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mmn o British losses: iw Giiiis
Bulgaria's Part In Offensive ' 1
May Nbl'thvolV iKife.fates.
- X'V: U... '.'' W'-V ti .i't.H . -w .
mmttmm st m wa m m m w a .
.-.f. ...
!"'' '
" ' Hi.
I I '
! 'maiiRnAns
Vf 11111 IlkllVI SaVW
r v . -
Approval of Railroad
Corttror. Legislation Makes
Available. Revolving Fund of
r. Half ft Billion Dollars
Passage and Approval of Mea's
ure is Epoch Making fn he Fi
': '." nancial Affairs of the Country;
Some Provisions of Law.
rASHlNGTON, March 22
(Official) Opening of the
t wiy.to great betterments and ihv
" roivements for the railroads is
. V achieved by the Government Rail
road Control legislation which
iecame a law today by the sign
. "f irig of the bill by the President.
(. One of the features of this law
- Which is of vital importance t
., ' iV'.'W upkeep and improvement of
' 'the railroads is the creation and
v .'.'making available of a revolving
; fund of five hundred millions jof
, dollars. The railroad admin'istfa
- tion has already appointed oifi
' ' cials, who are experts in railrod
':.'. ing. nd they are planning addi-
; tions and improvements, ,
, Under the provisions of the bill
the approval of Director of RaMI-
' ' roads McAdoo is required before
the undertaking of any project
VKich would involve an expendi
' ' vtufe 6f an amount in excess Ol
; ':f'' Financial circles are discussing
''"y' . reports that the government own
- . er may purchase 300,000 freighi
In the coming year. One re-
is-oi'm.'port szys an "order for sixty thou
' " ' Sand cars will b placed in April
J, WASHINGTON, March 23 (Aaso
eiated Press) President Wilxn's tig
put ore to the bill for government oer
tion of railroads until twenty-One
ath nf'er the war completes the
plan for the greatest undertsking in
povernment control of priva'lv own
od public utilities the war huj brought
to America.
Earlv in Angust, 1016. the ,ar eloud
was growing ominous, ho an act war
pns.ied empiwering the President
thveoch the serrctarv of war, to tike
toatrol of and utilize nil system i oi
far ortati'n in h iiHtional emergeney.
trosldent Wilson employed this author
itv e De-emlier 2H, 1!H7. taking po-,
esxinn of the lines and npnointini
Secretary of the Tressurv McAdoo
director general of railroads. j
. Engaged in a war renuirine cvlerv
bit of national effort to insure success,
ir lkreaident te)ieved it was imDSra-
tive that the government direct alf
-e'-vtions o tli u t adcuate means
rrlgbt be held to eipudite troop move-
wente, move war supplies, and care
for the eeneral adnormul strain on ihe
m t-tnson-sti"i svstem.
'rreakdown Gives Cause
it Tho flow of khaki clad men had to
. rroeoed to the portx of embarkation
. . ftjrtthdi't interruption; shells, cartridge!
- and rifles had to be moved from mani
tions centers; foodstuffs had to ! be
fnnaferred from the grsnaries of the
" Vest, and amiile provision had to be
nsade for the output of the mines. Ir
L- addition to miHtarv needs, the eaun
trv had experienced durinv the winter
cf 1917 the greatest breakdown nd
congestion of the truiixportation systerr
: over known.
j ' t At a atroke of the President's pen-
the macs came under federal admin
.'. iatration.l . Property Hunts were no'
. . purchassil, the government merely ex
; 1 etreiaed its authority to operate the
lines, and provision vnn made for stfe
ffuardine; the proprietary interests of
"-';" isjveatora.
. - Alike request of the President Con
cra then set about to enact a law to
carry on the step taken as an emergen
. s nanswre.
