i
On the floor of the reichstag Haaae
deelaret be would not vote for the gov
ernment 's emergency estlmatea because
of the Mailed Fist" pea which' ta
German empire had-extended to Bussi.
Tbe apeaker was sharply called te or
der by the presiding officer. ' i
Fate of Passengers of Linef Is
As Yet Unknown
BUENOS AIRES, Mnrch 21 (Asso
ciated Frees) Sinking of the Britif.l
steamer A mason is reported from tbi
officers of the Royal .Mail 8teamshl
Company in Rio Janeiro. '
.Tbe Amaxon left this port for Med
erranenn port and is reported to hav
twit with a submarine and to have bee
unk near Gibraltar. The fate of be
jiaaeengers is nnknOwn. '
. fth waa a vessel of 63fl0 tons regi
ry. t ' 't ' ' ''-'- ; ' :
Wprrying, Along
In Same Old Rtrtl
At-o yt Innio owtffj :taoria itir4i a'
lay, tortUred' witft duir bnekach 0
harp, stabbing painst Don't dra
(long with it. Buspeet your kidney
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iazy sfieJU, with annoying kidney !
e-ulsrities, don't wait for worse trou
Ie lo set in; use Doan's Backache
Cidney Pills. They hav worked we
n thousands of sneh ease. You ea
try them with confidence.
"When Your Back U Una Bemen
er the Name." (Don't limply ak ft
i kidnev remedy ask distinctly fi
oan's Backache Kidney PiH and tab
o other).' Doan'a Haekerhe Kbio
ll are so'.il bv ull druggist and stori
i-vpcrs, or will L nialbd on receipt c
rice by the Uollister Drug Co '
enao-i . Hnith k Co., acnts for h
.;snui.4 Wand. . (Advertiswavut.
TV :f U
V . ) i V ii i i m. ,
I. 'if
I'll m .J - i - -i -
I LULIillL JUtlUiiU .
. H iutim. iiyunMiii,
'Eloh. in 'fc.i,iIE;oltm
Are Unfit For Service, (su
y?3 Assertiort of Jurist
Charge' of Sellintf Liquor f o Sol
dlcrs Clearly Proven But .They,
, J Held Out For Acquittal' K
v BIMXON AKAJCA. vattf-.i von
Hamm-Young Co.' - V ' ' ; i
BIONSr TtJRNEBy employ
Henry May A Co. -VtDA
THRUM, Throm Book
Store. ;'...'.;.,:
,.:XRNXS BINKIN, Mackamith.
' T. RTJMOOLD, employ WaU It
Dougherty.-'' ''
,-:0. BtANOA.i'' '''-
Eight members of n jury is fadnral
court" whe held out for acquittal 6f EX
esa" Bolton, charged, with selling liquor
to Soldlt, were urariis i ily fdfehatged
(rem! .service,' on tbd petit, iury by red
erej.udge, Horac W. VauKhan, yes
terday, an the grounds fbnt the case was
ad cleat for; cansfctioa that they are
shown to te'not'nt for jury service ia
criminal, ease.' . ,
The' dicharget of the men from the
petit Jury, under circumstance that arc
unusual,-in j federal practise, wa or
dered as a penalty for negligene in
their duties as juror.- When the fore
man of the Jury; Hv C Bailey, an
loanced -that the jury had been an
able to- Bgreoi 'en , a verdict, Judg
Vaugban demanded the name of the
nen who had held out for aeqoittal and
'hey were furnished by the foreman
The court promptly orrrared that these
net ba dismissed from service in the
oetit jury. v ? !-
Oaaa Xa Clear , ; '
"I want to say to these juror th'
'hi is a perfectly clear ease," alt
be court. ''You have allowed the de
fendant's attorney to influence you
against the government' and I don't
want men of tbet kind on my jury."
The Jurors whoso name were given tr
the court end who were discharged
from' the court room were aa follow
Simeon Akaka. employed by the i vor
tamna-Yoas Co t 8i4.ney "Jrnr, .May
Oa.'r" Vhln '-Thrnm. of the Thrum
took Store r Kroest Renkln, T. Bum
told ' Waif A Dougherty; QBlanen'
Edward Mclnerny, Jr., and Clartnec
Vacfn'lane. - The- four who reporter
that they had held oat for eosvMior
were requested to return thi morning
for further service,
rndnly Iniluaacad, Say Court
The point whi h tbe court 1 believe
te have referred to in the charge that
the men had been unduly influenced If
that of aa attempt, an the part of the
defease to show that, the whole pro
cation- waa ' frame-up " on the part
of a aoldier named Druk who, it war
sought to show, had offered the six
witnesses against Mr. Bolton an in
ducement to testify against her.
i An objection on tbe part of Unit
ed State Attorney Hober to thi te
timony aa hearsay and not competent
in view of the fact that Drake could
ot be produced to testify, the court
-uled out all reference to Druk from
'he testimony aad instructed ths jtm
'o disregard the inference which thr
lefendent's attorneys had contrived t
have written Into the record. Judy
Tank a. aesistatt United Rtate Attor
ev, stumped the whole thing as a at
'empt on the pert of tbe defendant t
'mnute ir-egulnr method to th federa'
The objections made bv the goverp
nert to this line of testimony werr
"str-lned bv the . eonrt in every r
oeet. and it is understood , that th'
f-irt's belief thet theo tactic of th'
, f siicceeded In nlt of bin
snsod the unusual action to be taker
'ay Tby Bought Boor
Vr.' Bolton was held on three count
nder tb federal regulations' again'
elling liquor to soldier or ilfn
ioiiot at all within the Ave mile radiu
nm military reservation. Tbe te
, Imoov of the sokliers wa to the ef
'er.t tbat tbey had purchased 'both bee
, -nd liqnor from the defendant here'f
""o rebutt thia evidence the defendair
-Isced ele'-eu of her former roomer
t the Occidental on the stand, to test!
