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' 4 VQV ty;;;?K ;y i' Hawaii am gazette, . Tuesday,- march y pis:-'emi.weeklv.:-'.-.'
X V" -.,"--
tl 1 1 1 1 1 a r irrrri ,
II f ill! I 1 I L f I V , I ri I
sir iiitii bt r r
IVi Ulii klU 1.4 1 Li 1 1 LL'J ' . i'.
.ERKtANV5 3rr)4 Jitraided
rived and is in nrOCrts. Lt.WlH pcrhap
ve tyttfc 11 jVirf , TMfyWPf
user! aHvffefflv forfShniild ft substantial Wc
tend the GcrrharW frtsr, eflfdft
. not be the decWve conflict I iht great itmghj. !
Under these ,circurnstic!s ,uej dedivr'jprifca-;
: rncnt will only coin- Wheu.ithtult prcpt tk.
'' United State is joined; to. 'and
those of the Allies Anyt eort yl 'wH;iWffit'9erVlfe in the' United State rep
.;rrlS in modern communication"
nVf the United States wilT flctt oi?
v tsnopeiessiy ana iqtcyct pifanu othjwi-j.
rises triumphant from, the great' conflict.
On. the other hand, hptvicverf anything s'nort of
- far reaching vktorjr fori Ue Germans means this
is. the cuhnmation of the fighting, the climax, the
' turning piwntlo Termani'arms.' The time yfs
: ' the psydiological one'for;hem to strike . Theyi
must win now yr -they cannot win a,t all. prom this
' time forward the combined-armies of the Allies
. fcnd the United -Statev will -increase in numbers'
and, in power faster tan , can .those
Towersj . Failure to makei. great advanc now
"f means inability io mai inj advances later.
f Whatever be the result. a , . r bat'f "e
. cost to Germany is; oertaiit t ;b.ejtwoufv Gcr
' many has the offensive inf n this' ar it lias b'een
tirne and again demonsttated that articfcir
' urV. A orv. V. ' mnkt Vi4i-itv. ,Vnr virv Rritish
n k null j.- aw m.avc. . ...aav'w.'.w. - ... - - -
" soldier killed, wounded.
Germans' will lose their
will be incapacitated.
' vandng against a witheruAg fitt whith mows rneii
' down like grass and ,w.(niio.tegiments as chaff
. is winnowed. It is, theri.tetKJefttL !thaf , onr a
V victory of great magnitude ca''itommfnc to com-1
pensate for such trememjous lossf. . . , , v.;
.'We are tolcf froni VWshmgto that by Augusf
the United States wilt bAve A ficct" battleplanes'
' larger than the 'prese.nt'. fleets; of Cnoiatiy, : Great
Pritain and France cornbined. This announcehlt
'is one of the most important ecfetrtly'Sa4 ,jforjjt
means that then the AlHei'ttf)jinej9etill of
more than five times is larfee ;ars'
c means
" v on the
ainniiif mntmi .oft ine. atr lor: rne;?tuei TTL im?'
Western fronV Control-ofv.tbe 'air to: btfitiuuj. , '
.' a' great factor in thewmnidg
'."A yet the military partictpatiori ,6 tht Uoittd
. States is comparatively 'small.'
occupy sectors only a nftb-pasirth asr.largeas
kwhere the great battle1 is i Tnow 'Miging.1 '-This'Ys
"'only America' beginning!. .Jiict i.4ayiasKie'
eacn montnv tne strengyi, .,nauseroies;oi loei
, United State will grWX tiy;VrjpVtsft,
. young, .slalwart and sturdy, roep
, body ,and .ia jnerveV- by,', Jotoe4 "ri3tt
. jnese are ue.miorjctnispu;oi
, are assurea , ;5-reuoem
, many "U Ansmi cioiio TOT4,'i;fui? jw wu
sail ttponfte'jiriafrf ftmiwre.'
n; thfl
tner must can
, t ;,!,Tbese' . are;.1 reasons' wnjf tfw'fift jf0
: what they Kop ,t6vl4hd
Unrestrictett iubmarirmig way
: ;TWs- treraehH)oir offensiv,' s ic5jrfesifl- -.J.
, ; weakness. - It'Js? anVfcaWgiVp'W
' caninaicrn of submarine ruthlessnes bak. tailed
Britain- to it kees-in iontw;en aarW
thi was ajjpwed; ;Thesatrii'ce.or3bouWf4 tdpoa.