4. In snbstaatial uccord with Presiden
. 'WJlsoaf's recommendation, the law pro
videxl' that the cumpensatiou estimater1
- ft !)48.0t)0.0O0. annally, shall he predi
- ated 'ott average net earnings for the
, , tlre4(W period emling June 30, ly 17
The amounts will be ascertained by the
Iretersiet Cortituen-e ( oinmission an''
certified to the President, who wUT
- .'-netfottato with the rouds for their sr-
;. teace. Ordinary tuxes, xuch as na
'trenal or state, shall be paid rmt of op
-ratin revenues, but ar taxes in us'
.''1st paid by the companies out of thei
- of'l f UMsIs or charger against the stand
.'.'. V-d retnn. In Hint wov, the roads wl'l
bear their proportional share of the
, ''" If Mirden. Po that tlie properties
-tin returned to their owners in
, i 'tv'inn as tood es when taken over
', . tiroviaioo was made for their main
V't wspoo rnd for protection against o
iauat dfU-rioration.
' '.. 'n thf abs'll'', "f " complete federa
waliiatiou of railroads, the exact rate
WARHIMUIVN, Maren n.i-iAasoeiawia rress) rarth-lpatiod by Bul
garia in the great Teuton Offensive that la wow being thrown against DtU
iah forces on the Wester front and, which la reported, by observers, hat
prove. I no surprise to officials of this govefnipeut. It may not, of ntmyaUt,;
mean a declaration of war by this country against Bulgaria. At leant it
will not immediately produce aay change la tho atatua of tbo two countries.
Although., Allies have suggested , th advisability of the United
States declefin'jl war against Bulgaria at it did against Austria aod pointed
out advantages whieh. taigba accrue front auea aetioa and disadvantage
which might otherwise reealt, olflcinfs nay there would bo do advantage to
be derived from each action naJer present circumstances.. .
On the other band tt la maintained that peaceful relations sustained
between the two countries might bo of great bent-fit not only to the United'
States but to ita eO belligerents when a peace "council shall be convened.
Of course,, if, tho troops pf the United Rtatea aad Bulgaria shall come
into direct conflict a declaration of war will be inevitable.
Embarao 1s lifted
WASUTNOTON, March '22 (Oflloial)
a.liriuii-lration of the establishment or a "zona ayateiu" lor coal d.etntiutiou
tniix uvoidiag unaeeoaory loading and haukt. 1 , .
Cn.ler this new aopo system the various state mist obtain the coal for nm
within its borders froat nil nee within its own foal tone.
It is experted that railroaat will thus be rellerel of V Vast burden, pernrit
ling effective shipment' for easlt in port and for the overseas..
Steadily improving railroad Conditions have 'resulted lb the lifting of V"
(-ml'srgo against shipments from the Pacific Co'aat eastward beyond the Missin
sit.i Lafae' shipment anttbus released and among theae'are included aeventv
five cars or tea anrj nnav'zuu oi eopra,
200 of cocoa,
onpor, potash and rattan,
Ruling of War 'trade BVard Meets
With No Opposition Bene,
fit Seems Sure
WA.SHINOTONf'Mareb. 3 (Assocl.
ated Press) Isanaaee by the war
traile board yesterday of its 6rst list
of commodities which are to be denied
admission to the United Ptatea-seem
to jneet with general satisfaotion and
has met with bo adverse arguments.
The list eataina.i larfre aamber of the
least essential etarfiSMwlities,
This embargo tW Imports in expected
to increase transportation facilities by
a million an0 C litft tone, deadweight.
wisHINaTOX,- March 22 (Asso
ciated' Press -The senate today adopt-.
ed a resolution by Senator Harry 8
New of Indiana, asking the department
-f war to advise the senate why no na-
resaes are given with the announee-
- k-rl... ...nilliH TveWa
s;dditienal casualties were 'reiported I
his afternoon by the war department
hieh now gives only the names
thoae on the list sent from Europe
WASHINGTON. March 23 (Associ
ated Press) The full details of the
terms and conditions of the Third Lib
ert v Loan will lie made known in an
official statement from the treasury de
partment on Mondav.
if return to be made by the govern
nent cannot be stated accurately, but
is estimated that the companies will
ib tain an amount representing 'nearly
1ve and a third percent. 1
la event that the President finds that
a Equitable return cannot be computed
or some roads on the three-year pre-
tlr basis because of abnormal opera-
ing conditions d"ring that period, he
a authorised to tlx an amount as ne
diall believe reasonable.
