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; I'h ::V:vv-'r';-V--ft. HAWAHAN GAZETTE, TUESDAY.. MARCH 26, 1918.
... 1 '"'i
' v ' ' . y, ,,,., . . : , V
British Fall Back Kiiic
uui-rreserve auporD Discipline
anu Dam iiurucsi
LONDON, Marcb 24 (AjsociAti I're)ati-lficlng
, : their men in thousands ifteP.tbousadvihe Oernidn
Jeader contimib to fcurt theiTegiatents against tlie Brit
ih ljnq, hicU hM been. withdrawn ln'ptaees but which
holdft unbroken , fehdtidlsntayed;' All Mtiremnt8 have
lieen to positions prepared tof this contingency and at
no time during, the. tremendous battle has the discipline
nor steaouneas of .the Tomrnleg been broken down. .
tteports from the various sectors indicate that the
Hermans nad hoped through the. titanic effort put forth
to effect -a rupture in the .Entente front south of St
Quentiri, where the . French
with the idea of rolling backhaul Segment, .Thin ex-1
pectation has been dashed", .,Thfe British and French have
lieen forced back at the great ielbqw Of the western-front,
in one place to a. maximum
nan iiwu no ureuiuug in me
Herman gum has been at a -staggering loss. ' ,
Next to the desperate fighting southwest of St. Queii
tin. centering around the town, -tot Ham, the fighting hits
been most severe between Bbatime and ('roiselles, cen
tering at the hamlet of 3f(ry, which has changed hands
repeatedly. Along this section of the front the British
have withdrawn in places to a maximum depth of fdur
miles, the retirement ending yesterdav morning, since
when the .British have, been, throwing back every effort
or tne nuns to make a runner. gain.
iesteraays nattnng was
larger scale of the bloody work of Friday, with von TJin
denburg throwing larger and
and the British slaughtering
forced to give ground before 'Veij'helniiag numbers,
thjen falling back and repeating .the slaughter, , The Brit
ish losses are very heavy, but at no parr of .the line art
they comparable with the punishment that is being in
tlicted. . The totaL German loss already will stagger hu
inanity when it becomes known.
A, glimpse of i, lite carnage is afforded in one brief
sentence of tne official report received at the War ofnce
last nicht from General Hair. "The-British machine fruns for hours"
he teleVaked -tfcMn' Germiiw' t the
Somme Canal at potntblank rang". . .i'vv- . a. '.. 0
After three da'ys'of reiisring'thetnot.treniieriouoffensive evci
known, the reports from British Headquarters, f rom fParis and from
ine war omce agree in ineir cunpucrii lone iqat xne nuai .viciory vn
rest with the British. (ierman'fleb and boci casnot 'land Up undei
the terrific punishment that i lefug inflicted, 'nor cah troops bt
driven for fruitless gains against, the superb defense, which- the Bn
tisli have shown themselves capAble of making1.
There is small dJubt that 'the attackers intended by their su
preme effort in thH lector, southwest of St. Quentio, to effect a
rupture in the
British line, but We
were the German
leaders of success is evidenced
brought in bv avia,torSj who" State that the Germans yesterday
brought forward cavalry' tehirld" this front, the evident intentior
being to throw this cavalry force into the breach for the first of a
nat turning movement
Throughout yesterday afternoon the Germans attacked unceas
ingly against the British, right f flank, .which rests upon the Frencl
left near Ham,' while there was so the most desperate fighting sixty
mill's to the north, at Mory. ' liere the British counter charged re
peatedly, only to be met, by frtsji Germltv troops And. driven back
again, th, reform for newcounter charge. For miles along thi
sector the grovtnd is hidden by themirigled dead of bqth armies.
Reporting on the general situation, General Haig w,ired yes
terday afternoon: ' .