y, wu
- would
i lord
or inousanos oi lives, ipecnppjinar'.oi nuri r;T'',i''w 7""--
of thousand dl;GemaorUfyp:iL nas inc r,gnt lo a'9-
be later needed' sdrcry-Wdtfr thc Panel
s a hope of wiuning otbtwisesc:lv: of our Cour,s who does
y o-:.t ...j iiiX lit uil':isTls' Li'il mtTJcneW oi case after case where everv consider-
i i ii4i sut rvr. ui v rr; i mail t a iiutKixrr k-iiwi -w
prolong the war further ifw ,0e"ry
tr There is perhaps that mile further to Wive tWf?P:rtw)V'r.1vlH V'f'
'., Boche back. On the other han4
ward the! 4av wr.eertaollalWlirii;U.lv - VMlVr
k, Press 'report received ar
showed the British lines holdina
i th n&rmani rlaiftirri Hi r nirMm haT Vrt tor MO " VTi 'S"
,wird exactly as was planned and
': I'. ' ''. rr.r takn frnm. nri,r'
' ' r,t Hrivi. has not hen ili.
and claimed. Channel ports are'wif to,b. al the sa"e w
V jectives. They re far away from fftn. ?Mt7,n sold ,,hc,t,y- WhX
u,. .witr.. Tlw, iW'1.L(-liiW0t4 tiwHvVtXgf'wror protact (he bootlegger
Allies' lines. Cental IlairrepofPf- Wfe
Th Rritih have fallen hick'!.
aKU Hw..r, h lin h.W Wt- Wrt.nrlR
itretched. Here aeain haa 'thoffeiwi faileU't1
Tlie Aurnrise attack on ihc!rMirh fta'niovTieVe it
; meetthe British i line ha jklto.
Allies present an Unbroken trdnVi' ftt tltni atj
IJ (iviiivnHvii iv. n pHynv
fleets. In flca'tMe the Briti$b
vAvard. and.spreadjng , jut ):heir .fitoeft though -the
Turk ar;;re9igr4tubbrmlry.jThi6o
, with hgnefat Sirvla'tion ticV 1' ipllwW Wtitj
;atory...tlJ-theAJV9.'' ,: , ', H; -V' "
.T'.'v.-.; ' W. S. ti .1 is g'fryi
7 Over in' prance today .many 4bdhanas, of boy
of England. Scotland, Ireland, tisMAyUi
'. iit4 .'Soutlv Mpd aire iayjr& .ifpf $f c- in
order to make the world saie i&f&tntinto-'' Sot"
' , many , hundred and Jbouai.tof 43Wri iby
will be ,trea4ing ih strftc bloody jth AVhat are
YOU doing today to back thejn vlf '" ,' :
''I ;',: . -r-ir-vytr. ...
J. ! '
MARCH 2, lfill
For Qkcaper Kates
ldea inldesirine to have the cdveriiment take
r ha ar-
8 tf th
pVetftWeligrapiV telephoneVVwirelesk ind cable
csr vfJci--cj.-w V lr-s." j
thif 'battle will
fi,c yiuicu
fjiat ,juef ; goyeritroent ownership, and operatipn
tWfce Utilities way be cheapened and made more
avaiUb'fe'iV.ihe' people! Av bill embodying his Vec-
comDifle who
6tmjeWartioo U
unt( utocrad
roftttnaUtt ' General Burleson offers to establish
de'4oat clities "aud at reasonjible rates".
'Ifhepxktmaster general's proposal comes as the
climaJr-of an attempt by the telephone company to
increase Us rales f nd reduce its service, giving as
reteWisi.Hie extraordinary demands put upon it by
bc go'vfrnment'a war activitie $.'; ' ' , '.
jnjiiianouat reports to congresji the postmaster
general has Tepeatedly tjtcoitimeijded government
opf tatfoq oiiMerstate tekpjhon arid telegraph
"up P orn
of the Central
kWheregafdd the
j ifeoritrf M wi1d
pniirojcnt ouia piaif e a sjan . Dy operating : uie
ocal system on surplus, revnveVoCthe postal ser
yicc and withoUt'increasing rates or reducing pay
of. 'employes. ' Expense of operation, he estimated
cap: be rtdytced 'easily by one-third under govern
ment: cohtrol.'
of made a prisoner maiTcohtiflg system, he said can be
liyei and .veral othersJ placed ander postal methods and
U is the"Bocbe wbo is la-1 bslantially' to bne of roamte
'7' of tkM grt fMilitiM of ommunirating
. by locfairity," Mud Mr. Burlmoa la a letter to Vico
xfait Mannall, "it woefully restricted amonfc the
' bW of tb people by the eroeaitioo of toe lutermt
. " of priTote pontoaoswbo own sad ana aa ire them. Among
'MM o'ajMj of to people, even hero in WMhington, the
apiulf,ho,riciet roaatrr in the world, the ma
'' Joritr.ftro ahowa to be denied this areat convenience.
kerrU- koald be
, 04 toft m emcif nt aerTiro permits, so that tho
tsrrastafJDhor possible nir nse it.