In case a rond refuses to accept the
mount of compensation as estimated
iy the interstate Commerce (jommis-
irm. a board of referees shall be ap
pointed to ascertain a fair return, and
f this method fnils the roads have re-
ourse to the federal court pf claims.
These provisions of the act safeguard
'he constitutional riehts of investors to
have their compensation determined by
lne process of law.
In section of Hie act provide the
President may advance the rate of
earnings for any road increasing Its
resources In order to handle better the
""ime volume of traffic.
The companies are authorized to con
ne fbc r"-"lsr navment of dividends.
bnt extra dividends shall not be vote 1
without the app ovn! of the govern
A revolving fuud of 500,000.000
"as provided The President may or-
ter roaas to exteua tueir lines, erect
it expand terminals nnd make su"h
other improvements as wartime condi
tions make imperative. If necesssry,
money from the emergency fund may
So appropriated to meet these expenses.
villi provision that the government
diall be reimbursed The President is ati
'horlaed also to purchase for the gov
iHment, at prices not eveeedin' onr.
nil maturing securities which were Is
sued by the roads.
Estimates of maturities- for 101
moPrl !SH; IHMI. 1HS. 215.052: 1920,
lSfl.Mfl.eM: l(t?l, A44OP05 52H.
It is Hpeciflcnll v stipulated in the
aw that the carriers shall remain, ss
in their former status, subject to all
'aws and liabilities arising under sta
tutes or the common law.
How long to retain government control-after
the war. and whether to vest,
'ate-tlxlng powers in the President or
livtbe Interstate Commerce Commission
ere questions that fur a time caused
disagreements between the house and
lenate. The proposal to establish In
lethiite government control of the pa
'lonaH railroad system was voted down
in both houses of congress.
tor iasiern'Pbinh
Announcement ia made by the furl
in i nwraiiw WDi. ui ,
150 of hemp and sisal aiid
Kmmi of
Former Journalist Is Called
fore Authorities'. At j Tpkio ,
and Asked To Explain
TOKtrt, jafaren Sa (Special to- fin
waii fthinpo) Nihao Hideo, formerly
a journalist, has been called 'before 'ju
diciary authorities and examined as to
his alleged Complicity in the Hisdu
revolt conspiracy in connection witl
w hich a large . number of defendant'
ere now on trial in Saa Francisco. The
investigation of tbo former newxpnpe
msn is said to.be tho result of testi
monr which - was given--at that tris.1
or from statements made by the prosecute)-.
Hideo is suspected of having acted
as the secret agent for the Hindu plot
ters in Japan and o have aided then-
lin their efforts to smuggle arms anr
munition into India from China.
8AN FRANCISCO, March 82-AjvH
eiated Prsa-wA letter seised in raid
on the on art era of Tarakanath.Das, onJ
of the Hindu defendants oaj trial here,
esks that the Bolahevikl recognise the
Indian Nationalist party, and refers) to
the work of Trotxky and to the "ftolr
diers' and Workmen's Council.
a. a,
WASHINGTON, March 23 (Aaabci
ated Press) .Major General Blotchford
has been detailed as commander of the
Panama Canal Department, succeeding
Brigadier General Irons. The latter
ia relieved because of physical disqual
ifk-atioii aud loses his temporary rknk
as brigadier, resumiue hia rank as
Colonel Irons was roiuinandant at
Fort Hhafter until a few months ago,
where he was stationed with the See
ond Jnfantrv. j
- W. 8. 8 i
TOKK), March L'L' fHpeeiat io Ha
waii Sliiiiool - First accounts of th
nlsiit'1-t' i of Japanese in and near Btag
ovesehenk were considerably nxngger
ated. 1 ln'He reports told of 120 Japan
ese having; been killed bv Maximalists
ljist advices received say that "eleven
were killed and eleven wounded.
- W. 8 8.