"The battle js continuing with the greatest intensity on our
whole front south of the Scarpe River. Southwest of St. Quentit
our troops have taken up tjheir new positions, where we arc heavih
engaged with the fneny." ,
The battle has lapped past the British section in the Hani sec mi
and the French are heavily engaged defending their left flank, agains
which large enemy forces are being thrown In the effort to break i'
away from the British-right. Portuguese troops' are engaged in the
fighting on this sector. - .
Karly reports from correspondents w.ith thfc British forces say
that the operations are so fast, and the changes of situation and ebb
and flow of the tide of battle backwards and. (or wards, are so kalei
doscopic, that it is impossible to visualize the scene as a whole.
Forty-six German divisions have been identified of,t)ie huge
attacking forces. Expert estimates place the number of German
participating as ninety divisions.
The strength of th,e enemy mortar fire obliterated the British
trenches and cut the defensive wire. Gas shells were sent over in
va-t numbers without, however, reaching all the British positions
At one point, where the wire remained unbroken, the Germans used
giant scissors, carrying the implements in the forefront of the at
tacking parties, reminiscent of the methods of Frederick the Great
The slaughter of the enemy is apparently the greatest of which
du re is any record. - ,
F.very available gun on the Allied front is concentrated on the
solid bodies of enemy troops, hurled forward in waves following the
artillery fire. . - -
The airmen are reported to1 Je emptying their machine guns into
i lie Teuton troops covering the terrain, beiow. v
' It is learned that the Kaiser i'cpmmii4diiigfthe German attack
on the west. The Kaiver is at Spa, Belgium", with the Crown Prince
;;nd Generals von Hindenbufg and Ludendorff. -..'
l .
Mtics At Ooe Point
and. British armies touch,
depth of nine miles, but there
strain hhu every vara, oi
a, repetition on an even
- lagervtorces into the fight
tn advancing troops until
effort has. failed
How ronfiden
ni the report;
- ' , London Safely v
ipatehta of 7Mtrdnr. Onca mpr. H
bombi. Northwtt of Tout ttu w
MfMrlalbjr Boticefchlf n& hM brvath-
imi ir noramtrd thr g t hmnf
low nnil Unjpr longer thun mall IA
lut irnnchpn and over timl uroUM tttt
ImUcrltia but th Ampricnnii wr well
applied with fm maxk and anfferad
littlfl brrand inrnnvpnipnrp.
. Il retaliation for lh. a.tUnittl
eaiallir the Amvrlcatl blt(ri
. . . , . - m
tviaeacea y the explnmoni of pile
vraumaanion Dara or tae reutoa front
Hakat in SagUnd
Heretary of War Baker, aftr a vl.it
to King Albert of Belcium on Frldmy,
arrived eafelv in Knirla nd vefltiirflaa
hCVnertcin Pritonara
TM state department has made puB
li liat of 2()0 American soldiers who
r prisoners tn' German prison canine.
Tlie lWt Uraa obtained through the
Spanish embassy.
Sotn CMualUes
The department today announced the
follo-ln etsualtiea: I.leut. Jeffertoa j
FeigL killed la actlonj I.ieut. Kusank
Whitley. died of Ma aeclnVnt- I fn
vui. nuium ncm oiim or rncer eitinei;
Cnpi. Arthur Oow, wounded. Twelv
other waunded. .1, .
W, S.
Persia Maru and Seiyo Marti Wit)
Be Taken off RunsAmer
ica To Get Them
TOKIO. March 2: (Soecial to Ha
waii Bhinpd) The T. K. K. will discon'
tinn the Persia Mam im the San Fraa
ciaeo run aad the Beiyo Maru on the
Boutn American run. These two bontt
wlH be turned back to .the Japanese
government aad will then be turned
over to the' United States.
Tke boats are the first to be turned
over to the United States under the
agreement made by Japan to give two
tons of shipping for every ton of steal.
The Beivo Mara ha a tonnage of 14,
000 aad the Persia Maru 9000.