'S Tis. eoidisloo, ssajiot be eorsped ths,t private rate
..1tiDg,4i .responsible for-, the out-of-date and inade
- oust leffikn' service, sad tor. it resulting break
Wo. pvuMbngestioli of trsftic in Washington. Ami
nelTm ant .. lt
American.;' troopr
noteakeoa tq
sut nttbfoad,'ari.d I4-2Q for 700 miles as a
VER' Utift;
tb - V. atarv " Great
ca"the txpeisi of Common sense and in the face of a
OBlPrtntation'Ol'midisputed fact? A juryman has
1 V .Mk ' tit MJlhilli Hi, ,.bfa i.i.l m ') b- A hi
maeyptJtff tT!W.i.y&
t stmnr Nr rig-
ioJetidia Whitt f.t Ww'd.
h w Vfry mlmfe o justl and applaud th judge who is big
shnwVrf it nthpf-J fnoueh , to .take -,clcar and open stand against
-nrrtiriftflAlib'nKMa tbefworld.to, ccure a jury conviction of
laMialtbnJiiair wonq Mcrronf
ifo4.4?fii ,th
re Wusn!fi!
ng fi Uecwre any
tOmmht f&'W-the
that would bfianf
aics . permanent ining is
now before eoncreM. -
pti nuuinnmcni. iLviaeni-
time opportune to propose . that
give authorUyrth postoffice de-
The entire revenue collecting and
practically dis-
the work reduced
nance and develop-
provided at reaconable coot, in fart
propoHes rentr only- by destroying.
even- more or tfee existing trame
telephone system o(-the entire
c'oun.trjr,.-M?f Burlespn disclosed "it costs the
American as much foiend his communication over
ifui wireflj VniW formile,as. it'xofitvhira -to ship a
Mtrfot 'fri0ibtJ:the rilwiy;; v?,V
fimairiiijS toli,,lmjp( hU.ty
f nd erica,3.lrz Burlesojj giye.jfongTees'Agupes
to ebW-tttat;''ayCT
mHe'sfxt nt:'agairt9't twenty. ent Wroad;
tjSO.'fojr JQQc miles s against thirty-seven cents
ijH;jf2.40''fbr. 4Xmile as gainst thirty-pirie
enroi'$.06foi 500 miles' as against forty-
atatement - that jurymen, sworn to.
renr;v,iruc.TCra4CX accorqine io ine law
jtV'kiertceiiaVtthe RIGHT to vote as they
dtem there Uno foont for argument. But what
about i 'juror i Irv ho" Would exercise this right at
thrown ouot
r-T'Tr'.' .
race or
?.why talk excitedly about the
a" juryman to make a monkey out
th"urt8 - Why not recognize the
MW' u,l"r'f"" " m.iiiii
know that it is the most difficult
,s i what (hy
MiniHir wiin our courts Know i
to uphold the prin-
yra bu? W ai,uthcr to stand
constitutional rights of
tu. jurpra.pvMiMViFu, uui iic nas iaKen a sicp
riJtperhapt Will guard tne constitutional rights
Of tliC lay abiding members of the community,
tfvat being:ihe 'rrght to be protected against law
breaker by baying them tried fairly and convicted
when guilty, i Hp action deals with a particular
fas. '.Our.'CptnmenU are not directed at that par
(icu4ar,c4f he province f a newspaper not be-
uticouvicteo person gmity
ecneral prim ii.lc the nrincinle !
a return t unililnu-d justice ant)
. 1
a tarles icarrying out of law tu mir . .mrts.
f-Vrrrrcr PreJiddent Taft and ;i lu,vt ,,f others of
tqita) promifie'licc at the bar and f tiual staiul
ing a$ fUUeiM recognize 1 1 it- .iluir.es that have
tre(ji? in'. otlr. court. anl ar- yttciiiitiii to cor
rect theV It not Judge Vatican alone who is
atteoiptl'ug t0 rfraw public attention i, present day
jury 9HtdiA.' .'
the M VliildTng's on Und In tb pro
pooed ctvl ceirtct sit off Kin Street
rill be auertbnod off oo April 2.
The rase of W..C. Kslksn charged
With ssnaaltisg' a girt under flftren
years, has bees- continued until Tues
day morning la frcuit Judge Peon's
xonrt ... , ' .' ', -v
Circuit Judge " AthfoM las trsno
ferred to Circuit Juries Ed ine 's court
the tiw of J, F. Colburn against ths
Kapiolsni eststf,: as . aettoa for ac
counting and disclosure, :
Prsft Board No. t'ladactel is to the
engineer brsneh.of , the. army yester
day two Hosohilsns Carl F. Wlksndcr
slid Edwin Bnrnhsiw Keoff. They will
be Uttncbed to tbo forestry division of
the Twentieth Eagle 4c.
David Ksne, A Ha watts' Smtiloyc of
the Allen ft Robinson lumber yard, was'
hit on his breast? yesterday janrning
by a ncaffolding. He was treated for
brenM sbrsmos st tbs emergency
hospital. ..' . .
Bev. Norman O. RobeBck. superin-
tftidest of the Chisese department of
the Hawaiian Board of Missions.
be the speakOr.ot th eleven o'clock
service, this meroing- at Kaomskapili
Choreh. . - 'O.-' , ,
The toe of T. ' tlsauda, a five year-
old Japsuese bov, .was nearly severed
by a piece of. lsss. which Ji stepped
ooi st hit bema ou Beretsaia Street
yesterday 1 mOrajng. V The . wound was
treated at t so, emergency hospital.