WAHIIINGTON, March 2.'l(Assl)el
ateil Press) - Kixty six easualties were
reported bv the war department ires
terday. Tho were killed in action, one
..lied as tin- result of wounds sustained
in action, thirteen are reported mi suing,
one was killed and one wounded
through accidents, nine severely wound
cd aud twenty four slightly wooniled
and liftccn died from disease. '
- - w. a a.
I'll I LA I H:i, I'll I A, March 23 (AMO
dated rrf-M Two enemy alieus km
one naturalized American were taken
into custody by federal agents vesier
day hi,. I n mi being held under heavy
bonds, clnirui'l with conspiracy against
the 1 intcl Mates The speelle com
plaint iin Hint the trio is that they at
tempted to defraud the government by
ruriiislinig Ktiiire for use in the manu
rarturii.i; of toriieilo parts that 'Were
detect i e.
w b. a.
A K i ninny people think, rheuma
tism i-Miiiiiit be cure I without taking
nauseous iiKnlirine. I'hmnnerlain 'a Pain
Halm nuinuve-l t horoughty . into )hs skin
hns i ure I fur more rheujnatism than
any interiisl remedy in existence and
riv. i. lief ipiiekpr. for sate by a'l
leiiler-. l.-Ni,n Hin i t h & Co., Ltd.,
agentn for Hawaii. -Ailvt.
t iHHiMnirPinniMR
Soviefs issue OrderVto Disarm;
TroUkf as Denial of Arm
ved German Prisoners
I.OKDO 'ofarch 23 Associated
Press) Ordrsfor. the disarming and
dislahdlrig"of the old Russian army
have been Issued by the Soviets, it Is
reported'-in despatches received from
Mnscow last hlirht. Tliee say the
order nrovides for the removal of alii
of tho soldiers from thexecutive com
mittee. The new volunteer armv, when
it is organised, will select representa
tives to the Soviets.
In reply to his directions to send him
Information coneerr-lng the retried
arming of former "German war prison
ers and that they wre threatening the
Riherinn railroad, Trotr.h.v vesterday re
eelved ihesSBge from the Bolshevist
authorities at Irkutsk denying the
truth of the reports and averting they
were without foundation in fnct.
It was announced bv the authorities
n Moscow thlU the rolling stock whir
was used for the evacusticn of Petro
rrsd will nnW be) used for the moving
of it Treat powder making plunt from
'mf to Tobolsk-. This plnnt gives em-iV-v-rot'nt
to 4n.0(W persons.
"WrmaTi Merrhandlto Arrives
Mresdv OermsnV hns opened rail-
fd rsntnrratinn with s number of
"naatan towns and these the enterpris
er nermann have frirlv flooded witi
te-ronn rriade merch-mlie.
Oeenrmtlon t)V the Oe-mnns of Oehn
tiv. for One mHes r)othi"t of Odes
s Is told in other despatches reach
'(' hee.
P-ese Trestr Approved - '
T,l'--,l4Wdprtche smsterdnm tol'
if theTtprrmval of the Uirsiftn fence
reB,- bv .the re'"- eimmlttee of the
''r!ehsfr anel wld thnt the committee
iv a vote 6t twelve n tea de'e"'-
. -solution of th" Poei-l TVmoerjrts
o t-e evsenntion of the Alrrtrd Islnnd
nd V'nlUn.L
A Render's die"h r-nm fe-rr-
nil Pengs' "f"i"v renoete-
)e itth. of Msio M'' r"'"i,ne-
"spondent for the Berlin Tagge
W. 8.
leport $ays Vessel Was Outfit
ted ,ln Mexican. Port
A ; PACIFIC PORT, March 22 (As-
iatod. Press) An Amorienn cruiser
v towing, to port a German raider cap-
. J,f i .Hl.,1
100 raiorrjs vnpsnuiei; '" " I
M,.hlalo4 ainklnir W of the if-
. T .. . . r .l" n.l:k. A
man ahsoa. piymg ne jri"V..