;.. , x W. i. .
sociated Press) The first of the Duteh
merchantmen taken, over by the I'nited
itate sajiefi yesterday to be engaged
in tha coastwise trade. , It is learned
hat; twenty .of thev smaller vesseU
akeo wliV be Steed In 'smh ttade whUe
t Is understood tho latger and )ae fast
r vessels will ' be used for overseas
traffic. , r t . '
The Exchange Telegraph A'gelrfy re
)orted that inrluential iatereata in Bot
terdam are agitating- to have the gov
frnment break relation With the CWt
-d State because of th requisitioning
of the Duteh merchantmen. .
w. . g.
LONDON, March 84 (Associated
Pressl After a short but sharply
fought and ' well defined eampaisn,
Capt. William Bedmond was yesterday
elected to sueceed to the sent in parlia
ment which waa so loag and so ably
rilled ny HU father, the late leader of
he Irish Nationalist party.
captain Heumond was opposed for
lection by a Sinn Fnlner and his vie
tory over his opponent was a decisive
KAN8A8 CITY; Msreft 23 (Asso-d-
ted Pras) Bote Pastor Htokas, the
adical Hocilist, who-.1 on a lecturlna
tour of the middle west, w arrested
oday at Willow ftprinirs. accused of
violating the espionage act..
OMiy ineufd tBe Hub pontinne and the . by the rreaidnt ' prohibition order,
aeflurte? of t American re wg,hae diarlmieH tli fart that none of
BICRLIM, March 24 (Associated J'nss) - An ufTicial statement
f the outcome of the fighting in Frame un- issued by the u;t
line last night It says:
"The ill St Staro of thm eret Imtlle in Knnu e has ciuleil ,
, -- o---ii r7"
lave won engagements nea.MohhtCinilirai. St. Quentin and I.;
I v. .Iitt4 a LUIISIUCISUIC' JISll Ul-illSK tJMIII1 1H lid.- 1JCCI1 liCclll ll
An earlier summary of t5$ situation, sued at the war nlVice
ntiounceU that the Germans', hart $if$ed' the Kive Oise west .
.a Fere and twelve' miles southVoS -SteQuvntin. (iernian troups an
ow before the third wiemv rinkifiin.iveTlir- H
lieir ))oitions in the bend southffci Cambrai. pursued by the (.it
tans through Denicourt, Flestjuie'res -and Kiliecmirt.
South of tha Somme the Germans bmke tlirougli the lines am'
tninterruptedly drove the enemj west over the Crozat canal. l?c
veen Fuintaine les Croixellcs and the V re the (lermans pene
rated into the second positions, capturing Vaux, Yraucoiut and
So far 25,000 prisoners, 400 guns and MV machine guns hast
Seen captured.
Between Gonelieu and Ogigron tlie first jwo positions were
penetrated. West of Gozeaucourt, Villers am! 1 aucon were captured.
' f ' -
Answer pwn Stock Argument
re. and Depression
to Face of Pending Measure In
Congress Liquor Dealers
Retain Confidence
Deala which havr ,ren undertaken
or the purpose of inquiring the atore
I titan f aalnnna n l.l. l. u iil T.. mtrtJ
i - - 'i Mnj
i the eahlihinpnt will cloae
! tkeir aoara aa a remilt of the war
meaaure, even thonirh a prohibition bill
ta penoiag in cohki-pm with every
dioation of becoming a law at this aea-
The promise that the order will t
effective 'only for the duratioa of the
War ha Influenced nil the saloon men
to hand to their plnica and retain the
value of snch 'tandn lir menna of per
manent ocuianev thronirh the "clOi-
ed aeaaon". The lling of aoft drink
ann me varioim nuhatittite for beer
will be continued nnrl A' k
aMoona which have sufficient apace have
already placed orders for billiard table
vrtth mslnUnd unn.n.. mA -
r mem nere wiNim a short while
after the prohibition order fcaa rone
)ita affect, Thu the liquor intereats
r Ltnar thetr old stock anrument that
sJrivrimn means meant stores and
lees in values of real estate and
'alipMilsVi j
'1 . J a. I rr . .1 . . .
r i v mpifin no use uomg entirely Out
j hoaLMfeor the time that the execu
tive, aider will be in force." said a
frowwat-i anloon I iati i-ieeterdar.