'1 Signals were "made br;MsJor Clark,
U. 8. A., ocrd" chief, while flying over
tb fort recently, ie ween the harbor
and Diamond koad, It Is likely that
the birdman sad tbs asen in chsrge of
ibe guns will, eoopermto this yesr when
tbo,big gun. practic is held.
' Frank Costa' ' Ffeiifentat -of Aiea com
mittcd suicide lart, Wednesday tight in
the room of Filipino bequaintaaco by
cutting his throat with. rsitor. Deputy
ishenrr J on a rernanden is quoted as
saying the man killed himself because
he believed bis wife was faithless.
For the next six months Pastor Ds
vld C. raters, of tb Christisa Church,
will devote his time in national army
training camp for the Notional Wsr
Work Council of the TV M. C. A. Rati
flcation of hla leave of absence, together
with pay for the period, wfll be msde
oo Wednesday evening.
Not until after the. 'draft will any
change ba made 'with reference to the
adjutant-generalship of . the Hawaiian
National Guard.. This waa announced
at guard headquarters yesterday. Major
Mill Wayne, will continue as acting
adjutant-Mnters. . Wider , his appoint
ment made two weeks ago. .
Order reached department beadquar
tcrs yesterday detaching Capt. George
A rmitage, quartermaster, reserve ' corps,
on duty at th Honolulu depot office,
snd transferring bint W NewTork. Be
fore1 being commissioned,'-Captain Ar
mitage wsr' o '. eivillaW" engineer in
charge ot army eoaatraetloa work,- .
John Mark: and Scbsis Relay,
charged Vita stealing a' s.teet from the
Osbu. Rail way i nd Mfed Co., were : r
rsigncd.'.is ;Clreit Cotrrr J yerter.day.;
Bond was. icd f 2500' 1s each, ease
and ;tk-?nUer - oontinuuA' flat
frday foe 'plea..' - The. defendants srs
cpVesont by ;Xttorieji j WUlJsm' -T.
9awlUm.:.V;Y..r;V'-l ' -V-'
At the ' irrktnlcy nigh '. Bebool last
ight .'141 ' appQeaats took tie -mental
exatptnation. for positions in tbo police
and Ire-tlepsTtmCnta.--Twenty -two' of
th; applies st .were women- who seek
the 'position of polka, matron. 'Oar
sirtpif ths'spplicaflts are seeking
OMotlntew' with Is Honolulu, nr do-
tar- . ; Jf-'u'.v; " rfi-
flHl waE. . Bsrringer, a' Laupa
hochee. kirmesteedsr, that he had to bo
Uksn to ths hfauns Ko yesterday by
tb;"t;iry sbBUnc. .Aoeompanlod by
Msi' Barringer, ho is' rotaraing to tis
bonis onv Hawaii. His condition is
aid "to be' very criticsJr bat he, wanted
toTetora to his home beforo he became
atiM'woiMv- '. - ..."v
...Fittee dollars is the' total amount
Of the Joss specified in tbo six chlrges
of' Urceny which hss bea made against
J..U. Jupont, a baker by the Young
Hotel management. He is ehsrgod
with. selling bread ootsido of the
Young .bakery, principally in the
sloows. His bearing jnxUie police
pourt as been Bet tor pent Monday
moning. a' 11 - J
lehooh;hildrcu who are earning
money for wsr stamps or Red Cross
will bo given an opportunity to work
for the irovcriiDient by-picking esster
oil boons for the U. B, oxporiment sta
tion. J. M. Wcstgsto announces that
hfr will pay live sent per pound for
all ripe castor bean seeds brought to
tbo 'Station on Pcnsaeola Street. The
seeds are wanted by the government
I or s, pinniing, , ? , , - ..
Maui banks yesturduy subscribed 39 ,-
UOt worth of territorial ..bonds pu the
ander'sUndln that the money will K
toward-, the completion of ; the Olindn
toasrvplr. The Baldwin National Bonk
of KshuM purchased 1700 worth of
boudsS through Bishop Cempssy and
tB S0-r HSVI or w anus pnr
shasod 13,000 worth, throngb the Bank
of; Hawaii . " ' rr
, Atfiwnots fo the C. M.iCooke Estate,
Wh6" recovered the' amounts , of rent of
th' quarters occupied . by tho govern
rment depsrtment. filed notice ; .vaster
day bf th presenting or bin or eosts
which is to be hesrd March 25. From
this time the defendant, A. C. Mont
gomery has sil months in which to
perfect nn appeal of ths esse which is
believed to he in contemplation.
I tbo supreme court yesterday the
rases of Joe V. Maclel versus JL. W.
