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Resolution Demanding Discharge Po
' rUatiagef tarried tf oivi and WaMer
Ifcasori oWe i?fim Bch Fft ys
tjmltr: Fiery Speech -
"The committee it of the opinion that thii action in permit
ting hit child to be baptiied on German war vessel, after Ger
many wijh ner submarines hadtime and again ruthlessly rriur
dered in cold-blood defenceless Americans on the high seas, was
holhe kct of; lpyal cti2en.M , '
J . "Finally the partyi left the "table (at E. K. Bull's house' at
OaKii PlihtitioW) arid wenrout on the porch and Mr. Dahford,
pointing- to an electric switch on the Wall said to, Mr. Weihi
heimer : 'If, "by turning 'that s'wjtch you could win the war for
A'mericsi against Germany, would you do it? and Mr. Weitu
'heimet replied : 'No', 1 would be dihined if I would.' " '
"The committee is unanimously of the opinion that no loyal
Arheticlirt citizen would hatfe expressed himself as Mr. Weinz
beimer did. Kxcerpts from ftfport'.of committee apjKjinted to
investigate charges of disloyalty against L. Weinrheimer, man
ager of I'loneer Mill Company.
AiWla charsins !. Wei'nhe(mof. mnn
ger , Of Ploarer Pluntation, on Maui,
wUW being disloyul American eltUnn
and thoroughly pro German, and :
Bianrllnff hia immatlint rnaicrnatinn
ietaan.ling that all Htockholderg vote'
audibly ao that the people of Hawaii
fxteht Vno hre thpy t(Kl with ref '
kttnem to the retention or diamiiiol of
Jlr, Waiacheiaier, J. A. Balch, hqrled
enunciation after denunciation up the
manager jeaterrlay morning at a meet
ibg of atoekholdem when the report of
a apeial comniittnn of the stockholders
On Weinaheimer ' loyalty wax read. ,
The committee report, which diatincl .
ly and emphatically declared that many
of Weinaheimer ' utteraucea and ac
tion were not those of a loyal Ameri
caa eitiien, at the same time reached
concliiiion' thnt the result of the
investigation "has been to convince,
tue eommittee that Mr. Weinrheimer
waa pre-German, in his sympathies and,
a -esrt)r nf this, up to the time of
the 'Oeier' incident, made statements
and permitted acts to be done whieb
no true,., loyaj Amerieaa eitiaea. would
.eountenanee." bat "that the commit
tee finda o evidence of .any disloyal
acta or statements by Mf. WlDibnimer
, aubqnBt 40ith.,Oeler,iaeU0aM' '
Directors Back Wefniheljner
. 'A'airpriae was sprung on the meet
lag-immediately after'the reading of
the report, when it as announced that
the board of directors, to k whom the
epert had already been submitted, had
'jtasaed a resolntion in which they de
clared they had "found nothing In the
report to justify them in discharging 1.
Weinaheimer, as . manager of Pioneer
Mill Company."
There was an audible scraping of
. chairs and a craning of necks as Mr.
Batch half 'rose from his teat as if to
protest, for with the action ' of the
board of direotors, which gave- Mr.
Weinaheimer the benefit 'of doubt and
was tantamount to stating thnt they
aiq not relieve tn the truth of the
char (res,, it seemed appajrent to the
ioekholdera that whatever action they
might feel inclined to take wim already
nullified. !
The directors' report, which wns sub
mitted br K. I. Hnnldinff, vice presi
dent of Pioneer Milt Co., presiding in
tire absenee of J. F. C. Hairens, the
president, also broujiht to the atten
tion of the meeting a Mtpr written by
Mr. Welneheimer on March 18, in
whfeh he took pnins to inform the di
rectors thnt he was a IovbI American
'(ittiaen. He also explnined the inci
deat.of the baptism of his baby nbnnrd
the Oeier, saying it was done nuainat
his protest, by his wife, "and for the
Bak of domestic pence,'.' but with
himself being present
"Jfo Loyal AmeitMn"
As soon aa the committee's report
end the Weinaheimer letter were read,
Mr. Balch took no his cudgels ngnin
and. eve.lnimed: "This evidence shows
the disloyalty of I.. Weinr.heimor up to
the date of the severance of diplomatic
relations, and shows thulj the accused
is not now and never has been a pyal
American citizen, nor is be a man who
can be. trusted by this company or any
other American company, to keep In
violate that treasured nnd sacred script
which he haa sworn to defend, and
which is so dear to the hearts of all
true Americans. "
At the conclusion of Mr. Batch's
impassioned statement, which was
auite lengthy, he introduced a resolu
tion, which was seconded by Dr. James
B. Judd, who served as a medical major
in France for two years. The resolu
tion read:
WHEREAS the special commit
i tee appointed by the stockholders
at the annual meeting of the com
pany, hold on February 14, 191 8.