TheYe ate many who boliev that the
r wu,. mbw to nn end 04 soon aa
.l-ermana find out thev can't bring
tae Allies) to their knees. We have our
44 and It will all come back to us
aa soon as we are permitted to aoll
liqtior again. Itcan while we can offer
them as much as anybody else ean tn
the way of entertainment and aoft
drinks and we intend to stick."
W". 0. Peacock ft Co.. and other liquor
wholesaler will close city department
wit it ia nqteeatood that oalv a few
Oriental establishments have anr in
tention to cloae np business nn account
of the order. Moat of Uiese, like the
bar-rooms will pursue a pOlicv of watch
ful waiting. They are aot forbidden
to export to other islands.
May Try- Keehl omenta
The provision that liquor may be im
ported d urine the war has. however.
given rise to considerable speculation
as to methods that may be adopted for
working off local aappljes which will
re perfectly legitimate. .,Jht a whole
saler has but to ship ni atoA to an
other island and reshlp-it 'Into Oahn
on order ia one of the possibilities tbnt
nave appeared.
It la considered a possibility, under
these conditions, thnt order for spirit
might be taken in Oanu and shipped
from supplies that may have been taken
to other islands for the 'purpose. Ia
an extreme cose a customer might make
an order, in this manner, for something
mar is on nana at spine local whole
sale bouse, and receive the latellisrenee
that the liquor would be shipped to his
residence in - Honolulu you the first
1OBt bv, way of Hllev
J.,, '. - - W. .g.
LQKpON, Marob 2-r(Aiioclated
Pressor Japanese professors are busily
engaged in campaigning for the send
In of a Isrgo force Into Liberia to
proceed as far as Irkutsk. They favor
the sending uf at least half a million
It is pointed out in their argument
in favor of the etpedition that it r
essential that the ambition of Oer
many shall be checked before the Ten
tons advance too far or extend their
influence too widely in Siberia.
Plans on the part of Will P. Tbomu?
for embarking in the fruit raising Imsi
11 em in California and which will en
tail his loss tn the pineupple industry
of Hawnii were learned yesterday b
frieuds in Honolulu. Mr. .Thomns rc
tired from the presiduncy of the Thorn
a l'iu ciipple Co. on the first of tlii
year w,hrn he mild out hi interest in
the concern nnil took a trip to the
mainlund. He expects to take from
500 to 15(10 acres of developed la 11.
Ii the scrsmento Vnllev of Onlifornin
I LONDON, March 2 (Aaoolae4 Preea) What la happening In Franoe U
"what the war council anticipated would happen when the Germans lannchee tbalr
great offensive. It la an axiom today that any army prepared wtth a great
I weight of artillery and willing to maJU the sacrifices entailed can secure an Ini
tial advantage and make gain of .territory. That I one of the lesson of the
war. ;.
I 80 declare General Bmlth-DorrteB, the famous cavalrr leader, in aa inter.
view pnuwa inn morning in tne weekly DUpata.
"There It no new from franco that anything ha bappejnBsl.'thjM'vaa
lb expected," he say. 'irotther; U there anything in the reports to gl.
, viav mil j .vmnvu w CUUC1UQV UH Ulllin
The BrlUsh pubUc, while looking forward with dread to th poetuig bf the
easnalty lists, remalna calmly eonfldeitt la Ue ability of Owner! Halg M with
stand the greatest effort of the enemy. i
immense crowd await th potting of the reports by the Mwipapeta,' ta
tenseness of the moment when tews come Ming added to by the fact that th
sound of th great guns beating In Trance oan be plainly heard her at' ntght
It Is believed by strategist her put th Channel porta are undoubtedly th
aM fujvvM ui im oneruuv.