Kalua and thc TublU I'tllities Com
raisHipn versus the Inter tylsjd "team
Navigation Compsuy'were onlered tnk
en as submitted on tho briefs, Thf
easa of Nina Bertclnhann. et al,' versus
Joseph K. Cwkptt, ft al. whs srgued
and submitted. The dofemUnt 1 1 bill of
:uh of Alfred N. Haysel
don versus WilHsip IJasoln. et 01.
was taiej in the siim of 4.0o. '
FAZO QITMBNT J gurntoo4 to
euro blind, blooding, itching pt pro
truding PILES 6 t .14 da or
money refunded. Manoloctured by
u.8. a' ' " '
Col. Howard Hathawar, collcctsr of
internal revenue, was admitted to tbs
bar of the supreme court of ,tbs -TerrV
tory yestsrdsy.; The oath Was admin"
istered ty Chief Justice, Coke yciter
dsy morning. ' '' , i '; v .' '
, Will P. Tbomss, Oaha ''pinesppl
planter, Is necking from 800 ' to , 1500
acres In tho Sacramento Valley for cot
ton and fruit raising, according to Gen-,
eral Secretary Bqard of tb Kscismesto
Valley development , association. ..
In the abseneo of Huportntendeat ol
Publi Instruction. Henry W. JCInfiey,
who will leave next Week for tho basin
land to recruit . new . tesehsTs, U O.
Blsckman, Commandant of . the Honolulu-
Military Academy, and member of
the school board will servo a acting
superintendent of' public instruction.
The suit of H. W. Nawahie by his
nest friend J. l.ightfoot against At
torney Charles F, Peterson and Gabal
lels Kamalani la which a demurrer
was recently "sustained b Circuit
Judge C. W. . Ash ford was dismissed
vesterday, a no amended peittloa'was
fllcd within the period pemUted by
the court .r ' ' '
Oldest GardeneriOfi':
Old Hawiesideflt
Although Over the Century Mark,
He Takes Care of Hit Own and
the Neighbors' War Gardens
and'i- Continues . In -Perfect
Health Y,
A n old resident of Hawaii booa
discovered in One of the. oldest, -residents
of San Francisco, a man of JOS
yesrs who Is Vctively engaged in-rsis-insr
a war garden to help out tbo vege
table supply of the. family gardoit. His
namo is Anto.Sousa Tecero, and he
left Hawaii for Han Francisco twenty
years ago.
His picture, taken leaning on bis hoe
in the midst of his little garden, wss
Kblishsd 1 a roeont number of a Ban
aaclseo paper, which soys of" him:
"Anton Rousa Tecsra, aged 103
years, who baa never known a aick
day in hia whole life,' has just en
listed in tho battalion of food savers
by actively engaging in the produc
tion of more food.
'"He lives st 283A Chapman Street,
and Ms entire homo is surrounded by
fine crop of potatoes, onioas and
other vesetableo, which he cares for
himself. Not.eontnt with this,- h
baa. constituted . himself as ' assistant
to his neighbors in-whose j plots . ho
also hoe and -rakes ' nod . spades . in
otter defiance of alK the rules and
negulationa of br.v Oslor. v"; .--.' i
Teeera is a native, oi rortogai ana
spent twenty yesrs of his" Ufo Ha-
waii coming to this Voast seventeen
yoaro.Aga..HJo wifo,.bo Is alaoty
seven, aad , whom "ho married - so vont y
soyen.groaiw ago, bis .CossUnt som-Panlon,,-
Ticfr Ahtolct sflqa 'hotfool
tiko it, Ifl4ks when bo U thirst, Wi
only', what.' he Hkev 'take ' plenty' Of
exercise- and sleeps eight hours every
twontyTfoor, .
r. . m.
Well Known Honolulu Business
Man Answers Call In ;
Prime of Life
Kamuel F. Nott, of Wilhelraina Rise,
Kaimuki, died shortly sfter six o 'slock
yesterday morning in the Queen's Hos
pital, following an illness of a month's
miration and an operation for ulcer Of
the stomach ten days ago.
8am ucl Francis Nott was born in
Brooklyn, New York, on May IS, 1877,
and. with his parents, rsmc to Honolulu
in March, 1881, making his residence
here ever since. He would hsvs been
forty -one yesrs old on May 13 next.
Mr. Nott wss educated at St. Louis Col
lege, this city, from where he graduated
with high honors. For many yesrs ho
was conncrtod with the hsrdwaro d
part men t of Thco. H. Da vies . Co..
where he was held in general esteem.
He was a past chancellor of McKinley
Lodftc. No. 8, Knights of Prtjiias, 4
president of the Pacific Amateur tJSO
ball J-eague. He was always . an ex
ponent and believer in clean amateur
athletics and for the psst two years
controlled Huibilt Held, whore oeOMV
all the city athletic events srs held.
Mr. Nntt bad a wide circle of -friends
who will miss him.