to investigate certain charges of
disloyalty and no American con
duct preferred against the manager
of this enmpnny, have now report-
ed to all intents nnd purposes sub
stantiation said charges, and
WHKRKA8 the interests of this
company, and above that the in
terests of our Nation in the pres
ent national crisis, require that
any one occupying the responsible
office of manager of this company
ahull be above the slichtcHt re
proach as to his patriotism, iutcp;
rity and loyulty to the Vulted
that the 'directors of this company
are hereby directed to forthwith
eall for the immediate resignation
of Mr. I,. Weingheimer as manager
of the Pioneer Mill Company, Lim
ited, on the grounds of disloyalty
and un American conduct, as set
forth in the report of the special
investigating committee.
Because of the statementa which. Mr.
Balch. made charging that the com
mittee had practically falsified in re-,1
gXrd to the Bull incident, W..K. Castle
arose and defended himself and others. !
savirio' that his Americanlam mam as 1
true and loyal as any one's, "not tvea H
eieeptin Mr. Balch 'a." Mr. Cistlc !
moved to amend the resolution ea. that
tbe, action, of the directors to the ef
fect that the report did not justify
Weinaheimer 's removal before v acttitn
was. taken by' the stockholders, be io .
dorsed. A further amendment waa of
fered by L. L. McCandless that the
whole matter be referred back to the
directors with power to act.
Money At Stake
Mr. MeCaadless suggested that owing-
to the-vast financial inteiostr t
take is the plantation, this, wnf not
the time, to diacharge a man whe ws
considered. able and edmpptent and pot
ia A aew ntan. This was aeoendod bv
0uai JJttittolph,..,whuiMl!; MCrldl,e
scain,aroseind declared that na far as
loyalty waa eoaoerned, every Getmnn
in America who-waa a Qerman ftill
should be sent to the front line of the
German army and be made to stand p
nd light instead of flghtuig behind the
backs of Americana.
"What does . McCandless mean by
these remarks!" , demanded Halca.
Does he mean we should put a premium
on disloyalty t ; That we should keen a
man at the head of a plantation w here
he wields great "influence on a large
part of 'the population of MauW Hy
keeping a man as manager at 10.ntjj
or U,000 a year salary, you put a
premium on disloyalty and are keep
lng a good loyal American out of a
Mr. MeCandlees said his words had
not eonveyed that meaning b-.it added
that he felt the directors should lme
charge of this matter, tie aald it was
something new in tbe history of plan
tations that Stockholders should toll di
rectors what to 4.
Demands BoU OaU
Mr. Batch demanded that a roll tall
be held when the vote was tak.'o. "I
want the mothers of the men who ie
going to the front to light for.libeily
and against autocracy, to know how
the people here stand on this nui'ntion
of loyalty," he explained. Reference
to the bylaws found no object io-'i to
this method. Mr. Castle withdrew l is
motion arid the vote was upon the V.c
Candlesa amendment.
This was carped By stock voting
17(1,000 shares , as against about ."-M"'
shares, those voting "No" and bark
iug Mr. Balch being, himself, Dr. Jnie.s
R. Judd, Miss May Wilcox, Miss r:t r
ritt, Colonel Hoper, Mr. Purvis, J. I..
Fleming. M. T. Mclntyre, J. Ic Sp.-a e,
J. A. Wilson. A. Q. M. Robertson, who
had acted aa counsel for Mr. VYii:,
heinier asked to be excused from v ot
Just before the. vote waa taken Mr.