There is a general relief that th Oerman plan of attack ha show so new
tactic and produced no new weapon of offenso, Th yielding pf th British line
u wxpecteu, as unee nave always yiauoea DOfor greet msssed attack.
. Heller is also fait that Germany ha at teat shown her hand and that th
British now know tha worst that ia to bo axpected.
t The Oerman offlciai'report of th sHocessss so far won by them do not. it la
pointed, put. make any claim of full inceoaa. That claim U being saved for the
njuaer wiu appear m person on tne line and be gives th credit
for the victory that Berlin expect to record.
Big Rifle Reported Located
Distance of Seventy-four
Miles Damage Trifling
I'ARIH, March L't (Associated
Prose) The German yesterday opened
1111 a bom I n I in en t of this city with
a gun of an almost incrdlilile range,
the shells heiiig tlimwn a distance of
seventy-four iiuIch if the reports of
aeroplane oheervcr are to be eraditad.
The shells, of 1M0 millimeters calibre,
approximately nine inches, began fati
ng in the suburbs at eight o'clock va-
iug at first a mystery. At intervals,
if a quarter of an hour, throughout,
he morning, the shells arrived,' doing
-ome tmnmt.erial ilnmairc to buildlairs. I .
lining ten permm nnl wounding At
As the nearest point of the Oerman
ine la the south fringe of the Forest
if 8t. Gobain, n distance of sixty-two
miles, some source other than a gun
vithin the German lines waa looked
for. It was finally determined that the
hell) were bein fired by German gun-
inra nortn or tne r rencb front. 1
'Veatarday afternoon French aviators
-etumed from scouting expeditions in !
'he direction from whence the shells '
vere arriving, reporting that tbey be-1
ieved they had located the great rifle, '
which is firing from a point seventy- 1
'our mile away. The gun is mount
id twelve kilometer behind the front.
Artillery engagements along tha.. en
tlr French front. were. violent through.'
tat yesterday, the French gune ailemv
ng a number of ' the enemy batteries. I
tmler cover of their artillerv. the Oer-1
nans attempted a local attack upon tne
''reoch ia the Bitxach Woods,
W. . a. A
Cross River Jordan and Push For
ward Against Opposition;
New Italian Commander
liONDOM. March 84 (Associated
1'rens) In Palestine the British have
v established themselves on the east i
ide of the Hiver. They are advancing :
urther eastward, despite a consider ,
opposition wlncn tlie lurks are
offerins and the length of the Hilt
h Una f torn went, to ea&t is lie inn
iderably extendeil.
Meantime the northward advance,
nroceeding up and along the river lia-i
I 'ecu somewhat delayed by the new
iterations but continues to go forward.
Change in the Italian command on
he Italian front was told yesterday in
lespatches from Kome. These suid
hat General Alfieri has retired from
ho ministry of war and Is to take com
naud at the front. He will be sue
ceded in the Italian cabinet by Gene
ul Zupelli.
W. 8. . .
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March 14-
Associated l'ress) Howard Holaday
r Denver, a endet flyer at the aviation
raining camp here, was instantly killed
ndav when he fell 4000 feet, the mil
odav wheu lie fell 4000 feet
hiue being dashed to pieces. i
w. i. a.
Honolulu Gir) and
Fiance Killed by
Hun Air Bomb
(ternian air bombs, on the even
ing uf February 1(1, wiped out the
In i- uf a Huuuiulu burn girl, Min
Gertrude Keyworth, daughter .it'
T. H. Keyworth, formerly aud't
uf Davies It Co., who wan for
in imy yeurs a resident of this
city. Wurd uf the tragie death of
this young woman same to Hon..
lulu ou Thursday, in a lette to
W. H. Haird.
Miss Keyworth, with her li
auce, a young British ottieet,
home on leave from the f runt ,
were returning home fruin the
theater, in a city near Loudon,
when th Oerman raiders appear
ed. Before they could seek shel
ter, a bomb dropped Hear the
eoupie, killing Doth.
hhtttih wraiT.Tn rtr "
Oeneral Wiaaer, commander, t
the Hawaiian Department,' gave
to The Advertiser vesterday f
ternoon the following comment
on the war news of the dajrf '
"In a great military movement
like thnt now in progress the pub
lie shouM take the first reports
reeeived 'with a grain of salt'.