The decessed is survived bv tho
widow and three children. Maiul. TVs
eis and Ralph: a sister, Mrs. J. B. Qifc
son of Twelfth Avenue, Kaimuki, and
three brothers, Junes Nolt and Thnmat
Nott of this ciV, aad WilKsm Nofct,
now rexiding in thc mainlsml.
W. 8. S.
II v lr Manna Km Marvh iLI
KIIOM HAWAII-T. aprettev. MrS.- W,
i r .. ...... .. i , . . ... t
i. r,. i.n'm. huh ohm. , m, fttummnq
Hr A. W. MsrrlM, Dr. A. R. Htevons. Or.
sikI Mrs Hoffman sort three children. MIm
Ifcirrnimi, Mm. ,1. A. Myvr. Mm, J.. Hlsrk,
Mr. K. K. W1IIU, Mm M. R. ihllllDS.
MIxm WIiihIww. MIm C. M. NblliMUii, W, (,
Smith. ChMrli-n Thoinsn. ('. ,loutasna
Cnnkv. U. II. !(. K. II. Whlti.. V. rlrns
lirlll. Mm. M. AuuVrimu. Harada. '. A.
KohliiMin. Harry K. Kiwi. W. Jt Hellssoa,
T. Haiiinkl. K. 'IVraila. Jai-k Wmlny. Thoiu-
.1. K. Kvann. H. M. KsmikHiiul, J-'red
Volki-rt. Dr. A. J. MH niim-l. Max (irven
liuimli. I'. Il'-riurn MIm W. Maxwxll.
Mm. Fred Cimke. It. I. I.lllle, Mr. anil
Mr Y. K. Wali-rniHii. K. I'. Ilallry. A.
W. Jiill. liarlrH U-wla. Mm. Julia la'U.
I.. II. Il,.unh. P o. Krlnultll. X. It. Illakr,
.IiiIImii mIi'k. MUh -. I,,.m.. MInh K. Kur
i link T T Wi-lln, J. H Muck.-nnlr. Mm.
Kmnk WnnilN. Uwriir lti,a. Thou. Noll,
I. ' Huillh. II. M. A Han, XI r. KUhlila
ami imp i-lillilrt-ii. lr, I.. Amoahnkl. It.
IV. i iirr.il. It. I.. I'mwroril, Mr. soil Mm.
A. W. ( arler A, II. Carter. Mm. V. W.
Wnlker ami elillil.
KIIOM MAI 1 Mm Untile Aaua. Muxier
Anna. W. II. Kern. HUliop INinaril. U M.
MhIi... J. T. Miinn.. II. t. Oav, f. Hoda
ma. Y. Voabloka, MUn I., Chamberlain,
X. Kunuikl. H. Oiukl, I.. TakakuWa. Thos.
llriiMii. I.. Vnn Teu.pHkT. W. J. Wstklns.
i. W. M.liiiinuii. O. W. Haliwr. H.
K. TakH Mm. l.onle Keif.
New Departmcntl Are Determirt-
led' Upon Carryinsl Out.Re?
1 runshou'will Establish Jonlot Act
4emt ' and .deparl meat bt waaual arts
ah V'liobWh'o; 'kftsJ fU oysio j
was reached by tto Trustees of Tbo
Oaha College st tka tagula. , M!
meeting of tb rrpratlo, TW led-'
slon carries tat offset tho plana fot re
organisation oi Punahou on which Presi
dent. A. F. Griffiths has boon working
for nearly .two yeo.ro, , ', . ' ; ,
Tho reorganisation, now nally. ap
proved by the Cotporatioa. includes ths
following , features:' ,',
4, Tho sstsbtlshmsat'of a Junior
Aendoatfei V.'-'-vi'w i -
, B. . The ostsbUshinoBt r, depart-
rient f manual arts and of household
rts. Q -f-' .-v--' :.;- -.v
(!. The coatlsusiicb of tho Boarding
Department foi both boys -ond irls..
li. Th division of tb school into
three schools; ,-Pnnahou 'Elementary
ft bnol; Punahon Jnnior Academy;
Punnhoo Academy.
K. X change- in tho rates of tuition
nd lb" establishment of part scholar
ships. ' . '
The Junior Academy will consist of
thn seventh, and eighth grades and of
the '.Vrahmaa clans. It will be plstced
is Rice Hall, now the Boys' Dormitory,
which will ba remodelled for tbo pur
pose. Tnder this pis n, which is known
s the plan, the Junior Academy
becr-nce ., school with a plan and
spirit all Mta.-owa. It is nslther the
opper grades remodelled nor tho frsb-mri'-i
lass'sisplil!ed iv has a dortnita
ppiporc and - new plsq ft orgna'y-tioa-
v revised courses of study and
methodi of instruction snd dmin:ra
tion whiob com bin tho edvantuge of
tho gramma' sriool and tho. academy
for students of tb adolescent ago.