Balch asked the privilege of withdraw
ing a statement with reference to the
committee, in which he had used the
word "lie," which be said was used in
the heat of aa Impassioned statement
and did not come from the heart ami
was without intention. Uis apolo,
waa received with applause, the only
demoustratioa made during the meet
W. S. .
a j j a. m . . . . .i i . i
Oeneroua donations for the new Jap
an.M Hoapitul in Honolulu have been
contributed by B. Asa no, president of
the To.vo Kisen Kaisba Steamship Coin
puny, and J. Inouye, president of the
Yokohama Hpecie Bank, at Yokohama,
the former giving 10,000 yen, or ."),
and the latter, 5000 yen or .ri()0.
Rev. G. Motokawa, pastor of the
Huuth King Htreet Methodist Chur.li,
and the president of the Japanese Char
ity Association of Honolulu, is making
satisfactory progress with his campaign
to raie funds for the hoapitul, ami
the donations from the distinguished
Japanese magnates.
Inventions and lAachineiy'tJlit
Save Waste and Time Will ' 1
:v . Re Exhibited
H. B. Penhnllow, mnnnjfcr of the
Wailuku Sugar Company on Maul, haa
invented a method of infnlling' perm,
enent lining in irfigntion .litclies with
out che kiiij the flrtw of unter while
the Improvement Is mxler way. He
claims his method st:m.y up under the
test of actual use, nnd Iris applied for
"patent on it.
Harold W. Rice write to the fair.
commission t but l'eti)inllo bus agreed
to present n working (Icmnnxtratton of
the Invention at the Territorial Fair,
in June. A large numhi r of the sugar
plantations in the llninl are forced to
denetul more or Ichb on irriirntion :for
their cane and all such hnve their tfdul
... . " -. 1
bias keeninir irrliatini Htieama rAMla
ed to bK desired coins'', epeoial Vn,
aiormy seasons.
For this reason the 1'cnhn.llow de
vice will prove a feature of more thin
ordinary interest to limitation theft
and it iirobablv will Im- sliown io the
tdantation section at the fnir, '
Maui Agricultural t'ompnny is 111,
a new furrowinr pli.. in its fields,
with a heavy tractor supplying the mo
jive power, nnd wh'n-h i said to he,
d"inr the nork demnmled nf it. This
Interesting pieee of mtii liieery alsoi is
to be on display nt the f:ir.
Another new "-rinHe" in planta
tion work, no exhil.it of which may be
shown here in June, m a portable rail;'
wf rai-k (trader. It i made of steel'
ml Is sni l to effect a tremendous sav
ing in labor, ace oiitplihing as rdtich
grading ns several crews of men in an
enual ntuount of time. It was 'con
structed by an employe of tho Maui
A gricultnrsl Compiiny and i used by
that concern and the Hawaiian Com
mercinl nnd Sugar Company, both pav
ing tAe inventor a ro.wilty for the
privilege. f
Wpd nln comes fron rtmmissioner
Bice that the Maui A'rriitiltural Com-
lany will present exhibits of Hie'erin-.
", ft and ab-ohol which it is manu
factnring successfully.
- "'8 3
Sam Seigel of Hi!o In Custody of
- Marshal
Masculine modesty is held resionai-
le'fo'r the fact that Sam Seigel, a Hilo
; resident Js" aoW in the efisttxly "of the
leiwra auiaorittef-n aBnare bi.vw
Jatlag. actio p the f Telarinjf to
tbe taking of (he physiotUUTxiimination
for the draft. - ; '
United States Marehal Smlddy weat
to Hilo on the Mauna Kea last Satur
day and i expected to return w ith
SeigH(this mprntBg.
Seiirel is retiortea by the Hilo papers
to have reported for his physical ex -,
amination when ordered, but to have I
probasted against, striding in the pres-1
ence pl the.clorks and other regis-j
tranta. He i. wid to have stepped
the acle to bo wwgbed woar...X a,.,
undergarment. I
Then Seigel went , to another d.n-tor
for his chest measurement, who ordered
him to remove the'utider garment. This
he refused to do. He was reported to
the federal authorities and the order
issued or his apprehension.
The Hilo man is quoted as snying
that he baa no fear or object inn to
joining the American army, but is in
sistent ncninst stripninu for the ex
amination in public, a Crescent ('it -
tiaper reports, in effect.
fieiuel is employed in the B. F. S. ho
en harness shop in Hilo.