It ehvnld view the situation calm
ly nnd not he unduly alarmed
but swgit the later new.
"There is much in theee first
reports that seem improbable,' or
at least to require confirmation. .
"I advise the waiting of mora
definite newt with calmness and
Without undue alarm at'' rumors
and reports which are certain to
b heard." " ;-
Officials and,. Army Officers-Privately
Express Confidence'
In Final Outcome
WASHIXGTtiN, March 14 .'CAsaocla
ted rreMI General Pershing ha beer
asked to immediately forward "tot ths
war departmOt. . reiew. of 4h situ
gon j .the 'Wsti:.froiii,;witfl,.Tih
view ,On the esnh-thn' far; i Tha or.
der "were cabled' ta kim last'f vasing
! hi report,! waihsdrwithrihe
gravaw isierrni
army owner do-noi hesHal .to
press toei!- confidence' to' tha eJthaare
; outcome-. Puch opinions, thev afe care"
ful to .say.: ore. their private views' or
the situation.' They entertain nedeHibf
j of the ultimate result o vfhe' e4tag
ment beidg a. repulse for .'the Tent onf
and consider the falling back to see
omlary positions on some sertors to h
only what waa t. have been expected
J where such tremendous forces were
hurled against advanced positions.
Ordnam-e department 'Jh(ticer ex
j pressed considerable, surprise at the an
j nomieement of the high power gtinr
which the Germans were using and
w hirh were reported to he able to reach
; Piiris from so' great a distance.
(treat crowds surrounded the bulletin
ho,lrU MB PPW
'"r-P " rrom.au
! cinJIy the sf.'bt yesterday and last night
,J7" Vn "rm 7V?.
rcemhled, a.eioa gad doubtful Presi
dcntial eleetioft. The dlffetehee was ap
pereut iii the silence and ,, comparative
quiet of the erowda and tke more tense
aciietv which their facea reflected.
w. a. a. ,
LONDON, March S2 (Associated
Press i - News hs been received here
tbut severs! young Catholic, priests in
HniHsuls have been killed and eight
iinririsoned at hard labor fur alleged
Lame and Achy
Every Mof Ilillg?
S j , ... . Xosjej,j I
WtJ'JT ' t i mrt rl F
WJL7jn v V- ' IrjIiaKJ 1
E?!"ViILJ!J5W ' "sTiTf1P3 I
There's little peace-when your kid
ni-ys arc weak ud while t first there
may lie uuthiug mure serious than dull
Imc kiiihe, sharp, atabbing paius, head
n. I'ch, iliasy apella and kidney irregu
liiritiea, you must act qui. kly to aoi.1
ihe more s.-riou" trouble, dropsy, jr ivel
heiirt disease, Bfl!Lts 'rUirac, l
lioiin's Backache Kldnwy ,1'illx, the rem
e.lv that is so warmly recommended
here and everywhere,
" When Vour Back i l.siue Uuinem
l.er the Vatne." (Don't simply ask for
s kidnev remedy-ask .lUtiin tl.v for
lioiiri 's Htrkauhe Kidney Pills and take
no other). Doao 'a Backache Kidney
Pills are sold by all druggists ami storei
keepers, or w ill Im mailed on receipt of
price by the Hollieter Drug Co., or
Mensem Smith t Co., ngents fur the
Hawaiian Islands. ( Advert isaweut j
. W, S. B.' il v" .7!