Hhe waa mauueu uv uermana. -. it
Jleped she was outfitted on the west
oast of Mexico. 'The manner in which
he raider secured her clearance papers
unknown. This the department oi
justice is investigating.
w. .
-if - -' I'-. j ii
FORT WORTH. Texa,Maren 22
(Associated Press) Cadet Arnin
American member of th British Hoyni
Flying Corps, was killed todaj wher
he fell with hia airplane from a rren
'el"it. f)flicer who were watdring'the
flight are of the opinion that the avia-
nr fs lilted at a tli'ljni OI I1,mni I'-ei.
-inr unused to nuch altitudes, and hir
airplane, out of control, Uastiod to tne
WASHINGTON. March 22 (Official'
Presidenf Wllson has announced tha-
the special provision for conscientiou
objertors under tho draft regulation
txrmit them to be assumed to tne men
leal, engineers tlnd quartermaster
corps, but in case of their refusal t
serve the countrv in sucn ciimeuie?
they are punishable under the law.
W. 8.
liOMK, March 2.1 (Associated fress
I'ope Henediet has prepared Ins an
nn.l ku.tnr meisnirn. to be triven on
'a the world on Kastor morninn. Thl
year the messaire ia a ulea- that a last
ng peace may soon feme and the vjorld
be. freed froin tha curse of militarism
that is now devastating the flower of
W. S. I.
WASHINGTON, March 22 (Official
The I'uited States shipping board ha
announced its dee)sion to buibj ti"
steel, nonsinknhle freighters e--b o
fifteen thousand tons registry. ; Tin
will supplement the former buildin;
proKriinin- . -
It is the bollef of th bord the
these vessels will be immune" to th
dangers ordinarily resulting fiom lor
pedo uttucks,
w. a. .
one dutch Member is
feeling affronted
U'VTV'RDM Vr-h 22-(Asmelat
ed I'ress) The Haue Ijaiulelsbla.
prints a statement today that a "icor
inent member of parliament" will u'
the government whether it is not tin
to recall the Dutch minister at Wasl
ington and to haaiL his pnsspm ts t
the American minister at The H.igui
because of the Dutch ship uetioti.
WAJBniNQTON. Ifsxch . 02
- (Cfflct4 By tb 1aa f ArlguM
tho trplU euxea U fcxpected to
hvs t,wlce an many battl splines
as m bow in ms Owtaa,
Ingia-d and. rranco fombla(6V Is
the assertion of offlclsJs connect
ed with tie aviation depsnmru
'of tbo. TJnited State. They . x
brtaa tboimetves as hlgbiy pleased
With tbo progreet that if being
madsHn tha progfain tr&ica U -pocted
to gtva certain control of,
the air to tho United But aad
,1U ailiea. ,,, . , ..
Two Lines of rtun 'defenses de-
. ..stroyed Near Urte;yilleGer-
mans red trtougn war
March 82-( Associated Press) Amori-
usAi artillery, beating ceaselessly for
overal honrs on (Jerman positions ehst
of Luneville, have destroyed both the
first and econd-liae trenches.
Northwest of Toul' a number of Oer
triehs run over to tho American lines
ltd ettrrendered, saying they were "fed
op with war" and Had decided to
hooee Imprisonment rather, thfin more
flghting. 1 i
On this front n 'ATneriean pnr.ro:
teafbtght entered tho enemy firot lines
and remained there for six hours, get
ing too sight of the enemy. The nidi
htions are the Germans are preparing
'o construct "pill-tHixos" opposite the
merican sex-tor. -
T. a. S. -
Star of Last Century Wade Fan
chon the Cricket Famous ,
NEW YORK,' March 2.1 (Associated
Press) Maggie Mitchell, once one of
the leadinu theatrical s'ars of the
L'nited States, died here yesterday,
aged eigbty-six years. She was mlar
ried to Charles Abbott.