Kaahal Hall, another Hi In vmitli ivh.i
last week was fined ten dollars an. I for
tv dollars Costs, on a charge of failinu'
to report for his phvsienl examination
when ordered, has hnd his fine paid lv
his brother, Snm Hull, and has since
been released from custodv.
. W. 8 s.
Booze Bars Give Place To Soda
The initial stnge of the passing of
Old John T?a,rIeycorn as one of tbe hosts
at Honolulu hotels will be marked April
111 when the bar at the Alexander
Vouug, the Woaua. mid the Sensi.lo
j lt'U will give place to soda fountains
I lor riiaa rtitpuni nr i in mar ilia .htiuv.
for the period of the war. The .litter
ei.ee t . i.e. lo.ing iioiei win, .Malinger,
Stinson aniiouiHes, ainount to a matter
or ironi .i,uuu to ntl.ooo per inoutli, a
i oiisideruble .nrt of which he expects
to be made up from tho Bale of soft
.li inks.
Several of the oriental li.pior whole
salers have aiiiiouiteeil their intentiou
to close their doors on April 10,
i he executive order of the President
goes into effect. Among these are H.
Oaki k !o., Kwong t'houg Lung, and
K wong Yuen II i n.
I Kxtensive Hhipineut of li.pior to other
i islands and the sale of li.Uor nt whole
' sale at liargutu prices have, already l.e
I gun niiiong the wholesn h'rs, lulis and
, hotels.
j w a. a
I Women often become nervoirs and .le
spun. lenK When this is .Ine to consti
pation it is easily corrected bv taking
n.i occasional dose of ('liiiuiberlaiu 's
Tablets. These till. lets are easy to take
ami pleasant in effect. Kor sale by all
dealers. Ilenson Hmitlt Co., l.t.l.,
ueuts for Hawaii.- A.ht.
-i.m . v ; .v . wv.j-Jt TiiiL I ill 1111111 u uuini I n iff til tilt
Alfenby Sjirearfs fiiVforces Out
,'OaLeft Bank of River Jordah;
' Pushes Onward '
x';J,6NtOK March.' W-XAsaoclated
Press) In Palestine, the adVeaee bf
the British fofees is going ahaak) ia ac
cordance with plans. . Jo. aa , official
enrnmanJque issued last' sight the. war
enWsabi that on the left bank bf the
Jordah the British line had been far
ther extended. k j
,f Bectflt reports told ef extsraeions of
thS'Uae on the right hana aad It is in
dicated the British front Jias been ron-1
sitlerably widened.
VMirlnu.lv '
about twelve miles
in lafiBtb. i i l
At some points AlUnbv's forces are
meetiatt with ronsiilerablfl opposition
front the Turks while In Others the1 re
sietance mounts t little mora than
gweriila; Wafsrf : t; -t 1
j;Tbe;gaerl nVlvano th?00gT the al
Icy of the'Jordan is eontlauidg Steadily
. LONDON, March SOAaabelatad
Fraah7-Loas of a destroyer last Satur
day as the result of a eolllsioa.was an-
aounceif by the sditilralty. last might.'
The dccoyr was so badly ? damaged
thr.t sheMunk. but there was time for
II except one officer and on anetaber1
of the rw, who went dowa with her.;
tWo, Vdroplanes.AIsO - ' : ;
PteNRACOI-A., tlorl'dav' Marek ifVl-;
(Associated Press) Two hydroptanea
and the1 ensigns who wera operating
t&em are- missing from the tisvai avia
rtion4- training whool near hero. '-It . is
reported the machines fen into the bay
and thafboth of the ensigns teribed.
I N'EYPBK, March 25- Associated
Presa).-8tock broke somewhat, though
hot. hsBvitr. over the week-end. the ef
fect being visible in the market trad
ing tolay Those stocks .which showed
wnaiaea ioppei rrora one to, rareo
poinVs oq theopenlng of theexchaUge
thill, moralpg,' heavy, selling 'being Im
pelled by tn wr news. . . ," )
, The weaaest , issues Included war
eoiiiplfteuV'stoek and special indus
trials refl,ectlpg war actlvitie.-
r. a. a.
V! f3 1 .
'Trrim trn Whletifr BelH; IdO tos
... . . . 1 1 - -.