The benefit win o reit aiso i xnt
grjJfii below tho seventh 1 grade and
in the academy. It will provide more
I rooms for bhc ' Elsmontary School for
Charles K. Bishop Uall will now en
tirely be given over to this ocbOoL, It
will ' relievo tbo congestion in Panahl
Hall under which, tho Academy has
labored., for several years. Through
out tho school It will provide better
instruction for individual;, stndonta
and more personal attention,' from ths
fact that .the, organisation and suporvi
sion," wjll wo, closer fad iaJmany.asea
the classes ossaller, i V"-' .
The. deportment of . manual nrts win
iOtTcr courses in , mannar. training Tor
boys M tao Junior Aoaosmy m - a
domy; vThia Continues tho handwork
now beincr dose la . the . Element sry
Bchook '"Tho manual training will eon-
aiat yory-torgoly am or wooqwora
isg. i As tho classes get training in this
elementary subject, advanced ooniaoo
will bo .give 1 iron arotklnttj) gna ra
Bines, electricity and plumbing. Those
courses will be open without extra tuK
Ltton t;tho koya wbo oloet thorn. .
(xnei aonsevpiu pnnnii "i':
ly Vof tho needs of PnaahoM girts, will
offer sources in sowing and cooking.
This work will bo open without, xtrs
iurtioa to girls of the Junior Academy
and- Academy. As tho course dsvelops
mom' advanced ssbiAU will be given.
Boardinc Dopartment
. -win
earrld -e ao boforo. 'The jjlrls and
woriion,r bsacbaro-' will occupy. Castle
HaIH-,tbV bpys nt. be plased In Dole
Hall.1?- spooial study is now being
mado Of the-ilnrai and. policies for tho
eonduet of. the department;
Tho schools and the classes which
they will include are .as follows:.
. Punahou Elementary School Grades,
I to : V, ' . . - "
I'unahou Junior Academy Grades 7,
Punshon Aeademy Sophomore, Jun
ior and Senior classes.
This nomenclature which hss been
adopted will eniminnte tho name Pre
paratory Hehool which has become fa
miliar to Puaahon students and patrons,
Kut which is something of a misnomer.
The name Punahou School, under
which the school waa founded in 1841,
will be used ta designate the three
schools as a whole. Oahn Collage will
bo .reserved for strictly college courses
which, may be offered later.
Tho rate of tuitions beginning in
1818 119 will bo as follows:
Elementary School 75
Junior. Aeademy , W
Academy l'
...This change: has been made necessary
bf the fet that the now plan of or
ganisntioa will, requite at least Ave ad
ditional ;toaehers nLby other sonsid
eraticJis, including" tb greatly increased
61 f education, the desire of tho
Truslpoa adequately . t . pay Punahou
teachers, .diminished . income from aor-
taia vinvestmestk awing to -the war.
av.4'Ma .arraeJ eost or ' praeueany
awry thing, which entors into tb con
duct of a'-aehooi. '
t it Is estimated that tho total cost of
the changes for the first vear wyi be
pproximatoly 25,000. The trustees
are gratjfled that they are able to
make so large improvements at so
small a total foot This is msde pos
sible shly by the fact that they are
able to .make use of so commodious
and. satisfactory a building as Rice
Halt. Tts remodelling can be complet
ed at a relatively small cost and yet
provide ' a 'buildirig fairly well adapted
l to the purpose for which it is being
KIIPUIff.1. V ,
' Th trustees Emphasize tho fast that
this Is only a temporary rrangmsnt
which provides a satisfactory solution
of the pressing problem of numbers at
Punahou, Already there has been a
full presentation of plans for- a per
manent group of buildings which will
provliln for the future buildings sle
nuate in nir.e snd satisfactory in de
sign for 'the school. These plsns were
sot acted upon at this time because of
the very strong feeling nf the corpora
tion thst no lar?e nlsn for new hnitd
Ini'K r thA rebuilding of old buildings
ahnuld be entered into while the nation
at wsr. Thev believed that the
flme. energv and material so .reouired
ho'ild )e . nut into tho effort to wn
the war. and that 'am-h a tomnorary rtlan
es b been adopted should be put into
effect uotitho wsr has been won.
Plea Hay In Circuit Court Brings
Forward : ManV Interest-; V:
:y.:A V Ino Proceedings .'iV.-- v
. il--'w j ; f 4-is,
VHov." 8am Kamakai; on of tho
two. "Witnesses" t the ' doemc1it
J UvL (. last, t No v ember '.by Pf I rieesa
QrkesVsa as tb last will, and1 tUmenf
of tb lats Qneen I.llinokalanL and who
confessed that he did not id en as "a
-witness in tho -breseaso ofc. the Queen,
as wan purported, and did not see tbo
Queea sign "yoststday 4 pleaded, Vaot
guilty befer Judge Boon t tjhe charge
sonspiracy ta connection . with the
rporW will.; , - ' .-. ) ! . j,
-Kamakaia tot cold feet Mast fall
when was foosd that tho 'win bor
evident traees of fraud,' ant hastened
to stat publicly, through ose of the
attorneys Tor ' Therwsa, that ho never
saw the (Jaeon slgnher name to tho
document and, that his name was signed
only in the preseaeo of Theresa, and
wife, at bis own homo.'