Margaret Julia Mitchell, known to a
continent as "Maggie' , was a baby,
not rive years old, when her stage ca
reer began in 1837, ber debut being, in
tho 'old Burton's Theater here. She
waa famous in the title role of Fnn-
kn'.Pi Cririrt' which onennd I in
-s v . v v ,7 . r
New Orleans in IH60. following wbjch
iVi .s.drl..lo K.lr hinnni nlfivs. Rh.
the atan-Sd in may famous plays. Bhf
renreu xrop tne stage many years mv,
but has continued to be wel) known, to
the theatrical profession. 1
w. a a.
ROM K, March 23 (Associn'te
Press) Oreater activity than ha
Seen manifested for a number of day
was displayed yesterday along practic
llv the whole of the Italian front
This activity was largely ia the hatur.
if artillery eniigernents and the rlva1
lirfleels foil e lit with bitterness. Tbi
fighting did not, however, approach n
;ront ofTcnane or even a general en
w. i. .
WASHINGTON, March 22 (Asso
iate l I'ress - Germany 'a lack of re
ipe.-t for the rights of Spain on .the
i irli sens nnd for the Spanish flag
ins been further shown by the sllik-
'iL' of two more Siinuish merchantmen.
News received here in ofllcial cirles
old of the torpedoing of the stealer
Vrpillao, 1790 tons registry, ptynKj,,e
veen Hin and Cuba and the Begona
about 1 IklO tons reiristry. i
tlie nrewnt Foment Snaia is pot
in a position to make strong represent
,. i to Geriiiuny on these most ire
ent outrages. The cabinet is in ro-
ess o? reorganization. It. is said the
ie- cxhinet will be in the nature of a
coalition cabinet with Henor Maura as
premier, Dato, the former premier; ar
i in iw-of war and Count Komanohea
is minister of justice.
o ite I I'ress) Israel Weinberg,
igriuHt whom are stnnding two indict
ments in connection with the Han Fran
cisco preparedness parade bomb fatuli
ties, was released ou bail today a; di
rected yesterday by the spureme court,
$730(1 being required for each chatgo.
. w. a. a.
WASHINGTON. March 23 (Assoc)
ntcil Press) Defendant Otis, accused.
of having tampered with the steering:
irear of a transport while the troop ship
was in the dinner aone, -was acquitted
at the dose of his trial here yesterBav.
moves the cause. TJaed the world over
o cure a cold in one day. Tbe sigrjs-
ure A E. W. CUOVE is on each. b6s
I.inuf K'tun d
lN'.i CO., S.
1 y Ut T)VRIS STfeDI
ouis, USA
-1 t ? .'i .". t 5 4
Severe Figtitiog Will .Continue, Reports Brit-
" ' Is Cvfe Aild f.Cefdas IliVe' JL6s 1
LONDON, March 2:1 (AsscKiated Press) Twenty-four-hours,
lnore 'of the fiercest lighting fcrand the
fJritish lines tilong the Picardy front Ihtact last Nnight,
wun oniy a rew retirenjemji in certain dseciors oeiore me
mighty thrusts of the Hindenburg. war machine. V . . .
SM4 . at . at . , - - L - A ... I.' 1 v A .
f rue lfuitisn losses, says an omciai repon.issuea iaie
last night.have been heavy, but "not eicessiVei considering
the magnitude of th6 battle, while the German lasses, in
dead alone hare been tremendous.'.: Every;, foot ; of -gain
made by the linns has been over their own 'slaughtered
thousands. - v, ?4 i
A rt'jMJrt published here yesterday afternoon stated
(hat the British had lost.sixteen thousand, ttien taken pris
oners and twp hundred , guns. Thei; officlnnottilbfe
nients. do not contradict this, bnt 'iiie newVis' recejiyed; by
the public as an exaggeration, no apubsh;pHs fim
the front indicating-any such losses. I-,' , t. .
,ALL KETIRBkl?N(ratbRbl3RLY ; .
The correspondents agree -la. stating that every Brit
ish retirement has been orderly, with, no large, units cut
off, While the German dead litters every ykjrd of '. the .va
cated ground. - ';'. ': - : '.V.!';r:.: , .'",
Yesterday's gains for the Germans netted them lit
tle ground, for, while they drove ahead in places by sheer
weight of their massed infantry .-.the, British as repeat
edly counter attacked and cleared their fotnier positions.