John :jDrDowia, of
" a- ,'4,
rooms o ,0hu ollege ..to tbe seat of ..started sooa, it is said In official des
a flying sMichiaof p'ossJbty route J ptoaeo sTrom-Otome whlet were recciv
now to the battlefrduU .in Franco to . J yesterday. Indications that these
serve Uncle Hata i aa 'aviator. John I .in b. Is
, ,.,. .. A 'WxD.n.ttt'wA v r.
AmerWaa wfio 'aia lie In t,
ot tne America wno o1?.0 ln rne
thiek of battle fciiabovo tao opposing
arsawa ii. "the near iMwjV; ,
OTO ?"
Oerst ner
liaiana. He. waMnt to garden City
, Woar.lora, ana.waa.to po sent aero..
i r;
! He gives an interesting seepuatof the
housing of the fleers i and tlveir daily
tusks in learning everything about an
airplane. . ,
As a cadet he fecilv-ed. about thirty
to fuurty minutes instructions in the
! air each day. These minutes, when;
' lengthened out to eight , hours flying
i time, give him toe
tune, give him toe opportunity to do
"solo" flying, that is, all alone. Thi
is not very high and eualsts mainly jn l1
i lauding, repeated several times. Then K
citing up, yvopeiing may fusoii
, . ernes high flying,, thea, Stunt trying,
1 and finally the eadet, he tart la allowed,
to pick the particular branch he prefers,
I pursuit, bombing, teeoSaaiasknee.
I He yrites that Lieuteaaat Wiahard
I has been at Louisiana school doing
stunts living, and Other island boys
there are. 1 Woolji, B.'firy, P. An
derson, H. Morgan, arid P. Cooper, and
lire reported doiitg well in 'their
The discovery of . .a btfhana shortage
which is chargeable, it is claimed, to;
the bad fulth of baaana shipjiers who
: .. . . fc . gufficlent gup
i -
ply for the loeal aeeda, .produced con-
- .;. ,,, . LH9 t tha
,.,..... . v l ...(..; vU,J..
'morning. W. H. Hoogs 0r., placed the
blame on large shipment of bananas
which have been made to the main-)
I land by A. J. Campbell.
I Mr. iloogs declared that Campbell,
ul.li.i.imr lion.n.. In IdFfVA Anr.ilC.lt
I .'. tl.. ti..i ,.,.-.
ket, proved unfaithful to a pledge
which he had niade the Vigilance
Corps of the American Defense Socie
ty. It is stated that bakeries are un
able to secure bananas for the man
ufiieture of banaoa bread and that,
the fruit has doubled in plce.
-- w. s. s.
Owing to the cjdie '.oiarglttB Jn rice
n ml the necessity forlteeplng track nf
all sales to enstomers, the Japanese re
tail men have decided to sell rice only
for cash.
The policy went into effect yesler
.lav iiinrning, following the display of
advert iseinents iu the Japanese news
- i .
(Concluded from Page i
At this point, along the Nesle-H.nn M-rt.ir. the conflict rage!
bloodily far into the night. Nesle was l iken and retaken! Itfviera)
times, finally remaining jti Rn'tisli hattdii Many FrenoU trrxips Arc
fighting with the Hfitlsh on thi sector, an. I it. in. alone this front
tn6 farther to the nirth that an
volved in this greatest of battles.
The American railroad engineers, rt-j . t the British and French
commantlers, are rendering the most import. mt assistance in keeping
the lines of transport open and enabling the h.ntente generals to
SnrTt their men and guns rapidly to
f i ne iiermans lost men prodigally in attempting the passage ot
the Somme before this front. KcutcrV c..rresondent. describing
the British evacuation of the territory ea-t of the Somme, wires:
"The titanic struggle continues with scarcely a lull, or an abatement
in iritensity, although the enemy's artillery shows a tendency to
decrease in volume. The manner in which our guns, tanks and
transports were withdrawn amounts to a marvellous feat, possible
only under perfect discipline. N
"After . falling bjek. across the Somnie. the engineers cleared
away all the bridges except one, which was so commanded by our
guns as to be more advantageous standing. Toward this bridge
the German columns convened and into thU mass the British shells
were rained. The German' losses at this point were prodigious,
while all along the river the Teuton efforts t.. secure a passage cost
th'erh lives by the thousands."
t Earlier in the day. the Reuter correspondent described the Ger
man slaughter as unprecedented, being estimated by prisoners as
between one-third and one-half of the divisions engaged.