'- that thev bad never seen nor he"'
, lienor beinjr H nn th premise:
Eight men will be seU'cted frqnt tb
w venire this morning to tnkf th
' rf tb nlirbt discharged t. th
"rirlnlr mci tbat arc to com be
're th petit jurv.
: w. a. -
V FBANCF March Aoclat''
"rcss) Oenernf 'Pershing has approver1
i award Of the" new American mill
irV crosses for 'eitajor'dlsary beroisr
t.ieut. John O.' Ore(h' hod 8erLeant
Villiam Norton end Pafrlek Walsh.
w. a. i.
WASHINGTON, D. C, March 20
Associated Press) Joseph Cotton,
iead of tb food administration ' meat
iranrh, told a senate military coinmit
e toils y that "meatless day have
ot conserved the meat supply. I be
ere t li lit mere wa . consumed tbe"
.liuu usual."
U III 1 1 v 1 1 1 1 1 J
II r I 1 1 1 1 I II I I IN
p i n p p -"T !.
UL U 0 L !
: mert Capital This
Population ' Waits Ar
rival andViU Make
wiNo'Resistarioe 7
1' ONDON; , Mai-ch 21 (Asso
ctated iVess) - Occupation
ol Petrbgrad by invading German
forces ts only 'matter of hours.
The population ot the city lias as
sumed a , Waiting mood. It ex-,
pects thelafpval of the Iluni ' it
Icnows th' is only a question of
i short, time so it prepares for, tfie
inevitable,. lto attempt at esist-
aoce .is to te rnade vThW5 d-
vices came Mri despatches ' trom
Petrpgraijf, 'which, vr rjbdeived
last nigttb -'Actrlat occupation' of
the eifv'rnair dectif torlav.'even a
early as this mornings ;
' Notwithstanding:; he ' ratifica
tion ol the ' Brest-Litovsk treaty
by' the,, congress : of Soviets in
Moscow,-' Germany's invasion of
Russia is going steadily forward.
i-jriicr me'ssso. inc mine a
Reuter's despatch said that artil
ery fighting was reported at Dno,
150 miles from Petrograd. The
'ater despatch indicate the Teu-.
ton forces in, other directions are
still closer to the former capital.
advance also continues and re
ports of yesterday said they had
occupied Sommy, five hours from
Kiearkpv. ,
, Fear it 'expressed that an at
tempt will be made to throw an
enveloping movement around
Moscow, the newly chosen capital
and the Bolshevist government 5j
said to be considering a removal
of the seat of government, with
the treasury and the archives of
the country, to Layoff or Nizhni
Escape of the Bussian warships which1
1 , , . -, a . 1 . .
city wis oooupied by Teuton force waa
. , i i i . , . .
viu is tuuuisr uenpaicuea . vi y vainr
day. They proceeded to Bebastopol af
ter leaving Odessa.
In the Ukraine martial law is report
ed to have bee declared in Poltava,
Tcberuignox and Kiiartov.
Armatlce Oontlnand
Peace negotiation with Rumania are
going forward. An official announce
ment wa made in Berlin yesterday that
tb armistice between the Central Pow
er and Bumania had been extended to
midnight of March tZ.
Meantime reorganization of tbe Ru
manian government is continuing with
a view, apparently to throwing no' diflj
lulties in th way of aa early peace
protocol for it was announced in tele
rams to Amsterdam yesterday from
Bucharest that Alexander hlarghiloman
i ad been named Rumanian premier anil
bat be had accepted. Tbe . telegram
tdded that it la "believed he favora
oeane with the Ceatral Powers. t
irltlan Air Tore
British aviators have bad decidedly
He-best of it daring tbe last twenty
eur hour tn tbe ceasles air battle
'tween tbe Britons and tbe German.
i this period British aviator na the
raneo-Belinn front have accounted
'orf twvnty-eight flyer, nine'een of
he machine being- destroyed. Twelve
iritisber' are missing.
During tb twenty-four-hour period,
ine ten of bomb hrfve been dropped
n enemy .billet and airdrome.
The heavy German artillery firing
ontlnued in the Ypres region and near
xrenaiv Doubled
Official despatcbea from 8witzrlnd
isvrib German renewal of talk regurd
ng h great offensive on the west front
o a, desire of th general staff to eon
'uae the Allies, aud conceal Oermany 'a
real intention.
Tprlatng Put Down
Uegarding th many casualties in the
ipristng in Baluchistan, British India,
he India o fries report tbat tb native
ttarked a British post but wr com
letely repulsed, after which punitive
measure were taken.
Becsas of Its tool and IsaatJva Meet.
LAXATIvn; BEOMp Q0IMIMB; win be lour I
tsrthaaarsOuisna. Doss not cau t
sarvoosmis. nor (iaaia la the kwad. U -oumbat,
there to oalv sue " aroma n..i
LuiKty -prrnnnnin nni'i
LI A j 0
xai n A i.uiiuuu.immii
' Th slsoaua a K. ls Qivi u st r,
v,; ..:,)

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