In these counter charges the British took .nurny.prisbn-ei-s,
probkbly ;as many as they lost while, their, baxmet
work covered the ground with German dead-- . . ..
At nightfall last night the Germans; were continuing
their attack in great fore, official despatches, announc
ing that the fighting is expected to continue in the, most
severe form. - - r . ,'v r $i ' -.
On one section of the line Bulgarian troops are being
used with the Germans, white there ."are, aso;?AUstriaus
and Hungarians among the prOniB'rAi,rtl..sQ&.r
by the liritislL : Every thing indicates that ermaj
leaders nave conceniraieu wen greavcBk yvoowi.c coV"
back of their ofTehsive, which they had hoped would have
driven the British back in cdhfusion. after the first da?
of the fighting. , " ; r ': , . ;L-
It is estimated that, at least iorty amsions are xan
inii part in the offensive, and Wle it is kriown that the
ncniy divisions nave Deen reaucca in oucngi.ii icwhhj, t w---ieved
that there are 'iti the He.ghbJrnodd W a milUdn land a qUar
er men in the attatcKlrig 1in.' i "
Backing these Is the greatest ;c,brice.fritlln.,of artillery of the
war, (ierman guns being supplerrie'rfted 'by grfcat humbers of -Aus
trian cannon brought from the
guns captured by the Teutong
.lrinies ol
General Ladorna. un
ii the air
oliservers, the big gups
than a thousand to the mile. . . ,,v , . .
The British airmen are renxerrtfg te. greatest assistahce to the
nfantry, this being particular the cse oh Tbursday, whn jjje
Huns first advanced. 'Hiinfra'of "Brftifch f?(er, bfaVlrlg lUe shells
of the barrage, swept back anil forth .'across the German tanks, 'emp
ying their machine guns into 'the charging : foe. and hrasiitlg the
.'.erqian infantry in such a way that 'the British 'from thir trenches
could" take full advantage.' . , ,
'l'he first phase of the great offensive may 'noW be said trjhave
nded. Whatever element of surprise the. Gerrtian general staff
hoped to bring about has gone arid the general jeiult has been the
upsetting of the general plan. Orders taken roii' .capered, Ger
man officer show that the attack has' fallen far behind trt-idefmati
exijectation. The program had mapped out the i capture 60 Thuri
lay of positions that are still firmly held .by the riftsh while It
was the expectation that practically the wWe 67 the : 'British firt
and second lines would be in the possession of the , enemy jLJHt
nieht- ' .. .. . . . ... ,vLLi
The Berlin announcements are Deing oasea on me program piy
ared in advance, evidently, and not upon the situation as ft has
leveloped, as the official pommuniqie sent out irom.Berljh y,eUr
lay stated that the British line from Arras south '.to. l.a Fere had
ieen captured and occupied. ,
As spectators of the mighty conflict and in order to be present
it what is hoped by them to be the greatest triumph of Getirijmy
t the war, the Kaiser, with his chief of staff, von Ludendorff, and
his field marshal and commander in chief, von Hitidenburg, are at
ierman headquarters in France. , ... . '.
An early official statement from the British war office yesterday
ays : - . . ii.
. "Fighting continues on the whole front between the River Oise
and the River Sensee. Our troops continue to hold the enerny in
'heir bSfttlc positions. ,. , .... , . ,
"All day yesterday the enemy made assault, after assault, using
vaves of massed infantry. These pffered remarkable targets. for
iur rifles, machine guns and artillery, and full advantage was taken
f the opportunity. Reports tesrtify to the excessively heavy losses
f tlie enemy."
The enemy, the correspondent reports, is trying to repeat, on
larger scale the operations by which the Germans last fall won
'.a k some of the "ground the I"fsh had,ga(ned in the. great battle
for Cambrai.
Galician front arid by many ot the
intthVir fVe aaainst the Italian
one sector oi me unc, atcuiuuiK
are located at tne. rate oi more
'1 -

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