"Organizing the attack on an unprecedented scale of magni
tude," says Renter., ''tbe German commanders brought tip vast
bodies of troops anfl vast masses of supplies close to the front line
of battle. All the roads to tbe rear of the German advance yester
day were blocked by columns of troops, guns and transport vehicles
l and men furnishing easy tafgets
made deadly play right into the ma.
"A rough estimate of the casualties inflicted on the enemy vary
from thirty to fifty percent of all the enemy divisions identified.
"The figures are given for what they are worth and are based
friainly on statements from prisoners."
Weather' and tlroiini Obntiitl'dns
t i German Attack
new xubk.', uarea zo-w( Associated
t f )-VFJrjldbe eensl
enslve ..move-
rmasfotref oa
- H - tW tuKka frrJat are expected to be
t Ait;frina mt.t tha nf tho r..,u
till permit are becoming more cvi
Especially in the mountainous sc.-
tion. of the Italian front the iqclem-
eney of the winter ha. proved an cf
!tri, ?ck to cWerte,i military
oyeuie&. Ja the mountain Passes
, blocked tbe naaaes nnd
b....bitter.y rM
,- With melting- . anows mountain
ftresms have become for the time be
inir totrents that were ImpiisHsble.
.With, normal eonditions a rcucwnl of
.the attacks of last fall is cxpe. t.-.l.
The massing of troops behind the lin.-n
Is reported by Italian air scouts.
: . w..p. s.
I.ONI)ON, March 2fi t Associatcl
Tress) Prince Heinrirh XXVII, In-ad
ot tho younger branch of the rnmg
family of JKeusa,. monarch of n mn
cipality. has been killed iii the fiirMni''
011 tne front, areording to a (Vn-
vDnpimi, xiv nun u cuviuiy
general, leading a brigade from his own
principality. -
Prince Heiririch was sixty years old
and had been a reigning prince for five
years, Ha-will be succeeded by his son,
Prince Heinrich XLV, u.nv twenty
three year old, also fighting on the
West front.
W. S. 8. -
in 1
sociate.i Press): An ollicinl
United States erttergency fleet
r r.s
of the
tion, arriving here for u series ot . on
ferencea with local men to sped up
shipbuilding, said that the lintel
States shipyard workers now liiin.ln'r
270,000, whereas there were oul In, nun
last October. He lauded the I'm ill.
Coast yards for the progress lli. have
HAN "FRANCISCO, March :'.V (Of
ficiul Jugoslavs resident in tins sc.
tiou have opeoed a caiupai'u "in
manifest absolute and un. -.unlit mu
al loyalty to the United states gin cm
IHeilt. also to Ollff nlT nnr ..em. I, I'lii.n
the unlawful activities ..r ilie (l.i
mans and Austro Hungarian " 'l'li..iii li
classed as Austriaus they decl.-ue tl.e-r '
rea.liuess to give iu.lusti i;il ami iiulil:n .
aid to the L'uited Status.
American eneinecr battalion is in
criti. ;il points.
for the British artillery, which
Karl Muck, Who Refuseci To Con
duct Organization In National
Air, Is Arrested
BOSTON, March s16 (Associatjf
Press) Karl MaeV, leader f the Boa-
day placed -under arrest aa a dangerous
enemy alien by federal officials and
taken to jail where he waa last night'
held, rso statement bf tbe reason for
the arrest of the musician at this, par
ticular time has been issued by govern
ment omclals. i
Leader . Karl Muck, some months
since roused a storm of indignation
when he refused to Conduct the orches
tra when, anted te play the ."Star
M.HnJed 'Banner. " Io explanation of
the incident .afterwards the musician,
suid the Orchestra was a "neutral orJ
ganlr.ation.J News of the incident
spread rapidly through the country.
Thsre was much talk of "boycotting'
the orchestra and so strong was the
feeling that "Muck announced he would
withdraw from the organization. Be,
fore doing so he (In ally consented to
conduct It in tm playing, once, of the
American national song.
w. s. s.
is Expected today
WASHINGTON, March 27 ( Assocl.'
nte.l Press) Consul Koger Tredwell,
one of the few American officials re
maining in Petrograd, sent a despatch
today to the .state department saying
that the Germans are -expected to oc
cupy Petrograd within twenty four
V irtually all the Americans have left
w. s. s.