Advantage Thu Fair Heir With '
Aflies' British ' Flyen Flndina i
Massed Forces Below Them
Are Excellent Targets r ,
Twenty-seven Huns Shot , Down ' .
and Twenty Forced Dowrr-At:
tempted Paris Raids Two'
American Flyers Win Their '
WSIIIX;ton. March 24 V
t Associated Press) Hih . -.ibor
tin- armies that- arc lurked ; " '
in hIi;h is probably the most iaV ;
quinary and deadly conflict tne j';''
world has known, hundred upon ?
hundreds of airplane. vyiti thod-, , .
and of aviator and air fighters,.
are battling qnite aa bitterly. lit -;
the air combats th advantage ,.
thti far clearly lies with the AI-'' .
a- massed forces below them ,'''
ire offering .splendid targets .for
he British aviatorx, ap official 1 '
communique received from Loo- ,,'
don last night, .reported. Air ,, V.
fighting is heavy along the whole.,.
'ront but the heaviest fighting bet
.ween the airfleets baa occarrcd ''-'
jetween Arras and St. QueTitin., .
Iost of the engagemenUoCjCur' ''-,
wt over the GeHnah lirjrjg wtiere-!
British flyers are drpppinJtona
ipon tortst'of bom's ; 'frndf, ' tfpfa :' ''
iives, upon the enemy .vviile othera ' .,
' ""a M v: J' .t 'i-
uc hivuiing reporting uie
novements of the TeutonVfrcei' .
;ven to long distance (ehiri.d..thc-:
front lines.
i'I'.. r..
h yesterday i. twentyrieven , linn
tirplanBS wfcre Trtrqtt owni'an
twenty othen were forced ddvtAi ,
wt "of 'xontrol,.. Only' Wgtt '"&ri -t. ..
rish machine faUetJ "tn"rtkuVft: V "
i ?vU9f;rughe tin? BtUh!r;gn';; : '',
M '4f?PP?Ait0&K&n o(.esX;',':;;';'.'
JP9 'jthi; bilVsta, where , ' :
he; dayv'a , ghting; and upon ,lheir f.
tmmunition tlumpa, the heaVy'tir.- , -loionw1ifch
Resulted telling of ;.
heir successl' Every Brftiali imt .: .
-ngaged in the expedition return-
ed safely. 'J ' " " ' i:'y.. Z
On'Fridajr-theherny air crbh ' .f"
were e-specially.' occupied hi en- '
jaglngr the BHtish forwards which ' v ' ' '
sailed far' b'ack 'of the fighting ' R '"'
iront, reconnoiteting and fifing -upon
and bombing the grey cfadf ' a '
troops. . '
RAIDS .ON PARIS . - - . V,
Two air raids were attempted' . fi.i
m Paris. The first group drdfi- , V.Ii.
ped bdmbs ' on "' (ompeigne itnd '?.
other towns and further south
still other planes sought to rfach; '."
Paris but were unable to pasV.the ' ;U
:urtait raised against tiiem'tiy'trie"
air defenses. , ir.f " ' ' (
..Later another attack was more i
ucccssful.. Petails have-not been , '
issued but French machlies drove ; j ,
n n putvued the raiders.
Two American aviators ijave
won their spWs, a 'corhnutnique
Issued" from Paris' sas;" They
have each diWned eir first
enemy machine, Thesi ,twa are
Lieutenant Larnei a ntf Corporal
Bavlei. , J i
j-ial) Aa alaborate pr6grum qinitcr
t at d ment foe Vif Admjra K. Sukukt.
the staff offleera.M4 aaileWi f,th J(
aiwaw triUBlna Mqnitr visltlax bf ro
has twfrua. Tka) ; liors to.lav
ehangeij ralla "Ufc4k anayor an.) v--r
wf i tha tVfe.l" Htats, armv ' t
uavy. Maav-banqiiBUr lunrbiKiu mi l
pii'iirsiua (isAe amtAM, mIo an
athletic- pan bfnk Jaj.ana AsW
-. r.r
O '"
f r
. i
. v.,:; v!,.- ?;.' a'V J .CO ,':') V-..'
9 ' ' , ...... .:'',. 7 '

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