James .Kealohn, another "witscss,"
whom Kamakaia says did not sign his
namo Io tho presence of the Queen,
filed a. demurrer.
."Princess" Theresa's . part la the
transaction in ' which sbo Is charged
with the other , two with conspiracy,
was continued, and she will, make an
appearance' beforo the court on Tues
ay.Yv ' ';.' -,
Buick Wa Oallod
When tho case of David C. Buick
was called, Attorney Carden arose to
represent him, plea being reserved un
til Saturday. Bond was fixed in tho
sum of 23O0. Buick is charged by the
grand jury with having shot W. O.
Ito, a Japanese chauffeur, at Red Hill
late last year. Buick' is alleged to
have hired the Japanese auto and at
Red Hill to have assaulted tho driver,
aad robbed- him. Buick was arrested
the same night at Fort Shafter.
v Three Japanese,' Kajibsra, Yaraame
to arid Nonishl, were; arraigned on six
indictments filed by the. grand jury,
charging them witV stealing and breab
ing up sotos and motorcyctesv aad r
tained the parts at their "garage 'Via
MoiliilL"' Their oases i were -continued
a til next. Saturday for plea. ; Each waa
required to put -up '13000 foi reWnwo,
but no bonds were filed.
Sim Bond ptxsd
Charged with embetsllng funds and
anpplies at Heinle's while ao was manager,-
Harry. Shsis was arraigned ' in
court yesterday. '; Bond was fixed, at
$.1000) and tho case ws continued, for
plea, 'until next Saturday. He' is
charged with converting to bis own use
320 bottles of liquor valued at 495,
and "chits" valued at over 700. He
was represented by Thompson and
Opo Wan Hoy pleaded pot guilty to
a charge of aubornatioa of perjury.
Divorce hss been filed in the circuit
court by Clinton William Crandalt
against . Leonie ..Anna Crandall. Ho
charges desertion, saying his ' wife is
now-Jiving on O Terrell Street, San
Frassiseo. ' .. , . t ' ,
Bart Oaooo Chmlnwad,-. . : J
Lionel Hart'-wss is court, but had
'bin tssss continued until April 8, Three
cases, one for embesslement, one for
forgery and one for passing a forged
paper, were called up. These eases
originate from the time Hart was local
representative of the Stoneham Com
pany, brokers, of New York, and sud
denly slipped away to tbo Orient, when
it was discovered, according to the
grand jury chargea, that eertain trans
actions were not on the level.
r, a.
A fortune) totaling up several hun ,
(I red thousand dollars, passed into the
hands of an heir on Friday, a mere
serap of paper, just, one page of type
written matter, signed in n very small
hand by Oersld H. Msy, closing an
epilogue, of the life history of the late
T. May, formerly of Honolulu, but who
spent his last years in Kngland. This
scrap of paper was dropped into the
tin box on the counter of tho circuit
court eerk yesterday morning and
transfers msny gilt edged stocks to the
The fortune comprises, almost . ex
clusively, stocks and bouds in Hawa
iiau corporations, particularly : sugar
plantations, as well as traction eoni
paotsa practically avery dividend pay
ing concern is Included among tbo
stocks -transferred to Mr. May, one of
the principal legatees. The receipt wss
sigaed to 8. B. Dole, J. H. Henderson
and A. 1-ewls, Jr., executors.
1 Looming up as one of the largest
items la the fortune are 222 shares of
C. Brewer A Co. stock, the last sale
on public record being at t-ittO per
share, msking a total of nearly 102,
000. There arc also 1105 shares of Honomu,
which at 40 a share, represents about
27,800. Then 568 shares of Hawaiian
Agricultural Co. shares represent 25,
5U. A lot of 1A5 shares of Waildku
Co., represents about 4200. Oahu
Sugsr snares, 207, are worth about
720O. Ewa shares are worth about
tt200. There sre about 2000 worth
of Oahu Railway shares. Io addition
the legates received the following:
Hustaco Peek shares, .1; Hawaiian
Electric shares, ; Bank of Hawaii,
L'8; Rapid Transit, 1; May A Co., 150;
Pais Plantation, 10; Union Feed Co.,
12; Hawaiian Fiber Co.. 10; Pacific
Guano Co., : Hawaii Consolidated,
04; Bank of Maui, 8; McCabe, Hamll
ton A Kenny, 4. Two loans, to be paid
to Mr. May aggregate 114,000.
. w, a. a.
A better medicine ran not be malo
than Chamberlain 'a Cough Remedy. It
relieves the lungs, opens the secretions,
aids expectoration and hssists Nature
in restoring the system to a healthy
condition, Besidits, it contains no opi
ates and is perfectly ssfe to take. For
sole bv all dealers, Benson, Smith A
Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. Advt.
: i. 'i

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