LONDON, March 26 (Associated
Press) Submarining of two Amerlcau
steamers was reported yesterday. In
neither instance was auv mention made
of casualties.
The steamer Chattahoochee, 50H8 tons
registry, and a former Hamburg Amer
ican liner, now the Burhcni, were the
vessels destroyed.
LONDON March 25 (Associate?!
Press) A Router's despatch says that
the inhabitants of Cairo, Kgypt, have
been warned of a possible air raid.
Athens has reported thst Zeppelins'
have been seen high overhead passing
t he island of Crete.
, , VT S S
I'u.lera treasury ilemrtnieut ruling
received yesterday by Col. Howard
lliithaway, collector of internal reve
nue, the "thirty . Inv notice" hitherto
re.piired from eo partnerships operat
ion n a fiscal year I.iims ho wish to
ninke their tax returns accord with
I lien llscul year, has l.e.-u eliiniuated.
The ruling says:
Treasury decision twenty six hundred
scM'uty seven approve. I to. lay allows
partnerships to tile leturns for excess
profits on basis of fiscal year if accounts
liiive been' kept on Unit luisis even
Ihoiigh thirty day notice prescribed iu
treasury decision lcnt six hull. Ire. I
thirty-two wus not given.
stock , ' -J- i. ' : ,
it,1. . r IviV
A lei
Raldwta. Ltd. ...
brewer eVCe.,
Kws I'lsnt. Co
llnlku Hat. Vo
IIhw Aa-rcCI. Co. .......
Ilnw. ( ora l Hafsr Co..
Hi Hng. to. . .........
Ilnatiksa Hug. Co ,
llunomii Httff.
Il.il. liliiMin, ana. Plant. ,
Kshiiku rcsotattoa Co. .
K. kshs Hum. i m. ,' ,.
Kol.. Kassr Co. ........
M. Hr.Ttle Kua-ar Co Ltd
ohIiii Hus-ar 'e. .........
diss Huirar Co.. Ltd. ....
.. me Hugar Co
I'ss.iIimii HtK.-l'laat. ,
Purine Sugar Mill
I'rtla Plant. o- , ........
Vwke HuaSf Co
Pioneer Mill Co
K..u rarlfis Milling Co...
Wslnlua Arret I. Co. .....
Wnllukn Mug. Co. . .....
Kn.lsn 1W. CoU UH:
1st Issue Assssa TO fM.
.'ml Issne Paid '" . ..
JO '
90 ,
au i.
. . . .
tlV.i '
r .
Hslku K. P. Co., Pfd.
linlku P. r.
Haw. Caw. Br
Haw ('..a. Kr.
Haw. Con. R. Cos
Hnwsllsn Klectrte Co. .
Hsw. Plnesnule Co. ....
H. .n u 1 IL I.ti1
H..n. (ISa PA.. Lid.' !l0
Hon. It. T. L, Co Lt40
Inter Island aTN. C0. ....1IH0
Minimi Tmk-fttutM. Co. ....IW,
Psh.ng Rubbe Co; t WS1
Helama IMiiOiDBS. Pd. . .1 II4
iiuiiii k. L,. t o :nn
...... 1..
nanis (W ra.
Tsujoug Qlak Rubber Co.
II. .. h Walk I. D, t.
llHinnkua LUteh Co Oa
Haw. (on. Hj.'fe ......
llnw. Irr. Co., As...;
Haw. Ter. Rt. IU03.
o ! .
. ...
Hsw. Ter. , Pan. Imps.
Haw. Teri Pub. Into.
aS M
Msw Terr'l (, ...
Hilo Gas CO., Ltd., $k
Honokaa Sng. Co.,
Hon. Uaa Co, ,!., Urn
. . .
llw .
niui. nr. w.vm
Msnoa I. D. BU
Mriiryae nug. co am
yds Hug. Co, So ....J Wl
Tel. Ga Jlit1 .
B. L. Co.. c ...ipiuHl
Bug. Co, 0 ,. 10 ,j
miii. xei.
Olaa Bug. Co., 0 ...... t
Pari Ac tTnaao T. Co., Salt I
Haa Carlos Milling. ...Hi
WtTWriH aMAata.r.. ':-
tilaa. 0. -MS. SSTHt Plaeal' JL W5;
Oahn. 40, 10, SOJO; ftfll liusl gf. tJ
Ward siijts ' '
BCOAR QCOTAflOVS . , -isabary
,-IlS .i . -i-88-
analysis lMeu.(no, advteas). '- t
Parity '.':. J
M Cent (ro Haw.) Angara SOW
. Ma. SO. -uis ....'.
fllngapora . t i
New lork
I UEW. YClK-iiC 3
NiTwiTbKIt .BtOMk M i- -' win.
Preaal following are the Oi..... a. ,,
closing quolaUous- ot - stocks i. tu t.
Vork nxarke jreaAaaajr.- ..t .
- - ' - -s 'f !f1.L. - ."
.4 t
n t an
asaBsrTs aBR DURir
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.miM.r-t tmm in m aci,.. .
Auvrvm nineiuar . 4..-,
Uttt-ltJsMI Itwl tttt,
unuusius. V"l'if" soo.mJ
A(-iiirvsi miiwij
UatJilwla rOC0subt(T )
tialtrniorO Ohio
. ' 1
CalllnMiU -UmUxM
1 I
iwm. iner .j
i.aiiatiiaa A anw; .4.....
tvii, at hu pmi
Coin. I'uel aV lroa....M...
Crucible RUtOT ..'....'...
n.ri cowmen
Ueneral Klartrfe, ,....7.
tlewral Motors bcw)
iret Mertbero, Pd....,.u,
Kenoerott Copper
ilnternattonal .Vlcket ,..;
innusiriai .AM-onoL
Joigav . Valley, JUIIrwad
ew xora central ..
LI . w -L 1 1 .1 fl . , '
Reading icomaaoa ' .U.......
HiuUebakcri. .
jeiaa uu ........ ..v., .....1 ;
xuiiHv .nimirm nuouer ...... i
i niua ran nc
f - i .. Li . . a h . -
- - I . I
Westlnahaaae. - . . .'
Bid. t Ka-alvtnood. i t Vw-K'
- w at su ' ' . r
san Fr'ancis'Co oabfATi:rii
HAN rRANCIHCOj March -'( A-hhU.
wiiwi wnnvvur arasin fpemuf sua
closing quotations . el augar... and other
Btm-ka in tbe Haa , rranvlaco. I
'latv'aiarkot J-
tordar i
I. i .I i e.
Haw'n Com'l
Hawaiian Hdirar Co
Honokaa. Rugae ,.
-HiiteMaaoB He gar Co. ....i
Uabn Jtttgar.Co .
Olaa Hugar'i'o
yuuaiea tragar vo- ...i
suhau Hugar Co.
Oil-.. ..
Kngela Copii
Honolulu i iPI
Oia 1 .Ot
er . .., a. Kt a,wu
ktaMa. .X.l . -I fit?
The Hokbiutu- BASH' Mtrthaailj As
soeiation among Japanese busiaeat bias .
has been organlaerl. the.JltHt meoUsg '
being held at tho eninrrute gardel oa v.
March; 19. Elovoo mrrckants itatbe '
rharter. mera bora and thev ara all ktho
first officers oMhe dew commercial tttalt.
Those ehosen Jrr .taa,ffwe Vra, Ue '
fullawtng:. . , ,fL" .
K. Hamantura, nrosideat) X. Tankka,
vice Dretideat: K. -Mitata.- traaaueet '
R. Horiuchi, soerotart K. Abo, kudltor; .
fi. Kiikumuda. auditor t ft. lldoo K. '
Klahll. . Uytso, 11. ltluAV 0. Salnjs-,
xttkl, uiretora. v, Vs'i' .wi ik,,;.
. w. m. a. . .i - ' .
. r.. rovv, treasurer or sne inter-' 1
Island btamshlf Cosspakj, h leavisg L
today on, the Boaonut lot ai txtendaj,
vacaiiua oa xne voast. nf win vtsu ,
his old homo ia Fresno, California. :-lff ,
. .. w'f. i's;.' f-Kr 'I-'
-,f '
X' -

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